Day 45

The Promised Counselor

John 15:26-27, John 16:1-33, Joel 2:28-29

BY Abby Flynn

I once had a job where I was hired to sit in an office all day on behalf of my boss, who lived on the other side of the country. For a whole year, I acted as the mediator and stand-in for my boss in situations where she couldn’t be physically present. There were a lot of relaying messages and “Let me get back to you.” And while it wasn’t the most exciting position I’ve ever had, I was just grateful it paid the bills! 

This random part of my job history came to mind as I read from John 15 and 16 today. Jesus had been talking with His disciples about all the things to come. The disciples who walked with Jesus had always known Him in His physical form. I’m sure it was hard to imagine any other situation.

However, with the coming of the promised Counselor, He says He will always be with them but not in the way they would expect (John 16:7). 

“When the Counselor comes, the one I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father—he will testify about me.” 
—John 15:26

Can you imagine the confusion and fear they probably felt as they tried to understand that things would no longer be the way they’d always been? Jesus was a friend and their guide—the One who told them what to do, where to go, and when!

They had not yet experienced the joy of the Holy Spirit. He would speak God’s truth, even when Jesus was no longer physically present. 

In the same way, the power of the Holy Spirit today is available to all of God’s people at all times. But don’t we so often forget the Spirit’s power? I forget that we have a Counselor who speaks on our behalf. A Counselor who is present with us (John 16:7), who convicts us about sin (v.8), and who declares to us what He hears from the Lord (v.13). 

Today’s reading reminds us that we will both endure pain here on earth and reap eternal blessings with God (vv.22–24)! Suffering in our world is inevitable. But God has already defeated the darkness of this world, and as He has overcome the world, He strengthens us to face it today (John 16:33). 

The blessing of the Holy Spirit—God’s presence living in us—is for all God’s people! We don’t deserve to have this close access to God and His Spirit, but He gives of Himself freely anyway.

Thank you, Lord, for your incredible gift of yourself!

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  1. Alayna P. says:


  2. Kat D says:

    Sharon, I too hope nonbelievers come to our churches this week. I think “So many don’t get it” is true on both sides. In talking with non believers, many are kept away by condemning and judgmental actions and words of church members. Lord, help us to truly love one another. Show us and help us take down any road blocks preventing others from hearing or seeing You. May we be welcoming to all so that they may hear the good news, by your grace and mercy. Amen.

  3. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I pray that I would feel the nearness of the spirit. This past week has been difficult with my husband going to trial. He is a lawyer, and he has been coming home at 1:30 in the morning and then leaving early in the morning. We have a 3 year old and a six month old, so I have felt very alone this week. My youngest still isn’t sleeping through the night, so I’m not getting a full night’s sleep too. I pray that I would also know how to support my husband right now during his challenges, when I just feel like all I can do is take care of our daughters and myself. I’m so thankful that my mother in law has been staying with us to help, but nothing is the same as my husband. I also just miss him.

  4. PamC says:

    Thank y’all for the prayers for my mom & family as we navigate this time.
    I’m so grateful to know Jesus…to have His Holy Spirit. How do people live life without the strength, guidance, hope, & love of our God & Savior?!

  5. Kimberly Z says:

    29 Even on the male and female servants
    in those days I will pour out my Spirit. – Joel 2:29. What a great reminder how powerful the blessing of the Holy Spirit really is! As I have navigated really hard times this past year it is such a great reminders that no matter how much pain we endure here on earth we will have eternal blessings. How cool is that? @SARAH D. I stopped in my tracks yesterday to pray for you and your job situation. God has a plan for you and I know it will be better than anything you could imagine. Happy Wednesday ladies! We got more snow in Montana yesterday ugh! I don’t know how much more snow we could possibly get haha but we have highs of 70 next week!

  6. Dorothy says:

    Father God thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, for the gifts of Your One and Only Son and Your Holy Spirit. There are times when I forget or ignore You, Christ and Your Spirit and forgive me for that. As we get closer to the days we celebrate the days of Your Son’s death and of His RESURRECTION, remind me I SHOULD BE CELEBRATING them EACH AND EVERY DAY NOT just once a year!!! Almighty Lord I praise You for ALL You have done for me — good and bad — it has made me a stronger person. Please watch over us in the coming days. Bless us as You see fit NOT as we see fit. Help us to fight our battles and win the ones You want us to win. In Christ’s name, amen.
    Sisters, be blessed and reach out to God no matter what you need, big or small.

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