People of Remembrance

21 days
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Plan Summary

Scripture tells a story of remembrance. Through river stones, rainbows, tabernacles, feasts, written texts, and moments of rest, God gave His people practices and symbols to keep their hearts from forgetting. As believers, we read and engage His Word so we would not forget the God who remembers us and calls us to remember Him. The acts of remembrance we see throughout Scripture go far beyond simple nostalgia or intellectual recollection. Instead, true remembrance brings the full weight of what God has done in the past to the pain, purpose, and possibility of the present. Each generation is called to remember and retell the true story of God creating, redeeming, and restoring a people for Himself. In this three-week reading plan, we will anchor ourselves in what Scripture records about the reality of who God is and what He has done. Not just so we would know, but so that we would let what we know guide how we respond to and walk with Him. Join us as we read about and practice biblical remembrance.