God Reigns Forever

Open Your Bible

Psalm 90:1-17, Psalm 91:1-16, Psalm 92:1-15, Psalm 93:1-5, Psalm 95:1-11, Psalm 99:1-9

Book IV
Book IV is a response to the despair of Book III. With only two psalms attributed to David, this section anchors the worshiper outside the reign of David, all the way back to creation, the exodus, and the early history of the nation of Israel.

Crisis moments have a way of revealing our control issues, don’t they? When things are running smoothly, and all is well, we can start to naively think that we are in control. In the rare seasons when our families, careers, relationships, and finances are thriving, we rejoice that we have managed them all so well! Alas, when one of those trains runs off the track, we are confronted with the frightening lack of control that we actually have. In an instant, disappointment, pain, and suffering can cause us to forget what is true. 

Because suffering has a way of disorienting us, understandably, all we can see and think about are the obstacles and enemies that surround us. 

That is a major throughline of Book III of the Psalms, as the people of God lamented their suffering and exile. They needed a king—the promised King from David’s line—to restore their nation. They needed God to make good on His promises. Which brings us to Book IV which we began reading today with Psalm 90. In response to the darkness of the preceding book, it is a proverbial lifting of our heads. It’s a call to look up and around, behind and before us, to remember the hope that we have—that we’ve always had. It anchors us in a time long before the exile as a reminder that God was at work long before this moment, and He will continue to work in all the days to come. We have the same need as the psalmists—for God to lift our head above the circumstances we can see, reminding us what is and has always been and will always be true: He is on the throne. 

We need to echo Moses’s declaration that God has “been our refuge in every generation” (Psalm 90:1).
We need to declare each new morning that God’s faithful love remains (Psalm 92:2).
We need to take heart that all of creation is held in the hands of the Creator (Psalm 95:4–5).
We need to remember that God didn’t forsake Moses or Aaron or Samuel (Psalm 99:6), and He won’t forsake us. 

Sometimes we have to look, not just at our circumstances, but at ourselves and declare anew that God’s “throne has been established from the beginning” and indeed He is “from eternity” (Psalm 93:2). Even before a speck of dust formed the ground, He was God and He was on the throne.

One of the gifts of the psalms is that they don’t overlook or dismiss our circumstances. And neither does God. We are given examples repeatedly of how to come to God with any range of emotions, struggles, and experiences. He meets us right there. But even in the midst of all the kinds of chaos this broken world can bring, we get to say even louder; God reigns forever! Creation told of it, Moses declared it, generations of Israelites echoed it, the psalmists sung of it, and we get to join in that same chorus on this side of the cross. Indeed, God reigns forever!

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59 thoughts on "God Reigns Forever"

  1. J M says:

    Dear Lauren GW, I am so sorry you are going through this. Please look into HomeBase an organization that truly helps families dealing with PTSD. They are located in Boston, but serve the entire country.

  2. J M says:

    Dear Lauren,

  3. Miri am says:

    As a British person, my Queen was a constant in my life. She was constant in a world full of change. So her death yesterday is particularly heart wrenching because the constant is now a change. And yet here, my Lord lovingly reminds me that His throne has stood from time immemorial! The Queen’s reign is merely a foretaste of His eternal reign. The comfort of her constancy in my life is merely a shadow of the comfort that Jesus Christ our King gives us! Oh what a heavenly Father we have!

  4. Lizzie T says:

    Thank you! I appreciate you

  5. Rachel Crater says:

    Praying for you.

  6. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Our God reigns, our God reigns. Forever, Your Kingdom reigns! Hallelujah!

  7. Stormi Messmer says:


  8. Victoria E says:

    Lizzie T- praying for you. Thankful that you are safe and praying that God will make a way for you to be in a safer place. Carol M praise God for the safe delivery ! Lauren GW praying for your relationship. Abigail Chang- praying for you and your family as well.

  9. Chelsea Little says:

    Such a great reminder and daily prayer. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lauren GW says:

    I’m feeling pretty despairing. My relationship with my husband has been pretty strained since he came back from deployment 2 years ago with a nasty case of PTSD. We’ve sought out resources since, we’re going to counseling, but nothing is helping much. Because of a number of difficult circumstances lately, things have gotten worse for him. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I know he is sick, but I also can’t live constantly being on edge forever. Please pray for healing and wisdom

  11. Lauren GW says:

    I’m feeling pretty despairing. My relationship with my husband has been pretty strained since he came back from deployment 2 years ago.

  12. sydney dubreuiel says:

    Want prayer for protection? Think 911. Psalms 91:1 is my go-to!

  13. Mercy says:

    “Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, it is a people that do err in their heart” (Psalm 95:10). I read this verse and immediately stopped to ask God for forgiveness. For sure I have grieved God at some point. 40 years is a long time and had the people checked in regularly with God, wouldn’t God have let them know that He was grieved? This shows that while us being Christian and God’s children, we could be brutally oblivious about His grief if there is a lack of close intimacy or consistent communication through prayers. Normally we want God to help us in our grief, and how about God during His grief? Would we ever ask God, are you grieved today Lord by anything I have done? This thought squeezed my heart. Our relationship with Him is a two-way relationship -as Bible often demonstrates (draw close to Him first, and He will draw close to us). If any relationship is a one-way street, for sure it will not flourish. May we learn to check in on God. Father Lord God, please forgive us the moments of us hardening our hearts when we hear your voice. Lord please cause us to be sensitive toward You and bring great joy to You instead of grieves. Please cleanse us of any unrighteousness that cause you grieves. Let your beauty be on us and establish the work of our hands by your strength (Psalm 90:17). In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Be blessed dear sisters.

  14. Jennifer Anapol says:

    It’s so crazy to think about how short our lives truly are. I pray that I would make my life count and would focus on the things that truly matter. I want to walk in the purpose God has for my life.

  15. Susan Steele says:

    That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Lehua K. says:

    Thank you for the prayers over our marriage. I wanted to share some good news. We reconciled and talked it over yesterday evening, and soon after (without any prompting from me), my husband said he wanted to watch the episode of the Chosen where Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding. It’s his favorite episode, probably because he’s very much like Thomas who is introduced in that episode. So the amazing part about this, is that my husband is open to learning about God but he isn’t saved yet. I saw that as a sign from God that there is still hope.. There is always hope. Praise be to God.

    Praying for your requests – Abigail Chang and Rhonda J for your families; Sarah D, Mandi and Gwendolyn Vincent and for your anxiety; Melanie for comfort to sleep through your pain; Taylor for God to lead the time you’ll be spending with the guy from Texas; Tricia C for patience with your husband’s spiritual walk and to feel God’s presence (you are in the right place here with She Reads Truth, and I can relate a bit with what you shared with your husband and having a hard time being patient with him.. Rhonda J’s earlier comment to me yesterday helped me and she can relate a bit too, it may help you).

    Carol M – hallelujah and praise to God for baby James!

  17. Tricia C says:

    When I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma almost 4 years ago, I clung to Psalm 91:1-2. I still do. I am so grateful for His provision, every minute of every day. Even when, right now, I know the Lord is with me but I feel so out of His loop. I want to know Him so much more and long for so much more. I don’t know how I can. I’m struggling a bit in this regard. My husband isn’t in the same place spiritually as me and it frustrates me. I’m trying to give it to the Lord but I sometimes get angry or judgmental. I just need to keep praying for him and for our relationship to grow together in the Lord.

  18. Abigail Chang says:

    Indeed. I will choose to praise him through the storm. Seeking prayers for my family as we go through a rough time, every night my mom purposely starts a fight with my dad and it can get physical and I’m unable to pull them apart. She is suspected to have BPD and is clearly mentally ill but she refuses to seek help. She also constantly carries a spirit of poverty and idolises money – even she herself has admitted to not talking to God anymore and have lost faith even though she has previously claimed to be the most faithful Christian on earth. Today my brother finally convinced her to see mental help and we’re at a hospital now. Please pray for the family and that she will get the help she need and that she will also open her heart to go for inner healing and deliverance ministry. Pray that God will continue to be king over this situation and indeed he is Lord of it all – even through such times!

  19. PamC says:

    When I opened to these Psalms this morning it was such a joy. These are my “go to’s”, my “ I need God,” my “comfort food”. What a great way to start the week!
    Praying for all the requests, especially for the 2 young men who are hurting. Praying they know Jesus is their strength.

  20. Dorothy says:

    In my devotional Bible a couple of things caught my eye, in the reflection of one of the devotions going along with Psalm 93:5 it says, “We serve a very personal God. The Word of God is the same for each of His children. God instructs us because He loves us. He has left us His life-giving Word so we can freely live out our faith in Him.” This is sooooo true and awesome at the same time. Also, in that same devotion there is a “Treasure of Truth” which says, “God’s ways are the right way.” and to this I said and wrote AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

    Sisters, be blessed and continue to be in the Word everyday.

  21. Jo says:

    He is on the throne and sees the end from the beginning. I love that comfort in knowing that nothing surprises Him. JENNIFER LOVES JESUS, I am encouraged that you feel called to sing. He is faithful and as you step out in faith and express your worship He will provide the melody ❤️

  22. Kimberly Z says:

    During these hard times as I sit with my dad in the hospital after a long and brutal couple of months from the accident a Chaplin came in. He asked if he could say a verse that was special to him. He proceeded to resight psalms 121 which I find very fitting as I go through this study. God does not leave us even during the darkest of times he is with us. I have to remind myself of that daily as I work through my struggles of my dads accident.

  23. Krystle Scott says:

    Sarah, I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve seen a company called Crew and Co. rebinds Bibles. You may check there.

  24. Kimberly Z says:

    I needed to hear this today. As I sit in the hospital with my dad after major reconstruction surgery it is hard to watch him struggle and be angry. I often ask why God has put us through such difficult times. It is hard to see the goodness of God during all the hard times but I know God is good.

  25. Mari V says:

    Gayle. Praying for those boys.

  26. Lexi B says:

    Melanie- praying for your pain to cease and for restful sleep.
    Taylor- so happy to hear that you are feeling better and got much needed rest. Praying for your time with your beau as he visits from Texas.
    Jennifer Loves Jesus- thank you for your prayers over us!
    Sara D- continued prayers for your anxiety. I am so glad you got in some time with your parents on this long weekend. Also, here are some places to get your bible rebound: https://www.leonardsbooks.com/
    https://www.bellabecho.com/bible-rebinding/, and https://www.legacybiblerebinders.com.

    I used to struggle with fear a lot before, and Psalm 91 was my go to chapter to bring me peace. Picturing myself hiding in the shadow of God’s wings brought such comfort.

  27. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    I am being called to sing. Responding to Psalm 95:1, “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord… make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”. (Thank you for the call, Kathy Rish/NBC worship leader, you knew not how profound this was to my heart.) Keeping in mind that I am not a skilled singer, I believe I can learn. The songs in my heart have longed to pour from my mouth with beauty in the sounds. Sometimes I’ve hit the notes well, but generally speaking, I do not sing well. But I want to. Even as I write these words, I feel the desire pumping from my heart into my veins. Why does this matter enough to me that I am writing this down? Because I hear God calling me to sing. For Him. And anything can be learned from YouTube right?! :) It’s been about a month since I stepped back through the doors of our tiny local church, in a town of about 400. TINY. It’s been about 10 years. Where everyone knows your name. I am an outsider by all accounts, this is a generational gathering kind of church. It took courage, but this is not about me. Just Jesus. I am grateful for the online community of She Reads Truth. Yet, my voice is fairly anonymous. From our study on the Church, to our current reading in the Psalms, I have been missing what being in the physical presence of humans following Jesus brings. So, back to this calling to sing… This Psalm journey clicked. The call to actually sing to and for Jesus has been brought to light. Today is Labor Day, and, it always marks a change in seasons. And, my tiny church needs singers for the Christmas Cantata. And, my tree is still up. And, I light it each morning for my devotional time with God. And, these words of the Psalms with the call to sing has been heard. My prayer is to make a joyful noise with my life. “Singing calls up the soul into such a posture, and does, as it were, awaken it. It is a lively rousing up of the heart,” said John Lightfoot. And, “Singing God’s praise…keeps the heart longest upon the thing spoken.” This long Labor Day entry may not be read by anyone, or may seem irrelevant, but as I’ve worked out my heart on these pages of my journal (and here on a screen), I have kept in mind Jesus. Just Jesus. And in Him I pray for all the unspoken or unrealized answers to prayer, whether for singing or salvation, health or deliverance from bondage, comfort or shared joy, all the names that cross my screen in the SRT community, and on my tiny church’s bulletin, I am lifting us all up to the light of Christ. To Him to all the glory! The Lord reigns! Amen and, amen.

  28. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    @LIZZIE T [email protected]

  29. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    @LIZZIE T I live a couple hours from you. I am praying for you as I know NO has gotten much worse for many reasons. Email me if you feel Gods prompting to. Or even if I can do anything being that I am within a drive away.

  30. Rhonda J. says:

    Dear She’s-
    I am asking for prayers. For God to turn around a situation. It seems hopeless, BUT God- I know these children are His, and He will protect them, and can change the impossible to possible. When I feel inadequate and without the right words, Holy Spirit, help me. My grandchildren are beneath your wing, and you WILL shelter them. Turn the toxicity in this family to peace, I pray this Jesus in your name.

  31. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    @LIZZIE T I live a couple a, praying for you as I know NO has gotten much worse for many reasons. Email me if you feel Gods prompting to move to this area. Or even if I can do anything being that I am within a drive away.

  32. Sarah D. says:

    SRT Bible*

  33. Sarah D. says:

    Also, question, does anyone have any recommendations of where to get my SRT rebound? I’ve had it since 2017 and the cover/binding is starting to fall apart, but I love having all my notes inside it.

  34. Donna Wolcott says:

    “Come, let’s shout joyfully to the Lord, shout triumphantly to the rock of our salvation! Let’s enter His presence with thanksgiving; let’s shout triumphantly to Him in song.” Holy, holy is His name.

  35. Mari V says:

    INDEED!! God reigns forever! I can totally testify to that. No matter my circumstances, my God continues to be God! He has never left me and He never will. I believe this promise. and I believe it for you my beautiful SRT sisters!

  36. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning SRT sisters!! Home with my parents for the long weekend, thankful for this time. Thank you for your prayers last week. On that day I was feeling rough, I had the sweetest call. This dad I spoke with and registered his daughter for kindergarten, he shared his testimony with me and prayed for me. It was the first call of the day and was such a God thing, because I was struggling that morning. only God could have had him call at that exact time on the exact day that I was feeling so anxious. It was a reminder to me that God sees me, even in this. I was journaling yesterday about how God uses that which is not in his design to bring us closer to him. Anxiety does not come from him, but he uses it for his glory. Only God can do that! The pastor yesterday at my parent’s church talked John 11 and how Jesus took his time to go and heal Lazarus. He waited two days before going to heal Lazarus!! He could have done it sooner. But he was on his own timeframe. He wasn’t rushed. It was all happening in his perfect timing. And yet, he wasn’t indifferent. He cared so much for Mary and Martha and Lazarus that he cried with them. Man, I needed that reminder, because I have cried out to Jesus so much recently. And although I have been frustrated with him for not taking away my anxiety, I have to remember, he weeps with me. He does care. And yet, he will use this for his glory. Thank you Lord.

  37. Susan Lincks says:

    Beautiful and amen

  38. Caroline says:

    I needed this today! Perfectly said Lindsey, thank you! Amen!

  39. Michelle Patire says:

    @Mandi– my heart is touched by your comment. I am thankful you see God moving in your life– God, I continue to ask You to help Mandi truly abide in Your presence. You tell us in John 15 to abide in You. It requires action on our part. Help Mandi to continue going to church, reading her Bible, and praying consistently throughout her day. I know Lord when we draw near to You, You draw near to us. I thank You Lord for Your promised faithfulness. You remain the same yesterday, today, and forever. Your steadfast love (mercy) endures forever. Praise You Jesus and thank you for Mandi & the She Reads Truth staff & community. Your blessing over us in Jesus’s name.

    @Carol M- congrats to new life God has brought into the lives of many!! Many blessings and protection to the newborns. <3

    God bless you all!!

  40. Aimee D-R says:

    Lord You reign. Amen

  41. Carol M says:

    Good Morning, Dear Sisters… I am happy to report that after a long difficult night and day, baby James came into the world, yesterday afternoon… all 8 lbs, 15 oz 22” of him!! Hannah( who is tiny)was able to deliver him without a section…They are so grateful, as we, their family, are too! We so appreciate your prayers… rejoice with us at God’s goodness!

  42. Kerry says:

    Praying Melanie!!

  43. Mandi says:

    Our family is in a pretty large season of transition- especially affecting me. It has brought on some anxiety/depression/spiritual distance that has been really difficult for me after a time of spiritual growth that was so encouraging. I have been praying for the return of a desire to be close to God and a sense of his power working in my life to transform me. Yesterday the sermon was from Luke 13- including v. 34 “. . .how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. . .” Our pastor projected a picture of hen doing this and the image was very encouraging to me. To have Psalm 91:4 in the beginning of our reading today felt like an God was confirming that he is still working in my life. My prayer is that I would be willing to dwell in the shelter of his wings and trust that he will protect me and the ones I love.

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      Mandi, you are not alone my sista. I am going thru the same. Blessings to you.

  44. sharon says:

    “The Lord reigns, Great is the Lord, The King is Mighty – exalt the Lord our God…He is holy.” Psalm 99:1-4…When the headlines of the day get us down, when our family situations look hopeless, when our health fails, may we remember these truths of scripture. No matter what happens God still remains on the throne and He is in control.

    Yesterday’s sermon that my husband preached was titled, “The Waiting”. I was reminded that God has set times and seasons for everything in our lives and that His way and times are perfect. Prayer is crucial to the waiting. In the waiting God is preparing us for something that will come later. Wait on the Lord. Learn during the wait. Waiting has always been hard for me, but my prayer is that God will teach me during the wait and I will learn so that He can move me on to the next season.

    He is our God, we are the flock under His care – hallelujah! (Psalm 95:6,7) I love the Psalms and so glad to be going through this study with you all!

    @JENNIFER LOVES JESUS -thank you for your prayer over us – God bless you! And for the tips on memorization!
    @TAYLOR – glad things went well this weekend with FH – praying for your meet up on Friday with this new fellow – may God’s will be done!

    A blessed Labor Day to you all!

  45. Brenda DiCicco says:

    Praying for these young men

  46. Angie Mills says:

    In these chapters, we see that God reigns forever.

    -Mortal man must trust our Eternal King (Psalm 90).
    -Our Refuge protects us (Psalm 91).
    -We praise the faithful love of our King (Psalm 92).
    -God reigns over the earth forever (Psalm 93).
    -We should worship the Eternal King alone (Psalm 95).
    -We exalt the Holy King in worship (Psalm 99).

    In Psalm 99, it is interesting to see the parallelism of God’s holiness in the three stanzas. The first two stanzas end in “He is holy” (Psalm 99:3, 5). The last stanza emphatically states “… for the LORD our God is holy.” This shows us how completely holy God is. It brings to my mind how the seraphim worship God in Heaven, calling out, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory!” (Isaiah 6:3) Not only do the seraphim sing this song, but the four living creatures around God’s throne never cease singing this song, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” (Revelation 4:8)

    May we always keep in mind the holiness of our King! His holiness sets Him apart from everything else. His holiness protects us. His holiness is shown in His faithful love for us. He reigns over everything in His holiness. We should praise, exalt, and worship God for His holiness. Also, because He is holy and we are His, we should mimic Him and live in holiness too. Lord, show me more of Your holiness and show me how I can become more holy for Your glory!

  47. Fabi Hamstra says:

    Clinging to these promises from Psalm 91:15 & Psalm 99:6 – When he calls to me, I will answer him. /They called to him and He answered. ….He WILL answer. I’ve experienced this last week. I questioned if God was listening and He lovingly kept reminding me He was. Oh the tenderness of our God Wait on Him! He is near. He hears you and will come to your rescue. How reassuring to know that my God knows and is near.

  48. Ruby S says:

    I just moved from Nola last year- praying for you and your family and your neighborhood! Both the glory of God and the sin of this world are so apparent in New Orleans- it’s the most challenging and wonderful place.

  49. Taylor says:

    Good morning SRT fam! I’m working today, but it’s so I can take Friday off when the guy I’m talking to flies in to visit from Texas! I’m excited for us to spend time together and continue to grow our relationship. I’ve been praying that if this is the Lord’s will He will allow it to flourish, and if not He would shut it down sooner rather than later to guard my heart. Also thank you for your prayers for my health! I really needed Saturday to rest, and was able to ref my game yesterday! I feel really overwhelmed with balancing working full time and reffing field hockey multiple days a week including most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but I keep reminding myself that the Lord allowed me to get all these college games which is a huge blessing, and He will carry me through these next few months. Leaning on the Lord’s strength and provision! I’m thankful for these Psalms to remind me He is my refuge and He goes before me! Praying you all have a blessed week <3

  50. Melanie says:

    Please pray for my pain and to sleep. God see us and meets me where I am at. Thank you Jesus for another day

  51. Searching says:

    JESS T – thank you for the mention of the prayer request as I cannot see GAYLE R’s post on the website. I opened the app and was able to read it there.

    GAYLE R – praying for these boys, Daniel and his brother, for this painful journey. Praying for their hearts to turn to and know the Lord, for their faith to strengthen if they are already walking with Him. For wise counsel and financial needs to be met as they work through the challenges ahead.

  52. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “[L]ook up and around, behind and before us, . . . remember the hope that we have—that we’ve always had.”

    We so easily forget the greatness of our God. Great is His longsuffering toward us!

  53. Searching says:

    As I read through today’s Scriptures, the tears were flowing again with thankfulness. Overwhelmed by God’s love for me and us, His patience, His forgiveness, His everything.

    JENNIFER LOVES JESUS – your prayer over your SRT sisters was so touching, thank you!

    LEHUA – praying for you, your husband and your marriage. For healing and forgiveness, nothing is impossible for God.

    DOROTHY – praying for wisdom and answers.

  54. Jess T says:

    Praying for these precious boys. Jesus be near.

  55. Churchmouse says:

    God reigns forever! Let us not so magnify our circumstances that we diminish our miracle working God. He is not aloof or uncaring. He walks with us through every storm. Look up and lean in. He’s got you.

  56. Mary Ann Graves says:


  57. Arina says:

    It’s so beautiful to read these psalms after the darkness in Book 3. Yes we can come to God with all our struggles and pain but here we also get an example of how to praise God. To declare His faithful love in the morning and His faithfulness at night. Reading these psalms makes my heart sing. Our God is Lord, He reigns over the earth. In all His majesty He created the earth and everything in it. His goodness and faithfulness are never ending. Let’s praise the Lord, exalt Him, shout joyfully to Him in our songs!

  58. TIna says:



    Amen and Amen.

    Echoing Moses’ declaration that God has been my absolute refuge.. even when I have not acknowledged it..

    Declaring, this new wet morning that God’s faithful love remains.. never changing. The same yesterday, today and for always faithful..

    Absolutely taking heart that He holds the whole world in His hands..I smile as I write this truth.. and begin to sing..

    Remembering that if God is for me, who can be against me..that, as He did not forsake Moses, Aaron or Samuel, my father, my father’s father, and the generations before..

    BUT GOD..

    He will not, NEVER forsake me/us.

    He will not forsake us in the ups or downs, highs and lows, good and bads of life.



    Happy Monday dear hearts wrapped in love, love, hugs and prayers for a peacefilled and God with us moments..❤