God, Remember Your People

Open Your Bible

Isaiah 49:14-18, Jeremiah 31:7-14, Jeremiah 31:16-25, 1 Peter 2:9-10

A week before my twentieth birthday, I was startled out of my stressful study stupor when friends and even strangers on my college campus began greeting me with, “Happy early birthday! I hear your big 2-0 is coming up!” I was utterly perplexed. How did they know? Then on my birthday evening, there was a massive surprise party. Turns out my college roommate had posted signs saying, “Shh, it’s Ginny’s twentieth. Let’s celebrate.” I couldn’t see the signs because I’m blind, so I had no idea this was happening. What a delightful week being the beneficiary of all those unexpected warm greetings, and what a fabulous moment it was to discover the glorious, hidden plans.

The verses in today’s reading remind us that even when we can’t see it, we are the recipients of God’s great love. His vision for us is far greater than anything we can imagine. We never quite know what He is up to, but we can always know His plan involves bringing us closer to Him. Even when we feel He is distant or silent, or when He is wisely disciplining or pruning us, He is actually quite present.

Israel chased other gods for so long that the true God who loved them finally disciplined them by exiling them from their promised land. But even as He disciplined them, He talked to them about their present hope and bright future. God knew they believed He had abandoned them (Isaiah 49:14), but He promised it was quite the opposite. He remembered them more than a nursing mother remembers her child (v.15), writing them on the palms of His hands (v.16). So when they felt forgotten, the Lord instructed Israel to sing for joy, praise Him, ask for salvation, and watch for what He would do (Jeremiah 31:7–8). He said that as their Father and Shepherd, He would guide them into better days, and He declared them ransomed and redeemed from the power of the enemy (Jeremiah 31:9–11).

If this is how God remembered the children of Israel, a family we are grafted into as followers of Christ, then He also remembers each and every one who is in Christ. As a practice of remembrance, we are invited to call on Him to continue to remember us. 

God assured Israel they were written on his palms; engraved on Jesus’s hands forever is the evidence of the nails tethering Him to the cross where He paid for your sin and mine. So when we feel forgotten, let’s remember what Jesus did for us, making us a people for His own possession.

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48 thoughts on "God, Remember Your People"

  1. Roxane Michele says:

    It is so amazing to know He said that as our Father and Shepherd, He would guide them into better days, and He declared them ransomed and redeemed from the power of the enemy (Jeremiah 31:9–11). It also comforting when we feel forgotten, let’s remember what Jesus did for us, making us a people for His own possession.

  2. Kristi says:

    “”See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.“
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭49‬:‭16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    I love the permanence of the word “engraved.” When I was growing up, my mom used to engrave my name on all my pencils at the beginning of the school year. For some reason, she had her on engraving tool. (One of those overachiever moms, I guess – LOL!)

    All these years later, I’m a teacher and am constantly labeling pencils for my students. I use a permanent marker, but ironically, their names always fade eventually. Unlike the not-so-permanent marker, my mom’s engraving did not fade or go away. All year long, as I used those pencils, my mom’s careful etching of my name was there, permanently.

    This memory helps me to understand and appreciate the permanence of God’s love and care for His people. He has engraved me on the palm of His hands, never to be forgotten. ❤️

  3. LindaK says:

    Julia C I hope that I not too late. My prayer request is for relief of sciatic pain. Thank you❤️

  4. Tricia C says:

    Wow. This is so good! We have so much to claim from these scriptures as children of God! I’ve gone through and read your requests and prayed over them. I’m so grateful to have this community to pray with and share with!
    I am headed off to work my night shift. Happy Monday Sisters!

  5. Arlene says:

    Lifting all of your requests up in prayer to our loving, compassionate, Father, who knows all things and who has your name inscribed on His hand.
    Tina, shake those hips, we’re all on the dance floor with you. I just finished listening to an audiobook by Brant Hansen called “Life is Hard, God is Good, let’s Dance. It’s definitely worth a read/listen. I enjoyed the audiobook because the author is reading it and he’s got quite the sense of dry humour.
    Be blessed this week

  6. Teresa Donley says:

    I typed a long reply to everyone’s requests today. When I tried to post it, I got a message saying it is a repeat comment. But I don’t see it anywhere. In case you can’t see it either, please know that I have prayed and will continue praying for each of your requests.

  7. Traci Gendron says:

    Jeremiah 31:7-14 gave me some peace. I had some peace and then last night I started worrying again about my eye. I know I need to give it to the Lord. I’m just frightened of what they might find. I’m so tired of health issues. My stomach is in knots. I need to give this to God, I’m just afraid of the path I may be put on.

  8. Teresa Donley says:

    THERESA – oh my, poor Arlo! I am praying for relief from the discomfort caused by these additional stitches, and for the upcoming surgery to be successful, followed by complete recovery. And Prase God for providing the exact funding you need for the copay for the surgery. His answers to prayer are so beautiful.

    ALEIDA – Victor continues to be in my prayers. May he be drawn back to God.

    LINDA IN NC – I’m praying for you sister’s surgery, that it is successful in repairing her mitral valve and that she makes a full recovery. I’m praying God will give you peace from not being able to be with her, and the strength you need as you continue to care for your husband.

    ADRIENNE – so thankful God brought renewal to you through these verses. Praying they continue to uplift you and bring peace.

    SARAH – praying for your coworker’s 13-year old daughter, that God will guide her doctors to make the decision that will bring healing, and that the surgery is successful in removing this cyst, and brings healing to this little girl. Praying for strength and peace to her mother as she walks this road with her daughter.

    MIAFAITH – my heart hurts for you in the loss of your son. I pray God brings peace and comfort to your heart. I’m also praying for your other son’s house to sell, and for a contract to come through today.

    ALL MY SRT SISTERS WHO ARE CAREGIVERS- I’m praying for God’s strength, and for His comfort as you care for your loved ones. You are angels who are the hands of Jesus every day. One of my most-used verses is Zechariah 4:6 … “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” I pray you feel His Spirit lifting you today as you provide loving care.

    KAREN Y – thank you so much for sharing the song, “Faithful Still.” It truly spoke to my heart, and just might be on a continuous repeat all day long! I had not heard of Kings Porch, but I’ve been listening to their other songs, and I have found a new favorite group.