Carrying Burdens

Open Your Bible

Galatians 6:1-10, Romans 14:13-23, James 5:13-20, Exodus 17:9-13

The most recent too-heavy thing I attempted to carry was an old TV (the non-flat, anciently bulbous kind) that we inherited from my husband’s grandfather. 

We just moved into a new house and the thing is, other than its girth, it’s a perfectly good TV, and also, I like to get things done quickly and also-also, I don’t like asking for help. I enjoy the feeling of self-sufficiency. I love doing things I shouldn’t be able to do and then going to sleep at night thinking, I did that thing. I carried that giant Y2K-era TV up the stairs all by myself despite the fact that I haven’t worked out in over ten years! 

My dad jokes that the women in my family get things done by sheer force. Of course, that approach is significantly limited. Someday I’ll encounter a TV that’s too big for me. My strength, no matter how much I prefer self-sufficiency, doesn’t go very far. And when it comes to spiritual and emotional burdens, my limitations, and yours, are even more obvious. We can all think of times we’ve tried to carry the burden of our sin or suffering alone, and it just doesn’t work. We fall back down the stairs and our decades-old, TV-sized shame, pins us to the floor.

Here’s the problem—believing you can carry things that are too heavy for you, be it a television the size of a small train or a secret sin, is an illusion that will eventually destroy you. Crush you. Put you on your back or on your knees.

Something I find beautiful about today’s reading is how humble obedience, gentle love, and Christ-focused service are tied into our joy! The Bible makes a big deal about humble, holy living because we serve a holy God who humbled Himself and bent down to carry the things we could not. It’s amazing. We are broken human beings, not capable of carrying the weight of sin. But, incredibly, Jesus stooped to meet us and died to free us so that we could have His power.

Today’s passages urge us to love people from a place of humility. Of gentleness. Of openness. Of service.

“Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2

If you’re like me, you might be thinking, “I don’t want people to carry my burdens. That means I’m weak!” But, God tells us yes, we are absolutely weak. That’s why we need Him. That’s why we need each other. Put down the TV. You are not alone.

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93 thoughts on "Carrying Burdens"

  1. Rebekah B says:

    This is my first SRT study and I am amazed at the love and support I have read here over the last week. You have blessed my life. Thank you all for building one another up.

  2. Ruth Long says:

    This is GOOD!

  3. Melinda says:

    Could I ask for prayers for a friend for me? I have always struggled with anxiety, comparison and low self esteem and when I was pregnant and postpartum with ppd those traits became overwhelming. I live in a isolated place and didn’t have any close friends (my husband is a farmer and was gone late every day doing spring field work) and a poor relationship with my family and too much pride to allow my in laws to help and I struggled through so much darkness by myself before I gave up social media and gave myself the time and mental space to renew my relationship with christ. We are part of a wonderful church and there’s so many people there I admire and would like to get to know but I don’t know how to reach out and make friends. My baby is 2.5 now and I feel so called to have another baby but I am having a hard time giving up my fears to God and trusting that He will carry me through another pregnancy and that even if it’s hard he will be good.

  4. Lelani vanZyl says:

    “Put down the TV!” A very good reminder to breathe, stand still and know that God is in control.

  5. Debbie Dodge says:

    I am one of those people that try to be there for everyone but it’s hard for me to ask others I ask God to give me strength ,courage & wisdom to handle this or that, I don’t ask others I need to work on that

  6. Alayna P. says:

    I really needed this reading today

  7. K D says:

    I’m just so reminded by this of the role of the church…may we love one another well as we continue to carry each other’s burdens.

  8. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Exactly. I always found this to also be a gift of motherhood. Well put as always Churchmouse.