Why Do We Give Thanks?

Open Your Bible

Psalm 136:1-26, Hebrews 12:28-29, Revelation 4:9-11, Revelation 11:16-17

When my son was three, he loved to see things done over and over again. Horsey ride? “Do it again!” Final chapter of a book? “Start it again!” Improperly played chess game? “Let’s play again!” Maybe you have or know children like this—children who delight in simple things.  

Author G. K. Chesterton wonderfully likened the delight of children to that of God’s joy over His creation. He described it in this way:

Because children have abounding vitality, because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged. They always say, “Do it again”; and the grown-up person does it again until he is nearly dead. For grown-up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony. But perhaps God is strong enough to exult in monotony. It is possible that God says every morning, “Do it again” to the sun; and every evening, “Do it again” to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.

Our Father has the energy to forever celebrate and endlessly love. And if there’s one thing that’s worth repeating twenty-six times, it’s “His faithful love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1). But the psalmist isn’t just repeating these words; he’s listing example after example of how God has shown His faithful love to His people. And this insistent repetition shows us how His love isn’t just repeated in the past, because He continues to love us in the future, again and again. Forever.

We are sinful and just tired out. We grow weary of giving one more horsey ride, handling one more irate customer, navigating another family conflict, and facing yet another rejection. But God’s love is new every morning, and our only response to His steadfast love ought to be thankfulness.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us another day to learn and try again.
Thank you, Lord, for giving us these beautiful children.
Thank you, Lord, for sustaining us and providing everything we need.
Thank you, Lord, for your everlasting, never-ending, never-giving-up faithful love.

Even when we don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to celebrate the sunrise, let alone say, “Do it again!” in those dark morning hours, God’s love for us and for His creation remains unbounded. He loves us again and again and again and again. In the face of this kind of love, our hearts warm with thanksgiving.

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134 thoughts on "Why Do We Give Thanks?"

  1. Teanna Howard says:

    Thank you lord for guiding me when ever I don’t understand what you are doing or listening to you. I know I have forgotten you but I’m finding you again. Yes I’m lost but i know I can find you.

  2. Gracie Allison says:

    “But God’s love is new every morning, and our only response to his steadfast love ought to be thankfulness.”

  3. Jewel Erwin says:

    Amen❤️ God is so good

  4. Elizabeth Dunkerson says:

    I love the analogy of God being young and us being old. Great way to look at things in a different perspective

  5. Kelsey Hasse says:

    He loves us again and again and again and again..I needed this today. Everyday. Trying to intentionally practice thankfulness. I’m a new mom & it can be so so easy to let small things create a bad attitude In my heart for the whole day.

    Thank you Jesus for my beautiful daughter and her contagious smile. Thank you for the poopy diapers and the messy face and the food on the floor and sore back. All of These things mean that I’m a mom & I asked you to make me a mom and I waited and you provided Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you for meeting me in my mess everyday and living me right there in it.

  6. Ada McCloud says:

    His steadfast love – amen

  7. Jane Agudu says:

    This is like the first time I’m starting a Bible reading plan or something with God. I pray He gives me the mind to continue in this

  8. Jai’a L. says:

    Thank you for this.

  9. Dana Matlock says:


  10. Jessica Staples says:

    If anyone is interested the quote from G.K. Chesterton is from his work- Orthodoxy.

  11. megan heldreth says:

    I needed this reminder so much today.

  12. Maria Murillo says:

    Love this

  13. Kieran Elliott says:

    It makes me happy to see that we are explaining it for both CHILDREN and PARENTS, as some can’t tell that their brains work differently.

  14. Jayma Goodman says:

    Looking at all the great & powerful things the Lord has done FOR US, we all need a reminder of why we should give thanks to the Lord, everyday.

  15. Hadley Hammond says:

    I needed this reminder!!

  16. Myra Seydler says:

    I’m in need of the Lord’s energy.

  17. Ally Mann says:


  18. Brooke Kissam says:

    Love this!!

  19. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    This was such a beautiful reading. The last couple of months I have worked on being intentional in my time with God and being thankful and appreciative of my life and everything that he has created. This really brought it home ♥️

  20. Amanda Bullard says:

    I do too! It’s one of the reasons I did the study!

  21. Linda Fenwick says:

    Me too! I always post those on my Instagram

  22. Carla Burke says:

    I miss the “Scripture” to share

  23. Lolly Regan says:

    I’m thankful for the rain

  24. Kimberley O’Rourke says:

    What great reminders x26 and then some of His steadfast love. He is not a stagnant lord, but and AMAZING God with steadfast love for His own. He is not mean and bitter toward sin, but forgiving and merciful. We have much to be thankful for. Praise Him!

  25. Katie Nordgren says:


  26. Emely Nieto says:

    thank you Lord, even when i’m tired and want to give up on myself, every day you have hope in me and an everlasting love for me.

  27. Arlena Kiriakides says:

    Love this so much!

  28. Kimberly Zoss says:

    I needed this one today…i just started the reading yesterday so not on time. But God knew, He knew today, this morning I needed to hear this. I am feeling so tired and overwhelmed with work and life, and He says my love endures forever…i got you!

  29. Lakechia Smith says:

    Just knowing that God will show his love towards me again and again and again and again and love me unconditionally makes me want to show my love for him again and again and again and again each and every single day.❤️

  30. Janell Westveer says:

    My father is in hospice and the days are long while caring for him. This was a great reminder to soak in the moments over and over and over again.

  31. Bee Miller says:

    Thank you Lord

  32. Aimee Rogers says:

    I needed to hear this today, even though I am a day behind. I am tired. No one seems interested in figuring out what is going on with my body, just give me another pill. I have a multitude of problems. But this summer my husband and I took custody of a young lady and her 2 year old son. She will be 18 on Saturday. They are no relation to us. God just put us in the right place at the right time. It’s exhausting especially with my health issues. But I get to get up every morning and hear “hi Meeme” every morning. I get to do it again so that these 2 precious souls can have a chance at a better life.

    1. Rebekah Carlin says:

      Hey Aimee, I soo relate to this. I had my kidney removed a little over a week ago, so I hope this means my body is now ready to work properly and without pain or any other issues. I’m so broken yet so blessed to be in this season. I prayed for your steadfastness and perseverance. You’re running the race, even if it feels like you’re walking with a limp. ❤️❤️

  33. Lacey Penley says:

    Love that song!

  34. Noelle Robinson says:

    Thank you LORD, for giving us another day to learn and try again!

  35. Monique DiSario says:

    Anybody else love the song Gratitude by Brandon Lake? It wrecks me every time.

  36. Joy Stafford says:

    I really loved this. Thank you.

  37. temwa lupiya says:

    His faithful love endures forever and forever Amen❤️

  38. Jess Springer says:


  39. Ruth Polanco says:

    We give thanks because His mercy endures forever, because He is graceful

  40. Laurie Sheppard says:

    This is beautiful! Exactly what my weary soul needed to hear this morning! His love endures forever!

  41. Lyka Santiago says:


  42. Karianne K says:

    Right there with you. ❤️

  43. Meg Goodman says:

    We give thanks because God is good, always. His mercies never cease.

  44. Christy Moye says:

    ♥️ Thank you Jesus! Please, do it again!

  45. Claire B says:


  46. Sara Krystyn says:

    My father had ALS and this really hit home. Know that the love and care you are giving your husband is so precious to him even when it feels monotonous. Praying for you both as you navigate a really tough illness. God will provide even when things feel impossible. ♥️

  47. Michelle Strzalka says:

    This was exactly the reminder I needed. I am thankful for my life, everyday. But even so, I need the reminder that my children need are fun loving kids, that want time with me, no matter how tired I am, how long the workday was, and no matter how many household things I need to get done. One more story will one day, not be a request and I am thankful to have the time I have with them to do that. ❤️

  48. Deanna Rasch says:

    So need this study. Tough season right now and I need to find gratitude in the midst of the difficulty.

  49. Breanna Gillis says:

    Gods love is new every morning ❤️

  50. Michelle Patire says:

    Thank you @Cee Gee, @Mercy, @Rhonda J (thank you, lol, we are blessed!), and @EMMA RAGETH (prayers for your little sister, too!) for your empathy and prayers. I spoke to Olivia briefly through text and sent her some encouragement in the Lord. Your prayers are appreciated. Love you ladies! ❣️

  51. Michelle Paul says:


  52. Missy Csonka says:

    Praying for God’s good and perfect will for you in your life and family may it be His will. No matter what it will be okay! He’s got you! ❤️

  53. Rhonda J. says:

    Good to you Kathy and PamC!

    Happy Belated Birthday @Michelle P! Hope it was lovely! I love that your brother sings with your too!! What a talented family you have!! I feel for you with your brother.

  54. Alayna P. says:

    His faithful love endures forever. ❤️

  55. Gayle Craik says:

    Thank you Lord for my healing last fall, now do it again! Ameb

  56. Teresa Donley says:

    I like having a prayer prompt at the end of each reading. Writing my prayers helps me to bring focus to my prayer. With my memory issues, I often find myself in the middle of praying and suddenly forget what it was I was saying, asking or praising. By writing my prayers out, I not only can see to be reminded of what I’m praying, but also have a record of my prayers. I think that when this study is over, I can continue to make a habit of writing my prayers. I am lifting each request to God as I read them. Thank you to those praying about my test results, and for peace in the waiting.

  57. Rachael Wade says:

    Thank you Rebecca for this beautiful reminder of OUR Father who is good and faithful over and over again!

  58. Emma Rageth says:

    Praying so much for this @Michelle Patire! My little sister is walking through a very similar season and I know how hard it can be to watch someone you love walk down a dark path. I believe God is the God of the prodigals and that He will bring all home. Praying for you and your family in this time

  59. LindaK says:

    Good afternoon Shes! I am behind in the reading and comments. I will catch up eventually. So thankful for this study and all of the Shes here. Thankful for those who are new and to those who’ve been here for years. Why should we give thanks? We should give thanks because God is faithful to us and He loves us. So thankful that God’s mercy endures forever through all our circumstances. Through times of sickness and health. Through times of plenty and lack. Through all the situations mentioned here today. God’s mercy never fails! Praying for our requests❤️

  60. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy Tuesday ladies! @J M – praying for you and your future babies! I know the lord has a great ole for you and your future family. @HEATHER DENENEA – praying for you during this season along with your husband. I know the lord has a plan for you guys. @RHONDA J – praying for safe travels to your sisters home. @SUSAN LANDRETH – I can only imagine how hard it would be to be a 24/7 caregiver especially to your loved one. You’re a real angel and the lord has instilled such a strong person in you.

  61. Donna Wolcott says:

    Thank you Lord, for new blessings each morning!
    Thank you Lord, for mercy shown when underserved1
    Thank you Lord, for grace poured out throughout my day!
    Thank you Lord, for sisters who gather here each morning, those who comment and those quietly behind the scenes.
    Prayers please for my daughter-in-law’s father who will be entering hospice care this week and for patience in the waiting as they try to find out what is causing my cough, probably more tests.
    Lifting all your needs to our Gracious and Loving Father.

  62. Mercy says:

    I just love today’s devotional on every note. Thank you so much REBECCA FAIRES!
    @FOSTER MAMA: your cousin’s pregnancy.
    @SUSAN LANDRETH: for more strength and relief as you sacrifice 24/7 caring for your husband.
    @MICHELLE PATIRE: for Justin and Olivia.
    @HEATHER DENENEA: good rest and full restoration for you and your husband in your burnout. May you lay down all things and surrender to enter into His rest- resisting the idols of endless productivity, performance, to reach a much needed balance (Psalm 138:8). It’s God who fulfils.
    @J M: opening of your womb and peace as you wait.
    @SEARCHING: job problems for your family member to be removed, smooth sailing to come, and the little kindergarten ones to get along well and any reading/learning delay to be brought to speed by God’s power. Your friend’s son to be healed, minimal stress. Bless your dear heart!
    @CEE GEE: so sorry it is still going on, may this sickness be uprooted and cut off from your body once and for all, we come against it in agreement by fire by force and take authority over it in Jesus’ Name, and command it to leave. Father let healing come over CEE GEE for the praise of Your Name.
    @MARI V: for smooth adjustment to California living and good, quick job opportunities for your brother and sil.
    @RHONDA: blessings on your group and leading, safe travels to your sister tomorrow AM and an amazing family union.
    @DONNA ADAMS: your car fix and meanwhile alternative.
    @MICHELLE SCHROCK: your kindergarten class and the spirit of obedience and cooperation to be on each child by the covering of God’s hand. Relief for you.
    @TARA B: thank you for that touching prayer personalization. Praying over you and praising God along with you.
    Gonna run off and come back later to catch up on more comments/prayer requests.
    May our sincere and fervent prayers come up as incense day and night to Heaven, as a pleasing aroma to God, that His children (us) lean on Him for our everything and anything, daily, daily without fail we come and make petitions, standing in the gap, hoping for the victories, celebrating small progresses. His love endures forever. Amen.
    Be blessed dear sisters.

  63. Tricia C says:

    His faithful love endures forever! Amen!

  64. Ashley McDonald says:

    Yes and Amen ❤️

  65. Margaret Lindsey says:

    Hi! I’ve been away from this community for awhile… didn’t the replies used to be posted with the post being replied to? Or, is that why you have to mention the person’s name you are replying to?
    Anyway, I loved the quote from GK Chesterton and am so thankful God doesn’t get tired of me!

  66. Margaret Lindsey says:

    I agree!!

  67. Sarah Vinson says:

    Hi J M! I don’t usually comment either but I saw your post and it reminded me of myself a few years ago. My husband and I had a difficult time getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I had four early miscarriages and went through many fertility treatments. This all started in 2016. Now, we have a three year old son and a four month old baby girl. They were both totally natural pregnancies. However you end up getting pregnant or getting your baby(ies), I pray you never lose hope and never give up! The journey may be long and hard, but God is faithful. He did it for me and I believe He will “do it again” for you. When I was going through all of it, I always loved to hear the song called “Do it again.” It’s powerful! Praying for you ❤️

  68. Cee Gee says:

    SEARCHING – Adding those requests to my prayers! ❤

    MICHELLE PATIRE – Praying for Justin and Olivia and for you as you minister to them. May God open their eyes to His Truth.

    J M – Praying God blesses you and your husband with a little one soon!

  69. Foster Mama says:

    Wow, a series about Gratitude started off with almost 150 comments yesterday…praise God!!

    @ JESS SPRINGER – Wow, yes Lord…let that always be my prayer!

    @ ANGIE GUIMARAY – Thank you for writing honestly; you are right that this is a fairly safe space and that many things we express have certainly been experienced by others… whether exactly or similarly

    @ LYNNE FROM ALABAMA – praying for your request; thankful for you beloved sister.

    @ CYNTHIA JOHNSTON – ❤️ and praying God uses all of you as He sees fit to pour love on them and be true to Him

    @ PAMC – We’ve missed you too!!

    @ MERCY – ❤️ you’re so right!

    @ MADDIE MOORE – praying for your baby

    Please pray also for my cousin in England who hasn’t told anyone about their pregnancy until now (2 weeks before due date)!!

    @ ALL those NEW to SRT… Welcome!!

  70. Sherrina Clark says:

    His faithful love endures forever ×365

  71. Michelle Patire says:

    Okay, I finished the devo after my last post and lots of prayer over my family. Praise God He gives me so much space to pray!
    @Tina, Searching, Cee Gee- anyone else, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! God is good to give me more breath to live on Earth ♥️

    @Kelly Neo- Glad to see you have what you need while your loss is being recovered. Peace over you and your family ✝️

    @Rhonda J- I pray peace over you and your flight to your sister’s house! May He give you unity and delight in one another. I am thankful to know your Pain group is growing- may the Lord be glorified and may you see fruitfulness from what you do to keep you going :) God bless!

  72. MARTHA HIX says:

    Thankful for each one of you and for this beautiful community of She’s who each bring special, unique perspectives. Praying for your requests and grateful we can be here for each other and sharing. ❤️

  73. Susan Landreth says:

    My husband has ALS and I am his 24/7 caregiver. I struggle with the monotony of it all( on top of a lot of other emotions!!) but to think about our God who exults in monotony, Do it again sun…! Is such an encouragement to me. I can exult God in the monotonous tasks of my days. Thank you God.

  74. Allison Bentley says:

    @TaraB I echo your praises! We could all insert our praises !

  75. Donna Scheiman says:

    Amen and Amen

  76. Sally Hurlbert says:

    Just prayed for you❤️

  77. Michelle Patire says:

    Hi ladies. I’m just starting the reading for today, but wanted to ask for prayer first for my brother Justin. He is 22, God has given him a lot of influence and gifting. He is actively involved in our local music scene and people love him- He is quite charming and funny. He certainly has a lot to give the world, but since he has allowed doubt to overtake him, he isn’t really seeking after the Lord and just recently broke up with his girlfriend Olivia (who is a believer). My family all thought they’d get married… And she already feels like our sister.
    I can tell they are both really struggling with their identity. He smokes a lot of pot and isn’t as joyful as he used to be. They were living together, against me and my mother’s warnings. I think that had a role in the split. I can see how the dabbling with false teachers podcasts/books has really effected him… I did try to warn him, as I have a similar story with my journey with Jesus. I can visibly see the darkness, too. He did an open mic with me the other day and I saw the shadows that are stealing even his gift of music and using it for evil.
    I just want to ask for prayer that God would expose the lies he would believe. I also pray healing over Olivia his (ex) girlfriend, as he has expressed she really needs it.
    Thank you ♥️ they used to be active in their church but drifted two years ago.

  78. Cindy Hanna says:

    What a joy this study already is. I found these notes in a Treasure file I keep on my note app in my phone. They were dated May 6th 2023. From our Psalms 40 day.
    I will give Thanks in …
    1. This Joyful Thing:
    2. This Suffering:
    3. This Certainty:
    4. This Stress:
    5. This Injustice:
    6. This Sorrow:
    7. This Plenty:
    8. This Want:
    9. This Wandering:
    10. This Waiting:

  79. Heather Denenea says:

    My husband and I are both struggling with burnout and mental health in this season. It seems like an endless loop of things seemingly pointless and hopeless, then somehow hope and joy being restored so that we can continue on, then drudging back into jaded monotony again. It seems like we don’t ever land on a permanent “Better”. But maybe that’s so that God can continually “Do it again,” and pull us out of the pit, one at a time. Maybe, He is more glorified in continually pulling us out of the struggle, than us being able to sustain ourselves in happiness. His love endures forever.

  80. J M says:

    Could I ask for everyone’s prayers? I’ve been reading these devotionals and everyone’s comments for the last 3 years. I don’t comment but I’m always in the background. We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Nothing has happened so far. We are currently in the process of seeing a fertility doctor. Please pray that we are able to get pregnant! Thank you so much!

  81. Mary henderson says:

    Thank you Lord for your boundless, unending energy and love toward us!

  82. searching says:

    I’m back with additional prayer requests –
    for a family member dealing with job issues, and for a few children I was made aware of in a kindergarten class, and one especially, who are really struggling with letters, while others have already started to read.

    thank you, sisters, for your faithfulness in prayer!

  83. Jamie Milne says:

    What a wonderful quote from G.K. Chesterton as a new way to think about things that may seem at first monotonous. It perfectly complements the refrain from Psalm 136 and reminds of the beauty to be beheld in the everyday routine.

  84. Cee Gee says:

    As I read Psalm 136, in my head I hear it as a responsive reading and imagine the multiple voices saying, His faithful love endures forever” with the excitement increasing as the history list gets longer. Powerful image!

    PAM C and lots of other SHES – So good to see you back!

    NEW SHES – Welcome!!! This is a wonderful loving community. So glad you are joining us!


    KELLY NEO – Continued prayers. I hear ya (attitude)!

    MERCY – Not fully recovered yet, but I feel like I took a good turn this morning. Thanks for checking on me! ❤


    TINA – I feel that hug today and send one right back to you, my sister! ❤

    RHONDA J – Praying for your group today and safe travels tomorrow!

    VICTORIA E – Praying heater issue is resolved soon!

    Thanks, all SISTER SHES for your faithful prayers the past several days! Love you all!

  85. Lizabeth W says:

    So thankful God’s love is renewed each morning! As I try to find the beauty in each and every day, I am grateful that He never tires of me.

  86. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  87. Mari V says:

    Oh my goodness… This morning I had the hardest time getting up and even hit the snooze. Could’ve slept longer, but I wanted to meet with all of you here. So glad I did. His Love endures forever! Yes it does! happy Tuesday sweet She’s!! We have a busy week in kindergarten, lots to do for a culminating event on Thursday with the parents. I can’t wait! However, pray for my time management for me to get things done without stress. ALSO my brother and sister-in-law are back in California. They are looking for jobs. Please pray they find jobs soon don’t lose courage. I love them so much and I’m glad they’re back.

  88. Cheryl Blow says:

    So grateful and humbled by God’s continued love for us. Do it again!

  89. Traci Gendron says:

    I’m so thankful for God’s grace. For His encouraging Word. For the strength and perseverance He has given me to endure hard times. For taking away anxiety so I could be there for Tanner. For never leaving my side. For His forgiveness. For His tender mercies each and every day. For blessing me with hands that could provide for Tanner and myself. For loving friends. For the people He put into my life that led me back to Him. For She Reads Truth. For my church. For my breath each new day. God I am so full of love for you. Please continue to change me into who you created me to be.

  90. Anna Faith says:

    Praying for you Donna Adams

  91. Rhonda J. says:

    GM She’s!

    I read the scripture and devotion, but don’t have enough time for all the comments!! Which is a wonderful thing, to have so many participants this study!! Praise God! I am off to my Pain Group! I am leading today, and still get a little nervous to keep it on track, providing good scripture, and so on…But I pray the HS gives me the words to speak, and fearless ability to speak what I mean rather than fumbling words! The class has grown, and we are so thankful for that! I am thankful that God gives us our powerful testimonies to help others going through trials! God is good, all the time! I will come back later to read comments! Prayers please for a safe flight early morning tomorrow to go to my sister’s!

  92. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Thank you God for always showing up!! No matter what happens in this world, I can be comforted by the fact that God is always present – even when I can’t see it or feel it. Thank you God for your word that is powerful and life changing. Thank you God for allowing me and each of my sisters, and all who know You – to come into the holy of holies every time we pray…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Not only are we to be thankful but as we are reminded in Hebrews 12:28 – we are to worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. I think we lose sight of that in our day. But if we look at how the elders worshiped in Revelation 4:9-11 & Revelation 11:17-18 – we see them falling on their faces before God because He alone is worthy to receive glory and honor and power… I often feel that today there are so many who have no sense of what it means to truly reverence and worship our God. So much is lost. Some families show up to church when there is nothing else on their calendars, some go through the motions of singing praise to God – without joy but just repetitiously doing. What must God think?? I pray that God would help me to remember every day – that He is a Holy God who is and was, who has great power and He reigns. You oh God, alone are worthy – praise your Holy Name.

    Praying for all your requests, especially the ones mentioned today @Anna Faith & @Michelle Schrock.

    Peace be with you all – be blessed today! ❤️

  93. Julianne Pictou says:

    That was the most beautiful inscription I have read in a long time about that character of God. That whole devotion was elegantly woven in love

  94. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I literally just was reminded of this quote by Chesterton yesterday! It’s amazing to think our God will always love us, always be love, never grow tired of us or of celebrating or creating!!! We grow weary but when we wait on Him, He will renew our strength…we can rise up and not get weary with Him, because His faithful love ensures forever and gives us new energy! Hallelujah, our Faithful God reigns and will remain steadfast in His love!!

  95. Kebrina Vinglas says:

    ❤️thank you, Lord, for your never ending, always faithful, never giving up on me love.

  96. Donna Adams says:

    My car is broken…thank you for providing me another way to get around..Your love endures forever…our heat pump has gone out..thank you Lord for our gas logs..Your love endures

  97. Alicia O'Connell says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for your tender mercies toward my children. Oh, how I have messed up, but you are faithful unto generations. Your faithful love endures forever.

  98. Riley Taylor says:

    “His Faithful love endures FOREVER” Amen to that.

  99. Munchkin says:

    More often than not, I notice the negative than the positive. I’m working on that, and with His strength, I will see more of the beauty in life. I try to list at least one thing I’m thankful for each day, but I forget that I need to be thankful for everything. From my relationship with my sister to my job, there is so much to be thankful for, and I need to remember that. Today I am also thankful for the good night’s sleep I had with my BiPap. May I never take anything for granted.

  100. Adrienne says:

    Good morning, friends! It is wonderful to see so many comments this morning (and yesterday). Sometimes I feel like I miss so much by not being a subscriber anymore… I know there are comments I’m missing by reading and commenting on the website (as SEARCHING mentioned about the “sync” of them.)

    I was reading Psalm 136, and found myself doing it by “rote” and not really grasping the first part of each verse. So, I started again, removing “His faithful love endures forever.” Now I realize that it DOES endure forever, but it helped me better see what I was reading.. (And we could probably insert, instead, “Do it again!”❣️)

    ANNA WHITT… thank you for that reminder for this preschool teacher… “ When my patience is short, God’s is constant.”

    Let Him emind us of that and many other things today, sweet sisters.

    His faithful love endures forever… Amen!❤️

  101. Michelle Schrock says:

    Today, I am praying for one of students to obey and want to enjoy school (kindergarten teacher here). Please pray for my class as we are struggling in many ways.

    Thank you, Father, for never giving up on me when I struggle. I am very blessed that I am a child of God and for Him calling me to be one of His followers.

  102. Michelle Schrock says:

    Thank you, Father, for never giving up on me when I struggle. I am very bless

  103. Mari Gomez says:

    Praying for you!

  104. Mari Gomez says:

    Thank you, Lord, for today!

  105. Kimberly Ann says:

    This chapter in Psalms always makes me hum the song “Give Thanks” with a grateful heart? Give thanks to the holy one give thanks because he’s given Jesus. Heist his son”


  106. Searching says:

    TAYLOR WOLD – be sure to see KIM SALLEE’s comment for you (written today, posted at end of yesterday)

    GRETEL MILLER – re: response questions. Not sure we have questions for this study. My book has a daily page for prayer on a suggested thanks topic, but not seeing any questions as of now.

  107. Searching says:

    Thankful for the Lord’s love, that He never get tired of repeats with me.

    Praying as I read through the comments – so many sisters showing up! ❤️ I see names referenced but can’t find some of the related prayer requests – likely in the app as those are not consistently synced.
    Praying for ANNA FAITH, LYNNE FROM AL (and baby BANKS), TAYLOR WOLD (the Lord’s Hope for your brother who is depressed), MIRIAM T, VICTORIA E (heater and ongoing struggles), AG, MADDIE MOORE, JOANNA PRYOR (health), HL, MICHELLE PATIRE (family and Happy Birthday, belatedly ❤️), FOSTER MAMA, CHELSEA KEADLE, ANGIE GUIMARAY (older, and similar situation – ❤️), CYNTHIA JOHNSTON, D WILSON, MOLLY R, MARTHA HIX, KRISTINE LOUGHMAN, ALEIDA (Victor), GRAMSIESUE (Steve), TARA B, AUD GONZ (health)

    CEE GEE – wrote that quote down, about praying poorly vs not praying ❣️

    KRIS – in your comment, you mentioned Genuine. What a great thing to search for in our hearts, are we for real or for show?

    TINA ❤️
    MERCY ❤️

    LISA – re: meet up. You might consider having an email just for reaching out on this and add it to your comments (using words for ‘at’ and ‘dot’), and don’t forget the weekends. Someone else mentioned zoom as an option.

    Thank you, sisters, for praying for my friend’s son and medical team. Still trying to figure out issues.

  108. Gretel Miller says:

    Where can I find the response questions?

  109. Ashley Banks says:

    Thank you Lord for all the things I get to do “again” today because of your never-ending love ❤️

  110. Jessie Fehland says:

    Such a sweet devotional today! ❤️ God is good!!!

  111. Brenda T says:

    I had to look up the word ‘exult’… in the illustration about repetition… what to us may seem monotonous, gives a special picture of God… ‘openly happy about’ …. I need to be openly happy and faithful in gratitude, love, obedience…
    Thank-you Tara for writing what our thankfulness can sound like.

  112. Loretta Stephens says:

    So thankful for the one who never gives up on me.

  113. GKP says:

    Lamentations 3:
    22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
    23 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

    Amen. Was reminded of these verses this morning, and also the song Forever (Chris Tomlin). Thankful for the Lord’s never ending love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, but can we ever be thankful enough?

  114. Theresa Storie says:

    Oh sweet sisters! What a blessing this devotional and your comments are for me today! As I sit in my “out in the country” corner of Tennessee, somewhat isolated, reading your comments and praying for you is such a comfort. This message today is such a blessing. I told my husband last night that I was exhausted-not just tired, but literally completely exhausted, afraid I was unable to face another tiring day. Yet here I am, up in the dark hours of the morning, seeing God’s faithful love and provision with this study, His Word, this wonderful devotional, and all of your comments. Although I rarely comment, I look forward to keeping up with all of you and praying for you. I’m so very thankful for this community. Be blessed sweet sisters, knowing His faithful love endures forever!

  115. Blessed Beth says:

    Thank you God for the amazing fact that daisies are so simple and so beautiful right up to the fact that you love us so so much that you gave your son to keep us in your care.

  116. Tara B says:

    Lord, thank You for Your faithful love that endures forever. My brother struggling with many addictions. Your faithful love endures forever. My ending marriage. Your faithful love endures forever. My 3 healthly kids. Your faithful love endures forever. My job and co workers. Your faithful love endures forever. My niece and her brand new marriage. Your faithful love endures forever. My brother’s broken marriage. Your faithful love endures forever. My full refrigerator. Your faithful love endures forever. My aunt and her cancer. Your faithful love endures forever…we could all type on and on and on, echoing the words from Psalm 136. I am thankful this morning. Amen.

  117. Laurie Martin says:

    God loves me the same every morning. What a comfort!

  118. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Thankful for your prayers, Shes. No updates, but my attitude has improved, and I’m grateful for that. I’m thankful to be blessed with the resources to cope with the monetary loss until the situation is resolved.

    TAYLOR WOLD – praying for you and your brother. May the Lord give you wisdom and the words of encouragement that will speak to his desperate heart.

    JOANNA PRYOR – praying that you will gave eyes to see the every-day graces so that you can give thanks.

    ANGIE GUIMARAY – praying that the Lord will give you wisdom and peace in your situation. May He show you how you fit in your faith community – every part is essential.

    HOLLY WOELFER – sorry for your loss.

    CYNTHIA JOHNSTON – praying for your upcoming gathering

    KRIS – hope you’re feeling better

    SEARCHING- prayers for your friend’s son

    VICTORIA E – prayers for a quick repair of your heater


  119. Melissa Pidcock says:

    Thank you Lord for “doing it again!’ Thank you for your waking us up for another day. I wait with anticipation to see that beautiful sunrise that you commanded to rise!

  120. Melissa Pidcock says:

    Thank you Lord for “doing it again” this morning, for waking us up and giving us a new day!

  121. Kristine Loughman says:

    Thank you, Lord, for another day.
    Thank you, Lord, for the upcoming week of from school to rest and recharge.
    Thank you, Lord, for my dads successful surgery.
    Thank you, Lord, that my body hurts less today.
    Thank you, Lord, for this community.
    Your steadfast love endures forever.

  122. laura moore says:

    Thank you, God, that you are never changing. Thank that you faithful love endures!

  123. Kathy says:

    Thank You, Lord, for saving me and making me Your child forever.
    Thank You, Lord, for a new morning to worship You.
    Thank You, Lord, for being sovereign over everything.
    Thank You, Lord, for sustaining me and providing everything I need.
    Thank You, Lord, for my students. Help me to love them unconditionally. May they see who You are through me.
    Thank You, Lord, for reminding me that no matter what happens you walk with me through it.
    Thank You, Lord, that Hadley’s feeling better.
    Thank You, Lord, that Roger got to do something he really wanted to do.
    Thank You, Lord, for the Church – locally and globally.
    Thank You, Lord, for giving me the privilege of being Your hands and feet.
    “Thank You, Lord, for Your everlasting, never-ending, never-giving-up faithful love.”
    Amen and Amen

  124. Anna Whitt says:

    When my patience is short, God’s is constant. Thank you Lord for never tiring. Thank you form ever tiring of extending your grace and your mercy to me (us). His love endures forever!

  125. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Thank you Lord for your never ending love

  126. Anna Faith says:

    Life. So I need people to pray for me please. I need wisdom to navigate as a single mom. Thank you

  127. Anna Faith says:

    I am also up with my baby boy trying to get him back to sleep. Praying for you! My little middle school girl is going through all the emotional roller-coaster of

  128. Anna Faith says:

    Thank you Jesus for my Family

  129. Lyka Santiago says:


  130. Kristin Coker says:

    I am a high school English teacher for a Christian school, and my kids have a test today over sound devices and repetition. My plan is to share a passage or verse about thanksgiving with them each day for the rest of November, and I can’t wait to share this devotion and example from Psalm 136! Not only the message of the passage, but the parallel structure and form is an example of what we have been taking about in this unit! So cool!!

  131. Katie Huntley says:

    As a mom of an almost 2 year old, I love this. I can complete relate.

  132. Tina says:

    Thank you, Lord, for giving us another day to learn and try again.
    Thank you, Lord, for giving us these beautiful children.
    Thank you, Lord, for sustaining us and providing everything we need.
    Thank you, Lord, for your everlasting, never-ending, never-giving-up faithful love.

    Echoing this beautiful prayer, REBECCA FAIRES. Thank you.❤

    Lifting you, my sisters up with thanks giving and gratitude, for our journeying together, for our support of each other, our ‘we weep with those who weep’ care and love, our rejoicing when life’s lemons have turned into something sweet..
    Thanking God, for each and every one of you my precious, precious friends.. Wrapping you in love and hugs..❤


    ALEIDA.. Praying.❤

    GRAMSIESUE.. Praying with thanks for the honour to pray for you and Steve.. God be with you.❤

    VICTORIA E. Continued prayers wrapped in love, sister..❤


    MADDIE MOORE.. Wonderful news.❤and

    LYNNE FROM ALABAMA.. Holding Jack, yourself and little Banks.. Up in prayers, thankful that we know a God who can.❤

    GAYLE CRAIK.. Holding your hand through prayer in this journey..He is near..❤

    RHONDA J. Praising with you. The Brandon lake song words… Beautiful.❤

    Sending hugs, as always, to all, wrapped in love and prayers..❤❤

  133. Brandy Deruso says:

    Hallelujah lord I thank you!