Trust When All Seems Lost

Open Your Bible

Job 1:1-3, Job 1:13-22, Psalm 9:10, James 1:2-6, James 1:12

Dealing honestly, wisely, and compassionately with human pain is an integral part of our job description as followers of Jesus Christ. No one gets through this life unscathed. Everyone deals with pain and suffering at some level. If someone insists they haven’t, they are either lying, in denial, or have amnesia. And since God’s second most important command is for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, it behooves us to learn how to better comfort ourselves as well as our neighbors—both those we rub shoulders with daily, and also our global neighbors, who make up the lost and dying world we’re called to care for.

But let’s deal with the proverbial bull in the china shop, which is the fact that what happened to Job wasn’t what we like to think of as “fair.” I mean, Goodnight! The very beginning of this Old Testament book describes Job as a really good guy who was doing really good things with his life. The mention of Job rising early to pray for his kids (Job 1:5) is a common Hebrew idiom denoting a conscientious habit, which means praying for his family was something he did consistently. Reading about this righteous guy losing pretty much everything—his wealth, his health, and all ten of his children—it’s like biting into a warm brownie and breaking your tooth on a rock. This “divine test” is surprisingly unfair. Surely Job didn’t deserve such devastating loss.

In the New Testament, Jesus blows the idea of human deservedness right out of the water. In His Sermon on the Mount, He teaches that God throws fairness out the window to bless even the unrighteous (Matthew 5:43–45). In the Gospel of Luke, He explains that bad things do indeed happen to good people (Luke 13:1–5). And in His parable about the workers in the vineyard, He thoroughly deconstructs any notion that we can earn God’s blessings (Matthew 20:1–16). Job proves that “good” people, including people of faith, can and do experience horrific things through no particular fault of their own. And Job chapter 1 is one of those passages that will really blow your mental hard drive, suggesting that while Job’s faith was truly strong, it did not safeguard him from hardship (v.8).

Unspeakable pain occurs in this fallen world, a truth our Savior knows all too well (Matthew 26:38). But our God is good and His character does not change, nor does His love for us (Malachi 3:6; Psalm 100:5). The same Good Shepherd who leaves the flock of ninety-nine for one lost sheep (Matthew 18:10–14), is the one who gives and the one who takes away with an eternal perspective we do not have (Job 1:21; Isaiah 55:8–9).

It is because of God’s constant character that we can trust Him in all things, even suffering, and declare, “Blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21). If we’ve known Him to be good in our joy, we can trust Him with our pain, when all seems lost, because He does not abandon His own (Psalm 9:10; Deuteronomy 31:6). In fact, He moves toward us, stepping into the pain for us, even to the point of death on the cross (Philippians 2:5–8). The One who was without sin and blame suffered for us (2 Corinthians 5:20–21), and He knew we would suffer too (John 16:33). And in those moments of despair and pain, He promises to be near in our brokenness, “our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble” (Psalm 34:18; 46:1).

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1,607 thoughts on "Trust When All Seems Lost"

  1. Hannah Ishler says:

    God I surrender myself to you, I put all my pain and suffering, along with the laughs and love lord I give it to you. Guide me down the path of never ending love and help to trust in you. Thank you for everything you do amen

  2. Sarah Gill says:

    God I pray that I can surrender to you and put my total trust in you. You are my cornerstone. Help me to know that your love never fails and you keep your promises. I know that you stand by me through the Holy Spirit each day and that lives in me! Give me wisdom to make choices to glorify you. I invite you into every room I enter today. Go with me and guide me. Thank you, God for you beautiful creation that I am so fortunate to be able to experience. I am in awe of you each day. Thank you for having grace with me. Thank you most especially for sending your one and only son to die and bear the weight of my sins when I absolutely do not deserve it. Thank you for giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit living in me. Jesus name, AMEN.

  3. Payton Epps says:

    He blesses us daily with air in our lungs to praise Him!

  4. Desirae Crowder says:

    Such a good lesson. I needed that!

  5. Daniella Albuquerque says:

    Blessed be the Lord Almighty, saviour of my soul.

  6. Laine Javier says:

    The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!

  7. Leah Romo says:

    As I struggle with trusting with fear of what is to come. Lord please help me put my faith and trust in you. Guide me in the right direction. I know that you and only you know the plans you have for me.

  8. Kiianna Nealey Collier says:

    Trusting him with your all will leave you with no doubt.

  9. laney b says:

    Lord, I thank you for your continuing guidance through every step in my journey of trust and faith. It is difficult sometimes, but I know you have plans for me that are greater than my own.

  10. Madyson Turner says:

    Faith is not always easy but God always shows us why we can trust him.

  11. Amanda Evans says:

    Lord, lead me to trust you more and more each day. When life seems hard, anxious thoughts are swirling and the way forward looks dark and I am forgetful, you are there and you are light and you are faithful and worthy of trust. You will keep my hand securely in yours.

  12. Kendra Landry says:

    Trusting in God is so hard when you feel as though you haven’t went anywhere. It seems like I’m stagnant and I’m just waiting for something huge to happen in my life that’ll make this continuously quiet life feel like something. I’m glad I found this plan because I really need to trust in God to lead me where He wants me to be regardless of my day to day life. Pray for me to be able to do so.

  13. kayla houston says:

    Such a great reminder! I need to continue to seek Him through my trials!

  14. Katherine Rose says:

    This theme of trust has been coming up a lot recently. My barrier is that I struggle to trust without fear but I pray you will help me overcome that as I seek you out.

  15. Kristen Frazier says:

    Learning to trust without fear is a struggle for me. Lord, help me to trust you more and develop my faith in you.

  16. Laura Balanzó says:

    I said one day I need to have radical faith and then this plan came to my life…

  17. Kelly Fortner says:

    Thank you, Father, for being a faithful and righteous God. You are trustworthy; Help me put my complete trust in you.

  18. leslie chavez says:

    Lord guide me and take the reigns of my life and just heal everything I leave it all up to your hands

  19. Viarri Ronquillo says:

    Lord I surrender everything to You. I trust in Your promises.

  20. Becky Whelchel says:

    Lord, thank you for so many blessings in my life and for continuing to support me in every way. I need you so much to navigate these times in my life. I will continue to praise you Lord.

  21. lindsay patrick says:

    Lord, help me to trust in you even when my heart is crying out in pain.

  22. Carrah Traetto says:

    Thank you, Lord, for what you give and take away. We will trust in you

  23. Dakota Woods says:

    Lord help me put my trust in you when it comes to my job. Amen

  24. Gabrielle Vanderwolf says:

    All my trust is in you Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  25. ally angelastro says:

    lord help me trust in you even in these times where i am in so much doubt about why this stuff is happening to me

  26. Christina Acevedo says:

    Lord, help me put my trust in You. Genuinely. Amen ❤️

  27. Ally Brownlow says:

    Lord help me put my trust in you

  28. Temi Dara says:

    Lord, help me to continue to trust in you even when the flesh deceives me

  29. Courtney Morgan says:

    If we see God in our joy and things that are good, we can trust Him through our pain and heartbreak! Amen!

  30. Katelee Hartline says:

    Having trials and pain is a necessary to growing closer to God, without pain how do we see the graciousness of God and just how much he cares for us. He holds our hands and is with us every single step of the way

  31. Ashley Martin says:

    I came back to do this one a second time. It is definitely needed right now. ❤️

  32. Alexandria D says:

    Needed to read this today!!

  33. Madison Murray says:

    Love it!❤️ Jesus loves you✝️

  34. Hallie Smith says:

    I am currently in the process of a major life change and am so anxious about it but I know that God will provide and he put me in this situation for a reason. I will trust in him to get me through

  35. Hilary Curneal says:

    I pray that God will lead me on a path that is for him and not for my human wants. There are so many things I really want but I have to step back and remember that I want God to be in control. I wish I knew right now what all of those things are or will not be but I have to trust in him that he does every little detail in my life for a purpose.

  36. Tasha C says:

    Reading this simple reminder about Job, and what he experienced all at once, yet he still mustered up the strength to worship. Even though circumstances may seem contrary to what God has spoken, disappointments still manages weigh heavier than trusting God. Even through I do, I still hurt, I do feel disappointed, I feel like the enemy has won. I know my thoughts can fool me, I want to feel, and act like I have the victory over my circumstances and situations

  37. Kirsty Moyes says:

    I know I am called to trust in God’s plan for me, I am trying my best. I have a new opportunity ahead which I really want to try my best with, and I’ve brought it before God asking for guidance abs discernment… I think I struggle to know what God is leading me to, or leading me away from.
    I want God to be in this with me but I’m having a hard time knowing the difference between my wants and his plan.

  38. Brenleigh Lofton says:

    I know that I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to trusting God. I am filled with doubt in my daily life, and this read really puts a great perspective on how God is with us through everything. I pray that I may turn closer to God, and put away my doubt for my Faith in Him.

  39. Beverly NicoleLambert says:

    How do you know if you’ve remained steadfast? And what if you haven’t?

  40. Casey Amoss says:

    I always have issues with having faith. I have faith in the moment but I fear the future and the unknown.

    1. Kirsty Moyes says:

      I feel this too x

  41. Gracie Gabriel says:

    This is good because sometimes it’s hard to not get what I pray for and knowing that staying faithful will only be better then doing what I want. Even if he says no it’s because he has a better plan. On Sunday I learned that God doesn’t tell us what the plan for our life is because then we won’t want to do it because of the heart ache we will go through and we need to just have faith

  42. Hannah Cook says:

    Oh gosh, how this spoke to me. Currently going through such a hard season, and struggling to understand why God keeps saying no and not yet to my prayer requests. I know he has a better plan for me than I could ever imagine. Job always amazes me with how faithful he stayed even when in such trial. Gosh, God is so so good.

  43. Victoria Bravo says:

    I trust in You Lord and in Your plan for my future. Your plan is greater than mine ever could be and in this time of uncertainty and waiting, I will keep my faith in You. It’s difficult but I pray You give myself and others going through a similar situation, the will to remain in You.

  44. isabella reed says:

    Believe that someone is always watching even when there is nobody in the room and when in pressure don’t start yelling stay calm!

  45. heidi hammontree says:

    Believing that Jesus really does move towards me is something I wrestle to believe. That he sees me in my struggles and things that may seem irrelevant to such a great God, yet he proved his love for me and his direction toward me when he came to earth for my sin. He is my stronghold. I will cling to that.

  46. Taylor Maddox says:

    Trusting God is something I struggle with in my days of pain and suffering. But I know He is the ultimate healer and He never takes His hand off of our back.

  47. Daxieanna Waters says:

    Praying that I receive wisdom and discernment over my calling

  48. Christine Cesa says:

    So much pain and suffering- it’s hard to know where God is in all of it.

  49. Nayeli Gonzalez says:

    I love this. I am going through it season of drastic change, and not knowing what’s coming next can be really overwhelming and scary. I’ve always been one to plan everything out and have a way for it to all play out, so now that I’m not seeing that in my life i feel lost. But I’m constantly reminded that God has a perfect plan. His plans are WAY better than any plan i could put together. I’m learning to trust in Him, especially in the waiting when I’m not seeing anything happen.

    1. heidi hammontree says:

      I was in this season for six months. It felt like forever. God sees you and he loves you and what may seem small is big to him. Keep praying for God to change your character instead of your situation and watch him work.

  50. Shamarria Hall says:

    Putting all my trust into God is something I’m struggling with. Not that I don’t want to. But I sometimes forget all the things that may cause me pain or happiness. I forget to thank god in my times of pain, happiness, sadness, joy etc. I know I need God more in my life and with him I know I can get through anything set out to destroy me. I must believe that. Even when I sometimes feel I don’t. I have to keep my faith and just know God will fix everything

  51. Brannan Vanover says:

    “God throws fairness out the window to even bless the unrighteousness”
    Doing “good” doesn’t always earn us a blessing. Giving thanks because we are not always our best everyday and still loves us.

  52. katie hyde says:

    It’s so hard to trust when you want to stay in control. My goal this year is to give control to God.

  53. Jordan MichelleBrubaker says:

    I am reminded God always knows and has a plan. That even when Job’s world was falling apart, God sat with him in trial and knew Job’s reward would come. Job trusted God’s plan even though his current situation seemed as though God had left him.

  54. christie toland says:

    Trusting God, while always necessary and helpful, is still a work in progress for me. I’ve had so many unhealthy examples of this in my life from family and church alike. But God has never failed me. Not once. I have to remember to trust Him alone for all that I need.

  55. Imari Mitchell says:

    This hit home with me!!

  56. Grace M says:

    Job and David’s example of praising and trusting God even in hardship reminds me of the song highlands. That even when the mountain is in the way I will praise you. <3

  57. Owethu Mathobela says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a healthy relationship with the Bible. I strongly believed my relationship with God was direct and didn’t need to be poisoned by a book that was introduced to my people to control them. I have had a change of heart and am extremely grateful to have this be my starting point. I see how this applies to my life and will more consciously move in faith, trust and gratitude regardless of circumstance. I know that actions in moments that aren’t comfortable are what matters beyond actions in moments that suit you.

  58. trinity adams says:

    Trust is hard but it is worth it

  59. amanda collins says:

    Even when I was in my addiction God never left me. I came to Him as a broke down battered shell of a woman sitting alone in a solitary confinement cell and yet when I cried out and asked God why He had abandoned me I heard that still small voice saying I never left you

  60. sarah c says:

    Thank you Father God for your love and kindness and consistency even when we don’t always understand the why. Thank you Lord that you don’t and won’t ever abandon us or leave us hanging. I pray to have strong faith like Job even when trials arise.

  61. Elizabeth Diaz says:

    Really puts things to perspective regarding how blessed we truly are. But also, convicting of how little faith I have in comparison to Job

  62. Allee Beaver says:

    it’s insane how this study popped up for me. (Trigger warning)
    today is my first day clean off of opiates & fentanyl. I’m a 19 year old girl and this is the first time I’ve ever strayed this far away from god. I’m not the kind of person to do what I have done. I’ve been using for a year now & could never stop due to the horrific withdraw. nobody knew. I suffered and battled with satan in silence until now…

    This truly showed me to trust in him… and that I WILL be okay… even as I grow weary throughout this process. I’m so grateful for this study and for his grace.

    1. Bonnie Baker says:

      Hi Allee, thank you so much for sharing. This truly motivated me, I’m currently struggling with an addiction to marijuana and I applaud you for taking this step. Even when you make mistakes remember that god steps into the pain with you. He acts as a beacon of light no matter how dark life may become.

      1. Zee Talley says:

        if i’m being honest miss bonnie and allee..this is my first study. i can’t tell you how relieving it feels to have heard you guys say that. i forget a lot that god loves us throughout and accepts us how we come. we’re his children after all. ❤️

    2. anna laub says:

      i know i am a total stranger to you. but i am SO proud of you! God is so proud!! remember, if you are still in pain, God is NOT done with you yet!

  63. whitney smith says:

    This was right on time after just crying an ocean of tears as this a year is “firsts” for me and my sisters. We lost our mom in August snd it was very unexpected. I’m grateful I know who to go to and these scriptures and the application was right on time. If I wrote down all the bad things in my life right now, it would only be one which is the loss of my mom. Every other part of my life is blessed and overflowing in goodness from the Lord. For that I thank him and and eases this pain.

  64. Shianna Law says:

    Lord I pray that you take all these hardships in my life and show me the beauty within the storm. I pray that you never let me lose sight of the bigger picture and most importantly that I never lose sight of you ❤️

  65. Mika Rushing says:

    This is my first study. I recently lost my grandmother, and all I can think about is how awful I feel. I never took more than two seconds to think these things happen to everyone else. I thank you God for all the blessings I do have.

  66. ashley winegarden says:

    Need this ever so true reminder today ❤️

  67. Jennifer Cuda says:

    Well, this just slapped me in the face! My first devotional with this app and I loved the message. It’s so easy to blame Him when bad things happen, but we need to trust that He will pull us through.

  68. Mollie Pittman says:

    I’ve realized by reading the story of Job that when tragedy strikes and you feel that it will make everything worse, it actually strengthens you and your relationship with Him❤️

  69. Jenna Akin says:

    This was beautiful I pray I can grow stronger in my faith. ❤️

  70. Kassidy Closson says:

    So how do I explain this to the unbeliever who had been through intense trials and tribulations? Most of the time, I tell them that our God is just too big and mighty for our small minds to always understand the “why” behind tragedy. Do you think that’s right? Am I doing a poor job explaining our Father to his lost children??

  71. Melissa Francisco says:

    I pray that God increases my faith and removes any and all doubts Amen

  72. Lisa Walker says:

    Hardships are His way of growing our faith!

  73. Gail F says:

    Today God showed me how He is working in my life! The things that I thought went “terribly wrong” absolutely went according to His plan. And blessings abound. Not easy but definitely a blessing. I am thankful.

  74. Anne Elam says:

    I pray that to have a heart like Job and that I would continue to praise Him even in the midst of storms that come my way.

  75. sarah waninger says:

    having lost my grandmother suddenly, a washing machine that broke the same day, a furnace that caught fire (no damage), a storm damage insurance claim fiasco…ive felt battered and weary. .im taking heart in Jobs faith today

  76. Eunice Behi says:

    Lord I pray that I will still be able to worship you even in the midst of trials and tribulations Amen

  77. Ashley Ruiz Hernandez says:

    Wow. This story always gets me, how much Job went through and he still remained a faithful servant to our Lord no matter how hard the circumstances got for him.

  78. Quomeshi Matthews says:

    This makes me think of the maverick city & elevation worship song . “ I trust in God. My savior , the one , who will NEVER fail. I sought the Lord. And He heard and He answered”. ❤️

  79. Sherin Ann Thomas says:

    I pray that God gives me the strength to endure through these tough times like Job did.

  80. Dominique Williams says:

    This story is an indication that I personally have to TRUST GOD in all aspects of my life whether I consider it to be good or bad I need, should God and his purpose on my life.

  81. Kayla Dakin says:

    Trust in the lord for he has a plan

  82. Donné Davids says:

    I pray to God to help me sustain the wisdom of what I have learned here, to keep my steadfastness of my faith in Him.

  83. Breanna Pepper says:

    I’ve been the same way recently I was put into a situation that turned me towards the path of god and trying to let him live through me

  84. Celina Felix says:

    It’s been some hard months but I know God is with every step of the way

  85. Kamila Apetauer says:

    He knows what He’s doing

  86. Jillian Finn says:

    This was such an amazing eye opener, Job was not only super faithful but would be consistent in staying in the word. Yet he experienced so much pain and heartbreak but not once did he blame the Lord or commit and sin, He simply Worshiped the Lord and Prayed to him! I think by reading this it had made me realize that when something may not go my way, instead of trying to find someone to blame or figure it out on my own. I should fall to the Lords feet and pray, and worship him! For he is a good and gracious God! He only has the right intentions for us and I simply and beyond blessed and thankful for him!!

  87. Sahara Batchelor says:

    I have a hard time trusting God because of the things that have gone wrong in my life or the hurts I’ve felt. Reading this story about Job and how he still didn’t blame God and he trusted him is inspiring. I have to trust that God’s plan is bigger than I can see, if I knew what he knew, I wouldn’t be so worried.

  88. Melissa Mungani says:

    Lord help us to be strong when all hope is lost

  89. Jennifer Giddens says:

    Trusting in the Lord has been a problem for me because I feel the need to control everything. But letting go of control and fully trusting him is something I feel myself doing more and more. And it feels so good to not worry about the control but first that he is and will take care of every situation that I worry about.

  90. kalli mcKee says:

    I’m struggling with faith. But a reminder that God is constant and he walks through it all with me. To be my peace, my comfort my joy, that he promises to wipe away every tear and heal every wound when we walk into his kingdom one day. Oh how I long for that day.
    Thank you Lord.

  91. Ruth Espiritu says:

    God will never forsake us nor leaves us. He is a keeper, and what we only need to do is put our trust to Him.

  92. Katie Morris says:

    Having faith during hardships is extremely hard. Especially knowing what Job went through losing it all and getting it all back because he didn’t turn his back on God instead he trusted him. Job was a prideful man until he was humbled and shown grace throughout his story.

  93. Sally Hawkins says:

    My family has been facing some hardship. After some thought I see how I really needed to hear this. He knows our hearts.❤️

  94. Nicole Sihombing says:

    “He promises to be near in our brokenness…”

  95. Zyniyah Newsuan says:

    Amen. We can trust him even when we feel like we can’t get up he is always there with a hand and a heart. ❤️❤️

  96. Sadie Caldwell says:

    I love this! God brought home this message when I needed it most!

  97. emily crawford says:

    Because of Gods constant character we can trust him in all things, even suffering

  98. Nicole Collins says:

    I will sing praises to God that he restores my marriage & that God steps in & heals all of the broken pieces of my heart.

  99. kinzie brown says:

    “…a helper who is always found in times of trouble”

  100. Caroline Guffey says:

    And all the time God is good ❤️

  101. Anna Layman says:

    God never wavers. It is I that have wavered. He pulled me back in with open arms.

  102. sarah floyd says:

    So happy to be getting back into His word. Praying that I can truly get through to others with his message❤️

  103. Altovise Purnell says:

    Because of the consistent nature of GOD I can trust and say Blessed be the name of the Lord even in my valley season!!

  104. Mieke Breyl says:

    God is good all the time

  105. Rachel Neal says:

    I think is an amazing reminder

  106. Regina Price says:

    God is always good ♥️

  107. Whitney Wright says:

    Good word today! The book of Job always puts things in perspective for me❤️

  108. Tairyn Null says:

    His character is constant, he doesn’t abandon, he is our refuge, he is our strength, he is our helper who is always there in times of troubles, he suffers for us and he suffers with us. God is so incredible!! Thank you Lord❤️❤️

  109. Kora Kuenzi says:

    The story of Job always puts things into perspective for me. ❤️ good word today!

  110. Lakeshia Cox says:

    A Great reminder that you Must have unwavering faith and never doubt God !

  111. Javeba Mayers says:

    Such a great reminder, that even when you are going through hard things to stay praise the Lord. Also James 1 vs 5-8 is a great reminder that when we pray and or pray to ask God for something we have to believe with our whole heart that if it’s in his will God Will answer our prayers. Not just pray to pray, not pray but still worry wether it will come through. But pray trusting and believing if it is Gods Will your prayers will be answered

  112. Addisyn Lau says:

    love this!!! thank you God and AMEN!!!

  113. Madelyn Steurer says:

    A great reminder that Jesus went through the ultimate pain and was without fault… just so we could have eternal life. ❤️ The trials we face on earth are nothing compared to the joys of heaven.

  114. Candi Mckeon says:

    A good reminder that he is always near ❤️

  115. Amory Nelson says:

    I will just you lord in the good and bad, amen

  116. simeko Singleton says:

    Amen, I am working on building my trust in God and I know it isnt something that will happen over night. Reading this resonated with me and gave me hope that one day I will be able to trust him 100% without any doubts in my mind.

  117. Erwin Rajh says:

    Amen God is speaking to me

  118. Kaitlyn Ball says:

    I feel this way too sometimes, i think we need to work on emptying our draining thoughts through meditation and focus on trusting god.

  119. Savannah Sevey says:

    Amen! Loved this little study before I want to bed

  120. Rebecca Vallellanes says:

    Our faith does not protect us from hardship, but how amazing it is that our faith is in the One Who has Conquered the World.

  121. Caitlyn Menard says:

    Reading Psalm 9:10 has me thinking…how can I claim to know God, if I don’t even put my full trust in Him? If I still worry and fret and try to handle things on my own ??

  122. Briana Pool says:

    Needed to read this. Thank you.

  123. Jazmine Collins says:

    “The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” It’s hard to always get through sometimes but Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  124. Elizabeth Barger says:

    The reminder that God is constant and never changes is encouraging.

  125. Nelly Ineza says:

    Bless the Lord.
    I find joy in knowing that the savior knows firsthandedly our pain and that even when the world abandoned us, God never will

  126. Wanda Phillip says:

    a reminder that God’s character never changes is so refreshing.

  127. Lydia Ndegwa says:

    Amen.Knowing that God is good all the time and that even what I have I didnt earn,its only by his grace,keeps me going in these hard times.

  128. Jenny Bond says:

    Anna, I feel the same I’ve been going through infertility many years including now my divorce and I can relate

  129. Paola Reyes says:

    Amen! Thank you God for your love and comfort

  130. Julie Cranford says:

    The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
    Praise you, Lord!❤️

  131. Nadine Mullins says:

    Amen, I receive this ❤️

  132. Abigail Church says:

    our faith will be tested throughout life and our steadfastness in Jesus and our trust in him determines our outcomes and how we deal with certain things. he is always there holding our hand — no matter if you believe it or not. He loves us and nothing will ever stop him from loving us!

  133. Hannah Lanz says:

    “It is because of God’s constant character that we can trust him in all things, even suffering, and declare, ‘Blessed be the name of the Lord.” ❤️

  134. Alicia Chandler says:

    Wow. Just what I needed

  135. Selena Winston says:

    I’m relearning how to trust and grow my faith!!

  136. ava grace knott says:

    focus on the Lord through the struggle

  137. Capricia Gant says:

    Working on remembering that even if things are not good right now, God always is and he is forever faithful. Thank you God

  138. Patricia Kusey says:

    I do find it hard to trust period, as you have been hurt before. But I Ned to remember people hurt you, but God does not.

  139. Karen Harris says:

    My sorrows have multiplied till I have felt as though I would drown. I thank God that He holds me though the earth gives way and my heart has failed and my courage has slipped.

  140. Josie Cruzen says:

    I can relate to you, I made a mistake atriums two months ago and lied to someone who I was very close to. Recently the lies all came out and I felt like the whole world hated me. I ended praying a lot about it, I admitted to what everyone had heard instead of lying more. Then I apologized and gave some space. God was with me the whole time and put important people in my life. Those people encouraged me to be truthful and I learned a lot from that experience. Even though I felt like I had no one, I knew I had god and that was amazing. He got me out of that space and everything ended up okay

  141. Josie Cruzen says:

    I can relate to this, I was in a situation a couple weeks ago where I put myself in a bad place. I made a bad mistake which ended up hurting

  142. Lauren Riley says:

    We must remember to always be thankful and trust in the Lord even when times are hard. To not let hard times defeat us and lean into the lord!

  143. Sherry Jordan says:

    I’m going through a rough time as I write this now. I know God can get me through my hurt, suffering, and pain. It’s hard at times to trust when you feel defeated. I will trust in God because I know that I can truly depend solely on him. He will see me out.

  144. Jacie Atabay says:

    Mahalo nui loa ke Akua

  145. Alanna Gaskin says:

    Amen! I love this. He is the same God in our mountains and in our valleys. Trusting in Him is a great thing <3

  146. Shaneliss Martel says:

    Amen. God is good all the time. I know that he is always here with me even when I feel lost , he listens to me. Spiritual warfare almost got me. But I’m holding on to JESUS! Amen

  147. Angelica Resendiz says:

    This message made me cry so many tears. For so long I have blamed God and have been angry for the struggles i am having with infertility. I know he is not to blame but trust that he is always there even through the pain! I hope to get back to trusting him

  148. Christina Ravindran says:

    I feel everything is lost around me and within me, but still I want to hold on to him after reading about Job ! Amen

  149. holly jordan says:

    Recently I felt the world slipping away from me, for the mistakes I have made and lies I have told to protect myself, it’s created a heavy burden and guilt and I ask god for forgiveness.

  150. Linda Pugh says:

    A great read. Blessings to you all.

  151. Manasseh M.CHARVÉRIAT says:

    I am struggling with grief and this brings some comfort

  152. Cai G says:

    I thank God for this . This message made me realize why i was always feeling like i was stuck in one place. God is working on me constantly and all i have to do is just trust him and know he got me forever !

  153. lindsey rohlmeier says:

    The lord is amazing. The lord has changed my life and set my life on earth to always look for our eternal life with Him! Praise be to the Lord forever and always

  154. Kitty Mc Donald says:

    Thank you Jesus. I am one of Yours!!

  155. Toria Emmanuel says:

    Going through a difficult moment and this came as a great reminder that God does see me

  156. Josephine Root says:

    I needed this. Thank you Lord for the trials.

  157. vlada sklyar says:

    I really really needed this today.

  158. Reece Vaughn says:

    What a great way to put it

  159. Kateline Turner says:

    What a great reminder! Thank you lord for your blessings!

  160. kaleese branch says:

    I lost almost everything today and felt so alone, i didn’t even wanna be here anymore. after reading this i know everything is a part of gods plan. i’m choosing to trust God.

  161. Nana Amoah says:

    Thank You Lord thatYou are always with us ❤️

  162. Malca McHardy says:

    I don’t believe so. I believe that some things God “allows” to happen in order to bring us closer to him – sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with us – often it’s to bring someone else to him.

  163. esha blanc says:

    i feel the same way!

  164. Rachelle Ann Samson says:

    I have just downloaded this app and this is the first reading plan I decided to start with. Last night I had an overwhelming fear of going through to childbirth in the upcoming months and I’m sure God has meant for me to read this to give me assurance and to tell me to trust in Him.

  165. Tayla Schmidt says:

    This is my first time using this app, and God truly wanted me to read this one first because I needed this!

  166. Abigail Bonine says:

    I needed that reminder that we don’t have the eternal perspective that He has. And it’s okay, all we need to do is have faith that He can carry us ❤️

  167. Michaela Barnhart says:

    I’ve always loved the book of Job, so I’m really happy that this study is starting off with it. :) God is so good y’all! Don’t ever forget that. ✝️❤️

  168. jasmine lacey says:

    needed this!!! a great reminder!

  169. Ebony Roberson says:

    God will never leave you or forsake you God loves us unconditionally

  170. Candace Clinkscale says:

    This a great reminder for us right now. My prayer is the the ones who are reading this gain wisdom to this message and be able to spread to others around us.

  171. Sharetha Moncrieffe says:

    Great word! When things seem unfair, still trust him. He always take care of his own.

  172. Mal Will says:

    This is going to be so tough.

  173. Gracen Hullander says:

    I love the reminder that we are not promised a fair life but He promises to care for us through the highs and lows as we navigate the unfairness in life.

  174. jaycelin sides says:

    All my trust is in you alone! Thank you Jesus ❤️

  175. Jordin Edwards says:

    Great reminder for me right now in life

  176. Cadence Underwood says:

    Needed to read this! ❤️

  177. Colleen Beasley says:

    TY God for always being near❤️

  178. krissy baker says:

    The one who gives and takes away with the enteral perspective we do not have
    Reminds me of the football player damar Hamlin
    There were so many praying for him to our Savior yet he wore a jacket that blaspheme God at the super bowl. We do not see now why God saved him nor why he wore that jacket but God knows just mayb him wearing that jacket he will apologizes to everyone that prayed for him on national tv allowing more people to seek And want to know who God truly is!

  179. krissy baker says:

    The one who gives and takes away with the enteral perspective we do not have
    Reminds me of the football player damar Hamlin

  180. krissy baker says:

    The one who gives and takes away with the enteral perspective we do not have

  181. Mel Audet says:

    Walking a journey very ose to Job’s story – his example of complete and utter reverence for God is moving for me. In my flesh I find it hard to worship through the pain of losing my child – but that is exactly what Job did and exactly what God is calling me to do. I am seeking out my reasons to still praise and hold tightly to the Lord’s promises through the fire. I needed this example of pure and heartfelt trust in God.

  182. rachel jacob says:

    “‘He promises to be near in our brokenness, “our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.”’ ❤️

  183. Lakechia Smith says:

    He does not abandon his own❤️

  184. Thabi Amanda Manatha says:

    Reading this text brought peace in me even though I’m in this never ending storm. My home is the coldest place to be and it’s made clear that I don’t belong there anymore but I will take this text with me and keep on praying over the situation. Job is my favourite book in the bible ❤️

  185. laura barber says:

    Reading this as I weep over the severe skin problems my 3yo suffers with.

  186. Mary Elizabeth Kruft says:

    Just starting & needed these reminders; grateful for those who know scripture so well & share that knowledge with those of us still learning. Palms open, heart & mind listening.

  187. Brittany Tate says:

    Only on day one and WOW.

  188. Nancy Purvis says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder!! He is good and His mercies endure forever!!

  189. Barbara Hughes says:

    Blessed be the name of the Lord God

  190. Sabine Galvan says:

    So thankful for these passages, insights & encouragements today. ❤️

  191. Haili Declouet says:

    Knowing that trust is just one of the many things God ask of us is refreshing to know. As long as we trust him and his plan for us, we will be okay; it won’t be all easy but fulfilling at the end.

  192. Amelia Moore says:

    God I Love You & I Trust You! You Are The King Of Kings! I Know That Everything I’ve Been Through Is For A Greater Purpose! I Know That What You Have Destined For My Life If Greater Than Anything I Could’ve Ever Imagined. Thank You Jesus In Advance For Blessing Me & Taking Me Out Of The Dark.

  193. Ashara Perry says:

    I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and not rely on my own understanding. It is HE who knows what’s best for me. Casting all my worries, doubts, and fears to you Lord,

  194. Ashlyn McGaughan says:

    Amen! Learning to accept that bad things happen to good people, but later be reminded, “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” ~James 1:12

  195. ariel williams says:

    This is what I needed! The worldly things will attack us and I have just prayed for Jesus to be near and I know that he is

  196. Stacey Compton says:

    Amen! We go through some of the hardest, most toughest battles whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or financial knowing that our God is with us and He has not forsaken us. We must trust Him, the promises He has made to us and in the covenant we have with Him.

  197. Kaina King says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now!

  198. steph Gutmann says:

    When it seemed like my life was lost, and that my best years had been “stolen” I hear God saying He will restore what the locusts have eaten

  199. Courtney Gertson says:

    I desire to grow in trust with you lord.

  200. Wendy Maletta says:

    With God all is never fully lost.

  201. Rhyan Graham says:

    No matter what The Lord is always there. He will never leave your side. I often tend to forget not to stress. This first thing I read on this app,has helped me with a better mindset.

  202. Grace Quadri says:

    We trust God to bless us so we must trust in our pain too!

  203. Kyanna Toussaint says:

    Today devotion really hit home for me because it took me back to the time where i was a bad time for me and i did not trust God. I learn that even when it’s scary, trust in the Lord. Trust in the Lord all seasons!

  204. Kyanna Toussaint says:

    Today devotion really hit home for me because it took me back to the time where i was a bad time for me and i did not trust God. I learn that even when it’s scary, trust in the lord

  205. Kyanna Toussaint says:

    Today devotion really hit home for me because it took me back to the time where i was a bad time for me and i did not trust God

  206. Amanda Willis says:

    Such a great reminder! Thank you for sharing ❤️ prayers for you for strength in this struggle.

  207. Lisa Wood says:

    I have to trust God.

  208. Joanna Humphrey says:

    I started this plan as I wait on January’s study to start, and wow! Right on time. I am struggling through infertility and it reassures that what is meant for me won’t miss me and what’s missing me wasn’t intended for me for good reason.

  209. Liz Castro says:

    Lord give us faith to understand your love, and your perfect and good will

  210. Angelica Baldwin says:

    This was right on time. I love how there are reference scriptures to back up what is being shared, it helps me dig deeper into the word step by step.

  211. naomi bowen says:

    Needed this so much today!❤️

  212. Leonora Joseph says:

    When problems seem never ending it’s disheartening/difficult to place trust in God and not take control yourself. I pray that in moments when our problems appear overwhelming, we cling on to God even more. Amen

  213. Larkin Brantley says:

    While I go through rough times as everyone else does…I need to trust in my Lord and hand my hardships to Him! While I struggle with doing this I will continue to pray to him and ask him to speak to me and through me!

  214. Phoebe Tejeda says:

    I feel this instant conviction thinking about how I often ask God why he puts me through the things that he does when they truly don’t amount to the pain and suffering so many people go through and yet I never just go straight to God and give him all control. I need to be better for my Lord.

  215. Maranda Hatcher says:

    Trusting God with my marriage and asking for wisdom with what I’m supposed to do in this trial. All I know to do is continue to cling to Him.. and pray. So that’s what I’m going to do. Amen

  216. Lexi Boyd says:

    Wow! I struggle so hard in trusting what I hear the lord speaking over me.. what a call to action

  217. Carlie Simmons says:

    With school, financial struggles, and overall burn out, it sometimes is hard to let God have control and to put my trust in him. When things go wrong, I tend to blame him rather than praise him for opening my eyes to a greater path and purpose. This was the refresher I needed so badly

  218. Carlie Simmons says:

    With school, financial struggles, and burn out, it sometimes is hard to let God have control and to put my trust in him. When things go wrong, I tend to

  219. Chrissy Schmitzer says:

    Krista, my heart goes out to you. My parents divorced after 30 years of mi

  220. Chessa Johnston says:

    (Cont) …tells you lies, do not believe them! Believe and hold onto what the Lord says about you. Fight with scripture and truth!

  221. Chessa Johnston says:

    Ugh I accidentally hit send too soon. When the enemy tries to tell you lies, do not believe him. Believe what the Lord says about you! The enemy wants to keep you sad and defeated! Fight with scripture. “

  222. Chessa Johnston says:

    My son is struggling with this same thing. I don’t know if this will help but this is what I tell him: “Be in the Word everyday. When the enemy tries to tell

  223. marsha alexandre says:

    Amen! We are no deserving of anything yet through his loving kindness, gentle mercy, and underserving love he remains constant!

  224. Paris Cole says:

    I have been struggling with depression. Losing interest in things I used to love and hate being around my family so please oray for me

  225. Nicole Santana says:

    Trust…it’s so easy to say, but so hard for me to do. But I’m working day by day, with God’s help, to trust better. It’s not easy, but I’m trying.

  226. Elena Guerra says:

    Both convicting and comforting as I have been dealing with a situation with disappointment after disappointment. Good reminder to trust that God works things for our eternal good, even if we cannot see how so now

  227. Wendy Pennings says:

    That sounds really hard. I just said a prayer for you and your family

  228. Tara Stewart says:

    We are struggling with a blended family of teens, and divided homes with divided rules/morals/expectations and it is driving a wedge between all of my relationships. I know only God can make a difference in the situation but that does not make the hurt and pain any less real.

  229. Abigail Weldon says:

    Been going through a lot lately, really needed this reminder. No matter the suffering God is unchangeable and in control! And that even in the hard times I can still proudly say “blessed be the name of the Lord!”♥️

  230. Paige Gadd says:

    Needed this so much today, my husband recently had a work accident that resulted in 4 fingers amputated and many fractures in the remaining. We are so young and it has sent so much confusion into our lives. I know this isn’t what we thought our marriage would be like in our twenties, but I will trust in the Lord through it all!

  231. meagan hoffert says:

    Praying for your grief ❤️

  232. Krista Everson says:

    I’m definitely in need of this and this hit home. My parents of 31 years of marriage are now going through a devastating divorce throwing my brother and I in the middle. As a child I idolized their marriage and even through bad relationships of my own I leaned on there’s as hope. I would tell myself I’ll find someone. But now in this time of confusion and emptiness I need to trust God. None of us, my mother included, know why my dad suddenly wanted a divorce. Nor will he discuss why. But I know I have a Heavenly Father standing by and leading me through this. I just need to trust his plan.

  233. Jariana Jimenez says:

    My vow to start a new habit

  234. Nikkita Rivera says:

    Trying to reset and restart my journey with my Heavenly Father, to trust him and know that he has me in any and every situation.

  235. catie spiers says:

    I have been struggling with infertility for 2 years and tonight we were at life group and someone reminded me about perspective. Perspective on my own circumstances. When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, he didn’t tell them where they were going. He brought them to the Red Sea and I’m sure they were afraid but God revealed himself to them. I flipped my perspective tonight and instead of thinking “God why me?” Or “this isn’t fair” I changed my perspective to say “God what are you trying to teach me?” And “what are you trying to reveal to me about yourself.” When God is dealing with you on something, it seems like every single sermon, song, conversation, and devotional come to the same conclusion. My conclusion is trust being the first. And the second being this isn’t my burden to carry. I was not meant to weather the storm alone or walk through the fire alone. My God is here with me and he will carry me through this if I allow him to. Key word being allow. Because I have to let him in to TRUST him and his plan.

  236. Cassie Schwass says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you. I am grieving about a situation too that is also trying my faith. I pray God gives us the strength to get through this.

  237. brianna forehand says:

    I aspire to be like Job one day

  238. Migdalia Gomez says:

    I need to trust God in the midst of so much pain. Lord I need You.

  239. Ebony Roberson says:

    Wow! What a wonderful message

  240. gabrielle burmester says:

    Blessed be the name of the Lord

  241. Tiffany Reynoso says:

    Through Job’s story, I am comforted in knowing there is a purpose to the pain or trials I endure. It is an opportunity for me to experience God’s love in the midst of my brokenness.

  242. Jaime Stephens says:

    I needed this today ❤️

  243. Jess Creamer says:

    I’ve truly never seen it from this perspective before.. Jesus throws out the idea of “deservedness”. Even good, godly people may suffer pain that is not deserved; while, even the unrighteous may be undeservingly blessed.

  244. Aaron Woodard says:

    I’m a man but I love these devotions

  245. Stephanie Carrington says:

    I needed this today. Blessed be the name of the LORD!! Amen!

  246. Kishi Wuraola Fadeko says:

    Thank you God for the gift of your goodness and your unchanging nature cause it’s why we can trust you in times of testing and even trials

  247. Aubrie Ellis says:

    I recently lost my mom, and it has been a very trying time for my faith. This was a necessary word today. As it is her birthday and I am grieving. I pray that God, you give me the strength to trust and have faith when I cannot maintain them on my own.

  248. Liz Evans says:

    Timely for this season of my life.

  249. Mackenzie DeBoer says:

    God is good and this is something i’m going through currently feeling alone and hurt. but i know the Lord is worth my waiting to feel completely healed in a time that is harder with breaking up with the guy i’ve loved for 2 years.

  250. Autumn Lang says:

    Excited to finish this plan!

  251. caroline miller says:

    these passages are such great reminders of how God puts us through trials to make our faith stronger.

  252. Riley Nash says:

    I loveee “naked I came from my mothers womb and naked shall I return”

  253. Jordan W says:

    I really like a lot of things has been happening back to back. I try to remain strong, encouraged, and keep the faith. But some days I just want to scream because some times it’s ti much. But I know and
    Because lately I been feeling like Job.
    I fee

    1. Jordan W says:

      I don’t get yo finishe writing but I know got me and my family and friends

  254. Brittani Duval-Champagne says:

    God is so good! Even in the midst of the hard.

  255. Katelyn Serra says:

    Let us not forget you, Lord ❤️

  256. Naomi Mushi says:

    It’s so amazing how God loving and wanting to be involved in our life even if we are passing in hard times he is beside us and he is ahead of us always

  257. Kim Barclay says:

    A broken heart will draw the eyes and ears of the father so when you feel at your lowest remember God sees, God hears, God knows, God cares. I needed this reminder today,

  258. Santana Green says:

    yes I strive to be a Job when opposition comes I have enough faith to trust in the Lord or God. Not because he can restore what I’ve lost but because He is who He is!

  259. Kayla Smith says:

    It’s hard to remember this truth that God is still good when you’re in the middle of the trial, thank you for that reminder today.

  260. Eden Hatfield says:

    Been going through a trial, this is just the plan I needed❤️ PTL

  261. Allison Morin says:

    Wow. This definitely woke me up!! All glory to God!

  262. madeline milberger says:

    Hope everyone is doing well out there! Downloaded this to get closer to God and have a daily devotional that’s manageable as I am stepping in to motherhood! I’m sure I’m not alone in this hehe! Be praying for me during this new chapter of life!

  263. Addison Sandlin says:

    I love this plan when you are feeling alone or you don’t know who to trust!! This plan is great for anyone and everyone

  264. Destiny Jarrett-Stroud says:

    I wrote a lot but it didn’t post so let me try again. Basically in the passage it talks about a “Divine Test” we go through these trials and tribulations to test our faith and see if we will still stand strong in our faith. At least I think that’s why we go through things but only God can truly answer that question.

  265. Terri VanGelder says:

    Such great reminders when trials come. It’s hard to keep faith when the blows are so hard, but reminding ourselves God is good is so important.

  266. Jen Beck says:

    It is hard to trust the Lord when you keep getting hit with one thing after another and see no end in sight. This is such a wonderful reminder of who God really is.

  267. Kara Vogel says:

    Always a great reminder during the hardships

  268. Alicia McRee says:

    Always trust in the Lord. The one who loves us most.

  269. Christina Johnson says:

    It’s hard, but this is a good reminder.

  270. LaDeshia Wright says:

    This is beautiful. Such an insight to the God we serve and his beautiful majesty.

  271. Maddison Porterfield says:

    What a powerful message and what an example job is for us! Even when everything was taken away from him, he didn’t turn to anger or hatred towards God but instead he praised God! Even in the hard times when everything gets taken away from us, it is important to turn to God and praise Him! As well as continuing to put our trust in him!

  272. Jamie Gilbert says:

    Such a counter-cultural way to look at suffering. God, help me to believe you are always with me and working for my good.

  273. Jaque Jackson says:

    Hi Amanda, Luke 13:1-5 is an appropriate reference to the writers point that bad things happen to all people. I find using a Study Bible to be helpful to understand the culture and history behind the meaning of scripture.

    In this case the Galileans were offering sacrifices in the temple and Pilate was known to use this time to kill them due to breaking Roman regulations. They were participating in an act of worship to God yet they were killed in the process. This is the same reasoning in Job (faithful follower of God) and the eighteen who were killed in Siloam.

    I hope this helps. Have a blessed day.

  274. Baylie Witt says:

    I really needed this today

  275. Salma C says:

    He does not abandon us

  276. Heather Braswell says:

    This could not have come at a better time ❤️

  277. Britney Williams says:

    We need to have the eternal perspective ❤️

  278. Amanda Skinner says:

    Is Luke 13:1-5 the correct reference cited for how Jesus explains why bad things happen to good people? It doesn’t seem to make sense in that context.

  279. Emma Pennington says:

    Thank you, I really needed these words of wisdom

  280. Mona McG says:

    God takes the notion of fairness and turns it upside down on its head. Not only is life not fair, but we may very well struggle for being a Christ follower. Life is tough and we need God to get us through. We can’t earn his love, forgiveness or goodness. He freely gives us His love and mercy … even the most undeserved. What he does teach is that life can be full of many struggles but He is present for us. During the struggle of life I pray I have the faith to turn to the one who is steadfast and provides peace, healing and comfort.

  281. Karen Buck says:

    4 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. – James 1:4

  282. Alisa Sokolovska says:

    Amen! Such a great reminder that He is with us even in the valley of the shadow of death.

  283. Amy Modzel says:

    Thankful for God’s reminder in His word to turn to Him, trust Him, and worship Him even when we face brokenness and pain.

  284. Ambur Pedro says:

    This is a great reminder to pray regularly for our children and family. Also, to seek the lord daily in order to know His nature. Without a close relationship, how will we know what to expect from Him when our minds are flooded by emotions?

  285. jill mcmichael says:

    this was amazing. needed this tonight

  286. Mbuelo Makhari says:

    I needed this to keep me going

  287. Mariah Barnhart says:

    I needed to read this today.

  288. Jessica Karafin says:

    This was very well timed for me.

  289. jessie huddleston says:

    going through a difficult breakup right now and learning that God is the only thing that can help me when all seems lost. I will trust Him.

  290. Courtney Vaughter says:

    I’ve always been told God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers❤️

  291. Bobbi Everett says:

    Trust God because He is faithful. We are never alone cause He is right there with us.

  292. Kaw-Liga Baker says:

    I’m right with you on this one. I blamed God and then put up every wall possible to make sure I was protecting myself. It’s taken me quite a while to take the steps to open up again and if you’d like someone to talk to I’d be willing to do that.

  293. Kaw-Liga Baker says:

    I’m right with you on this one. If you’d like to talk I’m willing, today was the first time I opened my Bible since 20

  294. Jillian Phillips says:

    This spoke to me, God will not give us something we cannot handle. Learning to fall into his arms in both the good times and the hard times is something I am working at. ❤️

  295. Nicole Dubreuil says:

    Every good thing is a result of Gods Mercy. We didn’t earn any of it! What a powerful reminder

  296. Kori Hostetler says:

    God will even bless the unrighteousness

  297. Morgan Callahan says:

    I was just thinking today about how blessed I am. Even through all that I have gone through, God is still good and faithful!

  298. Katelyn Little says:

    I suffered from a partial mole miscarriage and I struggled with asking God why. Why are all these people that don’t deserve kids having healthy babies and mine didn’t even make it to 8 weeks? I kept it in mind that I’m not the only one who struggles and that this earth is not my home and one day I will be with my sweet baby in Heaven. Great lesson.

  299. Lacree Hendricks says:

    This really spoke to my heart. I know I need to trust in God again after I’ve suffered a loss I found it very hard to believe that god would let something like this happen. I’ll admit I blamed god I know o shouldn’t but at that time I did.

  300. Megan Tencate says:

    I’m for sure going to focus more on seeking peace, and trusting that God has my back even if I don’t completely understand what he is doing in this season of life yet.

  301. Megan Tencate says:

    I totally agree with this! I never thought of it like this before. I’m constantly seeking to understand instead of just praying for me to be at peace. I always want to know the “why” and it’s a hard pill to swallow when it may not be time for me to know the “why” yet if at all!

  302. Tara B says:

    What a beautiful concept – to seek peace in order to accept, rather than understanding what He’s doing when it may not be time to. It’s always so hard for me to let go of the “why”.

  303. Tara B says:

    What a great concept – I’m so glad I read this

  304. Cynthia Asjana says:

    Beautiful reminder that once again he is Al mighty and powerful. Nothing is impossible with God.

  305. Nikki David says:

    Let steadfastness have its full effect. Full effect-we often want to speed things up especially pain and suffering

  306. Raneisha Kornelsen says:

    Wow. This is absolutely amazing !

  307. Cara Rumble says:

    Job was able to respond in the Spirit to tragedy because He stayed close to the Lord. May I know Him so intimately that even in grief, my heart will long to worship Him!

  308. belle ingersoll says:

    surrendering “ our control “ over our lives && putting our trust in our heavenly father helps us to grow closer in unity with Him.

  309. belle ingersoll says:

    trusting in God can be so so hard but when we surrender control over to Him we are choosing to let our heavenly father have control over our lives. ✞

  310. DeAnn Tucker says:

    This spoke to me so much in the current season I’m in

  311. Heather Narraway says:

    Awaiting a call from my dr to find out my mri results. To see if I can have kids

  312. Paula Quansah says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. My grandma got buried yesterday..thank you

  313. Paula Quansah says:

    He is with us when we are going through difficulties. He never abandon his own. So comforted with this ❤️

  314. Ivy Perkins says:

    Jesus loves me and he also loves you

  315. Cadence McLin says:

    God is with us through every trial and temptation because He paid the biggest price of all

  316. Nauteshia Jones says:

    As I’m navigating moving across the country leaving my village, having a high risk pregnancy, & now being a mommy of 3 all within 5 months, God has been my consistent. He never fails me.

  317. Emily Muzanima says:

    Jesus loves me, this I know.

  318. Axie Tomasi says:

    My trials seem big right now… but Jesus is bigger ♥️ thank you, Lord, that your love and light cannot be overcome. Give me patience and grace so that I may fight these battles and come out stronger in the end.

  319. Terany Garnett says:

    Wow so beautifully put. As I seek God more I don’t seek answers, I seek peace to accept what I don’t understand. I want comfort from God at this point in my life not blessings or answers. I just want peace and comfort during the waves

  320. Layla Harrington says:

    She loved you, I love you, and Jesus loves you. You may feel as everyone or everything is against you right now but nobody or anything is! I know exactly how it is to loose a grandma, she was my best friend and it did hurt. But remember Jesus is taking care of her now and I’m sure she is so proud of you and is saving a place for you in Heaven! This will get easier I promise you♥︎

  321. Wendy Tom says:

    being going through some struggles in life right now, turning to God and trusting in Him as helped; will continue to be patient and trust in the Lord

  322. April CiprianuDsilva says:

    I had a job where my boss asked me why does a black cloud of trouble following me around. Indeed I was enduring so many trials and tribulations. I heard the Holy Spirit say instantly remind him of Job in the bible and I did. He didn’t really say to much at first . Then he went away and studied I’m assuming and then he approached me and said I’m really sorry Jada about what I said. I still feel like Job today but, I am waiting for the restoration of of the double portion that will be returned to me in Christ Jesus Name. Praise you Sweet Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords for all your blessings. Btw that man I mentioned in the story become my adopted father and mentor for a few years after this story. Many blessings to Shane and his family also.

  323. Fay Mundy says:

    Going through a tough time, but know that I have trust in God ❤️

  324. Sabrina Mcmillan says:

    I am going through being distracted from god . I just want to be back on track. I want all of my traumatic experiences to demolish in my mind in Jesus name. I pray that god gives me healing.

  325. Brooklynn Pugmire says:

    Just finish praying asking God for bigger faith and man does this hit hard! So encouraging, with a dose of reality!

  326. Amy Williamson says:

    Had a son to commit suicide, after 8 months the court indicted me for child neglect resulting in death. We were really seeking God and serving God before the enemy came in and took him out. Even without proof against me, I’m still having to walk thru it. So many people are judging me and saying bad things about me and I just keep hearing God remind me that Jesus was falsely accused and it’s better to suffer for what you did not do and that I just have to keep shining for Jesus. This was a great reminder for me that even when you’re doing right.. bad things still happen. God is faithful, and I too will continually bless HIS name.

  327. Mary Carol Sosebee says:

    I’m going through a divorce and I’m praying for reconciliation❤️❤️day one of this devotional is so comforting and encouraging!

  328. Destint Dozois says:

    Dealing with a breakup in a relationship where God has promised marriage. I am believing with crazy faith that God will restore our relationship. In his timing. In his will.

  329. Talia Burrus says:

    Dealing with so many things and thinking I’m doing right just to get knocked back down it’s a low blow but I am praying God knows and has better in store for me❤️ this was definitely needed

  330. claire gallagher says:

    Been dealing with crippling anxiety and a situation out of my control. Please help me pray for my trusting heart.

  331. Leslie Haynie says:

    I love this reminder that he wants us to seek him for wisdom in our daily lives.

  332. Kitty Mc Donald says:

    Today….there!!!…. is the perfect read for now!!♥️

  333. Paradise Brown says:

    I always overthink things and worry at times. You can say I have that perfectionist mindset when it comes to the word of God. The scriptures are helping me examine myself and learn to trust God more.

  334. Caroline Hicks says:

    i needed to hear this

  335. Bryanna Da Silva says:

    I just got this app and I am loving it! I find it hard to sit and read my Bible but this is such a great way to organize the versus and with an “explanation” to what it means

  336. Leaha Hicks says:

    I love being reminded that God is always near and never leaves me alone.

  337. Laura K DeLancey says:

    I needed to read this! Please pray for our family today!
    We have teenagers and they are going through some rough times right now. I know God has a grest plan for their lives and that is what I keep telling them to seek Him and make better choices! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  338. Erin Bader says:

    Refined by fire. Producing gold ❤️

  339. Teresa McGuire says:

    Need this, at this very moment.

  340. Kiara Ruth says:

    Praising God because He still gets the glory through suffering and what a blessing it is that He takes care of His own and even those who turn away from Him. He is truly an amazing God!

  341. Isabella Burgos says:

    God is good throughout the good and bad time in life. Still praise him!!

  342. Lauren Marting says:

    I pray for confidence in the Lord during my trials. It’s difficult to see fellow sisters in heartache and know that only God can give them the hope and peace they so deeply seek. I sometimes feel lost in how to comfort others in pain.

  343. Gaby Thompson says:

    Trying to read and get into the word more, I’ve become numb in my emotions and not understanding how to process them lately.

  344. Gaby Thompson says:

    Trying to read and get into the word more,

  345. Rolyn Lazaro says:

    Hi Mrs. Williams. I’m a pastor and I’m crying upon reading what had happened to you. You’ve lost 7 babies and it’s really hard for a normal woman to accept it. You’ve gone a lot of pains and difficulties in life yet you did choose to trust in God. I’m so blessed with your testimony. And I want to take this chance to speak blessing upon you and your husband! In Jesus mighty name!

  346. Raquel Castro says:

    Needed this today, I’m going through if season where I need to let go of trying to fix the situation in my own and just trust In God to place it in his hands and trust that he has it under control and will fix this situation ❤️

  347. Margarette Real says:

    In our lowest points, God never abandoned us. He is faithful and always present in times of trouble

  348. Wendy Isaacson says:

    Oh my. I am so so deeply sorry to hear you are going through that, Yvette. I am going through something similar. My ex fiancé left me and our two kids after 6 1/2 years together. I am broken, I am in shambles, my heart is shattered. But I found my peace in church and in God. I know you can too. It is the hardest hardest thing to do but I promise, just trust in Him, he has a plan. And maybe it was just right person, wrong time. Maybe God has someone better in store for you. Strengthen your relationship with Him and watch him shower your life in blessings! You got this, momma. You’re so so so so strong, remind yourself of that, multiple times a day, every second even if it helps!

  349. Amber Jackson says:

    So good that we can trust no matter good or bad!

  350. Jericha Ward says:

    Help me to trust You Lord, even in the hard times when it feels like I won’t make it. Give me faith to see you in the midst.

  351. JaNae Wilson says:

    You will get through this darling I prayed for you ❤️

  352. Tess Neel says:

    Praying for you and your family.

  353. Kristy Jensen says:

    I am going through and lot of health issues for the past year. Last year I had several things happen including kidney stone surgery. On December 28, I got covid and am still recovering from it. I have never been so sick in my life. Haven’t left my home in a month except to go to the dr. This month I was also diagnosed with sinus tachycardia. I am 39 years old. I am married to the love of my life and we have 3 boys. I want to live a long time for them but I also know that whatever happens is for God’s glory. I want to grow in my faith to trust Him more with my life. I struggle to see the good in things when going through such turmoil. But I know God is in control and He holds my future.

  354. Yvette Villarrreal says:

    My other half of 8 1/2 yrs left me and our family this past week. I feel lost and completely broken. I’m trying to put all my patience and faith in God to help heal my family and guide me to where I need to be. I hope and pray that my family becomes whole again and that I am able to listen to Gods commands for me and my 3 babies. Prayers appreciated for strength through this.

  355. Margaret Dunlap says:

    Father help me to trust you in my pain!

  356. Sangita Hickman says:

    This is such a great reminder of God’s faithfulness.

  357. Madeline Bassoff says:

    Great reminder when we go through tough times that God steps into our pain

  358. Emma Lynch says:

    Really love this. Much needed rn❤️

  359. Breanna Gillis says:

    This puts it all into perspective. I used to question why good things happen to good people. I have learned it’s not for me to try to figure out. The question I need to be asking is how will this bad thing impact me and how I reach the nations. How will it impact the way I serve and follow Jesus? How can I turn this bad thing into an eternal impact. Though it is extremely difficult to see it with that perspective in the moment, I know deep down those are the questions I need to be asking.

  360. Emily Smith says:

    Amazing start to this reading plan !

  361. Chanté Lombaard says:

    Amazing then to be reminded of how God steps into pain for us! I pray for you and that you truly experience His love and compassion in this painful time for you.
    Amen !

  362. Chanté Lombaard says:

    Amazing then to be reminded of how God steps into pain for us! I pray for you and that you truly experience His love and compassion in this painful time for you.

  363. Kristen Cordle says:

    This was so beautifully written and what an incredible reminder of the Fathers love for us. I needed this today. I cried out to the Lord today and cried “ how unfair” things were- wow

  364. Breanna Miller says:

    What a great reminder ❤️

  365. AJ Sneed says:

    What a great way to start my resolution of y being in scripture daily! Been really depressed the last year and found myself feeling like I was sinking slowly in tar. Tragically I felt more distant from God too. An overwhelming sense of hopelessness for not only my life but for my country kept me from trusting God NE

  366. Macey Mercer says:

    Starting a year with complete chaos is something that has happened not only in 2022 but in 2021. This helps me keep focus through this rough season.

  367. Sydney Griffin says:

    Needed this! With all the uncertainty in the world today, God is always with us. He feels our pain and listens to our needs. He is always there through the good and the bad ❤️

  368. Lauren Young says:

    I still forget to be faithful and grateful even when my life is going pretty great. Job did it when everything was going wrong.

  369. Megan Everett says:

    Needed to hear this this morning. Life has been tough lately. “Our God is good and His character does not change, nor does His love for us.” That’s so so comforting.

  370. Peggy Motswatswa says:

    I needed to hear this and be reminded to trust the Lord at all times, as I begin this new year & all my stress enxiety at my work, I’m now trusting the Lord ❤️

  371. Becca Nelson says:

    “If we’ve known him in our joy we can trust him in our pain”

  372. Jordan Davis says:

    An eternal perspective that we don’t have…. I’m going to remind myself of this daily. If I am being honest Often when I feel I haven’t arrived or gotten to where I want to in life or another obstacle appears in my path I tend to look at others journeys and compare or wonder how someone so mean or someone so bitter was blessed or favored so much but it’s not my business and I need that frequent reminder to trust in him with my plans and purposes and that there is an eternal perspective that I simply don’t have.. This was a great read I look forward to the rest of the week ❤️

  373. Ava Nickerson says:

    This really changed my perspective on things and let me know that worrying and doubting will get me nowhere, but having faith will.

  374. Allison Sherwood says:

    I know that Job was in good standing with the Lord before he lost everything, but I wonder if Job’s faith grew in the midst of his suffering?

  375. Laverna Delgado says:

    It’s unfathomable to me how God could take everything from Job, just to prove to Satan Job was faithful in his trust to the Lord. But then reading further on that he has an eternal perspective that we don’t have, helps me try to better understand.

  376. Selah Unfreid says:

    I definitely am exiting a season that left me pretty barren apart from the lord. And because I still had the lord, I had everything I could need. Praise God he works in the seasons of plenty and poor alike.

  377. Audra Cole says:

    “An eternal perspective we do not have.”

  378. Amanda Terry says:

    God brings troubles to bring His people closer to Him❤️

  379. Hayley Hayhurst says:

    How beautiful and rewarding to have such a strong and loving Creator through it all ❤️

  380. Kate Honeycutt says:

    praise God for walking through the suffering with us and for loving us when we don’t deserve it!

  381. Michia Jenkins says:

    I need some insight on how to know if something is from God, if the enemy is deceiving me, or if it’s hardship that I should choose to endure. I believe that in all things God’s will WILL be done, but I’m struggling to make a choice. I am trusting Him and this is very encouraging.

    1. K L says:

      I struggle with this too, it gets really frustrating when I think—all I’m trying to do is what God wants me to but how do I know what does he want me to do?! I think you’re right though, our hope comes from knowing that God is good, he will never fail or abandon us.

  382. Amanda Monk says:

    People always ask, “If God is so perfect, why do bad things happen to good people?” This was eye opening. We can’t escape trials and obstacles but to know He is with us and still loves us through good and bad is incredible. Thank you, Lord

  383. Dinah Coomes says:

    “An eternal perspective that we don’t have”…..eye opening

  384. Hana Mink says:

    I’ve often found myself questioning as to why God would put me through some of the things I’ve been through but this made it all clearer we must lean on him even when we don’t understand

  385. Lynnette Wenger says:

    Walk by faith not by sight. God is refining us as we lean into Him in faith, allowing the comfort is His presence and love to guide us as we praise Him.

  386. Jazzmine Monroe says:

    I definitely needed to see this, No one is exempt from hardships and you should always remain faithful amen

  387. Petroula Yargo says:

    We serve a sovereign God!

  388. Jacqui Cunningham says:

    What a beautiful reminder that our trials are not in vain. They can produce steadfastness in us, and steadfastness will make us complete!

  389. Diane Grant says:

    Ah the eternal perspective we don’t have in our pain and struggle, but He does! If we can just trust that He sees our struggle, but knows what we need when we need it.

  390. Diane Grant says:

    Ah, the eternal perspective we don’t have, but He does

  391. Molly Tankersley says:

    Our faith does not safeguard us from hardship. We will experience trials and God is still good

  392. Stephanie Barton says:

    Even if we don’t understand what’s happening in our world, He has a plan and He isn’t surprised by any of it. No matter what changes around us, He is always the same. Thank you Lord for your consistency.

  393. Julia Rose says:

    Such a perspective change. Nobody is exempt from hard times. Turn to God to get through it. You will get through it. You will see the other side. Every time.

  394. Lola Simmons says:

    I have to remind myself that God is still reigning on His throne and He is the ruler of the Universe. Some day I will be with Jesus and God forever and for all eternity. I have to remind myself that Jesus is with me all day and night every day. I am to cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me

  395. Lindsey Frans says:

    I am grateful for the nearness of our God in times of trouble. That I am not alone and that I can always trust Him to remain the same no matter what circumstances that I find myself in.

  396. Courtney Heck says:

    It’s so easy to ask the question “why me “ and then give God our laundry list of why it shouldn’t be us going through hard times. This was a sweet reminder that no one is exempt to hardship- it pushes us closer to God.

  397. Bernadine Thomas says:

    Thank you for this reminder

  398. Tam Delaney says:

    Put all your trust in the Lord ❤️

  399. Zee Rivera says:

    We have to trust and be faithful in all things. When it’s hard we have to get closer to God

  400. Ruby Lopez says:

    Wow.. yes when the world seems to fall down on us and nothing seems Like it would make it better the, the lord is the only light.

  401. abby reyes says:

    “God’s second second most important command for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, it behooves us to learn how to better comfort ourselves as well as our neighbors…” wow that’s was some good stuff i needed to hear!

  402. abby reyes says:

    “God’s second second most important command for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, it behooves us to learn how to better comfort ourselves as well as our neighbors. .

  403. Kelsey Giotta says:

    This feels timely with what is going on in the world.

  404. kailey tepper says:

    trust in the Lord, He is always at the center <3

  405. Jaysa Nissen says:

    We’ve all been in those moments where we feel that everything is terrible and it will never get better, but with knowing God, you know that eventually things will get better! Always seek the Lord !

  406. Sophiya Pavlenko says:

    God is so good but it’s hard sometimes to see the hardship and still trust God and His plan and know that He is still good!!

  407. Kathryn Taylor says:

    In a world filled with so much change and turmoil, it is such a blessing to be able to know that God’s love for us is faithful and unchanging.

  408. gracelyn akers says:

    Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with. It is my love and faith in you that I trust in you in my darkest times and lead me.

  409. Beverly Gorden says:

    Thank God for not abandoning me, allowing me to be faith to you.

  410. Bukola Olusegun says:

    Thank you Lord cos I know you and you won’t abandon me.
    I so needed this message!

  411. Bukola Olusegun says:

    Thank you Lord cos I know you and you won’t abandon me.

  412. Renna Torman says:

    Really good word here ❤️

  413. Kathryn Taylor says:

    Life has been full of difficulties over the past couple of years and I am emotionally drained. I always remember though that the hope that God provides in the midst of challenging times is enough! My prayers to all who are struggling and suffering is that we can keep on eyes on God.

  414. Sabi Mutesi says:

    I have prayed and cried unto the Lord and felt like He was not listening. But despite all that , I choose to trust Him and rely on Him to make my life better and to make me stronger to withstand all that I’m going through. May your will be done Lord.

  415. Rachel Osborne says:

    I trust God and what he has in store for me and my family. I feel lost and confused right now but I know he will do what’s best. He is the maker of miracles

  416. Vanessa Cortez says:

    Trusting you Jesus. These past few months have been a struggle. I was losing hope and needed direction. I know he will never leave me nor forsaken me. I do needed this.

  417. Vanessa Cortez says:

    I am in a time right at this moment, where hope feels lost and I feel like I’m gasping for air. These past few months have been so hard. I know he has never left me not forsaken me. I’m trusting in you Jesus to get me through even the most difficult situation right now.

  418. Bria says:

    My husband lost his job a week ago. After being bitter, an emotional wreck and just plain angry that this happened to him; I am ready to turn to the Lord and trust in him. I admire Job for surrendering to God the moment he lost everything. My prayer right now is that God will continue to soften my heart so that I lean on Him during this journey of my husband finding a new job. I am trusting that He has a plan for our lives and that we will follow His will. Thank you for this encouragement!

  419. Samantha Wilson says:


  420. Delaney Schultz says:


  421. Jessica Barton says:


  422. Catherine Crandell says:


  423. Jenn Webb says:


  424. Tomeco Hubbard says:

    Trusting him through it all. ❤️

  425. Angeline Erickson says:

    He truly never leaves us. He is ever present. A true friend and yet also still God almighty.

  426. Anna Jackson says:

    Praying for you?

  427. Gabriella Thompson says:

    This message for me was of Hope. In a time of healing, admitting my mistakes, and prayerfully searching for my purpose this message reminded me to stay steadfast in my faith. God is with us through every high and low. He left the ninety nine for one.

  428. Anita Stephens says:

    I am praying for you Meghan. I’m praying God will use your situation for his Glory! Lean on Him…he will not fail.

  429. Maghan Collins says:

    I’m in a time right now where I’m lost and feel helpless and it is driving me crazy because I’m used to being in control and always knowing what to do. But I have to relinquish that control and remember that God is always there for me even when I think all is gone.

  430. Ashley Grimball says:

    Needed this, dealing with grief from the loss of my mom.

  431. Jessphanie Owens says:


  432. Jessi Kirby says:


  433. Tammy Durn says:


  434. Julia Warbington says:

    So thankful for His faithfulness.

  435. Julia Warbington says:

    We can see His faithfulness through our pain.

  436. Jayde Killgore says:


  437. Emilee Barker says:


  438. Tania Poharama says:

    Trust is hard to start but lasting

  439. kate moon says:


  440. Josheena Ferrell says:


  441. Ellen Cass says:

    I’m trying to change my life and be more honest and authentic. I’ve always struggled with letting God into my life.

  442. Miya Payton says:

    Considering it great joy ❤️

  443. Astrid Chauvin says:

    Thank you! Just what I needed.

  444. Jenne Bauer says:

    Encouraging me today.

  445. Maggie Peery says:

    I am right there with you! I fall short at crying out for God in moments of testing, but God finds a way to reach me! The burden is not ours to have alone! Thank you for sharing this and I will be lifting you up!

  446. Rachael Craven says:

    Going through a storm and dark time and it sometimes feels as if God has abandoned me. Surrender is something I struggle mightily with and pray that this burden is taken from me and those who feel the same

  447. Julie Barrett says:

    God is good and forever constant.

  448. Reba Burkhalter says:

  449. Shalane Baker says:


  450. Stacey Hayne says:


  451. Jeanna Ragsdale says:


  452. Brittney Lane says:

    God is with us through all pain

  453. Maddie Rieger says:

    God remains good through out it all ❤️ Through the trials and the wins we should rejoice in Him. His plan > ours.

  454. Becca WertheimDavis says:


  455. Megan Hsu says:


  456. Brittany Penn says:

  457. Brooklynn Wynveen says:

    This reminds me of something a pastor friend of mine says often—if what you have is not good, then God is not done!

  458. Savannah Malone says:

    God is always good!!!

  459. Krista Henry says:

    Thankful for God’s constant goodness.

  460. Danica Pardini says:

    Not an easy pill to swallow but I’m trying to see God’s faithfulness in pain. Just found out that my husbands friend (his daughter) who is 4 years old has an inoperable brain tumor. They are faithful Christian in ministry.

  461. Nicole Stevens says:

    We can trust Him with our joys and our pains. ❤️

  462. McKenna Morrison says:


  463. Bethany McVey says:

    I needed that reminder today. TY♥️

  464. Julia Brown says:

    God is Good, no matter what trials and tribulations we may go through.

  465. Jennifer McMichael says:

    A good reminder this week that God will leave the glock of 99 to seek and save the 1 missing. Define

  466. Alejandra Reyes says:

    God is Good all the time. Through the trials and wins, through it all.

  467. Carmen Martinez says:


  468. Alyssa Ochoa says:


  469. Amanda Sofa says:


  470. Chekwon Simmons says:

    Job, from a desperate and traumatized state of mind, WILLINGLY came to God. In fact, he worshipped Him, for so many of us it is so easy to turn to things that do not represent God when we experience trauma or ‘bad things’ , this passage just teaches us how to do so!

  471. Kendall Degerstrom says:

    God shows us he doesn’t change and he is the only one that will never let us down. God has a plan and we can trust that!

  472. Sue Kelley says:

    Life is hard but God is good. I am grateful that He is with me through it all.

  473. Anele Praise says:

    Job truly shows the definition of trusting God even when things do not make sense. He still worshipped God and praised Him after losing it all.❤

  474. Pauline M says:


  475. Kathryn Byrd says:


  476. Kathy Taitano says:

    Knowing all too well the suffering of those who love You as You have sacrificed for us. In the pain and loss there is grace and mercy. You hold our hand and walk us through the valley. We are safe. With You.

  477. Emma Smith says:


  478. Lora Janitch says:


  479. Emy Myers says:


  480. Sara Valdez Hoffer says:

    ❤️ I’m so glad to have a saviour who is always near

  481. Autumn Scott says:


  482. Yzabella Flick says:

    what a beautiful reminder that we are never alone in our suffering and can trust Him despite our fears and feelings ❤️ praise God

  483. Taylor DiPerna says:


  484. Amberlee Weston says:


  485. km smith says:


  486. Brooke Hicks says:

    Such a great reminder and one I needed to hear! Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!

  487. Annamarie Ross says:

    Really needed this today

  488. Andrea Colon says:


  489. Karly Spires says:


  490. Het Dell says:


  491. Meredith Koelling says:


  492. Emmy Clausen says:


  493. Jamie Ham says:


  494. Irene Cedillo says:

    Job continues to be one of my favorite books. This concept of holding both Hope and despair at the same time is one that I am in constant awe of. Thank you Jesus for exemplifying this and for reminding us that it is not in vain and that You made the ultimate sacrifice knowingly.

  495. Chelsea Cody says:

    Thank you Lord, for these words of Truth have helped to set my soul free from myself. AMEN!!

  496. Ashton Whaley says:


  497. Abby Claire says:


  498. Brittany Young says:

    Thank you for this message! It gives a little bit of comfort to me, that even though tough times are inevitable, and not fun at all, God will be there if I seek Him, to give me the joy and hope I need to endure!

  499. Rachelle Wilkinson says:


  500. Jennifer Smyth says:

    I need this lesson right now more than ever.

  501. Milaena Stride says:

    This is amazing

  502. Sorelyss Mcginty says:

    Wonderful word!!!

  503. Gina Ligi says:

    Thank you

  504. Caroline Sundvold says:


  505. Sarah Rodriguez says:


  506. Megan Smith says:

    Love this

  507. Molly Friedauer says:


  508. Yvonne Z says:

    The Lord is good no matter how our circumstances are!

  509. Anastasiia Sibirtseva says:

    Thank you ♥️

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    Loved this!

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    Job’s story is one I could read over and over. This is amazing! ❤️

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    This was right on time for me! God is great! We have to try to cling to him more than ever! ❤️

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    ❤️ trying to get back to my first love with God, trying to be faithful again. this was a good read

  544. Harley Stucki says:

    That was amazing. I needed that ❤️

  545. Krezylah Garcia says:

    So amazing to be reminded of God’s constant love with such good read.

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  549. Irene Cedillo says:

    The book of Job is one of my favorites ♥️

  550. Irene Cedillo says:


  551. Aidyn Dupuy says:

    I love the verse where Job mourns, surrenders, and worships at the same time. They do not have to be separate.

  552. Hannah Foreman says:


  553. Kiarah Serrano says:

    It’s such a crazy thought that even those that live good and righteous lives still endure pain and suffering. There’s truly nothing we can do to avoid struggle. But one thing remains, and that is God is faithful and He keeps His promises. From pain and trial comes healing and growth. There’s a beauty in our suffering. God will bring us out of our struggle stronger than ever before :)

  554. Kassi Pulis says:


  555. Ashley Rea says:

    This is definitely what I needed, with struggling with mental health, I’ve been really far from God and today I decided to change that, and so far, the start I’ve had has already helped so much❤️❤️

  556. Alyssa Wabnitz says:

  557. Sarah Bono says:

  558. Alannah Tie says:

    Thankyou Lord for being an ever-present help, and a good good Father

  559. Jessica Davis says:


  560. Natasha Nelson says:


  561. Hannah Faye Sagurit says:

    “Naked I come from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” ❤️

    Even the faithful and blameless are tested. When trials come and we go from having something to nothing, let us remain steadfast. God is our Father. Let us trust in Him the way He is confident in us that we could overcome trials. ❤️

  562. Hannah Faye Sagurit says:

    “Naked I come from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” ❤️

  563. Chelsea Hildebrand says:


  564. Chelsea McCarthy says:

    I needed this!! The Lord is so faithful. Thank you Lord for your word.

  565. Dana A says:


  566. Emily Grady says:


  567. Rebekah Davis says:

    You are in such a unique position to show those kids Jesus in a way they might not have experienced before! God has entrusted those kids to you & has also equipped you to take care of them whether it feels like it or not. Girl, we are all just “winging it” whether we birthed them or they just landed in our laps like you- every day is a learning experience in a mothering role! So don’t be discouraged by this, you’ve got this girl! The Lord is good and has good plans for you and those kids! Trust Him to lead you and guide your every step and He will direct you! Praying for your family this morning!

  568. Laura Willet says:

    God is good. And we can cling to that no matter what

  569. Katie Clouse says:


  570. Kimberly Serna says:


  571. Lauren Medred says:

    Lord thank you for your constant love, and thank you for drawing near to me. Today I will rest, knowing that you are there in it all!

  572. zora erickson says:


  573. Naomi Edwards says:

    Thank you God for always being here with us!! Amen ❤️❤️

  574. Erica Atkinson says:

    Relatable! Very helpful, too!

  575. kayla schneider says:

    I can rest confidently in trusting the Lord

  576. kayla schneider says:

    Having strong faith does not equal no trials but it helps you get through the trials

  577. Cynthia McFarland says:

    Thank you Lord for not abandoning us, Amen.

  578. Kendra Gonzalez says:


  579. Tomi Euler says:

    I have always loved Job and found comfort in his story. Things have not been going smoothly and all I have is faith that God has a way for me, because He brought me this far in the journey, seeking His comfort and not the comfort of this world. God is good all the time!

  580. Terri Richmond says:

    Good read.

  581. Brittany Paige says:

    This year has been a test & trial for pretty much every one in the world. Dealing with Covid, Work etc.

  582. Charlene Campbell says:


  583. Tammy Peters says:

    I have been dealing with stomach issues for the past year that no one knows anything about. God is definitely my refuge.

  584. Matti Dennis says:

    @Ariel_Martinez John 9: 1-3. Trust me. Look it up.

  585. Matti Dennis says:

    @Ariel_Martinez John 9: 1-3

  586. Matti Dennis says:

    I’ve been in the hospital for 5.5 weeks now with a blood infection on top of chronic illness. Life right now feels like hell’s preview, but I find piece in God and have grown closer to him than ever. I know He has a plan even if it is one I may not yet understand.

  587. Madi Merchant says:


  588. Allison Williamson says:

    I have been dealing with Covid for the last few weeks and I really need this reassurance that GOD is with me in every step of the way !!! He is good to me!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

  589. Amari Randall says:


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  591. Kristen Richardson says:

    I’m currently going through a miscarriage and this passage was very helpful for me to trust that God is closer to me in my pain.

  592. Marie Harrison says:


  593. Karen Tidwell says:

    Learning to trust him as I deal with insomnia.

  594. Teneqha Ford says:

    I am going through a tough period of my life and I needed to hear that.

  595. Nicole Davis says:

    I felt so bad for Job, but after reading as an adult and seeing that God intentions were not necessarily to punish him, but to teach him… sad as it was. And lest not forget, it was Satan who plotted this idea to test Job to begin with.

  596. Katrina Kelly says:


  597. Abbey Tipton says:

    I love that Job is a reminder that no matter how good of a person you but what is important is our relationship with the Lord and trusting the he has us and our situations taken care of. All he wants is US!

  598. Jody Renwick says:

    I love the story of Job. It always reminds me to trust and have faith.

  599. Ariel Martinez says:

    I’m dealing with infertility. I often wonder “why is this happening, and what did I do to deserve this?” But that is not the case.

  600. Amanda Belker says:


  601. Kyrsti Harward says:


  602. Rachael Claire says:

    I have lost trust in Him in the recent past. Today I decided to read and this is the first thing that came to me. So grateful for it.

  603. Kendra Patterson says:

    This was a very beautiful and enjoyable passage to read

  604. Ashley Knight says:


  605. McKenzie Lenz says:


  606. Christene Chavez says:

    Something i do often when things go wrong, is try to find why i deserved it. And truth is sometimes its not deserved but is still a lesson in life

  607. Cynthia Gonzalez says:

    I really loved this, so grateful to have stumbled upon this

  608. Ricki Smith says:

    Thank you Jesus for this day, thank you for reminding me that you deliver on your promises, and when I feel like I can’t see your blessings, I will re-frame my situation to see them.

  609. Vita Basarab says:

    There have been many uncertainties, especially during this pandemic. I’ve seen so much hatred, hurt and fear in everyone around me this past year; and I am one of them. I needed to read this because any more bad news and I thought my heart would rip apart. I have been in the season of untrust, confusion and hurt. However, I know God is truly the sustainer and our conquerer. I needed to be reminded of his goodness and the faithfulness of those before us.

  610. Amanda Villarreal says:

    Really needed to read this today

  611. Silvia Diaz says:

    I’ve always been the type to feel the need to take matter into my own hands in all aspects of my life. But God has restored me and made me new. I’m currently in the season of trusting and depending fully on our amazing Father. Great is His faithfulness.

  612. Gabi Mintchell says:

    I’ve been in a season of waiting. Things were taken from me but only temporarily. I cannot walk which means I cannot work. My job is there for me when I recover. But this season was an intentional time of nothingness so I could seek out God and learn to fully trust in him. Since I’ve been home and started working modified duty, I’ve gone away from reading my Bible everyday and even being in worship (which is something I love). And God knows and sees. But He still wants me to seek Him. So he’s taking my car away. (Or rather gave me a warning). I definitely needed this study today. To bring me back to the reason of this season and to turn back to Him and fully trust Him with my life and everything that goes in to it.

  613. Laura Hadsell says:

    For a whole week I have had spiritual ups and downs. Work was getting crazy, weather has been horrible, my son begging me to stay home with him every day, come home every night to spend with him and clean, then finding time for God. Today I was about to have a panic attack. I kept trying to keep my mind focused on Jesus. Trying to stay focused on his goodness. It was getting to where I felt ok but then something else happened to make me feel insecure. Finally I asked God out loud in a quiet voice, I know this is a test and you are working right now, but this hurts. Hurts bad. Finally an hour later one of my coworkers said she is going to be my new department manager and I won’t be working alone in my department anymore. I felt so relieved and happy. I felt like God was sending me a message saying, see I told you I am right here. I couldn’t thank God enough for the great news. And tomorrow I have an entire day with my son. And tonight I get more quiet time with God. He loves us. It might be tough at times when he is working in our lives but he does love us.

  614. Sabrina Swan-Peterson says:

    I feel like Job, excellent I’m not such a diligent Christian. There’s room for improvement. But when it rains it pours…right now there’s a tsunami.

  615. Sara Weaver says:

    My son has been dealing with some heavy anxiety and I have found myself feeling lost and depressed. This was a nice reminder that everyone goes through hard times and that we will make it out to the other side because we have Jesus on our side. And that painful things in our lives do not happen because Jesus does not love us.

  616. Jessica Coats says:

    Good thoughts.

  617. Trinity Bradley says:

    I’ve been drifting from God lately but I feel my self coming back to him slowly and reading this plan hopefully will help!

  618. Kara Porter says:

    Through this pandemic, I’ve been realizing more and more how comforting it is to lean into Our Father, remembering that his love for us is one of the few constants in my life.

  619. Macey Mercer says:

    As I’ve been in a season of feeling lost. This devotional was like a warm blanket over me. Even if everything isn’t okay, God is greater!

  620. Chloe Crockett says:


  621. Sandra Ona says:

    Needed this !

  622. Taimi Negumbo says:

    Needed this word especially in this season. Powerful. ♥️

  623. Zimeira West says:

    I enjoyed this thank you

  624. Lisa Grove says:

    Release and enjoy the ride. It is expectation that causes disappointment. Certainly a challenge for me

    1. Tami Hankey says:

      Thank you. I love the way you phrased this.

  625. Sarah Forbes says:

    I really needed this today and just needed the reminder God will never leave and he is working I just need to trust! ✝️

  626. Isioma Nwonye says:

    We should trust God in all circumstances

  627. Sheila Sedam says:

    Learning to trust is hard but necessary.

  628. Michelle Fernandez says:

    As I step into pain and a season of hurt, He steps with me…even steps in front of me leading the way.

    1. brook conklin says:

      that was beautiful!

  629. Steph Yang says:

    Because of God’s character, we can trust Him no matter what circumstances

  630. Kristin Ouimette says:

    I need to trust him as I quit my job to step out into ministering to women unpaid

  631. Emily Martinez says:


  632. Tiffany Taylor says:

    He is still the same God, whether hills or valleys, and this truth fuels trust in Him in all circumstances.

  633. Ashley Roessler says:

    I need him to meet me in my pain on this day

  634. Maddy Harrouch says:


  635. Khyvana Dowell says:

    Excellent breakdown and full of encouragement and strong scripture to help guide and remember who God is.

  636. Landre Arie says:


  637. Laken Reddell says:

    Even when going through a storm! God will not let us down! I needed this today!!! Thank you Jesus!!

  638. Katie Befow says:

    I am realizing that I will never truly have control of my life. While I hope and pray for circumstances in my life to turn out how I would like them to, God is the only one who truly knows what will happen. No matter what happens I need to trust him and know he will never let me fall.

    1. Suzanne Christiansen says:

      This really helped me today, and I feel every word you said. You are 100 percent correct.

  639. Kaitlyn Sardar says:

    This was very needed for me today, as I just made a big move to India with my husband.

  640. kirsten villamor says:


  641. Mishayna Gilmore says:

    So good!

  642. Alicia Glass says:


  643. Jonalee Black says:


  644. Essynce Dickerson says:

    Pain and suffering is inevitable, but we serve a big God…a good good Father who knows what we go through. And because He cares for us, we can trust Him to give us the strength to push through. God works it all out for our good! We just have to trust His plan. FAITH

  645. Samantha Coupland says:


  646. Ella Serpevsky says:

    First time doing this plan and wow, I needed to hear this.

  647. Julia Heslop says:

    Loved this one. Going through hard and uncertain times right now and this helped remind me to trust in Him ❣️

  648. Kristen Williams says:

    Jesus is faithful. We have to trust in Him and talk to Him about our troubles. He has been through far worse just so that we can have eternal life one day. Praise Him!

  649. Jacqueline Mugisha says:

    God steps into pain with us and we need to trust that he is present.

  650. kaylee townsend says:


  651. Leslie Block says:

    Psalms 46:1- God is our refuge and strength an ever present help in times of trouble.

  652. Genesis Perez says:

    When I first started my walk with The Lord, I was like many people who didn’t understand WHY God let those things happen to Job…..but after fully immersing myself in the things of The Lord. I get it…..He wants us to trust him in the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything is not happiness and rainbows. There will be tough times and what we do in those tough times speaks VOLUMES! ❤️

  653. Precious Acuzar says:

    God is our refuge and those who seek in Him will not only be blessed and build a good relationship with the holy spirit but also finds joy in endurance and through any circumstance in life. We must remember that life is not always on the highs, all must be grateful for each moment.

  654. Mbali Mkhithi says:

    Whatever we go through, we must indeed trust in the Lord.

  655. Heather Sapatka says:

    Such an incredible reminder, Gods love for us is not dependent on our circumstances (our blessings or our sorrow) it is continuous!

  656. Sarah Stahlke says:

    Today is the first day in a long LONG time that I’ve opened my bible and done a reading. This is the exact story I needed to hear. God seems so far away , yet he has been by my side this whole time without me even noticing or acknowledging him. He loves me even when I don’t tell him how much I love him back. That is the only thing that’s important- I know he will never leave me as long as I’m his child.

    1. Kelsey Clarkson says:

      Your post rings so true, Sarah. It has been quite a while for me to turn to the word of God, and this reading is truly something I needed to have at the forefront.

  657. Morghan Dryden says:

    God is good even in the terrible trials we endure

  658. Sydney Lareche says:

    I was shocked by Job’s testimony. His first instinct was to worship God even after his world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes. This is because he trusted God in his joy, so he knew he could trust Him in pain. Such faith.

  659. Kylee Mcdonald says:

    This is something I needed to hear today. Loved it

  660. Myriam Ledee says:

    Sometimes we forget that the teacher is silent during the test but so near to us. God is near yo heal and restore he’s just waiting for us to take our hands out and let him work

  661. Maria Aparicio says:

    Love it

  662. Betty Hall says:

    I think we remember to call out God in the bad times, but what about the good times as well.. I think we all forget to praise God when he gifts us with great things.

  663. Adie Brown says:

    psalm 100:5 and Malachi 3:6 really spoke to me. i know they’re more common verses but i really need to hear them today. definitely was a wake up call for sure.

  664. Courtney Faber says:

    Great reminder of God’s love

  665. Tricia E says:

    Psalm 9:10 – We can trust God that He will never forsake us no matter the situation or circumstance ❤

  666. Tricia E says:

    Psalm 9:10 – We can trust God that He will never forsake us no mattea the circumstance or situation

  667. Inggrit Longdong says:

    What a wake up call ❤️

  668. Hailey Mull says:

    Amazing reminder of God’s love

  669. Crystal McCormick says:

    When the world surrounding is is dark be our light Kesus that we may shine your light in this dark world!

  670. Crystal McCormick says:

    Keep fighting the good fight ofth even in trying times! It is a challenge everyday

  671. Suzanne Wiley says:

    This life is so hard, so confusing. Keep my trust strong in you, Lord, knowing that your ways are higher and your wisdom goes beyond my understanding.

  672. Kim Hernandez says:

    Through it all the lord is still by our side!
    No matter what happens in our lives we have to keep our faith strong and know that the lords plans are greater then our own!

  673. Annie DelSenno says:


  674. Samantha Henke says:

    This was such a great reminder!! Loved this.

  675. Christine Orbaczewski says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain you must be going through. Praying for Peace in your heart and for God’s tangible Presence to be with you.

  676. Sophia Anizell says:

    ❤️loved it

  677. Kara Pennington says:

    Loved this a lot. It put into perspective that god gives generously and ungrudgingly to anyone no matter what you have done!

  678. Rachel Coldwater says:

    Very good

  679. Emily Howell says:

    Loved this❤️

    1. Mariah Mosier says:


  680. Heather Mook says:

    So good!! ♥️

  681. Kome Idollo says:

    It won’t be easy but with God by my side, it will be tolerable !

  682. Lauren Carlson says:

    We are not going to be free from pain because we love God! We are working to become more like Jesus, he suffered. It’s so hard to think about suffering and always feels scary to say that God can allow his people to go through such horrible suffering

  683. Katie Amico says:

    Love the part about how He doesn’t change. So many things in life are changing and it can be unsettling. It’s why Job was able to praise His name in the midst of his despair. We can take comfort in that.

  684. Grace Hingson says:


  685. Sheri Thomas says:

    Loved this. ♥️

  686. Suzanne Wiley says:

    Oh yes, let prayer and worship of our loving God be our first response!

  687. Suzanne Wiley says:

    God is our hope and strength in every moment. He knows and is our comfort and peace. No matter what. It’s so hard but I want to and need to trust him!

  688. Brittani Hardeman says:

    Needed this today ❤️

  689. Allison Grace says:

    So good

  690. Brittany Armstrong says:


  691. Lindsey Price says:

    Love this study already!

  692. Sydney Carr says:


  693. K Bell says:

    We must trust in Him always. His way are not our ways.

  694. Z Lucia says:

    Thanks God

  695. Courtney Dennis says:

    I’m just starting this devotional which actually on time especially by I’m increasing in my faith trusting Christ completely. Not easy but worth it and I a enjoying this Devotional very much!

  696. Nicole Vazquez says:


  697. Jade Freeth says:


  698. Rhiannon Donovan says:

    Job is such a good book. Thank God we have an example of mourning in the Bible. Any time someone wants to blame and earthly “unfairness” on a person saying, “You probably made God mad,” or, “It’s because of sun in your life,” Job can be used to show that it NOT the case at all times.

  699. Rachel Blessum says:

    I pray that I learn to worship God in everyday circumstances!

  700. Amy Goodale says:

    The scriptures say after Job tore his clothes that he bent down and worshipped God. I pray that I will have that kind of devotion to the Lord…that when trouble arises that even in my distress that one of the first things I would do is worship!

  701. Tori Espinosa says:

    Needed to hear this message today. I’ve been struggling mentally with my thought life and emotions. Please pray for self-controlled thoughts and emotions.

  702. Rachael Kasprzak says:

    Such a powerful reminder to trust God ❤️

  703. Kayla Larue says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to click the passages mentioned in the debriefing? I’d like to read those excerpts and hoping for an easy way to do it

  704. Nicole Watson says:


  705. Frosa Deguzman says:


  706. Gail Ecob says:

    Very helpful

  707. ravae wilson says:

    Love a good word from Lisa Harper

  708. Robbin Thomas says:


  709. Maya Dunson says:


  710. Shaunda Worden says:

    So thankful that the Lord knows what He is doing and that He never changes when my world falls apart.

  711. Hannah Petersen says:


  712. Gabrielle Fry says:

    Thank you so much! It means a lot!! Especially that I’m not alone with feeling anxiety!!

  713. Stacey Fails says:

    “If we’ve known him to be good in our joy, we can trust him with our pain” absolutely!

  714. Katelyn Akers says:

    So good

  715. Jayleen Garcia says:

    I really loved this Devo. I love that it says “because of God’s constant character”. There’s so many words to be used to describe God but constant is one of my favorites. We live in a very inconstant world. People leave. Jobs are lost. Changes happen everyday. And yet, our God has remained. He never loved us any less. He never gave up on us. He’s never thought we weren’t worth it. He’s been in constant pursuit of our love since the beginning. How can we resist a love so pure? A love so sure? A love so inviting? I never want to go a day without it. So I will trust Him in the uncertain. I will trust Him in the “unfairness” of life. Because I know He stays with me always.

  716. America Wilson says:

    Gabrielle, I can totally relate. I’ve been struggling with the same thing and putting my trust in the Lord and His promises has really comforted me. I pray you find the same relief I’m beginning to feel.

  717. Gabrielle Fry says:

    I’ve been dealing with bad anxiety lately and this message has really gave me strength, that I don’t have to deal with this by myself and our Lord is dealing and feeling the pain that I am as well. It’s given me even more faith and strength knowing that he can get me through this and that I’m not alone.

  718. Rebekah Wert says:

    Psalms 34:18 wow so good!

  719. Marcia Moyo says:


  720. Katt says:

    I love being reminded that what I see and what I feel is in the present; my ability to understand is inwardly focused; in that I don’t understand why something is happening or how it affects the big picture. I also needed to be reminded that IT’S OKAY; I don’t need to know it all or understand it all, because God does. I NEED to understand that God is still there and will help me through it; I need only trust him.

  721. Nicole Nichols says:

    This is truly wonderful ♡

  722. Abbey Gore says:

    I loved the reminder that God has an eternal perspective that we do not have

  723. Katherine Santulli says:

    It’s much easier to take steps that seem scary when we know whatever pain we experience in the changes are known fully by God. We can trust that we are never alone.

  724. Sophie Lua says:

    it’s so nice to come back to God’s word <3 the greatest form of comfort to ever exist

  725. Misty Rivera says:


  726. abby morgan says:

    The Lord takes our pain and suffering to produce a faith so bold and genuine that everyone will know it came from the Lord our God.

  727. Brittany Strevel says:


  728. Candice Schneider says:

    I learned this during a church sermon this Sunday:



    The Lord is with us. Even (and especially) through the pain.

  729. Jermaine Roxas says:


  730. Sarah Grier says:

    I thank you Lord that your character does not change, nor does your love for us…we can experience you in our joy and in our pain ❤️

  731. Karlyn Vande Vegte says:

    At a bible study last night we were talking about suffering and how Jesus said in John 16:20 he would turn our sorrow into joy. I think that oftentimes I can look back after trials and see how God turned sorrow into joy and used it for good but in the moment I question how any of it could be a part of Gods good plan for my life and for his glory. Its incredible and almost unbelievable that through everything Job kept his gaze fixed on Christ and worshipped Him through the hardships, not knowing that God would bless Him with more children and livestock and wealth than he had before. He remained steadfast despite everything. I can only pray that I too can be like Job whenever trials and suffering come my way.

  732. Beth Gibson says:

    I will pray for you, Evelyn. That is such a painful feeling. Please pray for me too. I’m in a very similar situation with my husband right now. He doesn’t want to be married anymore because I’ve hurt him a lot and he doesn’t believe our marriage can heal. He says he doesn’t love me anymore which I am finding very difficult to believe! I don’t know what God will do since we are both believers and want very different things!! But I can only trust in Him.

  733. Evelyn Hernandez says:

    I pray for faith like Jobs. My husband recently told me he needs a break to get himself in a right head space because he feels depressed and like a failure. I’m so broken and this pain I’m feeling seems to be so overwhelming to the point where I can’t even eat. I want to be there for him and work through these things together but he says he needs to do it alone. I pray that God gives me the faith and wisdom to overcome this situation whatever the outcome is. I believe in God and what he can do. I need to stand strong in Gods presence for my daughter who needs me. Please pray for me.

  734. Summer Douglas says:

    I am in the same boat! Praying for you each morning before shift. We’re in this together with God’s love and mercy over us

  735. Morgan Nicole says:

    Yesterday I was processing with some friends how much a struggled with the story of Job. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that bad things can and will happen to people regardless of if they are “good” or “bad” this story has always challenged me in my faith walk

  736. Karina Gonzalez says:

    I lost my dog 3 days ago. I considered him to be my everything, I would never go to bed angry or sad because he would always be by my side. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me about Job’s story and today, I happened to read it here.

  737. Stephanie Cabada says:

    So good! that was a good reminder that no matter what I’m going through,I can trust god he will always be with me .

  738. Melissa Manzanares says:

    This was a great reminder that no matter how good we are, we can’t earn God’s love. I’m so thankful for the blood of Jesus that covers us and sets us free from sin!

  739. Audrianna Lipe says:

    Thank you Jesus for continuously blessing me… even when those blessings are disguised as hardships.

  740. Tracy Scott says:

    I am so so sorry for loss. Thank you for sharing that even in your pain, you are hoping in Jesus – what else is left?!?

  741. Cynthia Jeter says:

    Wish I could hug every nurse I know right now. Y’all have hit one year under extreme stress and I can’t fathom the mental fatigue. Praying for you and.

  742. Megan Bolton says:

    Going through a really tough time as a nurse. Extreme anxiety before going to work. Waiting and trusting for the next step

  743. Lauren Grant says:

    My heart aches thinking of those who lost their lives in the Boulder, CO shooting yesterday. This is a good reminder that God was, is and will be there…

  744. Lauren Grant says:

    Praying for you and your unexplainable pain…


    Things at the moment are hard with COVID-19 but with God I can push through day by day knowing that Je is with me and Protecting me!

  746. Meg Martin says:

    “Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance.” Philippians 1:18-19 GUYS, LET THIS REFLECTION OF TRUST AND PRAISE IN TRIALS BY PAUL IN JAIL INSPIRE YOU TO KEEP GOING. STAY IN YOUR WORD, PUT ALL YOUR TRUST AND HOPE IN GOD. HE HAS NOT ONCE FAILED TO FUFILL A PROMISE. HE IS A COMPASSIONATE, CONSISTENT, AND SUSTAINING GOD.

  747. Meg Martin says:

    Praying for you.

  748. Maddison Vittitow says:


  749. Susan Werner says:

    Peace be with you and your family; take refuge in our Lord, He Will help strengthen your heart.

  750. MerlinGrace Nesaraj says:

    I pray that I stay strong in my faith like Job no matter the trials and tribulations.

  751. Angel Davis says:

    We lost our son to stomach cancer Oct 2020. He was 34 years old he would have turned 35 in November. This has been the most difficult trial yet. He leaves behind his bride of 11 years, a brother, nieces and nephews, his mom and dad and one set of grandparents. He was diagnosed in July and left us in October. He went through chemotherapy, but did not work. We are thankful we had some days with him in hospice. My husband and I have better days than some. It’s been a difficult journey but we have hope through our Lord Jesus. I just found this study. God’s blessings to all you ladies walking through your own trials.

  752. Sharon Jayaseelan says:

    I trust you Lord. Amen

  753. Leslie Block says:

    I am so grateful for God in my life and the peace and strength he gives me in times of trouble!

  754. Angelique Armijo says:

    I trust you, Lord!

  755. Keirsten Rogers says:

    That was great!! This is most definitely the best and truest plan I’ve read on this app! God is good and sometimes life comes with obstacle’s…you have to fall before you can walk.

  756. Cristen Ryan says:

    Taking time right now to pray for all of you. In Christ, we are sisters, and so we are never alone! You are not alone.

  757. Taylor Ferguson says:

    I’m praying for you. You are not alone. He is with you in every moment. Reach out to Him. Seek Him always in everything you do.

  758. Dami Olayinka says:

    What a good lesson!! God is good!!

  759. Anna Maitum says:

    What an awesome God we serve!

  760. Vee Marie says:

    I pray for faith like Job’s. Lord, bless anyone who is on this. I pray you all trust in God like you trust you’ll wake up in the morning.

  761. Vanessa Rodrigues says:

    God is good!

  762. Rochelle Phipps says:

    Lord help with the challenges I am facing. I am unemployed, my dad is in pain every day. Depression creeps up from time to time. You are my refuge and my strength.

  763. Samantha Patterson says:

    I’m praying for you!!! I am struggling as a mom who has had my son for 12 years, and then week, he told me he wants to live with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend. I’m hurt, be I need to let him go. I pray that his dad takes him to church, takes care of him and makes him a good person! As a side note, I moved in with my dad and my bonus mom when I was younger. At first we had an adjustment period, but she became my mom! My dad and her ended up divorced, but I still see my bonus mom and sisters! I love her and your girls will too!

  764. Taylor McCawley says:

    I’m struggling with trying to find my role and place as a stepmom to two beautiful little girls who live with us full time. I am the full time “mom” but will never be their biological mom. I’m struggling with major anxiety, jealousy and bitterness. I’m learning to set boundaries and change the way I react to certain negative situations to make my life more positive. Trusting in the Lord and giving it to Him!

  765. Victoria Ebiana says:

    Praying for you Mary. I also went through a difficult breakup many years ago. God will comfort you and be with you.

  766. Victoria Ebiana says:

    Please pray for me I am dealing with infertility and though I am trying hard I feel my faith being extremely shaken by this time. Thank you.

  767. Lyndley Zemek says:

    Give it to God! Amen!

  768. Lauren Trezise says:

    My word for the year is trust. It’s been such a challenge so far and I see more and more the ways that I need to hand over control to God. I noticed several women post in here that they’re over thinkers and I’m definitely in the same boat. I’ve lived with so much fear – always thinking I needed to provide for myself – and didn’t trust God at all until a few years ago. In fact, the first word he ever spoke to me was “trust me.” It’s a beautiful journey that has stretched me a lot but I am seeing more of God’s character and that’s encouraging me to give him more. To let him into my life more. To depend on him more. I’m grateful for the process and, even though I haven’t arrived to the point of fully trusting him, I already feel so much peace.

  769. Lauren Trezise says:

    Praying for you, Mary. I struggled with a really tough break up a few years ago when I was really new to my faith walk, but God was saying it wasn’t time. I look back now and am so grateful I was obedient because He’s grown me so much in this season of waiting and increased my dependence on him in a beautiful way. I’m excited for all that God is going to do in and through you in this time. He is faithful and has good plans for you.

  770. Julie McClean says:

    This is posting I found after my dad passed 4 yrs ago. Dont know if can remember all. “ grief never ends but it changes, pain and sorrow are not a place to stay but a resting place for awhile, it doesnt mean u are weak, it is the price we pay for love” Cry those tear and feel your sadness but dont let it commune you. Ask Gods spirit to fill you with joy and peace. I always told myself my dad would not like me to be so unhappy. Prayers for u!

  771. Caitlin Laudermilk says:

    My aunt passed away from cervical cancer last month. It’s been difficult for me to trust God during this time.

  772. Mary V Sullivan says:

    I’ve recently gone through a really rough breakup with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. I thought that he would be the man I married. I still do believe that. I believe that God is just growing us into the people we need to be before we devote ourselves to one another. but the waiting is hard. patience is hard. trusting in His plan is hard. This was the first plan I went through on this app and it helped to see that the Bible covers so many’s stories of God’s faithfulness. Head and heart are different. My head/mind know that God has the best plan possible, but my heart is struggling to comprehend. I would really appreciate prayers for healing and growth<3

    1. Anna Maitum says:

      I’m praying for you Mary. This is the closest I’ve gotten to not feeling alone in this walk of faith. I feel like God really wants to work on me and the person I
      love and it’s tough. The mind understands and the heart doesn’t but I
      believe just like you do and God truly
      is growing us. The waiting is hard, finding
      the patience in this season is equally as difficult but I believe that God has so much more in-store for us. He’s setting a foundation.

      Praying for you, please do pray for me too. God’s got us.

  773. Emily Allison says:

    I will be praying for you today Miriam, that the Lord may take on your anxieties and fears and leave you with a spirit of peace today. Have a beautiful wedding day!

  774. Nicole Bennett says:


  775. Gwen Thomas says:

    Oh Hannah, I am so sorry that this year has been challenging and that you’re enduring your third miscarriage. What a testimony to God’s goodness that you are seeking Him through His Word and hoping to know him more in your suffering. May you know Him as your refuge and strength through this difficult season.

  776. Miriam Schoffmann says:

    I am getting married tomorrow and I’m super excited. But I have really bad anxiety and have been struggling with being able to stand because I’m so anxious and excited. This happens whenever something good in my life happens. I’m just feeling super nauseous and my body is aching and even though I am starving, I can’t eat. Please pray that God will give me peace and help me not feel so excited that I cannot eat and enjoy this last day with my family!

  777. A says:

    Please pray for me. I’m dealing with anxiety and trying to trust God but it’s hard

  778. E Keller says:


  779. Kandi Hall says:

    Amen. Thankful for a God who sees all and knows all. Even when we don’t understand why we are facing this suffering.

  780. Emma Hill says:

    Huge overthinker myself!

  781. Cynthia Housh says:

    I’m a really terrible over thinker and if you are too, you aren’t alone. I can’t stress this enough, KEEP GIVING IT TO HIM. If you need someone to talk to @cynthia_housh on Snapchat and I would love to talk. God bless you! <3

    1. Anna Maitum says:

      Big overthinker

  782. Hannah Ash says:

    This is such a needed reminder of truth for me. These first 3 months of the year have been ever so challenging. Our house flooded and we can’t live in it for months. One of my daughters had to have unexpected surgery. We have had family boundary conflicts. And now I find myself in the midst of my 3rd miscarriage. I know God is good. He was so near to my broken heart with my first two miscarriages. I needed this reminder that he is with me now in all the current unexpected things and trials.

  783. Jacquelyn Benintende says:

    Amen! Thankful to find the word that applys to my life now ❤️

  784. Jen Centner says:

    I don’t know who Eileen is but thank you for posting it. I needed some pieces of this tonight ❤️

  785. Victoria Peter says:

    So true!

  786. Anissa Daniels says:

    Every time I think my life is not what I thought it should be., this story reminds me that no matter what God plans for my life will also be more than I could ever imagine

  787. Jennifer Arce says:

    Amen! I will trust God and I will leave everything in his hands. Only God knows the plans he holds for me! ❤️

  788. Niki Gray says:

    When i think of what i have faced in my life. Yes like all of us i have had my struggles. But none compare to what Job went through. So I am humbled by his amazing faith. His ability to lose so much yet remain so faithful in his love and faith in God. Truly blessed to read this passage.

  789. Alaina Pearson says:

    I think something that Christians (specifically me) have lost during this pandemic and trials we haven’t faced before is trusting without a thought in the Lord. Then when you take a look at Job and you see how much struggle he went through and still rises and praises the Lord really puts it into perspective just how small everything is compared to other things. This pandemic is just a piece of a puzzle in the Lords book, and I think He’s going to use it to do something great!

  790. Sonia Songe says:

    Amen!! God is just so good in every way, to think that the God that created the universe decided to go through pain just for us and tells us that he will be our refuge, is just mind blowing.

  791. Brianna Flores says:

  792. Maddison Smetzer says:

    God bless all of you! So glad to be in The Word with you.

  793. Misty Portland says:

    Thankful for this good word

  794. Emily Perez says:

    God is faithful to the one who believes. His love never ends for us. His grace is sufficient especially when all seems lost. He is close when we feel distant and downhearted.

  795. kal martin says:

    amen ❤️

  796. Chauntae S.Hamilton says:

    Such a timely reminder. Good is good a suffering is not forever ❤️

  797. Evie Gruenbacher says:


  798. Alysha Obeius says:

    Something good to keep in mind as a go to sleep tonight ♥️

  799. Vero Salgado says:

    Praise God

  800. Jenna Brandt says:

    How evident is it that God is GOOD, He has a plan for us, and the trials are thrown at us to put us at trial with our faith. This was a perfect read.

  801. Jordyn Taylor says:


  802. Sara Smith says:

    Perfect timing

  803. maria kinney says:

    i needed this more than ever i seen to think when my life is good i am happy but God is all around us he makes happy no matter the bad times or the good times he is here to tech us the hardest lesson and that is , life is not fair it’s not but if we can trust our lord we can get through anything!!!

  804. Olivia Forsythe says:


  805. Eva Wehr says:

    Lord Jesus be near to my broken heart. Amen.

  806. Stephanje Berardis says:

    What a great message .. and we have to remember God is not about fair . If he was none of us would be saved . His grace is undeserving for us yet he gives it. Jesus died for my sins … not fair yet I’m so thankful for it . I read recently when we think of our suffering based on what we deserve.. we are not able to surrender it to the Lord and let him comfort us .

  807. Thannon Holst says:


  808. Katie Jones says:

    I know God is with me even when troubles of my past arise or when loved ones are sick with COVID. Prayers sent out for those to understand that we do not get all the answers but to remain faithful and turn to God on all accounts, good or bad. His pathway for us is above our knowledge and wants in life.

  809. Caroline Godefroy says:


  810. Desirée Baxter says:

    Praise God for He is good! Give Him all of the glory!

  811. Morgan Warner says:

    God is good and his plan is greater than my own ❤️ I’ve felt so lost for so long as we try to grow our family. I know that the pain of miscarriage has purpose, God’s plan for me is truly great. I trust Him and this is the reminder I needed. He has never left my side and He never will!

  812. Yesenia Ramirez says:

    Praying that I complete this plan. A reminder to me that God is with me through my joys and struggles. A reminder that I’m not alone.

  813. Sara Riemersma says:

    Eileen. I am praising God for doing what he does best- shows us in literal, viable ways that he KNOWS and is listening and has been there all along. I know he does this because he did the same thing for me that he is doing for you right now. I am going to pray for you to have the courage to just run at every instance of his presence that you feel or find. That you will let go of all your personal whatever’s that have kept you trying this life on your own and that you will take the gift God is offering. Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorite verses and one of the first I learned when I came back to God and I just imagine this giant hand reaching down into my struggles all the time, right there, with one finger stretched out that I can grab hold of. He picks me up and lifts me just back onto my feet but doesn’t let go. He reminds me he is my father and I am not alone. I have nothing to fear with him near. This is for you. And for your days ahead with your dad.

  814. Eileen Durma says:

    I am writing this as my first reply to my first reading. I grew up with church in my life, but lost my way from that in college. My father was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and as he is not very old and has lead a very healthy life it’s hard not to feel like it is unfair. But this reading put it in a different light for me and I couldn’t believe as the first reading I selected how relevant it was. I’m happy to have found this app and community and am hoping to reconnect with my faith.

  815. Katie Key says:


  816. Felicia Serna says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  817. Yolande O'Donnell says:

    Beth, I’m praying for you, your mum and your family. May God be your comfort, strength and refuge. He is good and he is close!

  818. Yolande O'Donnell says:

    Beth, I’m praying for you, your mum and family! May God be your comfort, your strength and refuge in these times of trouble and pain. He is good and he is close by!

  819. Bethany Nelson says:

    My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I live with her and my dad and watching them go through this has been awful. It looks like her cancer has been spreading too. We could use prayer in regards to strength and motivation.

  820. Chloé Okeahialam says:

    Praying for completion in all aspects of my life. I know God is able

  821. Shelby Bonesteel says:

    Praying for you and your husband! My husband and I have been there and I know that fear as the wife all too well! We go in May for his 1 year scans!

  822. Raeanna Knobbe says:

    My husband and I are actively looking for a house to raise our future family. It seems impossible to have our offer accepted. Day 1 of this study and I’m reminded to trust in the Lord through good and bad. I’m trusting Him.

  823. Ashley Rhoades says:

    12Blessed is the one who endures trials, because when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

  824. Acacia Peck says:

    Kayla, praying for strength for you and your husband during this time

  825. Kayla Lackey says:

    Would like to request prayer for my husband as he goes this week for an MRI to see if cancer has returned.

  826. Paige Thompson says:

    I’ve known struggles in my life but the biggest fear is losing my son. I can’t imagine a try to remember everyday that God will keep him safe and healthy. Trying to get over that anxiety is so huge for me.

  827. Shenena Merchant says:

    James Chapter 1 sealed it-brought it home for me!

  828. Angel Lunsford says:


  829. Isabelle Cody says:

    This was so timely

  830. Kristin Ritchie says:


  831. Daniella Garcia says:

    I haft to trust God always

  832. Dianna McFarland says:

    I am learning that my definition of good and God’s definition of good is very different sometimes. HE sees all of the bigger picture as well as all of the little details. HE knows my heart and the hearts and minds of others. HE alone determines the right path. When I seek Him, His ways, His will and not my own I will trust all of that even when I don’t understand, when I feel unsure, or overwhelmed, when I’m in pain and hurting, when I feel lost and forgotten. Trust is hard to do til you do. Taking a step forward trusting God, then He gives you the strength, perseverance, energy, and fortitude to do it again. I always learn so much goodness in trusting God.,

  833. Bianca Ritter says:

    Such a timely reminder ♥️

  834. Courtney Kistler says:

    This reading moved me… the reassurance of God’s promise to be near… to never leave us. The trials of this Earth are hard and even harder to comprehend… there is pain all around but I trust in a God who is bigger than all of it… a God who holds my future in his hands…

  835. Ruby Westerfield says:

    The LORD is always good❤️

  836. Emily Mason says:

    Loveee this

  837. Lauren Whitham says:

    This is so good, and such a sweet reminder.

  838. Emily Ackerman says:

    Needed this today. Thank you Jesus!

  839. Kassidy Johnson says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear.

  840. Jenna Snell says:

    My God is so so good. ❤️

  841. Jean RoseAngway says:

    Thank you Lord for being with me during my season of pain and suffering.

  842. Sasha Ferrer says:

    Thankful my husband recommended this app. Community is so powerful.

  843. Adrienne Merkerson says:

    This was good.❤

  844. Jessica Daniel says:

    Thank you for this! I’d also ask to like for prayer for our baby, for healing, and for good news at our ultrasound on Friday

  845. Kailyn Smith says:

    It’s so crazy that God trusts us with the trials he gives us. He basically tells satan “oh Job has got this, he loves me unconditionally” it’s the same love we share with our own children. God loves us each as his own child.

  846. Sidney Valencia says:


  847. Jessica Nothum says:


  848. Megan Loesch says:

    Prayers to you and your sweet baby! Praying for strength and comfort during this difficult time

  849. Lauren Hauge says:

    Would just like to ask for prayers for my aunt Paige, she just got diagnosed with breast cancer. She is strong and the Lord is good.

  850. Liz Willix says:

    Such a timely word, the Lord is challenging me to trust him even if the circumstances don’t change and to be who He has called me to be even when things are tough.

  851. Ashley Martin says:

    I’m praying without ceasing and look forward to growing my faith and trust in the Lord. ❤️

  852. Becky Renshaw says:

    Just prayed for you

  853. Becky Renshaw says:

    Margeaux…. I just said a prayer for you.

  854. Lindsey Bates says:

    Needed this. I’m not really going through a super hard time right now, but I have been feeling sad. In the “unknown” part of my walk. This just reminds me to “trust the process”

  855. Sara Parker says:

    Amen! Praying for you girl. Anxiety is such a powerful pain the devil uses. I completely understand. ❤️ Don’t let him rule! ☺️

  856. Tsiyon G says:

    Earlier today, I was watching a video on how we fight the devil by the armor of God which is our faith and sitting/dwelling in His word! So Amen I agree! Praying for your safety and health!!

  857. Margeaux Hogue says:

    I’ve been battling anxiety for weeks now after having Covid and being really sick. It traumatized me a bit and really tested my faith. Feel like the devil is using that as a gateway to being in doubt, fear, and pain. But I’m battling with Gods Word and truth and what He’s already done in my life. The devil has no power or space here. I will turn my worry into worship just like Job. In Jesus name!! Praying for us all!

  858. Joanna Butcher says:

    I am praying that I enter a new and incredible trust in God this year!

  859. Jessica Quin says:

    It’s hard to imagine the pain Job experienced and our western thinking drives us to believe we would never experience such loss. Reality shows us that we will experience pain because we live in a fallen, sinful world, and God is redeeming our lives day by day until the battle is won! He is with us, he does not cause the pain. Sin causes the pain!

  860. Emma Ikonge says:

    Love like none other, from the heart of GOD for each of us.. how humbling it is.

  861. Kaylee Sorrells says:

    My son has been in the nicu since birth so about 129 days. I am working on trusting in the lord during this very difficult season and always remembering he is good always!

  862. Kate D says:

    I want to feel comfort when I hear Job’s story and how he could hear such horrifying news and still praise God. But how could a loving god test someone in such a cruel way? Yes, he deserves our unconditional love and respect and awe, I do believe that, but why all of the pain?

  863. Jenna Tyson says:


  864. Emily Thompson says:


  865. Crystal Sewell says:

    I battle service connected PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and chronic migraines and I really was blessed and convicted while reading Day 1 of this study. It is so easy to forget that God is in our happy times AND down in the deep dark times of our not happy times. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  866. Nichole Tost says:

    This week we have been without power. Honestly it has been a week of trust. Because God has allowed me to to recenter my life on God. I am asking for patience for healing for unspecified reasons. But truly blessed to have the ability to read all about God love throughout this storm of life.

  867. Lani Winslow says:


  868. Alainna Brown says:

    My morning quiet time has been such a blessing for 2021!

  869. Martine Meilleur says:


  870. J’Shay Moore says:

    I needed to see this verse today. Thank you.

  871. Alysha Pollard says:

    In such a broken world this reminder that God does not promise us an easy path is crucial. Yet he’s never left us pandemic or not.

  872. Domonique Scheiter says:


  873. Domonique Scheiter says:

    Yes! Same! Striving to draw nearer to God and silence the things that bring me fear.

    1. Kristin Roberts says:

      Dominique, I am covering you in prayer! This is something that I also struggle with. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim 1:7

  874. Lora Buth says:


  875. Debbie Gonzalez says:

  876. Amber Daniel says:

    ‘Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial..’ ❤️

  877. Wisleidy Puertas says:

    Count it all joy

  878. Mia Moorhead says:

    What a blessing to hear these promises from God during the crazy times so many are dealing with in the world today. Thank you for sharing!

  879. Holly S says:

    I trust you today Lord.

  880. Angie Berana says:

    “He moves toward us, stepping into the pain for us.”

  881. Lynsey Rogers says:

    I needed to hear this during this time of chaos. We just have to trust God through it all!!

  882. Lindsay Capps says:

    What a blessing- during this time

  883. Kate Athens says:

    Definitely need to hear this now! As the caretaker to my father who in the midst of cancer treatments unexpectedly ended up on dialysis by a drs mistake… then off through Gods grace.. now things getting worse again… trying to truly live knowing God is good at all times, even the darkest and most hopeless seeming days ❤️

  884. Jenni Alcantara says:

    Praying for your dad and for you.

  885. Jenni Alcantara says:

    Praying for you!

  886. Amber Cable says:

    Thank you for your recommendation! I need to look for this

  887. Christine Natividad says:

    There is a teaching called The Story of Job Through the Lens of Grace by Joseph Prince. I highly recommend everyone to listen to it… it blew my mind when I heard it and made me more aware of the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  888. Monique Kayster says:

    I trust you lord,

  889. Christen Gilliam says:


  890. Lexi Stuart says:

    Needed to hear this!! Bad things DO happen to good people and it is because He has a bigger plan. Such a great reminder that we must trust in Him through the good and bad!

  891. Meghan Woolery says:

    I needed this today and yesterday and even tomorrow!! Such a good reminder.

  892. emercyn randolph says:

    needed this!

  893. jerika ejercito says:

    this was very helpful

  894. Adrianne Margarito says:

    Thank you God for always being with me..

  895. Berenise Curiel says:


  896. Nicole Cole says:

    My pastor used to say that “doubts are the ants in the pants of faith”. Meaning that doubts are not necessarily a bad thing because they make you dig deeper for truth, which deepens and strengthens your relationship with God. He’s strong enough to handle your doubts and questions. He’s just glad you’re interested enough to ask, you know?

  897. Avianna Hudson says:

    I definitely needed to hear this ❤️

  898. Jordan Cook says:


  899. Amelia Savage says:

    Loved this!

  900. Brittney Moore says:

    Sooo good

  901. Samantha Richards says:

    I’ve been struggling with anxiety and severe panic attacks for almost 3 years and have spent so much time and energy trying to figure out why God is putting me through this. Is He trying to teach me something? Patience? Trust? But this passage reminds me that life isn’t fair and sometimes pain happens even when we’re doing all the right things. I think this is a season where I need to just be and trust God with where I am at, knowing He will provide for me as He did for Job and as He does for all of His children.

  902. Genesis Stuart says:

    “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God HAS PROMISED to those who love him. “

  903. Barbara Hargett says:

    Trusting in the time of darkness can be and is difficult at times for me. My dad is over 2400 miles away & fighting Covid. He has spent the last year in chemo and radiation for liver and pancreatic cancer, so his body is so beat. My trust is in God to bring his fever down so he can come back to where he has family.

  904. Kimberly Hollingworth says:


  905. Sheri Roesler says:

    Trust-a good word for the year ahead!

  906. Lupe Rivera says:

    My husband and I have been facing dark times. My father in law is in the hospital due to covid. We continue to pray for complete healing of his body and lungs. I know I should not fear because god is with us and his plan is god and is with our pain. I know that doubting is like telling god I don’t believe in him but I do It’s just that darkness’s seems to come over me when I feel hopeless. I continue to pray and ask for prayer for my father in law in Jesus name amen!

  907. Kayla Garrett says:

    Learning how to take care of ourselves and each other.

  908. Kiara Kornegay says:

    I pray that anyone experiencing any suicidal thoughts may read this message and feel God’s everlasting love. So many people are struggling and wanting to give up and this message speaks so strongly to millions of people.

  909. Danelle Waldner says:


  910. Sarah McCormack says:

    If I know Him to be good in my joy, then I can trust Him in my pain.

  911. Heather Belk says:

    As we start a season of new- in nervous, but hopeful. Trusting and praising God.

  912. Beverly Giebler says:

    Praying for you

  913. Alex Larsen says:

    great reminder

  914. Claire Robertson says:


  915. Lyndsey Cotton says:

    I have been focused on what I think my life needs to be like and how if only I changed my circumstances then I will be happy. This passage is a reminder that you can have it all, but if you don’t have God close to your heart, you really have nothing. I pray that we trust in God and His plan for our lives, even if it doesn’t look like how we think it is supposed to.

  916. Victoria Mayo says:

    I’ve wandered in my faith and reading this reminds me that even when I am failing, he continues to love me and be with me. Please pray for me to keep close to the Lord and dedicated in my studies. ❤️

  917. Kori Strickland says:

    Such a great reminder that in fact bad things can happen to good people and that it isn’t something we did that caused it to happen. Trusting in him during the hard times and know I’m never alone ❤️

  918. Amanda Burke says:

    Wow. When I started reading this the last thing I expected was to be reading sad stories. I thought this was going to be all about good things coming from faith and trust but it’s true I have to remember that despite what goes on the lord is with me through it all.

  919. Abigail Encalade says:

    I’m so encouraged by the ladies who have posted here. Do you guys have any advice for me as I begin this plan with a friend?

  920. Stephanie Schick says:

    Praying! My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child and the waiting and not knowing if it will happen for us is hard as well.

    1. Adrianne Margarito says:

      Praying God opens that door for you and Blesses you.

  921. Janice Johnson says:

    He loves us and will never leave us alone. Job lost everything and he still loved and served God.

  922. Hannah Banting says:

    He does not a abandon his own… so good! Doesn’t mean things won’t go “wrong” and we won’t get hurt, but we won’t be alone- ever, praise the Lord for his steadfast love!

  923. Erin Presnell says:

    This was a such a great reminder. My husband and I have been trying to conceive our 2nd child & the waiting and not knowing when is SO hard. I have to trust and keep praying it’ll happen in his times. Praying for all of you ❤️

  924. Samantha Guerrier says:

    I am letting go of all the stress and worries I have facing the end of this year. Rather than seeing the bad things happening in my life as punishment I have to accept that God is putting me through character development, trials and tests because he loves me and he wants me to be better. I have to let go and let God, trust him completely and wait for the outcome.

  925. Sarah MacLean says:

    love this reminder!

  926. Daniella Garcia says:

    This was a great reminder that even through the storms God is with us! When we go through these things we should still remain faithful. And trust in the Lord.

  927. Taylor Roark says:

    such a great reminder. i often deal with the anxiety that everything bad is going to happen to me. however God tells us even when we walk through trials He will be there holding our hands. such a comforting thing.

  928. Lawren Garcia-Bell says:

    In today’s climate it can be so easy to feel alone but remembering that we are never truly alone and that He always has our back makes the hardships bearable and the good times that much sweeter.

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      You are never alone. We’re all in this together!❤

  929. Loren Harris says:

    difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations! put your trust in Him! ❤️

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      Love that saying!

  930. Deysi Wesley says:

    God is good all the time. Help me Lord to get through it all their is always something great at the end of the tunnel. I been through a lot for the past 11 years Lord i trust you, i leave my burdens in your hands.

  931. Jamie Trice says:

    Lord, please help me to remember that we were not promised perfect lives as Christ followers, but that you are with us to get through the tough times. Thank you Lord. Amen

  932. Hannah Vazquez says:

    Praying for you♥️

  933. Stephanie Arciga says:


  934. Susan Todd says:

    Praying for you and so proud of you for taking this step! You’re never alone ♥️ always remember that…

  935. Paula Clouse says:

    I lost my husband last year on Halloween and I have been trying to get my life back together after 46 years of being a one half of a great couple. I barely remember the Christmas season last year with my family as I was on medication for a deep depression. I have since realized that I needed turn back to my Christian life and reaffirm my life to Christ. I was raised a Catholic. But I haven’t been to Church in ages. I have gifted myself with a new Bible and am going to study it. This study goes along with my Bible. Please pray with me for guidance in my endeavors.

  936. Sam Marquez says:


  937. Ann Harris says:

    God bless you Grace. Loss of a loved one is hard, and even more pronounced during the holidays. Know that in your faith & prayers, God will hold you close and comfort you. Be still & let him draw near.

  938. Nicole says:

    I am going through a lot of changes in my house right now and needed to read this! I know God has a bigger plan for me in the mist of this trial and I have to trust in it. It’s so hard, but I refuse to allow the devil to win in this situation.

  939. Claire Faith says:

    I was looking for a study to do after the advent study and this just seemed perfect. With all the suffering in the world right now and the thoughts that 2021 is going to be another year of continuing change, this seems like the perfect study!

  940. kristen oswalt says:


  941. Grace HELLER says:

    I needed this. My dad passed away on Monday and I’ve been feeling pretty heartbroken and lost. I know God has a plan but its so hard to see it right now.

  942. Sarah Stanfill says:

    This was really eye opening for me

  943. Valeria Medina says:

    I like the reminder that God does give us things we don’t deserve. Evidence of that is shown towards an upright and righteous man like Job but also the gift of grace and love God has given to us. I want to always be reminded that I don’t deserve this grace, mercy, and love from the King of kings and Lord of lords and yet he still showers me with it. Being reminded of this will help me better understand and control my actions when I am put through trials. Just like God gives me grace when I don’t deserve it, I can still praise him when my circumstances may seem like God doesn’t deserve it.

  944. Lillie Busch says:

    This reading came just in time. I have let so much doubt enter my heart.

  945. KarlA Gil says:

    I have been so full of fear lately. Feeling not very good lately and a lot of doubt has entered my heart. I pray God full me with faith.

  946. Amanda Luckner says:

    I can only imagine how overwhelmed Job must of been hearing repeatedly that he lost something of significance. To see him trust God through his actions of praise is incredible

  947. Faith Branson says:

    How Job doesn’t turn to anger or hatred towards God amazes me. I have had suffering in my life and throughout those times I have fallen away from God, but I now know how to act throughout suffering in the future.

  948. Katherine Ortega says:

    Lisa, I pray you feel Gods embrace during this time. Thank you for sharing that.

  949. Megan Hunter says:

    I like that it is because of GOD’S character, not because of how great we are at trusting or loving him. Because I fall short every time.

  950. Lisa Gray-Piper says:

    Praying for you Candice.

  951. Lisa Gray-Piper says:

    Like you Candace this reading was perfect timing. December 19 was the 7 year anniversary of my daughter moving to Heaven. She was 22 and had stage 4 colon cancer. It’s been a rough week so this devotional was timely.

  952. Kristin Bright says:

    I started today as well, and I am praying for you Candice ♥️

  953. Paulina Engback says:

    Hello Candice Wagenleitner! I just started this study today too and i saw your comment. I will take time to pray for you and your family! Praying that God will speak to you through this study and reveal truth about Himself! All love to you!

  954. Candice Wagenleitner says:

    Decided to start this plan right before Christmas because I’m struggling. This is our 4th Christmas since my oldest son died and it is just as hard as the first. This reading was perfect and timely for today and what I’m going through

  955. Kora Kuenzi says:

    My biggest fear is losing a child.. I know a few who have, and they seem to be some of the most grace filled people. They love the Lord and have endless faith in Him. The story of Job always speaks to me… it’s powerful

  956. Kaitlyn Fettes says:

    Love this so much!

  957. Alicia Dailey says:

    Job is man we should all aspire to be like

  958. Brandy Phillips says:

    Hoping this study will help ease my anxiety about the future

  959. Brielle Lynn says:

    I feel as though I keep drifting away from God I pray this is a good place to grow my faith stronger and more secure. ❤️

  960. Taylor Modzelewski says:

    I love reading this today. I was really good versus. ❤️

  961. Anna Sutherland says:

    Trying to get back in the Bible, hopefully this is a good start.

  962. Micah Denman says:


  963. Abby Chapman says:

    I love the idea of Job having tremendous faith but still not being safe from hardship. He wouldn’t be able to grow and be even more faithful if he didn’t go through that also.

  964. Sam Marlin says:

    “He does not abandon His own.” Loved this.❤️

  965. Charisse Nixon says:

    It’s a good Reminder that God loves us through the joy and through the pain. And it is also very scary knowing and expecting that bad things will happen

  966. Mackenzie Smith says:

    This spoke directly to me today

  967. Michaela Bratcher says:

    God is not unfamiliar with what we have gone through in life. Nor is he stranger to what we will go through. He cares so deeply. He always is, has been, and will be there for us and with us. His love never fails. ❤️

  968. Sarah Desouza says:

    Love this!

  969. Nicolle Dzvetero says:

    Amen. Loved this

  970. Sarah Miller says:

    No matter the outcome, God is always with us. I must learn to give up control so that I can completely trust, regardless of what my circumstances are.

  971. Krysta Orona says:

    Needed to read this today

  972. Shannon Thomson says:


  973. Tori Sokolow says:

    Learning to love our neighbors and ourselves in hardship is a gift from God!

  974. Aracelis Burgos says:

    Amen. ❤️ May these words be a blessing to all who are experiencing hardships today.

  975. Bridget Jones says:


  976. Leigh Focareta says:

    And all the time, God is good!

  977. Amber Ortiz says:

    This just reminds me that we cannot lean on our own understanding that we must rely on God not just sometimes but always

  978. Andrea King says:


  979. Shalimar M says:


  980. Shirley Lau-Erickson says:

    Trust in God in all things. It’s so simple yet it’s so hard. A great reminder . No thing is too big or small.

  981. Cassie Klumpp says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing. Really needed to hear this. Amen!

  982. E Nolan says:

    Praying for you. May God lift you up in your time of need

  983. Karlin Sanford says:


  984. Morgan Kincaid says:

    Love this!

  985. Tarsh Dixon says:

    Absolutely needed this as I hit a low point as I’m in hospital. Lovely thank you.

  986. Lacey Whitney says:

    Amen!!!!! This is a great lesson

  987. Efua A says:

    Amen ❤️

  988. Grace Nogueras says:

    Something we all, especially I, need to be reminded of. Even when we’re suffering, still praise the Lord because He is worthy of our praise!

  989. Carolina Busse says:

    Wow amen!

  990. Bethany Moore says:

    Our God is an awesome God!!!

  991. Deanna Miller says:


  992. Sara Margaret Wagner says:

    Thank you, Jesus!

  993. Donna Cura says:

    Started this study yesterday and was feeling super sad for many reasons but also none in particular. Then Today my grandpa who my husband kids and I have lived with for the past 7 years passed away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Thankful for Gods presence love and compassion even when we must suffer.

  994. Lesly Solorzano says:

    thank you God!

  995. Katia Luis says:

    God is so big and loving even though we are going through trials. Thank you Lord for never leaving us. Thank you Lord for always anxiously waiting for us to come to you in prayer! We are so blessed. Lord bring me to my knees and remind me of your ever ending love.

  996. Jill Clark says:


  997. Lisa Velez says:


  998. Jodi Weier miller says:

    Trials are hard. But knowing God is there and even in pain and suffering he is using us for his Glory does help even though we still have to go through the trial. God is almighty. May he use me for his sovereignty.

  999. Yumiko Masao says:

    Thank you for reminding me of what is needed with me at this moment

  1000. Tanya St.Julien says:

    Thank you for this. God reigns sovereign in all circumstances

  1001. Rosie Sepulveda says:

    Just what I needed to hear and read!!! God is great

  1002. Luci Borowski says:

    God is really freaking good!!

  1003. Kayleigh Funston says:


  1004. Misty Portland says:


  1005. Shazmynn says:

    Thank you for this! I bought the she reads Bible and I’m excited to be apart of this community of women. Seeking God first.❤️

  1006. Amber Silva says:

    So sorry, I also had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. Something happens that cannot be put into words. Trusting God ♥️

  1007. Michelle McCaskill says:

    I started a new 7 day plan from @shereadstruth titled “Trust In The Lord” and today’s reading was about Job, “and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil.” If you’ve heard about Job, you know he lost EVERYTHING (Job 1:13-21) My favorite part of Job’s story is his willingness to be completely and totally helpless AND at the mercy of God. Job 1:22 “In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.”
    Trust is certainly not something that comes easily or naturally once you’ve outgrown your parents comfort of trust and realize that no one else can love you as unconditionally. Let alone asking to trust someone you’ve only ever heard stories about. I’m thankful to my parents for raising us in church so we’d learn to trust God when life threw us lemons. It’s not always been easy but He has never failed!
    Psalm 9:10 I’m even more grateful that God sent me a man who would patiently and carefully erase all the toxic relationships that I pursued which taught me that trust and unconditional love doesn’t even exist. My husband has restored my ability to trust and is teaching me to love me as unconditionally as I deserve.
    Trusting God when all seems lost doesn’t come without a few moans and groans. During our most trying and painful seasons we find it difficult to understand how THIS is for the Glory of God. My advice is to take an inventory of your seasons and find a time when (although you couldn’t see it) God wasn’t there holding all the pieces together in his hands. James 1:12

  1008. Rachel Reintjes says:


  1009. Sarah Quinto says:

    I’m sorry to hear. I had a miscarriage about 4 weeks ago. It’s truly a heartbreaking event. I’m still working through the pain but I am thankful that my weakness and broken-hearted was is causing me to reply on Him in a way I never have before.

  1010. Taylor Stanley says:

    Need this Bible study. The world is in shambles right now on top of all the personal problems we each have. I trust you lord

  1011. Lavinia Fenciuc says:


  1012. Theresa says:

    Wow- it is amazing when what you need to hear just hits you out of no where.

  1013. Ashley Wiltfong says:

    I needed this. ❤️

  1014. Kae Kirk says:


  1015. Heidi Valladares says:

  1016. Angela Mwape says:

    I can sing a billion songs, shout so loud that my lungs get weak, loose my breath trying to explain – I can’t thank God enough

  1017. Kelsey Stone says:


  1018. Ravin Washington says:


  1019. Elizabeth Attenborough says:

    Needed this ♥️

  1020. Sarah Crabtree says:

    Needing to know God’s trusting now more than ever. Thankful for this study of truth!

  1021. Michelle Bradley says:

    I am so sorry. I prayed For you right now I lost my surprise baby over a year ago. I’m sorry your are going through that pain.

  1022. Callie Dompier says:

    I like this. It makes me think of a parent-child relationship. I want my kid to question me and to understand the best that she can, so within that is room for her to ‘charge me with wrongs.’ In my desire to understand and better know God I will get things wrong, I will try to find a workable solution with the information that I have rather than trusting him. I agree that I will ultimately have more peace with Him than I will with my worldly answers.

  1023. Raegan Johnson says:


  1024. Hannah Latham says:


  1025. Carolyne Fortiz says:

    I posted a comment which I meant to reply to you. May God be with you through your times of trouble.❤️

  1026. Carolyne Fortiz says:

    I wanted you to know that you are not alone. I went through the same thing in February and was left absolutely devastated. But know that Gods plan for us is far greater than we could ever imagine. It is not easy, but you are not alone and I’m praying for you. I’m hoping for a miracle for you and your family but no matter the circumstance God is always with you. He loves you and your baby endlessly. <3

  1027. Kaylin Skiver says:

    God answers prayers with either Yes, No not right now, or No I have something better ❤️

  1028. Lauren NollGrant says:

    We just found out we are most likely losing our first baby before ever even getting to say hello. I am so thankful to God for His compassion and closeness to the broken-hearted

  1029. Beth Truax says:

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul. Cursed is the man/women who puts his faith in man. Even those close to you will eventually break your heart. When trouble comes hand it to the Lord and let him deal with it.

  1030. Erin Kenny says:

    During this season it has been difficult for me to not put my hope in Earthly kingdoms. May I trust that King Jesus is in control and in power.

  1031. Rylee Bruseski says:

    Perfection is found through Jesus Christ!!

  1032. Alexis Herrington says:


  1033. Michelle Rosenberg says:

    Amen! He is walking with me as my heart is troubled. Blessed be his name!

  1034. Jen Hunter says:

    Such a good reminder as I am walking into trials & challenges that even though hard times come…but God.

  1035. Esther Kelley says:

    Thank you.

  1036. Callie Dompier says:

    As I focus on fairness, worldly justice, or especially what I deserve I am not focused on God. I am seeing more and more divisions created in my culture as individuals seek our own ends. Without a focus on the rock of God, his perspective above mine and his constant presence by my side, my mind spends its time fruitlessly worrying or trying to find a right answer to so many situations that without God are truly meaningless. Thank you for the reminder that I can simply turn to God and praise him, it seems absurd and meaningless to the world, but it is truth, comfort, and beauty. It is a privilege and it can solve so much as well as change my perspective and the way my mind works.

  1037. Jayde DiPaolo says:

    This is awesome

  1038. Anna Dwiggins says:


  1039. Stephanie W says:

    “Then Job arose and tore his robe, shaved his head, fell to the ground and……. (wait for it) WORSHIPED.”

    Wow. I needed this reminder today. My initial reaction would not be worship, I would be distraught and feeling self pity, etc.

    Lord, may my response to the pain, grief and hurt of this world be to worship and get my eyes on you!
    I choose to worship through the pain, worship through the confusion, worship through the grief. Because YOU are worthy. Amen

  1040. Steph Surgener says:

    Such a beautiful reminder that even when we are not. Or the world is not. Or our surroundings are not – God is still good. God I always good.

  1041. Sarah Japhet says:

    This is amazing. I’m so glad to have read this today. Deep Revelation; God does things with an eternal perspective which we do not have. Therefore we ought to trust him and stay online with His perfect will.

  1042. Brooke Slater says:

    Great reminder that even through our trials and tribulations, we serve a faithful God who will never leave our side :)

  1043. Sammi Lindauer says:

    Our God is not a spiteful God. We are not punished with unfair things in life. He loves and leads us.
    The Will of God will not lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you – Prophets

  1044. Hannah Gealt says:

    I know I want things to be fair, but when I take the time to step back, I’m really glad that they’re not. I’m really glad that God doesn’t pour out His love and decide to bless us based on our works. The idea of fairness tricks me into believing that I actually had something to do with any of the blessings that I have in my life. It’s prideful and such a “me centered” way to live. But God loves and blesses us not because of who we are but because of who He is. And when I really stop to think about it, it’s so incredibly comforting bc God is constant and faithful when I’m faithless and a sinner.

    I also think it’s incredibly small minded of myself to think of blessings as only material/earthly things (health, wealth, etc). But the biggest blessing is that God has given me a way out of my sin and death and into an abundant and eternal life.

  1045. Taylor Reymann says:

    I loved the idea that “fairness” is out the window. What happened to Job wasn’t “fair.” Jesus suffering and dying on the cross wasn’t “fair.” We are tested so we can grow stronger and God is there through ALL of the good and the bad. This was a great reminder to remember that God is looking way beyond our day to day lives.

  1046. Leanna Kanne says:

    Trusting the Lord has been a huge theme in mine and my husbands 1st year of marriage. COVID and 2 knee surgeries have been a huge stressor along with being in the process of trying to get admitted into medical school. Our minds have to be focused on the goodness of God through it all!

  1047. Chris Pennington says:


  1048. Jessica Tucker says:

    The best reminder ✨

  1049. Caris Button says:

    I always want things to be fair in my life and it’s so hard sometimes to think that God is not fair. He is loving and merciful.

  1050. AUTUMN Roth says:

    This was such a great reminder. For when things in my life seem to be in destruction, God is not moving away from me, but towards me. God will no abandon me.

  1051. Bethsheba Shallam says:

    Thank you!!

  1052. Gabrielle D says:

    Great reading this today. God is good at all times.

  1053. Brooke Blackburn says:

    This was much needed! God is so good and faithful through all of our times!

  1054. Nick Walk says:

    I needed this reminder. Sometimes in times of turmoil I forget to submit to God and that, everyone suffers, that I am not alone in this. That God is there upholding me in ways I can’t comprehend.

  1055. Erica Askren says:

    God is good in all times of life. I’ve struggled so much with thinking that I’m doing good, or being good, so good things should be my reward. Humbling to be reminded that sometimes bad things happen without reason. God is in control.

  1056. Sophie Graham says:

    Always helpful to be reminded that God is trustworthy even through our pain. When I’m honest, I fear Job’s lot. I fear losing my loved ones and my health. I fear the sadness of that. So the continued reminder that God is good is so necessary.

  1057. Hannah Fournier says:

    I needed this reminder today! These verses are so key to have memorized for times of trials that God is in control!

  1058. Jeannie Greenland says:

    I absolutely love the commentary on deservedness. How easily and quickly we think we deserve good because we try to be good. God is loving, faithful, true and just in all things despite our fickle nature. Thank goodness! Grateful to serve a God who can be trusted in all things because He is steady and faithful.

  1059. Jacqueline Mobley says:

    When I’m going thru it I take a deep breath and say to myself, LORD I TRUST YOU, LORD I TRUST U, LORD I TRUST U..

  1060. Tatiana Schweibenz says:

    Trust in God through all things. I needed this message this morning.

  1061. Angela Baskaron says:

    A great reminder to trust God especially in times like these

  1062. Candy Schneider says:

    A great reminder that we are never alone.

  1063. Tiana Franklin says:

    Oh what a great reminder to trust in the lord no matter what circumstances

  1064. Grace Richards says:

    Great reminder

  1065. Kat Rivera says:

    A great reminder during this time!

  1066. Janelle Berger says:

    The perfect reminder right now

  1067. Krystina Nasrallah says:

    Praise God this is for free right now. An amazing message.

  1068. Alyssa Alvarez says:

    The word reminds us that various trials produce perseverance & in the most difficult times the lord is near & with us

  1069. Aislinn Smith says:

    We can trust HIM in all things at all times…

  1070. Aleesha Jennings says:

    I love this and it is such a great reminder of God’s faithfulness and love for us!❤️

  1071. Kelly Prentice says:

    If we have known His goodness on the mountain top then we can trust Him to be good in the valley! I love this! Xx

  1072. kellyn andonian says:

    schools been rough and this really calmed me down :)

  1073. kenna lafollette says:

    thank you

  1074. Giovanna Ferretti says:

    Trusting on Him through everything.

  1075. Izzy Matejek says:

    love this!

  1076. Cecelia Taylor says:

    Trust God in all things

  1077. Dessandra Fairclough says:

    Great reminder

  1078. Laura Beth Lancaster says:

    What a great and humbling reminder to trust in our God no matter the circumstances ❤️

  1079. Alyssa Suminski says:

    ❤️❤️ This really shakes my thinking and reminds me to continue to be steadfast in His will, but understand that life isn’t going to just be perfect because of that commitment. I have struggled with this almost all year. Thankful for this devotional this morning.

    1. Angeles Ruiz says:

      Totally agree ! It is such a difficult lesson and one all of us will continue to be faced with throughout our lives .But it’s calming to know God is with us and that our pain is not in vain

  1080. Bethany Parker says:

    I’ve had this app forever and never really used it much. Tonight, preparing for another hurricane to strike my home, God knew I needed to read this and seek Him for comfort…

  1081. Jenn Cannon says:


  1082. Lindsey Weymouth says:

    Needed this for college

  1083. Kaylin Poe says:

    This was exactly what I needed tonight

  1084. Haley Hotalen says:

    Love this.

  1085. Taylor Deane says:

    Beautifully written. Amazing reminder of God’s love and faithfulness ❤️

  1086. Tammy Talton says:

    This was so timely. The turmoil rolling in my head all day yesterday was address here in a beautiful way. Thank you!

    1. Lesley Conway says:


  1087. Wendy PreuningerHorton says:

    It is so good to remember God is trustworthy!

  1088. Stacey Cohea says:


  1089. Chynna Miner says:

    Yes, Amen!

  1090. Sarah Johnson says:

    “God gives and takes away with an eternal perspective that we don’t have.” I really like that quote from the devotional. It still begs the question of why, which is an eternally hard question that includes a certain element of mystery and God’s sovereignty, but it does remind is that God’s plan is bigger than our limited minds can understand.

  1091. Annabel Gallardo says:

    Trusting in You God is what I need to do! Even in my hard times!

  1092. Jennifer Yee says:

    this was something i needed to be reminded of.. i have felt so lost lately

  1093. Christy Edge says:

    Job always amazes because despite everything going wrong in his life he still praised God. No matter how many times I read or hear a sermon about Job I am always reminded that no matter what is going on to always trust God.

  1094. Ana Valenzuela says:

    Accurate timing. Amen.

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  1096. Alana Callender says:

    This was such a powerful reading, thank you❤️

  1097. Rholinelle De Torres says:

    Reminds me of that worship song that “I’ll give thanks to God when I don’t have enough because He’s more than enough, and He knows what I need.” And today I needed this. ♥️

  1098. Estefanía Barraza says:

    How wonderful is our God

  1099. Whitney Claire Hopp says:

    Amen! I needed this ❤️

  1100. Taylor Heiss says:


  1101. Sammie Kluz says:

    Amen ❤️

  1102. Tracy Moody says:

    Loved this. I now understand that bad things may happen to good people; but God will take care of us as long as we trust and believe in him! Such a great moving word.

  1103. Emily Galloway says:

    About two years ago, my family dealt with one thing after another. I had never experienced so much heart ache and loss in such a short amount of time. At first, I didn’t even think about going to God for guidance and comfort. I was so focused on being so mad and upset. With time and God being patient with me, I came around and have learned to trust in Him fully because He has a reason for absolutely everything.

  1104. Cassie Krause says:

    Today has been a particularly trying day and everything seemed lost to me from the moment I got up. Trust doesn’t come easy because you are going on something you can’t see. You have to believe in it even when things seem at it’s worst that it will get better. Perfect reading for me today.

  1105. Dominique Kight says:

    Trust God in the good times so you can learn to trust him in the bad times ❤️

  1106. Takunda M says:

    Trusting him isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it comes with such peace. Grateful that God continues to show me how much he cares for me.

  1107. leah mello says:

    amen <3

  1108. Michelle Jones says:

    Enjoyed the read.

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  1116. Lily Giesbrecht says:

    Amen. Trusting God has been realatively easy for me all my life through hard things. But now I feel him telling me to break off a relationship cuz it’s not meant to be and it hurts so bad and I need to Trust God and see where he leads me but it’s gonna be so hard. Thank you though

    1. Emily Davis says:

      I’m going through the exact same thing.

  1117. Beverly Fleming says:

    On September 9th my heart was broken in the passing of my sister. But the word of God continues to sustain me because it truly is alive and active. God is close to the broken-hearted therefore He is close to me, and anyone whose heart has been broken whether through death, or a broken relationship. I’m grateful for His word and His love.

  1118. Keziah Collins says:

    I really needed to hear this tonight. Amen

  1119. Erica Hayer says:

    Thank you Lord for letting me see this. You know just what I need when I need it! I always need to see Your word, Your truth. I am so blessed to be able to be building a relationship with You & to love You & Jesus Christ. Thank you for this opportunity to be blessed, saved, & renewed. Amen ❤️

  1120. Teri Klitzke says:

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  1121. Odanna Beharry says:

    I was a modern day Job I’ll trust my Lord Jesus, since the pain I’m facing it’s not a reason to stop loving

  1122. Kyra Olguin says:

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  1124. Jolene Peartree says:

    I truly love God and all His people

  1125. Anneliese Peterson says:

    I needed this today. I have been experiencing a lowness of spirit for the last week. We have had a lot of hard things happen and I have been weary. The story of Job helped put things into perspective for me. It helped me remember that even when things seem totally messed up, God is near us. He won’t ditch us in our pain.

  1126. Amanda Gies says:

    I needed these reminders ❤️

  1127. Jennifer Gillespie says:

    These verses have been my go to for quite a while. My family has been plagued by drug abuse, domestic abuse, and mental health issues for as long as I can remember. Everything has reached a tipping point lately. Conversations this past week have left me feeling completely at a loss but I trust that God is working on it and He will work it all out. I have a bad habit of trying to fix things for everyone but this time, I feel like my hands are tied and I can’t fix anything. I have to truly trust God even though all seems lost right now. Only He knows how to fix this set of situations.

  1128. Blaire Montoya says:

    I love that all we have to do is ask God and he will teach us how to trust him. Lord teach me how to trust you!

  1129. Jolene Peartree says:

    I was sitting at a red light. I had just bought a new car. The light turned green, and I hit the gas pedal to take off. As I did, the vehicle stalled; I hit the stirring wheel with my hand and cursed the car. At that moment, I looked up, and an 18 wheeler ran the red light passing the exact place my vehicle would have been. I bowed my head and thanked God for sparing my life. I did not deserve His mercy, but he gave it freely. I am so grateful.

  1130. Emma Keener says:

    I’m going through a really bad breakup right now and have been struggling so much mentally. To the point of having a suicide plan. I’m trying my best to fully trust in God.

    1. Denise Kleemyer says:

      Emma, you are loved wholly and fully by Jesus Christ and your sisters in Christ like me who will be praying for you. Christ is your strength. Please let someone close to you know you’re hurting. I love you, Denise

    2. Splendour Otamiri says:

      God’s love is always around you. And remember, no one can love You More than Jesus Does.

    3. Dallas Armstrong says:

      Dear Lord, I pray for sweet Emma to have peace. Mend her hurting heart and draw her near to you. Help her to keep her eyes above the waves and on her gracious savior. Bless her today, remind her that her worth is in you, not a boy or any other mortal and temporary thing. Amen.

    4. Abby Clark says:

      Emma I am so sorry to hear this. I am struggling in my relationship as well and i know how much it hurts. Thanks for being brave enough to share your pain. Praying for you

    5. Allison Baldwin says:

      Emma, I’m so sorry to hear about this. Please know that you are fully known and fully loved by the Lord. He sees you in this time. He knows your hurts. Be filled with the peace that He loves you so much more than we can ever understand. You are beautiful, capable, and worthy. I’m praying for you!

    6. Pam Irvin says:

      Hang in there. Don’t give up. He sees you!!

    7. Hallie Miller says:

      You are loved. If you need help, the suicide hotline number is tel:+1-800-273-8255
      It’s anonymous but they can talk to you or get you local help if you need it

  1131. Haley Newton says:

    What great passages and message for a time like we are in now.

  1132. Aylen Parra says:

    I’m glad that even when we think we deserve a life free of pain and trials, the mercy of God is offered to those we think don’t deserve it! Praise be you oh Lord who make the sun comes out to the unjust, otherwise I will be destroyed.

  1133. Lili V says:

    With the Help of GOD we will remain in faith and have the strength to face our trails

  1134. Ella Ogwo says:

    I fully and completely trust you, Father God.

  1135. Lauren Geneva says:

    Gods sovereignty is just so incredible!

  1136. Donna Lynn says:

    God is in control but he did not “punish” Job. He tested him with the confidence that Job would come through the testing. When we experience rough times it is not about punishment, it is about teaching. Just like when we discipline our children, it is not about punishing them , it is about teaching them to make the right choice next time.

  1137. Sarah Lenard says:

    Love this!!! Even though he lost everything, he still kept his faith and trust in the Lord! ❤️❤️❤️

  1138. Kedrianna Griffin says:

    I have a bad habit of asking God why me? Knowing that he punished Job even though he did everything “right” makes me feel a lot better & knowing that I have to pray during the good times and the bad instead of wallowing in my misery. Thank you, Jesus!

  1139. Katlego Nkoana says:

    “It is because of God’s constant character that we can trust Him in all things, even suffering.” ❤

  1140. Heidi CooneyThompson says:

    What really struck me was that even though Job lost so much and was grieving, he still worshiped God. What an example to us!

  1141. Carla Simmons says:

    God gives and takes away but He is still in control!!

  1142. Kailey Jensen says:

    This really puts into perspective the idea that no matter what, God is in control. It doesn’t matter if we do everything perfect in society’s eye or if we do everything wrong, God can give and take away and we need to cast our worries upon Him.

  1143. Kelly Kellams says:

    I’ve been having trouble with being overwhelmed and sleeping I don’t usually have issue but being constantly bombarded by all the anger and sadness and uncertainty has taken its toll. This plan is so much what I need right now, remembering that even when I can not control anything letting go and giving my anxiety to Christ is the only thing I CAN do. Thank you for this!

  1144. Jenna Gibson says:

    I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve done a bible study or read a bible in months, maybe over a year. I love Jesus but I definitely haven’t been consistent in my walk. But I am grateful for this reminder that Jesus really is always good.

  1145. Mirjam Oosterom says:

    Getting Gods perspective in a difficult situation is so important, otherwise we can just get stuck in thinking that our lives are unfair, that we deserve better. God is fair, and God deserves our praise and devotion, no matter the circumstances.

  1146. Katie Westfall says:

    Even when all Hope seems lost, I’m thankful we can still trust in the one that created us. Glory to Your name!

  1147. Molly Showers says:

    This was something really important that I often forget about! I always wonder why God would allow bad things to happen, especially to good people! We need to be reminded to be like Job in those dark times and know that The Lord is mightier that our struggles.
    Amen ❤️

  1148. Alaina Gilpin says:

    I really needed this today. My father is dying of cancer and near the end. He has always been faithful, while I have struggled. James 1:12 is exactly what I needed to soothe my soul

  1149. morgan phipps says:

    Loved this!! Great reminders!

  1150. Jasmine Simpson says:

    I really loved this it’s soothing to know He is always with me ❤️

  1151. Kathleen Gura says:

    I’ve accepted my fate and know the right words to put in my head but, I know God’s words will support all of my thoughts and turned them all in good interpretations. ❤️

  1152. Summer Hewitt says:

    Such a eye opener, bad things do happen to good people. It is all a test of Faith, a test of if we really know this world isn’t our home. Amazing.

  1153. Bre’Anna Romulus says:

    Job’s story is so inspiring. Bad happens and he pulls off his clothes and worships God.

  1154. Nichole Gourley says:

    So needed these words and reminder that God is always with me and never forsakes me. It’s hard to understand sometimes why bad things happen to us. But we are called to praise him and trust him in all times of our life. He is greater then all the highs and lows and walks beside us through all of them. ❤️

  1155. Angelina Caraballo says:

    I personally needed these words. I am in a weird space right now and to remember to trust in God is everything to me. Psalm 9:10, Deuteronomy 31:6 spoke to me. So grateful to receive this.