Weekly Truth

Open Your Bible

1 Samuel 2:2

Memorizing Scripture is one of the best ways to carry God-breathed truth, instruction, and reproof wherever we go.

As we read through 1 & 2 Samuel together, we are memorizing five pivotal verses from these books. This verse, from Hannah’s prayer of thanksgiving, celebrates the holiness and steadfastness of God.

There is no one holy like the LORD.
There is no one besides you!
And there is no rock like our God.
-1 Samuel 2:2

Write this passage down and post it on your mirror or at your desk, in your car or on the fridge—anywhere you’ll see it often. Save the image below as your phone’s lock screen so you can read these words of truth throughout the day.

We want to be a community that is intentional about Scripture memorization. Will you join us?


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14 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Audrey Flores says:

    Hannah’s prayer was amazing!! Her faith and trust just shines through it. I will definitely be using her prayer until I learn to pray boldly myself!

  2. Sitting on the beach of St. Croix reading this morning’s devotional. Couldn’t help but to feel extra blessed.

  3. Tochi Heredia says:

    I looked up Matthew Henry’s commentary on Hanna’s prayer:
    “He respects not man’s wisdom or fancied excellences, but chooses those whom the world accounts foolish, teaching them to feel their guilt, and to value his free and precious salvation. This prophecy looks to the kingdom of Christ, that kingdom of grace, of which Hannah speaks, after having spoken largely of the kingdom of providence. And here is the first time that we meet with the name MESSIAH, or his Anointed. The subjects of Christ’s kingdom will be safe, and the enemies of it will be ruined; for the Anointed, the Lord Christ, is able to save, and to destroy.” ❤

    Have a restful Sunday, sisters, daughters of the Almighty!

    1. Emily B. says:

      That’s great. Thank you for sharing!

      1. EmB says:

        Agree! It’s a beautiful commentary and gives hope. Thank you!

  4. churchmouse says:

    The tragedy in Charlottesville leaves me profoundly saddened and also angry. Saddened for the loss of life and the many injuries. And angry that some so misinterpret the Bible as to condone such racist ideology. Praying this morning for the Truth to be boldly and accurately preached. Praying that every Christian would study for themselves the full counsel of God found in His Word. Reject what man says. Know what God says. And then act and speak as His ambassador. Be in community with fellow Christians who also earnestly study the Bible. Walk out of churches who are weak on the Word. Don’t settle for the milk of babies – demand the meat God gives. Pray. Pray. Pray for hearts to change. For repentance. For forgiveness. For reconciliation. For unity. For kindness. For holiness. For knowing and standing on the Rock. No excuses. No procrastination. Enough. Just love the Lord and love our neighbor. He created us all. We all bear His image. Get it right. Stop the hateful rhetoric and stop the violence. Condemn it. Enough. Brothers and sisters, enough. There I’ve said it. What say you? What do you?

    1. Karen From Virginia says:

      Praying for God’s mercy to work in our society and bring repentance and healing.

    2. Terry says:

      Well said, Churchmouse! There is no room for such hate and violence in God’s kingdom!

      1. Breezy says:

        Couldn’t Could not have said it better myself! It’s the Truth!

    3. Megan says:


  5. Shelby says:

    As I took my studybook to work, to look over during down times during midnight shift. I had commended a fellow coworker (whom is Muslim and changed work shift to accommodate his 5 prayers; I found that so admirable that he made faith a priority). We had received an email regarding afternoon shift; thus opening more opportunities for me to attend church due to not missing it in the middle of the day (or my sleep) for my next shift Sunday evening. Thinking of the Faith Overhaul I have been going through lately, I feel a desire to attend church more and make it a priority. I don’t want to change churches because I know a majority of the congregation because I have known most since I was 4yrs old, I could attend another church a different time on my weekends to work (but feel guilty; like I’m cheating on my church). BUT also I long for a bible study group or a women’s bible study group; and my church does not have that because there isn’t anyone my age in the church except 2yrs younger and approximately 10yrs older [maybe I’m supposed to be the driving force to bring together people my age, with assistance of my husband].

    I just have to trust in the Lord that he will provide the best answers.
    -whichever shift would be better for more opportunities for church and spending time with my husband
    -what church to attend on working weekends if shifts don’t change to put God first
    -bible study group

  6. Alison says:

    My parents were fighting today in public. I felt so embarrassed and helpless. I pray that their love will shine again, even though it looks bleak. I trust the Lord to point them and myself in the right direction.

    1. Shelby says:

      Alison, I’m so sorry you had to live that helplessness and embarrassment. I have been there when I was growing up; it’s difficult because you feel as if everyone is looking at you or will judge you for their actions. Praying for your parents to work out differences and see one another in the initial light that made them want to get married in God’s eyes.