Day 29

The Skilled Workers

from the Exodus reading plan

Exodus 31:1-18, Jeremiah 31:31-34, 2 Corinthians 3:1-3, Ephesians 2:10

BY Jen Yokel

Have you ever been asked to do something that felt far beyond your skill and knowledge? I know I have. I’m the sort of person who usually has to be pushed into something new. In just about every major life shift—marriage, a long-distance move, a career change—I’ve wondered if I can meet the challenge. In moments of uncertainty and figuring it out as I go, I am still surprised to find there is always enough grace for the moment.

Maybe that explains my soft spot for Moses. From the moment he stopped his day to investigate a burning bush, Moses was a man against impossible odds, yet God gives astonishing provision at every turn. 

Over the past few days, we’ve read the incredibly specific how-to guide for crafting the tabernacle, God’s dwelling place among the people. No details are left out, from the ark of the covenant’s elaborate decoration to the exact blend of oils for sacred anointing. I find myself wondering how a bunch of desert wanderers would get the supplies to make this happen. I imagine Moses could have held the same questions, or perhaps he just knew that God would take care of the details as He had from the start of this liberation project.

In the face of such a daunting, creative, and holy task, the Lord provides this kind assurance: “I have put wisdom in the heart of every skilled artisan in order to make all that I have commanded you” (Exodus 31:6). God has already appointed the craftsman by name and given him everything he needs. This tabernacle wasn’t just going to be functional. It was going to be beautiful, and it would be built through the collaboration of human creativity and the grace of God’s Spirit.

What’s more, the Lord goes on to not merely suggest but command Sabbath observances, a weekly day of rest from their labors. It feels significant to pair work and rest like this. The work is spoken of with a lightness, a reminder to trust in God’s provision. Rest is taken seriously—a command, not an option. The balance of work and rest itself is a testament that humans alone are not responsible for keeping the world turning. In these final words of this law, they are called to live lives of radical trust.

So it is with us, even now, in a world filled with needs to meet, brokenness to mend, and yes, beautiful things to create. It can feel overwhelming, but we must remember that “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). And, thank God, we can get to work, knowing we have everything we need.

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  1. PamC says:

    Tina, so sorry for your loss. I lost my Daddy so long ago…I pray the Lord wraps you & your family in His might, comforting arms as you walk through this. Hugs & love being sent back across the pond to you.

  2. Catherine McVey says:

    May God bless you and your family Tina during this time of heartache and grief. My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved father. Hugs ❤️

  3. Lexi B says:

    Today’s reading was timely for me, as I am in a season where sometimes I have no idea what I am doing as a business owner. It is a very humbling place to be. But as I look back at the start of my journey, it is amazing how God has equipped me to do the things I am doing now; things I would never had imagined I’d be doing. He does provide us with what we need, and provide us with people who have the skills we need to get the job done. For this I am very thankful.

    Tina, I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy to watch someone slowly pass away. Praying God’s comfort for you and your siblings.
    Asheleigh H, praying that your procedure is fruitful!

  4. Dorothy says:

    God did and still does such wonderful things. I look at all the beauty He has created and praise Him. I’m amazed at some of the beauty.
    Lord God, I thank You for creating this wonderful land I live in. For allowing me to enjoy all of Your creations. Amen.
    Be blessed and take time to see the beauty of our Lord’s world around you today.

  5. Sarah Smith says:

    I believe this applies to Sundays as we go to church and then rest for the rest of the day.

  6. Sarah Smith says:

    This is so beautiful to know

  7. Rachel says:

    I was in Israel for a month, and being able to watch the Sabbath (“Shabbat”) observed was fascinating. About an hour or so before sundown on Friday, there was a frenzy of activity as people rushed to get their work and errands done. And then…SILENCE. Stores were closed, very few people were out, public transportation ceased. It was like the entire community took a deep, refreshing breath. And then at sundown on Saturday, there was a joyful renewal of life as people gathered for meals and celebrated the end of the Sabbath together.

    God gave the Israelites the command to rest because it was good for them to do so. Under the new covenant, no one is going to be stoned for failing to keep the Sabbath, but it seems as if the principle that rest is good would still apply to us.

  8. AG says:

    Sending prayers to all she’s – especially you Tina and Ashleigh H

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