The Source of Rest

Open Your Bible

Exodus 33:1-17, Psalm 23:1-6, John 15:1-11

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

In God’s presence, we find rest. He is the source of all that we need—physically, spiritually, and eternally. 

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349 thoughts on "The Source of Rest"

  1. Liz Montijo-Clark says:

    Here’s to finding much needed rest in Him!

  2. Marlee Plank says:

    choosing to make His Word a routine in my life, praying for his grace and strength throughout this journey<3

  3. Andrea Lopez says:

    I am so tired and am just longing to find rest. I know true rest can only come from Christ.

  4. Jennifer Smyth says:

    I have been full of anxiety due to my Niece/adopted daughter is making bad choices since turning 18 this week. It has been so hard to watch her make mistake after mistake. I have control issues which I am trying to work on by putting my trust in God.

  5. Momma Hay says:

    The Lord to Moses about the Israelites…
    “But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way. ”

    I chuckled at this thinking, how many times as a parent have I been like I just need to leave the room before I lose it, especially with 4 toddlers

    Even the Lord needs to “leave the room” haha.

    But then later in that chapter in true parental fashion, because we can’t be gone from the room for to long….He’s like “ok, my presence will go with you and I will give you rest”

  6. Heather Klos says:

    I have been so full of anxiety it is making me physically ill. I need true rest and the ability to let the anxiety go. It has a choke hold on me. I pray that I can learn to let things go and I can truly find rest.

  7. April Voss says:

    Rest, in this busy life that simple word is one I rarely have time for. I need to make intentional time to rest.

  8. Tanya Neubaum says:

    I could use some rest and peace. Taking care of my elderly parents is a full time job plus helping my 94 year old grandpa. Also working a full time job. It’s hard to find moments to myself with no one around where I can just be at peace and connect with God.