Day 21

Weekly Truth

from the Everything New reading plan

Revelation 21:5

BY She Reads Truth

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the good news of Jesus with us wherever we go. 

For the first three weeks of this plan, we have been memorizing one of our key verses, Revelation 21:5. This week, we’ll combine the two parts of Revelation 21:5. 

Then the one seated on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new.” He also said, “Write, because these words are faithful and true.” 
—Revelation 21:5

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  1. Dori Brown says:


  2. Hallie Waters says:


  3. Amy Ashcraft says:

    Praise God for all things new through Him

  4. Karen Wilson says:

    Recently we left one church where my husband had been pastor for 10 plus years. It seemed as if things were ata stand still no matter what we did. Love from the community but not much participation where we were within the church. Then God opened up a door at a church an hour away. He was doing great but I was feeling a little lost. I had been so busy and now nothing. Looking for a part time job praying for what God wanted. Praying for a place to minister within the church without begging, just waiting. Then this week we were to go back and address some of the pressing things in our lives from a previous part of the book.

    My last comment was my prayer is that my place will be revealed, my purpose will be more evident, and the job situation would be settled.

    God did it all! In just two days time I was asked to minister with the praise ensemble and then to come to work part time at the church. Ya’ll… God did it! He made all things new for me. I’m not talking about salvation because I had already received that, but a place where I was accepted and respected. I had left it at the savior’s feet and not looked for it but he answered my prayer! Sometimes it is just that easy. All in his time.

  5. Terri Baldwin says:

    He is making everything new……He declares Himself as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty, He will give freely from the spring of the water of life. Those who overcome will inherit all this, while the cowardly, faithless, detestable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will be condemned to the second death in the lake of fire.

  6. Karen Breaux says:

  7. Sarah Scheaf says:

    All things new! Not making new things…making all things new!

  8. Tara B says:

    He is faithful and true!!!

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