Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Day 2

Open Your Bible

Genesis 3:1-24, Romans 5:12-21, 1 Corinthians 15:45-49, Colossians 1:14-23, Revelation 1:8

I remember the sound so vividly—the comforting, staccato click of her strawberry-red heels tapping the tile floors. As she walked briskly toward the door, the scent of her Liz Claiborne perfume remained behind like a floral benediction. Every morning before leaving for her thirteen-hour shift at work, my Nigerian-born mother would take her final steps to the doorway, look back, utter the words, “I love you,” and then remind my siblings and me that she would see us soon. We never for a moment doubted this promise, even when her return felt later than expected. With the purest of childlike trust, we stayed awake and we longed for it. This was because our expectation was birthed out of history—a promise previously fulfilled. She had returned in the past, and with complete confidence, we trusted she’d be faithful to return in the future. 

I imagine when the hymn writer penned the words “Come, Thou long-expected Jesus,” he knew intrinsically of a heart longing so deep and metronomic it keeps you awake—alert to the coming and tangible presence of the one you long for. 

The One we’re longing for. 

This is the rhythmic refrain of Advent—we have a sure promise of our Beloved’s glorious return (Colossians 1:15–20). And while we wait, we have His presence and power. 

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “the one who is, who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” —Revelation 1:8

The existence of God as past, present, and future means we don’t just look ahead in our longing; it is not only forward facing. We look back and remember our longing is birthed out of history—a sure promise that actively propels us into the present. Because indeed, this day is preparing us for the future day when Jesus shall ultimately return, His eternal existence guarantees it, here and now (Colossians 1:22–23).

So may I place a challenge before us this Advent? 

As we cry, “Come, Thou long-expected Jesus,” let us also savor the nearness of the One who is and has always been (Revelation 1:8). Let us allow His eternal existence to prompt our present prayers and propel our future hopes. And let us, with the purest of childlike trust, remember the faith-filled depths of this proclamation (come, Thou long-expected Jesus) that is our prayer. For without such longing, there is no hope.

So let the chords of hope faithfully remind us that, with every borrowed breath, we join in the song of God’s people through the generations as we declare—Jesus has come, and as close as He has come, we sing come again…Thou long-expected Jesus.

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225 thoughts on "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Day 2"

  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord I’m expecting you!

  2. Alexus Cehelnik says:


  3. Areli Hernandez says:


  4. Katie Albert says:

    He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. – Colossians 1:17

    This verse really stood out to me. For too long I have been trying to hold everything together on my own. I haven’t let him hold together me and my circumstances. I desperately need to remember the hope that Jesus provides.

  5. Katie Albert says:

    He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. – Colossians 1:17

  6. Bekah Johnson says:

    I am right there with you! I know that I should desire him, and I want to long for him, but my heart has been focused elsewhere.

  7. Mary Cone says:


  8. Elizabeth Walker says:

    I LOVE that concept. Without us looking forward to Christ and his love and his coming, there is no hope. And in a world that seems hopeless, that means a lot. To have hope is revolutionary.

  9. Chloe Montoya says:


  10. Kennedy Schwartz says:


  11. Regina Woolfolk says:

    Amazing prayer, I’m with you on this. Amen sis ♥️

  12. kristy simonelli says:


  13. Jessi Nash says:


  14. Cindy H says:


  15. Elle Drummond says:

    I love reflecting on God’s goodness in the past to propel my current confidence in Christ’s return and making good on His promises! He has never failed me yet!!

  16. Ashley McDonald says:


  17. Ashley Koch says:

    I’ve been longing for Jesus even more so over the last few years. Ever since Covid happened it feels like the world is in complete & utter chaos and everywhere you turn there is something negative happening. As a mother, it brings out the mama bear in me wanting to protect my children from the brutal world. It can be so hard to stay positive but this was a nice reminder that God always has our backs and always keeps his promises. He has called all of us for a time like this and instead of focusing on the world we can focus on Him, His return, and His promise. Trying my best to keep that kingdom mindset!

  18. Meredith Jones says:


  19. Faleasha Triunfo says:

    So profound!

  20. Shelby Rosas says:


  21. Jennifer Brie says:


  22. Emily-Faith Captino says:

    Praying His eternal existence prompts my present prayers and propels my future hopes❤️

  23. Callie Pearson says:


  24. Andie Brandenburger says:

    He was and is and is to come!!!

  25. Mary Ramsey-Harger says:

    Appreciating this study! Thankful He has come and is coming again.

  26. Savannah Salmans says:


  27. Marla Inderbitzen says:


  28. Lauren Geneva says:

    Lord, refuel the longing hope in me, Amen

  29. Hayley McMahan says:

    Loved the illustration- locking in our confidence because of His history.

  30. Jessica Wohner says:


  31. Melissa Mcronney says:


  32. Pamela Carbemolla-Dihmes says:


  33. Meredith Oesting says:

    I love the riders example of knowing that her mom would return because she always had returned. Our longing is burst out of history we have a history of his faithfulness and he keeps his word and he will keep it again we await his expected coming.

  34. Jordan says:

    What’s so incredible is that Adam and even clothed themselves with fig leaves- temporary, partial, and empty. God came in and clothed them with animal skins – a blood sacrifice that ultimately pointed to the long awaited redemption of Jesus Christ in the future.

    So dang profound

  35. Gwenna Pelz says:


  36. Georgia says:

    Amen to that

  37. Susan Williams says:

    “We look back and remember our longing is birthed out of history-a sure promise that actively propels us into the present.” Thank You Jesus that you propel us into the present and hope for the future.

  38. Kelsey Hershberger says:


  39. Tamera Boyer says:

    Love it

  40. Brooke Maruska says:

    Such a comfort! ♥️ our expectant longing is birthed out of a history of longing!

  41. Rachel McKib says:

    Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, Come! Love this theme!!❤️

  42. Katie Braswell says:


  43. Virginia Stevens says:

    Lord help me to look to you expectantly, trusting you are the way maker and promise keeper. Help my desires and yearnings to align with you, so that when you do show up, I see you and delight in YOU more than the gifts you can provide along the way.

  44. Lindsey Osterhaven says:

    I love this reminder today-to long does His return, but also be present in the celebration of all He has done, both past and present. Thank you Jesus for this assurance❤️

  45. Tara Wilson says:


  46. Marla Olsen says:

    Sorry that fruit comment was meant as a reply to Susan Lincks if it did not appear there.

  47. Marla Olsen says:

    The fruit was most likely a pomegranate or a passion fruit I have heard. Idioms are just that, sayings that have had a particular meaning in the past but may have no real relevance today.

  48. Kaela Kelly says:


  49. Cherry-Ann Benjamin says:

    Oh Lord may I have that child-like faith in You.

  50. Dara Broadous says:


  51. Emilee Laughter says:


  52. Patty P says:


  53. kristin reinsch says:


  54. Timberli Williams says:

    Amen ❤️

  55. Chanda Large says:

    Loved this one

  56. Victoria E says:

    I love this devotional! Simple yet straight to the point.

  57. Victoria E says:

    I love this devotional!

  58. Danni Blackburn says:

    Usually there are in the books and the digital copy of the study but not as much in just the app

  59. Lynnette Torres says:

    Yes there are reflection questions in the digital book (pdf)

  60. Melissa Mcronney says:

  61. Letha Wayda says:


  62. Alli Burkholder says:

  63. Andrea Kennedy says:


  64. Jo-el Partridge says:


  65. Linda Monterroso says:


  66. Shannon Gray says:


  67. Staci Istre says:


  68. Rhonda J. says:

    Hey She’s, don’t miss out on the Podcast this week, So Good!!

    It’s good to see so many joining in for this Advent!
    @Gramsiesue–That is so good to hear about Steve, I didn’t realize he wasn’t saved! That is something to do a dance down the aisles!! Hope he is doing better with the pain and getting some answers!
    For the mom that has the littles and not much free time- Turn a radio on (or Alexa) in the kitchen that plays K-love or a local Christian station non-stop, you will love how it feeds your soul (and your whole family over the years!) through your busy day!

  69. Kristen Krueger says:


  70. Hilary V says:

    I long for you Lord. Make your presence known to me in this study. I’m desperate for you.

  71. Kristin Coker says:


  72. Emma Lytle says:

    such a good reminder!

  73. K Carlton says:


  74. Amy Condrey says:


  75. Morgan Gockley says:


  76. Sarah Banter says:


  77. Anna Adams says:

    Are there any reflection questions in this plan? I don’t see any thus far.

  78. Anna Adams says:

    Are there any reflection questions on this

  79. Claire B says:


  80. Katrina L’Heureux says:


  81. Jennifer Bowman says:


  82. Tara Conyer says:

    Love what you said finding the peaks and using that to focus on his nearness as I move forward”.

  83. Brooke Nolder says:

    May I savor the nearness of Jesus this season. I pray I can look back and find seasons and instances when He was so close and may I focus on his nearness as I move forward. I pray I make sure that He is given my best and not what is left over as I am falling into bed each night. I pray I feel His closeness as I walk through my day.

  84. Brooke Nolder says:

    May I savor the nearness of Jesus this season. I pray I can look back and find seasons and instances when He was so close and may I focus on his nearness as I move forward. I pray I make sure that He is given my best and not

  85. Christine F says:


  86. Katie W says:

    Gen 3:21 really got me thinking. How AWESOME is our God that even though it was NOT His plan for Adam and Eve to know they were naked, he still clothed them. He provides even when we fail Him miserably. He never leaves is to fend for ourselves.

  87. Katie Gordon says:

    his words and prayers that surround me.

  88. Katie Gordon says:

    I pray that each day of the Advent my eyes are open wider and my ears more carefully listen to the quiet stillness that Jesus places on my heart through

  89. Vanessa Pagan says:


  90. Elisa Laird says:

    That cry “come Thou long expected Jesus” is the cry of Adam and Eve as they fled the garden, the cry of God’s people in slavery in Egypt, the cry of Mary as she sang the Magnificat, the cry of Stephen as he was stoned, the cry of creation since that first bitter taste of fruit, and so many more. It’s a chorus of longing, a refrain of hope, and a call to worship—not just a solo but a choir of the faithful then, now, and in the future. Forever and ever, amen.

  91. Kim Beers says:

    Amen! How wonderful he is! Please open my heart with more desire for your word and not things and to be more grateful for the opportunities you have given me and everything that we have.

  92. Alina Odom says:


  93. Megan Kuemmerlin says:

    Colossians 1:14-23 struck me, truly understanding who Jesus is leads us to know God better. He is pleased to have his fullness dwell in Christ, and now in us through the Holy Spirit! I also love how by him all things hold together.
    I pray for balance in looking back at his righteous history and Jesus’ return!

  94. Megan Kuemmerlin says:

    Colossians 1:14-23 struck me, truly understanding who Jesus is leads us to know God better. He is pleased to have his fullness dwell in Christ, and now in us through the Holy Spirit! I also love how by him all things hold together.

  95. Courtney Heck says:

    God is so near :)

  96. Sarah Greer says:

    Dearest Shelly. God is with you all day. While serving your children, talk to Him, worship Him. I know your struggle, but I want to encourage you this is a short season, while it may not feel like it. Jesus says, Grace and peace to you, dear mama.

  97. Mandi Page says:

    “For without such longing, there is no hope.”

  98. Alli Barlik says:

    God had a plan! I love that He knew we need Jesus.

  99. Alli Barlik says:

    Oh Shelley, I’m not a momma, but I’m a teacher and a wife. Plus three dogs keeps me so busy. My heart’s cry is to stay focused and draw closer as well.

  100. Bruh says:

    I totally agree

  101. Shanna Stover says:

    Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven. – 1 Corinthians 15:49

    This really jumped out at me! We will bear the image of Jesus!

  102. Tori Reid says:

    ‘Prompt our present prayers and propel our future hopes’

  103. Shanna Stover says:

    Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven. – 1 Corinthians 15:49

  104. Chipo Samantha Chironga says:

    God speaks to me all the time

  105. Kerry Terry says:

    Oh how God loves us! I am so grateful He continues to pursue us.

  106. Kathy Rideout says:

    A great devotion, looking forward to a new perspective on the birth of Christ. A great docudrama to view is ..David Jeremiah, ‘WHY THE NATIVITY’

  107. Vivesh Moodley says:


  108. Shelley Bennett says:

    My deepest desire and hearts cry this Advent season is to draw closer to God. As a mom of littles most days God gets the last of me if any of me. My prayer is that I can wake up before my family and give God the first of my day.

  109. Debby B says:

    @Gramsiesue — I love the last paragraph of your post — letting go of worry, stress, anxiety — all of it! Because our hope is in Him. Thank you for sharing!

  110. Slone Perry says:

    Childlike faith ❤️❤️

  111. Amanda Martin says:


  112. Gillian Carne says:

    May we always remember what God has done when we feel lost in the present and scared of our future. He is hope itself and our faith lies in what we know him to be, not what the world likes to proclaim.

  113. Dorothy says:

    This is a great devotional. It really has me thinking and I except the challenge to make Christ more prominent in my life. Also, to spend more time in prayer and reading my Bible — which in the last month or so I have not done. I really needed to be challenged at this point in my life.

    Lord I give You my cares, concerns, burdens and worries. I no longer want or need them. I know Almighty God You will take care of me and those I love. Bless this family of Christian sisters as we read, learn, comment and help each other through the coming days, weeks and months. Father God be with those that are grieving for the lose of a loved one this holiday season, it is a hard time. In the name of Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ Who’s birth we are getting ready to celebrate, amen.

    Be blessed and know Our Father God is ALWAYS, ALWAYS with you, sisters.

  114. Kimberly Z says:

    @SARAH love your comment today. So true that if God let them continue on they might never die and continue to have heartache and pain forever. It feels good to know we can have relief from all the hard times. @EBONEE @ISBAEL I agree it is so important to be able to look back on our lives and see the goodness of God. I can recount several times and even today how things just don’t make sense and I find myself being inpatient but God is truly in every story. I have been listening to the song Gratitude by I AM THEY and Cheyenne Mitchell. Such a great reminder for this time of year.

  115. H Yang says:

    Even if we disobeyed God, he still sought a way to bring us back to him. And Jesus will be back again, hallelujah!

  116. Traci Gendron says:

    I’m praying for peace through this Christmas season. I’m so looking forward to slowing down and settling in with the Advent study. Forever thankful for God’s love, forgiveness, and provisions. ❤️

  117. Hannah Storay says:

    The reminder to have childlike faith ❤️

  118. Alice says:

    Wow! It blows my mind that we now bear the image of the Son of God, the One from Heaven!!

  119. Annie Rodriguez says:


  120. Kaylie Plemens says:


  121. Saile Guzman says:

    the one who is, and is to come. Amen

  122. Tara Ashley says:


  123. Jaimi Kilcrease says:

    Father help me to look back so that I might see your hand at work in my life. Help me to look forward to becoming more like you every day. Help me to be the vessel that shines your love through me to my children Father. You are the same yesterday today and tomorrow, praise your Holy name! Anen

  124. Erin Wells says:

    He is who was and is and is to come!

  125. Sarah says:

    As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, God made a plan for our redemption. He is not a God who sits and watches from afar as we struggle. He made sure that there was a way out, a way where Adam and Eve (and ultimately, us) could reach life. Because of this, once we’ve received His gift of grace, we must remain steadfast in faith, proclaim the Gosple, and like Paul, become a servant of it.

    Sidenote: I always thought of God ‘kicking’ Adam and Eve out of the garden as a punishment, but today I realized that it is the opposite of that. As soon as they ate the fruit, sin entered. What was once perfect was now subject to failure and pain, including their physical bodies, their relationship with each other, etc. If God had let them continue living in the garden, there was a chance they might eat from the tree of life, thus allowing them to never die. Imagine living in a state where pain and heartache and physical sickness are a constant and you have no ‘promise’ of a relief from all of those things!

  126. Kathy says:

    I am so glad that God pursues His children. Matthew West has a song, “With Me on Your Mind” and the chorus says,

    “Who am I that the King of the world
    Would give one single thought about my broken heart?
    Who am I that the God of all grace
    Wipes the tears from my face and says, “Come as you are”?
    You paid the price, You took the cross
    You gave Your life and You did it all with me on Your mind.”

    The King of the world loves us and longs for a relationship with us. I am in awe of that truth.

  127. Alea Schneider says:

    So good! Excited about this study!

  128. sarai pinto says:

    We serve a light alpha and omega!

  129. Jennifer Ficklen says:


  130. Sally Orwig says:

    The gift that comes through the grace of one man Jesus Christ overflowed to the many. And it keeps on giving. Romams 5:15.

  131. Eboneé Elem says:

    @Isabel Tate I know exactly what you mean. I can see how through my walk with Christ (specifically the past 10 years) I was praying for certain things but He was making me wait so He could teach me more about His character. He was showing me to be patient, that He sees around corners I can’t see around, and that His timing is ALWAYS perfect. Through these experiences He’s built my trust in Him and I now have a stronger foundation to look back on when doubt or fears arise. It’s a true relationship.

  132. Cherrelle Ray says:

    A reminder to me to have childlike faith , and trust that God will always fulfill his promises.

  133. Casey Rehberg says:


  134. Inses De Braganca says:

    I love that he mentions “first the natural then the spiritual”. It is a reminder that we can choose to be a man of dust or a man of heaven. At whatever we chose is moulding our way to become a man of heaven. To become ever more spiritual. For me this is the biggest challenge in our lives. To always choose and cultivate that which will moves from the natural to the spiritual. From dust to heaven. This life was his gift to us. How we live and what we make of it is our gift to him. So that we may all reconcile as he wished.

    1. Christina Dushel says:

      Thank you for sharing! I really love what you said about God giving us the gift of life and us reciprocating by using this life to serve him.

  135. Lynn Kimball says:

    Beautiful words and reminders. M Moe praying for you and your son.

  136. Eryn Irrera says:

    Good morning sisters, I’m so thrilled to be here worshiping with you on this beautiful Monday. I have been a member of the community for a long time but have not yet added to the discussion – I decided that this year for Advent I would take the plunge and reach out to you all. I love the idea that our faith is borne out of history. That’s why we study the word of God – it is essential to see how others have worshiped and how God has been present with them, as well as to learn the traditions of faithful people from generations and generations past.

  137. Isabel Tate says:

    I love how the devotional talked about how we need to still look back and be present in the fact that God was good then and is good now and most importantly that he will always continue to be good. It is hard for me to fully grasp sometimes that God is always good and always wants what is best for me but as I look back at his faithfulness it is amazing to see his hand on it the whole time.

  138. Danielle Reynolds says:

    I truly ❤️ loved today’s reading. I’m excited to experience where God takes me through this She Reads Truth Advent devotional. He is always faithful! Praise Him!

  139. Isabel Tate says:

    17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. – Colossians 1:17

  140. Mari says:

    Good Morning Beautiful sisters! I’m running behind, but just had to come here and say hello and I too am SO excited for the Advent Study. Have a great Monday! I admit Mondays are hard for me, but ONCE I see those cute little faces, my heart is glad and grateful!

  141. Heidi says:

    @ARINA and @SEARCHING- thank you for prayers (and others who are praying as well..). I have zero answers and a million questions but it feels so comforting to be remembered… ❤️

  142. Logan Clements says:

    Excited to see where this reading takes me!

  143. Cassidy Coffey says:


  144. Cee Gee says:

    GRACE will reign. Romans 5:21 (partial)

  145. Amy Taylor says:

    …for without such longing there is no hope. Praying this season to truly encounter Jesus – in new unexpected ways, and in turn that others would encounter Him too.

  146. Angelica Tejada says:

    What’s wrong with eating apples? If you are referring to the fruit of the tree in which Adam and Eve ate it doesn’t say what fruit it was.

  147. MaryGrace Morrison says:

    His promises never fail ❤️

  148. MaryGrace Morrison says:

    He never makes a promise that He can’t keep ❤️

  149. Michelle Patire says:

    @Blessed Beth: that is so beautiful. Praise God for such a lovely family. May you all continue in love. <3

    Lanie H: May your niece continue to ask questions about Jesus and not take heed to the teachings about "mother earth" – May God change the hearts of that family and wake them up to His reality! In Jesus 's name!
    Glad you got to see glimpses of God at work in the situation.

    I have been kinda quiet on here. I have been here reading most days, still. I'm trying to discern the time and season God has me in. I recently lost the credit card I use for my job and can't work until I receive a new one in the mail. They said 7-12 business days but the app ETA says Jan 29, 2023. May God deliver in a more timely fashion than this!
    Some of my siblings are in transition periods. Two of my sisters moved back home in the same weekend, yet one of them is wandering from state to state, looking for work and refusing to take heed to wisdom. My best friend (unbeliever) has started dating one of my exes from high school (from 12 years ago) and it has hurt our friendship… Though I am believing God will fight for me (Ex 14:14) and end this very awful relationship they are in… where she is being used for pleasure and not loved in a godly manner. :(
    Meanwhile, here I am disappointed about much and asking God, "what now? How do I spend this time off when I need to make money to live?"
    Prayers appreciated for much. Thanks sisters.

  150. GramsieSue says:

    We all have things we are hoping for. Some of them we can write on our Christmas list. Other things we bring to God in prayer. And sometimes it’s hard to stay hopeful when the thing you’re waiting for isn’t happening.

    I read that today in an Advent devotional. And my thoughts immediately went to Steve’s health.

    At the end of the devotion one of the questions was:
    Can you think of a time when something you’d been hoping for finally happened?

    Oh my goodness! YES!!
    My friends and I prayed for so long for Steve to be saved! And the day he accepted Jesus as his Savior I think I was dancing down the aisle at church!!!

    And so, in our hope, we look forward, but we also look back…God is faithful. God is good. He loves us. He wants us to draw closer to Him. We can let go of our worry, stress, anxiety…all of it! Because our hope is in Him!
    He listens. He answers.
    He gives us hope!

    So thankful
    Hugs and prayers for all you She’s this morning. ❤️

  151. Lisa Doorenbos says:

    He is the beginning… middle… end. What comfort there is in that history!

  152. Julia Gibson says:


  153. Tomi Euler says:


  154. Gloria Garcia says:

    Our God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow, praise God! One day we will be with Him❤️❤️

  155. Tamera Boyer says:

    Im so grateful for this devo!

  156. Tamera Boyer says:

    “Our longing is birthed out of history” wow! thank you!

  157. Heidi V says:

    Thank you Oghosa for this morning’s beautiful devotional!! Happy first Monday of Advent, sweet sisters! It looks like we have three Heidi’s now!! 

  158. Sheena Barnett says:

    Nobody knows what the fruit on the tree actually was. Apples were what was pictured in historical art but the scripture never says the tree was an apple tree. That’s simply an interpretation. Its unlikely we still have the actual fruit that was eaten. So yes, eat the apples! They’re good for you!

  159. Brooke Pagley says:


  160. Marie Moe says:

    I am so thankful that God is unchanged and his word is true, his promises will come to pass. My heart is heavy for one of my children who needs freedom from addiction. This season I remember all the promises and the work of redemption that began even before sin entered the world. I am setting my heart on God’s goodness and believing in faith that we will see deliverance and healing. ❤️

  161. chelsea kleinmeyer says:

    Oghosa said, “And while we wait, we have His presence and power.” Pondering today, what does it mean to be equipped with the Power of the Lord…

  162. Denise N says:

    Blessed Beth that is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  163. Susan Lincks says:

    So I have a question….are we supposed to eat apples? Is the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away actually satanic in nature?

  164. Sue Dunlap says:


  165. Suzanne Robinson says:


  166. Quincee Musselman says:

    Great readings today!

  167. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    I imagine the heart cries of joy and expectancy, adoration and preparation as we reflect on our Advent readings together. No matter where we are, no matter how hard things may be, we are objects of God’s pursuit, of His love. The redeemed say so in our illuminated spirits. My spirit shouts, “Christ is in our midst!”. And I hear the resounding replies, “He is and ever shall be!”. In the waiting He is here. Jesus was and is and ever shall be. God came near to us in the middle of our humanness, as human. To walk in our story, to touch our frailty. So gentle are the mighty hands and feet of God. Humility leading humility. Worthy wrath shielded by a Child with eyes of love. The twinkle of Christmas lights signal the Light of Christ and renews my childlike trust in our Savior. Faith shines and guides my way. Lord, may every sign of Christmas I see remind my heart of Your pursuit of me. You came for me, for us. You took great and intentional steps to care for us, to cover us in our shame and guilt. “The Lord God made clothing from skins for the man and his wife, and He clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21). Thank You Father for my new Christmas clothes, made by the Light of Christ, with threads of love, stained red in His blood, and washed clean in forgiveness. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  168. Donna Wolcott says:

    …”let us find our rest in Thee!” As I read the comments this morning I got a little teary and reflected. Have a beautiful day sisters and prayers lifted for each. Welcome all who are new.

  169. Lanie Hefferly says:

    Hello she’s, an update to my prayers over Thanksgiving. My little niece is 5 years old and live in Utah with her mom that has turned away from the faith, and previously my niece told us that they believe in mother earth. I prayed specifically for her that I would be a light to her. So we are working on her letters to write a letter to Santa and she said well what letter does Jesus start with. It might be the sweetest I’ve ever heard his name spoken. She went on to tell me that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that’s why we celebrate (she decorated with grandma before I got there). Her childlike interest in Jesus reminded me that truly every heart is longing to know more about him. Even if you didn’t grow up in church. So thankful for this season of endless opportunity to share God’s love.

  170. Allison Kickham says:

    So funny how this ties so perfectly to the message I heard yesterday at church. I love the reference to past, present, and future. Remembering the past and the first Christmas is important to move forward in present and future.

  171. Debbie says:


  172. Aimee D-R says:

    Father purify my heart this Advent. Amen

  173. searching says:

    Lord Jesus, may our focus be on You as we look towards celebrating Your birth and look toward Your second coming with hope. I am especially praying to look past distractions from and distortions of Truth going forward and for the lost to come to know Jesus. As I read the Scriptures from Genesis, I thought how is it that we (humans in general) have not learned anything in thousands of years?? Such a parallel to today’s headlines as we read of evil acts daily committed by those who are listening to anything other than God (listening to serpent), not accepting responsibility for their choices (the woman gave me, the serpent said) and all the distortion of God’s word today (Did God really say? does the Bible say? Show me where it says that in the Bible!).

    Praying through the requests – MERCY (healing for family esp. baby), ALICIA (healing of marriage & family restoration), JENNIFER HAYS (difficult time for 16 yo), LAUREN GW, SAMANTHA BEZEMES (healing from COVID), HEATHER O’MALLEY (husband & teen sons), HEIDI (clarity + patience/wisdom in the waiting), CINDY HODGES (reset), CHRISTINA SCHMIT (family through husband’s 1 year deployment), MAGAN KEITH (peace, guidance in priorities, sister’s anxiety), TRICIA MEEKS, JENN COVALESKI & EMILY VAHLE (restoration of joy, peace & closer relationship with Lord as you walk through this valley).

    SKY HILTON – miss you
    MARI – congrats!
    ALLY – welcome back

    And an extra warm welcome to all new and returning sisters!

  174. Susan Lincks says:

    So beautiful. I know I long for Jesus’ presence daily. When I stray from wanting it, I turn towards the serpent.

  175. Rachel Blessum says:

    So thrilled to be reading with all of you this advent season! ✨

  176. Graciela Almazan says:


  177. Paula Garcia says:

    I am, we are expecting you, Jesus. Thank you that your Spirit is already here and we hold on to the promise because You are true and you’ve never failed.

  178. Heidi Delich says:


  179. Kaitie Bergmann says:


  180. J Lynn says:


  181. Siera Paterson says:

    Great way to start the day! How amazing is it that our Lord God never stops pursing us. I love the idea of not just forward looking but also seeing the past and present.

  182. Sarah Adams says:


  183. Sarah Leafgren says:


  184. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Let us allow His eternal existence to prompt our present prayers and propel our future hopes. And let us, with the purest of childlike trust, remember the faith-filled depths of this proclamation (come, Thou long-expected Jesus) that is our prayer. For without such longing, there is no hope.”

    So true.

    CHURCHMOUSE – ❤ amen

  185. Zoe Crilly says:

    Come Lord, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Move through us all these next few weeks! Thank you, Jesus!

  186. Jeanna Ragsdale says:


  187. Bouncybets says:

    I am so ready for Advent…Come, thou long expected Jesus! And what a powerful statement Oghosa made: “For without such longing, there is no hope.” Wow. I took a minute there and reflected on the truth of that statement, and the power of hope that comes and grows stronger with each encounter I have with God’s promises fulfilled in my life. This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of our younger daughter to a wonderful young man God brought into her life (and ours) three years ago. I’ve been the mother of the bride once before, to our oldest daughter six years past, but in this wedding I was also the wedding planner. There were lots of potholes along our planning path, but God worked every hindrance into a blessing for the young couple, and seeing the brilliance of His plan come to fruition was breathtaking indeed! This season of thanksgiving we have just come through has perfectly prepared me to now sit quietly, patiently waiting in confident expectation, as I reflect on the wonder of a God who loved us so much that He came as a baby, grew up through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, always living a life fully in relationship with His Father in Heaven and also fully in relationship with all of humanity, and ultimately becoming the complete and perfect sacrifice that redeemed us fully to live in His presence eternally. Hallelujah, come Lord Jesus!

  188. Halie Cozart says:


  189. Elaine Morgan says:

    This is so good! Thank you SRT! ❤️ much love to all you sisters!

  190. Angie Mills says:

    I see God’s pursuit of us in Jesus. Jesus came from heaven and lived a life of perfect obedience. Through that one righteous act of dying on the cross, He obtained justification for us which leads to eternal life for everyone who believes. His death reconciled us to God by making peace through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. He reconciled us by His physical body through His death to present us holy, faultless, and blameless before God. (Romans 5:18-19; Colossians 1:20, 22)

    Because of Jesus’ death, we receive God’s grace, justification, righteousness, eternal life, redemption, the forgiveness of sins, reconciliation, peace, holiness, faultlessness, and blamelessness. Because of Jesus’ death, we are able to bear His image. Even though all people bear God’s image because we are made in His image, those who are His through the redemptive work of Jesus bear His image because we have His righteousness and seek to faithfully bear His fruit of righteousness.

  191. Alyssa Molina says:

    Thank you Father that despite everything, you love me so much that you would bring me home again. Come thou long expected Jesus. May I be forever grateful and patient in the waiting until you bring me home.

  192. Marjorie Crites says:

    I’ll admit I had never heard this song before and it is so incredibly beautiful. Come Lord Jesus, Come

  193. Dea Pedley says:


  194. Churchmouse says:

    “Holy, faultless and blameless.” Three words I would not apply to myself. BUT GOD. In his great mercy and grace He had made me all of these. And who am I to argue with God? I’m undone this morning by His boundless love.

  195. Cheri E says:


  196. Tara Beatty says:

    Amen ❤️

  197. Chelsea Hershelman says:


  198. Tina Slone says:

    Thank you Jesus for your eternal presence while we wait for you to come again, thou long-expected Jesus! ♥️

  199. Lindsey Hogan says:

    ❤️love this

  200. Wendy Simmons says:


  201. Katie Megee says:

    My longing seems to be intensified the past couple of weeks, and I’m seeing in just these first couple of days how THAT is how He pursuing me this season. He is always calling me to deeper relationship with Him. It always surprises me, though it shouldn’t. ❤️

  202. Amy Parsons says:


  203. Stephanie Hart says:

    What a great way to start the day.

  204. Kelley Fuller says:


  205. Lisa Rene says:


  206. Pam Seipp says:

    Love the past, present, and future references. I pray I live, love, and serve in the present, all the while longing for the future with God.

  207. Jessica Fehland says:

    Thank you, Lord for always pursuing us and caring for us. ❤️

  208. Jenny Gemmill says:

    Beautiful start

  209. Holly Hunt says:


  210. Chrissy DohertyFrank says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done an advent study and I’m already feeling a peace in this season. So grateful to be communing with you ladies.

  211. Krystal Goode says:


  212. Gayle R says:


  213. Carlie VanderVelde says:


  214. Krista Branch says:

    Romans 5:19 ❤️

  215. taliah kendrick says:


  216. Semayawit Kebede says:


  217. Anna Newsome says:


  218. Blessed Beth says:

    Praise God that we have His word, His comfort in these days. I was so blessed on Friday my daughters surprised me and whisked me away on a peaceful train for an overnight. I was so blessed to be with them in ME . I became so overwhelmed that they would do this as my Christmas gift,time away with them. Time to look them in their eyes, tell them I love them, to listen to them, thank them and cry, they didn’t quite understand how much it meant to me that they would take time to be with me. And then I really understood how God cherishes time with each and everyone of us. A simple meaningful gift, time.

  219. Arina says:

    “Where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more.”
    Our God is good. His mercy will always be more.
    Amazing to see so many old and new She’s joining us for Advent. Sharing this longing for Jesus to come, to make everything right.

    Heidi – praying for you. For strength, wisdom and clarity for you and your family in this time.

  220. Nitz . says:


  221. Gwineth52 says:

    Good Morning Shes! Expectant. Encouraged. Engaged. That is who & what we are! And that’s just looking back on Day One, First Sunday, in the SRT Advent 2022 Community Read. Awesome. Amazing. Active. Over 200 voices raised in community conversation
    as we begin this 36-day journey. Head & hearts & hands open wide in the waiting to receive the Lord’s greatest gift. Holy Spirit, make yourself fully known to me & my sisters. I am ready to put down whatever burdens & bothers of the past eleven months & pick up my Book, my Bible, my journal. I want my wishes, dreams, wants guided by your influence & not the busy being & doing, when I turn away & seek what will never satisfy. From different demands. From the material & misleading. I want, with your help, to be true & trusting, everyday. With that, I’m participating in a small women’s group at my church, to read & reflect together. Walking through the the “beauty, goodness & truth in scripture readings found in the SRT Study (Our very first time!) Leaning on & learning from each other. Calling upon God’s power & presence. May we walk in love. Aspiring. Aiming toward Christ’s arrival. In the glory of the One who was, is, and is to come. Let it be so. Amen & Amen

  222. Jo says:

    “…His eternal existence to prompt our present prayers…” I love that His eternal presence is with me, hallelujah Emmanuel, God with us. Have a blessed week ladies, love also from the other side of the pond ❤️

  223. TIna says:

    So let the chords of hope faithfully remind us that, with every borrowed breath, we join in the song of God’s people through the generations as we declare—Jesus has come, and as close as He has come, we sing come again…Thou long-expected Jesus.

    I love these beautiful words..! Absolutely love it!)

    Thank you OGHUSA..

    The time is coming when the waiting will be over..
    Let us ‘prepare (ye) the way for the Lord..’

    Come thou long expected Jesus.


    Happy Monday beautiful sisters, wrapped in Monday love and prayers from across the pond.. Blessings!❤

  224. Grace Call says:

    Fortunate fall that gained for us so great a Redeemer ❤️