Weekly Truth

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2 Corinthians 5:17

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the good news of Jesus with us wherever we go. 

For the last three weeks of this plan, we have been memorizing our second key verse, 2 Corinthians 5:17. This week, we’ll combine the parts of 2 Corinthians 5:17.

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, and see, the new has come!
—2 Corinthians 5:17

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88 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. alexandra shoemaker says:

    This plan completely changed me and my relationship with our Lord Jesus. I am so thankful to have read and connected with your wonderful SRT ladies. Thank you for helping me to be made new❤️

  2. Kerry Rowley says:

    I wrote to Ryan Myers. He responded that they hear us and are working on a complete overhaul of the app to be released later this year. There is HOPE! Pray for the team.

  3. Tammy Stecker says:

    Still no app on day 15

  4. Tammy Stecker says:

    Wednesday. Still not working

    1. Hannah Lamb says:

      Hi there! Please reach out to our Community Engagement Team at [email protected] and they would be happy to help.

  5. Priscilla Velasquez says:

    Is the app still not working? I can’t get to the new study.

    1. Kerry Rowley says:


  6. Kerry Rowley says:

    I am continuing to have problems downloading the new study.

    1. Hannah Lamb says:

      Hey there! Unfortunately, we are still experiencing a glitch in our app that isn’t allowing People of Remembrance to download. We encourage you to keep checking back on the app for updates. In the meantime, feel free to read along through our website until we are able to get this issue fixed – https://shereadstruth.com/plans/people-of-remembrance/.

  7. Gayle Craik says:

    I am doing an advent study in The Bible App

  8. Courtney Triplett says:

    For year-long subscribers, do we need a code to get People Of Remembrance in the app or does that happen automatically? (Once the app issues are handled)

  9. Laura-Kati Juntunen says:

    Hi sisters! I was just reminded of something a wise woman told me long ago. She was the head organizer of a main Christian youth festival in Nordic countries, reaching 15-20k of youth during a weekend. She told me that we especially need to remember to pray for technology and people who work with it. In this world we live in, we need technology to preach the gospel. And that’s where the enemy is also working and trying to prevent the gospel to be preached. She had seen this so many times (and so have I).

    So let’s pray together for the technology and everyone working on SRT to get the tehchology working! Let’s bless them for the work they do to preach gospel everyday in this digital world we live in ❤️

    1. Fabi Hamstra says:

      So good Laura!

  10. Heidi V says:

    Thanks Kerry!!!

  11. Kerry Rowley says:

    Day 3 people of remembrance.

    Scripture Reading: Exodus 2:23-25, Exodus 6:2-8, Exodus 12:1-42, Exodus 13:3-16, John 1:29-30

    Have you ever stopped to really think about how God made our bodies? He could have made us more like calculating robots with the ability to download and regurgitate information, but He didn’t. He made us fragile, with emotions and souls. He made us with five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. I’m sure there are a myriad of reasons our Creator did this, but sometimes I wonder if God created senses to help us lock in memories. To remember what He has done for us and through us. Has a song from decades past, a bite of your grandma’s cooking, or an old perfume ever transported you to locked away memories?

    If you grew up in the church, you likely have heard the story of the exodus dozens of times, but we must not allow it to become rote recitation. Becoming apathetic to the miraculous work of God in the scriptures and in our hearts renders us without joy as believers.

    Let’s slow down, and transport our senses to what the Passover experience may have been like. I like to imagine how it would have been if an Israelite woman had kept a diary entry at the time.

    “While I wait for either certain death or salvation, I feel tightening in my chest, giving way to self-soothing deep breaths. My thoughts race—will this be the time Pharoah really lets us go? Will Yahweh be all He says He is, or will His wrath turn on us too? It’s getting dark! Twilight is the signal…now silence, shortly followed by wailing Egyptians. I smell blood, bitter herbs, and meat wafting up through windows and under our noses. Has the angel of death passed over us?”

    I’m sure the Israelites thought they wouldn’t soon forget the drama of this night, but God knew they would without intention. Even in the instructions for the first Passover, He began to set up rituals for remembrance.

    We forget, too, but thank God He does not forget us.

    The rescue from Pharaoh’s slavery points to our even greater rescue from sin—which is central to the big-picture story of Scripture. The exodus Passover lamb also calls us forward to the Lamb of God that would be coming for a once-for-all sacrifice: Jesus, God in the flesh.

    John the Baptist declared: “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).

    Take some time today to meditate on how God has been faithful to you. Look at the past circumstances He has worked in. Maybe they are prayers answered or unexpected deliverance. Hold these earthly blessings with dear thankfulness, cultivating remembrance to allow God to comfort you in current worries or unknowns.

  12. Tammy Stecker says:

    I emailed this morning

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Hey there! We’re so sorry for any confusion. We are currently experiencing a glitch in our app that isn’t allowing People of Remembrance to download. Please visit this link to read along through our website until we are able to get this issue fixed – https://shereadstruth.com/plans/people-of-remembrance/.

      1. Olgera Haywood says:

        Hi! It keeps asking me to pay. It don’t show the plan

        1. Hannah Lamb says:

          Hi! We are currently experiencing a glitch in our app that isn’t allowing People of Remembrance to be downloaded or purchased for our users. This issue has been reported to our app development team, and they are currently working to get the problem corrected as soon as possible.

          In the meantime, you can read along with People of Remembrance on our website at shereadstruth.com/plans. Like our app, you will find the daily scripture along with the devotion and community board through our website.

  13. Jody Striker says:

    I’m so relieved it’s not just me! I keep checking and it’s not showing up.

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Hey there! We’re so sorry for any confusion. We are currently experiencing a glitch in our app that isn’t allowing People of Remembrance to download. Please visit this link to read along through our website until we are able to get this issue fixed – https://shereadstruth.com/plans/people-of-remembrance/.

  14. Searching says:

    They sent my comment with a link to moderation so if you can’t find People of Remembrance, try using info below to reach Day 3 – take out the space between the / and r when you search.

    shereadstruth.com/ remember-gods-rescue/

    Sisters, they are working on the app issue. Someone mentioned a pay wall for the website but I have never encountered one.

  15. Searching says:

    Sisters, they are working on the app issue.

    Here’s the link to Day 3 for People of Remembrance if you are having trouble. Someone mentioned a pay wall for the website but I have never encountered one.


  16. Olgera Haywood says:

    I’m trying to read the current plan on line but it’s asking me to pay smh.. so frustrating

  17. Mary Jane Papacoda says:

    Glad I’m not the only one! It will show up soon. I’m sure ❤️

  18. Denise N says:

    No People of Remembrance yet……

  19. Erin K says:

    So frustrating that the new plan isn’t showing up on the app still. I love SRT and the beautiful design they make everything with, but the app seems to have so many bugs all the time.

  20. Gayle Craik says:

    Totally getting annoyed & am also using The Bible App which never has issues.

  21. Mia Faith says:

    They need to overhaul this app!

  22. Patti McCarver says:

    Where is People of Remembrance

  23. Victoria Fowlkes says:

    They have been messing up the devotional

  24. dawn stamper says:

    I’m having the same problem and sent them an email this morning

  25. Lisa S says:

    I can’t seem to find the new plan on the website. Can someone share a link?

  26. Dawn Brisson says:

    So I am still having trouble getting to new plan on app any Idea when this will be fixed? Its a little annoying on the website reading it.

  27. Stephanie Wilsey says:


  28. Victoria E says:

    Commenting here bc I too cannot find the new study. It’s been a privilege to study and pray with you all.

  29. Teresa Brown says:

    Hmm…newest plan still not available?

  30. Jill Smith says:

    Still not downloaded on app??

  31. Hallie Waters says:


  32. Dawn Brisson says:

    When is the new plan going to be on app

  33. Jessica Suderman says:

    I’ve been struggling to forgive myself…I needed this verse today.

  34. Mari V says:

    Good morning, sweet She’s. The new studies not on the app yet, but you can go to the website and it’s there already.

    1. Jeannine Orr says:


  35. Heather Hahn says:

    What are we moving onto as a group reading as of today? Are we in a “Grace week”? I didn’t receive an email. Per my subscriber boxes we should be moving on to the “People of Remembrance” study…..Guess I’ll grab my paperback copy.

  36. Cee Gee says:

    GAYLE CRAIK, DAWN BRISSON- Look for this; it should be first on your screen (on the website, anyway).

    People of Remembrance
    21 DAYS

  37. Dawn Brisson says:

    What is the new reading plan not showing up

    1. Gayle Craik says:

      Same. It gets frustrating

  38. Gayle Craik says:

    Where do we go today?

  39. Yvonne Morter says:

    So much joy reading this. I need Gods promises every day to give me hope. I do have one big request. Can you make the type bigger in the books? I bought the books but struggle and squint to red it. Does it come in a la he print version?

  40. Wanda Woehlert says:


  41. Rachel Lotz says:


  42. Adrienne says:

    I don’t know if I’m just noticing it more because of this study… one of the messages in church today was from 2 Cor. 5: 17-21!

    The message was that we get rid of the old… not rehab it. Sweet!

    Hoping and praying that all sweet She’s have sweet sleep tonight, after you watch the Super Bowl… (If you’re watching, of course.)

  43. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy Sunday ladies!! Praying for you all today. Thank you soo much for the prayers! I feel extremely relieved to have gotten through this weekend haha. @Searching – thank you so much for the prayers about my coworker as well. Praying I can learn to be more king and have patience with her as I work with her this week. @Taylor – I totally understand the anxiety of coming on here at times. I feel like getting through all the comments can be hard for me. So many of you are so so good and intentional about preaching for each other and I am so grateful for that.

  44. LindaK says:

    Thankful for the answers to Shes prayer requests. Thank you Shes for the many comments, stories, songs that you post to encourage us to study the word of God. Thankful to be a new creation in Christ! Thank you Shes for your prayers for my recent laser procedure. I am doing well and am believing that when I go back for my follow up visit( 1 month) that the procedure will have proven successful.

  45. Erin K says:

    This study started slow for me but ended with a huge burst of motivating energy. I was not expecting one of the key themes to be that we are invited to participate right now in the renewal of all things. I was thinking just of the promises of the future, not about Jesus’ word that “the Kingdom of God is among you.” I’m also going to remember the phrase from this week’s podcast for a long time: “in church as it is in heaven.”

  46. Cindy Hanna says:

    I have loved this study. So many times my head was full of “stinkin thinkin ” when the day began but after doing the reading and comments my heart had a lighter outlook!. Have a blessed Sunday She’s!

  47. Munchkin says:

    Thank you to all who prayed. I am well enough to go to work today. Whoo hoo! I pray that everyone have a good Sunday, however that looks like for you. Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I know some will be with family and friends to watch. I heard there will be a few Jesus commercials this year. May it plant a seed to all who see it.

    I watch the Super Bowl, but mostly for the commercials and the family time.

  48. Mari V says:

    THIS, was one of the most amazing studies! I loved how we were given a short prompt then CHALLENGED to give our reflection, thoughts, insights, and for me the best part, to engage with one another. I learned a LOT from all of you! As Christians it is very vital that we get into the WORD, be part of a bible study. Though we may not physically “see” one another, I love how we can come here and support one another, pray for each other,and CRY with each other. I consider you FAMILY and I can’t wait to meet you all someday. My heart misses those who are not longer here or have for one reason or another not part of SRT anymore. Those ladies are missed. Happy Sunday sweet She’s! AND let us remember in Christ WE are a new creation! The NEW has come! Hallelujah! I love you all! See you tomorrow when we start the much anticipated Lent Study!

  49. Kebrina Vinglas says:

    I have loved this study! What an incredible hope and promise that God is at work now restoring the brokenness of this world. ❤️

  50. Kebrina Vinglas says:


  51. Karen Breaux says:

  52. Allison Bentley says:

    Thank you Lord for giving us another day to learn and try again! You are making us new everyday- I pray our hearts stay soft so You can shape them. “For my eyes have seen your salvation. You have prepared it in the presence of all peoples” Luke 2:30-31. Happy Sunday She’s! Looking forward to learning with you all this lent season! ☮️❤️

  53. Searching says:

    Amen and thank you- RHONDA J & KELLY (NEO) yesterday and today ❤️

    CANDICE ALONZO – welcome

    SHARON JERSEY GIRL & KELLY (NEO) praying for those getting baptized today, and for hearts to be drawn to Jesus in the services

    LYNNE FROM AL – love you sister! ❤️ praying for you and Jack on this difficult and painful journey.

    MUNCHKIN- praying for good health

    LINDA IN NC – praying for you sister-in-law, family and medical team

    CEE GEE – praise the Lord for the resolution yesterday, and love to read your comments as they bless my heart each time ❤️

  54. Adrienne says:

    Amen! We are new, sweet sisters!

  55. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    @Lynn from Alabama – Much prayers for you and Jack. ❤️

  56. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Good morning ladies! This study has been a blessing! Looking forward the next one and seeing each of you there. I am a new creation – Hallelujah!

    Today we have 9 people getting baptist, prayers please – that all will go well, that anyone attending who is lost will be saved, and for any saved who have not been baptized, that God would move their heart to do so…and may Satan and all his demons flee and have no presence in or near our service to distract!!

    @Linda in NC – I will be praying for your sister in law – may God’s hand be upon her tomorrow!
    @Sarah D – So well said, bless your heart. Continued prayers that God will bring that special person into your life!

    Happy Lord’s Day y’all!

  57. Cheryl Blow says:

    I have really enjoyed this plan with all of you. So thankful that God is making all things new! Kelly thank for sharing Ezek 36:26 with us. Just remember that the tough times God is using to refine us. He wastes nothing but uses all things for our good. It is in the Trusting where we grow the most!

    Can’t wait for our next one!

  58. Cee Gee says:

    LINDA IN NC – You blessed my heart I look for you on here as well! ❤
    I will be praying for your sister in law and for safety and success with the surgery! I have a friend in her area if you need a contact of support for her.

  59. stephanie johnson says:

    Kinda sad this plan is over, it has greatly blessed me! Happy Sunday SRT sisters!

  60. Rhonda J. says:


    We are clothed in a new…new mind, new Spirit, new personality, a new gentleness, a new reflection when problems hit. There is a new song by Brandon Lake I have been listening to, a Coat of Many Colors that says

    Red was the blood that saved me
    White was the light that pulled me from the dark
    Gold was the crown You placed upon my head
    That showed me who You are
    With mercy and grace
    I’ve been embraced
    Like no other
    I gave You my heart
    You gave me a coat of many colors

    And I love the verse..”now I live in the King’s Palace!!” Hallelujah!

    We talked about this in Jail Ministry, that we are washed clean once we accept Jesus, and that our life can take a new direction from that point! That is so amazing..especially for them that need a new 2nd half!
    Sorry rushed…gotta get ready!!! I’m gonna be late!!

  61. Aimee D-R says:


  62. Linda in NC says:

    Good morning sweet sisters! I’m not posting often, but try to keep up with the prayer requests. Cee Gee, I look for you on here! So good to many are praying daily for the needs of us care givers. So many ups and downs even daily.
    My sister-in-law in Greenwood SC is a having risky surgery for a blockage below her groin tomorrow. If this one is w/o complications (she had major stroke with last one) then they will do an even more risky surgery to unblock an artery below her kidney. Prayers are a really appreciated for her and her family as there is great concern that she can survive this surgery. Thank you so much for praying for them (and for me)❤

    1. Mari V says:

      Linda, praying RIGHT now for your sister-in-law. Praying for the doctors hands that will be upon her.. And praying for her family.

  63. Danielle B says:

    Ladies what a blessing this study and you all have been! So much to glean and grow in together. Thank you @Kelly (NEO) for the Ezekiel verse what a wonderful reminder my heart of stone has been replaced with a new heart!

    Praying for all you wonderful ladies today! May we each receive what we need in our worship today!

  64. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies! Praying for you @Lynne from Alabama, for comfort during this time.
    Thank you for your prayers for me. I met the guy my roommate is dating yesterday and I’m so thankful that I did not feel jealous or sad during or after. It did make me think though that the guy I like is still someone I’m interested in. But I’ve decided to let him go and keep trusting the Lord’s timing. I feel like I have a feeling that it might be him, but I know I can’t always trust my feelings. If am single, the Lord has me here for a reason. The Lord would have me in a relationship if it was the right time. I have to remind myself that I am not less than and that the Lord still sees my desire. Yet I am trying to be thankful for what I do have, rather than being sad about what I don’t have. I pray that when I am in a relationship, it would be a complete God story and reflect Christ to other people. Praying for you all, especially my fellow single ladies this week!

  65. Theresa Storie says:


  66. Stephanie Wilsey says:


  67. Jamie ❤️ says:

    Praying for all church services today. Praying for souls to be saved, healing in bodies, in families, in relationships… Praying for a move of God in each church. Happy Sunday yall! ❤️

  68. Cee Gee says:

    SEARCHING – ❤ You so accurately (consistently) express my thoughts better than I could. That is a special gift; thank you!

  69. Ada McCloud says:


  70. Cee Gee says:

    KELLY NEO – Thank you for sharing one of my favorite verses and the one I leaned into the most with this study! ❤.

    Our memory verse says that *If* I am in Christ, I have been created anew in the here and now! So often we think of our resurrection and THAT ‘newness,’ but we are made new the moment we accept Christ as our Savior! This had been such a reassuring and reaffirming study! Someone said it was their favorite. There is one that holds the#1 slit for me – the Advent study during the Covid shutdown (2021?). This definitely would be my #2! Have a blessed day of worship, SHE SISTERS!

    Praying for our long-term caregivers and those undergoing treatment/medical maintenance –
    May you each experience a peace you know could only be from our Father. We love you all (and any whose name I missed!) and keep you near our hearts. ❤

  71. Kelly (NEO) says:

    As the Lord promised “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezek 36:26).

    Lord, let your love flow through my new heart like blood flows through my physical heart.

    MUNCHKIN – hope you were feeling better and able to go into work today

    SHARON, JERSEY GIRL – it is baptism Sunday at our church too! One of my favorite gatherings! May all who take this step today sense God’s presence and pleasure.