Weekly Truth

Open Your Bible

Psalm 119:114

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the good news of Jesus with us wherever we go.

As we read Psalm 119, we will memorize the key verse for this reading plan.

You are my shelter and my shield;
I put my hope in your word.
—Psalm 119:114

To aid in your memorization, copy Psalm 119:114 a few times below.

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31 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Kim Finley says:


  2. Justina Robinson says:


  3. Sydney A says:

    I Do Put My Hope In His Word!

  4. Eryn Murray says:


  5. Natalie Kolnacki says:


  6. Chipo Samantha Chironga says:

    Amen God is tremendously worthy to be praised

  7. Sara Moore says:

    So thankful for she reads truth. Scripture memorization is so important. Especially now. I’m going to try and memorize the plan scriptures with my girls so that it is hidden in their hearts as well.

  8. Lehua says:

    Thank you sisters, I am truly touched by your words and kindness. I have been immersing myself in devotional time, prayer, and spiritual reflection. It has helped so much (and breathing deeply and slowly as well, inhaling faith/peace and exhaling stress/worry). I lift up all of the prayer requests to you Lord, for You are our shield and our hope. Thank You for helping us to all come together in this special place, one of community and togetherness.

  9. Melissa Mcronney says:


  10. Churchmouse says:

    Stacey, who is nurturing you? Pastors pour out but often have very few if any pouring into them. You need soul care even more than your congregation. And it’s tough for a pastor to confide in anyone in their own church because confidentially isn’t always maintained and then the church members quake because they hear their pastor is struggling. Perhaps there’s another pastor in your community with whom you can meet, just as a source of comfort and encouragement to one another, to share helpful resources, to vent in a healthy way, to pray for each other. I was never more lonely than when I was involved in ministry leadership. Yes you have Jesus but you need Jesus with skin on, too. You need that hug, that pat on the back, that eye roll and belly laugh over crazy congregation expectations – you need nurturing from someone who understands and isn’t judgmental. Someone who walks in similar shoes. I’m praying God leads you to that person.

  11. Mari V says:

    Today’s weekly truth was the verse for the day on YouVersion!
    God is good!

    1. Mari V says:

      Oops no it wasn’t but either way as a mom I’m encouraged. Love God’s Word!

      1. Ashley Wilkerson says:

        But it WAS from Psalm 119 which I thought was awesome since we’re studying it here! ❤️

  12. Mari V says:

    I put my hope in Jesus and His protection over my children and I. It gives me comfort they both have a relationship with Jesus! BUT as their mother I am praying for the Holy Spirit to convict them in the areas they need to work on. My heart aches to watch/hear them sometimes how they talk to one another. I know as brother and sister they love each other very much! But there are some very hard areas that we all need to work on.

  13. Chris Swan says:

    This months book in our Faith Box is Be Real. By Rick Bezet. He writes about how important it is for leaders to share our “tiredness”. Our struggles!! Rest in God, be real!!

  14. Sue says:

    Jesus, the Word made flesh, is our hope in all of life’s situations.

    Whether we need shelter from a storm in our life or whether we need a shield when doing battle, we can put our hope in Him.

  15. Sherri says:

    Praying you lean in to the Father, ask Him to refresh you spiritually & physically, He will. His word says He will give rest to all who are weary & burdened.

    May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding as you await your results. I will be praying for you & your coworker.

    Blessings today & always SRT sisters in Christ

  16. Stacey Wilson says:

    I rarely comment here. I do read a few comments and pray each day but this morning I am just really struggling. I have been in full time vocational ministry roles since 2011. In January of this year I became the lead pastor of our church. It has been a roller coaster ride. The past month has just been emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausting. This morning as I sit with my coffee and spend time in the word I am just really feeling the tired and weariness. I just want to crawl back into bed. But it’s Sunday. When you’re the pastor that’s not an option lol I am sure that God has me and has called me but I am just so tired-as I am sure many in ministry, let’s face it, I think we all know this-are. This verse for the week is perfect for my heart and mind this week!

    1. Ashley Sword says:

      Stacey, I’ve felt that way too. I know we all have. I am not a pastor, I am a college coach, but it’s similar, some days the leader is too tired to lead.
      I’ve found sharing my struggle with my team is useful, and it allows them to support me, I’m sure it would be the same with your congregation. They love you and what an awesome gift to see you be vulnerable with them about your struggles and allow them to pray for you and love you and to know they aren’t alone.

      I am not sure you didn’t come here for advice necessarily, you being a tired leader touched my heart. I’ll be praying for you to feel renewed.

      1. Stacey Wilson says:

        Thank you, Ashley! I appreciate your kindness and encouragement!

    2. Violetta Reum says:

      Praying for you, Stacey!! I was also in ministry for years and I so deeply resonate with your weariness. There are no days off. There is no break from your work because it’s so encompassing. Thank you for saying “yes” to Jesus and serving him in this way. May you feel his deep love for you, may you be filled up from his well, may you receive rest for your soul, body and mind. “You are doing well, my good and faithful servant.”

  17. AZ Walker says:

    . Praying for Lehua and all the cares and needs for the SRT family

  18. Blessed Beth says:

    Lehua, I Too am an asthmatic, so please allow each breath to be from God slow and deep. As the last thing you need is stress, lean on Him, allow His joy into your lungs, satan wants you to stress, God wants you to rest in Him. He has great plans for you and all our SRT sisters.

  19. Churchmouse says:

    I take all of our concerns before the Lord today for He is our shelter and shield. Trust and hope in His Word gives me the comfort and encouragement I need. I can be still, resting in His grace and truth, because I know He is God. And He loves me.

  20. Lisa Metz says:

    Praying for you all.

  21. Lehua says:

    Ladies, I humbly ask for your prayers. I’ve been out from work for physical complications with my asthma, and my doctor (as a precaution) recommended that I get tested. That same day, my coworker told me she has a family member who tested positive and has been exposed to her, and I have worked with this coworker closely. She was also tested recently (both of us awaiting results) and she is in quarantine for two weeks.

    I have faith that everything will work out but I am trying not to worry as I am also in self-isolation until I get the results and feel better. Thank you for your prayers and for your many wonderful reflections on the reading! I have been a few days behind with all that is going on, but I am using this newfound time to spend more quality time in His Word and to catch up on these devotionals. Blessings sisters.

    1. Thurro Dowist says:

      I am praying for you Sister!

    2. Elaine Morgan says:

      Praying for you and your coworker.

    3. Beth Cohen says:

      I’ll pray for you to experience God’s peace as you await your results and will pray for a negative result. Hugs to you!

    4. Mari V says:

      Praying for you Lehua

    5. Natasha R says:

      I’m praying for you Lehua. ❤️