The First Sunday of Advent

Open Your Bible

Galatians 4:4-5

As a Michigander in the ’90s, our snowy season often stretched from October to April. I remember shivering through Easter morning photos in my hat and gloves, celebrating spring with snow drifts in the church parking lot. 

But Christmastime was when all of that accumulation really worked to our advantage. We enjoyed snowy Christmas Eve walks down the middle of unplowed streets, snow forts big enough to gather friends inside, and meeting up with classmates at the best sledding hill in town. 

Then we moved to Tennessee. And in the sixteen winters we have lived here, we’ve yet to see a white Christmas. Every year, my longing for the beauty of big flakes of falling snow begins the moment the dessert plates are cleared after Thanksgiving dinner and lasts until we finally see the first snowfall of winter, usually when we’re back in Michigan visiting family.

When our She Reads Truth team started dreaming about Advent 2022, we turned to the lyrics of the hymn “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus,” (which happens to be both Amanda’s and my all-time favorite Christmas carol). The line, “joy of ev’ry longing heart!” connected with us deeply. We thought about all the longing hearts across the world and through time, and about every man, woman, and child who will read Scripture with us this Advent season. Every one of us, without exception, knows what it means to long for someone or something. But like snow at Christmastime, the earthly things we long for eventually fade away, fail to satisfy, or possibly never come to fruition at all. That’s because the deep-rooted longing of every human heart can only be satisfied by the God who created us and came to us. He is the One we’re longing for. 

Advent is a season for preparing our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Alongside the women and men of the Old Testament who looked forward to the promised Messiah and those in the early Church who lived on alert for His promised return, we look to the only One who will never change, never fail us, never fade away. 

I encourage you, in this season marked by a longing for material things, to begin your Advent journey by examining exactly what it is you’re longing for. Ask yourself what your heart truly desires. And as you journey with us through the lyrics of this old hymn and the ancient, timeless words of Scripture, ask the God who came to dwell with us to align your longings with His and satisfy your heart in Him. 

This reading plan was made with you in mind, and our team has prayed for you all along the way as we have curated it. May you anticipate and be satisfied by the God who came to us as a baby and will one day return in glory—Jesus, the joy of every longing heart. 

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524 thoughts on "The First Sunday of Advent"

  1. Mona Oline Norheim says:

    Reading this again this year! ❤️ what a beautiful way to start this advent!

  2. Lisa Mihelcic says:

    Love this beginning. Love that song

  3. Sarah Cardwell says:

    Starting this journey December 1st 2023

  4. Taylor Torres says:


  5. Kimberley Alvarez says:


  6. Nancy Purvis says:

    The cares of this life choke the word

  7. Michelle Awuku says:


  8. Sariyha Amons says:

    Just joined this app and I love it already so glad there are other women who I can go through this journey with ❤️

  9. Charlene Peace says:

    Love it needed that today!

  10. Alexus Cehelnik says:


  11. Areli Hernandez says:


  12. padi karimi says:

    praying for you ashley!! remember psalms 23:1 and deuteronomy 31:6. Jesus is with you, may The Holy Spirit guide you and reveal to you what steps you can make to continue to grow closer to Jesus Christ in Jesus’ Name amen!

  13. Audrey Stokely says:


  14. Dawn Enns says:

    Makes my heart feel full of peace

  15. tabitha ososkalo says:

    This was good.

  16. Julia Burkhalter says:


  17. Ashley Josey says:

    My heart is longing for more Jesus. It’s not that I lost my way, it’s that I got busy with the stress of life and work and faded away from his word. I want to come back to him and find that calm and fullness again. I feel like through all my stress and everything that’s what I’ve been missing that’s what keeps me together.

  18. Tiana MarieBullock says:

    Wow! Made me emotional!

  19. Leticia Nieves says:

    Father thank you for thinking of me when you come in to this world to give me life.

  20. Lainey Ellis says:


  21. Neeci Washington says:


  22. Alex V says:


  23. Pamela Rawson says:

    Perfectly said me too

  24. Regina Pinks says:

    Right now my heart is longing for more of Jesus and a deeper understanding of His heart so that my heart can be in line with His.

  25. Becca Carpenter says:


  26. Yahaira Falcon says:


  27. Amanda Hayes says:


  28. Bri Koval says:

    My heart is already so full!!!

  29. Audrie Shields says:


  30. Ella Thomas says:

    So excited!!

  31. Natalie Fromme says:


  32. tess heaton says:

    nothing will ever satisfy except for Jesus Christ!

  33. Rachel Kamphausen says:

    Love this study!

  34. Emily Hudspeth says:


  35. Traci Meyn says:

    Excited for this study!!

  36. Katie McClelland says:


  37. Ashley Stacy says:

    So excited to start this advent Bible study ♥️ I’ve been feeling kind of alone and need to remind my heart of His plan and presence in all of my life.

  38. Jamie Quezada says:


  39. Marissa Rojas says:

    I’ve needed Jesus more than I have this past year, so very excited to be doing Advent. It feels natural this year.

  40. Jess Kamm says:

    Happy to share this season with my SRT sisters!

  41. Brandy Huckabee says:

    I have never participated in and advent calendar or reading. I am looking to learning

  42. Melissa says:

    This study just brings me joy.

  43. Brittany Rogness says:


  44. Abigail Abbs says:


  45. grace hatley says:

    Very excited to start this study!!❤️

  46. Evelyn Behrenberg says:


  47. Sarah Spears says:


  48. Becky Heller says:

    Lacey, I also have PCOS and understand the struggle and pain this journey brings. You are not alone. Praying for you. ❤️

  49. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I am ready to focus on the main reason for the season this Christmas! Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior! ❤️

  50. Nicole Saporito says:

    I am longing for a stronger faith and a greater desire to spend time with God and get to know Him more. I am really excited to be starting this study! ❤️

  51. Tamia Stevens says:


  52. kristy simonelli says:


  53. Jessi Nash says:


  54. Kennedy Schwartz says:


  55. Eve Dial says:

    soo good!

  56. Sheila Upshaw says:

    My heart is longing for healing in my family so that I am able to go out and serve others. I’ve always loved to serve others but I have a sickness in my family that I’ve been taking care of for six months, just waiting for God‘s mercy, grace and miracle. I know He will we’re just waiting.

  57. Sheila Upshaw says:

    Wow this is amazing I’m just now getting to my reading and I’m thankful that God’s word is coming in my life at the right moment like always God bless everyone as we journey through this together.

  58. Sydney Davies says:

    I’m longing for community and friendship — relationships that make me feel known and loved in a season of going through the motions of life

  59. Karen Rivoir says:

    I want a heart that longs for the desires that Jesus wants for me.

  60. Karen Rivoir says:

    “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
    ‭‭Psalm 37:4.
    I pray that my hearts desire will line up with what Jesus wants for my life.

  61. Karen Rivoir says:

    “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
    ‭‭Psalm 37:4.

  62. Lauren P says:

    Absolute love. Can not wait for this reading

  63. Tracey Paris says:

    Rae, I am also looking to strengthen my faith. It helps to know we’re not alone on this journey. ❤️

  64. Linda Blackstock says:

    So excited

  65. Rae Streich says:

    Longing for a deeper and stronger faith. To feel more connected and at peace

  66. Rebecca Gibson says:

    Glad to be starting this plan. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our hearts!

  67. Joanne Bothe says:


  68. Joanne Bothe says:


  69. Kortney Lee says:

    Excited to start this plan. I want to be intentional with God this holiday season.

  70. olivia martin says:

    love it

  71. Kaylee Green says:


  72. Kelsey Bennett says:

    So excited to be doing this and I am so excited to be enjoying time with the Father during this season

  73. Shelie Wilk says:

    Praying for you Lacey! May his love and peace be with you. May he bless you with your hearts desire.

  74. Rosie Harris says:


  75. Marla Inderbitzen says:


  76. Christy DeLoachSlade says:

    Align my longings with Yours and satisfy my heart in You.

  77. Christy DeLoachSlade says:

    God continue to meet Lacey in this journey. We thank You that she’s never alone and is seeking You in this. A woman’s longing to be a mom is a desire that You created and Father I ask You to provide this. Lord, we know Your timing and Your ways are perfect so grant her peace as she waits. I’m Jesus Name

  78. Terri McCumbee says:

    Lacey, my situation was very similar to yours. We prayed and tried for years for a baby. I had some medical issues as well, but after asking God for 10 years I had my first baby, and then three years later I had my second. I was 35 years old by this time, so never stop praying! God’s will for your life will come to you with time and continued prayers!


  79. Lacey White says:

    I am so hopeful this Christmas season. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 10 whole years. I have PCOS which makes it difficult to conceive naturally without medication. Out of three months I’ve ovulated twice on my own. I know I’ve been longing for a child for so many years. I know my longing needs to be focused on Jesus and that’s what I am trying to do this Christmas season. I have to wait two weeks to find out if I’m pregnant, and this advent study is going to be such a blessing during this wait. If you wouldn’t mind saying a prayer for me and my husband during this time to not fixate on disappointment but to fix our eyes on this time with Jesus. Thank you so much!

  80. Jennifer Stewart says:


  81. Carolina Slagle says:


  82. Emily-Faith Captino says:

    In a season of longing, give me Jesus❤️

  83. Jennifer Brie says:


  84. Jessica Wohner says:


  85. Maryanne Zielinski says:

    For Peace

  86. Caroline Chastain says:

    Getting a late start with this study but I am excited to be a part of this community and most importantly to build my relationship with Jesus.

  87. Michaela Hawkins says:

    Thank you for the blessing of this study. I pray that the desires of my heart align with the desires and plans that Jesus has for my life and my family.

  88. Lauren Gibson says:

    I pray that the Lord will satisfy my heart in Him alone

  89. Angie Shaffer says:

    Our longings find new life during this season and I am thankful to be able to turn to God. He is the only one that fills us up.

  90. Gwenna Pelz says:


  91. Kathryn Zell says:

    I love the way you worded that: “an abundance of your presence in the lives of those I love.” That is my desire.
    I strive for and am working on my daily devotional and relationship with Him. I have young children and a husband that I love and long to see worship Him.

  92. Kathryn Zell says:

    I love the way you worded that: “an abundance of your presence in the lives of those I love.” That is my desire.

  93. Shelby Rosas says:


  94. Natasha McKamey says:

    This is an opportunity to dwell with the Lord as I reckon with desires of the heart.

  95. Lauren Williams says:


  96. Jessica Osborn says:


  97. Lisa Lewis says:

    I began late but today’s words hit me. What am I wanting. The old me would say money, job, home. That was ten years ago when I returned to church. Now I say God, family, friends, make others happy

  98. Sara Jackaway says:


  99. Kelsey Hershberger says:


  100. Meredith Jones says:


  101. Alysia Grimes says:

    Thanks for making this study! Every year I intend to do an advent study and this year my daughter invited me to join this one.

  102. Samantha Valder says:

    ✨ So good!!

  103. Emily Grabowski says:

    My mom and I are reading through this study and when we read it it made us feel like the last time we were at church,so we want to wish all of you a happy Christmas!-Stella 9

  104. Morgan Arnold says:


  105. Skye Bentum-Siripi says:


  106. Julie Porter says:


  107. Alexis Valles says:


  108. Meredith Oesting says:

    What truly are the desires of my heart am I am is longing? That was a good question. If I’m honest I desire for everything to be OK in my life and for all of my kids to love Jesus. Lord align my desires with yours, for the loss to be saved for the hurting to be healed for an abundance of your presence in the lives of those I love and for anything that you would desire to draw them closer to you. May it be so

  109. Ruby Hunter says:


  110. Audra Miller says:


  111. Shannon Magana says:


  112. Lisa Guthrie says:

    We all need this reminder, especially with the longing of the loss of loved ones…I struggle so with

  113. Lisa Guthrie says:

    We all need this reminder… especially with longing and burdened hearts; loss of loved ones is so difficult

  114. Audra Miller says:


  115. Jennifer Stoyell says:

    I need this in my life right now. Thanks for making it so easy.

  116. Laurie Watje says:

    I’ve been experiencing that ache of longing for something and am so excited for this study!

  117. Tammy Knorr says:

    Excited to read through this with all of you!

  118. Marcey KIEBERT says:

    Align your longing with His and dairy your heart in Him! He’s thank you for those words

  119. Regina Woolfolk says:


  120. Sherry Crist says:

    I’m just getting started because of a trip, so I’m playing catch up now. I’m very much looking forward to this study. Thank you to those who put their time and efforts in this study.

  121. Lizett Berroa says:


  122. Cherry-Ann Benjamin says:

    I’m looking forward to this study. So excited

  123. Careah Pruter says:

    Love ❤️

  124. Dara Broadous says:


  125. jessica stephens says:


  126. Tara Beckel says:


  127. Lauren Magnuson says:


  128. Mindy Shiffert says:


  129. Georgia says:

    So grateful for this study & being able to walk through this journey with this wonderful community ❤️

  130. kristin reinsch says:


  131. Sarah Wiginton says:


  132. Melissa Gibbs says:

    Excited to begin.

  133. Andrea Kennedy says:

    So looking forward to this Advent! Especially studying alongside my cousin virtually!

  134. Betsy Childers says:

    Excited to begin ♥️

  135. Lorene Huffman says:

    Longing. A powerful word.

  136. Carrie Talbott says:

    I’m ready…this is beautifully said.

  137. Rachel Sipe says:


  138. Morgan Gockley says:


  139. K Carlton says:

    One of my favorite hymns too!

  140. Kaci Davis says:


  141. Brooke Nolder says:


  142. Megan Carson says:


  143. Courtney Heck says:

    Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store this advent ♥️

  144. Brooke Carman says:

    Thank you for this I am going to read it everyday

  145. Sheila Funk says:

    I had to play this song in the background as I was reading! Love this song as well and am looking forward to going through this Advent stufy!

  146. Chipo Samantha Chironga says:

    Wow so excited

  147. Macie Sexton says:

    So excited to be a part of this study this year!

  148. Vivesh Moodley says:

    Thank you for this Advent plan

  149. Carmelita Cox says:


  150. Jordan Konitzer says:


  151. Kathy Rideout says:

    Awesome! Truly a blessing, this is my first time doing the Advent calendar. Looking forward to it.

  152. Aholibama Murillo says:

    Previously has some advent with a group of friends but only had devotionals every Sunday. Looking forward to daily devos in this season!

  153. Skye Roussel says:

    Looking forward to staying focused this season of Advent!

  154. Kyle Hopkins says:

    Happy Advent! Looking forward to sharing this special season and study with the SRT family!

  155. Kimberly Dennison says:

    Excited to begin!

  156. Kimberly Z says:

    My favorite study of the year! Love this time.

  157. Vanessa - says:

    Wonderful first day! ♥️

  158. Kaylie Plemens says:

    Amazing! ❤️

  159. Kitty Mc Donald says:

    Excited to start this season of Advent!

  160. Jenna Falls says:

    Thank You Lord ♥️

  161. Lori Marshall says:

    Excited for this Advent season with SRT!

  162. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    Looking forward to the days ahead! Maranatha!

  163. Casey Rehberg says:


  164. Sarah Monroe says:

    Looking forward to this study.

  165. Kristin Conner says:

    Looking forward to following this Advent devotional. May the Lord bless each of us with understanding and fulfillment as we read this anointed devotional each day.

  166. Shelley Brummett says:

    Excited to do this study with 15 ladies (mothers, daughters-in-law, nieces, and girlfriends) in my family!

  167. Hopeful InJesus says:

    So grateful for this advent study and a reminder to place my longing for and in Jesus. This work will disappoint me. Relationships will disappoint me but the Lord Jesus will never disappoint me.

  168. Chiquita Kight says:

    I am excited for this study

  169. Abbey Ramirez says:

    I love the way that advent lifts my eyes to Jesus. So thankful for this study and can’t wait to see what He has in store this season!

  170. Amy Taylor says:

    Praying for you this morning. That you would find not only what you’re hoping for, but what you don’t expect ❤️

  171. Amy Taylor says:

    I am praying and longing for restoration of relationship with my oldest daughter and that we would be able to be close with our grandchildren ❤️

  172. Cardiff says:

    I’m looking forward to this study ! Also a day late ~ I love SRT & all of you!

  173. Regina Clinton says:

    Can’t wait to get a grasp on understanding Advent.

  174. Chelsea Clifton says:

    I love the reflection peace!

  175. Elizabeth Dunkerson says:

    Advent last year was the first real study I did with SRT. Looking forward to another one!

  176. Katie Shawver says:

    I’m a day late but excited to see what God has to share with me this advent season

  177. Alyssa-Clint Conner says:

    Although I have grown up in the church, I have never really understood Advent. I hope to examine my heart and grow closer to Jesus!

  178. Christian Patterson says:

    I’m a day late, too, but I can already tell this will be a wonderful study ♥️

  179. Samantha Ginter says:

    My husband and I are new missionaries in Mazatlan Mexico and I am struggling being here away from our family (4 children and 4 grandbabies) for yet another Christmas (we have been here 2 years now). My daddy went to Jesus this August, after 27 long years with a severe brain injury and a quadriplegic. The Christmas season has been a hard holiday for me for the last 27yrs and I am praying for new eyes and heart to fully love the season. I want to be filled with love, mercy and grace even when my heart is hurting and missing family. For the first time in a very long time I am excited for this study and my time with Jesus at this time of year.

  180. Rachel Blessum says:

    Have been looking forward to starting this as a way to reconnect with Jesus after moving into my first home and having my life turned upside down; I am happier than ever but rushed and overwhelmed. The quiet moments have been few and far between and now it’s time to be still and listen for the reason for all the blessings in my life.

  181. Katie Burch says:

    My first Advent study and second with SRT (also did SRT Lent 2022)!

  182. Ashlyn Thompson says:


  183. Emily Thompson says:

    A day late but excited to start with everyone :)

  184. MaryGrace Morrison says:

    I’m already so excited for this study. I’ve never participated in advent completely so I am excited to examine myself and see what God reveals to me.

  185. mary kirby says:

    First Advent with SRT as well. Love every aspect this far!

  186. Kelsey Slay says:

    I am not longing for materialistic things but it is still earthly things and am sad when I don’t receive what I am longing for. I am trying to feel fulfilled with Christ alone but it is not easy especially around the holidays. This study is perfect for me as a reminder that HE is truly all I need!

  187. Tami C says:

    My first advent with SRT. The study book is just beautiful!

  188. Lizzie Charlton says:

    So excited for this study. Yesterday at church the Lord revealed in my heart that I am holding on to some dreams and desires for my life and holding them way to close to my heart and not letting the Lord be in control of them. I used the words, “Lord there are things I LONG for that I am scared to give up to you.” and then we have this first day and WHOLE theme. God is so good and truly loves to dwell among us right in the middle of where we are to draw us closer to Him. Excited to walk through this season!

  189. Jill R says:

    I have this prayer that has been on my heart but I keep thinking there is no way God will answer it. Or if he does it won’t be the way I want or that’s it’s foolish to pray, or if I pray for it I will be let down. All these doubtful thoughts that’s prevent me from praying for something that has been on my heart. But This study reminded me nothing is to big for Jesus and knock and a door will be opened.
    Lord I give you wants on my heart and ask that your will be done.

  190. Jill R says:

    I have this prayer that has been on my heart but I keep thinking there is no way God will answer it. Or if he does it won’t be the way I want or that’s it’s foolish to pray, or if I pray for it I will be let down. All these doubtful thoughts that’s prevent me from praying for something that has been on my heart. Lord I pray for reconciliation of this relationship on my heart.

  191. Chrissy DohertyFrank says:

    So grateful to journey through Advent here. Merry Christmas season!

  192. Andie Battles says:

    A day late but so excited to have found this study. Our family does the Jessie tree every year but looking forward to my own personal Advent devotional time. Praying that God reveals his wonder and majesty through the birth of his son and the saving grace of Christ Jesus.

  193. Kirsten Adams says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this study all year! And I love this hymn – looking forward to studying with you all this Christmas season ❤️

  194. Mandy Ferrugia says:

    You’ve just described me to a T! Know you are not alone, and I am praying for both of us. Sending love!

  195. Angie Drorbaugh says:

    This is my first time participating in Advent. I’m very excited to dedicated this special time to Jesus…the reason for the season!

  196. A S says:

    Hi sisters, I can’t sleep and this is bringing me such comfort to see your replies in real-time. Happy Advent to you all! ♥️

  197. Abby Shelton says:

    I have never fully participated in advent so this year I am diving in. I want to see what God reveals about himself and about my heart.

  198. Alana Okumu says:

    It’s funny. I live in tropical Australia. It’s normally scorching hot and Christmas means cocktails by the pool. It is so interesting to us the fathom snow and cold weather on Christmas Day haha

  199. Alana Okumu says:

    It’s funny. I live in tropical Australia. It’s normally scorching

  200. Madeline Barrett says:

    Beautiful message. I love for renewed faith and love this season. Adoption as His! How happy!

  201. Janai Freddiemae Hawkins says:

    First time hearing the hymn. Powerful.

  202. Sydney Thacker says:


  203. Ashley Venner says:

    My first Advent! #2022

  204. Cristina Starr says:

    I look forward to Advent with you lovely ladies every year!

  205. McKenzie Robinson says:

    My first advent! So thankful for Jesus, the joy of my longing heart ❤️

  206. Marissa Best says:

    First Advent study with SRT. Looking forward to it!

  207. Victoria E says:

    So excited to do my second advent study ! I still have such wonderful memories from last year’s advent study

  208. Heidi Joelle says:

    Started this study with my mom, so excited!

  209. JoAnne Mankowski says:

    This is my second Advent study with SRT, myself. Looking forward to (and praying for the necessary discipline to) being in Hos Word every day!

  210. Monika Cavnar says:

    A beautiful start to the Advent season and beautiful hymn to go along with it. Thank you❤️

  211. Kim Beers says:

    This is my first study with SRT, and my first Advent Study. Looking forward to learning so muchZ

  212. Monika Cavnar says:

    I loved the hymn too!

  213. Jennifer Bowman says:

    This is my second advent season and first Christmas since losing my Mama. I am so thankful for His presence

  214. chelsea kleinmeyer says:

    I’m thankful Jesus knows the desires of my heart. Putting my trust in Him and praying my heart will be satisfied in Him this Advent season.

  215. Stephanie Sullivan says:


  216. Rebecca Homan says:

    I partially decided to do this Advent study because I preached a sermon today based on Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.

  217. Danielle Tharp says:


  218. Jackie Fabros says:

    My second Advent season with SRT.

  219. Danielle Robertson says:

    First timer here, and I’m so excited for this study and season ❤️

  220. Sarah Waltman says:


  221. Sarah Ross says:


  222. Sarah Waltman says:

    So excited ❤️ My very first Advent journey!

  223. Kimmee Auxier says:

    Heart aligned with Him as I listen to the hymn and read along.♥️

  224. Kimmee Auxier says:

    Listening to Chris Tomlin sing the hymn as I read. Heart abdiidng in Him.

  225. Claire B says:

    ♥️ Starting with words from Raechel makes this doubly special! I have my favorites from over the years but each Advent study is one I look forward to each year. Blanket of prayers over the SRT group and your families. ♥️

  226. Hilary V says:

    Looking forward to seeing what God does in this Advent season! We long for you Jesus.

  227. Mary Cornett says:

    so excited!!

  228. Christine Kerl says:

    Excited to start this Advent Season. Day 1✔️

  229. Francie Harp says:

    So excited for this!

  230. Brooke Cundiff says:


  231. Lygia Diniz says:

    Day 1✔️

  232. Grayson Chatfield says:

    I’m so excited to start this Advent study with all of you! Lord, please bless this season and help us to keep our focus on You. We love you! Amen!

  233. Shauna Rothe says:

    So blessed to be doing this study, and learning more about our Lord this advent season.

  234. Vicki Garner says:


  235. Grace Call says:

    Same!! It’s giving me a lot of excitement and a feeling like I really have something to look forward to!

  236. Grace Call says:

    I have so much longing in my heart this season for things that only the Lord can satisfy. I am finding my heart not hoping for material things but instead hoping for true peace, true comfort, and a sense of overall security!

  237. kim tavaglione says:

    here we go!

  238. Rachel McKinney says:

    Day 1✔️

  239. Christina Wallace says:

    We are doing this study as a family, and I am excited for it. I love this hymn. ❤️

  240. Quincee Musselman says:

    Let’s go!

  241. Virginia Stevens says:

    I’m wanting to get back into playing piano, and reading today has felt like Gods sweet way of giving me a song to learn over this study season. Longing for permission to rest, a child to raise and nurture, freedom from unhealthy habits and a balance of independence, interdependence and dependence

  242. kristin thomas says:


  243. Tiffany Woolum says:

    First time participating in an Advent study. Excited to learn more!

  244. Ari Vialva says:

    So excited for this!

  245. Kayla Duckworth says:

    So excited to begin this journey and focus on Jesus this holiday season!❤️

  246. Kerry B says:

    My first time doing an advent study. I listened to the song and it really set my mind for the season. Excited to continue the study.

  247. Semayawit Kebede says:

    My heart longs for the presence of God.

  248. Meredith Stafford says:

    So excited for this Advent season! God is so gracious for sending us his son, Jesus! I am hopeful in Jesus!

  249. Katie Braswell says:

    First time participating with She Reads Truth advent. Also just purchased the kids version. Excited to be apart of this community as a mom :)!

  250. Amy Fields says:

    I long for wholeness ♥️ Thankfil

  251. Haley Zerr says:


  252. Bryn Irey says:

    Excited to prepare our hearts for the celebration of the greatest gift!

  253. Carley Brown says:

    First time participating in She Reads Truth advent. Excited! Listened to todays hymn on Spotify by Meredith Andrews – it was beautiful!

  254. Kendra Joyner says:

    Excited to walk through advent together!

  255. Kristen Shaw says:

    Loved this- so excited to be on this journey

  256. Heidi Anders says:

    I have never heard this song before! It’s so beautiful. There is a book I read by Shelah Walsh. Each chapter was about another hearts longing and showed how that longing actually leads us to Jesus. Here lately my heart has been really longing for Jesus. Love this advent we’re doing together!

  257. Karen Slaughter says:

    God has really been showing me that my quiet time with him has been just another thing on my “to do” list. My prayer is that my heart will be focused on and filled by only Jesus this advent season.

  258. Vanessa Pagan says:

    Excited for my first advent wit

  259. Dustin Vanderpool says:


  260. Ally says:

    It has been awhile since I’ve commented on SRT and honestly since I’ve spent consistent time in the Word. I’m excited for this season and to grow closer to God. ♡

  261. Jackie Tucker says:

    Praying I can truly focus and dedicate my attentions, heart and mind this season on Christ! ❤️

  262. Caitlyn Barrow says:

    “Satisfy your heart in Him”
    Man… I definitely need that to be my prayer in this season of life!
    So ready for this Advent season to focus on him.

  263. Caitlyn Barrow says:

    “Satisfy your heart in Him”
    Man… I definitely need that to be my prayer in this season of life!

  264. Caitlyn Barrow says:

    “Satisfy your heart in Him”

  265. Jade Hodges says:


  266. Kristen Werner says:

    Excited to dive in to the “digital” study experience for the first time! Hoping I love it as much as the physical books.

  267. Audra O’connor says:

    Ready to focus of Jesus this Christmas

  268. Anna Oficial says:

    Happy Advent season, everyone! May all our hearts be prepared through this study as we get closer to celebrating the day that Jesus came as a human to save us all! ❤️

  269. Mackenzie Lancaster says:


  270. S K says:


  271. Halie Cozart says:


  272. Anna White says:

    So excited about this advent study! And it’s resonating in my heart – refocusing me on what truly matters this season!

  273. Amanda Walloch says:

    We sang the song in church today, and it made my heart sore after having ready day 1 prior to at home!

  274. Diane Huntsman says:

    If anyone has an extra hard book copy of the advent study I would love to purchase!! [email protected] my daughter was too late and they are sold out so I’m looking to buy one!!

  275. Jacki Hinson says:

    I have so been looking forward to this Advent study

  276. Olivia Peabody says:

    so excited!!!

  277. Erica Anderson says:

    Enjoyed reading this with my family as we are driving home from Thanksgiving weekend.

  278. Marissa Davis says:

    Praying that my focus is shifted away from worldly things and back to God. I work in retail and the holidays are always the absolute worst time of the year. Praying this season i can keep my joy centered in Him! Excited to study with everyone!

  279. Kasey Taylor says:

    Excited for this advent!!

  280. Brooke says:

    ❤️ Excited for this season of Advent with sweet purposeful focus on Jesus!

  281. Hannah Storay says:

    I am so excited for this study and remembering the true meaning of Christmas!

  282. AG says:

    I love the season of advent and am so excited for this study!

  283. Emily Ricketts says:

    So happy to be doing this advent study! What a perfect way to get back into reading scripture everyday again ❤️

  284. Krista Pullen says:


  285. Carol Burlew says:

    My third SRT advent study, but the first with my dear sisters who will join me from another state!

  286. Ashlee Hickson says:

    So happy to do this advent again this year! God bless you all!

  287. Carol Burlew says:

    Emily!!! ❤️

  288. Emily Rux says:

    I have been waiting impatiently for this study to begin! I’m looking forward to reading it with you all! ❤️

  289. Audrey Lemmon says:


  290. Brittani Riccio says:

    I tend to seek to myself or others for validation, joy and many other things in life. I’m longing for God to be my first go to without conscious effort.

  291. Glenda Cecil says:

    ❤️ I listened to Meredith Andrews’ version of “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” and it was beautiful! If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to check it out.

  292. Daphine Jenkins says:

  293. Bev says:

    @Tonia Reed – I think yoga practice is good for the body, but do guard your heart and soul. When I bring my hands to I thank God, and when I recite the “Om” mantra, my version is: “Omniscient”, “Omnipresent”, and “Omnipotent”. Stand firm!

  294. Piper Herndon says:


  295. Michelle Waghorne says:

    I’m so excited for this study! The introduction really touched my heart today, what a beautiful way to celebrate the Christmas season, asking God to align my longings with His! 

  296. Ashley NEMETZ says:

    Happy for you

  297. Carrie Reid says:


  298. Melissa Smith says:


  299. Lori-Anne Fournier says:


  300. Marilyn Spikes says:

    Excited for this study! I actually got my daughter to join me as well. She loves it! ❤️

  301. Marilyn Spikes says:

    So excited for this study! I actually got my daughter to join me on this round. She loves it! ❤️

  302. Heidi Miller says:

    Looking forward to using this plan to align my heart posture with God’s voice and his plan for me to do the best I can for others.

  303. Christin Judy says:


  304. Mandi Page says:


  305. Vicki Sydow says:

    ❤️ me too ❤️

  306. Alayna P. says:

    My second SRT Advent study and my second year celebrating Advent. Happy First Sunday of Advent ❤️

  307. Christina Merideth says:

    So looking forward to this season ahead and all that God has in store for each one of us! Thank you for creating this space and time.

  308. Claire Sulken says:

    Excited to align my heart and focus my eyes on the true meaning of Christmas!

  309. Nicole LutherEdwards says:

    Really grateful for you all to write this Advent plan in minds of all of us. Preparing my heart now to really hear from the Lord through this plan.

  310. Sarah Lenard says:

    I’m so excited for this study and the season we’re in.

  311. Veronica Garcia says:

    Excited for what Jesus will show me through this study!

  312. Nikki Carter says:

    Hello, I’m so excited for this season.

  313. karen barnes says:

    Looking forward to this study to prepare me for the true meaning of Christmas!

  314. Christen Latour says:


  315. Whitney Lloyd-Bays says:

    Excited to join with all of you beautiful ladies

  316. Gloria Garcia says:

    Hello! This is my first time doing a study with She Reads Truth! I’m excited for this group and preparing my heart for the true meaning of Christmas

  317. Gloria Garcia says:

    This is my first time doing a study with She Reads Truth. My daughter is doing this study with

  318. Tonyette Conley says:

    Incredibly excited to be here with you all. This season often comes with high anxiety and sometimes comparison. Totally what I need in this new season of life. Happy Advent

  319. Sarah Banter says:


  320. Alexa Balsiger says:

    I’ve been there. Praying you discover Him in a new way this year and are fulfilled with the hope of who He is!

  321. Carrie Engelken says:

    I’m truly seeking Truth and peace this season. I’ve been really struggling with what I was taught growing up and weighing that against what I actually believe. The church I grew up in, as an adult, I don’t see a lot of actual, Real Jesus in. Just a lot of self righteousness and hate hidden behind pious prayers. I’m really

  322. Carrie Engelken says:

    Truly longing for Truth and peace this season. I’ve been having the hardest time with weighing what I’ve been taught in the past with what I actually believe. I grew up in a church that, as an adult, I don’t see much of Real Jesus in; lots of hate hidden piously behind prayers. Trying hard to return to center, after feeling really lost for a long time.

  323. Chelsea Beck says:

    Looking forward to having dedicated time each day to focus on Him!

  324. Emily Jane Ray says:

    I have always been more of a “lurker” than a participant, and I’m trying to get myself out of that habit! This last year has been a great one for my faith. My family finally found a church and we’ve been going regularly for the first time. My kids have been so happy! I’ve started singing in the choir and I’ll do a solo on Christmas Eve for the first time in years! I’m so happy to have reconnected with my faith, and to have found this community to participate in. Happy Advent!

  325. Krista Branch says:


  326. Tracy Heinbuch says:

    First time doing a SRT study, excited for the next several weeks!

  327. Linda J says:

    I love the SRT Advent studies. Come thou long expected Jesus! Come and fill this season with your love and peace.

  328. alicia aguilar says:

    I am excited to go through this study. What a great reminder that God is the only one to satisfy our hearts.

  329. Jordan Zepnak says:

    Here we go!

  330. Alicia says:

    My heart longs for my marriage and my family to be restored. In this past year and a half, I have found God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They have all changed me and I am grateful, but I don’t want to have had to lose the people I love.

  331. Kelly Wallace says:

    Thankful for this time

  332. Sarah Domico says:

    That’s amazing that this is your first Bible study, so excited for your journey!

  333. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I’m so excited to be starting this advent series with you all. I am longing to love and accept myself fully, walk in joy and peace during this season and find another family with young kids to do life with. I pray that I would first and foremost allow Jesus to fill all of the empty parts of my heart.

  334. Tangi Lanning says:

    I’m praying for your daughter and family. Teen years can be difficult, but we keep our focus on him and he will bring us through.

  335. Brooklyn Seidewitz says:

    Looking forward to this as I await the coming of my own little babe. It really helps me think of how mary felt during all this and the longing she felt to meet Jesus and the longing I feel for him!

    1. Dionne Merriott says:

      Expecting a baby at Christmas is special. My first was born at end of December and he and his wife are expecting their first in January.

  336. Cindy Lopez Jauregui says:

    Happy 1st Sunday of Advent ❤️

  337. Jennifer Hays says:

    This is my first time doing a group study with SheReadsTruth and I have been looking forward to it. We are going through a very difficult time with our 16 year old daughter. My heart is longing for our family to be joyful and peaceful, which is not our reality. I am praying and searching for pockets of peace and joy during this advent season as I focus on Jesus.

  338. Jennifer Hays says:

    This is my first time doing a group study with SheReadsTruth and I am very excited. We have been going through a very difficult time with our 16 year old daughter and I need this study and to focus on Jesus right now to get me through each day. My heart is longing right now for a family dynamic that is joyful and peaceful and that is not my reality but I am striving to find pockets of joy and peace in this season.

  339. Katrina L’Heureux says:

    I am currently away from my home for six months and missing my church family. I remembered today was the start of advent and this study came up on my Instagram feed. God’s timing is always perfect.

  340. Julia Gibson says:

    I am looking forward to using this advent season as an opportunity to grow in my faith and focus on what truly matters this season. I am so grateful for all that God has provided me and I want to share that joy with others.

  341. Zoe Crilly says:

    All in God’s perfect timing, only He knows our path and guides us to be our full self. Praying hard for you as I understand how challenging this season can feel!

  342. Meg Weinkauf says:

    So very ready to dive into this plan. I missed out on the paper copy, but know this will be a wonderful experience too. Thank you for all you do!

  343. Meg Weinkauf says:

    Praying for you. I relate with the message to slow down.

  344. Samantha Bezemes says:

    Wow – I just posted and then saw yours – I too did mine in bed with COVID (first time also). I am a teacher and made it through the last few years without this until now. I too am hanging on the advice to SLOW down. Hope you are doing ok and feel better soon. :)

  345. Brooke Pagley says:

    So sad I couldn’t get my hands on the paper advent study! But so excited to follow along here! ♥️

  346. Chanda Large says:

    I’m excited to do this

  347. Samantha Bezemes says:

    This is my first bible study. I chose this community to start my journey in developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the scriptures. The beauty of this study book drew me in. I’m great full for the opportunity to share with you all.

  348. Lauren GW says:

    Started advent in bed with a new diagnosis of COVID. Despite working in healthcare, in person, the entire pandemic, this is my first time having COVID. I really feel like it is God telling me to SLOW DOWN. The irony is not lost on me that it’s the start of advent.

  349. Amber Sherman says:

    This was such a beautiful way to start advent.

  350. Bree says:

    A year ago today a friend passed away, and then 2 months later another friend. My heart broke. I have struggled since, but I’ve been going through the motions of church/reading my Bible….hoping, praying that I would get pulled from the muck. Just recently I’ve been starting to feel God’s presence with me IN the muck. While it’s not making anything easier, I am comforted knowing He is with me.

    My house this Advent is to truly have a relationship with God and appreciate where God has me in the moment.

  351. Zoe Crilly says:

    Excited to begin this season with you all! I am so gratefully for this app, my church family and of course the Lord our Saviour for giving me these opportunities to see and meditate in His word through scriptures, pray and other Christians. He has repeatedly told me today to slow down, be present in the moment and be patient as everything will be answered with in time!

  352. Vanessa Huff says:

    I want to focus on Jesus and prepare my heart for things everlasting not the fleeting of material things

  353. Jo says:

    Congratulations Mari! Great to hear that you did so fantastically well on your exam, by God’s grace ❤️
    I’m looking forward in this Advent season to drawing near to Emmanuel, God with us x

  354. Victoria Pantle says:

    I need hope right now more than ever.

  355. Jenna Morris says:

    I’ve seen this advent plan advertised over the last few weeks and finally decided to go for it. Excited to see what God teaches me. I am a single 30 year old longing for marriage and motherhood. I’ve been praying a long time for this and it still hasn’t been given to me. This day 1 reading has convicts

  356. Sheena Frederick says:

    Happy first Sunday of advent guys ❤️

  357. Isabel Tate says:

    this was very eye opening

  358. Melissa Mcronney says:


  359. Traci Gendron says:

    EMILY – Prayers for God to help you find your way back to Him and the peace only He can give to you.

    I’m looking forward to this study. The book is so pretty! Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I’m praying this year I can find some of the joy of the season. I have already had many moments of missing Tanner.

  360. Rebekah Storey says:

    Do we desire Christ or comfort and familiarity? It’s a really uncomfortable question to ask ourselves as we enter this season so far away from “home” again.

  361. Rebekah Storey says:

    Do we desire Christ or comfort and family

  362. Rebekah Storey says:

    We live in remote Tanzania and the Christmas culture isn’t what I grew up with in Northern Wyoming. Everything feels different, down to the last detail. We found it very difficult to get into the “Christmas spirit” last year and it was humbling to ponder what details of the Christmas season we have emphasized our whole lives. The Tanzanians spend three to four days leading up to Christmas at church together, singing and praising the Lord. The few who can afford to eat differently and more on Christmas Day, will, but for most the singing and praising is what we’ve seen. They don’t decorate, there’s no baking cookies, there’s no Christmas carols – none of the nostalgic things that make us so homesick this time of year.
    What do our hearts truly desire? Do we desire the familiarity of an American Christmas season, or do we truly cherish and long for Christ? I long to long for Christ more than familiarity.

  363. Michelle Hanson says:

    Looking forward to this study and spending this season in the word alongside my husband doing this study. Praying it unifies us further as we continue to grow in our marriage so we can be better disciples to our children.

  364. Rebekah Storey says:

    We live in remote Tanzania and the Christmas culture isn’t what I grew up with in Northern Wyoming. Everything feels different, down to the last detail. We found it very difficult to get into the “Christmas spirit” last year and it was humbling to ponder what details of the Christmas season we have emphasized our whole lives. The Tanzanians spend four days leading up to Christmas at church together, singing and praising the Lord. The few who can afford to eat differently and more on Christmas Day, will, but for most, the singing and praising is what we’ve seen. They don’t decorate, there’s no baking cookies, there’s no Christmas carols. None of the nostalgic things that make us so homesick this time of year.

  365. Cristin Hulyk says:

    Excited to focus more on the Word this Advent Season!

  366. Deborah Canute says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this day and this season. Bless!

  367. Keely Galloway says:

    ❤️I’m excited for this study. It’s my first advent study. And I’m ready for this journey as I’ve been struggling recently and finally getting back into things. ❤️

  368. Brandy Smith says:

    I am sitting in the airport waiting to go home and was like hey! Let me start Advent on the right foot! I am excited to truly focus my heart and mind on Christ this Christmas season. My hope is that my husband and son will se my example and finally come to Christ in the new year.

  369. Laura Shockcor says:

    Excited to focus on Christ this holiday season!

  370. Mallory Annis says:

    Excited to do my first study with she reads truth!

  371. Churchmouse says:

    The SRT Advent studies are a two fold gift. I gain so much, it’s a gift to myself. And my heart is so full that I can only respond in humble worship and praise. It’s my gift to Him. And the bow that wraps around both these gifts is gratitude for SRT for the study and the community here who shares so vulnerably and honestly. I pray for you all.

  372. Courtney burns says:


  373. Michelle Marriner says:

    First advent study for me. Really excited for this journey with you all and expectant for what God has to reveal for us all individually. I love in Raechel’s letter where she says “Ask yourself what your heart truly desires”. For a long time I searched for what that was and nothing fulfilled my desires, until I came to faith recently. My heart desires further relationship with God. What does yours desire?

  374. Jessica Hesselink says:

    I’m so excited and ready for this journey!

  375. Katie Megee says:

    Father, remind me always that the longing in my heart is for You, and when I feel that longing, to turn to You and Your Word

  376. Carla Baldwin says:

    Excited to work through this study!

  377. Katelyn Andersen says:

    So excited to begin this season with all of you! I’m reading with my mom and my boyfriend’s mom as well! ❤️

  378. Kaelyn Powell says:

    This is my very first advent study & I’m so excited to see how God speaks to me through this daily reading. I’m enjoying this with my best friend and couldn’t be happier about it! What a beautiful introduction for this reading. ❤️

  379. lauren orellana says:

    Such beautiful words written here.. already stirring my affections and aligning my heart to His as this season begins. Can’t wait!

  380. Mari says:

    ADVENT!! One of my most favorite SRT studies! I am so looking forward studying, walking, praying and (maybe even crying) through this Advent study together. Happy Sunday sweet SRT sisters and Happy First Sunday of Advent from sunny California where it has snowed maybe 3-4 times in my life time here where I live. However, if I want to see snow its less than a 2 hour drive, but there’s no snow yet! Oh….oh….I must not sign-out without saying THANK YOU for praying for me during this extend Child Development assignment. I finished yesterday, one day early. The best part is that I got a 100%, an A on the the Exam!!!

  381. Rita Gray-Martin says:

    I’m grateful daily for this day; a chance to grow in our LORD. I’m thankful & extremely grateful that CHRIST never gave up on me, that HE saved me, has been tolerate & patient with me. I’m grateful HE has allowed me to grow in HIM & has/continues to forgive & allow me HIS love, mercy, & grace. I’m grateful for HIS awesome provisions, protection, healing, & most importantly, HIS ultimate sacrifice for us on the CROSS. I am thankful I am HIS. I’m also thankful that my friend, Vickii, introduced me to She Reads Truth; for Amanda, Rachael, & all of their team & guests! I’m blessed!

  382. Susan Lincks says:


  383. Ruth Green says:

    I’m so excited for this study and to learn from God’s word but also from each of you. May we focus on Jesus’ coming the first time and look forward to the second time.

  384. Brandy Tausch says:

    Hello everyone! I am so grateful the Lord guided me to SRT. I am so excited for this journey and how I will learn and develop a stronger relationship with Jesus. I am also grateful for all of you here as well. I pray the Lord is with all you today as we enjoy Day 1 of Advent!

  385. Laura LeGris says:


  386. Bethany Tozer says:

    I am thankful my friend Cassie tagged me to start this Advent study. Excited to see God more this holiday season

  387. Abby Roose says:

    I am hoping this study points my vision onto the real reason for Christmas. Looking forward to this study!

  388. Emma Wolford says:

    Hey Tonia! I would steer clear. I don’t think there’s a way to make yoga “holy” because each pose has different connotations and is designed to worship a different “god.” However, stretching (like you would before a workout) is totally fine! It’s the yoga poses themselves I would avoid. But stretching your muscles is fair game!

  389. Emma Wolford says:

    I am praying the Lord align the longings of my heart with His own. I pray I see through the marketing and materialism this world has to offer so I may embrace the beauty of Jesus. I pray God examines my heart and destroys anything that is not pleasing to Him. So excited to be here with you all!

  390. Tonia Reed says:

    Can anyone here help me with a dilemma? I have been dealing with a lot of health issues from stress. I was recommended to do yoga. Is this ok to do or should I steer away all together?

  391. Emilee Laughter says:

    God is so Faithful and so Good! I’m so excited to be here with you all! Happy first day of Advent. My God Bless you and keep you!!

  392. stefani hamblen says:

    I am grateful to God who has turned my eyes toward Him & refuses to leave me in my mess. This advent, The Savior of the world, coming to conquer death & sin so we can live free, is the picture of what I am longing for in my personal walk with Jesus right now. I am expectant to walk in deeper freedom through this study.

  393. Anna Newsome says:

    Looking forward to sharing this Advent with you all!

  394. Stephanie Lowe says:

    Looking forward to this Advent season.

  395. JJ Anderson says:

    Mine as well! Praying for us all to be filled!

  396. Sue Dignan says:

    My daughter introduced me to this! It’s my first Advent Study! I’m so excited to see what God has in store!

  397. Melody Bates says:

    My heart longs for His glorious return.

  398. Nicole Pingley says:

    That a beautiful beginning for this study. Looking forward to the daily reading.

  399. Tangi Lanning says:

    Same over here!! I’ll be praying for you and your daughter, please pray for me and my daughter as well!

  400. Tangi Lanning says:

    Praying for clarity for you!

  401. Tangi Lanning says:


  402. Kayla-Yevette Almasco says:

    Same here, I’ve felt like I haven’t prioritized my faith. I feel so lost and confused, because I use to long for the word, I used to long for Jesus and now, I feel like I am just going through the motion. So this season, I pray that I too can long for Jesus.

    1. Jesenia Duran says:


  403. Anna Bindon says:

    Really looking forward to this study!

  404. Desireé Bozzo says:


  405. Kaye Bonto says:


  406. Jenette Gonzalez says:

    My first study with She Reads Truth and I’m excited for it!

  407. Brittani Woollett says:

    Looking forward to this study!

  408. Kelsey Petersen says:

    Looking forward to this study

  409. Brandi Moore says:

    I am taking Advent to really focus on my relationship with Christ and not get caught up in the presents and wants. And to know it’s about HIM.

  410. Mia Faith says:

    Excited to share Advent with you ladies!

  411. Olivia Metcalf says:

    Looking forward to this Advent season as I focus on reconnecting with God and fully trusting in Him to fulfill what I feel is missing. ❤️

  412. christina erickson says:

    Really identified with the “longing” part of this study as I’ve been in an extended period of that in my personal life – hoping this Advent will start to coach me through truly letting GO and trusting God in the in-between and “not yet.” Isn’t that the miracle of God’s word? That everything echos His character? Prayers appreciated for that specific journey of mine. It’s tough! First time on the app – Happy Advent, Ladies!

  413. Caralee says:

    Joy and Longing seem like such an ironic pairing! Such a powerful one.

  414. christina erickson says:

    Really identified with the “longing” part of this study as I’ve been in an extended period of that in my personal life – hoping this Advent study will start to coach me through truly letting GO and trusting God in the in-between and “not yet.” Isn’t that the miracle of God’s word? That everything echos His character? Prayers appreciated for that specific journey of mine! First time on the app – Happy Advent, Ladies

  415. Heather O'Malley says:

    Happy first day of Advent! I read every day, but rarely comment. I’m longing to deepen my relationship with Jesus, to look to Him for Hope in the hopeless world. I long for my husband and teen boys to become Godly men. My boys have grown distant from God in the last couple of years, and I pray God will come after His lost sheep. I’ll be praying for you, Emily Vahle, that God would radically transform your heart, that true joy that can only come from Him would shine through you and bless your relationships. I’m also praying for Christina, your husband and 3 boys, that God would prepare you for his deployment, that he would physically and mentally protect your husband, and that He would surround you with a loving support system while he’s gone.

  416. Devon Stronach says:

    I am so looking forward to this Advent season and I needed this reminder this morning…”The deep rooted longing of every human heart can only be satisfied by the God who created us and came to us. He is the one we are longing for.”❤️

  417. Danielle Henry says:

    Praying for you and your family. We are a Navy family and deployments are no fun. May God keep you and strengthen you!

  418. Ghitiana says:

    I am longing to spend this time preparing for coming birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray I am less selfish and more giving during this wonderful season.

  419. Alexandra Hodge says:


  420. Victoria Barela says:

    Such truth in this passage. He is the only One who can truly satisfy!

  421. Nicole Norris says:

    I don’t have it either …. Maybe it just isn’t there for this first one

  422. Crystal Pulley says:

    What am I longing for? What a great question. Am I longing for things more than I’m longing for my king? ❤️❤️

  423. Emily Mickus says:

    I so easily get caught up in the longing for material things that I forget the true fulfillment that Jesus brings. I’m praying that this season of dedicating my mornings Him again will remind my heart and soul of the true joy found in Christ. Excited to be here!

  424. Brianna Hoover says:

    May we always be longing for Him. Let the hustle and bustle of this season slow and still as we sit in the presence of God with eyes fixed towards Heaven.

  425. Kaylee King says:

    I am so excited for this day and advent 2022 to begin!

  426. Lindsey Osterhaven says:

    My heart is longing for this study. My goal for this advent season is to cut out all the “noise” around me-social media, mindless TV, unhealthy habits…and truly be present and listen for God.

  427. Bethany Pierce says:


  428. Christine F says:


  429. Bethany GrahamTodd says:

    I have been so excited about this study since my book came in a month ago! Christmas time is my favorite because I love the joy it brings. I am praying today that God prepares my heart for this study and help me to align my deepest longings of my heart with His

  430. Kendall Kadnuck says:

    This advent study has become something I look forward to every year! So excited that it is finally here & excited for what the Lord will do through it!!!

  431. Bethany GrahamTodd says:

    I have been looking forward to this study since my book came in a month ago! I am praying this morning that God will help prepare my heart for this study and that the deepest longings of my heart will align to His.

  432. Patsy Shields says:

    I to have looked forward to this years advent study. Last years study brought comfort, joy and truth. I’m praying for the she’s that are reading the same study. What power is in His word

  433. Alexa Marcus says:

    Very hopeful and expectant for this Advent season!

  434. Megan Martinez says:


  435. Emileigh Smith says:

    I have chosen “longing” as my dedication word for the year of 2023. I am a new wife and first year school counselor. 2022 has been a season of newness. In the midst of our busyness, I lost sight of what it meant to have a “longing heart” after Jesus. My prayer is that beginning today, I can devote my time, my prayers, and my heart to His will. Excited to go through this study!

  436. Mary Wynstra says:


  437. Joy AbbottNiehaus says:

    Praying for you sweet sister.

  438. Joy AbbottNiehaus says:


  439. Jordyn C says:

    Christina, praying for you as you prepare for an extended time of single parenting, your boys as they prepare for time away from their dad (as best as they can), and also praying for your husband’s safety and heart as he prepares to leave his family. Thank you for your family’s service.

  440. Ellie Bailes says:


  441. Heidi says:

    I echo @MARISSA’s request for clarity this season (this moment?!)… everything feels wrong, disorganized, mislead. I honestly don’t understand anything going on in my life and I’m struggling to know if ANYTHING is right, if it’s been completely misguided. I keep hitting pockets of God’s silence. I feel an urgency for life to be different somehow and struggling to find joy (ALL of this is true for my husband as well). We are trying to support each other and I’m grateful for that but it gets wearing. On us both.
    Trying to be proactive in asking daily- “God, what do you want me to know about You and what do You want me to do with what I know.” Hoping clarity comes and soon…

  442. Erin Wells says:

    So good!

  443. Paulette Ray says:

    I have been so excited for this Advent study. The book is so beautiful! So thankful for this season to focus on Jesus & His love for us! This marks a full year with SRT! So thankful to have found this study!

  444. Mahri Younger says:

    This season I need my heart posture changed. I want to stop being negative and bitter and have a heart more like Jesus

  445. Alyssa Feller says:


  446. Juanita Ortiz says:

    Jen this is really good because the Bible says that God will give us what we need. He already knows, even before we do. Thank you for sharing!

  447. Christina Schmit says:

    Lord satisfy my heart with you and align my longings with yours. Bring a sense of peace to our home as my husband prepares to deploy to Iraq in 3 weeks. Comfort my 3 boys as we walk through Christmas without their dad this year.

  448. Lisa Rene says:

    Happy to be here with all of you ❤️

  449. Cindy Hodges says:

    Excited for this study! I need a “reset”, I seem to have lost my joy in the Lord and

  450. Christina Schmit says:

    Lord align my longings with yours and satisfy my heart especially as my husband deploys to Iraq in 3 weeks. Bring a sense of peace to our home as me and my 3 boys say goodbye to their dad for a year.

  451. Jen S says:

    “Ask yourself what your heart truly desires.” I love this question in relation to longing for material things. So often my motive for wanting material things is rooted in desires that only Jesus can satisfy. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want nice things, but knowing this frees me from “needing” to have things and helps me keep my eyes on Him.

  452. Lauren Geneva says:

    Lord, my heart needs to refocus on you. I have all the things I want/need but they are not fulfilling. I need a regeneration of you to awaken the true joy I know you bring.

  453. Hillary Bruns says:


  454. Molly-Catherine Goodson says:

    Praying for you & your family this morning. Praying God will reveal himself in unexpected ways & provide unexplainable peace.

  455. A CL says:

    Praying for you, Emily. That the Lord would open your heart and fill it with joy and that He would give you a community.

  456. Kat Smith says:

    So happy to begin this study! It is exactly what I have been needing to reconnect deeper with the Lord.

  457. April Ewing says:

    Excited! This time of the year has such a feel and I love it! It’s my favorite time of the year! So thankful.

  458. Magan Keith says:

    I am longing for peace in this season. I am pulled in many directions as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, church staff wife, and so much more. My sister is battling a low season of anxiety and depression and while she has Jesus in her heart, she’s far from him in this moment and very dependent on many different medications to try to heal her mind. It’s causing things to be worse, but she doesn’t see it. Her husband plays into her anxiety and isn’t helpful at all. There are many other layers to all of this, but is weighing heavy on me this morning. Praying for peace in this season, that I know can only come from Jesus.

  459. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Seasons mark time; built in moments signifying a change. A time of reset. Advent is my favorite because it slows me down the most. My heart feels the peace in the intentional and spiritual pilgrimage to Bethlehem. Time is such a give, the second one God gave (created) after light. Slowing down and giving time back to God is my intention this Advent season, marking a new discipline of using the gift of time more wisely. Not focusing on myself or my longings, but out of the longing for Jesus to focus on Him. I want to redeem time because I have been redeemed and rescued from darkness and adopted into God’s Kingdom of Light. “When the fullness of time came, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, so that we might receive the adoption.” (Galatians 4:4-5). I am a child of God, and He has given me the greatest gift in Jesus. I need nothing else. Father, settle my heart to want nothing more than You. As time ticks by let me be satisfied and content with You, Your provision, Your mercy, Your love. Help me spend my time for You. You are the joy of my longing heart. With You is the fullness for all time, help me slow down in the rush of this worldly chaos to simply know You. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  460. Kristin Sparkman says:

    So good. I am so excited for this study. Knowing it was waiting made me hop out of bed this morning. So thankful for Advent season. Praying for you @Emily and all the others who are needing the Joy only Jesus can bring.

  461. Rebecca W says:

    I too am excited to take this advent journey with everyone and come with a longing heart to love and know Him more!
    @ Jennifer loves Jesus, I had to smile and think of you when the introduction in the study guide pronounced MARANATHA in bold letters. (Your go to closing.)
    @Emily- daily prayers will follow you to soothe your aching heart and be restored to peace and joy.

  462. Tricia Meek says:

    Happy Advent season my fellow SRTers. I’m excited to dive in and start my journey. I’ve been feeling allot of family tension, a wall between my oldest daughter and I. I’ve been overly stressed and it’s affecting my daily habits. I’m overeating, not sleeping well and I have just an all around bad attitude. I’m praying this study will help me reflect, find my way closer to Jesus and help my daughter through whatever she is going through that is causing a wall between us.

  463. Tricia Meek says:

    Happy Advent season my fellow SRTers. I’m excited to dive in and start my journey. I’ve been feeling allot of family tension, a wall between my oldest daughter and I. I’ve been overly stressed and it’s affecting my daily habits. I’m overeating, not sleeping well and I have just an all around bad attitude. I’m praying this study will help me reflect, find my way closer to Jesus and help my daughter through whatever she is Battle

  464. Bethany Gerber says:

    So excited for this advent season! Is anyone else not getting the scripture photo or is it just my app?

  465. Jenny Taylor says:


  466. Tricia Meek says:

    Happy Advent season my fellow SRTers. I’m excited to dive in and start my journey. I’ve been feeling allot of family tension, a wall between my oldest daughter and I. I’ve been overly stressed and it’s affecting my

  467. Aimee D-R says:


  468. Colleen DeVeau says:

    Thank you, Katie White.

  469. Colleen DeVeau says:

    Thank you, Father, for hope. I long for hope. I crave it. It feels so unattainable at times. True joy, even more so. I have no inspirational words, no flowery thoughts, just…”Lord, I need You! Oh, I need You! Every hour I need You! You are my one defense! You are my righteousness! Oh God, how I need You!”

  470. Whitney Hoese says:


  471. Rebecca says:

    So excited to be here with each of you. I have not been in the SRT community this year but I always love being a part of the Advent devotional and I look forward to drawing Jesus closer into my heart and focusing on Him this season. I always love reading the comments of the faithfuls in this group – Tina and Churchmouse. I know there are more but those 2 stood out to me when I started here in 2020. Thank you ladies for pouring into each of us!

  472. Stephanie Hart says:

    Thankful for this season to remember and study

  473. Amy Dixon says:

    Ready for this advent season and this journey you will take us on!

  474. Jana says:

    Thank you for this beautiful advent devotional. My heart and spirit longs for this season of rest. Blessings to you all.

  475. Alicia Manning says:

    So excited to start this journey. I’ve been feeling overly stressed withho.e and work, I’m praying this study will help me reflect, grown closer in my relationship and celebrate the season.

  476. Kelly (NEO) says:

    @Emily Vahle – I stand with you! ❤ Lord reveal Yourself to Your precious daughter in a new and joy-filled way! Bring her the community she needs to aide in the restoration of her broken places.

  477. Christin LouiseCrabtree says:


  478. Katie White says:

    When I first learned about advent in 2017 I was given an advent devotional from my counselor. I was going through an awful time in my marriage and had just lost my father. There was so much I longed for…restoration in my marriage, healing of my broken heart, for the ache in my heart to go away. Those things didn’t happen, but what did was a closer walk with Jesus as He fulfilled the deepest longing in my heart for Him. I look back on that time and sometimes miss it, which sounds so weird. But that closeness with Jesus that came by depending completely on Him in my weakness. Now that I am out of that difficult season I long for that closeness with Him again, which requires my total dependence.

  479. Alli Barlik says:

    I love this series. I need my heart focused and directed toward Jesus daily!

  480. Cara P says:

    So excited to start this study with you all!

  481. Cara P says:

    So excited

  482. Traci Baudin says:

    Praying for you, Emily!

  483. Alexis Megahee says:


  484. Heather Lee says:

    Happy Advent Season everyone. I am so excited to dive into this season and learn more about my precious Jesus through the Holy scriptures!

  485. Krystal Goode says:


  486. Jenn Covaleski says:

    Emily I feel what your words like they were my own. I understand your desperate prayer request and I believe God longs for our travailing prayers. The ones with the most passion behind them. The bigger the risk to be called a weirdo the happier Gods heart is for our affection (not to mention the blind faith example we show to others). I connected so much with your request because I, too, am in a time where my joy has turned sideways. I understand you. I see you. And what matters even more is that He sees you. Always. You’re never alone. Thank you for this heart felt connection with your incredibly brave vulnerability. There is beauty on the other side of this wilderness, my friend. Because of Him… we can do really hard things. Wishing you peaceful days and beautiful memories.

  487. Sarah Fikkert says:

    So excited for

  488. Megan Barton says:

    Definitely longing for more of Him this advent season.

  489. rebecca penno says:

    Lord giving me a longing heart.

  490. Melissa Paz-morales says:

    I tried sending my prayer for you but I’m not aure if it went through. Heavenly Father please lift Emily out of this pit of despair she is in, please fill her heart with Your love. Please help her be in community, and did her heart of the bitterness it has. I’m Jesus name, Amen

  491. Rina Giron says:

    Thanks Praise God for Advent! Is the reason for the season!

  492. Kathy says:

    @EMILY VAHLE, I will be praying for you, sister. I am so thankful that God has brought you to this study. I pray that He will reveal Himself to you and that you will know that you are deeply loved by Him.
    Lord, transform her heart and restore her joy. In Your Name, Amen

  493. Melissa Paz-morales says:

    Heavenly Father I lift up Emily, only You know the deepest longings of her heart, please fill her heart with Your love Jesus. Remind her of Your truth, Your beauty, I hope that this advent season she will grow closer to You and her bitterness will go away. In Jesus name, Amen.

  494. Regan Seidler says:

    So excited for this advent season!

  495. Emily Vahle says:

    Hello everyone. Could I ask for prayer through this study? I seemed to have lost my joy, and in so doing, turned to bitterness. I struggle with relationships. Every human relationship I have fails. And as I begin this journey, I know I have a longing in my heart only Jesus can fill. And yet, community is so important and I have none. I seem to have lost my way a bit and my heart is deeply troubled. I know I don’t know any of you ladies, but if I could ask you to really pray for me? I need it so. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to invest the time to pray that God will reveal truth to me through this study and that He will transform my heart and restore my joy, all while bringing women into my life who are mature in faith and fervent in prayer who will walk beside me, and that God will use this plan to heal a brokenness and open my eyes to new things. I’m glad to be here and hope I grow in big ways through this! ♥️

  496. Lauren Turner says:


  497. Marissa says:

    Longing for clarity in so many areas of life but instead waiting for the path to be made straight.

  498. Cindy Jones says:

    Happy Advent all!! A friend asked me to join a group for Advent 2021 and I enjoyed it so much I’ve continued doing different plans ever since so today is my one year daily devotional anniversary! Thanks so much She Reads Truth!

  499. Elizabeth Cline says:

    Super excited for this advent season!

  500. Tewanda Terry says:

    Lord come! Expecting great things this season! ❤️

  501. Kelly (NEO) says:


  502. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Longing for a closer walk with Nesus. That I may reflect His grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, and humility to thise I encounter.

    Longing for the hearts of my family to turn to Jesus for salvation.

    Longing for God’s justice and peace to be manifested in the world.

    Your kingdom come, Lord. Your kindgdom come.

  503. Toni Thomas says:

    Trying not to be bitter that my app still doesn’t work & instead hop on the website every day to enjoy advent with you ladies. Thank you for your work & dedication to this study. May you be blessed this Christmas season.

  504. Mandi Burgess says:

    Excited for this Advent season!

  505. Pamela Leonard says:


  506. Vicki KingLoucks says:

    Really looking forward to this study with you all! Praying God blesses each one of you as we walk through this advent season together m!

  507. Brittany Sobering says:

    So excited this morning to see we’re in the first day of Advent! Blessings, all

  508. Pam Seipp says:

    “Come, Lord”! You are my longing. Praying for all She’s that our individual and collective longings are met with Jesus in and through this beautiful study.

  509. Esthera Cotoarba says:

    Amen. I am ready ♡

  510. Marina Tieken says:

    Amen! May we Lord always long for more of you!!!

  511. Gillian Carne says:

    Hello all, looking forward to this advent study. Nice to have company along the way.

  512. Mary Ann Graves says:


  513. Kelly Lambert says:

    May we all know Jesus more deeply through this season

  514. Samantha Rhodes says:

    Wow. What a great start! Excited for this study!

  515. Hannah Owen says:


  516. Alyssa Raine says:

    Amen! Thank you for putting this together!

  517. Michelle Smid says:

    Amen – Merry Christmas and may you both have a season of contentment in the waiting for Christ the King!

  518. Kimberly Himes says:

    Every person comes with a God shaped hole in them. Some learn early how to fill that hole with God, others try to fill it with a variety of other things. We are only truly satisfied when we fill it with God and Him alone. ♥️

  519. Lisa Winterroth says:


  520. TIna says:

    ..BUT JESUS.

    Come Thou Long Expected Jesus..


    And Amen.

    And Amen again..

    Happy first day of Advent Dear hearts,wrapped so tightly and cosily in love and prayers for an expectancy that only He, Jesus, can bring..❤

  521. Peyton Human says:

    I highly agree!! Amen