The Lord’s Supper

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1 Corinthians 11:2-34, Matthew 26:26-28, Romans 3:25-26

We come to the communion table every week at my church, and it is the highlight of Sunday worship. Everything builds to the table: the worship songs, the confession of sin, the sermon—each element reminding us of our deep need for a Savior and for the perfect offering of Jesus on our behalf. 

When I’m standing behind a table serving bread and wine to the saints in my congregation, I often say that communion is an exercise in the past, present, and future of our faith. We remember what Jesus has done for us, we eat in fellowship with other believers in the present, and we look forward to the marriage supper of the Lamb when Jesus returns and we feast with him forever. 

When Paul wrote to the Corinthians in this chapter, communion was still a relatively new practice. Of the past, Paul said to remember, “On the night when he was betrayed, the Lord Jesus took bread….Do this in remembrance of me….In the same way also he took the cup….Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me” (1Corinthians 11:23–25). 

Of the present, Paul admonished the Corinthians to come together as a unified body—the body of Christ, the church—to take communion. And he did so with a warning about the seriousness of this sacrament: “Let a person examine himself….for whoever eats and drinks without recognizing the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself” (vv.28–29). It matters how we come to the table. We come as repentant sinners—not perfect. But the act of taking communion signals to the world that we acknowledge our sinful hearts and our need for Jesus, and we participate in the Church, through time and across the world, as one body. Without that acknowledgment, taking the Lord’s Supper is a way to eat and drink judgment on ourselves. Paul’s intent is so clear here, and we should heed his warning. 

Of the future, Paul wrote, “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (v.26). Taking communion serves as an appetizer of the great feast that awaits us when we will dwell with Jesus forever. Revelation 19 announces the future wedding of Christ and his Church, declaring “Let us be glad, rejoice, and give him glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has prepared herself” (Revelation 19:7). Then it says, “Blessed are those invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb!” (v.9). All believers look forward to that day when we come to that feast with no fear, guilt, shame, or tears because we will be united to Christ as his bride forever. 

The Lord’s Supper, in Paul’s day and in ours, unites the Church through time as we experience the past, present, and future of our faith. May we do so with joy until Christ comes again.

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91 thoughts on "The Lord’s Supper"

  1. Kim B says:

    We have communion every few months at church but I’ve never heard it explained in this way. I don’t think I realized the intention and true meaning behind it.

  2. Victoria E says:

    Sarah D I can’t find your comment here today but you are on my heart to pray for this night. Love you sister !

  3. Linda G says:

    Oh i mightily struggle with the passage where Paul talks about head coverings and long hair for women. I went to a church years ago that became cultic in many ways and we girls started wearing veils as a sign of our submission to God and men.

    1. Victoria E says:

      Linda G I was also very confused by this, I must not have read this passage before. Now I am intrigued though admittedly initially offput if I’m being honest. I will have to research this.

    2. Donna Wolcott says:

      I will admit from verse 2-16, I find off putting and often struggle with Paul and his attitude toward women. I believe these verses are Paul’s beliefs not the Lord’s. Sorry all! Lifting you in prayer.

  4. Viola D says:

    I recently started Christian veiling when I pray and I love it!

  5. Tina says:

    Sarah D, God bless you! Continue to hold fast to Him knowing He truly does have a plan for you.. He is good, He is faithful and He is always, always on time..
    Much love dear heart..♥️

  6. Gwineth52 says:

    Yes, Shes
    Arriving each Sunday at the Lord’s Table. With a hunger & a thirst.
    Finding something magical & mysterious in the breaking of the bread & passing of the cup.
    His body broken for me. His blood shed for mine.
    And believing this ritual & remembrance never grow rote.
    Thanks be to God.

  7. D W says:

    I listened to the podcast and I thought they did a good job discussing those first few verses of the chapter.
    I don’t comment often, but read your comments daily and pray for your requests. Especially praying for the caregivers and baby Wyatt today.

  8. Steph says:

    I know I’ll make some people uncomfortable with this because it made me uncomfortable. A few years a pastor of ours told us that the statements against homosexuality are cultural and that if it is wrong to be gay then women should not be allowed to speak in church. I know today’s passage is about head coverings rather than speaking in church, but as women we all seem ready to accept the cultural arguments that mean we don’t have to cover our heads. If we’re willing to accept that then we need to seriously consider cultural context for gay people.

    A commentary that I read awhile ago when researching this said that cult prostitution where men would come to the temple to rape boys who were kept there as cult prostitutes was common. According to another source I read at the time, the verse that says man should not lie with man uses different words for man that would have been more accurately translated as a man should not lie with a boy or a man should not lie with a young man.

    While our English translations of scripture seem very straight forward without context about homosexuality being wrong, it also seems very straightforward about the head coverings without context.

    I still feel very conflicted about both of these topics, but it does seem like we need to be consistent. Either cultural context matters or it doesn’t. I want it to be okay for both. I want women to be okay not covering our heads in church and being allowed to speak at church. I also want it to be okay for a Christian to be in a monogamous gay marriage because I don’t see what harm would come from that. The only harm I see for a monogamous married gay couple is when people hate the couple for being gay.

    I’m still not convinced about what is right or not in these situations, but the one thing I do know is that we as Christians need to love people who are gay. The Bible makes it clear that we are to love everyone, and the hate coming from people who claim to be Christian is clear hypocrisy that really makes me sad and turns people away from Christianity.

    1. Margaret W. says:

      Thank you for expressing this so well. I have heard many of the things that you stated, and I know that I don’t know enough to make a fully informed decision on the issue of gay marriage, but I do know that it is my job to love everyone. Jesus did. And no one ever came to Jesus because we told them that they were evil, especially when so many of these cultural issues Paul addressed do not apply directly to our culture. We can love even when we do not understand. The Holy Spirit will convict both us and our LBGQT loved ones.

    2. Kris says:

      Steph, You raise some good questions. Because the bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, we don’t get the exact translation to English – and that has caused problems since day one. The main issue here is: are you trying to get the bible to say what you want it to say, or are you wanting to hear what God has to say about these matters? Typically, culture does not care what God says. Often times, culture says what it wants to say. So, if in your heart you believe you are translating how God views things, then follow that. If not, follow God. Don’t look at current culture to translate the bible. Look at God’s heart. And how we find God’s heart is when we dig deeper, find cross references to the scriptures we are trying to interpret. Only then will we find what God’s heart is on any one issue. Yes, it takes time and diligence. We may have to let go of our current beliefs and let God’s Spirit show us the truth.

      1. Tricia C says:

        You said this so well Kris!
        I was once in a monogamous lesbian relationship. I did whatever I could to try and get the scriptures, God’s word, to conform to what I wanted to do. When I finally heeded the conviction that I felt, I knew I was finally free from bondage. Wow.
        I think that we can all make scripture say whatever we want. I sure did, or tried to. But, as you said, we need to follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and dig deeper into His Word.
        We have all heard the quote, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” That is how we need to be. I have some gay friends that are some wonderful people, but they are wrong. They also know my background and how I feel about the lives they are living. I can only continue to show them God’s love and pray that they at some point feel convicted also.

        If this offends some people, I am not sorry. We need to stop being afraid of offending people and share what the Lord says.

        1. Adrienne says:

          Thank you for being vulnerable here, Tricia. I am glad you were convicted. Love you, sweet sister! ❤️

        2. Rhonda J. says:

          Thank you Tricia, so good, and thank you for sharing that with us! More need to speak out, especially coming from those relationships.
          I too said I was a christian as I was living a sinful lifestyle. We make things how we want them…but God will not stand for this! His word is to be obeyed. And yes, we all will sin, but we will be convicted and not want to stay there if we are seeking God. Most likely we are not.
          Mercy states it well too! We are to repent and sin no more. Sorry not sorry. I had rather offend people than offend God.

          And to say that it doesn’t hurt anyone is flat out wrong as well. Sin hurts the person sinning, and it hurts their families and others. A gay couple can not have kids on their own. The baby has a mom and a dad, whether they admit it or not, and it is not fair to the child to grow up without and to be confused. And this goes for all the sex before marriage and living’s wrong, all sexual immorality. These poor kids are pulled in all kinds of directions and have all kinds of caus. I get upset talking about it. Then add in the transgender “trend” these days, All sin is a slippery slope and is of the flesh and world.

    3. Mercy says:

      Hi Steph, I would leave you with a few scriptures to reflect upon. “All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death. We know that everyone who has been born of God does not keep on sinning, but he who was born of God protects him, and the evil one does not touch him” (1 john 5:18). Key word here to note is to “keep on sinning”. Does one keep on sinning, or does one stumble? There is a difference between the righteous stumbles 7 times and the Lord helps him up 7 times, vs. a sinner who stays in sin, who lie and say that they have fellowship with God while walking in darkness, they lie and do not practice the truth (1 John 1:6 If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.). And another one, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: either the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). So the list of sins here are compared to one another, not the covering of one’s hair. And please please, please don’t take the testimonies of men (pastors) over the authority and the testimonies of God. Pastors can lead people astray. I would challenge you to take this up to God, to ask Him to reveal this to you first hand, not second hand through another person’s interpretation, but through God’s eyes as if they were your eyes, to experience His grief as if it was your grief of what homosexuality can destroy. May the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom lead you to revelation. Bless you dear sister.

      1. Tricia C says:

        Mercy! Thank you for sharing that.

    4. Laura Dianne says:

      Hi Steph, I am late to the table here on commenting, but I agree with so much of what was already said here. This is exactly what I was referring to when I said in my earlier comment about people blending culture and what God says. I have heard this exact argument that you heard from your pastor from others. It makes me so sad (and angry, if I’m honest) that men who are leading God’s sheep preach and teach such things. It truly shows an ignorance when it comes to the Bible. We follow God, not culture. And God is VERY clear about the sin of homosexuality. He is very clear about sexual sin all together. Sin against the body that God created is very dangerous. Covering one’s head, wearing long hair, those things are cultural. God doesn’t say anything about those things in the Bible. In fact, he elevates women in the culture. Women were an important part of Jesus’ ministry. I 100% agree that we need to be very careful to not have God’s Word say what we want it to say. I recommend that you listen to the podcast because they touch on this. They suggested that when you read something in the Bible that doesn’t seem right to you, then study, dig deeper, try to understand. Over my years as a Christ follower, I have tried to do this. But when I still read something that doesn’t make sense, I go back to my knowledge of God, and who He is. And I trust Him. Because I know that He is good and that He loves me above all else. We love our homosexual brothers and sisters. But Satan has deceived this world to celebrate their sin. Sin should never be celebrated. No matter what sin it is. We should mourn our sin. So it’s hard when we love someone who is embracing their sin to tell them that it is wrong. But true love is NOT allowing someone we love to continue in sin.

    5. Steph says:

      Thank you all for the thoughtful comments. This is something I’ve been struggling with for a while now, and I really appreciate getting others thoughts on it!

  9. Jessicalee T says:

    For those struggling and saying it’s anti-woman:

    Men and women were created equal, however, we do have separate roles. Just as Paul explains, the Trinity is all equal, however, each Person of the Trinity has a role. We see this throughout the entire Bible. Women and men and different roles, as described and shown through the Bible as well, but especially in Proverbs 31. To acknowledge this and humbly accept our roles is a beautiful gift. Paul’s words (which are God breathed, inspired, and true) is not hate towards women in any way. I encourage everyone to do the research and look into the wonderful roles of women and even look into the headcovering thing. It’s beautiful and gives us perfect instruction to follow. When filling our roles, we are being obedient and growing closer to God by aligning ourselves with His will. Men have roles they must fill as well, not just women.

    1. Rhonda J. says:

      Yes, right on Jessica!

      It’s hard to accept things that we don’t want to align with b/c of our own wants, needs, and perspectives… even as Christians, but the more you keep reading the word, God will reveal more and more to you. The more you have your foot in the world, you will be fooling yourself as to saying God says this is okay. It’s not. It will rub you the wrong way when called out…but usually that means you are defensive and deflecting for a reason. That is when you keep looking to God, not yourself righteousness but God’s truth.

  10. Cheryl Blow says:

    So many great thoughts by all of you! Praying for all the requests!

    I think the comments of Paul about women and men could have been about division and rebellion in our churches and families. I think he was trying to remind everyone to consider each other and not do anything out of rebellion to God and man or woman.

    Communion is such a precious time for me. We set aside time to remember the great price that was paid for our sin and the gifts that come from knowing Jesus and accepting Him as our Lord and Savior. Submitting to His authority in our lives and surrendering everything to Him. It is in the surrender to Him that our freedom comes.

    1. Rhonda J. says:

      Yes, amen, good way to put it! And yes, I love communion too, it makes me feel unworthy, yet THROUGH HIm, I am worthy, by his sacrifice of great Love! All are welcome to recieve it, and then we must do our best to glorify him in all our ways!

  11. Laura Dianne says:

    This comment isn’t about the reading, but to our fellow SHEs who serve as their husband’s caregivers. For a brief time, I worked as a caregiver for a local retirement home. I did it during a time of my life when I needed to give back and focus on something and someone other than myself. Caring for someone who is confused, or helpless, or ungrateful or combative can definitely take the focus off yourself and onto them. I am saying this because I only did this job part-time, and it was all-consuming and tiring, so tiring. Rewarding yes. But definitely all-consuming. God bless you ladies so much for your sacrificial love toward your husbands. I feel like I know just a glimmer of what you are experiencing, and I can’t imagine doing it 24/7. May God strengthen you and encourage your hearts. I pray a special blessing on you all today, that your reward in Heaven will be great. Thank you for faithfully showing up here and sharing with us. You all encourage my heart today with your sacrificial love toward your husbands.

    1. Cee Gee says:

      Amen! ❤

    2. Catherine McVey says:

      Amen!! I have thought the same thing many times. ❤️

    3. Tina says:

      Laura Diane, as the song goes, “you took the words right out of my mouth,.”. concerning our beautiful sisters who are care givers to their loved ones.. absolutely Praying your prayer with you, Laura.. such love, such obiedience and trust.. God bless you dear GRAMSIESUE, dear SHARON, dear LYNNE FROM ALABAMA..and all who do this role with sacrificial love. God bless you four-fold!♥️

    4. Michelle P says:

      Amen!! ❤️ @Linda in NC, Gramsiesue, Lynne, Sharon, and anyone else… ❤️

    5. Adrienne says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Mia Faith says:

    Beautiful, Tina.

    1. Tina says:


  13. Susan Joiner says:

    Update on Wyatt…
    He returns to the hospital today after being home for a week. From what I understand it will be for just a few days while he has testing, a port put in, and will begin chemo. Chemo is weekly for a year. Your prayers have been such an encouragement to me and I know they are felt by his family as well. Many many thanks to all who lift this special little one up in prayer.

    1. Cee Gee says:

      Praying the procedures go well. Thanks for letting us know! ❤

    2. Rhonda J. says:

      Yes, praying for little Wyatt. I can’t imagine how the parents feel, must be so hard!

    3. Adrienne says:

      Yes, Susan… thanks for the update.

  14. Cassie says:

    I asked for prayer about a month ago for my husband who is struggling a lot with stress from his job and anger. I feel like he is making me the center of a lot of it, which I guess is easy to do to the person closest to you. I am struggling to hold on to hope that things will get better. He believes in God and has accepted Jesus, but he doesn’t follow him day to day as much. I believe in my heart that God will use this struggle to draw him in closer to Him, but I could use prayer for him and for me to keep holding on to hope that this process may take awhile, and that God will not let us go through this for nothing. Love you all sisters <3

    1. Rhonda J. says:

      I feel you. I feel like I have been in the boat for 2 years…I just keep trying to remember to have patience and forgiveness…although in a way that I also stand strong on not taking the abuse, without change being implemented and talks being had. It has been aggravating and draining to say the least, but like you, I believe it will bring my husband closer to God and us closer together through my understanding his stresses and loving him as my husband in his love language. They see how strong we are in Jesus, and it runs off on them (eventually! I believe!)
      Praying for you and husband! Hugs

    2. Mercy says:


  15. Michelle P says:

    I love what Melanie wrote about thinking of the communion table in a past, present, and future sense. That’s exactly what it is. Our communion with Christ is all of that ❤️
    I loved what it said on Enduring Word regarding 1 Corinthians 11:27-29, “The idea is not to keep people away from the table of communion, but to prepare them to receive it the right way.”

    God bless you ladies, today.
    I started to list you each by name on this post, but there are too many names to list!! We are blessed with a big community. ❤️ May the Lord be with each of you today and know He is with us and is not ashamed of us. Peace and strength to you. ❤️

    1. Cee Gee says:

    2. Adrienne says:

      Wonderful to have too many to list. ❤️

  16. Erica Chiarelli says:

    My church takes communion a few times a year and at my last church about once a month or so. I miss taking it more frequently but that tells me I need to do that at home more with my husband as we used to at different times. Or I could do it alone with Jesus and myself or even teach it to my kids. Or as a whole family! That would be so lovely! I am so grateful for the comparison to the Marriage feast, I’m not sure I ever tied those 2 together! How beautiful!

  17. Libby K says:

    Am I the only one struggling with the words of Paul? They all feel so anti-woman to me. But Christ was so pro-woman. Idk. Maybe I need to research further.

    1. Leslee Cox says:

      It was definitely their culture back then, but thankfully, that is not the heart of Jesus.

      1. Libby K says:

        I appreciate that perspective, Leslee!

    2. Naya Martin says:

      At first read, I definitely caught a bit of a sour attitude with Paul! His words can be sharp and really make you question the meaning of what he is saying. I had to do some research because I agree, it came off anti-woman! But, what he’s saying is not. Considering the cultural context, at this time head coverings were worn by the women to show their submission to their husbands, and therefor to God. If the women chose not to cover their heads, it would send the wrong message to culture. She would essentially be saying that she refused to submit to God. Which is why Paul was like she might as well just shave her hair off (verse 6)! This passage wasnt about inferiority, quite the opposite. We as women, in that time, used head coverings to ultimately represent our posture and attitude toward God and his authority! So much we could continue to unpack here, just some initial research! God created us women for great purposes, we are truly amazing. Anything of great value we keep covered & protected, – thats how I’m reflecting on this this morning!

      1. Laura Dianne says:

        Thank you for this additional research, Naya Martin. As I read the head covering portion, I thought of the church I grew up in, which had a tradition of women still covering their heads. Some of the older women still practiced it. I always wondered why but wasn’t curious enough, I guess, to ever find out the reason. As I got older, I figured it was a cultural thing that Paul was referring to. These types of writings always interest me because understanding the culture of the times really helps us to understand portions like these. We get off track sometimes when we take cultural references as words from God to be practiced today, and then twist things that are not cultural references to NOT be words from God to protect us now. We must be students of the Word and the culture, and I appreciate this community so much, because we have so many ladies who are faithful in that regard.

      2. Francien Zijlstra says:

        Thank you so much for this! I was taken back a little too… but it all makes sense now!

      3. Gwineth52 says:

        Love your research & reflection, Naya!

    3. Amy G says:

      From the commentary in my bible11:2-16. This section focuses primarily on proper attitudes and conduct in worship, not on the marriage relationship or on the role of women in the church. While Paul’s specific instructions may be cultural (women covering their heads in worship), the principles behind them are timeless: respect for spouse, reverence and appropriateness in worship, and focus of all of life on God. If you are doing something that might easily offend members and divide the church, then change your ways to promote church unity. Paul told the women who were not wearing head coverings to wear them, not because it was a scriptural command, but because it kept the congregation from dividing over a petty issue that served only to take people’s mind off Christ.

      1. Rhonda J. says:

        that’s good, thank you Amy and all for helping us see what the passage is saying!

      2. Libby K says:

        AMY G – thank you for that. It’s the posture that matters. That makes so much more sense.

    4. Margaret W. says:

      I think part of the cultural issue had to do with Jews and Gentiles have opposing cultural traditions, and Paul was called on to “referee” which tradition the church should follow now. I don’t recall the details, though.

  18. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies,
    Praying for you all. Thankful for Jesus who never gives up on us, who forgives our sin, and washes us white as snow!
    Thank you for your prayers…I think it took me getting to a place of being humbled/seeing that I also need to be happy for others, to make me finally let go of the guy I like, just be a friend, and take the pressure off. The Lord has me here for a reason, and I’m praying I can just rest in Him until He makes things clear on a guy who will pursue me. Have a great day everyone!!

    1. Lynne from Alabama says:

      Sweet Sarah, I am so happy to see that you are resting in the Lord and letting him orchestrate your future relationships. God has absolutely got this and got you! He doesn’t need any help! I am the worst at letting go and letting Him handle things. Please don’t be like me. Just let Him do the heavy lifting. ❤️

    2. Cee Gee says:

    3. Tina says:

      Sarah D, God bless you! Continue to hold fast to Him knowing He truly does have a plan for you.. He is good, He is faithful and He is always, always on time..
      Much love dear heart..♥️

  19. Kelly (NEO) says:


    When I take the cup, I remember that Jesus took the cup of God’s wrath for me. His perfect blood pour out to cover my sins.
    When I take the bread, I remember His broken and brused body nailed to the tree so that I may one day have a new body, perfect and holy.
    Praying for your requests, Shes

    1. Tina says:

      Kelly, Amen. Such truth from the heart.. REMEMBER!♥️

  20. Linda in NC says:

    Good morning, sweet sisters! I was just catching up on the comments from yesterday.
    Granmisue and Lynne, there are so many times when the big and little things are quick to cause us frustration or pain. My morning began with a “little” thing. I purchased ingredients for a pie for a luncheon tomorrow. The whipped topping was in the fridge to thaw. First thing I heard was “why is it sitting on the counter!” Had to take a few minutes to talk to the Lord! Now I have to find a way to get to the store for some more Frustration was NOT my want to start the week. Might as well laugh as cry
    Can’t remember if I shared Mohs ear surgery for hubby, bleeding, ER, more bleeding and then an infection behind his knee 2 weeks ago. That was a stressful week. Cognitive decline is increasing for him. I so much appreciate your prayers.
    I continue to pray for all the requests. My fellow caregivers you are especially on my heart. A wonderful encouragement for me is “A Minute for Caregivers” by Peter Rosenberger.
    Sorry for the long post. Love y’all❤

    1. Lynne from Alabama says:

      Linda, you and Gene are in my prayers every day, sweet sister. It is impossible to reason with someone who has no reasoning capabilities and yet I find myself trying to do just that. I know you do too. Caregiving is often overwhelming. Praying for continued strength for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m sending you a big hug today! ❤️

    2. Cee Gee says:

      Linda, I am so sorry for that negative start to the week! How frustrating to plan ahead and then be thrown back a step! My heart breaks for you, LYNNE, GRAMIESUE, and other full time caregivers and you all remain in my thoughts and prayers. I know your dessert will be a delicious blessing for your friends and worth the extra trouble! Praying for a break to shop. ❤

  21. Aimee D-R says:


  22. Searching says:

    Burdened by and especially praying for the lost today, that they may come to know Jesus.
    Thankful, most of all, that I know Him.

    KELLY (NEO) yesterday’s comment ❤️❤️
    GWINETH52 – amen
    MARI V – praying for your daughter and the guidance needed
    MIA FAITH – joining you in thankfulness for the much needed paperwork
    GRAMSIESUE- praying for you and Steve
    LYNNE FROM AL – praying for you and Jack

    1. Cee Gee says:

  23. Tricia C says:

    Good morning and Happy Monday She’s!
    I love celebrating communion with my fellow believers! We generally have communion once a month at our church. I love the anticipation of it, and it not becoming terribly ritualistic, but something to look forward to when it does happen.
    A few months ago, our pastor pointed out again that we need to make sure that we are right with God and our fellow believers before we enter in to such a holy sacrament. He said, if we were not in that place, then we needed to stop and repent, and make ourselves right with God and our brother/sister in Christ before partaking. I knew that was something, but it really hit home that time. He offered the opportunity to do communion at a later time during the week so that we could take care of getting right with our fellow believers. There were many, including me, who chose not to take part that Sunday because I wasn’t “ready”.
    I knew how important it is to be right with God and others before partaking of such a sacred thing, but did I really make sure that was the case? It’s a shame that I can say that, but God. I am so grateful that He gave Pastor Rob the words to say, to admonish us and call us to confession.
    Now I am more cognizant to be prepared.

    Wow, I sure went on. I better finish up so I can get to work. I am praying for you all, Sisters. Have a great day!

    1. Laura Dianne says:

      I appreciate this reminder of the sacredness of communion. I feel like I often go into it without a lot of thought about what I am actually doing. I want to be more prayerful and cognizant of the sacredness of this beautiful practice.

      1. Tricia C says:


    2. Amy W says:

      We also have communion once a month at church, usually the last Sunday of the month. I have had several occasions where I didn’t do communion because I told my husband my heart was not in the right place. We have had so much hurt from people at the church and I knew I was not in a place to be able to take communion because of the hatred I was feeling towards those who hurt me.

  24. Mary Ann Graves says:


  25. Tina says:

    “Do this in rememberance of Me..”

    I am often doing stuff, not purposely in rememberance, but once done, I will say to Daddy. “remember that? ” Or Grandma, ” I miss doing that with you..” Or Julee..” that was for you baby girl..” Or mum..” I am for sure your daughter.. I have become you..”
    In those moments of remembering the ‘original action’ by the loved one who is now at rest in the Lord, my heart may sing or laugh, my eyes may shed tears, my mouth call out their name..

    When Jesus, on the night before His betrayal, holding the broken bread, and the cup of wine in His hand, giving thanks and saying..”do this (as often) in rememberance of Me.. He was for sure, asking us to remember Him, and the gift of His life and death on the cross for us. As we remember through Communion, we should give thanks for all He has afforded us through this gift. For the redemption we have received, and the salvation we receive through faith. For the union we get to be in with the Father, through Him. For the future we get to have, when this life is over.
    I would take Communion every day, I want to remember every day these gifts I receive because of Jesus.. I want to remember, though I was not there when these words were spoken by Jesus, The Word of God has my heart and they serve as re-minders and re- aligners to where I should be at..
    ” Do this in rememberance of Me..”
    Lord, may I always live my life in absolute thanks and rememberance of you and what you have done and continue to do for me. Lord, I give you my heart, I give you ny soul.. always… in your name Lord Jesus, I pray…

    BUT GOD..


    Happy Monday wrapped in hugs and prayers for a God blessed day for you all..
    Much love, always..


    1. Searching says:

      I was already in tears before I read your words, TINA ❤️, as I read the devo/Scriptures and thought of those who (as far as I know based on words and actions) are not ready for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Reading about your remembrance of those who have gone before you – sister, I’m a mess right now as I remember and miss those in my own life. Love & hugs ❤️

      1. Cee Gee says:

        ❤ sending hugs, SEARCHING!

      2. Tina says:

        Dearest Searching, sending much love wrapped in hugs..♥️

    2. Cee Gee says:

      Tina, I do the same! I love ‘sharing a moment’ like that! It blesses my heart to know I am not the only one! Love you, sister! Love your prayer, too! ❤

      1. Tina says:

        Cee Gee, there a peace and a beautiful reminder of the legacy left by those no longer here. Much love to you dear sister..♥️

    3. Catherine McVey says:

      Lovely Tina, thank you! ❤️

      1. Tina says:


    4. Gwineth52 says:

      “In those moments of remembering the ‘original action’ by the loved one who is now at rest in the Lord, my heart may sing or laugh, my eyes may shed tears, my mouth call out their name..”
      Beautiful Blessings, Tina!

      1. Tina says:


    5. Victoria E says:

      Amen Tina! Thank you for this beautiful post.

  26. Adrienne says:

    The Corinthians passage and the one from Matthew…. I miss hearing so much. A bit of background.. Our previous church is an LCMS church. LCMS stands for Lutheran Church Missouri Synod… It is a VERY conservative church, lest anyone associate us with a liberal Lutheran church you may have heard about occasionally in the news, etc.… Heeheehee! But I digress… our church closed its doors during the height of Covid, and so we started attending a local Mennonite church. We love that the church preaches the word of God without fault, and the people are lovely. But we will never become members there. (I won’t be wearing a head covering, as mentioned in the Corinthians passage, nor will my husband NOT watch TV.) But, AGAIN, I digress… our old church served communion every week. Our current church serves it a couple of times each year… I miss the liturgy of communion. I knew I did somewhat, but today’s reading shouted to me just how much.

    I am like Paul today… run-on sentence and MANY words anyone?!?!

    Have a blessed week, sweet She’s! ❤️

    1. Kelly L says:

      I am also a member of LCMS and our communion liturgy is one of the things I truly love about this church. I hate to hear your church had to close but I think so many did after Covid.

      1. Adrienne says:

        I miss the liturgy… period. I like that our current church doesn’t have one though. I am torn sometimes… as I miss a liturgical worship service, but I also think it is “too rote” for many. (Sometimes it doesn’t seem like people ever THINK about the words they say and hear, you know?)

        Does that all make sense?

        1. Cee Gee says:

          Perfect sense! We do not want to be ritualistic!

        2. Gwineth52 says:

          Absolutely, Adrienne! Resist “rote-ness”. Participate full-bodily in the ancient practice. “Behold who you are. Become what you receive.”

        3. Kelly L says:

          I totally understand. I was just thinking about that the other day and having everything memorized so I don’t think about the words as much. It is one of the reasons I don’t fully like the liturgy of our services.