The Passover

Open Your Bible

Exodus 10:21-29, Exodus 11:1-10, Exodus 12:1-28, Psalm 51:7, John 1:29

I’m not great at remembering. My iPhone tells me where I need to be and when. It tells me when my deadlines are, and I’ve even programmed it to give me several “your important something is coming up” pings so that I can hit the deadline snooze button a few times. But, remember from my brain? No. Not good at it. 

If someone says, “What did you do yesterday?” I almost always genuinely do not know. Call it living in the moment, getting older, or whatever—it’s a struggle. And it carries into my prayer life. 

And that’s sad because one of my favorite things about being a child of God is experiencing answered prayers. When I pray with specificity and see my Father work in those details, there’s nothing like it. I remember that He is real, and He is with me. But, sometimes I forget! 

So, last year, I started something new with my kids. I bought plastic index card boxes and index cards, and we started recording our prayer requests—one per card. We go through the cards every so often and if a prayer has been answered, we fold it and put it in the back of the box. It has already been incredible, looking back and remembering all that God has done in our lives. 

In today’s reading, we got to look at one of the most powerful acts of God in the lives of His people. The Israelites witnessed God, their Rescuer, afflicting the Egyptian people with all sorts of plagues. Then, the worst of them all—death of the firstborn sons. God instructed the people to rub the blood of a spotless lamb on their doorposts in order to be passed over. We know that this foreshadowed the blood of Jesus, so that we could be passed over by judgment.

It’s beautiful and true and our Bibles are a little like a giant plastic prayer box. The answer to our deepest longings and most desperate prayers is Jesus. As we read the Bible we remember all the ways we need Jesus and all the things He has and is accomplishing for us. We can look back and thank God that because of Him, we are rescued. Because of Him, we have peace. Because of Him the sting of death passes us over and we look forward to eternity in heaven. 

I’m not great at remembering, and neither were God’s people. But, I’m so thankful we have so many reminders, so many gifts that point us to our Redeemer and remind us how loved and whole and safe we are in Him. 

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32 thoughts on "The Passover"

  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    God I love you!

  2. Jenny Lugo says:


  3. belle ingersoll says:

    i absolutely love to see His faithfulness through the lives of His children , what a beautiful beautiful thing to witness the answered prayers && the beautiful miracles He still does ! ✞ ッ ♡

  4. Anita J says:


  5. Amy EB says:

    I read part of Counted with the Stars which is a fictional account of an Egyptian woman living through the plagues. It was very interesting to read about the plagues from that perspective. People didn’t know what to believe. Moses was confronting Pharaoh whom the Egyptians believed was a god. The plagues were terrifying. The description of darkness in particular stuck with me. It was physically dangerous (you could fall and be seriously injured because you couldn’t see anything) but it was also psychological. I’ll never think of the plagues the same way.

  6. Erin Eason says:

    I was literally thinking the same thing. Just thinking of The cries of mothers and fathers

  7. Emilee Dickman says:

    I’m not sure, but my first thoughts about the seven days is that it represents completeness in the Bible (7 days of creation). I’m sure it took some time to get everyone up and out and on their way, so maybe that sparse do time had to do with completing that?

  8. Saile Guzman says:

    We are his children. ALL who receive & are lead by the Holy Spirit, which is God’s presence, are to be safe and at peace. He is near and we are so loved.

  9. Marya Kat says:

    I also love and treasure my Jewish heritage. Like Karen, I am patrilineal and was not brought up Jewish. The one thing I always did with own my kids when they were growing up was Passover every year instead of traditional Easter. With them being adults, I have more time to read and learn more about our tragic history. To be Jewish and alive is truly a ,oracle.

  10. Kat says:

    Angie Mills, love your question: Do I respond by removing the impurity from my life and worshipping God alone in spirit & in truth; or, do I harden my heart and continue to go my own way, doing everything my heart desires?

  11. Patt Courtemanche says:

    Forgetful, yes, and getting older. I don’t want to forget but I do! I’m thankful for your example of the prayer box. Such a simple thing, but a visible reminder of how beautifully our God works. ❤️

  12. J Lynn says:

    While reading Exodus 12:23 “When the Lord passes through to strike Egypt and sees the blood on the lintel and the two doorposts, he will pass over the door and not let the destroyer enter your houses to strike you.” Who or what was the destroyer? It sounds like it wasn’t God himself… do we know from history how the firstborns died? Was it from disease? I just found it interesting that it said the “destroyer” would not enter the house…

  13. Traci Gendron says:

    Such a beautiful devotion. And like Scarlet, I too have a hard time remembering. As hard as I try. I have sticky notes all over the place.

    Because of Him we have peace. Because of Him the sting of death passes over and we look forward forward to eternity in Heaven.

  14. Karen Valente says:

    I am proud of my Jewish heritage. My father was Jewish, but since my mother was Lutheran, that was what us children were raised. I now attend a Methodist church. After I read the whole Bible last year, I was wishing that my father was still alive so that I could discuss it with him. If it wasn’t for the Jews, there would be no us.

  15. Denise RICHIE says:

    3And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover, the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants and in the sight of the people.

    I was really drawn to this verse. Moses was highly regarded by many Egyptians and it makes me wonder how many of them could have been saved instead of suffering under the rule of Pharaoh.

    I also loved the reference to Jesus in 10:23. Yet all the Israelites had light where they lived. ❤️

  16. Barbara Thompson says:

    This chapter reminded me again of the price that was paid for our redemption, as I prepared myself for this Bible study, songs began in my spirit and led me into thanksgiving praise and worship. My we never forget what our Father God through His son Jesus Christ has done for us and continues to do in us, when we yield to the Holy Spirit Thanking God for this Bible study.

  17. Emma De Mars says:

    I love the foreshadowing that is shown through these verses. How great it is to read verses years before Jesus even came. I found myself reading the word “forever” again and again in the passages in exodus. “You shall keep it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations, as a statue forever, you shall keep it as a feast.” I found myself thinking what should we be doing forever? Then remembered once again that we don’t have to do certain things that we would’ve had to do, if we did not have Jesus. BUT we do have Jesus, and he shed his blood for us that we may be covered, our sins, would be covered, forever. We are now saved by grace through faith and Jesus + nothing = everything. He is the reason we can go through each and every day looking or to ourselves but to him for our righteousness and goodness. It is no longer up to us and there is such a freedom in that. Not to do what we want and take his grace for granted, but to fall in love with his sacrifice and his deep love for us which drives us into ultimate following and seeking after him.

  18. Susie H says:

    I was struck by the three days of darkness. I don’t know if it correlates to 3 days in the tomb, but that’s where I went with it.

  19. Kristen says:

    The notes in my Bible say that every firstborn child of the Egyptians died, but the Israelite children were spared because of the blood of the lamb placed on the doorways. Redemption! A bit further down the notes say that we must recognize that if we want to be freed from the deadly consequences of our sins, a tremendous price must be paid. But, we don’t have to pay it. May I add, we can’t pay it. Jesus Christ, died as our substitute and has already redeemed us by His death on the cross. Hallelujah! May we always be astounded and amazed by this. May this bring us to tears at times and to songs of joy at other times. May we fall to our knees at times or humbly give thanks or sing praises. He is worthy of it all! The Blood of Jesus will never loose its power! Thank You, Lord for your grace, mercy, and Your plan of redemption. Thank You, Jesus for paying a price that we never could to make a way. There would be no hope without Your obedience and Your shed Blood. May all we know, by Your mercy be drawn to repentance and salvation and praise You now and throughout eternity. Amen

  20. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I love the symbolism and everything to do with Passover. We were passed over for death and given new life! He is so good!

  21. Kenya Rafferty says:

    I love this eternal reminder of protection through the blood of Jesus. So many times in exodus God makes a distinction between the Egyptians and the Israelites, but this last one is supposed to show His power and love more than others, as long as the people are obedient – which we all know was a challenge for them and can be a challenge for us. But look at the miracles that ensue when we are.

  22. Angie Mills says:

    When the Israelites heard how the Lord would finally deliver them from the Egyptians, they responded in the same way that they had when they first heard Moses & Aaron speak of God’s deliverance — they knelt low & worshipped the Lord. What is my response when I dwell upon Christ’s sacrifice for me? His sacrifice has allowed God to pass over me and not judge me for my sins as I deserve. Jesus’s death allows God to show me grace & mercy. Do I respond by removing the impurity from my life and worshipping God alone in spirit & in truth; or, do I harden my heart and continue to go my own way, doing everything my heart desires? Lord God, forgive me for taking Your salvation for granted. May I always respond to You as I first did when I was first saved. Restore to me the wonder of Your salvation. You truly are the Wonderful One. The God is full of wonders and performs wonders for all to see. Open my eyes to see Your hand at work. Open my heart to worship You. Amen!

  23. Fabi Hamstra says:

    “So the people knelt low and worshiped.” May I not just remember, but may God’s Greatness move my heart towards deeper worship of Him.

  24. Kristen says:

    @Michelle Patire, I too have a Jewish friend and her family that I just prayed for. Her name is Myrna. She was a coworker, but she retired and moved away to be closer to her grandchildren. My daughters both had Jewish friends in school. One of the other families have the last name Lichner or Linder. I don’t remember theother families last names, but this reminds me to pray for their salvation too. Thank you. I would appreciate prayers for all these families to see that Jesus is the only Way and to be saved.

  25. Terri Baldwin says:

    ❤️ our great Redeemer! the Bible gives us God’s truth and reminds us how faithful, giving, compassionate and merciful our almighty God is.

  26. Michelle Patire says:

    Man, I have such a fondness for Jewish culture, especially when I read these passages.
    When I lived in Brooklyn, my pastor had a heart for bringing Jewish men to Jesus. Our congregation was good friends with a Messianic congregation. Love for Jewish people grew in my heart for that experience. I also tried my best to bring a reformed Jew to know the Lord. She is still seeking. I pray she sees Jesus as the Messiah of the Jews.

    There’s a little Jewish community I’ve gone to for Instacart. They have been in my prayers. It excites me when I see Jewish people. They have such a rich history with the Lord. I just pray they see this same Lord is Jesus Himself.

    Side note: thank you for praying for my friend “Bee”- she allowed me to pray for her the next day and I sense she is starting to let God heal her hurt. <3

  27. Aimee D-R says:

    Jesus, I just want You. Ame

  28. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    I love how the scripture has one theme that runs through it in it’s entirety – Jesus our redeemer shed His blood for our sins. From Exodus to Revelation, the story continues. This reading today reminded me of an old hymn we would sing in the small little country church I grew up in – When I See The Blood. Many times I sang that song, but it is only now as an adult that it really hits me as to what it means. Jesus, our Passover Lamb – without spot or blemish, shed His precious blood on the cross – for me, for you. When we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior we are immediately covered with His blood so that all judgement passes right over us. Hallelujah!

    “Christ our Redeemer died on the cross, Died for the sinner, paid all his due; Sprinkle your soul with the blood of the Lamb, And I will pass, will pass over you.When I see the blood,
    When I see the blood, When I see the blood, I will pass, I will pass over you.”

    Have a blessed Tuesday my She Sisters!

  29. Danielle B says:

    What a great point Kelly (Neo)!
    It can be so easy to read these passages and gloss over them as they are ones I heard so often in childhood. Looking at them with fresh adult eyes can help show the depth of each plague and God’s commands. I had to reread the unleavened bread. I wonder the significance of 7 days?

  30. laura caldwell says:

    Thank you Jesus for the blood applied.

  31. Becky Berube says:

    “The answer to our deepest prayers and most desperate longings is Jesus.” Amen!

  32. Kelly (NEO) says:

    The Lord commanded that Israel would start a new life by marking the Passover as the start of their year. New identity as His people.

    Thank You Jesus, I have a new identity that You as my Passover lamb provided.