The Plagues Continue

Open Your Bible

Exodus 8:1-32, Exodus 9:1-12, Psalm 104:24-30

I love how conversational the book of Exodus is. The Israelites’ whole journey of deliverance is marked by God’s steady presence and clear words of instruction spoken to His people through Moses. Or directly to Pharoah, through Moses. It never ceases to amaze me. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, there are so many times in life when God’s presence feels like more of a mystery. But in today’s passage, we know exactly what God is thinking—or at least what He wants to communicate to Pharaoh—because He says it. 

“No flies will be there,” says God. “This way you will know that I, the LORD, am in the land” (Exodus 8:22). This statement makes me chuckle. It’s such a practical thing to say, isn’t it? There’s nothing that feels mysterious or mystical about flies. It’s just the way God chooses to reveal His presence to Pharaoh and assure him that His people are set apart from the others. The story continues, and so does this pattern. “Tomorrow the LORD will do this thing in the land,” says God yet again to the Egyptian leader as the plagues continue to unfold (Exodus 9:5). And it comes to pass. Over and over and over.

This phrase “the LORD [is] in the land” got me thinking: When do I know the Lord is near and present in my surroundings? Is there evidence? Some sign that I, and others, can see or hear? An indescribable deep knowing? Is it different every time, or are there patterns? Are there ways that God consistently reveals Himself to me?  

I think there are. Even though the Holy Spirit is always with believers, there still seem to be moments that strike us or when we have an intimate sense of God’s presence and active movement in our lives. For me, it has to do with places full of green pastures and water—or certain words that get repeated often. It’s probably different for you. What we do know from Scripture is that God is with us and always at work, and He wants us to know it. He’ll even make sure our enemies know it, as we see through God’s exchanges with Pharaoh.  

How can you tell when God’s “in the land?” Are there patterns to the ways He reminds you of His presence and redeeming work in your life?

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65 thoughts on "The Plagues Continue"

  1. Destiny Brummett says:

    I love the portion of scripture we read today because it was a sobering reminder that God is God. Even the magician’s couldn’t keep up with God’s works. He is Almighty and the most powerful worthy of all of our honor, praise, and GLORY!

  2. Mel Ekey says:


  3. Casey Evans says:

    I often wonder about this verse of knowing God is in the land, or that sort of thing. A proof. It’s hard when, we hve the Holy Spirit so God is always with us, but it’s true there are times when the presence seems heightened and more obvious – that he is moving and doing something. I get stuck in my head about, “well he’s always moving and doing something” but I think that’s postmodern thinking and culture getting to my thoughts. It’s ok that God could be moving somewhere more than somewhere else, for his purpose and will to be done

  4. Leslie says:

    The Lord speaks to me through lyrics of songs and sometimes through film. Sometimes I will be praying something specifically. And then later a song or event in film will happen and it is like the Lord comes near and says, listen. This is what I am saying to you.

  5. Carol Crossman says:

    I too feel the presence of God when the same themes keep popping up in my life in my prayer life, my social and work life.

  6. Anita J says:


  7. misti coleman says:

    Romans 9 offers some insight to this…ultimately it was to show Himself to the people – who He was. I’ve questioned this a lot, as well.

  8. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord we thank you

  9. Lauren Murphy says:

    Thank you for that!!!

  10. Melissa Oliver says:

    I have often wondered the same thing. I haven’t read a lot of commentary on Exodus yet and I always get a lot out of David Pawson’s teachings (you can search Unlocking the Bible Exodus on You Tube). I do wonder if Pharoh’s hard heart was a catalyst to strengthen Moses’ and Aaron’s trust and faith in what God was asking them to do. Moses did tell God in chapter 4 that he didn’t think he would be listened to or believed. God seems to call us into so many seemingly impossible situations sometimes, and it is easy to want to give up early, but this is a picture of persistence and faith. It had to feel like Pharoh was never going to relent, but Moses never stopped asking or obeying God. It may have been more about setting the groundwork for a deeper faith and persevering spirit in the wilderness. I also wonder if it was a way to show the Egyptian people (as well as the Hebrew slaves) the power of the God of the Hebrews over and over (especially since the Egyptians believed in many gods). I have also read that each plague represented one of the main Egyptian gods at the time. It would have definitely been a different account had Pharoh Initially let them go.

  11. Lauren Murphy says:

    I have a question. I’ve asked God for wisdom on this. Why did God harden pharaohs heart? It says it twice that God did it. Anyone have any theories on why? I know we don’t always understand God’s ways but this has always been interesting to me.

  12. Kelly Hopper says:


  13. Tasha Adams says:

    God will remind me sometimes through others. They will say something to me to remind me that God is in control of my life, or He will speak to me through the scriptures or in still small voice.

  14. Elizabeth Carlock says:

    I feel God most frequently through music. I think that is how He speaks with me. Although I’ve had other signs from time to time.

  15. Melissa James says:

    When I have faced my most extreme circumstances and there is absolute peace in the midst of chaos and what , by earthly standards, should be filled with fear, I know He is with me.

  16. Stephanie Mallam says:

    My app is crashing frequently too. I’ve been doing SRT plans for years on the app, and this is the first time I’ve had issues. I contacted SRT. They seemed to think the issue is with my device.

  17. Stephanie Mallam says:

    My app has been crashing too. I’ve been doing SRT plans for years, and this is the first time I’ve had these issues with the app. I notified them, but they seemed to think that it was an issue with my device.

  18. Meagan Warlick says:

    I love beautiful flowers. I love them in vases, in gardens, surrounding a beautiful home. This simple beauty in daily life is where I see God in the land.

  19. Portia Strange says:

    Pharaoh was just so manipulative. He was telling God what He wanted to hear just to get God to do what he desired. Let this be a warning to us, to not believe the lie that we can manipulate our Creator just to get what we want from Him. I wonder if God listening to him through Aaron & Moses boosted his ego in a sense. ‘Even this God listens to & obeys me.’ God obviously wasn’t being controlled by Pharaoh. Although he didn’t know it, God was using Pharaoh in His great plan to free the people.

    I can you tell God’s “in the land” when I see the sunrise & set.

    He reminds me of His presence and redeeming work in my life when the Spirit reminds me of God’s past faithfulness & goodness to me, the Spirit reminds me of God’s Word, & when the Spirit convicts me of sin.

  20. Lehua K. says:

    As I was reading today, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the part where the Egyptian magicians also brought frogs into Egypt, because aren’t they just adding to their problem? It doesn’t mention if they tried to remove the frogs but I would think they would try to. On the other hand, it does mention they couldn’t produce the gnats.

    I love how Moses is showing God’s trustworthiness and follow through by removing the plagues as Pharoah “appeals” to God, but how Pharoah is the opposite and doesn’t follow through.

    I am reminded of God’s work in my life when the same lessons, phrases and themes start to appear as reminders of encouragement and hope. Sometimes the messages are so well timed and specific to what I need to hear/read, and they’ll go together even though they’re from completely different sources. Sometimes I feel His presence near me too, and I can’t describe it in words but I just feel full of peace when I feel Him. :)

  21. Harley Nunez-Hamrick says:

    Through my entire life, I have always been able to identify when God is active in my life. I’ve overcome and been sparred in so many ways. I know for a fact that I have a very special relationship with God and that I am His precious child. I definitely view my relationship with God like that of a relationship with a parent. I’m not always “calling” or “visiting” but I never forget, forsake, or stay away for long. I’m always appreciating the blessings that I’ve been given and “call home” to say thank you or for help and guidance when it gets too much.

  22. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I love when God’s presence is so clear and heavy in the room. But just to know He is ALWAYS With us! Amazing! He NEVER leaves us, even if it doesn’t “feel” like it!

  23. Anne Carlson says:

    Have you ever wondered when God has clearly shown what he wants for you, but there seems to be so many obstacles in the way? When focusing on God instead of the obstacles, we move through excepting God’s timing instead of our own. God is allowing us to see his power! And each obstacle and miracle reveals we are on the right path.

  24. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Anyone else see how by plague 4 Moses did the talking with Pharaoh…not Aaron?! God did not leave Moses in his weakness when he first met “I AM”. I’m encouraged by that!

    Also, I see the Lord daily in the community of God fearing friends and families He has surrounded me & my family with!

  25. Cindy Hanna says:

    I too Krista Darcus feel God’s good presence when I feel peace in stressful situations. I also am reminded that he is near and hears me whenever I get an immediate answer to a question bouncing around in my head. In moments like those I try to remember to stop & say a prayer of thanksgiving.

  26. Jennifer Payne says:

    For God’s signs and wonders to be shown to the people. It was to the he was Lord. Verses 3-5, help explain it better. I didn’t even realize until a few years ago that
    God was the one hardening Pharaohs heart and struggled with that question.

  27. Jennifer Payne says:

    For God’s signs and wonders to be shown to the people. It was to the he was Lord. Verses 3-5, help explain it better. I didn’t even realize until a few years ago that God was the one hardening Pharo

  28. Kimberly Ziehl says:

    I agree Laura I have often hardened my heart to God too. But you’re right he is always there! After my dad was in accident relating to suicide I remember crying to my mom saying nobody can relate to this and if they do then they don’t speak up. Not five minutes later a guy in the gas station showed me a picture of his dog and told me “She’s the only reason I didn’t take my life a couple years ago”. That was truly a moment I felt Gods presence so strongly. Even when we aren’t always doing our best or feeling like God is there… he’s always there! How awesome.

  29. Natasha R says:

    @Adrienne, my app is messed up as well. It keeps on crashing on both my iPhone and iPad. I really like the app experience when it’s working, but I’ve been using it for years and it’s always been glitchy. I used to take time to email SRT and report the glitches, but I didn’t report this one because it seems that fixing the bugs in the app is not a priority for them. I kept on paying for it because I looked at my subscription as a way of donating to SRT, but I have just cancelled my subscription. I still appreciate SRT’s work, and will continue the devotionals on the website. I just don’t believe in paying for something that no longer brings value to my life and is a constant source of frustration, even if the fee is miniscule.

  30. Laura Hernandez says:

    Today’s Scripture and devotional left me wondering how many times have I hardened my heart towards God. Thankfully, He never abandons us even when we go astray.

  31. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Emma B and other who brought it up, the heard heart is the response to God’s revealing of Himself. God does not cause the response,but when one is shown who God is our hearts either soften or harden. And God being who He is knows who will have soft hearts. Like when He called Abraham. Abram had no clue who Yahweh was. But he responded when God called Him.
    It is interesting that qhen Moses first went to Pharaoh, he said that he did not know who God was and he was not letting the people go. So God is slow revealing who He is to Pharaoh and the Egyptian people. By the time we get to the plague of gnats, the Egyptian magicians understand who God is and tries to tell Pharaoh, but he digs his heels in even more.
    As we continue through the plagues next week watch how the Egyptian people start responding.

    Anyway, an analogy I heard once was when butter is exposed to the sun it melts, but when clay is exposed to the sun it gets hard. It is not a perfect picture, but it is a start.

  32. Mercy says:

    What a packed passage. And great devotional and questions Bailey, I was happy to see your name (as always). I feel the Lord’s presence when I really tune into Him. God’s Spirit is with us always, but the presence of God is something special, very very special, that needs to be cultivated, that needs purity of heart and mind, calmness, serenity for His presence to come, and when His presence comes, power shows up, things move quick and fast, the ways are smoothened out supernaturally. I love it. And I cherish these moments oh so much to have experienced them on both dark and brighter days of my life. I once was driving to work, and I would sing quietly a worship song How great is our God (thanks Churchmouse) (it is my go to song since the lyrics is so simple), I heard a gentle voice telling me to change lane, I wondered why and a few seconds later I saw a huge line of cars on that lane, thankfully I did obey immediately or else I would be late for work. Another time I had a gut feeling to register for a course that God had impressed on me and raised interest in me to pursue, I was back and forth that day, and the next thing was I stumbled on a discount code on that course from the course owner. Not a coincidence. Another time, after having such a rough day, I went into a grocery store to see a favourite/rare houseplant, and the last one available , waiting for me to pick up, this meant so much to me, I stopped and tried not to sob out loud in the middle of the store. These signature move of God manifests in my life as an encouragement and comfort. He usually speaks in ways that appeal to me specifically (house plants that day), and I am sure He speaks to many of us by what’s appealing to us (our heart’s desires) because He loves us. For me, His tangible presence shows up when I worship (like genuine worship of breaking myself down, laying bare before God, I must decrease so He can increase and be lifted high kind of worship), or when my heart is broken by others or in great distress. God comes. I could not count how many times God’s presence moments have happened, and marked the greatest memories of God and I. And no one, no one, can ever step in and tell me that this God doesn’t exist. No one can take away these precious moments that God has shown himself to be as real to me as a person, extremely gentle, not intrusive, yet so powerful, He shows up in ways no one can, moving mountains out of my way. I hope my little snippets can help someone dig into their own memory lane to find these nuggets of gold from God. It’s worth the walk. Praying for our dearly beloved sisters (Kathy, Churchmouse, Tina, Michelle’s friend Bee, Dorothy’s camp trip, Foster Mama and your future foster baby). You all are so precious to me! I hope you know that. And you are billions times more precious to God! Be blessed dear sisters.

  33. Claire B says:

    The white sandy beaches and crystal emerald water of the Alabama/Florida Panhandle. I feel God there always. Just seeing it each time I go lifts my spirit and I feel the gentle hand of our Lord.

  34. Adrienne says:

    My app is still messed up. Need to read comments to see if anyone else is having trouble. (Is it just me?) Just wanted to check in b/c I got my next study book in the mail today… and the next plan starts the day that preschool starts! Is God speaking to me on that or what? Heeheehee! I hope it will be a good year!

  35. Emma B says:

    Hi! I was hoping someone might be able to explain to me why the Lord kept hardening the pharaohs heart? Is it for creating a more impactful message not only to the people of that time but also for modern time? Or in some ways was the pharaoh also hardening his own heart? I would love to hear some responses for this reason anything would help! :)

  36. Lexi B says:

    Tina, so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Praying for a speedy recovery and a nice rest.

  37. AZ Walker says:

    I love so many of the comments today. I have a War Room closet where I hung up pictures reminding me of all the times I prayed and God answered my prayers. Reading the back of my closet door lifts my spirits and helps me remember that God is always me with me! Praying for everyone – Tina, “Bee”, Dorothy’s trip, and the prayer requests for all here and your loved ones.

  38. Audren Bruszer says:

    I can tell when God’s “in the land” when I see huge mountains, or a glorious sunrise, or when there are countless stars. When I feel little out in nature in the best way!

  39. Caroline Bridges says:

    The book has an extra where you fill out all the plagues (yesterday’s was done for you as an example). Don’t forget to fill it out.

  40. Dorothy says:

    Listening to the Christian radio station is usually when I hear God talking to me. Through the songs, commentary, and even some of the comments the DJ’s make. I also hear God around my family because I’ve been blessed with a caring, loving family — some of them no long believe in God and Christ but they still have the values and morals of some one who does because of our upbringing.
    Sisters I start my ten days of camping and youth retreat and all today, wish me luck and pray that I can keep up with them. I may not be posting as much during these days because I may not have the time. Yes I will still do the devotional but that may be all the time I have.
    Be blessed and KNOW YOU ARE LOVED every second of every day.

  41. Tammy Budd says:

    Even though I’ve read this account hundreds of times, I was extra aggravated at the pharaoh today! DUDE! This is nasty stuff you’re being warned would happen yet you don’t even flinch! Like another she, I also parked a bit on v12 where God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, I found it interesting that all the other times, Pharaoh hardened his own heart. I believe God hardens those who harden themselves. Even today, we’ve got to get out of our own heads and release the pride and stubbornness and desire to control so that we will be able to hear and carry out what the Lord desires. I admire and desire the courage Moses and Aaron had as they delivered these messages to him. Wow.

  42. Molly R says:

    It struck me how God told Abraham his descendants would be set apart, a nation of God’s, but here in Egypt, centuries later, God literally set them apart while the Egyptians were plagued. God is rarely so black and white, like the author said, but what a distinction! No one could argue that God was literally setting them apart in refuge for His good purpose, and STILL Pharaoh hardened his heart!
    Sometimes I can see the presence of God as He works in others in ways only God could do! It’s harder to see in my own life, but when I am speaking to someone about my own life, it’s in the words of His testimony throughout my life that I finally see, in retrospect, where He was right next to me, working out His goodness in my life, my family’s life. It has taught me to be more aware and intentional about seeing God working in the present from speaking of the past, and then I have hope for the future because of His faithful presence and sameness! God is so so GOOD to me! What a love to feel wrapped in when I need it most.
    When life is really hard I always imagine myself as a young child climbing into His lap and feeling the embrace of a loving Father – I pray that kind of moment for all you and your loved ones as we enter this weekend!

  43. Nancy says:

    Do we know why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart if He wanted him to release His people?

  44. Christel Fleming says:

    Love that we can know he is ever present, always available, never absent. Real true love!

  45. Mari V says:

    Even in those dark moments, when I felt alone and so scared afraid of my own shadow, I knew and know my God, My Jesus was and is with me. I never once have felt abandoned. It’s in those dark moments that I put my full trust in my God knowing that he was gonna take care of me. I didn’t like how I felt as I was shaking in fear BUT knew my God was with me.

  46. Michelle Patire says:

    @Kathy — what a beautiful testimony of God’s healing presence through community. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I was feeling so anxious,
    (I did ask for prayer here that day)– but just attending my virtual zoom church group at the end of the day lifted my spirits and gave me peace.

    @Tina– May You continue to see God’s goodness and healing. <3

    Praying God's presence for all us ladies. May the fear, stress, confusion, doubt, sadness, anxiousness, frustration fall down at His face. In the name of Jesus.

    I also want to ask for prayer for my best believer friend, I'll just call her "Bee" here. She works with at-risk youth at a long-term care facility and she's done this for two years. The Lord seems to be asking her to stay a bit longer but she's having a hard time accepting that. Her attitude this past week has me sad because she's not acting herself at all- very harsh and depressing. I don't know how to help so I'm asking for prayer.

  47. Cee Gee says:

    Latest example of my sensing God’s Presence: as I sat with my coffee before I started my reading, a bluebird perched on a branch right in front of me singing his beautiful song. Thank you, God, for all the ways You make Your Presence known!
    I just have to mention what jumped out at me in today’s verses. After Moses’ declaration that he was not equipped to lead God’s people – not a good speaker, etc. – in verse 8:29 he calls out Pharoah for not honoring their agreement. So bold and confident!!!
    TINA, prayers for speedy recovery!

  48. Foster Mama says:

    Oh, how I love this place that we come together my beloved She’s

    Tomorrow we have an important gathering for which we have waited almost two years….years of misunderstanding, undue hurt and offence, distance, uncertainty, etc…. praying I can fully release it to me Jesus!

    We are waiting on something for our current foster baby that will change so much for him…praying I can fully release it to me Jesus!

    Please pray alongside me that we can released our tough stuff, our anxiety, our uncertainty, ALL of it to our precious Lord…the God of Daniel…of Gideon (seriously 300 vs 10,000?!!)…the God of Hezekiah (Oh! Good one Lord making the entire Assyrian army sick before they could attack…who saw that coming???)…the God of the three saintly youth in the fire (who didn’t even smell like smoke… mind-blowing!!)…

    You are the God of Foster Mama and I need to trust You completely; may this conviction never leave me!!

    Thanks Jennifer Loves Jesus for:

    “Open Your hand Father, give us good things. Let us receive with believing hearts and gather with gratitude and humility. Help me remember how You’ve sustained me, parted waters of impossibility, removed the plagues of my pride again and again. Show Yourself through me today.”

  49. Kathy says:

    This is going to be something I hold onto all day today, “when do I know that the Lord is near and present in my surroundings?” I started making a list in my journal and I plan on coming back to it today to add to it. One thing, in particular, I wanted to share. We had VBS this past week. Do you ever have those days where you wake up and feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders? And there’s really nothing you can point to to say why you feel that way? That’s how I felt all day Wednesday. I was dreading going to VBS just because I felt so weighted down. BUT GOD…He showed up in such a quiet, gentle way through the children that I was working with. Watching them sing and dance in praise to God was amazing. When I left church I realized that all the heaviness was gone. I had been in the presence of the Lord.
    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

  50. Danielle B says:

    I’m not good at quieting my environment enough to always hear, but I do feel his presence. During early quarantine walking and listening to worship music and just the right song came. I was speaking to someone who notices a certain number that makes them realize God is there and I commented dragonflies are my reminder God is with me. Often it’s been times I’ve needed the reminder, while others have not been.

  51. Tami C says:

    Hi! Beautiful! I just screen shot what you wrote so I can reread it. You have a way with words Jennifer. God bless you!

  52. Ashleigh H says:

    I can’t help but to see God in the beauty of His creation. It is more profound to me when I’m traveling and especially when I feel small by the magnitude of what I see. But, He is also there in those moments when you know that what has happened can only be something God put together. He is present in my day to day but I will be the first to admit that my thoughts are not on Him as often as they should be. I’m grateful He uses weak and imperfect people instead of only strong and the seemingly put together.

  53. Churchmouse says:

    As I’m waiting for some significant test results I have felt God’s presence very profoundly. He speaks most often through His Word, during my time of prayer and through worship music. There have been several specific instances the past several days that directly address a potential difficult diagnosis. Sharing the details would make this posting way too long but suffice it to say that God is near. And He’s working in ways I only know in hindsight. Oh yes Tina, He is a very present God, tenderly comforting us in the reminders He sends. As I look up at the sky this morning, knowing that He placed it there and that we all can look upon it from wherever we are, joined in the sisterhood of faith, praise bursts forth! How great is our God!

  54. Angie Mills says:

    I sense God’s presence when I shift my focus from this temporary world and all the things that demand my time & energy and instead focus on God and meditate upon His attributes. When I gaze in wonder at how awesome & creative & sovereign He is, I am left breathless & weepy in His presence. When I hear children shamelessly sing His praises with their entire being or hear many people sing songs of praise to our one Lord & Savior in their own language, I stand still in wonder at how much worship our Lord truly deserves. It is usually the small things that the Lord uses to reveal His presence to me when I shift my gaze upon them & begin to look with faith at how He is speaking to me.

  55. Rhonda J. says:

    Happy Friday She’s!

    After reading SRT in the mornings with my morning cup of Joe, I set out on my routine bike ride in the morning sunshine. This brings me such a joy and a peace in my spirit, feeling the rays and gentle wind on my face. Seeing the other familiar faces as they stroll by, saying a warm greeting. Then I arrive at the dock where I dispense my yoga mat, turn on my worship playlist, and be in His presence. It is a beautiful time. Now the people that see me may think it is strange, as they may hear my not-so-great singing (shouting, lol) and see my hands raised up periodically throughout my stretching, but it is my worship/yoga session that brings me such closeness to God!
    But then click to another episode of seeing God in my day. Going to feed the homeless in the park on Fridays with our church group. It seems like a sad scene as we pull up, but then as we set up and start a rapport with the people and see them get filled up on a nice homemade dinner, God is there. He is using his people to show goodness to those in need and wrapping his arms around them. Even in the making of our sandwiches yesterday, coming together and working to get it done, getting to know one another. Even praying over someone that is having a hard season.
    Oh there are so many examples, WE must Choose to see God around us every day! Our life will have seasons that seem so mundane, trust me, when I lived up north and the winter seemed endless and the days of motherhood seemed so repetitive! But even then, there are blessings everywhere. I used to put on repeat in my mind the phrase- Grow where you are planted. And that is not only physically where you are, but where you are in life, your season of life. Sometimes we are in the want of the next, but take a breath, and find the beauty where you are, where you are currently planted.

    Make today count She’s! Find the beauty of God around you!

  56. Taylor says:

    I feel a pattern of the Lord’s presence when He gives me the strength to wake up most mornings and open my Bible with you all <3 As someone else mentioned in the comments, I also feel His presence during corporate worship. I feel His Presence when my roommates cat is curled up comfortably on my lap while I do my devotions. I feel His presence when I am in nature. Lord, increase my ability to detect your Presence in everything – as you are so close to us always.

    Praying for you Tina <3

  57. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Belief. In Christ. In the living God. In the Holy Ghost. This is what will soften a hardening heart. Each choice leads to another in the direction we are going. We may know the Lord is in the land (Exodus 8:22), but do we believe in who He is? Pharaoh knew but he didn’t believe in Him. So he hardened his heart to the one who would save him. Over and over he hardened his heart, dug his heels in the evil, hard ground of his pride. And God gave him over to the darkness Pharaoh chose, and He hardened his heart for him after so many chances to turn around. Pharaoh chose to turn from God, and eventually God turned away from him. Lord, send Your breath to the ones dying without You. Let them be moved to choose You, to know You, to believe in You. Let us who know You rely on and truly believe You are who You say You are. Let our hearts be softened by the tenderizing power of Your Word, Your love, Your grace. Have mercy on us Lord, we who are sinners in love with You. As we wait for You, You give us what we need at the right time (Psalm 104:27). Open Your hand Father, give us good things. Let us receive with believing hearts and gather with gratitude and humility. Help me remember how You’ve sustained me, parted waters of impossibility, removed the plagues of my pride again and again. Show Yourself through me today. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  58. Maria Baer says:

    There are moments of silence that feel so profound that I just known that God is near. But even in every day life there are countless little moments when I can see or sense God’s touch. And I am thankful for those even more.

  59. Courtney says:

    Speedy recovery Tina. I am praying for you, my sister.

  60. Aimee D-R says:

    Sometimes it’s a tangible presence, others Hisnpeace. Still others it is a miraculous change of events or a sudden. Song or words someone speaks. Our Lord, Our God is amazing.

  61. Elaine Morgan says:

    I know the Lord is with me when I am flooded with peace within my heart and soul. When I have found myself in a bad situation feeling trapped or afraid I have called out to God and he has delivered me. He never fails to come to my rescue. I feel the Holy Spirit chasten me when I need it and I know without a doubt that the Lord is with me then. These are just a few examples. There are many other situations when I know the Lord is with me.

  62. Kelly (NEO) says:

    TINA – so sorry you have COVID again. Praying is passes quickly for you ❤

    The pattern of the way God reminds me of His presence is usually involving nature. Just a soft breeze on my cheek can be enough to draw my attention to His presence. Another way is in corporate worship, there is just something about the unity of it that hightens my sense of His presence.

  63. Dana says:

    For me most of the time it’s a feeling. I can’t even begin to describe it but I know many of you probably know what I mean. And sometimes it’s a sign, a little something that He gives as a gift…not a material gift…just something that lets me know He sees me, hears me, knows me. The times where I can’t feel Him or I’m not getting those little (or big) gifts are the times I feel lost or discombobulated. I don’t like those times. I just want more of Him always.

  64. Jo says:

    Sorry to hear that you have been poorly TINA, I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you through His presence and grants you a speedy recovery ❤️

  65. TIna says:

    Last week I was envious of those able to enjoy the sunshine we were being blessed with. Working in a kitchen, I felt robbed of heat on my back and joy in the sunshine.
    Sunday, covid and I collided and I have been off work since..

    BUT GOD..

    I am not blaming God for my covid, but I am thanking Him for small mercies. Yes, even with the feeling of Mike tyson using me as a punchbag, or the salvation army brass band practicing in my head, I get to sporadically sit out under a shade to hear the birds, smell the air filled will grass being mowed, or as this week has shown, even roses open from bud to blooom..

    BUT GOD..
    For sure is in the process, the mix of it all, I am home because I am ill, and aching, physically… yet I see beauty, I know peace. I am resting in Him. I have not been able to hold concentration in the Word, but that’s okay because, the Word has come to me, as only the Word can.. through my holding it in my heart, through etching it on my heart and seeing with eyes, that God is in every detail. I missed seeing my youngest granddaughter, there in the day came a video message, her little face, so filled with love I had tears roĺling down my cheeks..
    God, sure was and is in the land!

    BUT GOD…

    Thank you God, Thank you that you are in each little/large detail. Come to think of it, it’s not the size if detail, but YOUR presence in all things. Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you…❤

    Sending love and hugs to ALL,wrapped in prayers for a blessed and ‘God everywhere and in everything’ moments. ❤