Daily Bible Reading Plans to help you read and understand God’s Word

Benefits of reading Scripture in community

  • Build consistent
    bible reading habits
    throughout the week

  • Grow in biblical literacy
    and understanding of
    God’s word

  • Unite with other
    bible readers all over
    the world

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Today’s Community Reading

A Song for Going with Confidence in the Lord

  • The Psalms of Ascent
  • Day 12

After reading today’s psalm, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

This psalm addresses Israel’s long history of wars with neighboring armies and the oppression of foreign invaders. In reflecting on these injustices, the song recalls a confidence in the Lord as the One who conquers all evil.

  1. How does this psalm describe how God deals with evil in the world?
  2. How does going in confidence in the Lord change how you live?

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