The Making & Breaking of Heaven & Earth

Open Your Bible

Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-17, Genesis 3:1-24

After reading today’s passages, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

Scripture begins with a picture of how things were in the beginning. It also records how in the beginning, sin entered the world and distorted the original good creation, separating humans from God’s dwelling place. 

In prayer and in the comments, reflect on how these passages address what you see as broken or frustrating in your world. How has the reading clarified or changed your perspective?

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201 thoughts on "The Making & Breaking of Heaven & Earth"

  1. bianca ruiz says:

    God gave Adam and Eve everything and yet they were easily deceived and God was still caring but making them clothes he didn’t just think to kill them or make them disappear he still loved them even if they did the wrong thing God is so loving he is our father he is everything

  2. jillian nicholson says:

    Recently I have seen so much deceitfulness and undermining, this passage reminded me of how God is there to take care of us. Even after Adam and Eve sinned, God still made them clothes because He knew that they knew they were naked. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. In that same way, God is there to clothe us in his love, grace, peace, and strength. This has also reminded me to not let the things of this world have so much power over me. It’s so easy for someone to get in our heads and make us do things that aren’t things we would normally say, think, or do. But the beauty of it all is that they actually have no power over us. The one who does is God and He uses it for good ❤️

  3. Anna McKay says:

    Reading Genesis again reminded me of how beautiful God’s creation was and how pure the world was before sin came into the picture. It makes me strive for purity.

  4. Isaly Acevedo says:

    One thing that stuck out to me was being reminded that we were made in His image. It’s a reminder to treat myself in sacred ways, to be kind to my body with my thoughts, my nutrition, and my fitness. And it’s also a reminder not to get caught in an ED as I am wonderfully made.

  5. Erika D. says:

    This passage reminds me that we all choose to sin, like Adam and Eve. That if we were in their place, we would have made the same choice. It wasn’t hard for humanity to betray God – it just took a little enticing conversation. And that’s how it still is. Some sins don’t take much for us to commit, and it’s a shame that humanity is fallen. However, praise God for redemption and a renewal of what we had before sin in eternity.

  6. Katherine Herrington says:

    I feel like this passage is a reminder to not let the noise of the world convince us against God’s plan – when we follow the world rather than Him, that’s when the trials start

  7. Brynn Bertl says:

    After hearing about this passage for so long, I am finally reading this passage for the first time and I realize now how beautiful it is. And how beautiful all of God’s creations are because they were made with purpose. While I do have anger towards Adam and Eve, it is still comforting to know that sin is much bigger than me and that even though God rightfully punished both Adam and Eve for their sins, he still had love for them and clothed them.

  8. Dori Brown says:


  9. Lexi West says:

    God created this beautiful earth and we destroyed it with our disobedience. I get so angry at sin in this world. hate, murder rape. imagine how angry god is at us but he’s not he loves us anyway. he meets us in our sin like he did with Adam and Eve.

  10. Courtney Morgan says:

    I often get overwhelmed by the amount of sin and evil in this world but reflecting on this portion of Genesis, I realize that it has existed long before me. Sin has been present since soon after the creation of man, and it will continue to exist until the return of Jesus. It is through Jesus that we are saved from this sin and can look past the sin in this world to see all of the good and love that also exists.

  11. B A says:

    Even through sin, God listens and loves them. He is all knowing and knew the events that occurred but allowed them the opportunity to confess of their sins. Even when we sin, we are given a chance to confess and repent- he loves us through it all.

  12. Lindsey Renee says:

    Whenever I read this part of scripture I’m always reminded of how even in the midst of sin, God clothed them with better than they already he had. They were covered with leaves and twigs but he loved them enough to give them better despite their disobedience. Just a reminder of how much He truly loves us.

  13. Linda Fenwick says:

    They create their own narrative of what and who they are. Then they insist that everyone else must agree and treat them as they believe they are, regardless of whether we agree or not. They refuse logic, biology, reality.

  14. Linda Fenwick says:

    Some people get the idea that they want to be lord of their own world and decide how things are to be done. Then more sin, maybe just mental illness, steps in and things get twisted around. A person starts believing they are not who or what God made them to be, that they can and should change what they are

  15. Elizabeth Marsh says:

    As far fetched as my idea may be; I see similarities between society believing social media influencers perspectives rather than what the Word of God clearly states. God is forever honest and just, there is no reason to disobey or not believe in what he says, yet we still do it. We would still rather believe dishonest people around us over the one true King.

  16. Hallie Frances P says:

    Despite their sinning, He clothed them before He sent them away. He came to them when they were sinners and loved them anyway.

  17. Haley Morris says:

    Sin and temptation distracts us from the blessings God has bestowed onto our lives. Because of sin and temptation Adam and Eve missed out on all the promises of God in the garden.

  18. eLIZabeth Greggs says:

    As I was reading the passages today I begins to think how most people sin because of things they want that they don’t need. Adam and Eve had so many trees they could eat from, but it was something about the Forbidden Tree. God gives us everything we could need but we always want more because of our FLESH! The world was perfect, but they listened to the enemy and were deceived. Now because of the action of one, we see where each generation is getting wicker and wiser and further away from God.

  19. April Marie says:

    It shows that while we are easily tempted and due to our sinful nature sin is inevitable but it also shows that god came to them in their sin and so he does with us as well because he always with us, waiting for us to turn back to him and away from this fallen world.

  20. Sarah Cain says:

    God CAME to Adam and Eve when they sinned. When they were confused and afraid. He pursues us in the same way still today.

    1. Joanna Coker says:

      Such a great perspective! I didn’t think about it like this

  21. Ulata Moors says:


  22. Stacy Barbeau says:

    So frustrating that Eve would be so easily defined by Satan and how still today we are! However, even though God knew what they had done in their depravity, he still called to them.

  23. Sandra Yoong-Chia says:

    It’s true

    Reading these passages remind me of what a great and wonderful Creator-God we have. He was systematic in His creation, He was and still is purposeful as well. All that He made was to have a relationship with mankind in mind. He walked in the garden, looking for Adam and Eve. He walks now, looking for you and I. Through Jesus’ work on the cross we don’t have to hid like Adam and Eve did. We can once again walk with our Lord, now, in this life on earth and in eternity. But the devil plants doubts in us and to fight that we must know our Lord well, through His word and through the leading of His Holy Spirit and through spending time in prayer. Help me Lord to know you more and to not miss what goodness You have for me. Amen

  24. Michelle Johnson says:

    I think for me it opens my eyes to God’s true heart for us. He wanted us to make our own decisions instead of shielding and protecting us and pretending that everything is perfect and okay, when He knows sin is in the world and it can’t be ignored forever. He didn’t want us to be blind obeying humans – He wanted us to choose Him on our own accord.

  25. Seeking Understanding says:

    So many questions!

    Adam and Eve were living in good, even perfection. Why, oh why, would they want to know evil?

    Did God know or intend that the serpent would test them? Did He know they would fail? And if yes, was there anything He could have done or said to prevent their situation? God does not take blame for his children’s actions; why do we take the blame for ours?

    What if Adam didn’t eat of the fruit after Eve did?

    God created Adam and Eve. He knew what they looked like. Why then were they afraid of God seeing them naked? If they feared He would know, why cover up with leaves making it obvious what they had done? Or were they afraid of each other? the serpent? the truth?

    Enough pondering. God’s ways and plan, just like eternity, is not always something we are meant to grasp.

  26. Kelli Harrell says:

    Despite failings and consequences, God showed his love for them by making them clothes. I’d never noticed this part!

    1. Kai Otero says:

      Love this POV

  27. Heidi Vermeer-Quist says:

    Reminds me of the old hymn: trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey. That was the invitation to Adam and Eve and our invitation now. Holy Spirit , draw us close and fill us. Help us to trust and obey!

    1. Rebekah Mann says:

      Oh, that is a good point! I wonder (since God knows all things) if he was testing/proving Adam and Eve (like Abraham) and they failed. But, unltimately for God’s greater glory.

  28. Erin King says:

    There is a song called “Belly of the Deepest Love” by Tow’rs, and my favorite lyrics are: “I tried to get to You, but You came to me instead. With the dawn, the grave is gone. Oh, how You wished to be with me.”
    God has only ever desired nearness, close proximity with us. I always get stuck on how He, too, was in the garden walking. What an image! What a thought! To be in a shared space with a very real and present Creator. I long for a time when I can physically walk beside Him in the cool of the day. Thank you, God, for wishing to be WITH us always.

  29. Meagan Warlick says:

    My favorite part of this passage is when the serpent questions Eve “did god say you cannot eat from or touch the fruit and you will die?” By adding in “the touch it” part which wasn’t in God’s original command, the serpent causes doubt in Eve. I think it’s true for us today that if we do not know God’s word well, it’s easy to allow Satan to create doubt when he goes “but did he really say don’t do this AND that?”

    1. Mary Roberts says:

      Love this.

    2. Katharina Ludwig says:


    3. Emily Hart says:

      Yes! And in Gen 3:1 when the serpent says “Did God really say you can’t eat from ANY tree in the garden?” Another example of satan subtly twisting Gods words to make His commands sound more egregious.

  30. Sarah Henderson says:

    The passages today remind me of how obedience is the foundation of true worship. God is ever present in all things, He never moves from me, but I can surely move from Him and that is when I’m most able to be swayed by the advances of Satan. My true foundation in service to my God, family, friends is by practicing obedience.

    1. Meagan Warlick says:

      I love this!

    2. Rebekah Mann says:

      Oh, yes…good point! I never thought about it but Eve was were she should not have been (by the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil).

    3. Debbie Johnson says:


  31. Voon T says:

    During times of intense hurt, I sometimes find myself questioning God’s goodness. But today’s reading reminds me that God has nothing but great plans for me – to prosper me and not harm me.

    God is not my enemy. It is the serpent – Satan – who always distorts the truth, attempting to sway me with lies about God’s nature.

  32. Aida Nakajjugo says:

    My take on this is that God never meant for us to suffer thats why He made everything wonderful,it also answers the question people ask often of “Why does God let bad things happen?” He doesnt and it was never His original plan however the devil keeps lying to people by dangling power,wealth and earthly pleasure infront of them that as humans we end up turning on eachother. A joke sometimes is made that why didnt God just kill the devil but what good would that have done,the damage was already done the death of the devil wouldnt cleanse us and wouldnt provide salvation thats why Jesus has to come in who actually cares and is repentant on our behalf hence giving us that grace and the holy spirit that convicts us to die to the desires of the flesh. The devil’s death wouldnt have given us that.

  33. Dani Lin says:

    In the last few years, I have struggled so much with focusing on God. I have heard many times, the devil likes to keep us busy and distracted, unfortunately he’s been doing a fantastic job with me. This year my goal is connection. Primarily with God but also family, friends, community. The distractions can wait.

  34. Dani Lin says:

    Thank you! I haven’t read her recent books and that sounds so interesting!

  35. Ally Isaacson says:

    It shows me that God did not want to punish us, and yet he gave us a choice to decide. And even today, he wants us to make the right decision and yet, we have free will.

  36. Marina Rodriguez says:

    I’ve been listening and reading Lysa Terkeurst stuff a lot recently and she really has deep dived into the fall of man. One of the many things that I have kept in my heart was how God casting Adam and Eve out of Eden was actually a huge act of mercy. Now knowing and bearing the weight of good and evil, had they also ate from the tree of live, the burden would’ve been too hard on them – just imagine living through the bad we endure but for eternity. Instead, God allows man to die, so that in our heavenly bodies, we can finally experience and live that perfection that was originally meant for us in Eden. I truly recommend that everyone check out her videos and books. They have been such a blessing to me.

    1. Erin Bowers says:

      Wow! Great perspective! I wrote this on a slip of paper and put it in my Bible❤️

  37. Emily Klassen says:

    All who do not see the problem with sin have a distorted view of the world. Sometimes I tend to think I am missing out on something in my pursuit not to sin, but God is everyone’s ultimate reality and sin is was distorts that. HE is making all things new, and all we need to do is Trust Him.

  38. Susie Basham says:

    I know my nature is to want to know everything. I pray that I listen more and obey what the Lord is telling me

  39. christy grady says:


  40. Mercy says:

    @JAIME ANGEL: thank you for your reflections. As sweet and pure as our children are, the sin DNA is there, clear and loud in the hiding of the little things, which I also experience with my little ones, candy wrappers are also one for us :)

  41. Mercy says:

    There are many times I ponder if I would have acted differently if I was Eve. Would that original sin be inevitable? Humans are flawed, hence absolutely not. If for instance, we do an experiment, and we find ourselves in the role of Eve, if we didn’t fall to the forbidden fruit, I am sure there will be another temptation to fall to. The snake was cunning. The tempter was there. Sin happened. And that’s the whole point. Humans are weak, fragile, gullible, quick to prone and wander to our own thoughts and limited understanding, sin is crouching at the door. That’s our condition. BUT GOD, a born-again state must be introduced (His wisdom), by HIS SON (His sacrifice), a swapped status (His wisdom). He has always been there, seeking us out giving us clothes, a garment of righteousness and not just fig leaves anymore. Not to forget, God announced consequences/ curses to Adam and Eve which the second Adam will take. He is just, as He is merciful. May this draw us closer to Him, and respect the boundaries He lays out for us, even when we fail, may we still cry out to Him who is willing to forgive, and help us back up.
    @SEARCHING: the “pair” on the ground, that was so clever :))
    @TINA, @SUSAN BONNER: hugs and prayers for strength and comfort, and for other she’s that experienced grief and sadness. May the Lord pour out His joy, His strength to shift our emotions.
    Be blessed dear sisters.

  42. Jaime Angel says:

    Such a heavy start to creation that was all so good at first.. then in the temptation and first sin, we see the cycle that plays out in our everyday lives and with every choice we make apart from God’s good plan. My little chronological Bible headings show that sin produces shame (Gen 3:6-7), sin produces fear (Gen 3:8-10), and then that sin produces blame (Gen 3:11-13). I see this in my kiddos all the time as they choose their own way by taking something that isn’t theirs or hurting others to get their own way. I see their efforts to hide the wrongdoing (broken toys or candy wrappers shoved into the closet) and the attempts at justifying their actions (“he made me do it!” or “they started it!”). It all feels like a daily cycle we work thru with them… but then as I reread these passages, I saw myself reflected so much. How God daily sees me justifying or attempting to hide my bad choices and attitudes, how often I opt for my own comfort and progress instead of thinking and living more for the others He has placed around me. I want to be in His original intention for my life, bare and open and innocent before Him, trusting and following His guidance in constant communion with Him. Yes, we have consequences and separation and power struggles as a result of the fall, BUT GOD has made a way for us to live in his fullness and grace this side of the cross! So thankful that even in Genesis, God had planned making all things new thru Christ our redeemer (Gen 3:15).

    1. Chloe Castillo says:

      Putting this as a mom’s perspective is a game changer! This really made me stop and self reflect and think about how my choices make God feel.

  43. Sophie Kelly-Ng says:

    Always just read this passage with so much guilt. I too sin daily, I may not have eaten the fruit. But I am always stumbling and not putting God first in all I do. How gracious and kind is our father in sending his Son. So we no longer have our deserved punishment of death. Rather our names have been written in the book of life. Thank you Jesus!

  44. Emily Walton says:

    He is the awesome Creator of all! Such detail and precision.

  45. Shelby Shivener says:


  46. Lara M. says:

    @Elizabeth Burch – Hi! Just a little something to point out. I don’t think Eve’s actions resulted in her husband ruling over her. I think that was always God’s design as Paul referred back to creation order when he addressed manhood/womanhood/marriage in the New Testament. I think what WAS a result of her actions was the frustratingness of that ruling and order. It was never meant to be frustrating, but in judgment, now woman’s sexual attraction for man and his headship over her in marriage (and oftentimes life) would become intimate aspects of her life in which she would experience trouble and anguish rather than joy and blessing. I think the creation order in Genesis that is referred to in the New Testament was originally designed by our good Creator-King to produce joy and blessing but was ruined by sin. Now, on this side of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, “living between two Advents”, we begin to see glimpses of what that can look like when men and women, husbands and wives are living in harmony together, submitting to Christ and loving one another.

    1. Lindzee Creech says:


    2. Erin King says:

      This is so good!!!

  47. Mary Hannah Popek says:

    This passage reminds me of the importance and significance of partnership in marriage and the roles of man and woman

  48. Mallory M says:

    It’s refreshing to know that God didn’t make the Earth with intentions of pain and suffering, instead it is a consequence of poor actions. I’ve always struggled with how a good God could let his people suffer, but reading those passages reminds me that suffering was never God’s original plan.

    1. Tianna Ramos says:

      Great reminder! Good point.

  49. teri barnhill says:


  50. Vera Herrera says:

    Adam was with Eve when she “was deceived”, when she made the choice to taste the fruit (just a little taste won’t hurt, right?). We have to be careful who we are walking with, because we too will be tempted to partake in whatever those we surround ourselves with are doing. Choices can be life altering, and effect not only ourself, but many other people as well.

  51. Elizabeth Burch says:

    It frustrates me that the actions of Eve resulted in her husband ruling over her. It also gives me comfort because it means that God did not intend this in his original creation.

  52. Lisa W says:


  53. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  54. Ana G. says:

    Precision. Order. Serenity. Joy. All he had in mind was us. God made sure that man will wake to a world that is impeccable. How can we disregard this thought?

    1. Erin King says:

      Love this thought. Wow!!

  55. Kimberly Felton says:

    God is good, his plans are good, his creation is good… our choices are often not good, yet God created us anyway. So grateful for Jesus and salvation to redeem us in our brokenness ❤️

  56. Carson Gilliam says:

    I can’t help but imagine what life would be like without sin, if that apple wouldn’t have been eaten. But I guess that’s the hope I have for Heaven. Pain in child birth and the cursed ground punishments are still so very real today.

  57. Stephanie Wilsey says:

    The first chapters of Genesis are so helpful

  58. Dericka Williams says:

    Life is not meant to be like this but every action has consequences

  59. Adrianne says:

    Us humans broke the rules. A lesson that is brought to light for me is that there are small, lifelong or even generational consequences that we must face. But our Lord and Savior does not leave us even when we must face the consequences. We are still offered a way back to salvation. Our Lord is truly good to us.

  60. Wanda Woehlert says:

    We live in a broken world and that is not what God wanted for us. So God sent his Son, Jesus, to die in our place and on the third day he rose from the grave and is seated on the right side of God to judge the living and the dead.

  61. Ally Isaacson says:

    God never wanted us to have to endure the pain outside of the garden of Eden. And yet we sinned. And still, God loves us, protects us, gives us salvation, and accepts us into eternity with Him if we choose to accept Him.

  62. Monica Sheppard says:

    Shows how our choices have consequences that directly affect our lives.

  63. Roxane Richardson says:

    I have always enjoyed reading Genesis chapter 1 and how God created everything. But it takes a turn in chapters 2 and 3 when disobedience entered as a result of sin. Sin that has forever plagued our world and lives forever. I see it in the life of my son and family members. So, I pray that God delivers them.

  64. Bee Miller says:

    Definitely convicted me

  65. Cassidy Emerson says:

    Lord, thank you for your blessings for your children. Despite our sin and disobedience, you still gave us life and salvation. True Agape love. May we be reminded of the scripture of Genesis for new beginnings in 2024 ♥️

  66. Ada McCloud says:

    Christians not loving but spreading hate

  67. Adrienne says:

    Mari… the FAFSA is stupid! Don’t blame you for losing it! ❤️

  68. Sarah says:

    I’ve read these passages dozens of times but what struck me this time was how God met Adam and Eve in the midst of the consequences of their sins, and still grace and compassion. He provided them with clothes even though it was entirely their fault that they now had need of them. It reminds me how God meets us exactly where we are with deep compassion, including in the midst of our sin or pain. I’m coming out of an incredibly difficult year of trying to survive a high-risk pregnancy. I’m okay and so is my now 7 week old daughter, but now we are in the thick of the exhaustion and isolation of the newborn stage, and my body and spirit are still weak from being so sick for so long. I’m wondering how God will meet me in the this weird, wonderful, difficult, uncertain, lovely time. I need Him so badly.

    1. Kimberly Z says:

      @Sarah – praying for you during this wonderful but also very difficult time in your life!

    2. Brielle Hebert says:

      Praying for you, Sarah!

  69. Melissa says:

    I see God’s goodness and grace in these passages. Despite Adam and Eve’s disobedience, He still sewed fig leaves for them to wear! From the start, God has a plan to save mankind. It makes me more grateful for the salvation we have through the blood of Christ. The world is frustrating, yes. But no one is beyond saving. Thank you, Jesus.

  70. Jacquelynn DeSimone says:

    God’s ways are better than ours. In the midst of His own pain and disappointment, He took care of His children. Agree we try and hide when we sin, but God is there, just waiting patiently for us to come back and repent.

  71. Jessie Fisher says:

    He is the Alpha and the Omega—beginning and end. His first creation was light, which was the first thing He declared good. He separated it from darkness.

    Jesus declared Himself Light of the World, and promises that anyone who follows Him will never walk in darkness. They will have the Light of Life.

    Fast Forward to the Kingdom of God, there is no more darkness. No night. God and Jesus will be our light forever and ever.

    Now, mornings remind us of His unfailing love and new mercies.
    When God’s kingdom comes – He’ll wipe away

  72. Kaleigh Gravatt says:

    I feel like after reading this passage this is for myself, including that God wants to protect us. Also, we may want something so bad in life, but it’s not as good as what God has planned for us, and instead of listening, we try to do it ourselves.

  73. Aja Palmer says:

    In life, God may have to tear down or separate us from people, places, things, due to our disobedience. It can feel like a loss and uncomfortable, and it may even bring about anger and sadness. However, when you fully accept that His mercy intervened for us, instead of allowing that very thing to destroy us, I can’t help but to rejoice! His compassion for us which never fails wouldn’t allow it to be so. Instead, He graciously directs us on a new course, that will likely require work and discomfort, but ultimately will work for our good!

  74. Emily Davis says:

    I find this passage to be very reminiscent of my own life unfortunately. There are many times that I hide from God because I know I have fallen short and indulged in the world instead of in His steadfast love. This reminds me to pay attention and reflect more on my actions, so that I’m seeking more of Him and less of myself and the world.

  75. Sarah DeBock says:

    It’s so sad and frustrating to see the people of this world “feast” on the tree of life. 

  76. Susan Bonner says:

    Tina, praying for you. Your hurt and sadness are what I have felt like a heavy blanket weighing me down with the holidays and especially the new year. The thought of starting another year without my son. The sadness hits without warning and threatens to overwhelm. BUT GOD!! Your prayer was perfect and I prayed it along with you.God will carry us through!

  77. Alayna P. says:

    Genesis 1 describes the creation of the world as good, while Genesis 2:1-17 provides more details on the creation of humanity and the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 3, the Fall occurs, leading to a broken relationship between humans and God. This narrative can be seen as reflecting the brokenness and frustration in our world today, as it introduces sin and its consequences. It offers a perspective on the origins of human struggles, prompting reflection on our actions and their impact on the world.

    1. Roxane Richardson says:

      Well said

  78. maddie moore says:

    It has always been one of my biggest struggles to reconcile a good God with the pain of this world. It’s something I still don’t understand and probably never will but I can trust that God wants and desires only good for us but because of our sin nature it isn’t possible on this side of heaven. He is there to clothe us when we mess up. He is our protector and seeker when we hide from Him amidst our sin

    1. Victoria E says:

      Amen maddie moore! This has been one of my struggles as well

  79. Taylor says:

    I’ve read this passage multiple times throughout my years, but for some reason this is the first time that it hit me that God cursed the serpent to move on his belly forever. Does that mean the serpent had legs before Eve ate from the tree / when he tempted her?? I’m so curious now.

  80. Kylie Belshe says:

    I see the results of the fall in my children everyday and feel how frustrating that is for me. And then as I’m sitting here I think of how frustrated God could be me with me when I stray and sin but He is so kind and faithful despite my sin.

  81. Kimberly Z says:

    @Tina and others going through struggles you’re so loved by so many in this community. Praying you feel lifted by the prayers.

  82. Abigail Garber says:

    I think what’s most frustrating to me is the fact that Satan worked to thwart God’s plan in the garden, and he’s still trying to today, but we know in the end that he does not succeed

  83. Jennifer Anapol says:

    How it* must have

  84. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I have read these passages so many times, but today what really stood out to me was how excited God must have been after he made each aspect of our world. He saw that everything was good. How I must have broken his heart when the world became broken.

  85. Stephanie Berling says:

    Adam and Eve had the very presence of God with them and they hid from Him. This is what is broken and frustrating in the world to me. I have the very presence of God living inside of me. I have the very word of God in multiple forms around my house and how often do I hide from Him, ignore Him, or tell Him that I have it under control. I wish that I would choose God always but until I’m fully restored I will hope to choose God first and seek forgiveness when I don’t.

  86. Titilope Peter-Felix says:

    Prayed for you,Tina

  87. Jessica Hertzog says:

    I was struck by a tiny detail in verse 21… after their sin, “The Lord God made clothing from skins for the man and his wife, and he clothed them.” He is a loving father. In the heartache of discipline and sending his creation from the garden, he clothed Adam and Eve.

    1. Jessie Fehland says:

      That was the first sacrifice for sins.

  88. Wendy Ayers says:

    I see all the damage of the fall around us in this world and in these times. Also how God was so gracious to make sure we couldn’t get a hold of the tree of life after sin entered the world – Again, the fullness of His plan and salvation for humanity is such a mystery, yet very simple. I’m learning to read scripture more slowly and my desire is to hear what the Lord is saying and doing now, in this world and in my life. Quieting the world’s voice over the Lord Gods voice. May we remember His salvation and His perfect ways –

  89. Terri Baldwin says:

    Stewardship is recognizing God as sole creator & owner of all that we are and have & accepting the fact that we are merely the stewards or managers of God’s gifts & blessings. Our job is to manage & use wisely & responsibly all that God has placed in our care.
    Look after the world of God and best interest of the planet and all life on it.

  90. Tricia C says:

    I really enjoyed reading that when God created things he saw that they were good. It reminds me that we also can say that things we have done are good as long as we acknowledge who gave us the will and the strength to do those things.
    I also appreciate that we have free will, and can choose to follow the Lord. I am glad that we are not robots. Do I like the decisions that Adam and Eve made? Absolutely not. But the fact that we have free will is amazing. The fact that God would give us free will is incredible. Do we always make the right decisions? Nope. but being able to choose Jesus and not have it forced at us is marvelous.  
    Does that make sense?
    Praying for your requests sweet Sisters.

  91. Tricia C says:

    TINA, we love you and are keeping you in prayer. I pray that your struggle would somehow bring revelation that you cannot imagine. In Jesus Name.

  92. Donna Wolcott says:

    Dear Tina, praying you will feel His peace. You are in Hands and wrapped in His love. We all love you. Gayle congratulations on your new grandson!❤️

  93. Cait Westinghouse says:

    Tina, praise Him anyway. I can’t even begin to imagine your pain but I will be praying comfort and healing over you.
    This showed me that Satan has always been at work since the beginning. Trying to portray defiling God as something that will benefit us. Then after we do we are in shame and scared to face him. When God asked Adam how he knew he was naked , God already knew the answer to it. But even then our flesh couldn’t take accountability and just like Adam blamed Eve, she blamed the serpent. Just like them we have free will , we have to decide everyday to not give into the enemies tactics. Fear, doubts, we have to trust our Father.

  94. Jennifer zoulek says:

    Even though the world is broken and we are sinners, we can choose to change our ways and follow Gods word. We are forgiven because of Him.

  95. Mari V says:

    SWEET Tina…oh our SWEET TINA…I had to go back to read your comment. OUR hearts from your SRT sisters here are WITH YOU and lifting you UP in prayer. I know Jesus is hearing us because that is His promise where ever two or more are gathered in His name. And here we are many, many of us lifting YOU up our dear sweet Tina. Love you sweet lady and I can’t wait to some day meet you! That is the hope that we all have here. Let us, your sisters here help you lift up your arms to Jesus.

  96. Jennifer Jasper says:

    Genesis 1 and 2 records the loving care that God took in His creation. Everything was made just so perfectly and in its time. I need to remember that He lovingly took time for me, as well as other people. Judging and comparing is big in the social media culture. Learning to see others as God sees them is so important.

  97. Mari V says:

    We (I) are all flawed. All of us. There is not and nor will there every be a perfect human being, although some might think they are. Sigh…. BUT God…. One day (perhaps today), we will meet our CREATOR GOD, face-to-face. Meanwhile lets hold onto the hope given to us, that hope and assurance in Jesus. We are forgiven!!! BUT of course it doesn’t mean we keep on sinning, we strive to do better, picking ourselves up trying again. YESTERDAY, I was reminded how flawed I am and unfortunately even got frustrated with myself and FASFA! I was trying to help my daughter (she wasn’t home) fill this out and had heard they had made it easier, but it wasn’t! I lost it! Yep, I did! Come to find out, I wasn’t the only one having a hard time with this. I guess there was ALOT of us on FASFA making it challenging to complete it. I called my sweet friend whose daughter is also friends with my daughter and first of all she remind me I can do hard things, I can do it because Jesus gives me the strength to do it! I took a DEEP breathe and thanked her for reminding me. AND I was reminded that this will be taken care of just not today, and I’m OK with that. Yep, I’m flawed, but I have Jesus giving me strength to keep moving forward even when its hard.

  98. Grace Haynes says:

    In todays world I see lots of people sinning and judging one another. Harshly too. Everyone sins and just as Adam and Eve did, God still showed them grace and love even though they disobeyed Him. I think it’s important that we should look in God’s ways and be more like Him when we see others sinning. Instead of condemning and judging them we should offer grace and love just as God did for Adam and Eve

  99. Teresa Donley says:

    TINA – I am praying that God will restore His joy and peace to your heart. In Psalms 51:12, David asks God, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation …” I pray today that you find joy in the knowledge that Gods salvation is with you, and renewing your spirit.

  100. Elvira Parshall says:

    Todays message brought back the Mary and Eve image that our pastor shared during advent:
    This image reminds me that our sins are forgiven even though our human nature is to feel bound to those sins. Just look at Mary’s face in this image and how she is crushing that serpent. The fruit that Mary holds in this image crushes the fruit that Eve is holding! God is so good ❤️

  101. Traci Gendron says:

    My nephew and I were just talking about this on Sunday. We both said we wish we would have obeyed God when we were younger. How we didn’t think those kids were the cool ones. We clearly wanted to be seen by the world and accepted by what we thought were the popular crowd. What a mistake. BUT God…He never left our sides. As I’ve said before, God help me to keep my eyes up on You.

  102. Traci Gendron says:

    TINA – Oh dear Tina. I understand the sadness. It is harder during the holidays. We feel our children’s absence a bit more than on other days. I pray that this sadness will be lifted from you. It is a hard place to be in. Rest in your Father’s arms as he comforts you. Love from across the pond…

  103. Rachel Hudson says:

    I’ve grown up in church and a Christian school even but at age 30, I’ve never seen such loving tender affection from God as I did in reading the creation story this morning. Just the intimate detail of Him breathing life into Adam…I always thought as God creating the world and placing Adam in it. I was missing how cherished Adam was to God. So cherished God created a garden in the world for Adam. He let Adam name his creation and still realized Adam needed a companion so he lovingly created a perfect being for Adam who was made from a piece of Adam. He knew that Eve would partake in the downfall of man but he cared for Adam. He didn’t kick them out of the garden because it was too beautiful and rich for them once they sinner. God said the ground was cursed. He didn’t leave out the garden. The reason he kicked them out was to protect them from
    making an even worse decision and eating from the tree of life. He didn’t want them to be damned eternally. Immediately this loving father who desired a relationship with his child, had to turn his back on the ones he loved but started to unfold his redemption story. He wants us…we are nothing. We can’t even obey a loving God who spoiled us with blessings and yet he still wants us. He wants to take away our hurt and our tears. He wants to make all things new.

    1. Kelly Versluys says:

      Thank you! Beautiful said.

    2. Tricia C says:

      Yes RACHEL! I love this!

  104. Allison Bentley says:

    Thank you God for your word and the freedom to openly write the word on my heart!!! Keep me anchored to you! Amen

  105. Michelle Patire says:

    @Tina & @JHM ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you and hold you near in your remembrances of loved ones no longer on Earth.

    Searching ❤️✝️

  106. Amy Yow says:

    What beautiful hope is in God’s Word. Taken all together as one story & directing our desires toward Himself, our God is worthy of all praise.

  107. Terri Baldwin says:

    kingdom steward is a believer who faithfully oversees the protection and expansion of the assets God has entrusted to him or her to manage. Everything we have—our time, our abilities, our resources, our money—should fall underneath God’s overarching rule.

  108. K Noelle Gardner says:


  109. K Noelle Gardner says:

    This reading changed my perspective a lot. I now feel that God was trying his best to shield us from the evils of the world that he knew were out there. Obviously God is all knowing, so he knew what was going to happen, but he wanted so badly for us to listen to him the FIRST time.

  110. Jennifer Sanders says:

    As I read about the serpent deceiving Eve, I began to think about social media. So much of my feed is filled with “friends” who are showing me things that are “delightful to look at” and “desirable for obtaining wisdom.” God has already provided everything I need and more.

  111. Laurel Wild says:

    Yes, we live in a broken, messy world. But, God (as Tina would say). We are called to love others (Proverbs 17:17), to serve others (Gal 6:9), to put others first (Phil 2: 3-4), and, above all else, trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-7). Let us serve those around us with love, faithfully, daily. In those moments, we are creating a less broken, messy world.

  112. Adrienne says:

    SEARCHING… thanks for the chuckle. ❤️ I, for one, had never heard that before!

  113. Adrienne says:

    Mixed emotions from today’s reading. He made it beautiful for us. We messed it up and allowed the devil to get a foothold, and then Adam and Eve passed the buck. (As do we!) But He knew it would happen and knew that He would give us Jesus. So glad He always has our paths figured out for us. (If left to our own devices…)

    Oh, my dear, sweet TINA. Prayers lifted up for you.

    Congrats Grandma/Nana/Mimi/? GAYLE CRAIK. Continued prayers for Nixon and your new grandson!

    KELLY (NEO)… my notebook is too small… gonna look for another one. (And with so many sisters posting right now, it’s even harder…. But keep sharing your needs and praises, sweet She’s❣️)

  114. Cheryl Blow says:

    Praying for you Tina!
    This reading is just a reminder of how from Adam , we have needed a redeemer! Jesus came and He did what no one else could do! I don’t understand how it all works but I’m glad it does because now I may have a relationship with God. I can come to God when I’m feeling depressed or stressed or His Wording is just not speaking to me. I can tell Him I don’t know what’s wrong but I need Him! He hears and He does answer! What a loving God and O What a Savior!

  115. Searching says:

    I’ve probably read or heard these chapters of the Bible more than another, yet there’s always something new, a reminder of what I’ve forgotten or an emphasis on something I need. Today, I am again reminded (as others have mentioned) that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have always existed, always been. Letting it all sink in once again – the power, might, knowledge, creativity, wisdom, love and forgiveness of the LORD God. Also letting sink in – that LIE, the disobedience, the refusal to accept the responsibility of their disobedience. Many times we are no different in twisting lies to be our version of truth, sugarcoating disobedience. So thankful for the forgiveness Christ offers, and that I accepted. And to hear the sound (or voice) of the LORD God walking to see Adam and Eve … unimaginable.
    A bit of humor most of you have probably heard before – the problem wasn’t the apple on the tree, it was the “pair” on the ground.

    TINA ❤️ you are so loved, dear sister!! Praying God lifts your spirits and clears away the sadness. It reminds me of those days when I can feel overwhelmed by the past, and can’t see beyond that to God’s love for me. Praying you feel His love and comfort today. If I wasn’t on another continent, I would be trying to find my way to you for a sit down over cup of coffee or spot of tea ❤️

    ELEANOR HOWE – your comment brings to mind that only God knows our hearts and minds, and like you, I have to turn it over to Jesus.
    TERESA DONLEY – same problem with app screen jumping :/
    GAYLE CRAIK – congrats
    MERCY – Amen
    AMANDA LEGARE – so glad you’re here!
    GWINETH52 – good to see you
    CEE GEE ❤️
    CLAIR B, BLAIR CAMPBELL, LAUREN JOHNSON, NIKKI BATTERY and others – I used to feel the same way about these types of studies “where’s the devo?” But changing the format from time to time has allowed and encouraged me to grow in my ability and willingness to study and research the scriptures – to see for myself – and I can now appreciate the change. I do like the devos but don’t always connect with them. ❤️

  116. Cee Gee says:

    TINA – agreeing in prayer with you and for you, dear sister! ❤

    KELLY NEO – Yes! Nothing evil will be allowed in eternity with God.

    We, too, are currently studying Genesis at church and have had so much good discussion! Just a little personal note: as I read the creation account, in my head I hear it as it would be read slowly and with a deep voice as a voiceover of a video of what is happening. Kind if weird, but it helps me slow down and visualize the account and really appreciate it for the miracle it is.

    GAIL CRAIK – YAY!!! Congratulations and praise God for a healthy baby and delivery!

  117. Aleida says:

    Today’s reading of creation and sin entering the world through Adam and Eve made me think of God our Father as He had to use discipline for the first time as He punished His children for their disobedience; yet He was still so gracious and loving by still providing them with necessary resources to not only survive but to thrive. That is my continued prayer for our son, Victor. That the Lord would open his eyes to his own pride and selfishness and bring him to total surrender to Him. Knowing fully that he can not continue in this lifestyle and worldview of doing it all in his own strength. That the Lord will continue to provide for him everyday resources and the right treatment for his mental illness and addiction, a great job and a safe place to live. Not only for merely survival which is what’s been happening in his life, but to truly thrive. Oh how I pray that this year would be the year of a completely break-through for him!!❤️❤️

    1. Mari V says:

      Dear Aleida, My brother and SNL are facing the same challenge. But God… I’ve seen the strength of my brother in Christ Jesus and his trust and at the same time setting those boundaries as a parent. I am joining you in prayer for that breakthrough for your son Victor..

  118. Karen Y says:

    TINA, Thank you for teaching us so many things, including how to express when we are feeling low and need a restored spirit. When I feel this way, I hold on to Micah 7:8. “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will stand up, though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” Interceding for you, dear sister.

  119. ECS says:

    @ Tina, Psalm 3:3 has always been my favorite. “But you. O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head”. Praying that you will feel your Heavenly Father lovingly bending down to lift the head of one of His precious daughters who is hurting.

    You have been such an encouragement and mentor for us through our devos so know that not only are all your SRT sisters lifting you up in prayer but more importantly also is His Spirit –

    Romans 8:26-27
    26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

  120. Jennifer Taylor says:


  121. Jackie Carroll says:

    God created everything and saw that it was good. He declared it and so it was. He is the creator of all of us and has given us orders to follow his light and his path.

  122. Sara Borisov says:

    Praying for the day of restoration when God’s plan will be fulfilled and what he intended for Adam and Eve, and for us, will be set right. In the meantime, I pray that God would continue to use me in His plan, to recognize and celebrate my purpose on Earth to help fulfill a minuscule part of that plan.

  123. Humaira Dale says:

    She Reads Truth app
    “Everything New”
    Day 3

    January 3
    Genesis 1:

    So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.
    28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

    I declare TRUTH:
    I am made in HIS image.
    I am blessed
    I am created for HIS will
    Lord, bless my children and make them arrows for your kingdom.
    I manage everything you have given me on this earth to honor YOU.

  124. Alicia Rush says:

    I see the Goodness of God!
    He formed the heavens and earth!
    Brought forth seed bearing plants, trees from the ground for our food!
    Created man, to work the garden God had planted.
    Created women a suitable helper.
    Even when they disobeyed God, he gave them clothes to wear.

  125. Sharon Jones says:

    The lie of Satan about sin remains the same – “Did God actually say you shall not…?” This question echos through the ages as the way humanity justifies their sin. The hope is in yesterday’s passage – the tree of life was removed for our protection but in eternity it returns. ”through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.“
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭22‬:‭2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  126. Tan Wallace says:

    God has a plan for us all and we should receive it with an open heart and mind. Avoid any outside noise that may distract us from our purpose.

  127. Monie Mag says:

    The great lie “No, surely you won’t die” Father forgive us that we still listen to this lie. Thank you Jesus for your victory over sin and death and that this lie no longer has to rule us. Let us no longer be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind. With hearts and minds focused on Jesus we can have victory and walk in the Kingdom of God, not under the curse. Thank you Jesus!

  128. Alicia says:

    Todays passage showed me Gods unfailing love. Even when man sinned against God, He immediately clothed him in his nakedness and shame. He also put an action plan in place to redeem us. I’m thankful for Gods mercy and unfailing love.

    Todays passage also reminded me of the two words that are carrying me into 2024 – ‘Listen and Obey’. Oftentimes we make life more complex than what it really is. Sometimes the choices between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and ‘life’ and ‘death’ is really obvious. Instead of trying to “figure it out” ourselves, all we need to do is ‘listen’ to Gods word and his voice and ‘obey’ him. It’s simpler than we often make it out to be.

  129. Gloria Dalebout says:

    Reading this today I see how sin has infected everything. So grateful for the gift of Jesus and the hope we have that all will be made right again through Him. Lord help me to choose your way in my life and remember your way is best.

  130. Annie Hewitt says:

    I am walking through a “made new” season so reading this is incredible. The short, my body failed my son and I when he was born (AFE) BUT in God’s great mercy, he redeemed the situation and I’m now about to walk through weaning after my body doing what it should for 19 months. I went literally from death to not only living but nourishing another.

    Needless to say this being out first study. Heck yes.

    Because in the fall and all the broken there is this promise that he makes it new, not just restores but NEW. The old failure is gone and our bodies do as intended. That’s so good. And such a good reminder that we’re made to thrive rather than just get through it.

    Thrive ladies. There’s this whole promise ahead of us where all this junk is corrected

    1. Teresa Donley says:

      ANNIE HEWITT – I am praising God along with you for your survival through AFE as well as that of your baby. God is good!

  131. Jessicalee Timperio says:

    There is always a lot to digest when reading these passages. My husband and I were amazed when we read it together, because there is just so much. Not only is this about the creation, it shows the deity of God, man sinning and gaining death, and the consequences of their actions, and why we need our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone hates snakes and are just scared of them, women expirence labor pains, and men have to constantly work, all these things are true today. When you take the time to digest that, it truly is amazing how these things show up still to this day. And about the creation, evolutionists say all the things were created in the same exact order the Bible states, they just take God out of it. They say there was nothing, and then nothing created something. Then there was water and water creatures.. hmm.. God always fulfills His promises and commands. It amazes me to think about His power, His mercy, His majesty, His holiness, His perfection, His everlasting love. Praise God for all He has done, is doing, and will do!! Amen!

    1. Jessicalee Timperio says:

      And to add on to what I said earlier, you also have to acknowledge that God loves us so much, that He also gave us free will. And death may seem harsh, but what’s worse is an eternity without Him. That’s literal hell. This just shows God’s love and mercy since the beginning

    2. Teresa Donley says:

      JESSICA TIMPERIO – I was also struck by the fact that teachers of evolution have the same order of creation as is presented in genesis. I have always believed that science and creation can coexist if only scientist would look at how God spoke the world into existence.

  132. KC Derond says:

    This world is so broken, it’s very evident from chapter 3 all the way to today, and will keep on being broken until Jesus’ return. I find myself not wanting this new heaven and new earth yet, there is so much I want to experience down here. Yet I need to turn my focus from earthy life upward and have eyes for eternity. (It’s not an easy thing to do.) I read the creation account and it sounds so beautiful, so perfect, so whole. And to think one day it will be like that again and WE get to experience it forever?! Simply amazing and so, so loving.

  133. Ann Smith says:

    That’s great insight Megan!

  134. Megan Hadley says:

    Things that strike me from todays reading: what can happen when we listen to someone other than God about who we are or who we should be- who am I listening to?

    Things that were not part of the way God set up life to be before the fall:

    Men ruling over women

    And then God will make it all new again one day.

    1. Annie Hewitt says:

      This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Going to be intentional about who I’m listening to.

  135. Karen Elizabeth says:

    SUSAN MITCHELL and VICTORIA FOWLKES- thank you for these insights. I’ve never thought of the animal skins as the first sacrifice and living forever in our sin and shames is horrible of think of. But God is good. Even immediately after human sin entered the world and betrayed the loving relationship with our Creator God, he put into action a plan to save all humanity and restore our relationship with him.

  136. Lindsey Douglass says:

    When I read this, I can’t help but think of how God was trying to shield us from evil. Much like we do for our own children today. Evil exists and is a constant temptation to pull us away from God. We need to trust in God with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

  137. Lauren Johnson says:

    @shereadstruth will you be posting anything that dives deeper into the reading like you normally do for the studies?

    1. Caroline Bridges says:

      I don’t think it’s going to happen for this one, but you can listen to this week’s podcast episode

  138. Corrin Clayton says:

    We are so easily deceived by evil and it comes in the most unsuspecting of places at times. I thank God for forgiveness, for the ability to read His word and draw close to Him. Sin is death – Jesus is our redemption ❤️

  139. Victoria Fowlkes says:

    I’m looking forward to the world returning to its purity before sin. The first sacrifice is seen here when God makes animal skins for Adam and Eve to wear. God sacrificed the animal to spare Adam and Eve that day but from that point on we all have to return to dust. I thank God that he will raise us up again and give us eternal bodies

    1. Marina Sayadian says:

      Amen Victoria! I was going to share the same thing because it’s such a great reminder of God’s love. In my Bible study guide, it adds, “it’s a shadow of the reality that God would someday kill a substitute to redeem sinners”.

  140. Karen Breaux says:

  141. Susan Mitchell says:

    And God’s first act of mercy for us when he sends us into exile. Could you imagine living – forever- in this broken state? Thank you my God for your love and mercy.

    1. Terri Bottiglio says:

      What a loving Father we have, caring for us & our needs after we reject him ❤️

  142. Jennifer Fritz says:

    Tina, lifting you up to God. May he restore peace and joy in your heart. May He guide you in thought and prayer for understanding. Please know dear sister that you are loved and so very appreciated in this world. ❤️❤️

  143. WENDY WILLIAMS says:

    God serves to teach us lessons, he is very complex. He has given many gifts, but we should be aware that one gift is to recognize sin and to walk away from it. It is very easy to do without thinking of the legacy that it is leaving behind.

  144. Grace Earnheart says:

    Here we see the Holy Spirit introduced right at the beginning with God and later, God says “us” when talking about making man in His image. I believe he was talking about Christ! All 3 were there from the very beginning. They all had a part in creation and they are all still here with us. The world keeps becoming more broken and it will continue to do so until Jesus comes back. Working to make it more about God and less about myself!

  145. Deanna Rasch says:

    Oh, pride, the source of all sin. I know it, and yet still struggle with it daily. Will I ever learn? Would I have chosen the same as Eve? Praying for humility daily and His perfect guidance for my life.

  146. Pamela Aileen says:

    I am wondering if this is our first “introduction” to the Holy Spirit as it says the spirit of God hovered over the waters. I am not a deep reading person so often devotion like this is difficult for me but I am searching in all I read for what is meant for me. I pray he opens my eyes and remain alert to see!!

    1. Maria Baer says:

      Pamela, this part of Genesis has always been interesting to me. A wonderful commentary on this, if you are interested, is in Ministry Magazine, titled The Hovering of the Spirit of God. The link is Eryninsightful.

  147. Danielle B says:

    Tina I like others who commented here am praying with and for you. May today even in this moment may you experience something that you understand is completely God ministering to you. Your heart for Him even in your comment today is clear. I pray you sense His presence in an unexpected hug.

    I pray for myself and so many others who have believed the lie, the half-truths. I pray our eyes would be open to it & we would turn away from it & turn towards God. Lord our world is broken & only you can redeem it.

  148. Keely Wood says:

    Everything God made he saw and it was good. But when God created man and woman in his own image it was VERY good. I struggle with feeling like I never measure up and am always lacking in some way just a little bit. Today reminded me that I am VERY good in God’s eyes just because I am made in his image.

  149. Tenyia Hunsaker says:

    Our world is broken without Him.

  150. K C says:

    God has been drawing me to this very topic and has had me mulling over it for the past serval months. I am an Enneagram 1 so I have a deep desire to see things restored and as they should be. This text taken in combination with what we read yesterday, helps inspire me to keep moving forward. All of the things that our hearts grieve over in this world, grieve God’a heart too. Sickness, death, evil, malice, hate, etc. It changed my perspective on God and was used as a way God drew me back to him. He helped me realize that the world as it is now, is not how he intended it to be and one day all things will be made new and right. I strive to remind myself of that daily and the let the joy of this wash over me and flow out in grace as I interact in this fallen world.

    1. Erin L. says:


  151. E says:

    We have been studying Genesis in church and the point was made that God doesn’t need to ask us questions because he knows. His questions are prompting us to reflect and look at ourselves. I pray that we all make time to sit and listen when he asks us questions.

  152. Krystal Lorenzo says:

    Reading this familiar passage with these words about the birth of humanity makes me sad. I too am curious and want to understand more of God. To know the “why” of so many things in this life. Understanding helps me to make peace, even when circumstances are hard.

    I want to know more but instead I need to learn the discipline of rest and trusting God to guide, protect and provide for me. My pride wants to take charge.

  153. Kathy says:

    Praying for you, Tina!!!
    Loves and hugs to you from across the pond.

  154. Kathy says:

    My first thought in reading Gen. 1-3 was that this was not the most uplifting passage to read. Adam and Eve lived in perfection. They walked with God in the garden. They had everything that they needed and they gave it all up for a lie. The serpent told them that if they ate their eyes would be opened and they would be like God. But their eyes were already opened. Their sight was perfect. Their eyes fell on nothing but the glory of God. They saw Him as He truly is: good.
    I do this, too. I choose to close my eyes to what God is doing around me and through me. This is a sad passage but there is also hope in it. God came looking for them even knowing what they had done. He could have just struck them dead right then. He laid out the consequences of what they had done, but then He gave them the promise of rescue (Gen. 3:15). They should have died for eating the apple, but instead God clothed them. And then He sent them out of the garden, which seems harsh, but was a blessing (Gen. 3: 22-23).
    The world is so broken, but we have the privilege of walking with God daily. I pray that today He will open my eyes to His presence in my life and the hope that brings.
    Have a blessed day, sisters. Lift up a prayer for all the teachers going back to school this week. My students come back tomorrow!!!

  155. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Contrasting what we read yesterday with today, I would say that eternitybwill be better than the garden. In the garden, evil lurked and had a chance to enter into it. In eternity, that could never happen.

    TINA ❤️

    CATHY RYLANDS – prayers for the Holy Spirit to comfort you in your grief

    GAYLE CRAIK – woohoo!

    JUDITH E KELLEY – believing Jesus will make you whole again.

    JERICA SPRAGUE – God loves questions! He just asks that you trust Him to give you the answers in His time

  156. JMH says:

    Hello Tina. I have followed here many years- especially looking forward to your wisdom. I am so very sorry to hear of your aloneness and sadness at this time. Lifting you high to our Lord and Savior, sister. May He lift your spirit and heart and bring a joy beyond comprehension.
    As a mother who lost a 20 year old (and two husbands to cancer at youngish ages) I understand the darkness that unexplainably and unwelcomingly settles in some days.
    Sending YOU love and hugs from across the pond!

  157. Katie D says:

    Prayers for you Tina

  158. Jessica Thomas says:

    God can only guide us, be close to us when we fall and let us know it will all be all right. It was our own free will that brought sin into the world. We actively chose to make mistakes and learn the hard way yet he is still there loving us everyday. He even chose to give his only son so WE could have eternal life. Isn’t that amazing!

    1. Mary Ann Graves says:


  159. Tina says:

    I have felt sad inside these last few days..talking of Eternity yesterday, had me teary, as I remembered the words of Revelation 21, read at my daughters funeral. Day 1, ‘how does the hope of Eternity shape your everyday life question, left a lump in my throat.

    Today, I feel no better..

    BUT GOD..

    I am not sure reading 3 chapters of Genesis has changed how I feel right now, but I do know, I hold fast to Him at this time, prayerful He will hold me close and restore to me the joy and the hope I have in Him.
    I am glad I am a child of God, made in His image, and that He thought, when I appeared in this world that ” it was good” He was pleased with what He saw..
    Not sure what is going on right now, but I have to hold tight to my Lord God, I have to..

    Lord God, I pray your presence as I feel so low, help me to feel whole again, to sing from my belly and heart, not just lip service. Help me to read your Word and believe it, and hold it true.
    Forgive me that though I know your Word is true, I am lacking in motivation to put into action. I feel lost and incomplete.. Lord God in your mercy, hear my cry, heal my sad heart. Make me whole again..
    Lord, in Jesus’s name, I pray..


    Prayerful today is a God Blessed day for you all my SRT Sisters, wrapped in love and hugs and covered in prayers.. ❤️

    1. Lindsay Downing says:


    2. Tenyia Hunsaker says:


    3. Lori Harrell says:

      Praying for you, Tina. I can’t imagine losing my daughter. Praying for the Lord to give you His peace.

    4. Kebrina Vinglas says:

      Praying for you today, Tina. God heard your cries, and He will wipe away your tears.

    5. Victoria E says:

      Tina- I like so so many others here am praying for you.