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Per American Bible Society’s State of the Bible 2023

Regular Bible readers report increased spiritual vitality, satisfaction, and meaning & purpose in life.


Yet, churchgoers still experience common roadblacks:

Unsure Where to Start
Difficult to Understand
Hard to Navigate

Help your congregation overcome barriers and equip them to pursue God through Scripture.

Perfect for new believers and seasoned Christians alike, our resources complement your ongoing ministry to keep the Bible central to the life of your church between Sundays.

Our library of Bible Reading Plans and resources have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world grow closer to God through daily time in His Word.

Between Sundays

Equip your congregation with trusted Reading Plans for meaningful Bible reading every day of the week.

Small Group Study

Provide your small groups with resources that are intentionally focused on God and His Word.

Sermon series enhancement

Planning a sermon series on Luke, Genesis, or another book of the Bible? Get the whole congregation prepared by deploying one of our Reading Plans beforehand.

Join thousands of women and men across the globe committed to engaging God’s Word daily.
  • Build consistent Bible reading habits throughout the week
  • Grow in biblical literacy and understanding of God’s word
  • Deepen affection for God through time in His Word
  • Decrease staff energy on developing study curriculum
  • Foster community and engagement around God’s Word

Tools & Resources

Church-wide Bible App

Our beautifully designed, feature-rich Bible apps that have engaged over a million readers worldwide in daily Bible reading

  • Unlimited access to 90+ bible reading plans
  • Full-text Bible in 8 popular translations
  • Useful as an individual study tool or guide for group use
  • Church admin panel to track engagement and success
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Pricing as low as 20¢ per user/mo

Daily Reading Guides

Biblically rooted, broadly evangelical resources intentionally designed to provide a Scripture-centered study experience for both individuals and groups.

  • books of the Bible, biblical topics, and seasonal
  • Includes full Scripture text for daily readings
  • Includes theological extras to enhance understanding, including maps, charts, worksheets, and infographics
  • Dedicated space to take notes, pray, or reflect on the daily readings
  • Beautifully and thoughtfully designed to encourage daily engagement with God’s Word
  • Great for personal or group use

Equip your congregation with proven resources today.

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