Day 30

The Gold Calf

from the Exodus reading plan

Exodus 32:1-35, 1 Kings 12:26-28, 1 Corinthians 10:6-7

BY Scarlet Hiltibidal

Did you know that TikTok tracks how many videos you’ve watched on the app? I regret to inform you that I discovered this in the settings. It is with deep sadness that I also regret to inform you that every one of those dumb videos you watch is tallied up, even if your username is “User8723098439823094802348” and your picture is a gray circle. 

In today’s reading, we read about God’s people worshiping idols while Moses had his ten commandment tablet moment with God. I remember being a kid, hearing this story in Sunday School, and wondering how the Israelites could be so stupid. Like, don’t you guys know that God’s finger is writing on a rock your friend, Moses, is holding right now? Why are you obsessed with a statue? 

It can seem absurd to read some of the sins recorded in these ancient cultures, but man—how similarly strange are the things we value through our countless tally of views each day?

I’m not anti-video-clip. I’m not boycotting Netflix. But, if the best part of my day is watching a girl get her hair highlighted with some synth behind it in my headphones…that sounds almost as absurd as exalting a gold calf. 

In 1 Corinthians 10:6–7, Paul warns the people of Corinth not to be idolaters. And then, it reads, the people ate, drank, and partied. It seems we never learn.

Worshiping power or money or comfort or cows made out of melted jewelry leads to discontentment, increased exhaustion, and heartache. But, the beautiful thing is, we have Someone better to give our attention to. Jesus can captivate us. Jesus has erased our offenses. He can heal us, lead us, and comfort us when life hurts too much. When spending time with Jesus is the best part of my day, I feel rested, whole and purposeful, and content. 

Tonight, when you’re winding down with that Texan beekeeper who shares videos of bees being transported to new hives (I have found myself in some strange rabbit holes), take a break and return to God’s Word. Even if you already have that morning. See what He reveals to you and puts in your heart. Jesus is the One worthy of our worship, attention, and affection. Let’s give it to Him.

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  1. Sarah J says:

    It’s so weird how we try to trust ourselves or things other than God. It’s unbelief that he can or will work. It’s easier to make an idol than to have faith that God is who he says he is and can do what he says he does. Lord, forgive me for my unbelief help me trust and have patience in you.

  2. Michelle Patire says:

    Alfreda, you are not alone in wanting to help family surrender to the Lord. I pray we hold tight to grace and trust God to continue to move in their lives without our constant intervention. This is the season I am in, too.

  3. Sydney Smith says:

    I missed the part where the levites killed 3,000 men in Sunday school (J/K I know they left that out on purpose) but what a clear example of how serious Moses was and acted quickly, do I do the same when I see/hear something that is so clearly against God’s word? Thank you Scarlet for the devotional and how easy I can spot the golden calves in my life, and how true when we skip the videos and spend more time in Gods word the positive impact it makes on our day. Love you my sisters!

  4. Cindy Young says:

    Thank you Scarlet. Those are truly well-spoken and timely words “like gold apples in silver settings” (Proverbs 25:11 CSB).

  5. Alfreda Langhorne says:

    We’ve got to keep holding on to Gods unchanging hand. He will never fail us.

  6. Alfreda Langhorne says:

    This word this morning hit home for me. My daughter is pregnant and not ready to give her life to God and I got tired of waiting on God and tried make it happen. Idols are anything we put before God. Trusting God to do it takes faith(believing), and then Knowing-no matter how it looks or feels-that Gods promises are a covenant to me. It’s a process, but it’s making me stronger and closer to God.

  7. Summer Stevenson says:

    This is good !! I often times find myself “wasting time” scrolling instead of doing something productive and wonder why I have no time.

  8. Ruby S says:

    Thank you Lord!

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