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21 days
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The book of Psalms is made up of five smaller books—individual songs and prayers compiled to tell one cohesive story for past, present, and future worshipers. From the groans of the exiles longing for restoration to the call for a true and righteous King in Israel, to the final refrain of hallelujahs that close the Psalter, each psalm echoes a consistent hope. Every word, every emotion, every prayer, and every praise reflect worshipers who long for more. In short, they show our longing for an eternal Savior. Over three weeks, we’ll read selected psalms from each section to see how they contribute to the beauty of the compiled book. This overview of the Psalms will lift our eyes to the themes and patterns of the entire book, anchoring our worship in the legacy and future hope of our faith. From the mountaintop and from the deepest pit, we can join in the cries of God’s people from generations past. Join us as we discover a framework for reading the Psalms as an invitation to worship our King, Jesus.