Who Do You Say That I Am?

Open Your Bible

Matthew 16:13-20, Psalm 113:1-9, Isaiah 9:2-7, Hebrews 1:1-3

Last week, my friend Jonathan and I were exchanging messages on Instagram. He recently moved to Austin, Texas, and I was eager to hear stories of good fortune that would render such a gutsy move successful. “Are you seeing lots of fruit in your new life?” I asked. As soon as I’d asked the question, my expectations felt too narrow. I wanted “fruit” to mean visible, positive affirmation of the right choice. Instead of answering directly, Jonathan shared some meandering thoughts typical of his introspective personality. “There’s never enough fruit to me. I heard Matthew McConaughey say that Austinites should focus on contributing more than consuming. I think he nailed it.”

My friend then put the question back on me: “So, how would you define fruit?” I was grateful for the push-back but also low-grade irritated—mostly because I didn’t feel like using my brain that late in the day. Now I had to confront, and possibly deconstruct, what I thought I meant, because my friend was just shrewd enough (and kind enough) not to leave me holding onto a half-baked idea.

Jesus loved a good, piercing question. Certainly, some of them were rhetorical, leaving people in a tongue-tied state like the ancient Near Eastern version of a mic drop. Some of them required a response right then and there. All of them were meant to go straight for the heart. “Who do the people say the Son of Man is?” Jesus asked His disciples while in Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13).

At the time, there were lots of rumors about who Jesus was: John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah (v.14). The disciples knew from the Prophets that the Messiah would have a “vast” dominion and establish a kingdom with “justice and righteousness” (Isaiah 9:7), but they didn’t know how this would play out specifically.

Jesus didn’t ask the disciples who people thought the Son of Man was because He needed to know. It was a tool for unearthing His second question: “But you… who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15). In the end, it doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks. Each of us must answer Jesus’s question for ourselves.

Simon Peter was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, “the Son of the living God” (v.16), and Scripture tells us that he didn’t just get the answer right by chance. It was the Father, not “flesh and blood,” that had done its work in Peter and revealed this divine knowledge (v.17).

I’m so grateful for Jesus—and for thoughtful friends on Instagram—who ask penetrating questions that have our best interests in mind. Ones that weed out hearsay, clichés, and half-truths to get to the important questions somewhere below. I’m grateful that our Lord is always most concerned with our one-on-one relationship with Him and longs for us to seek and trust His voice above all others.

“So, how do you define bearing fruit?”
“Who do you say that I am?”

These questions lead to the type of knowledge and divine connections that Christ is building His beautiful Church upon.

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154 thoughts on "Who Do You Say That I Am?"

  1. Mary Anne Klenske says:

    Bailey Gillespie (Good rest his soul) is my pastor’s father. What am inspired man.

  2. Tomeka Jones says:

    I think of all the different names of God when I think of who He is.
    Jehovah Jireh
    Jehovah Shalom
    Jehovah Nissi
    Jehovah Rapha

    At different points in my life, He has been many things. I think depending on that season, I referenced the attribute of God I need knowing that He is Omniscient!

  3. Madi Pool says:

    My Lord and Savior ❤️

  4. EmmaLeigh Devries says:

    I am who I am

  5. Carmelita Cox says:

    Thank you Jesus for this word. He knew my heart needed this.

  6. Christina Trego says:

    Trying to read this everyday ❤️

  7. Makella Heffernan says:

    Like others have said I’ve never doubted that Jesus is the son of the living God and my personal savor. He is also my most trusted advisor, my healer,and most dependable friend, he is my salvation.

  8. Erin Lowstetter says:

    I have never doubted that Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God who saved me and is ever redeeming and sanctifying me. But in different seasons of life, He also is other roles and names to me. Right now, He is my waymaker and author of the next chapter of my story, the restorer of brokenness into wholeness.

  9. Lopez Lopez says:


  10. Katrine Mortensen says:

    Love this

  11. Katrine Mortensen says:

    Hej Birte

  12. Nancy Taylor says:


  13. Marie Ellen says:

    He is constant, never changing. He is a rock and a safe place.

  14. Joelle McMurry says:


  15. Jenny Horsley says:

    I Am is more than enough for me. I don’t need to look anywhere else. It’s important to remind myself of this when I feel confused about Gods purposes. He is the great I Am.

  16. Madison Pritt says:

    He is my peace, my strength, my courage, my salvation.

  17. Shelby Werkema says:

    He is my Lord and Savior, my guide, my protector, my comforter and my source of strength.

  18. Brè Danielle says:

    Jesus is my friend that empowers me to be my most divine self while living in this earth.

  19. Gabby Lum says:

    He is my Lord and Savior. He loves me despite anything I could ever do. He provides for me and watches over me.

  20. Jessica Dixon says:

    He is peace, my rescuer, my all.

  21. Jessica Quin says:

    Seeking who Jesus is in my life.

  22. Josly Pierre-Louis says:

    I love that Jesus sees me personally and wants my stance. He is my everything. Jesus is my rock

  23. Anna Barton says:

    His is my everything, MY PEACE in time of need!!

  24. Chelsea Suljak says:

    He is my peace. When I am troubled or overwhelmed, he is my comforter.

  25. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    I needed this today. Jesus is my filter.

  26. Ally says:

    Dear Jesus, you are the Finished Work of the cross- the One who sits at the right hand of the Father. You are our Messiah, Friend, Atonement, Light in the Darkness, Prince of Peace. Thank you for your mighty work and your compassionate hand. You, alone, are to be worshipped; all the days of my life. In your name alone, I pray- amen.

  27. Sommer Berlanga says:

    Who do you say I am? You are my father, shepherd, comforter. Depending on the season of life the answer to the answer will vary a bit. During this time, father is what comes to mind first.

  28. Marjorie Arnold says:

    Very apropos to what I am involved in today. Thanks for the message.

  29. Marlaena Guenther says:

    Sometimes I think that for all the times we wish that Jesus walked among us so we could see His miracles, listen directly to His commands and ask Him questions, we really don’t. Because He asks these tough questions of us that we don’t know how to respond to, that make us think a little too deeply or connect with feelings that hurt a little too much. My prayer today is for the willingness to accept the tough questions and walk through finding those answers.

  30. Lori Wat says:

    He was my childhood hero and so worthy of my worship today. My true example of how to be in this world. ❤️

  31. beth boudloche says:


  32. Audra Klinkner says:


  33. Sophia Keen says:

    He is my Shepard, my guide, my lighthouse!

  34. Kinesi Fredsberg says:


  35. Leisa Larson says:

    “But you, who do you say that I am?” Jesus asks each of us that question. I remember when I first said, “I believe! I believe You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!” Really the answer to that question is what enables us to bear fruit at all. He is my Rock and my Salvation! Thank you SRT team.

  36. Hannah Graves says:

    Bearing fruit (if I may extend the metaphor) means sowing the seeds of the kingdom. We do that by being imitators of our Savior. This is why his identity is so important to our personal faith. We must know him to glorify him with our lives and to become living sacrifices.

  37. Addi Reineck says:

    Jesus, you are the light in the darkness. You have sacrificed yourself for our sins and have risen from the grave because death could not hold you. You are our savior because without you, no sacrifice would have been good enough for our sin and we would be separated from God forever. Thank you Jesus.

  38. Shelby Moore says:

    I’m making more time for HIM. I’m making it a priority. He is everything that I need. ❤️

  39. matshia laleau says:

    He is my Father, my counselor, my peace and strength. He’s everything that I need!

  40. Sarah Rieser says:

    He is my salvation, my father, my comforter

  41. Elizabeth Arizpe says:

    I see my “fruit” in my reactions to others. Do I have patience? Do I get overly angry? Do I extend grace of bitterness? I see these split second reactions as a window into how I am really doing in that moment and when I am disconnected from Christ and his word my fruit becomes impure.

  42. Beth Hancock says:

    Bearing fruit is producing, making, being something/someone that glorifies God, exalts God, & imitates Christ. It is the evidence of my belief in Jesus Christ.

  43. Chasity Champion says:

    I define bearing fruit as being more gracious, kind, and loving towards others, even our enemies. Also, it is in bearing each other’s burdens.

    The Lord is my healer.

  44. Lisa Jarriel says:

    My Father

  45. Tree says:

    It’s been a while but I’m beginning to remember that he is my ABBA. He is God, he is all knowing and all powerful but he has a heart for his kids and sometimes in seasons of life we need the reminder that he is our loving father.

  46. Alyssa Schwartz says:

    He’s my lifeline and assurance of grace in my life…and I look forward to giving him a big hug one day and praising him non-stop in heaven.

  47. Wangeci Kiragu says:

    Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God

  48. Ali Mantooth says:

    Jesus is my peace and he is my comfort. He is my Heavenly Father that loves me so much h and

  49. Klemmie Majamba says:

    He is my counselor!!!! Peace and comfort. I get all these and more from God

  50. Melissa Hedrick says:

    To me bearing fruit means the result of good works. Be blessed and blessing others. Making more and better disciples.

    He is my redeemer and my salvation. My eternal Heavenly Father.

  51. Shirley Nuñez says:

    Bearing fruit to me means different things. For one, it means the result of our labor. Two, it means making new relationships in God bu surrounding myself with like-minded people. Three, it means making disciples of God. I know what I feel God is to me, but if we’re being honest, I don’t say that’s who He is to me.- my Savior, my Redeemer, my Conquerer, my Prince of Peace, my Rock, my Strength, Hope, Love. I need to work on that.

  52. Rubymar Narvaez says:

    He is my peace, my comfort, my saving grace.

  53. Angie says:

    I just finished a Bible Study at our church (No Other Gods by Kelly Minter) and in the last chapter she talked about how Jesus calls himself The True Vine, and then she referenced some of the other I Am statements in the Bible. So I was very pleased to come across this study tonight, to delve deeper into those other I Am statements and how they reveal who Christ is. Looking forward to the next few weeks in this study!

  54. Ulla M says:

    He is my Heavenly father who loves me unconditionally…so much, that He died for me! He is my Rock and Salvation!

  55. Ulla M says:

    He is my Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally…so much, that He died for me in order to have a personal relationship with me.

  56. Ashley Wurtz says:

    My savior and my friend…

  57. Reagan Kruse says:

    He is the hope I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without.

  58. Abbey Byrd says:

    He is my savior. I could never save myself. He is my shepherd, seeking me when I wander. He is my redeemer, lifting my chin when I grieve. He is my king, who pulls me from ashes so I may sit among princes. He is good, and in him I am made good. He is perfect, and through Christ has made me whole.
    Thank you, Lord that you love us and pursue us. P Tripp said “He does not wait for us to come to him, he comes to us. It is the way of grace.” Amen, He is my salvation.

    1. Abbie Darst says:

      “So the Lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help.”
      ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭30:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    2. Abbie Darst says:

      “So the Lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help.”
      ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭30:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  59. Tara says:

    He is TIMELESS. He rocked the world with his teachings and life, and he continues to do so today and forever. His ways were and ARE radical.

  60. Kimberly Perkins says:

    He is my King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is all together lovely! He is my sovereign Father that loves me unconditionally! He is my Prince of Peace! My Rose of Sharon! He’s my Jehovah Jireh- my provider! He is my everything!!!

  61. Kylie Johnson says:

    My peace, my comfort in anxious times, my rock when I hit rock bottom, my hope that there is more to life than what the world has to offer, and my hope knowing I’m not yet home, and heaven awaits.

  62. Abasiomokop Etuk says:

    He is my peace.

  63. Sherrylyn Nwokeji says:

    Jesus is the son of God the Father and at the same time the same and equal with God the Father. He is our savior,because of his sacrifice we have been saved. He is the way and the light and it is only through him that we can make heaven.

  64. Lydia Irby says:

    When we answer the question of who Christ is in our lives, He affirms our position and confirms our purpose. To know that Jesus is the exact representation of God is mind boggling. How was all of that glory contained in an earthen vessel? Today He is Emmanuel. God with me. In the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t have to go experience it, solve it, fix it in my own power.

  65. Allison Sherwood says:

    I am so excited to start this study. It has once been said to me that the more you know who God is, the more you can know yourself and who God has called you to be, and I believe it! Ready to dive into more of my identity in Christ these next couple of weeks!

  66. Christina Murphy says:

    Hello all…im quite new to this…but here is my interpretation of today’s lesson…I would say that “fruit” is more of a term used to describe the bounty or produce of our hard work …like fruit if the labor….hard work . Makes something sweet most of the time. Sometimes that fruit can be rotten or spoiled despite our best efforts. But non the less it is still fruitfulness.
    And I think who I say I am is way more important than who they say I am…but in the end we should focus on who HE says we are??

  67. Nicole Easy says:

    My saviour, the king of my heart,

  68. Zoe G says:

    Savior. He saved me. I’m free because of HIM. Nothing I do could surpass His goodness. ♥️

  69. Autumn Milleville says:

    I think it’s interesting to point out that Jesus didn’t ask who others thought He was, but who they “said” He was. He asked the same question of His disciples. What we think He is has less of an impact on His kingdom than what we say He is. When we talk to others, who do we say Jesus is? Do we share our relationship with Him in the same terms we think of Him to be? When I talk to others about my husband, I refer to him as such more often than I call him by his name. Our relationship is where I place his value to me in my conversations. When I speak of Jesus, I rarely do the same. I call him by his name rather than by the term of relationship I get to enjoy with Him…Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Father. I wonder, if I were to change how I referred to Him in conversation, how would the my sphere of influence begin to view Him?

    1. Melanie Braun says:

      Thank you for sharing that reflection! That gives me a lot to think about.

    2. Mackenzie Tomes says:

      Love the parallel to the relationship with your husband and the relationship with our Savior.

    3. Lina Adjogble says:

      That’s such a great reflection

    4. Ashley Wright says:

      Thanks for this! I appreciate you sharing your thoughtful reflection.

  70. Jenny Monico says:

    The Holy one

  71. Jenny Monico says:

    The Holy one. The air that I breath.

  72. Cecilia Apudo says:

    My ABBA Father. He’s truly my daddy

  73. Manilyn Ponce says:

    He is my all in all. Jesus is the only Lord.

  74. Sam says:

    If I had been asked this a year ago I would have responded with “He is my Savior, Comforter, Healer, and Friend” but in February I found out that I cannot have children. Since that heartbreaking news I began to view God as just God, nothing specific for me. Seeing the title of this study, I figured it was time to start remembering who God specifically is. Then Psalm 113:9 popped up “He give the childless woman a household, making her the joyful mother of children.” Maybe through this study and addressing my fears, I can begin to see God specifically and as the one who will form our family, though it may not look how I imagined or in the time frame I planned.

    Thanks for pointing me toward hope!

  75. Alicia Aguilar says:

    He is my peace. So much during my life I tend to lean into my own understanding. As I struggle with anxiety I find it difficult to feel I am not in control. As I let go and let Jesus take the reins of my life, I feel that anxiety fade. I know so little of the grand plan he has for this world and for me. He is my foundation and savior.

  76. Cayla Sandlin says:

    He is my strength, my treasure, and my ALL! I know these things to be true in my heart, but struggle always put it to practice!

    1. Cindy Jara says:

      Putting it into practice is always a challenge. Your comment echoed my train of thought.

  77. Angela Kautz says:

    He is Who He says He is. This question always reveals to me how self-focused I am. When I hear ‘who do you say I am’, I often immediately think of myself in ways like ‘redeemed’ but don’t think about Him. I think of myself in response to Him. Splitting hairs possibly, but this question reveals to me today that I am once again seeing the Gospel in light of myself and it’s impact on me – instead of seeing myself in view of the Gospel. Oh precious grace!

  78. Corinna Adams says:

    My Savior, Redeemer, the Lord Almighty, my best friend, my love, my peace, my comfort, my safe place, my teacher, my EVERYTHING!! ❤️ I am a child of God.

  79. Kelsey Jones says:

    This word is right in line with the season I’m in right now! As a new mom to a 5 month old I’ve been going back and forth lately on my self worth and worrying about how others view me. Then this morning God challenged me to think less on who I am and more on who He is. This really reminded me that it’s not about me portraying who I want others to see me as but being a mirror of who He is. So what better way than to study who He is!

  80. Michelle LynnDill says:

    Jesus is my best friend , my Savior, my comforter! I pray that I will continue to bear more and more fruit so others can see how life changing His love is!

  81. Kate Cox says:

    All I can think of in response to this, is that scene in the Prince of Egypt when Moses asks the burning bush who he is, and the voice of the Spirit responds, “I am that I am.”

    It’s redundant, probably, but that’s who Jesus is to me. He is who He is. He is everything all at once to me. He’s present even when I’m not. He’s quiet when I’m loud. He… is who He is, and He’s exactly who He is supposed to be in all my varying moments.

    1. Diane Burns says:

      Love your response.

  82. Ashley Kelton says:

    He is my shelter and encourager!

  83. Katelyn Myers says:

    To me Jesus is my therapist and my comfort. I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember and have turned many sleepless nights into “prayer nights.” My God understands my fears and my worries. He protects me and he loves me more than I could ever imagine.

    1. Michelle LynnDill says:

      Yes! Me too girl. Amen

  84. Skye Anderson says:

    I have no idea who Jesus is to me. I’m trying to figure it out.
    Some days he feels so tangibly my main man and other days I doubt that he’s there at all. Learning about faith and trying to become secure. Hope you strong ladies don’t mind a newbie joining ☺️

    1. Julie Waldvogel says:

      Skye, welcome! Glad to have you join our community, sister!

    2. Angela Henderson says:

      I love your reply too! I ha

    3. Angela Henderson says:

      I love your reply too! I have recently accepted Jesus in my life ! It is still so great however can be confusing! I have so many wonderful sisters in Christ that guide me !

    4. Angie Guimaray says:

      Skye, I think the whole point of this community is that we are all in this together. Sure, some are farther in their faith journey, but we can all learn from each other so thanks for being so transparent and willing to search!! I pray you get the answers, clarity and support here that you need.

    5. Diane Burns says:

      Hang in there Skye. He’s always there and always cares.

    6. Diane Burns says:

      Great response Angela.

    7. Melanie Braun says:

      Glad to hear your brave and honest response! There is a scripture that says “I believe, forgive my unbelief”. There is a journey here for all of us and our strength is not our own. Welcome and love to you!

  85. Ashley White says:

    Very good, really got me thinking

  86. Savannah King says:

    I have two modes: complete recluse or people pleasing due to anxiety. I don’t like making people feel uncomfortable. Reminding myself that Jesus needs bold women to spread his word. To me, Jesus is my therapist & leader. I can tell Him everything – that He already knows – and He shows me ways to stop being me, and how to start living the way He wants me to.

  87. Agnes Mahendran says:

    Jesus is my defender, and comfort. And he is my absolute truth.

  88. Samantha Martin says:

    I always struggle with Gods heart for me individually. I struggle with knowing that He died for ME. I know I’m saved but I add myself to the group. He loves me because He loves all people and He saves me because it is His will that everyone be saved and know Him- or these are the thoughts I struggle with anyway. I’m still walking through this with Him, slowly seeing His true heart for me. He recently revealed to me that He is not like people- simple, I know. And that’s exactly what numbers 23:9 says, which I’ve ironically had memorized for years now. But it’s only finally clicking that He is not like me. He doesn’t look at me and put on a face or say the nice things and hold in the not-so-nice things. & I’m praying He redeems how I see Him as I go through this plan. Because He is not human.. but I expect Him to act like one. Jesus thank you for showing me my sin and forgiving it once for all. Speak truth to my soul and reveal who you truly are to me. You are on the throne and in control. Have your way, Lord Jesus.

  89. Yvonne Harding says:

    My Lord.

  90. Callie Carnes says:

    To me, Jesus is my savior, safe place, and comfort in the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through (which I’m going through currently). He is just what I need to lean on and I am so grateful for Him.

  91. Emmy P says:

    Thank you God for sharing your peace with my spirit. Excited to read more on my Savior

  92. Mazie Grant says:

    Jesus is living and active. Dead idols don’t move. They don’t hear. They don’t see. God is the true God who hears, sees, and acts. He does not give empty promises like idols I tend to run to (approval, relationships, my job..). His promises are true. Ultimately saving humanity from sin and bringing us to God- fulfilled. In my life, he has been active in every move my husband and I have made. Granting us community and also sustaining us. He has given us a roof over our head and protected us. Even when we didn’t know what tomorrow would bring he sustained us. Through tears, he saw us. Through sadness, he saw us. Groaning, he heard us. Pain- he was with us. He kept us in the dry seasons and in seasons of harvest. We are thankfully in a better season than the past two years, but he used those hard seasons to make us look more like him. So thankful!

  93. Rachel Resetz says:

    For me – He is my comforter, my hiding place and my savior. He pulled me out of the darkest corners of my life and brought me into the light. When I couldn’t see a reason to live, he placed people in my life that just asked me to trust and because of that I’m still here to guide other people to know there is light at the end of the tunnel it does get better.

    For me that’s what fruit is too, see other people flourish not because of you but because they saw him through you

  94. Larissa M. says:

    Who do you say I am?: “In the end it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. Each of us must answer Jesus’s questions for ourselves.”

    These sentences really hit my heart today. How will I answer this question? Am I working every day on my relationship with Jesus? Do people “see” me and know that I am his and he is mine? Questions for my mind and heart to reflect on today. Thank you for this reading today!

  95. Reader OfTheWord says:

    Love this

  96. Jess Stevens says:

    “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact expression of his nature, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” For me, Jesus teaches me how to express God’s love to others and how I should love myself. With grace. God wants us to love his creation, just as he loves us. As the devotion I read this morning stated, “I am loved. Not because of how terrific I am. God doesn’t base his affection in my wilted efforts. No, God’s love isn’t based on me. It’s simply placed on me. And it’s the place from which I should live….loved”

    1. Maria Campbell says:

      So beautiful…”God’s love isn’t based on me. It’s simply placed on me.”

  97. Bryanna Lynne says:

    In my time of need, God has always been there. Jesus saves me when I am at my most overwhelmed state. Which is now. Between a deceased dog then a new puppy. To leaving the nest to a new home this week. To working hard at my new full time office position. All while trying to keep up with my online college courses towards a brighter future. God has been my go too when I need to catch a break. I’m glad to finally be a part of this group from the first day! I’ve got a lot going on, but I’d like to start getting into the habit of getting involved daily with a community of people yearning for more of God. ❤️

    1. Katrina Moorhead says:

      As I read your post I was drawn to share thoughts from a book I’m reading: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. The beauty of the Daily office, ( as he calls it-) and the Sabbath.
      Sabbath- Really stopping for 24 hrs to let God rejuvenate our person…& the “Daily” practice of 3-4 times a day; stopping to reconnect or connect on purpose to God’s amazing grace and Spirit as we walk out the day…
      So good! Be blessed, Katrina

  98. Emily Forget says:

    I am who I am because of him! Great reminder for me today as I was faced with self doubt and feeling defeated for how someone treated me today. I’m so blessed to be a child of God and trusting him with my life. ❤️

  99. Miya Preston says:

    After reading this, I started singing “Our God” by Chris Tomlin! The lyrics are the perfect truth of this study! ❤️

  100. Ashley Thomas says:

    I am often too quick with my words. This problem has plagued me since I was a child. My “smart mouth” has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years. Luckily, my tongue is also quick to praise Jesus. I am who he says I am. I will always speak up for what is right- for my children, for my family, for others.

  101. Chelsea Adkins says:

    Glad to have you here! ❤️

  102. Peggy Larmore says:

    Jesus is my everything, I’m nothing without Him!

  103. Kelly Williams says:

    Jesus to me is the way. During times of difficulty, joy, celebration, struggle, etc. Jesus provides guidance and example for how to respond. Also a never ending desire to seek him out!

  104. Audrey Flores says:

    Jesus is my rock, my savior, and healer. He is my teacher and answers all my questions that I ask of Him. He is the Messiah sent to save me from sin. I can’t wait to know him more.

  105. Churchmouse says:

    Sweet friends, I have not heard from Tina as of yet. Prayerfully hoping to read her wise comments here again soon.

    1. Claire B says:

      Thank you, I have had a growing concern. Praying she is well.

  106. Patty McWilliams says:

    Jesus is my BEYOND… His love, His protection, His protection, His commitment, His compassion, and on and on… is BEYOND anything I can imagine, and BEYOND everything I need.

  107. Jajas says:

    I read the Bible for the first time over the course of three years, and I finished that journey in April 2018. It was a transformative experience for me, and I intended to continue studying the Word after I was done – I even was part of this community – but it only lasted a few months before my Bible was back on the shelf collecting dust. How quickly I lost my way after so much diligence!

    But something has been nagging at me for a couple months now, and after a stressful summer I realize it’s been God patiently tapping me on my shoulder saying, “Come back to me, Child.”

    What a relief it is to know that even when we have forgotten Him, He still remains faithful to us. What a humbly realization it is to be reminded that my true strength lies in Christ. And what a blessing it is to have communities like SRT to bring light into this temporary world.

    “Who do you say that I am?”
    I say You are my Savior whom I so desperately need.

    1. Sharon W says:

      Beautiful words, praying for continuing study forever, the deeper you go in His Word, the more you desire of Him. He is life to me!

  108. Krystle says:

    Claire, I’ve been wondering about Tina too! I’ve been praying that she’s doing well, and hopefully we’ll hear from her again soon!

  109. Courtney says:

    Angie and Churchmouse, I echo your sentiments and thank you for sharing them. You ladies are a true blessing in my life.

    I thank Jesus for who He is and for all of my sisters at SRT!

  110. Leziga Barikor says:

    I’ve read this so many times but just today noticed how Christ’s identity is wrapped in the Father’s. Peter says Jesus is the son of the living God. It reminds me how near God is to us and active in revealing Himself through His son.

    1. Allison Yorga says:

      Yes! I was blown away by this

    2. April Delrosario says:

      Agree. So good.

  111. Mari V says:

    He is the One true living God. My comforter. My healer. My EVERYTHING! I cannot do life without HIM! I can’t even imagine it!

  112. Kelsey . says:

    To me Jesus is everything

  113. Amber Trimble says:

    You are my comfort and my strength.

  114. Claire B Brock says:

    Churchmouse, have you ‘heard’ from Tina? I have not ‘seen’ her on SRT in a long time.

  115. Claire B Brock says:

    Churchmouse, have you ‘heard’ from Tina? I have not ‘seen’ her on SRT in a long time.

  116. Steph says:

    The radiance of God’s glory.
    The exact expression of His nature.
    Sustaining all things by his powerful word.
    Makes purification for my sins.
    Seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high.
    The Messiah.
    The Son of the living God.
    Wonderful Counselor.
    Mighty God.
    Eternal Father.
    Prince of Peace.
    Establisher of justice and righteousness.
    Shatters the oppressive yoke.
    Exalted above.
    Enthroned on high.
    He raises the poor from the dust.
    Lifts the needy from the trash heap.
    He gives me joy.

    I am so grateful and thankful!

    1. Chelsea Adkins says:

      Amen! Love this!

  117. Angie says:

    Who do I say you are Jesus?
    I begin the list.
    You are Everything…
    my Morning and Night
    my Yesterday, every yesterday
    my Redeemer
    Author of Praise,
    and Worship
    giver of every good gift
    deserving All Glory
    Giver… of love, of life…of truth…of Yourself
    The Word
    One who walks with me
    One True God
    In every moment of today you are not enough…You are everything, You are all, You are Limitless and Almighty.
    As in every tomorrow for eternity
    For You are boundless
    Thank you.

    1. Brylee Gover says:

      Amen ❤️

  118. Kelly Chataine says:

    Who is Jesus to me? Well, the more that I read the Bible the more evident it is that He is the Word. He always spoke God’s Word. That’s what I pray for and one of the reasons for study to be able to speak God’s Word!

    1. Allison Yorga says:


  119. Kristen says:

    These scriptures are wonderful and beautiful and worth reading again and then reflecting on these truths!

    1. Kerry Rowley says:

      I thought the same thing. These scriptures say “it all”.

  120. Churchmouse says:

    I have a dear young friend who is a people pleaser. Ask her a question beyond the weather and she will hem and haw, trying desperately to come up with the answer she thinks I want to hear, that will seem acceptable, that keeps us on common ground. She’s aware that she does this and she’s trying to become better at articulating her beliefs and owning them for herself. It isn’t always easy to define your convictions and put them out there for all to critique or acknowledge. But Jesus asks us to be bold and claim our responses to others’ questions. We are to let our yes be yes and our no be no. No hemming or hawing about who Jesus is. No equivocating or gauging the opinions of the group. Say it like it is. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Boldly. Confidently. Because you know the Truth. Rock solid truth. Jesus desires honesty and transparency. How refreshing in this day and age!

    1. Jan Brown says:

      Thanks, I struggle with being a people pleaser; need to keep my focus.

    2. Diane Burns says:

      Well said. These are things I’m continually working on and praying about.

    3. Kayla Forsythe says:

      This is excellent. Working on this particular fault myself – I am getting much better at it. I usually had a problem giving out truth on something negative – either a negative topic or negative feedback. I’ve embraced it and so far haven’t lost any friends! Most keep coming back for my thoughts, so I’d say they appreciate it more than just telling them wha they want to hear. Sometimes they don’t come back, but I’m not here to help them validate what they already want to do.

    4. Moriah Johnson says:

      Lord, rid me of me. Remove my timid heart and allow me to be bold with your word.

    5. Melissa Rigdon says:

      I love this!

    6. Taylor S says:

      Thank you for these encouraging words. I too am a people pleaser.

    7. Jessica KellyCroxton says:

      Same. It’s often hard for me to say exactly how I feel for fear of upsetting someone, starting conflict or damaging a relationship. I have to remember that just as much as I respect honesty in my relationships, so do others. And ultimately, my true friends aren’t my friends because I always agree with them and they won’t stop being my friend because I am honest with them. Honestly, it will probably bring us closer.

      I think that fear is one of the greatest destroyer of life. Of dreams. Of us living the lives that God has called us to live. I have to remind myself daily that the enemy uses fear as a tool to keep us stagnant and that God did not give us a spirit of fear; then reposition myself and turn to Jesus.

    8. Dana Clements says:

      This is a great reminder!! Thank you!!