Day 45

The Promised Counselor

John 15:26-27, John 16:1-33, Joel 2:28-29

BY Abby Flynn

I once had a job where I was hired to sit in an office all day on behalf of my boss, who lived on the other side of the country. For a whole year, I acted as the mediator and stand-in for my boss in situations where she couldn’t be physically present. There were a lot of relaying messages and “Let me get back to you.” And while it wasn’t the most exciting position I’ve ever had, I was just grateful it paid the bills! 

This random part of my job history came to mind as I read from John 15 and 16 today. Jesus had been talking with His disciples about all the things to come. The disciples who walked with Jesus had always known Him in His physical form. I’m sure it was hard to imagine any other situation.

However, with the coming of the promised Counselor, He says He will always be with them but not in the way they would expect (John 16:7). 

“When the Counselor comes, the one I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father—he will testify about me.” 
—John 15:26

Can you imagine the confusion and fear they probably felt as they tried to understand that things would no longer be the way they’d always been? Jesus was a friend and their guide—the One who told them what to do, where to go, and when!

They had not yet experienced the joy of the Holy Spirit. He would speak God’s truth, even when Jesus was no longer physically present. 

In the same way, the power of the Holy Spirit today is available to all of God’s people at all times. But don’t we so often forget the Spirit’s power? I forget that we have a Counselor who speaks on our behalf. A Counselor who is present with us (John 16:7), who convicts us about sin (v.8), and who declares to us what He hears from the Lord (v.13). 

Today’s reading reminds us that we will both endure pain here on earth and reap eternal blessings with God (vv.22–24)! Suffering in our world is inevitable. But God has already defeated the darkness of this world, and as He has overcome the world, He strengthens us to face it today (John 16:33). 

The blessing of the Holy Spirit—God’s presence living in us—is for all God’s people! We don’t deserve to have this close access to God and His Spirit, but He gives of Himself freely anyway.

Thank you, Lord, for your incredible gift of yourself!

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  1. Rebecca W says:

    @ Rhonda- Prayers that your grandson would feel the love of God and see that Love demonstrated through you and your husband. How our hearts ache for the ones we love to come into relationship with our Jesus! God made a way for him to be with you in the first place so I believe those seeds are being planted! Praying! ❤️
    PS. I saw His Only Son last weekend! Tells the story in such a REAL way. The characters are so believable, like in The Chosen series. I think you’ll like it.

  2. Rebecca W says:

    Such words of comfort-“In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” And I’m beyond grateful for that! Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind to understand your gift of the Holy Spirit you have given us.

    Asking for prayers today. First that my daughter would let me take my grandson with us to Easter services, and actually that she would come as well.
    Also, prayers of comfort for a close friend of mine who lost her sister to cancer yesterday. And for her sister’s family- husband, four children, and grands.
    Thank you ❤️

  3. Rhonda J. says:

    GM She’s!

    Love that Sharon! So true! It’s so simple, we have the bible that tell’s us the whole story of redemption, yet this generation has strayed once again. My grandson is here, and we are modeling a God centered life. Will it register, we don’t know. He is 14 in a ungodly home. (We are also working on table manners, omg! Stuffing food, no napkin..) He remembers we say grace first before eating. This morning I suggested his turn, and he said it didn’t know how. So gave advice, and I am hoping to hear him pray before he leaves!! GOD..keep showing up for us, Spirit come in his tender heart now before he leaves.

    How our hearts ache for the unsaved, but God- we were all there at some point, even when growing up in church, we individually had to decide ourselves that we were sinful and needed Jesus, and to die to ourselves. I don’t really think I understood for a long time. And then of the Holy Spirit? Still a little confused till somewhat recently with the study of Ann Graham’s “Jesus in Me.” It was a good study. I hope that we will pray to ignite the Spirit within us daily! WE have to call upon it. We have to grow in our relationship with Jesus. Be in the word daily (thank you SRT!), in prayer without ceasing, and meditation and actively listening!

    Have you all heard about the movie “My Only Son” playing in select theaters this wkd? I hope to go see it Saturday!! I love to support these Christian storytellers on the big screen. It is about Abraham and his son Issac that God has ordered for a sacrifice.

    Praying for all of you dear She’s! And I love seeing lots of new names! We are all special in his sight!

  4. AZ Walker says:

    Dear JMW, the last several years at my job I continually prayed for 2 difficult bosses and recently a difficult coworker and God helped me deal with all those relationships and gave me peace. It’s not easy going thru these storms but God turned my heart around and my attitude towards these individuals improved. My confidence improved. Things got better and praying things will improve for you too. Praying for Lynne from Alabama and Jack, dear Molly and so many others.

  5. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    How somber that night must have been when Jesus sat at the table with His disciples. His heart so heavy, knowing what would take place in the next few hours and the suffering and pain that He would endure. The disciples even at this point didn’t get it. But then, they didn’t have the whole Bible all written out like we do. And yet, with all of the scripture and the truth of the gospel being taught – so many still don’t get it. They refuse to believe the simple truth that God loves them and Jesus died for them. Praying that as Resurrection Sunday comes and many non-believers will be in our churches, that they’re eyes will be opened and they will by faith receive the free gift of salvation that Christ’s death has made possible.

    Praying for all your requests as I read them – have a blessed Wednesday!

  6. Claire B says:


  7. Cheryl Blow says:

    Thank you Lord!

  8. Charlene Witherington says:

    We’re never alone ❤️

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