Day 75

The Bible In A Year 75

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Leviticus 19-20, Matthew 26:36-75

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  1. Darlene Blandin says:


  2. Kristin Lehmann says:

    God’s love is limitless and steadfast!

  3. Sarah Paris says:


  4. Chrystal Johnson says:

  5. Amber Kemper says:

    EXACTLY!!! And all of the “churches” today are accepting these wrongdoings instead of lovingly pointing them out and correcting them.

  6. Amber Kemper says:

    The abominations that are written in these chapters of Leviticus had very harsh punishments back in the day. Now, our world is dealing with these problems today! And our churches are accepting them!!! The Bible says that the people who do these abominations shall be put to death! Yet, our churches are accepting it as if it was normal!!

    1. Kelsey Lofton says:

      We are still dealing with these problems because we are fallen people, I don’t think we can’t compare then and now, because we all have hearts that have gone astray and can only come back to Jesus through the Spirit.

    2. Kelsey Lofton says:

      And in the Matthew reading, many of those in the “church” were doing exactly what the law told them not to do, like lying and bearing false witness.

    3. Amber Kemper says:

      Exactly! But those who claim to be true Christian churches are accepting these practices instead of lovingly correcting them.

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