Pursuing Unity

Open Your Bible

1 John 1:5-10, Galatians 5:16-26, Romans 12:3-8, 1 Corinthians 12:4-27, Psalm 133:1

I have always loved to write. As a child, I can remember filling every notebook I could with ideas and stories for my future novel. One of the stories that I was most proud of as a child was a paper I turned in for school: The Laundry Basket Chronicles. In this story, my laundry basket and its contents were preparing to take the journey to the washing machine. My jeans were checking in with my sweater, my shorts were checking for my tie-dye t-shirt, and one sock could not find its match. My mismatched sock was fearful he may be rendered useless if he could not find his pair. The story continued in grand mystery fashion, investigations of the last sightings of the lost sock and interviews to other laundry basket members asking if they knew anything. 

Today’s reading made me think of my laundry basket paper. While my story doesn’t fully align with each of today’s readings, I was reminded that even at an early age I was aware of this truth: I need other people, but sometimes being together is difficult. 

While unity with one another may be easier said than done, Scripture is not quiet about ways to pursue it. For instance, our passage in 1 John 1:5–10 is clear: to pursue unity is how we walk in the light. Unity will not be achieved by walking in the darkness. This passage reminds us that both our salvation and our fellowship with one another are greatly tied together. If we are walking in the light, we also should be united with one another. 

Galatians 5:16–26 is also direct in what is required to achieve unity with one another: pursue unity by walking in the Spirit and not the flesh. Unity will not be achieved without living in dependence on the Holy Spirit. Through keeping in step with the Spirit, we are empowered to fight what keeps us from unity, like conceit, provocation, and envy (Galatians 5:25–26).

Romans 12:3–8 and 1 Corinthians 12:4–27 continue with a focused perspective of what unity looks like and requires: to pursue unity is to be humble and know you are one part of a body. Unity will not be achieved without the humility displayed when we depend on others and their giftings. These passages challenge us to honor and recognize those with unique gifts around us, but also to champion how when each member brings their unique giftings to the table, something beautiful is made. 

As the psalmist says: “how delightfully good” it is when we find unity with one another (Psalm 133:1)!   

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93 thoughts on "Pursuing Unity"

  1. Ada McCloud says:

    No doubt we need each other

  2. Suzanne Caplinger says:

    If we are walking in the spirit, unity should be a natural lifestyle/response! Lord help me to walk in the spirit!!

  3. Suzanne Caplinger says:

    If we are walking in the spirit it will equal uni

  4. Melinda Finlay says:

    Celebrate each others gifts! Together we we are a team!

  5. caitlyn rhea says:

    I love how everyone can always gain something from one another’s gifts. Like if we walk into friendships, relationships, and teams thinking about how we can learn and grow from the people around us, could you imagine how much better we would be as a unit.

  6. Pia Owens says:

    The whole time I kept thinking… “I wanna be in the light as you are in the light” took me back to middle school for a minute. ❤️

  7. belle ingersoll says:

    as christians unity can be so hard to keep but God calls us to be in unity && to offer the love && forgive that He lavished upon us! ✞

  8. Susanna Schlecht says:


  9. KayDe Roth says:


  10. Jennifer Ficklen says:


  11. Alicia DuBois says:

    The Spirit makes all the difference in my walk as a Christ Follower. When I am humble and seeking Him, I feel that kinship with my Lord. When I give over to the flesh, I feel that distance and divide. SRT is one of the tools that helps me stay humble and focused. Thank you.

  12. Denise Burnett says:

    With so much division everywhere we look it is so important to read passages like these. It’s such a simple and beautiful reminder that we are all created equal, no one is better or worse than anyone else. It’s so nice to have fellowship and community in these isolating and disconnected days we are living in. Jesus is the one true constant and the cornerstone. And for that I am truly and infinitely thankful.

  13. kimmieg says:

    Look at how good and pleasing it is when families live together as one!

    Love this.

  14. Elizabeth Carlock says:

    Amen, Tina.

  15. K D says:

    So thankful for the unity found in this community

  16. Sandy Phillips says:

    We are the body of Christ and we need to begin to live this out in our every day lives. God wants us all to draw from those around us and to deposit into those around us…

  17. Ruby Everett says:

    Tina, so appreciate your words today! I agree completely. I have been a SRT for a couple years, I don’t comment often but have felt that this is a unique community of sisters, living, loving, sharing, encouraging and praying for and with one another! ❤️

  18. Ruby Everett says:

    Tina, so appreciate your words today! I agree completely. I have been a SRT for a couple years, I don’t comment often but have felt that this is a unique community of sisters, living, lovim

  19. Ashley Ngamthonglor says:

    Lovely words, Tina! I always appreciate your posts

  20. Latavia Freeman says:

    Uniting with people to become one with the body of Christ

  21. April Wilmoth says:

    I need the Holy Spirit in me. I need to fight against my flesh. Teach me to love those who persecute me, or cut me off on the freeway.

  22. Claire B says:

    Tina, exactly

  23. Maria Deleon says:

    I love this. I had to highlight the whole thing. Definitely studying this tomorrow

  24. Lelani vanZyl says:

    So much truth in todays reading! Wow! In
    love the reminder in Galathians 5 that “it is through the Holy Spirit” that we can be in true unity. Truly with Jesus we can do all things.

  25. Lelani vanZyl says:

    So much truth in todays reading! Wow! In

  26. Kelcy Pryor says:

    Corinthians is what I needed to hear today. ❤️

  27. Sandy Phillips says:


  28. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Lord help me

  29. Lori Dunlap says:

    Thank you for your prayers!! I’m one of the newbies. This is my first study and I’m feeling the presence of the Spirit! I will be praying for you and all the sisters here. Blessings!

  30. Skylar Hilton says:

    Very important reading tonight! If we say we love God.. and hate others… then we really don’t..Unfortunately.. so many people today do and say that very same thing. They’ll say that they love God.. but hate others due to some reason. We need to all take a good look at ourselves in the mirror to see if we have this attitude.. and give it up to God so He can change it to something better. We should be focusing on unity.. not tearing others apart.

    May we always avoid the works of the flesh. They are hard to avoid today..and some people may want us to do one of them for “one night”… but its never worth it to sacrifice your salvation for anyone.. regardless of their intention.

    The Romans section meant a lot to me as well. We all have different gifts to praise our amazing God. Back in my old college.. I was a part of Intervarsity. That club put a lot of emphasis on being leaders.. which I wasn’t really good at.. but I felt that I had to be a leader for God to love me.. so I put on a mask and pretended to be a leader to make them happy. But I notice now.. God loves all of us as we are!

    While all of us have beautiful gifts.. we have to be careful and not be selfish with it.. our gifts are NOT of our own duty like our culture would have us believe.. but they are the things GOD gives us!! Let’s all use our gifts to praise God!

  31. Lisa S says:

    So good! Needed this reminder today

  32. Brooke P says:

    Wow! Sisters!! How beautiful this community is wow. The Lord is faithful. I’ve been reading and soaking in all the comments every day and am just so thankful for this community. New SRT ladies— WELCOME!!!! I am praying for you all who have asked for prayers of the last couple of weeks. And I have said prayers for those who haven’t said in the comments, but know you are covered in prayer too. Thank you to those who have been praying for me and my family. I so appreciate it and appreciate the continued prayers. Praise God for this study, for His word, for this community and for the hope we have in a future spent in His presence❤️ may God’s peace, love & comfort reach you all where you are today.

  33. Rhonda J. says:

    So, so GOOD as always! And hard to remember all whom I wanted to respond to! I just love this community!

    Traci Gender, good to hear from you today, and continued prayers. I’m sure your days feel really different (and empty). I have a friend that raised a severely autistic child (a capacity of a toddler) up until the age he passed at 37 a few years ago. But everything, every single minute of the day revolved around him (and nights too), and it was so hard and strange with her days free all the sudden. I’m sure you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions and hope you will share with someone, or us, to give you comfort. Can you let us know when the celebration of life is, so we can all have a moment of prayer for you?!

    Erb, so glad you are doing better! Praise God, and I pray it will continue.

    Mercy, so good with The Chosen, Peter and Mathew example! I just love that show!!

  34. Victoria E says:

    Wendy Aldrich you will always be enough. ERB so thankful for your praise report ! I have been praying for you and your seizures. Traci, I am still praying for you and your husband.

  35. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

    You are not alone Wendy, my sentiments exactly❤

  36. Maiya K says:

    How great it is, truly, when we live together in unity. It isn’t hard but so worth it. And when we think just how God never gives up on us even though we may continue to return to our own crap, it challenges/reminds us to do the same in our relationships with others….to love no matter and show/have more grace & mercy.

  37. Mercy says:

    Unity cannot be achieved if walking in darkness, if walking in the flesh. Unity needs our intentional humility- This part just jumped out to me today. I remembered in the TV series “The Chosen”, when Jesus called Matthew the tax collector to follow Him, Peter was super angry (borderline violent) as Matthew was considered such a traitor and probably Peter’s worst enemy. But Jesus- with all the wisdom that He is, He will pick whomever He will pick, and we simply don’t have a choice who our brothers/sisters will be. We need to accept/respect the Lord’s choice on His selection. The hostility and rudeness Peter displayed against Matthew at first was human nature and I can relate. But unity is the bigger calling here. Unity requires our sacrifice, lots and lots of it. If something hurts within us, that part is definitely being cut off/ pruned by the Lord. Glory to Him. Be blessed sisters.

  38. Kerry Rowley says:

    Tina – what a wonderful summation of this group. Thank you for putting it in to words.

  39. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

    Yes, Kristin, definitely went crazy with the highlighter. Much needed information. Be blessed my sister❤

  40. Mari V says:

    TINA, you were spot on this morning. This is a beautiful community. This is a safe place. I’m so thankful for you and everyone of you beautiful sisters here. I can be real and transparent.

  41. Mari V says:

    Churchmouse i’m sorry that things have been hard for you regarding your health and having to stay home. We here at SRT, your sisters, we love you. We are so glad you are back with us.

  42. Mari V says:

    Sisters, i’m so encouraged by today’s devotion. Yesterday it was so amazing I could not wait for todays. Things have been very challenging at work. Can’t get into details but I know I can depend on your prayers. Please pray that I would remain steadfast. My main goal is to represent Christ. Instead of responding to things that are going on I remain silent. It’s been painful. Thankfully my boss and the main supervisor boss have my back but it still hurts. I don’t want to mess it up for Jesus and I need to keep setting that example. I take a deep breath and just pray. My good friend G reminded me,  that their actions are more of their ungodliness and selfishness and not about me personally. Even though I’m the one that’s being targeted. Please pray I remain strong.

  43. Traci Gendron says:

    I want to thank you all that have been praying for my family. I have a lot of peace. The days will be long because I spent so much time caring for Tanner. I’m going to allow myself the rest that I need. I was so blessed to have a bond with my son that a lot of parents never know. I will be eternally grateful for that.

    It has felt good to be back in my studies. I’m enjoying One Another. I lost it on a County clerk recorder on Monday. She wasn’t very kind (hard to love) and I just lost it. It has been eating away at me. I don’t want to be that way. I was overly tired and grieving. I’m praying for forgiveness. I pray that I will have more control over my emotions. To walk in the light and not darkness. To walk in the spirit and not the flesh. The ceremony of Tanner’s life will have a lot of unbelievers there. I’m praying that God surrounds me with his protection, but yet that I’m a light and example of my faith. Love to you all.

  44. Church Mouse says:

    Familiar Scriptures. Much to ponder and pray through. It’s hard to be united in fellowship in this season of Covid especially when immuno-compromised. Having been attending worship services from home the past 20 months I have had to be creative in recreating fellowship with other believers. Prior to Covid, fellowship involved attending and serving in our local church. Because of Covid my Christian community is primarily my online small group Bible study. We’ve been meeting weekly for years in my home but with Covid we meet via Zoom. I’m grateful for the technology that allows us to safely gather. Our daughter who lives in Alabama joins us which is an added blessing. There is no mask only /separated section in our church, nor in any other church in our small town. So… How to obey the command to fellowship with one another and love one another when my doctor cautions me? I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. I want to attend church in person but when I called my doctor yesterday to get his opinion if now was a good time, he was reluctant to encourage me to do so. I’m truly feeling stuck between the Rock who is my Lord and the hard place, at least for me, which is my church. That’s how I feel when I linger too long on how it used to be before 2020. But then I think about the worship and study I’ve experienced in my home and it’s been rich and deep. Perhaps one of the reasons is because I have to be very deliberate about making it so. It takes thought and creativity and consistency. There are no distractions and the service can be as long as we like. We can lean hard into prayer or praise music or Scripture study – wherever the Spirit leads. I have not left the church as much as I have reconfigured it temporarily. I look forward to the day I bring all I have learned in this season and take it with me into my local church. This has been so hard. God has been so faithful. How long, oh Lord? How long?

  45. Mari V says:

    ERB, You are loved. I’m encouraged by your words this morning.

  46. Cindy Reiter says:

    Unity is by far the best. Each person is made uniquely in Gods image and I am thankful when I am falling apart my sisters hold me up

  47. Kelly says:

    Elaine Morgan – I’m so sorry for you and your daughter! How heartbreaking. Praying that the Lord will give her comfort and wisdom.

  48. Sarah Lagace says:

    Tears come to my eyes reading through the comments and feeling the impact of how much love and unity is evident among these sisters. Wow, this community is BEAUTIFUL—truly unity in action and I’m humbled to be starting my bible study journey here among you. Thank you for being so incredibly welcoming.

  49. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    It’s always a needed reminder to hear we are all part of the body – many members, ONE body! I am (still) learning that every gift is from God. I may not have her gift, she may not have mine – but God gives to each, as He desires. I need to be content in the gifts and talents God has given me and not covet everyone else’s! I am reminded also as I write this, of the lyrics in the song “The Canvas and The Clay” – “You’re not finished with me, You’re not finished with me yet”. We are all a work in progress and will be until we stand in the presence of our Lord & Savior! Today I want to praise God for the gifts He has given me, and strive to use them for His honor and glory!

    @Tina – Yes! I agree whole-heartedly and am very thankful for this community! I am a pastor’s wife and although God has blessed me with two very dear friends, it can be very lonely at times.

    @All my SRT sisters – thank you for your comments, your presence here and for all the prayers prayed for each other!

    @Listening – praying for you today. The battle between the Spirit and the flesh has been going on since the fall of Adam & Eve. It’s not a new battle and it’s very real. That is why we are encouraged to remain in Christ – daily be in His word and in prayer. He will strengthen you, help you and guide you and give you the grace in the situation you are facing with this other believer. Non of it may make sense to you, but you must do what you know is right, even if the other believer does not. I often wonder why the Holy Spirit never convicts the other person, but always convicts me! The truth is, I don’t know how God is working in the hearts of those who have hurt or offended me. But I can be confident that He is working. We have to leave it with Him and trust Him, as hard as it may be. Praying God will give you peace as He walks with you through this trial.

    Praying for all your requests as I read them. May God’s will be done in every situation.

    A Blessed Thursday to you all!

  50. Kristin Sparkman says:

    Yes! TINA so true this community of fellow believers has been such and encouragement to me. I have believer friends in my day to day life but it is different than this and I love the encouragement and care I feel here. Did anyone else feel the need to highlight most of the scriptures today. A lot I had already highlighted but what I didn’t is now highlighted. This is the perfect plan at the perfect time for me as I get ready to hang with some difficult people and go into more difficult church discussions! Thank you ladies for being consistent and showing up. ❤️

  51. Chris S says:

    Our little community here is growing — what a blessing. Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law as they move closer to us today. 6 hours North of Austin. — so much traffic and construction and they are very tired.

  52. Listening says:

    If I’m being honest, although I appreciate what these verses are saying, I am struggling deeply with them. I feel the strong pull of both the flesh and the Spirit, what I want to do and what I should do. We need each other. I believe that. But how do I make sense of it when another believer completely rejects me when I have tried so, so hard to seek unity? I know the answers lie in the fruit of the Spirit: patience, faithfulness, gentleness. It feels like I’m supposed to force away the hurt in order to pursue the Spirit, but all it’s doing is making me angry and resentful. And it seems like, because I know these truths, I’m somehow being held to a higher standard than the believer who hurt me. Why does it seem like they get off easily while I’m dealing with the wreckage of feeling like I don’t matter? Oh, Jesus, I need Your grace when grace is not given. I need to grieve this so I don’t become bitter. Lord, help me to see how You are at work because I believe You work all things for good. Help me to have compassion where I am only filled with anger. Help me to see where I am guilty in this and honestly confess my sins. I cannot love without Your love.

  53. Nancy Singleton says:

    Praising God for your improvement @ERB, & praying that it will continue & be sustained! Don’t let fear rob you of joy! And @AG praise for your grandmother’s improvement!

  54. Candace Smith says:


  55. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Oh Tina, your post just made my day and spoke to what is in my heart. Bless you. ❤️

  56. Dorothy says:

    Scripture and Beth’s message really hit hard some areas where I need to make some changes in my life. My talents as well as some many others are needed by God and Christ. I think what really “struck a note” and “hit hard” is Beth saying “to pursue unity is to be humble and know you are one part of a body”. I know with myself, I believe with many of us, humbling ourselves is a difficult task at times. God, you know my heart, You know where I need to grow and what I need help with. Jesus, help me be more like You and humble myself. In His Name, Amen.
    Sisters, be blessed and try to humble.

  57. Melissa W says:

    Thank you Angie for your words today. I’m struggling in dealing with coworkers today, due to different personalities. Your words were a good reminder that our differences are what ultimately can make us unified. And that the love of Christ I have in me can be shown to them as I strive to find unity with them.

  58. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Loved this Angie. Thank you for saying it so eloquently.

  59. SarahJoy says:

    These verses filled my heart this morning. What joy it is to consider the gifts God has given me. At the same time I trust that God has made others differently to bring His Kingdom on earth. It’s amazing how we all need each other AND all have a gift to offer. ❤️

    Also, this verse stood out to me today: “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” Romans 12:26
    Do I live this connected? Do I feel the pain of others deeply and celebrate with those rejoicing? Sometimes. Other times my needs become my entire focus. Connection matters. Unity was birthed before time began, and God desires that we would be one as He is ONE. ❤️

  60. Maura says:

    Aww dear Sisters, I am loving this study so far. ERB your miracle has made my day! Praise God, may this miracle cause your body to continue to strengthen and heal. So rejoicing with you dear hearted Sister. Michelle Patire, I absolutely love that translation of Galations 5:22-23. Thank you so much. Praying to our God of Abundance for His provision for a car, or a new transmission. Please Lord send what is needed, you who know our very breaths I ask in Jesus name. He provides all the time, believing this provision for you Michelle. Dorothy, praying for sweet Fineley. God bring your healing touch for this child, your creation. Hold her in your arms and heal, restore her Lord Jesus. Hugs Dorothy so thankful she has you, I see you in my heart praying over her and know that must bless her so much to hear you speak of our Lord. I get to help my grand daughter after work today with a wrapping boxes for a school program and spend time with them, pray for strength, and blessings over them. Our God is working and I picture them wrapped up in His love and hoping for great things full of His Father love. Elaine Morgan, I will continue to lray for Stacy. Caroline Sease, praying for you to see that particular path God has for you next and that you have time to rest in Him, and wait for His leading. Also for your husband’s business decisions, wisdom and His blessings. I mist go, but praying His peace and joy over you all. That we may be the blessing of His love to someone who needs His touch today. Angie love wjat you wrote. That others would feel the foot washing, the touch of our Jesus when they encounter us. Amen.

  61. Aimee D-R says:

    Father God, help me to model unity and obedience to Spirit vs flesh. In Jesus loving name, Amen

  62. Jessica Fehland says:

    Unity is hard but I’m thankful Ive found this SRT community! Thank you God! Ladies, I’m praying for you and thankful for you!!!

  63. Valentina says:

    ERB-Praising God with you! My husband has a co-worker who suffers from constant seizures, so feeling like I’m able to relate to a tiny degree, makes me even more excited for you in the healing that God is giving to you at this time. God, please let this healing be long term, but if it is short term for your glory, please continue to carry Emily through it.

  64. Valentina says:

    Good morning dear sisters and friends!
    Like many, I don’t respond much, but I do try to find the time to read the comments and pray for the prayer requests as well as praise our great God for all the many praises to answered prayers.
    I too want to welcome all of those who are new to SRT. I pray that you will be blessed by the readings, devotionals, podcasts, and comments. Sometimes when I haven’t been able to makes sense of, or fully connect with the readings or devotional, the weekly podcasts with Amanda, Rachel and their guest have helped me to understand better what it is we have been reading(I usually take the following Grace Day to listen to them). A lot of times though, just reading the comments from you ladies also helps, so thank you!
    CHURCHMOUSE!!!! I’m so excited that you are back! Thank you for being obedient and listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to dig deeper on your own. Yet we are all thrilled that you are back and are eager to glean more wisdom from you.
    TRACI- Praying for you, dear sister! I can’t imagine the grief and pain you are feeling. Know that we are all lifting you up in prayer and would all love to embrace you in a warm hug and cry with you. But at the same time, are rejoicing that precious Tanner is rejoicing with Jesus and is completely healed beyond belief. If you haven’t seen I Still Believe (based on Jeremy Camp’s story), I feel like you would connect well with it, at the same time, it may touch too close to home at this time.

    Today’s reading really convicted me today. Especially the Galatians 5 passage. Yesterday I lost it with my kids. My oldest has not been giving his all in school (I homeschool) and I feel like a broken record with constantly saying the same things to him. Then again at the dinner table, with all of my children (minus the baby) I lost my temper with them over table manners, also feeling like a broken record because they’ve been taught over and over again how to behave at the table. With the Galatians passage the “outbursts of anger” as a part of the ways of the flesh really got to me. My desire is to live in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Please pray with me that I would practice the Fruit of the Spirit, especially during the times when I need to constantly repeat myself to my precious little ones.

  65. Kathy A says:

    Beautifully said @Tina, and so true. I am so grateful for the wisdom and kindness shared here. ❤️ I don’t comment often, but pray along with you and for you, and read your thoughts that often echo mine or add so much understanding! I loved the fruit of the spirit passage in the passion version. Please don’t stop sharing ladies your words and thoughts are a gift every morning!!

  66. Jennifer Mitchell says:

    Good morning ladies! I’m newer here but just wanted to say Tina, that was perfect summary of this community. I love having this community even is sometimes I just read the comments. I have a lot I’m working on personally. A lot of strongholds to break. But spending time in the word daily is helping!

  67. Elaine Morgan says:

    Hi Kelly. David went to be with Jesus. Stacy is trying to figure out how to move forward without him. It’s been about a month ago so she is still grieving but doing really well. She knows he is in a much better place and she has so much peace about that. God has provided for her in so many ways and he continues to do so. Thank you Kelly for remembering them and asking about them. It is so thoughtful of you!

  68. Kelly says:

    ERB – ((hugs)) and happy dancing going on over here for the blessings of relief from your struggles. Yes stay in the moment – don’t let the devil steal your joy

  69. Elaine Morgan says:

    Tina, I was thinking the same thing! I love this community and it’s a gift from God to have all you sisters to share with. We give to one another and intercede for one another like we have know each other our whole lives. It is very uplifting and encouraging and I look forward to it everyday. I may not always comment but I get wrapped up in all of your comments and wisdom and I run out of time most days to say anything. I love the unity this group has formed and I am grateful for all of you! ❤️

  70. Dayna R says:

    This community is such a gift from God! Thanks to all who comment and share.
    ERB- so happy to read your praise report and hear how God is at work in you! We will continue to pray for you dear one.
    TRACI- so sorry for your loss. Lifting you in prayer today.
    KELLY- I love the way you always check in with people for updates on their requests! Thanking God for you and the way you care for others.
    DOROTHY-praying for Finley today and you and her family.
    Lifting the other requests in prayer as well.

  71. Pam Seipp says:

    Such a great reminder that God planned diversity for our community to live in unity. Prayers and blessings for All!

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      Pam, thank you for your interpretation of today’s reading. Very encouraging.

  72. Danielle says:

    @Kristen I was the the same thing when I began today’s ready how well the you version verse of the day and video fits with this new study. Always amazing how God connects everything the reinforce the message.

    @Tina so agree with your comments about the unity of SRT. I read for awhile and didn’t read the comments, but doing church from home I knew I needed more connection. SRT has been that even though I’m an infrequent commenter, I am a daily reader of comments.

    @Traci I’m praying for you in this loss. I know there is likely peace he’s no longer suffering and there is grief at such a loss

  73. Barbara Isabell says:


  74. Caroline Sease says:

    Praying for a wonderful Thanksgiving for all next week. Feeling thankful for the wisdom & prayers I read each morning in this group. Asking for your prayers- I have decided to leave the Middle School classroom after 25 years. As we get close to the end of the first semester, I am anxious about what is next. I covet prayers that I would hear God’s voice telling me what is next is a very clear way. Also, my husband’s business probably needs to relocate. They are losing young employees & much of the reasoning is our location. Covet prayers that the three partners would be in unity & hear a clear word from God about what to do regarding relocation & employees. Have a great day- one week away from one of my favorite holidays!

  75. ERB says:

    Wow!! I LOVE what Beth Joseph wrote and how she surrounded it not only by scripture but by a memory/testimony!!! So many of today’s scriptures are ones that God has specifically laid on my heart!! He has gracefully been teaching and taking me from “easier said” to “actively waiting & living.” It’s been quite a change, going from head to heart…and I’ve experienced ALL the emotions!! But as one YOU dear SRT sisters (HEIDI?) said… (and this is paraphrased)
    “It is already done. We just have to walk in and know Whose we are!”
    Such INSIGHTFUL, concise and wise words!!! SO Thankful for this community!!! And ALL that God is teaching & showing us, both together & individually. ❤️

    God may YOU always be our focus & our center…because it is through YOU and You alone, that there is love, unity & fellowship. Amen.

    TRACI GENDRON, I wanted to express my deepest condolences for your loss, but also wanted to thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing Tanner’s life & journey with us. What an incredible light and blessing you both are, and I’m sure will continue to be!! Know that ALL of us are standing with and for you…we are here dear sister whenever you need us!! Sending a big (((HUG))) and lots and lots of love surrounded by comfort & peace ❤️❤️❤️

    CHURCHMOUSE, so glad that you listened to God and took the reprieve and personal time with Him. What an example and testimony about listening to the Lord!! That speaks to me in a very powerful way!! Very Grateful for you sister!!

    MAURA, dearest sister I am continuing to pray and stand with you!!!

    To ALL my dear SRT sisters… I SEE YOU!! I read EACH of your comments everyday (there have been a LOT lately, which can be overwhelming, but it also makes my heart smile!) …I PRAY for you and am so encouraged by each of your lights and your journeys!!! Keep walking in the LIGHT as He is in the Light!!! You are making such a difference!!! ❤️

    Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL of you sisters who are praying for me!!! Your prayers & encouragements mean MORE than you’ll ever know!!!! I actually have some PRAISES to report!!! :)
    *My PCP called and said that my body randomly started producing Vitamin D3 on its own (it hasn’t done that in YEARS, something to do with my seizure meds) and that I no longer have to take a prescription for that!! It’s a MIRACLE!!!
    *Since stopping the high dose prescription D3 (I still have to take a daily supplement) my tiredness, brain fog, extreme nausea and pain have diminished significantly!!
    *My seizures have also started diminishing as well!! I still have small ones daily.. but not as many & not as long as they used to be!! So Grateful for the reprieve!!!
    *I have been able to be UP & out of bed!! YAY!!!
    *Most of last week and all of this week I have actually got to put “real” clothes on instead of lounge clothes!!! SO happy about that!!
    *I have been able to have, hold & understand conversations!!
    *AND I have also been able to do outside activities (raking leaves, small walks, shopping, afternoon visits, and have even done a couple very small projects!) I am enjoying and soaking up every moment!!! And am SO incredibly THANKFUL!!!!
    ….sometimes however I am tempted to project & think “will this last…?” ..so help me to stay in the moment and just be grateful for right now!! Thank you again dear sisters for ALL your help, prayers & encouragement!!! Like I said before it means more than you’ll ever know!!!

    MUCH love to ALL of you!!! Xoxo

  76. Michelle Patire says:

    Good morning, Shes :)

    Today’s reading ties well with yesterday. Also, I ran into The Passion Translation for Galatians 5:22-23 and I just love it. I don’t normally turn to that translation, but I was comparing translations and found this verse particularly beautiful.

    “But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions : joy that overflows , peace that subdues , patience that endures , kindness in action , a life full of virtue, faith that prevails , gentleness of heart , and strength of spirit . Never set the law above these qualities, for they are meant to be limitless.”
    Galatians 5:22‭-‬23 TPT

    thought to share it here :)

    Dorothy, prayers for the girl you care for. God, please heal and recover this young child. Please comfort and give peace that guards the hearts of all involved in this situation. Please make Yourself known to them. Help the doctors properly treat and care for the young girl. May You bless them and keep them, today, Lord.

    Asking for prayers, too. My car has been giving me such trouble since August. I’ve had my transmission worked on TWICE. The car was gone for three weeks at a time on two separate occasions. I took it to get inspected yesterday and found out the transmission is leaking trans fluid. I don’t have much money. I have wiped out basically almost all I have to fix this vehicle. I have to rely on my siblings and dad for rides. I know I’m blessed to live with family at the time, but it’s still very frustrating. I work 25 minutes away and the snow is coming. Prayers that God would help me rely on Him… But truly, prayers that my car situation would be reliable! Thank you.

  77. Kristen says:

    Wow! I just went over to the YouVersion Bible app and the verse of the day and video recording that goes with the verse fits perfectly with our study! Here is the verse: “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    I encourage everyone to get that app! You will see the verse and you can watch the recording. The man speaking was born in the Middle East and is serving there today. He talks about how do you love those that seek to harm or hurt you. He talked about growing up Christian in Palestine during the Israel-Palestine conflict where everyone hates everyone. His every day norm was intimidation and injustice, and harassment He said it was no fun. His natural tendency was to only love those that loved him, only show kindness to those that are kind to him. He said that it wasn’t until he surrendered to Jesus fully that he was and is able to reverently pray and care for the Jewish and Muslim people. (I’m paraphrasing. Hope you can listen for yourself, because what he says is better!)
    Tbis just goes so well with this study. May we be overcome by God’s Holiness like Isaiah, be overwhelmed by our Savior’s sacrifice, love, and example, and lean on the Holy Spirit, because He can empower us to love.
    God, thank you that you give us the Holy Spirit. Please help me not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Please help me to see others as You do, and please change me so that my life is pleasing to You. Help me to lead people to You and not away. Thank You for mercy. I don’t deserve to be saved, or the blessings You give, or Your kindness at all. Thank You for the privilege of being Yours Amen.

    I ageee with Tina! Thank you all so much for responding to me. So many prayed when I asked for prayers for my dad. He was touched by that! I appreciate all that reach out in love and thank you to those that don’t comment, but pray. Thank you, sisters! Sending thanks, prayerrs, and may God bless you all today!

  78. Kelly says:

    AG – good news!

  79. Angie says:

    The passages today, and this week speak to me of the need we have for each other. For each others hearts, minds, dreams, gifts, and presence. Relationships are built. And from wherever our strongest tie is, that will effect all other relationships. Keeping our strongest tie in Jesus, first and primary, allows the relationships that web around us to honor Him and be pure and good.

    I was thinking about how much more challenging things are in the medical profession…any kind of doctor, dentist, nurse, hospital the needs vary but are so much greater because of Covid.
    I was thinking about how much harder school is every single day because of the effects of Covid in our world. Helping children and families. Needs brought to school, others being intensified in the homes. It is not the same place it was 2 years ago.
    I was thinking about how many new things need to be considered in churches, a place where people of so many varied opinions and life-styles come together. What does worship look like today? What about teaching? Even fellowship?
    The list could go on and on from other large businesses to small mom and pop run shops, restaurants, grocery stores…endless.
    So the question is, in this present darkness, how do we live in the Light? Unity, love, lots and lots of grace, coming alongside and washing feet, breaking bread together, and lending a hand, are some that come quickly to mind.
    Perhaps when we see the differences in each other, instead of allowing it to bring division or separation, we could see them as gifts; different parts in the body of Christ to serve and function according to His will and His purpose.
    How we do that is a moment by moment journey.
    Yes, Tina, SRT is such a good place for a digital stop in.
    Bible Study Fellowship is also a tremendous Light and growing place where you build relationship with people in their skin and learn to know Jesus & His Word so much better.
    But, so are our churches, our homes, and our workplace. So is the place you go to for a coffee splurge or to buy your meat or toilet paper. We have so many opportunities to shine. I pray I will not waste them. I pray the people around me have freshly washed feet and gently held hearts and hands because I took the opportunity to shine for Jesus.
    Reach out in love today.

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      So well said Angie❤

  80. Kelly says:

    DOROTHY – praying for Finley. How old us the little girl? She has had a lot of health issues over the last few months, praying for her parents too!

  81. AG says:

    @kelly – my grandma is doing a little better, she is being moved out of the icu and to rehab! God is so good! I will keep praying for her to continue to improve. Thank you for asking!

  82. Melanie says:

    I love reading this post and the comments every morning. Praying for Traci and little Finley. Unity is hard when you can’t see eye to eye on situation abs prospectives are vastly different. I really need more of the Holy Spirit today and always. Sadly through these readings I have found I am distracted and I pray but really I’m not engaged. My prayer today is that we all grow closer to our Jesus and the Holy Spirit. *side note my recovery from bilateral hernia repair has been slow and painful. Doing to much of anything causes pain for days. I’m irritated and frustrated to say the least. I have been up most of the night in pain and really don’t want to adult today. Gods grave will have to be enough for me today

  83. Kathy says:

    TINA, thank you for putting into words what I’m sure is in everyone’s heart. This is a unique and wonderful community.
    I always get a chuckle when I read the passage in 1 Corinthians about the ear not wanting to be a part of the body because it wasn’t an eye. Isn’t that so like us? Paul then says, “But as it is, God has arranged each one of the parts in the body just as he wanted.” (v. 18).
    Several years ago my church did an after-school program one day a week for the local elementary students. We would pick the kids up in the church van, bring them back to the gym and play games, sing, do a Bible story – kind of like a one-day-a-week Vacation Bible School.
    We had a precious lady in our church who had MS who helped us by driving the van and getting the children. One day she told me that she wished she could do more. I told her that without her willingness to drive the van we wouldn’t be able to get the kids from school to the church. God had arranged it all just as He wanted.
    I always think of her when I start wanting to do or be someone else in the church. I try to stop and remind myself that I am who I am and I do what I do because He has made me and placed me just as He wanted.
    Be blessed today sweet sisters. Pray for all of us teachers. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and a full moon! Life is an adventure right now!!!

  84. Kelly says:

    From Beth “Unity will not be achieved without living in dependence on the Holy Spirit.” We cannot make it happen in our own power, BUT GOD can in His Spirit’s power!

    BRITTANY – how is your little one doing?

    CALLIE PARKER – is your husband still in boot camp?

    ELAINE MORGAN – how are Stacy and David?

    AG – how is your grandma?

    ASH H – has your sis-in-law found a new job?

    LAUREN – did the MRI help diagnose your pain?

    ANGIE – how are things going with the young gals in your Bible study, especially your niece?

    TRACI – continuing to pray for you and your family in the grief process.

    LEXI B – how is your uncle?

    K SWENSON – were you able to start a new program to help your PTSD?

  85. SEARCHING says:

    TINA – totally agree with the unity in our community, and how it models today’s Scripture readings. Thank you for pointing that out and putting it into a beautiful example that had me nodding yes throughout.

  86. Sarah Rye says:

    Love this post. At times we think differences between us are wrong but this is a reminder that we all have different gifts from God which should be celebrated and encouraged

  87. Sarah Rye says:

    Love this. I think at times we think differences between us are wrong but this is a mender that we all have different gifts from God and that we need to celebrate them

  88. Tina says:

    If what is happening here in the SRT commUNITY, isn’t what is being spoken about in these passages and devotional, I am not understanding things well!

    Over these last months we, SRTers, have shifted. We have, always been a community of women dedicated to learning and growing in the truth of who God is. We have supported from afar. We have encouraged across the ocean, we have loved each other, over miles, though most of us have never met., except here in our morning devotional and at different times across the globe..

    BUT GOD..

    Through His Word, His love and in filling of grace, there has been a definite shift! We are not individuals in a community, we are UNITED. We are sisters, albeit, from another mother, but so bonded. When one hurts, all hurt. When one is lost, the others go in search of. When one is struggling, the others build her up. When one is down, the others hold her up.. When there are newbies, this week, as an example, a welcome, and how to make the very best of being here at SRT message,.. And when one of our own returns, a party with banners and balloons, (the prodigal party had nothing on that) to say welcome back!

    I could go on..

    I see the Unity spoken of here, being lived out each day right where we are … here! From our far away from each other homes, we are in commUNITY,

    I am so so very blessed, to call the safe space ‘home’ and to meet each and everyone of you, as and when, but always in unity..

    “How wonderful, it truly is, to live, though miles and oceans away, and yet.. BUT GOD, be in unity with you my sisters..” ( paraphrasing mine).

    Thank you!

    Thank you Lord God, Thank you!

    Happy Thursday my dears. Be blessed whatever your day looks like.. so very wrapped in love dear sisters..❤

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:


  89. Dorothy says:

    I’m commenting before I go to bed for several reason first and foremost for a prayer request: Finley, the little girl I care for, has been admitted to the hospital with a respiratory viral infection, and both ears are infected and dehydration and a fever of 101.
    Also, I want to say welcome to all the new women joining us.
    Lastly, Traci, my heart goes out to you. I know how you feel and what Kathy’s friend said about grief being in the ocean is sooooo true. Hold on to those memories like the one you shared with us. Write them down, put them in a book, have family and friends write them down and share them. Don’t ever be afraid to share your memories of Tanner. Yes, it will be hard at first but as the years go by the pain will ease but no it will never end. Remember God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there for you even when no one else may be. You will see him one day. When things get hard for me that is what I always remember is that I will see George one day. I also know he is watching out for me — he’s my guardian angel. You can reach out to me whenever you want. God is with you and your husband and your family. My prayers are going out to you and your family.