Day 13

Grace Day

from the Deuteronomy reading plan

1 John 5:3

BY She Reads Truth

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

For this is what love for God is: to keep his commands. And his commands are not a burden
—1 John 5:3

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24 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Alexandra Dent says:


  2. Kimberly Flores says:

    Grateful for grace lovingly given from the Lord. He knows what a hot mess I am most days (every) – and how much I need Him. Grateful!

  3. Sarah Rose says:

    Amen, His commands are not burdensome! However, when they do feel burdensome, I pray that I would have the sight and awareness to uncover why this is- as it’s most likely a heart issue stemming from my own wandering from the Lord.

  4. Victoria E says:

    Martha Hix it is good to hear from you. I will keep praying for you and your family.

  5. Victoria E says:

    ERB I love this so much. I have been thinking and praying for a long time to be able to discern Jesus’ voice from all the others in our world and in my head. Thank you for sharing

  6. Rhonda J. says:

    Love the verse for today, so simple and profound. And, love all your comments as always, such a blessing of a community of sisters and friends in Christ, love all you guys! (gals!)
    I feel so lucky to have my son here with me as I stare over at him, cramped in our little rental RV for our 2-week visit up north with family and friends! I love that he makes the effort to be with me, being 21 and living with his father and going to college, he knows I cherish and beg for him to be around as much as possible! He is my one and only And I know so many of you have lost a child and I have a couple of neighbors that lost their child at this same age, so it is on my mind SO much to VALUE him. Let all of us truly value what we have in our lives, for it is all precious, but we tend to put our focuses on our burdens and dwell there or just stay too busy. Prayers for all of you in need and praises for our answered prayers.

  7. Jane K says:

    I love the analogy you shared, ERB! I always want to hear His voice and be obedient. Thank you for your prayers, sisters. My husband’s last day of quarantine is today. My daughter and I are still in quarantine for four more days. But we are feeling fine.

  8. Mari V says:

    My son and I were having a similar conversation about this yesterday. Mainly we were talking about how much God loves us and that we are not poor. We have everything we need. I do want to be transparent. I feel sad for him. College is so expensive and he’s having to do college online now. His closest friend left and is living on the campus and though I am not jealous it still hurts. I know God has a plan and I’m going to believe it. Meanwhile prayers are appreciated that he would stay disciplined with his classes and saving up for a car so that he’s able to move down there closer to the University. It also means he’ll need to find a job so that he’s able live close to the campus. At least he will be able to go on the campus and participate and hang out with his friends.
    I’m rambling this morning. Please forgive me.

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