Day 16

come before him with thanksgiving

from the come before him with thanksgiving reading plan

Nehemiah 12:27-47, Psalm 16:1-11

BY Diana Stone

Text: Nehemiah 12:27-47, Psalm 16:1-11

After months of toil and years of living in and around a broken city, Jerusalem is done. Complete in record time. People are in, the temple is ready.

What happens next? A giant celebration of the Lord’s faithfulness to provide and protect them during this time! But this was not just a party. This was a dedication.

You see, Jerusalem wasn’t simply a city. It was the holiest city on earth. It was God’s chosen city for His chosen people. It deserved to be treated as such. We read in the verses about rituals that were followed, special people who were invited, traditions that were kept. The Israelites, though known for their grumbling in most of their stories before, knew this dedication was of the utmost importance to get right. Not to show off. Not to follow rules set by man. But to show their God they truly loved and appreciated what He had done for them.

I wonder in our lives how often we stop to give the Lord our very best in thankfulness. When we avoid a car accident, when our child gets well, when that house we wanted becomes ours. There isn’t anything wrong with a quick, “Thank you, Jesus” in a stressful situation. Yet, do we follow up? Do we take time to reflect on the blessing given to us, to come before God with the very best?

In this age where things move at the speed of light, it’s so easy to pass over any kind of preparation as we come before God. But when we thank Him, it’s important to slow down, to take time to fully comprehend just what we’ve been blessed with and did not deserve. It’s important to take time to see the miracles in our lives that we miss when we just rush past.

Let us still our hearts before the Lord and pray with the Psalmist, “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.” (Psalm 16:2) Amen.


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  1. ed sheeran house says:

    Top-notch information it is really. I’ve been awaiting for this information.

  2. Sandra says:

    I just read Philippians, while in prayer closet. Them came across this blog and what a blessing to read and the wonderful comments. I am thankful that I can come to the Lord with all my concerns and lay them at His feet. I am thankful to be able to come before Him with a clean heart, do the shed blood of my Lord. I am thankful to run to Him when I struggle, and surrounded by many troubles. I am thankful that He is here and with me, and show Himself strong on my behalf… there isn't enough words to explain my gratitude that I feel in my heart now. I will offer what I can and express to him with my praise of His greatness. Their is none other than Him, my Jesus my God.

    1. Kylee says:

      Amen Sandra!! Y

  3. RebekahMann91 says:

    Amazing how God works! Today he has been calling me back toward himself. I have been raking myself over
    the coals. Begging for forgiveness and bowing down to heaven.
    Then I go to catch up with the "SheReadsTruth" community and devotional and he has these treasures to remind me
    He reminds me to live and breath in his holy City, to be in the world but not of it.
    He reminds me to live and breath in thanksgiving!
    What an amazing God who continually draws us back to him!

    Dear Heavenly Abba,

    Thank you for being patient with me! Thank you for forgiving me,
    for drawing me back to you, and for loving me when I don't
    deserve it!
    Thank you for showing me my sins, so I can repent of them.
    Thank you for this Bible study on line.
    Thank you for being a true friend to me!
    In Jesus Christ's name,

  4. Shelly says:

    I’m behind. Trying to catch up before the new study begins. It’s tempting to rush through these days and miss the message.

    I’ve cried and prayed and thanked…. And wash, rinse, repeat. And how I’ve needed to hear (again) how faithful He is and that I’m not forsaken.

    But oh how I am pierced by “the Israelites are known for their grumbling'” and how ‘they had to cast lots as to who would live inside the walls’ cuz let’s be honest. 1) I’m as crumbled as the walls, in ruins waiting for someone to rebuild me, protect me and 2) I don’t volunteer for the work or to stay there once rebuilt.

    Stuck in that cycle of, forgetfulness, faithlessness, carnality; remembering, repentance, rejoicing… Wash, rinse, repeat. Every day, week, month, year, hour that passes.

    And it’s easy for me to get stuck on the spin cycle where there’s no real or lasting progress in my walk. Although I look at the journey and see how far I’ve come; I tend to focus on the road ahead. Where I can’t see the light in the distance. And why is that? I wonder? Why can’t I see that far?

    Reminder to self: i’m not supposed to have that ability. I can’t see the light in the distance because THE LIGHT is with me here right where I am. Shining on His perfection. His strength in my weakness. His righteousness that covers my shame. Where there is no condemnation. But there is the choice to live inside the walls and worship. Today. Right now. I volunteer. :)

    1. Kaitlin says:

      Shelly, thanks so much for sharing! I love what you said at the end of your post-The Light is with us right where we are! And we are here, grumbling, trying, starting over and over and over-together. As his people. Praising for your choice to worship!

      PS-no need to rush through, the study will still be here! :)

      XO-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  5. claireb says:

    This is what hooked me "There isn’t anything wrong with a quick, “Thank you, Jesus” in a stressful situation. Yet, do we follow up? Do we take time to reflect on the blessing given to us, to come before God with the very best?"
    I fall short

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