Day 14

Weekly Truth

from the Amen & Amen reading plan

Psalm 40:3

BY She Reads Truth

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry His Word with us wherever we go. 

This week, we memorize the last two lines from Psalm 40:3, where David praises God for His deliverance.

He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear,
and they will trust in the LORD.
—Psalm 40:3

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23 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Sydney Smith says:

    Thank you sweet sister!

  2. Claire-Madeline says:

    P.S This is my first month reading along with She Reads Truth. For anyone who is interested in following along with my walk with Christ, as I incorporate She Reads Truth into my prayer life, I welcome you to connect with me on instagram @clairemadelinecorso

  3. Claire-Madeline says:

    I adore this first line of the verse. “He put a new song in my mouth.” It makes me think of how the words we choose – to speak to others, to speak to ourselves – are born out of a consciousness that is either aligned with the Devil, or aligned with God. And it is powerful thing, when the words our mouths, come from a Godly wisdom. It is a powerful thing to claim the choice we are given the *privilege* to make, to *let* God put songs of praise in our mouths. And praise does not have to look only like singing songs of worship. It can also look like how our beliefs, thoughts, intentions, choices, and actions, honor him. We sing His praise with everything we think and do. What a beautiful, beautiful verse. May peace be with all who read this, today.

  4. Rhonda J. says:

    Happy Sunday She’s!

    At my church, we are starting September by studying Prayer! Today’s first service was really good and I can’t wait to get into it more. I can definitely see a big change in my prayer life since the beginning of the year when fasting in prayer for a week. I was really uncomfortable praying aloud, but I step out in faith and let the Spirit lead. It might not be eloquent, but I don’t think God cares! SRT sisters are, too, a great example of the strength of prayer! It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of this community from nearly the beginning. For the first few years, I wished I felt confident to comment with all these great ladies full of wisdom. But- we are just like our own church made up of all kinds of people! As long as the focus stays on Jesus, it’s all good!


    @LEHUA K.- I understand exactly what you are going through and had a season of that with my spouse, it is hard when it is on a repeat cycle and I actually asked for prayer on here. I also did the bible study “The Armor of God” by P. Shriver, and tried to focus on the devil trying to attack my marriage. I definitely saw a huge improvement thankfully. It still happens sometimes, but I try to remember my verses of only saying profitable words and imagine laughing at the devil, and praying. My husband in turn recognizes the change in me.

  5. TIna says:

    @JENNIFER LOVES JESUS.. I love you too my sister!
    Thank you for your prayers and the shout out to ALL… Well done for typing all our names.. I would have got bored at my Name!!

  6. Lehua K. says:

    Thank you Jennifer Loves Jesus for your prayer shoutout and for the acronym tool for Bible memorization. I’ll have to try that! ;)

    I had a huge fight last night with my husband and we went to sleep that way, which I really don’t like, because I’ve heard it said, don’t let the sun go down on your anger..
    We’re both pretty hurt. I know I need to forgive… I’m just tired that we seem to be going in circles and history repeats itself. I want to believe things will change but it’s just hard. Thanks for the prayers.

  7. Gina Chauvin says:


  8. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    MWSAFATWTITL (Many will see and fear and they will trust in the Lord -Psalm 40:3) Happy Sunday dear sisters in Christ! I am honored to be with you, as WE are of the many who see God as He is, and Who He is! Our song of praise must be so beautiful to the ears of our Lord. Rising from the glow of our screens, like incense offered. Light piercing darkness. Faith conquering fear. Encouragement for weakness. Standing for and with eachother in Jesus. To explain the alphabet soup above… I just learned about a (new to me) tool for memorizing scripture. If you write the first letter of each word in the verse, it helps to commit to memory. There is a ministry called Dwell Differently that set this concept in motion and it makes so much sense! So there’s a tool, and here is a prayer lifted: Father God, You are worthy of our praise! You put a new song in our mouth, and many will see and trust you as we sing our songs of victory. Let us rise and shout Your Name. No matter if we see our prayers answered in the ways we want right now, You are worthy of our love. We have a defiant joy, we believe we will see your goodness here in the land where we live. There is much hope in You, and that hope heals as Katherine Wolf so sweetly reminds us. I lift up each name I see and the ones I may miss, but You see them Lord. You know what we are crying out to You. I pray you give courage, joy, blessing, healing, strength, return, abundance, steadfastness, comfort, permission, faith, confirmation, singing, silence, peace, mercy, grace, and love that covers all to us in Jesus’ name… Terri Baldwin, Melissa Mcronney, Nancy Singleton, Jennifer Palumbo, Gayle R, Lehua K, Tina, Karen Roper, Victoria E, Lexi B, Mercy, Beverly Watley, Rebecca Fuller, Erica Chiarelli, Heidi V, Dorothy, Erica Christian, Sharon Jersy Girl, Mari V, Elizabeth Oster, Taylor, Carol M, Aimee D-R, Laurel, Beatrice Laurien-Honorius, Brittany NicoleJackson, Mary Ann Graves, Elaine Morgan, Kelly NEO, Rhonda J, Churchmouse, sydney dubreuiel, Heather, Jennifer Anapol, Yna, Arina, Sandi, PamC, Martha Hix, Mia Faith, Allison Bentley, Janie Diffly, Donna Wolcott, Molly R, Susan Otto, Sydney Smith, Stormi Messmer, Searching, Angie Mills, Lisa Semoy, Adrienne, Susan Lincks, Sarah D, Gramsiesue, Kayle Chmiel, Krystle Scott, Teresa Donley, Tami C, Bunny Lightsey, Tasha Adams, Cindy Hanna, Laurie Sheppard, Genesis Vargas, Lori Lackey, Anne Jones, Lacey Randall, Jordyn C, Mandy Ferrugia, Heidi, Leslie Warnick, Leah Mick, Marissa, Kristen, Brett, Todd, Roger, Cheryl, Danielle, Alexandra, Jesse, Amanda, Amy Anderson, Theresa Kleinsmith, Kyle Lara, Kerry Rowley, Helen L, Michelle Patire, Caroline Bridges, Julie, Lanie, Sandi Stanley, Oluseye Asiru, Shannon McGuffin, Kenya Rafferty, Maria Beck, Kinsley Fullmer, Karen Brown, Amelia Paynter, mitzy gomez, Vickie Menasco, mia castleman, Becki Sweetman, Taylan Wilson, amaliia feeeley, Sydney Thacker, Gabirella Valentin, Gina Rodriguez, Wendelyn Dance, Kelli Leo, Amy E.Bostwick, Valeria Russell, Clarene Radford, Kimberly Martinson, Heidi Anders, Aaliyah Davis, Izabel Dennison, Johanna Maldanado, Rhiannon Donovan, Marli Labuschagne, kayti salmons, Cookie F., Michelle Lange, Shelby Bratton, Olivia Liddicoat, Kate Frost, Robin Thompson, Briana Little, Jess C, Amanda Hooser, Leonie Annor-Owiredu, DeLaine Bottoms, Melinda Talkington, samanrha nelson, and all the names I didn’t mention, God knows your name! Amen and amen!

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