Day 12

God, Remember Not Our Sin

from the People of Remembrance reading plan

Psalm 25:6-7, Psalm 51:1, Isaiah 43:16-25, Psalm 103:11-12, Hebrews 8:7-12

BY Nicole Smithee

Memory is a funny thing. We can forget the name of the person we just met at a dinner party but still remember the theme song to our favorite childhood cartoon show. We can describe with exact detail the outfit we were wearing on our first day on the job, but we can’t recall the bullet points we stayed up late last night studying for the upcoming presentation. 

Our limited memory doesn’t always work in our favor, but the all-knowing Lord is not confined to our human tendencies to forget. Nothing gets past Him, and nothing is lost on Him. 

When the Bible speaks of God remembering something or not remembering something, it’s not because He is prone to forget, much like we forget someone’s birthday or an appointment on the calendar. The Hebrew word used for God’s remembrance in the Old Testament is zakar, which means that He calls something to mind. 

What God chooses to call to mind and what He opts to forget may surprise us. Throughout Scripture, we discover a merciful God who intentionally chooses to not call to mind our wrongdoings. He is all-knowing, and yet, time and time again He lovingly forgets the sins of those who humbly turn to Him. In fact, just like the distance from the east to the west is infinite, so is the immeasurable expanse of the Lord’s forgiveness for those who cry out to Him (Psalm 103:11–12).

Sometimes, trusting in God’s mercy is easier said than done. When faced with our sins, regret quickly snowballs into shame, and we carry the weight of our wrongs like a growing cancer in our hearts. We call to mind our iniquity, instead of resting in the mercy of a God who does not, and it sabotages everything from our sense of self to our relationships with others to our perception of purpose, and most importantly, our worship of Jesus. 

In these moments when we are grappling with our moral failures and sinful tendencies, we need look no further than Jesus to remember what God has chosen to forget. Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate expression of God’s mercy towards us. He willingly bore the weight and penalty of our sins, so that we might become benefactors of grace. There is no wrongdoing too evil, no sin too deplorable, no rebellion too wicked for God to choose to forget. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.  

As you reflect on today’s reading, choose to remember what God calls to mind as He thinks of you. Remember His forgiveness. Remember His mercy. Remember His faithfulness. Remember His love for you. Let your remembrance lead you to repentance. Confess your sins, and receive His mercy. Acknowledge your continual need for Him, and rely on His goodness. He is not the God who holds grudges and keeps records of wrongs; He is the Lord of faithful love and abundant compassion (Psalm 51:1).

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40 thoughts on "God, Remember Not Our Sin"

  1. Ada McCloud says:

    There is nothing that can separate us from God’s love.

  2. Kellie Wall says:


  3. Linda in NC says:

    Sorry for the late post. Prayers for my sister please! She was doing so good after her heart surgery on Monday. Today she was short of breath. They did a scan and found 2 small emboli in her lungs. Will scan her legs tomorrow. She was immediately started on heparin. Her daughter (an only child) is with her tonight and very concerned. Thank you precious SRT sisters❤

  4. Mercy says:

    Happy Friday shes. What a wise and wonderful devotional we have today. So many wisdom and emotional processes were discussed today, and I love it. Sins have so much side effects: the hidden ones are the deadly ones…guilt, shame, condemnation that can linger . And what wisdom RHONDA J, God forgets but people remember! and sometimes things were brought up..and the wounds were re-lived afresh. May I not do this to myself and others (especially my husband, I have supernatural recall ability when it comes to my husband lol, may God deliver me, Lord I repent). I really love how MICHELLE P speaking grace to the past, that is a powerful exercise, speaking grace to the 18 year old me who didn’t know better. There’s no need holding on to so much negative baggage of ourselves and others. God does not keep records of wrongs, and we shouldn’t either. The Lord Himself is able to help us to release the past, and set boundaries in our mind, not to call to mind. May God give us mental strength and mental clarity when it comes to conscience, and sin conscience, that we are set free. May our thoughts be filled with His beautiful promises, the-best-is-yet-to-come thoughts, with praise and thanksgiving and innocence like of a child. Lifting prayers along our she’s. Be blessed dear sisters.

    1. Linda Fenwick says:

      That is so beautiful and moving!

  5. Ann Rau says:

    Wow I have never thought about how God intentionally chooses to not call to mind our sin any longer. He is of course aware of it but once we are believers of Jesus, He no longer chooses to call to mind our sin. We are made clean by our Savior.

    Thank You Lord for Your divine plan. Thank You for caring so much about me that You choose to no longer call to mind my sin.

    Praise be to God!

  6. Donna Wolcott says:

    Michelle Patire, thank you for those wise words today, I needed to hear them. ❤️. Rachel, Thanksgiving for early detection and that all is well. Rhonda, wise words about the incarcerated. I was involved in ministry for almost 3yrs in men’s medium security. They too wanted to know and believe that they too were forgiven. It’s a powerful ministry as you know well. God bless you. Reading Psalm 25:7 is easy, believing is hard, I say that for myself. Prayers sisters for needs and concerns.

  7. Michelle Patire says:

    @Searching ❤️❤️❤️ same to you!

    @Theresa D – thank you for sharing your heart. I believe the Lord starts to give us new strength in obedience when we make confession. Praying for your return to church and peace as you submit to God’s will. :)

    @Kris – ❤️ love your reflections, truly. I feel so much like you, in some ways…how you ponder and walk with Jesus. I love it!

    @Rhonda J- love reading your updates with jail ministry ❤️ always touching to hear how God is moving in that and through your life.

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