Plan Overview

The book of Exodus is the story of God’s all-encompassing salvation. He delivers the people of Israel from oppression in Egypt to establish them as a community to whom and through whom He would make Himself known. Over six weeks, we’ll follow the Israelites on their journey out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, and on to Mount Sinai. As they move through unfamiliar surroundings, we’ll see how each setting presents them with different opportunities to depend on God’s provision in new ways. Join us as we explore together what God’s salvation meant for His people then and what it means for us now.

Daily Readings

Day 1

Israel Oppressed in Egypt

Day 2

The Lord Speaks

Day 3

The Lord Promises Freedom

Day 4

The Plagues Begin

Day 5

The Plagues Continue

Day 6

Grace Day

Day 7

Weekly Truth

Day 8

Pharaoh's Resistance to God

Day 9

The Passover

Day 10

The Exodus

Day 11

Escape Through the Red Sea

Day 12

The Lord Provides in the Wilderness

Day 13

Grace Day

Day 14

Weekly Truth

Day 15

Jethro's Visit

Day 16

Israel at Sinai

Day 17

Moses Receives Additional Laws

Day 18

Honesty and Justice

Day 19

The Covenant Ceremony

Day 20

Grace Day

Day 21

Weekly Truth

Day 22

Instructions for the Tabernacle

Day 23

The Lampstand Oil

Day 24

Instructions for the Priestly Garments

Day 25

Instruction for Consecration

Day 26

The Incense Altar

Day 27

Grace Day

Day 28

Weekly Truth

Day 29

The Skilled Workers

Day 30

The Gold Calf

Day 31

The Lord's Glory

Day 32

Moses's Radiant Face

Day 33

Offerings to Build the Tabernacle

Day 34

Grace Day

Day 35

Weekly Truth

Day 36

Building the Tabernacle

Day 37

Making the Ark

Day 38

Furnishing the Courtyard

Day 39

Making the Priestly Garments

Day 40

The Glory of the Lord Fills the Tabernacle

Day 41

Grace Day

Day 42

Weekly Truth