Weekly Truth

Open Your Bible

Leviticus 20:26

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry His Word with us wherever we go. 

For this reading plan, we have worked to memorize Leviticus 20:26. Spend some time today reviewing the verse. Keep the instruction in your heart to remind you that God has called us to holiness because we belong to Him.

“You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be mine.”
—Leviticus 20:26

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14 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Kimberly Z says:

    Jennifer loves Jesus love your insight today. I too pray for a simpler life at times and you’re right. It’s more about being able to walk and seek God. Amen.

  2. LindaK says:

    Praying for you Mercy, Susan and all who are grieving. Thank you to all who added information to aid our understanding in Leviticus. If you happen to come here Sunday evening please remember me in prayer for my hand surgery at 7:45 on tomorrow (Monday) Love and blessings to all♥️

  3. TIna says:

    Mercy, I am sorry for the loss of your uncle. Joining our SRT sisters as we pray for peace of heart for all and that you, Mercy, will be the Light of Christ to those in darkness.. praying God be with you as you minister His love and comfort to the family.

  4. Lexi B says:

    Mercy, I am so sorry about the loss of your uncle; I lost mine almost a year ago the same way. Praying for you, your family and that they grow to know the love of Jesus.

  5. Heidi V says:

    Sorry that broke up into multiple posts! I didn’t realize I pressed the dreaded return “button”!

  6. Heidi V says:

    For those of you who don’t have the study book, I thought I would share the Benediction to the study.
    Hebrews 10:19 to 23  Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have boldness to enter the sanctuary through the blood of Jesus —  He has inaugurated for us a new and living way through the curtain (that is, through his flesh) —  and since we have a great high priest, over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart, in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed in pure water. Let us hold onto the confession of our hope without wavering, since He who promised is faithful. 

  7. Heidi V says:

    For those of you who don’t have the study book, I thought I would share the Benediction to the study.

  8. Susan Lincks says:


  9. Kristi M says:

    There is a song we sometimes sing at my church and I was reminded of it when reflecting on the key verse. Here are the lyrics: “ I’m not my own; I belong to Jesus. I’m not my own; I belong to Him. He bled and died on Calvary. I’m not my own; I belong to Him.” Short and sweet, but it reminds me of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” We belong to Jesus, and He has provided His Spirt to live in us and to help us honor Him, to be holy as He is holy. What a gift!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Kelly neo, I loved to read that psalm in that translation. It just spells it all out in truth! And Jennifer, your comments are always so powerful and full of wisdom and the love of Jesus.
    I too learned so much from the book of Leviticus but have to admit I felt such an uneasiness when God punished so harshly even calling for people to be stoned or put to death. I understand it was by their own failings and disobedience but I still pray for understanding in my soul.

  11. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    “Be holy, for I am holy” is the motto of Leviticus. The calling of holiness beckons me to walk in faith. Each morning I rise before the sun and I sit with the holy Books, digging around in the Word of life. Holiness is walking with God, it seems so simple. I prayed and prayed for a simpler life a few years back. God was so gracious and patient with me. I had the answer. Let Go. How simple life became when I realized I had only one object to seek and one purpose to fulfill – to walk with God and please Him. The world around me didn’t change, and people were the same. My obligations remained. But, I changed. I became a better vessel, cleaned with tears of joy and the oil of gladness, remade and ready to receive the pouring out of God’s blessings with a better way. In the overflow there is blessing pouring for others. The Levitical call to “be holy” was simplified with Jesus. Follow Him alone. He became the only cleansing ritual we needed to be close to God. Why was I chasing every other thing? Only God gives what I wanted. To be near Him. Simplicity. Holiness. Contentment. Strength. Joy. Love. Mercy. Grace. Endurance. By the blood of Jesus we are set apart. We are made holy. So we can be near and receive the powerful source of all breath and life. Father God, thank You for the gift of simplicity in this world of chaos. I have all that I need in You. As I face each moment, each new day, I will walk with You. Show me what pleases You and help me do it. Let my words and actions reflect Your holiness and glory. Strengthen me for the battles I face now. Prepare me for the battles to come. I know You will equip me to fight the good fight. Show me how to love You with all my heart, and enable me to be obedient. May I not just say be well, but bring life and wellness and goodness to bless the lives of the people You place in my path. Family, friends, strangers. May my life leave a good mark on then for You. Draw them to You through me. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  12. Searching says:

    MERCY – praying for you and your family as you grieve, and that they will come to know Christ

    SUSAN – praying for you and Andy’s wife and children

    Echoing others – I have enjoyed the Leviticus study and it has helped immensely in driving home God’s love and His desire for fellowship with us, so much grace and mercy provided to us – always undeserved and often unnoticed.

    Love you, sisters, see you in the next study tomorrow.

  13. Sharon Smith says:

    God, Almighty you are holy

  14. Kelly (NEO) says:

    MERCY – sorry for your loss. May the Lord use you to bring His peace to your uncle’s grieving family.

    RHONDA J – sounds like your neighbors are going through the normal grieving process. May the Lord give you and your husband wisdom as you minister peace in the strife.

    PS 19:9-13

    9 Worshiping the Lord is sacred;
    he will always be worshiped.
    All his decisions
    are correct and fair.
    10 They are worth more
    than the finest gold
    and are sweeter than honey
    from a honeycomb.

    11 By your teachings, Lord,
    I am warned;
    by obeying them,
    I am greatly rewarded.
    12 None of us know our faults.
    Forgive me when I sin
    without knowing it.
    13 Don’t let me do wrong
    on purpose, Lord,
    or let sin have control
    over my life.
    Then I will be innocent,
    and not guilty
    of some terrible fault.

    Enjoy the Lord’s Day, Shes