Day 9

The Passover

from the Exodus reading plan

Exodus 10:21-29, Exodus 11:1-10, Exodus 12:1-28, Psalm 51:7, John 1:29

BY Scarlet Hiltibidal

I’m not great at remembering. My iPhone tells me where I need to be and when. It tells me when my deadlines are, and I’ve even programmed it to give me several “your important something is coming up” pings so that I can hit the deadline snooze button a few times. But, remember from my brain? No. Not good at it. 

If someone says, “What did you do yesterday?” I almost always genuinely do not know. Call it living in the moment, getting older, or whatever—it’s a struggle. And it carries into my prayer life. 

And that’s sad because one of my favorite things about being a child of God is experiencing answered prayers. When I pray with specificity and see my Father work in those details, there’s nothing like it. I remember that He is real, and He is with me. But, sometimes I forget! 

So, last year, I started something new with my kids. I bought plastic index card boxes and index cards, and we started recording our prayer requests—one per card. We go through the cards every so often and if a prayer has been answered, we fold it and put it in the back of the box. It has already been incredible, looking back and remembering all that God has done in our lives. 

In today’s reading, we got to look at one of the most powerful acts of God in the lives of His people. The Israelites witnessed God, their Rescuer, afflicting the Egyptian people with all sorts of plagues. Then, the worst of them all—death of the firstborn sons. God instructed the people to rub the blood of a spotless lamb on their doorposts in order to be passed over. We know that this foreshadowed the blood of Jesus, so that we could be passed over by judgment.

It’s beautiful and true and our Bibles are a little like a giant plastic prayer box. The answer to our deepest longings and most desperate prayers is Jesus. As we read the Bible we remember all the ways we need Jesus and all the things He has and is accomplishing for us. We can look back and thank God that because of Him, we are rescued. Because of Him, we have peace. Because of Him the sting of death passes us over and we look forward to eternity in heaven. 

I’m not great at remembering, and neither were God’s people. But, I’m so thankful we have so many reminders, so many gifts that point us to our Redeemer and remind us how loved and whole and safe we are in Him. 

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  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    God I love you!

  2. Jenny Lugo says:


  3. belle ingersoll says:

    i absolutely love to see His faithfulness through the lives of His children , what a beautiful beautiful thing to witness the answered prayers && the beautiful miracles He still does ! ✞ ッ ♡

  4. Anita J says:


  5. Amy EB says:

    I read part of Counted with the Stars which is a fictional account of an Egyptian woman living through the plagues. It was very interesting to read about the plagues from that perspective. People didn’t know what to believe. Moses was confronting Pharaoh whom the Egyptians believed was a god. The plagues were terrifying. The description of darkness in particular stuck with me. It was physically dangerous (you could fall and be seriously injured because you couldn’t see anything) but it was also psychological. I’ll never think of the plagues the same way.

  6. Erin Eason says:

    I was literally thinking the same thing. Just thinking of The cries of mothers and fathers

  7. Emilee Dickman says:

    I’m not sure, but my first thoughts about the seven days is that it represents completeness in the Bible (7 days of creation). I’m sure it took some time to get everyone up and out and on their way, so maybe that sparse do time had to do with completing that?

  8. Saile Guzman says:

    We are his children. ALL who receive & are lead by the Holy Spirit, which is God’s presence, are to be safe and at peace. He is near and we are so loved.

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