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Lent 2017: You Are Mine

49 days
Plan Overview

It is impossible to overstate our need for a Savior. During this Lent study, we will read the book of Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet who, more than any other, describes the coming of Christ in great detail. During the final week of Lent, we will read passages from the Gospels that correspond to the events of Holy Week, the final days of Christ’s journey to the cross. Isaiah’s message of repentance and restoration illustrates the salvation we so desperately need, and the Holy Week scriptures turn our eyes to the salvation already given us in the completed work of Christ. Join us as we observe Lent together.

Day 1

We Are His: A Lenten Introduction

Day 2

From Dust to Dust

Day 3

Judah on Trial

Day 4

Judah’s Leaders Judged

Day 5

Isaiah’s Call

Day 6

Grace Day

Day 7

Weekly Truth

Day 8

The Lord of Hosts, the Only Refuge

Day 9

A Great Light

Day 10

The Root of Jesse

Day 11

Israel’s Return

Day 12

Destruction and Devastation

Day 13

Grace Day

Day 14

Weekly Truth

Day 15

The Lord Will Make Himself Known

Day 16

Judgment Against the Nations

Day 17

The Lord Will Reign as King

Day 18

Salvation and Judgment

Day 19

The Song of Judah

Day 20

Grace Day

Day 21

Weekly Truth

Day 22

Who Is Worthy?

Day 23

The Lord’s Mercy

Day 24

Our Only Help

Day 25

The Lord Rises Up

Day 26

The Ransomed Return to Zion

Day 27

Grace Day

Day 28

Weekly Truth

Day 29

Hezekiah's Prayer

Day 30

God's People Comforted

Day 31

A Song of Praise

Day 32

There Is No Other God

Day 33

The Fall of Babylon

Day 34

Grace Day

Day 35

Weekly Truth

Day 36

The Servant Brings Salvation

Day 37

The Lord Will Defend

Day 38

Covenant of Peace

Day 39

Come to the Lord

Day 40

Healing and Peace

Day 41

Grace Day

Day 42

Palm Sunday: Introduction to Holy Week

Day 43

Sin and Redemption

Day 44

The Glory of the Lord

Day 45


Day 46

A New Creation

Day 47

Final Judgment and Joyous Restoration (Good Friday)

Day 48

Holy Saturday

Day 49

Easter Sunday