Remember God’s Faithfulness

Open Your Bible

Psalm 27:1-14, Psalm 30:1-12, Psalm 40:1-17, Psalm 41:1-13

Book I

The personal nature of the psalms in Book I demonstrates that all those who place their hope and trust in the Lord, aligning their lives with His kingdom, can rest in His deliverance. 

My family has a little tradition we do each night, a daily check-in to let everyone know how we are feeling. It is a riff on the high-low exercise, with each person sharing their “high” and “low” for the day, but my daughters love to put a seasonal spin on the labels. Some nights we do “sunny and cloudy” or “snowy and icy” or “roses and thorns,” but the real gift is in sharing the inevitable tension between gladness and sadness that we all feel each day. I want to remind them (and us) that no day, week, month, or year is totally wonderful nor awful; rather, we can look each day at the little things that made us smile and remember the goodness of God, or frown as we feel the effects of living in a fallen, sinful world. 

That exercise takes shape in today’s psalms, a collection written by David from early in the book that recounts the Lord’s incredible faithfulness while also expressing the reality of David’s tenuous life. Psalm 27, a psalm of lament, draws on themes in earlier psalms, desiring the protection and presence of God. “Though an army deploys against me, my heart will not be afraid” (Psalm 27:3) and “LORD, I will seek your face. Do not hide your face from me” (vv.8–9) show the dual purposes of this psalm. 

Psalm 30, a psalm of thanksgiving, paints a picture of the cycle of despair and joy that defines David’s life. He uses the literary device of juxtaposition throughout this poem: “I cried to you for help, and you healed me” (Psalm 30:2), “his anger…his favor” (v.5), “weeping may stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning” (v.5), and so on. This constant comparison leads us to examine how life would feel without the faithfulness of God, whose steadfast love carries us through every circumstance. 

Psalm 40 echoes some very similar language from Psalms 27 and 30, but takes place in a present trial. It says, “I am oppressed and needy, may the Lord think of me” (v.17). Rather than a lament or thanksgiving, this poem is a hybrid of the two. It speaks to a present danger but expresses gratitude for the past faithfulness of God when crying for help, as it does in the beginning in verse 5: “you have done many things—your wondrous works and your plans for us.”

Psalm 41 closes the first book of Psalms with a lament, prayer, and a beautiful benediction in verse 13. Again, we see the tension between hope and pain that marks so much of the Christian life. These psalms have given us a glimpse of the hopelessness of life without God and reminded us of His promises that would one day come true in Christ. Because of God’s faithfulness through all time—from everlasting to everlasting—we cling to a hope that is grounded in the kept promises of our steadfast God. And we look forward with hope to a resurrection life where there will no longer be a tension between joy and sorrow because our God will wipe every tear from our eyes (Revelation 21:4). 

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71 thoughts on "Remember God’s Faithfulness"

  1. Cookie F. says:

    I’m so happy you were led here. I pray that you continue to grow in Christ through these readings and your commitment to know Him. God bless you.

  2. Mindy Shiffert says:

    As I am learning to understand the Bible, this specific devotion has opened my eyes quite a bit more. In understanding that through the good and bad, he is there to lean on.

  3. Izabel Dennison says:


  4. Lindsey Osterhaven says:

    Thank you Lord for the beautiful book of psalms❤️

  5. Wanda Miller says:


  6. Sierra May says:


  7. Danica Douglass says:

    Amen! The Psalms are just beautiful to read

  8. Tanya Lister says:

    Beth S, thank you for sharing that. I really love that

  9. Janie Moncivais says:

    Seriously read these scriptures and just cry in awe and thanksgiving!

  10. Ember Chapman says:


  11. Wendelyn Dance says:


  12. Gina Rodriguez says:

    Amen and amen!

  13. Melissa Mcronney says:


  14. Gabriella Valentin says:

    This scripture helps with my weekly back and forth my sadness my happiness my anger my peace I know god is there through all of it I just have to talk to him give those feelings and sins away to him. It won’t make it go away but it will help knowing he’s walking through life with me.

  15. Jess C says:


  16. Beth S says:

    We do something similar with our kids every night. For us, it is when we do bedtime prayers. Before anyone prays, each one says one thing they are thankful for, one thing they are sorry for, and one person who needs help. And then that is what they pray about that night. We are trying to teach them not only prayers of supplication, but also prayers of repentance and thanksgiving, as well. Even my 2 year old comes up with genuine answers, and it blesses my heart. Just an idea for the other moms here. And a praise to the Lord for how it has helped our family grow together as we grow closer to Him. <3

  17. Kristina Stump says:

    Hi everyone. I’m new here. I have always been a believer yet want to know god and god like people better. I have enjoyed the readings and they are helpful. It has been hard times for me and all of the positive people and readings have helped. I’m blessed that I found this group through my step sons new wife. Thank you.

  18. Lehua K. says:

    Also, thank you ladies for being so raw and real, for showing me that it’s okay to do so and for normalizing the struggle. I also wrote Psalm 27:13-14 in my journal before I came here and saw many of you did the same! <3

  19. Lehua K. says:

    Thank you ladies for the recommendations with the Psalms Project and Poor Bishop Hooper. Definitely will check these out. I also told my husband about them (he’s open to learning about God and I am praying for him to seek Jesus and get saved), and he’s really into music so I’m hoping some of these resources (and this study) will resonate with him and lead to more hunger for us to learn about God together. This study has been so valuable so far!

  20. Marilyn Jones says:

    I feel I’m always waiting. I know it’s all on God’s time, but that wait is so hard sometimes. The flesh wants it now where God says a have to wait on me.

  21. Kirstin van Gend says:

    Psalm 27:14 “ Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

  22. Nichole Haun says:

    We will see His Goodness in the land of the living!!! Yes and amen!!!

  23. Aimee D-R says:


  24. Kimberly Z says:

    Welcome Kailhla, Rosa, Jill! You’ll love this little community!

  25. Claire B says:

    Victoria E. How wonderful to see your name pop up. Last I heard you were a bit blue after child birth. Hoping all is well. Sounds exciting that you are moving.

  26. Terri Riddle says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  27. Terri Riddle says:

    Thank you! Terri

  28. Terri Baldwin says:

    “Sing to the Lord, you his faithful ones, and praise his holy name, For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor, a lifetime. Weeping May stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning. “

  29. Rhonda J. says:

    Victoria E- yay, good to see you back, and Sara H!

    Welcome to the new peeps! You will love the SRT studies and the comments and wisdom from the She’s!

  30. Kaihla Tomassi says:

    Hi I’m new! Looking to rediscover meaning and purpose in gods word. Excited to be doing this!

  31. Victoria E says:

    Kelly (Neo) and searching and all, thank you for praying! Ashleigh H still praying for you. GramsieSue praying for you and your husband. These psalms are like a balm to my soul these days. So happy to have a little bit of time to be back here studying the Word and praising God with you all.

  32. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that we can depend on God’s faithfulness in our lives. So many things in life change and seasons come and go, but God never changes. I am so thankful for that.

  33. Rosa Miceli says:

    New here. Thankful for God’s word of hope and a community to share it with. Blessings

  34. Traci Gendron says:

    MICHELLE PATIRE – Thank you for sharing the song “Miracle” I love it!
    TERRI & MAUREEN – Welcome. Hang in there Terri. I remember feeling lost at first.
    MIA FAITH – I’m so sorry about the loss of your son. I lost mine in November.

    I’m loving this study. There are just too many comments that I could make!

  35. Penny Renfro says:

    My verses for today and just what I needed — Psalm 27:7-8

  36. Sarah D. says:

    Hi SRT fam!! I miss you all. Jumping back in to say I’m doing well. Work has been crazy busy but I’m pushing through, can’t wait for the busy season to be over! I decided to start my masters in elementary Ed, which just started this past Monday!! Prayers definitely appreciated to balance working full time with taking one class. I’m excited to learn about it though and start the masters!! Still been experiencing anxiety at work, but I think I’m getting a better mindset of how to work through it. I found a better counselor who I’m excited to work more with, and have some practical coping mechanisms. Love you all!! I love the Psalms and they have really been helping me go through this really hard time the last couple months. Hoping to read with SRT some too when I can! Still going through the Bible Recap mainly. Praying for you all!!

  37. Dorothy says:

    The Scripture and devotion really hit home today. With all that is going on in my life, I need to remember to reach out the Lord during the those times I feel overwhelmed.

    Be blessed and reach out to the Lord in the time of need or praise, sisters.

  38. Alfreda Langhorne says:

    So beautiful! Great example of how God never changes. Keep on holding on. You inspire hope in my life.

  39. PamC says:

    Oh how I have missed all y’all! It’s good to be back in this wonderful study. I’m having trouble with my app on my iPad. It hasn’t worked for awhile now. Everything is so small on my phone so I come to the website but I think I miss a lot of comments. I’m catching up on prayers & praises. I’ll go scrolling in the phone to see what I missed here.
    Hugs all

  40. Jennifer Schoenthal says:

    Thank you to all of you who shared extra resources…enduring word commentary and song suggestions. Some days bible reading can feel so mundane, but the extra resources help me dig a little deeper and the songs just play over and over in my head, a comforting reminder of truth. Love the psalms.

  41. Stacey Cochran says:

    5 For his anger is but for a moment,
    and his favor is for a lifetime.
    Weeping may tarry for the night,
    but joy comes with the morning. – Psalms 30:5

  42. jill santanello says:

    New here! Starting to find my path back to God and I am so enjoying reading your posts.

  43. Amy Branson says:

    Psalm 27:13-14 Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’S goodness while I am here I. The land of the living. Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.

    I can’t help but sing The Goodness of God…”Your goodness is running after, running after me…”

  44. Mia Faith says:

    This was meant for the link to PBH music.

  45. Amy Branson says:

    Psalm 27:13-14 Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’S goodness while I am here I. The land of the living. Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.

  46. Mia Faith says:

    The Psalms – especially the laments – profoundly affected me after the loss of my son (suicide). Without these inspired words and God walking me through them (and holding me constantly), I’m not sure if I would have made it. God’s word is everything! He is everything!

  47. Molly R says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you to the several song/project suggestions putting the Psalms to music!!! I listen to Shane and Shane over and over, their Psalms, but it is wonderful having more! I am just sitting here in the quiet, before the tiny humans emerge, and am just being washed in the beautiful, melodic Word of God!

  48. Mia Faith says:

    Thank you !

  49. Molly R says:

    I fell in love with the Psalms when I was 17 years old. The darkest season I have ever known. I was in a deep depression; a deepness I didn’t know was possible. It was so dark. The loneliness was palatable, crushing. I was so angry to have known God all my life and to then be there, in the seemingly endless free fall, falling further and further from hope. Much of that time is a blur, but I do remember a time of contemplating just how to make it stop… I was such a burden to those around me because of the deep, crushing darkness I existed in. It took a long time, but another memory that sticks with me so vividly was the day I realized I was still here, and joyfully basking in the very light and hope I thought I would never know again, and it was all because God was there lifting me ever so gently out of that pit. A true rescue I could never have done on my own. I was ready to lay down and give up…but God. He cradled my almost lifeless body, and he tucked me into His chest until I was ready to be set on my feet again.
    I love the Psalms so much because, even in the anguish, in there, in the many lamentations, and the singing from the mountain tops of celebration, there is rawness. A rawness I felt in my soul, but when I looked around it was as if everyone was muted, stoic. Church, my friends, my family. As someone who didn’t know what to do with the depths of my soul, my own rawness, I felt like I could open the Psalms and David would not mince words.
    I still love opening this book and being reminded of just how incredibly awesome it is to be nestled into that bosom, so secure, to have been lifted out of the miry clay, and my feet placed on the Rock. I have never gone back to that pit. But I am grateful to still be here and to remember being cared for so gently and intimately in a time where I was bruised and battered. He was there. He delighted in me, even in my darkest depths. God, I have no words, but my heart and soul are so in awe, so thankful! I am delighted in you. Forever. Amen and Amen.

  50. Shannon McGuffin says:

    “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13

  51. Charlotte Messier says:

    Reading this was a perfect balm to my heart that feels worldly sorrow and longs for the joy of the Lord.

  52. Michelle Patire says:

    Psalm 27:13 has been my life verse for a bit, now.
    Specifically the NKJV version:
    “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”
    I spent so many years of my life living in a depressed state as a Christian, because I didn’t know how good God was. His hope sustains me. He is my strength of life. He got me through all the crap I got myself into when I walked into the New Age.

    I am in a strange season. What stood out to me today was David’s constant desire to praise God. May we have a heart of praise, not worry. May we walk remembering God’s miraculous works, not just the sad stuff. May I delight in the “million little miracles” when I walk through hardship.

    Million Little Miracles by Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music
    — very good song!

  53. Susan Lincks says:

    Amen and Amen!!

  54. Taylor says:

    I feel like the tension of joy and sorrow seems more pronounced in our world today. I am thankful that we put our trust in a faithful God, who in turn gives us hope that one day every tear will be wiped away, and that there is still room to turn our mourning to dancing. Others have mentioned Psalm 27:13-14 and I also wrote it down in my journal! Taking these verses with me today and the rest of the week as I have a busy weekend with traveling to Michigan tomorrow night for field hockey. Lifting up all the prayer requests mentioned and not mentioned <3

  55. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    When the scales fell off
    And my eyes could see
    My God, my God You answered me
    Who am I that You should love?
    My heart has come to know
    From stone to flesh You gave it back
    New joy in the morning flows.
    As I set out from my Fortress
    I put my feet on Your holy ground
    On You, my Rock I set my faith
    Never lost, in Your mercy I am found
    My heart knows You God
    I will let joy and courage show
    Your loyal love surrounds me
    You are with me wherever I go.
    Amen & amen

  56. Kerryn Gaines says:


  57. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Yes @HeidiH! I’ve been following the PBH Psalms project too. I’m so glad you shared this. Thank you @Arina for your honest response. Me too… Lifting up the spoken and unspoken cries to our Lord. Father God, hear our pleas and be gracious to us. You are so beautiful. Amen and amen.

  58. Angie Mills says:

    Psalm 27:13-14 also stood out for me. As we finish Book 1 of Psalms, I see this as a good key verse for this section.

    “I am certain that I will see the LORD’s goodness
    In the land of the living.
    Wait for the LORD;
    Be strong, and let your heart be courageous.
    Wait for the LORD.”

    Because God is faithful in His rule and reign, in His care and constant love, in His truth and righteousness, I can respond in delight, in hope & trust, and in waiting on Him & His timing. Because He is faithful, I can be courageous.

  59. Searching says:

    ASHLEIGH H – praying for you!

    I couldn’t see Ashleigh’s comment either. I study on my iPad (bigger fonts) and I used to be able to go to my phone app if I figured out there were comments missing – when I tried that this morning, the app screen was jumpy (for lack of a better word) and kept shutting itself down.

    Welcome, MAUREEN and TERRI.

    So glad to see comments from MARI V and VICTORIA E!!!

    Praying for each need mentioned and for comfort for each loss.

  60. Kyle Lara says:

    One of my favorite verses from this reading is Psalm 30:11 “You have turned my mourning into dancing.” I don’t know about you, but when I’m dancing, I’m free, smiling, joyful. And when I think about the times I was mourning, I remember wondering, “will I ever be able to laugh again?”. God has turned my mourning into dancing. Not always overnight or instantly, but His faithfulness is evident. We will feel the lowest of lows and highest of highs, but His presence never leaves us. And let us remember that if we are currently in our lowest of lows, He is faithful to turn our mourning into dancing.

  61. Heidi says:

    This is mega timely as Ryan and I continue into the unknown future right now. My first class begins this weekend and im nervous about “achieving”. Ryan is so supportive of me, but is definitely feeling the tension of wondering his place and how/where God is using him. He’s a wonderful nature photographer (but still is keeping his marketing agency until God says close it) and God is no question using this skills in photography. But we’re not seeing the influx of revenue the same way we were, we have an excess of new expenses- BIG ones- and it’s starting to cause struggle. I know God is faithful. I just wish I could understand more. Please pray for growth in our wisdom and faith and knowledge to discern and courage to follow… ❤️

  62. Elaine Morgan says:

    I can’t even imagine how hopeless life would feel without God in it. His faithfulness and promises get me through times of great heartbreak and times of great joy. Thank you Father!! ❤️

  63. Kenya Rafferty says:

    I think my favorite part of todays reading is in Psalm 41 verse 10 when David reiterates Gods promise to lift him up but in return promises himself to turn around and lift up those who have hurt and betrayed him. What a beautiful demonstration of God on Earth. Praying for this kind of grace and forgiveness.

  64. Wendi Klaiber says:

    Thank you for sharing. It is beautiful!

  65. Marya Kat says:

    Thanks Heidi! I also wanted to mention the Psalms Project. You can listen on Spotify.

  66. Stormi Messmer says:


  67. Kristen says:

    I know we read Psalm 22 yesterday, but I just searched for a commentary on this Scripture and Enduring Word came up first. Please read this if you can. It’s beyond me to grasp all that Jesus endured, but this commentary tries to explain. Prayers for you all today.

  68. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Ps. 27:13-14 “I am certain that I will see the Lord’s goodness
    in the land of the living.

    Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart be courageous.
    Wait for the Lord.”

    ASHLEIGH H – I don’t see your post (grr) but I gather from other’s posts that you are not pregnant. I’m sorry. Praying for you and your husband as you seek God’s wisdom.

    VICTORIA E! – praying for your move

    TERRI and MAUREEN welcome

  69. Mary Ann Graves says:

    So true

  70. Arina says:

    When I was younger, I struggled with reading the psalms because they just seemed to jump from topic to topic. Emotions follow each other seemingly without connection. But I’ve come to realize that is often how my faith is. Sometimes I want to shout about Gods goodness from the mountain tops, the next day when I wake up with a bad mood a question whether God even hears me. It is a comfort to read that David experienced similar ups and downs. It’s so true what he says in Psalm 30:6-7 “When I was secure, I said, “I will never be shaken.” Lord, when you showed your favor, you made me stand like a strong mountain; when you hid your face, I was terrified.”

  71. Heidi H says:

    For the past 2.5 years Poor Bishop Hooper has been releasing a song a week, each based on a Psalm in order from 1-150. The songs have been an incredible way for me to keep God’s word on my mind and in my heart.