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“Love the LORD your God…” Throughout Deuteronomy, this command was repeated to the generation of Israelites preparing to enter the promised land. Moses, in a series of speeches, restated the law first given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. He called them to live faithfully as the people of God, demonstrating their love for God through obedience to His commands. In this four-week study, we’ll interact with this unique set of instructions, encountering our loving God who invites us to respond to His character by following His ways. We’ll discover how the law reflects His holiness and how it exists for our good. We’ll also respond to the beauty, goodness, and truth found in this book of the Bible, understanding it has been fulfilled—not abolished—in Jesus Christ. Join us for a journey through Deuteronomy, a reminder that our obedience to God’s Word is an act of love.