Day 7

Weekly Truth

from the Joshua reading plan

Joshua 1:9

BY She Reads Truth

During this reading plan, we will memorize Joshua 1:9. This week, focus on memorizing just the first part. Try saying it aloud three times, writing it down three times, and repeating the pattern to help you remember. 

“Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? 
Do not be afraid or discouraged, 
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
—Joshua 1:9

Save the image below as a lock screen for your phone so you can read these words throughout the day. 

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29 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Beverly Watley says:

    Love this verse!

  2. Paula Strong says:

    That was my Mother~In~Laws name Bea Strong. She always loved this verse. She said it was her namesake.

  3. Idalia Colón says:

    Hi, if you click on the Bible tab on the bottom it takes you to the verses within the Bible portion of the app and there you can click the verse and highlight or take notes

  4. Dorothea Miller says:

    My life verse

  5. Katie Sloan says:

    Love the Lock Screen!

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