The People’s Repentance

Open Your Bible

Ezra 10:1-44, Joshua 24:14-28, 1 Peter 2:1-10

I know from past readings that the ending of Ezra is not pretty. It’s hard, and I was not looking forward to it. The beginning of the book presents a beautiful and resilient story of homecoming and rebuilding God’s house. And with the final chapters come a plot twist most unwelcomed. 

But as I read through Ezra this time, I’ve found myself surprisingly moved with appreciation over the inclusion of the last parts. Without it, I don’t think the book is complete. Even if it raises more questions than it presents answers.

As the story of the people’s unfaithfulness continues into this last chapter, Ezra deeply mourns their sin (Ezra 10:1). Even after God’s gracious hand had brought them home, they still wandered outside the bounds of their covenant relationship with Him. This picture of infidelity feels familiar: the nation’s refusal to repent for their rebellion had led them into exile in the first place. However, something is different in today’s reading—the people’s response.

“We have been unfaithful to our God” (Ezra 10:2). Instead of hardening their hearts, the people joined Ezra in grieving over their sin. We have been unfaithful to our God. This response has convicted me, really stopped me in my tracks. It’s prompted me to think about where I’m failing to obey God’s Word. And oh, how unpretty it is—being confronted with my disobedience. How do we move forward after we’ve realized our sin and confessed our wrongdoing? We return.  

There is still hope for Israel in spite of this. 
—Ezra 10:2

We realign our ways with God’s Word, as the people did. The hope that lies before us is that we are His people. That means that we respond to His call to repentance with humility and deep sorrow. But we also rejoice that we are His people and recipients of His mercy (1Peter 2:10). 

On this last day of reading through Ezra, I am thankful for every page—from beginning to end. For me, the whole of Ezra has come to be a picture of our ongoing redemption story. 

We are His people, rescued and restored. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes our tendency to wander from God can lead to potentially devastating consequences. But He continually calls us to return to Him, to reorient our hearts to follow His ways. When we do, He faithfully responds with forgiveness and mercy, again and again. 

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55 thoughts on "The People’s Repentance"

  1. lara-ann feldtman says:

    Such a needed reminder this morning. Often the confession happens; and there is genuine repentance. But what about the choice to realign my ways with God’s Word? I often don’t follow through with choosing what is right or living God’s way. But that’s what God’s people had to do— even though it must have been so painful. Confession must lead to changed hearts and desires – and I need God’s help. Such a blessing to know that the Lord Jesus offers me forgiveness, mercy, and His strength every day.

  2. Rebecca Aikens says:

    I just loved the phrase “reorient our hearts” to return to God. An acknowledgement that no one has it right 100% of the time.

  3. Audrey Gray says:

    Amen. Well put.

  4. kady turner says:

    Our God is so good to us ❤️

  5. Ruth Long says:

    That last chapter of Ezra absolutely gutted me. Ezra was distraught, and almost like a movie, the entire nation filters in to mourn with him and repent. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking. I want to be so moved by my own sin to that extent, to love God so deeply that wronging him hurts me.

  6. Cynthia Dena says:

    It’s probably because of the grace weeks where she’s are encouraged to finish studies if they fell behind. Or can choose an older study to complete. They may not have the daily emails.

  7. Kat D says:

    @Helen Marsh You may need to reach them from their website. Not sure how often they read the comments from prior days if they read them at all. Hope you are able to reconnect soon.

  8. Helen E Marsh says:

    I have missed 2 days of the daily emails . I didn’t receive one Monday the 18th or 19th of September, please put me on the email list.Thank you

  9. Helen E Marsh says:

    I have been getting these daily emails with scripture readings for the day, but I didn’t receive one Monday Sept 18th or Tuesday Sept19th.. This has been part of my daily bible study for a few years now.. Please send them to me.

  10. Whitney Francis says:

    Thank You Jesus.

  11. Laurel Shearer says:

    This was one of my favorite studies. Ezra is my new favorite Bible “hero”. (He joins many others.) He became very real to me. Especially when he admitted to being ashamed to ask the king for protection because he had professed that God would protect. BUT he had the people fast and pray, and God heard them. He was just like me–always with a bit of doubt–yet God hears and answers or earnest entreaty.

  12. Claire B says:

    Tina, Amen.

  13. Claire B says:


  14. Searching says:

    BLESSED BETH – so glad you will join us! ❤️ In the search bar of whatever browser you use, for the 1st study just type She Reads Truth Worthy of Praise and it should take you right to the home page for this study. If it doesn’t, post back here on that and I’ll post a link or can email if it won’t let me add a link. I bookmarked the home page so I can get to it easily when we’re studying.

  15. Jennifer Anapol says:

    @Sophie Marie, I so agree with you! I too have a hard time with sad endings and imperfection; especially in myself. I too am learning that a big part of the Christian life is continually coming back to God. There isn’t going to be a time on this side of eternity where I am perfect and always do the right thing. It’s all about becoming more and more like Christ, instead of perfection.

  16. Blessed Beth says:

    Looking forward to worth of Praise do we just link into this?

  17. Foster Mama says:

    Before I respond to anything else….

    @ SEARCHING… Thank you for the alert and I will VERY happily join in the “Worthy of Praise”

    (Heehee @ KRISTINE LOUGHMAN, I couldn’t agree more!!)
    I’m assuming that we can still use the comments section, even if it’s an old study….I’ll go try now!!

  18. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    SEARCHING I will meet you and all other Sisters joining in Worthy of Praise on Monday.

  19. Adrienne Kimball says:

    I downloaded those two studies, SEARCHING. Thank you for doing the legwork for us in choosing those. Looking forward to it! Blessings to my sweet sisters.

  20. Teresa Donley says:

    Praying for:
    MERCY – God’s guidance regarding your job situation, and His leading if you should move to a new company. And thank you for your comments regarding accepting pagan beliefs. You reminded me of a show I was watching last night where mindfulness was a topic of discussion. The character in the show commented that mindfulness is a practice in Buddhism where people strive to put everything out of their mind, and focus inwardly until they reach of nirvana. It hit me while watching that I need to be praying and praising The Father rather than focusing on myself.
    TRACI GENDRON – ability to speak truth in book club
    ADRIENNE – your friend, Shari, for Leo that God will decide the treatment decisions of the medical team, and for his parents to be able to find an affordable house to rent in Phoenix
    SHARON, JERSEY GIRL – your friend who is dealing with a new cancer diagnosis, and for the Perez family whose son died from an overdose
    DAWN PRENATT – that you will be able idols in your life and come to repentance. You asked if we could share some idols of our own. I’ve had many throughout the years, but one God is talking to about is reading secular novels. I can get lost in them, and then not have time for the things of God.
    COLLEEN DEVEAU – for your daddy and you and your family
    GRAMSIE SUE- praising God that Steve’s tests do not show any current cancer, and for Lyle whose wife has died from glioblastoma
    CEE GEE and SEARCHING – thank you for your kind words. I almost hesitated to share that sometimes (usually, always) is only asking for forgiveness and asking God to help me not do “it” anymore. Yesterday’s study was convicting to me. I appreciate your comments.

  21. Teresa Donley says:

    SEARCHING – I will be joining you for the studies you’ve chosen. Thank you for doing this.

  22. Ashley White says:

    Why? Are you okay?

  23. Mercy says:

    @ADRIENNE: Leo and his swimming accident, and his parents Josh and Brooke, siblings. Heartbreaking, i am so sorry. BUT GOD is able. He is the Resurrection and the Life. May God appear bigger to us than the many troubles of life.
    @GRAMSIESUE: your friend Lyle grieving his wife’s passing. Praise God that Steve is doing great. May God continue to sustain him in good health & mind.
    @TERESA DONLEY: ❤️ continued prayers for your medical results, and solid trust in the Lord.
    @SHARON JERSEY GIRL: Perez family who lost their 17 y.o son to overdose. Prayers against the spirit of addiction (alcohol, drugs, substance of any kind) be removed from our community, families, children, people, congregation.
    @DAWN: amen to what RHONDA said, idolizing a pastor is dangerous. Some other idols that I have witnessed in my life and others are pride (opposite of humility knowing we have a looooong way to learn, knowledge is necessary but it puffs up quick, and God resists such), career ministry & ministry title, praise and applause from people (instead of the silent approval of ONE), fear of men hence compromising truth, the urge to please men’s opinions for acceptance due to the loneliness on this walk (stemming from past hurts or rejections- though we should pray God provides for us like minded tribes who love us for us), “perfect” houses, families, hobbies (where we get great comfort from instead of the Holy Spirit- the Comforter), productivity (sneaky idol that feeds our validation and then burnout), lust of the flesh too where it motivates us to strive for things of carnality (of no eternal value and waste of energy), false image of God ( a form of godliness but no power). Etc. etc. Prayers for you that the Lord may reveal to you which idol(s) got to go.
    @HEIDI: really love what you wrote yesterday❤️ so glad to see you back. Prayers for Kin.
    @FOSTER MAMA: so sorry you experienced the same tech frustration, though your extent is greater than mine. Loss of work is loss of time. I am a research analyst, and I work with lots of software, running tests of different data models. I was too tested in the past month besides the data lol.
    @MICHELLE PATIRE: just caught your comment in time, glad i hit refresh :)) Thank you! Yesterday the Lord led me to another great job posting on Linkedin and I was pleasantly surprised how it was of exact similar duties, so I applied. Now it’s the waiting part, and the trusting part.
    @SEARCHING: “worthy of praise” it is. ❤️

    Be blessed dear beautiful sisters. Happy weekend to you and your precious families.❤️

  24. Mercy says:

    Happy Friday she’s
    Reading today devotion was harsh. The separation of marriages due to the disobedience in marrying foreign women I can imagine is extremely difficult, and some family even had children. My ESV study bible noted that the examination came down to if the foreign women had adopted the faith, if they had not, they would be separated to return to their non-Jewish families. The Lord Jesus also said, I came to cause division in the New Testament (Luke 12:51). Inclusiveness is the doctrine of Satan and of the world to push foreign people and foreign/pagan beliefs onto us, to water down our faith and to go astray in our choices. I admire the gift of confrontation that the Jewish leaders had in today’s reading. It’s one of the leadership skills where harder decisions fall on them, though they grieve and grieve the faithlessness and its consequence, and they must confront and carry it out. What an extremely difficult decision. May we pray for our leaders. Most times we do not comprehend what breaking pressure the leaders might have to endure on our behalf. Praying for our leaders, at home, at church, in government, etc. may they have the compassion to grieve when seeing us going astray and the audacity to confront so we might come to repentance and live.

  25. Michelle Patire says:

    Good morning, Shes. There are so many of you posting, sometimes it is hard for me to keep up, lol. I am thankful for our big covering here in the SRT community and God bless the beautiful team who works at SRT to make this happen <3

    @Lynne from Alabama- continuing to pray for you and Jack. Jesus be near to you and give you the strength to push forward… never be ashamed to reach out to the body of Christ to pray and support you, when you need extra encouragement. We aren't meant to carry things alone. :) Just a little reminder of a truth you are familiar with. God bless you, Lynne <3

    @Mercy- continued prayers as you continue walking through the work situation. Thankful you have your husband to proofread important emails and support you, as well :)

  26. sophie marie says:

    this is a tough ending for me because i very much have a tendency to romanticize things – i love the fairytale finish and disney ending. sometimes i don’t even want to admit to myself the ongoing struggle of the christian life. but what i’m trying to understand is that it’s not the end of the story. the people repent, turn, change, and ask the Lord for forgiveness. there is hope for restoration that God is all too ready to lavish on us, his children, we only need come. and i guess what i’m realizing is that that doesn’t just happen once, or twice, or several times – it’s constantly happening and i’m constantly needing. but God is constantly loving, constantly restoring, and holding me. i’m trying to understand how it’s ok that things aren’t perfect, or maybe in reality there’s just a different definition of perfect than the one i’ve known forever- a different definition that’s grounded in dependence on God

  27. Erica Wilson says:

    So convicting! Not only do I need to CONFESS where

  28. Erica Chiarelli says:

    There was a difference here, I was thinking, of marrying a pagan wife then Salmon marrying Rahab or Boaz marrying Ruth..I’m certain the pagan wives hadn’t turned to God or followed their husband into the Jewish faith. They were stumbling blocks and doing exactly what God had warned against: pulling them from God and their faith in Him. Why we cannot be unequally yoked! It does so much harm, especially once kids are involved..but thankfully God can turn a sinners heart to Himself!

  29. Adrienne says:

    For some reason, my posts aren’t showing. So… here is a special prayer request. (Of course, they are all special.).

    From my friend, Shari…

    “ I am requesting prayer for my nephew’s son, Leo, age 19. He has suffered a traumatic brain injury from a swimming accident on September 2 in Phoenix AZ. Prior to the accident Leo and his parents drove 3 days from Wisconsin to Phoenix where Leo would have started college on September 5.

    About half of his skull was removed for surgery due to swelling of the brain and to repair a brain bleed. Leo is still unable to speak and has recently contracted an infection besides other issues. He has made progress but had a set back last night. He is very ill.

    This will be a very long recovery period. Please pray for Leo, his parents Josh and Brooke, his brothers Niko and Gus and his grandma (my sister Sue). Also pray that Josh and Brooke will find a house to rent in Phoenix.

    Thank you my prayer warriors!

    In Christ’s love,

  30. GramsieSue says:

    Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Looking back, I have done some wandering.
    But God.
    And I do feel when I wandered the farthest…committed to most awful sins…He was calling and pulling the hardest on my heartstrings. And it made me more aware of the temptations the next time around. I certainly haven’t made great decisions in my past. But I try harder now. And it saddens me the ones I have hurt thru my sins.
    But God…
    He restores. He rebuilds. He strengthens. He forgives.
    He removes my sins as far as the east is from the west!
    Thankful and grateful today! As Tina said, “There is still hope for Sue.”

    Looking forward to Worthy of Praise starting next week.
    Prayers for many of you ❤️
    Please pray for our friend Lyle whose wife passed away from glioblastoma (same disease my Steve is fighting). We met at Mayo in Rochester last year when they were both going through radiation and chemo. We are heartbroken for Lyle. And FYI – Steve is doing well with no evidence of disease…next MRI is in November.

    Hugs and blessings to my sister shes. ❤️

  31. Dawn Prenatt says:

    @Cheryl & @Stefany – thank you! I appreciate both of your responses ❤️

    @Searching – I will join you and meet you Monday at “Worthy of Praise!” I am excited!

  32. Cee Gee says:

    TINA – I did the same as I read!

    SEARCHING – ❤ Agreeing in your prayers! I, too, was planning to mention TERESA DONLEY and her comment from yesterday. It came to mind immediately as I read!

    TERESA DONLEY – I didn’t get back to your comment yesterday, but I wanted to know that you spoke about what I was thinking and trying to find the right words to say because a lot of the time when I ask for forgiveness (because I know it is a requirement), I am asking because I know it’s a requirement! I often feel justified for having an attitude and I do pray for the strength to do better and leave that behind, but am I really sincere EVERY time?! Thanks, sister, for confirmation that need to search my heart on this! ❤

    RHONDA J – Good word, sister!

    STONE – The significance of and use of the word, STONE, stood out to me! I am going to do more study on that!

    Praying for all you SHES!!!

    WORTHY OF PRAISE – (Next week) Looking forward to seeing y’all there!

  33. Kris says:

    What comes to mind is Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Often we KNOW where we’re going astray (and sometimes just refuse to see it), but sometimes we don’t know where we are going astray and we need God to show us. This is my prayer right now. Search me and let me know where I need to repent and change my ways. I honestly don’t want anything to keep me from experiencing the fullness of life that God has for me. I think we can still unknowingly sin and stay in God’s good graces, but why would I want to have anything unclean in me? Why wouldn’t I want ALL that God has for me? I really appreciate the words of Noe Garcia when he talked about the list of “bad men” at the end of the book. Yes, they were the ones who took on foreign wives, but he also said this was a list of the Redeemed. I know I need to be on a “list” for different sins, but I also want that list to represent the Redemption that has taken place in my life because of repentance and forgiveness. O, what a compassionate God we serve. Thank you Jesus for your redemptive power that doesn’t leave me in the unclean places I’ve chosen for myself, but You make me clean once again.

  34. Cheryl Blow says:

    This study has been such a great reminder of God’s redeeming love, His faithfulness, and His call for His people to be holy and separate from this world. We are in it but not of it. I pray God will reveal areas in my life where I need to repent

  35. Cheryl Blow says:

    Dawn, anything that comes between you and God can be an idol. Just pray and ask God to reveal any idols in your life and He will. Praying for your new walk in Christ

  36. Jennifer Bassett says:


  37. Rhonda J. says:

    The book of Ezra once again shows the importance of our alliance with God. There are rules for living as followers of a Holy God. No, we don’t like “rules,” but when we know they are for a purpose, for the good of all who love Him, it makes sense. There are rules for everything really. I would not like to live in a country where there are no rules, or a family with no rules, it leads to cause. The laws were also formed in part to show us we cannot be holy in ourselves, that we needed a savior that would be the ultimate sacrifice. Now luckily when we fail, we can ask for repentance, (and I agree, it must now only be a heartfelt plea, but a willingness to change our ways to conform (ouch, another word we have become polarized from!) to the Almighty God, our heavenly Father! It might seem dramatic to separate the families, but you must sift the pure from the impure. Anyone who has married an unbeliever knows that it leads to a lot of turbulence in the marriage. I have many friends at church that their husbands do not attend with, and there is a great sadness in these women. It adds a lot of stress to the family as a whole.

    @Dawn- So glad you are here and learning, and getting into the word, that is the best way to become closer to the Lord. Although it can seem overwhelming or hard to understand some of scripture, studies like this really help! An idol is anything that comes between us and God. That we are more passionate about than following God. As women we put so much importance on our looks, and fitting in, and what others think of us. I just remember we can never please everyone, being yourself and following after God is the most important thing. As far as putting someone else, even a minister or leader, on a pedestal, we have to remember that they are only human as well and will fail and make mistakes. That’s why we most read our bibles everyday, study, and put it in our hearts. So WE know truth, and God will speak to you, and grow you.

  38. Stefany Head says:

    Dawn, thank you for sharing honestly what it is like when you become a believer and the Holy Spirit begins to reveal sin.

  39. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    @Lynn from Alabama – praying for your friend Gina. May they have found it early and may she fully recover. Praying wisdom for the doctors and peace for Gina.

  40. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Previously when I’ve read the book of Ezra – for some reason I didn’t remember that this is how it ended. Maybe I breezed through it, maybe I wasn’t paying attention…What a HUGE consequence of their sin! True repentance meant that not only were the men of Israel to divorce their heathen wives, but were to send them and children away! How devastating that must have been to the wives, children and to the husbands. But God – who is gracious and merciful, allowed the process to be done in an orderly manner – questioning each and every woman. If she were found to be a believer of the one, true God and was a follower of Him, she was allowed to stay…Sin does not just separate – it tears apart, leaving ragged, damaged edges behind. My sin not only effects me – it effects others around me.

    Father God, please examine my heart – see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. Help me to not only admit and confess my sin – but to forsake it, forever. Give me the power through Your Holy Spirit to say “no” to sin, all day – every day. You are my strength, You are my shield my battles must be fought through You alone that is the only way I am guaranteed victory. In Jesus name, Amen

    @Searching – thank you for taking the step & suggestion our next 2 weeks study, I will see you all there!
    @Lynn from Alabama – continued prayers for you as you care for your husband 24/7. I can only imagine how exhausting that must be. Praying your hubby settles into his new surroundings easily.
    @all my SRT sisters – continued prayers for all your previous request.

    Please pray for the Perez family, Martha & Germain. I don’t know them personally, they go to another church in my area. Two nighty ago they lost their 17 yr old son, due to an overdose. He has two younger sisters, the youngest being 8. I can not even imagine the heartache they are experiencing.

  41. Dawn Prenatt says:

    This has really come full circle, especially for a newer believer like me who is learning. At first this book of Ezra was a little hard for me to wrap my head around, but your comments and the devotion has helped IMMENSELY to digest the true meanings, and how this was a powerful story of redemption.

    I’m curious if anyone would be willing to share some of the idols they’ve identified or God has shown them in their walk with Christ? I’m asking just for awareness for myself, even though I know God always reveals them to me. This may sound silly, but I feel like an idol could even be getting hung up on people’s thoughts of me? Or even getting God’s will twisted and maybe idolizing someone He had put in my path as a vessel of his message, but I take it too far and become too dependent on their thoughts. I’d love to hear some of your feedback and wisdom on this, bc I’m working through something like this right now, and it’s been very eye opening since I’ve been putting Christ first daily.

    Thank you and praying for all of you! Xo

  42. Allison M says:

    Breaking apart the families of the ones who had married pagan wives may have been hard, but we can’t stop at confession. We have to move forward to repentance….. a change in our direction, so it makes perfect sense to me.

    I’ll see you all Monday in the study @Searching mentioned. This was such an awesome study in Ezra. Thank you, SRT!

  43. Danielle B says:

    Thanks @searching for making a comment today. Yesterday I was rushed and couldn’t read the comments. See everyone in worthy of praise

  44. Antoinette Burnett says:


  45. Searching says:

    Am I the only one who read chapter 10 and thought Whoa!, and needed to read through commentaries (Enduring Word and others) to gain a better understanding of the scope and acts of repentance in this chapter?

    The depth of grief, mourning, realization of the need to repent and what repentance looks like that is shown to us in these verses is convicting.
    THERESA DONLEY ❤️ pointed out yesterday the need to examine our prayers for sincerity and depth, “a broken and contrite heart.”

    LYNNE FROM AL – oh goodness! Praying for your friend Gina, for comfort, guidance and healing. Continuing to pray for you and Jack, and for respite, encouragement and rejuvenation of your spirit, dear sister. ❤️
    COLLEEN DEVEAU – continued prayers for your daddy and family
    TRACI GENDRON – praying, during the silence after you spoke, that God’s truth was seeping into the hearts of those in your book club, that they will be drawn to seek the Lord. ❤️
    KRIS – thank you for drawing my attention to thinking about the sins we commit (or are tempted to) when trying to fit into the world, and to be praying about what God can teach us through various situations. ❤️
    CHERYL BLOW – yes, grieving for the sin in today’s world
    TAMI C – praying for Chela as she continues to adjust, for connection to Christian friends and support
    RHONDA J – amen!
    HOLLY ❤️
    KELLY (NEO) such truth “prone to wander” ❤️
    TINA ❤️ amen!
    FOSTER MAMA -praying for access to or recovery of those missing files, that the Lord would bring success to your BIL’s work
    LIBBY K – so true, the sneakiness of pride.
    AIMEE D – yes, so thankful for His overwhelming grace and mercy!

  46. Maria Baer says:

    This last part of Ezra was hard to read, especially through our modern lens. The putting away of the pagan wives, at first glance seems cold. But truly, it is about the bigger picture— the rejection of false deities. By marrying pagans, God’s people who stayed back turned from God and worshiped idols and other deities. I see this as a convicting moment for me— what false idols to I have in my life that are causing to derail my walk with Jesus?

  47. Aimee D-R says:

    Lord Your Mercy is beyond my understanding. Thank You. In Jesus name, Amen

  48. Andrea P says:


  49. Searching says:

    For those who may have missed my post from yesterday-
    SISTERS – for those that aren’t aware, starting Monday we have 4 Grace Weeks to choose a study, finish a study, etc. SRT suggests Deuteronomy or Joshua (each are 28 days).

    If anyone is interested studying something different together and would like to join me, I’ve decided to do 2 14-day studies (thanks to a good friend’s idea) – “Worthy of Praise” first and then (most likely) “The Beatitudes”. You can find either of these by searching in your browser She Reads Truth plus the title of the study. If you can’t find them, post that and I’ll try to show a link.

  50. Kristine Loughman says:

    Thank you everyone for answering my question yesterday- you all had such good insights and pointed me to helpful resources. I love this community! So our next “independent study” will be SRT Worthy of Praise (yes?) How I would miss you all if I had to wander in the wilderness for the next four weeks, haha! Glad we have a plan to stay together!

  51. Caroline Hovey says:

    The next four weeks are grace weeks, so that you can catch up/revisit past plans

  52. Caroline Hovey says:

    It is four weeks of Grace Weeks, so you can revisit old plans or catch up on any unfinished ones

  53. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Oh, Tina, so relate!

    The whole scene in today’s Ezra reading brings to mind these lines from “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”:
    “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.”

    Thankfully God never gives up showering me with mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

    SEARCHING – thanks for leading. I’m on board.

  54. Tina says:

    With a little tweek, i have swapped my name for Israel..
    ‘There is still hope for TINA in spite of this…’
    In spite of my wandering.

    In spite of my unkind words.

    In spite of my unloving attitude.

    In spite of my un-Christlike ways.

    In spite of my worshipping idols..

    In spite of my distancing myself from mygood and faithful God.

    BUT GOD..

    In spite of ALL my wrongdoing, my sins, He still brings me Hope, affords me, Grace and Mercy, new each day, and He forever holds me in the palm of His hands, covering me in His abounding love..
    In spite of..


    Praising you Lord God, with a grateful and thankful heart, for your goodness and grace over me.. thank you Lord God, Thank you, in the Mighty name of Jesus, I pray,


    Happy Friday, my dears, covered in much love and prayers… always..❤️

  55. Marianne Reuter says:

    Will there be no reading plan for the upcoming weeks?