The King’s Decree

Open Your Bible

Esther 1:1-22, Psalm 32:7-11, Proverbs 19:12

When I was younger, I would often daydream about what I would say when I accepted the biggest award of my life. I may have gone back and forth over the biggest dream I could imagine, but that thank-you speech never changed. I had to practice, after all, because once I stepped into the light and stared into the camera, I was liable to forget exactly who I wanted to thank. We’ve all seen those acceptance speeches where the winner sputters inanely until a canned music cue hurries them offstage, and they forget to thank the most important people and influences in their life. 

To the uninitiated, the book of Esther can read like a winner who has forgotten to give credit where credit is due. It’s a sweeping story of rescue jam-packed with harrowing plot points that are filled with suspense, cunning, and betrayal. And yet, it could appear that the author, blinded by the light of sharing that amazing story, forgot to give honor where honor was due. Nowhere in the pages of Esther is God mentioned, yet from the very first chapter, God’s hand is stunningly apparent. The God who sways the heart of kings (Proverbs 21:1), steps into the story of King Ahasuerus and his wife Vashti and begins to set things in motion for the rescue of His people. A seemingly innocuous event—the worldly banquet of a successful king—sets the stage for the rescue of Israel. 

When King Ahasuerus’s anger burns against his wife, his counselors soothe his troubled mind by declaring that “her royal position is to be given to another woman who is more worthy than she” (Esther 1:19). That single phrase points the king toward the search that will eventually lead him to Esther, a young Jewish girl in his kingdom. The God who turns the hearts of kings was about to turn Ahasuerus’s favor toward one of His daughters, and that favor would change the course of history (Proverbs 19:12).

The real storyteller here isn’t the author of Esther. The name of the Lord isn’t a detail he simply forgot to include. It is, rather, the Lord who is writing the story. He is the one laying the plans, guiding the narrative, and guarding His people (Psalm 37:8–9). He is at the heart of this narrative, carefully choreographing the ultimate protection of His people. 

That story isn’t just about the temporal saving of Israel from the plot that will soon brew at the heart of this book’s narrative; it’s about the saving of God’s people, a deliverance that is central to the narrative of the whole of creation. King Ahasuerus is looking for a worthy bride; this bride will end up being a savior of Israel. We are looking for a worthy King; His name is Jesus, and He is the Savior of His Bride. 

God is not forgotten in the book of Esther. He is central to both the story itself as it unfolds, and in the telling of that story to generations. And He provides the worthy King we need in the person of His Son.

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274 thoughts on "The King’s Decree"

  1. McKenzie Richardson says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about the book of Esther! ❤️

  2. Kourtni Vargas says:

    One of my favorite books. Looking forward to the rest of this ❤️

  3. liz leeper says:

    I love the book of Esther, so excited to dive deeper into it!

  4. Jaquessia Lawson says:

    Lord, thank you for always being behind the seems even though it doesn’t feel that way.

  5. Claire McKoy says:

    One of my favorite books of the Bible! Excited for this study.

  6. Pam Stayer says:

    Love how God writes the story!

  7. Fantazia .. says:

    I was looking for guidance with my 13 year old daughter who is really struggling and the book of Esther repeated popped up numerous times in one day for me. This will be my first time actually reading a book in the Bible and prayerfully will shed some

  8. Courtney LeFan says:

    We read this book last night in bible class. So glad to dig deeper with this study.

  9. amy sbaiti says:

    Really loving day 1 so far

  10. Jenna Curtis says:

    Only God can change the heart of a king! I just love that.

  11. Kayla Raville says:

    Ready to learn more about this amazing woman God called upon to save his people.

  12. Susan Baity says:

    This had always been one of my favorite books in the Bible

  13. Shaina Zavala says:

    Love that this is a simple story but also so multifaceted and layered at the same time!

  14. Naomi Trazilien says:

    Our God is SO detailed oriented

  15. Holly Fisher says:

    Esther is such a great example of kindness respect and obedience

  16. Kathleen Englebert says:

    Wonderful! Great to study along with you

  17. Kathleen Englebert says:

    I just finished The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom this weekend. So great to see that verse in Psalms about God being our hiding place the very next day. We can take courage because we can find peace in Him. Definitely been a struggle of mine in times recent. I am so encouraged by these 2 stories of women who are brave bc of God’s goodness

  18. Morgan Wilkerson says:

    I found it powerful that God can change the story with such simplicity.

  19. Lindsey Killebrew says:

    I’ve participated in another study of Esther years ago, I think I was 12. Excited to come back to it! ❤️

  20. Ashley Cesare says:

    I started Esther around this time last year and never actually completed the study. I’m back and I’m ready! I can’t wait to learn more about who this woman of God was and most importantly, how God choreographed all things (even behind the scenes) for her life and the goodness of his people. It’s an amazing reminder that “even when I don’t see it you’re working.” Lord, I put my faith in you that like Esther, you have amazing plans for me. I will not fear the future because even then your glory shaped the course of history. Use me like Esther, Lord, in fulfilling your purposes and making a difference in this world. I trust in you. Amen!

  21. Kassidy Mi’chal says:

    Ready to learn from her example. ✨

  22. Grace Walker says:

    Love how God makes himself apparent even when He isn’t mentioned

  23. Lauren Tucker says:


  24. Casey Miller says:


  25. Hayley Trombley says:


  26. gigi watson says:


  27. Morgan Spain says:


  28. Kristina Thomas says:


  29. Maria Lopez says:


  30. Karen Grisham says:


  31. Zipho-zihle Tabata says:


  32. Stephanie Smith says:

    Loved it!

  33. Jackie Moore says:

    Esther is one of my favorites

  34. Mandy Emerson says:

    Looking forward to reading Esther for the first time! How beautiful that Gods plans are always so intricate when we don’t first notice them.

  35. Kim Washburn says:

  36. Allison Worthey says:

    I used to long to be Ruth to find my Boaz, but I realize I am an Ester and I am chosen by a king.

  37. Yvette Jones says:

    God is definitely working his providence plan in my life. I just need to trust God that He is working behind the scenes. Patience is key!

  38. Kayla Rowland says:


  39. Megan Beach says:

    Thankful for a God who sent his only son to save us from hell. I find myself worried or having anxiety about honestly meaningless things in comparison to how BIG our God is. Nothing goes unseen by him, and there isn’t an event in history he wasn’t able to make something good from something horrible. Thankful for his faithfulness, even if I can’t see it

  40. Cori Williams says:

    It’s crazy that the queen was actually expected to do this. My sheltered brain struggles to fathom it.

  41. Ashley Aikens says:

    Excited to be reading Esther for the first time and having a bible study with all you ladies!

  42. Kelly Crooms says:

    There is a quote my grandmother would say… “I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my future!” Esther did not know her future would lead her to becoming Queen over all people. Today you may think God has forgotten you, but I am here to tell you that God loves you and wants you to trust Him no matter what! We don’t trust God just to become Queen or receive a job promotion or a raise. NO! We trust God because we know that He cares for us and loves us with an everlasting love! Today will you trust in Jesus our savior our Lord? Our King!?

  43. Kerri Dailey says:

    Aside from the fact she was hosting her own feast for the women of the palace, there is thought that when requested to appear in her crown that he meant only her crown. Along with the fact that all the men had been drinking for days on end… just some personal thoughts of why i wouldn’t have gone upon demand in that situation. The Bible doesn’t say for sure so it’s left us with our own opinions and assumptions.

  44. Jadia Hale says:

    Depends on certain commentaries but the one that makes the most sense is that the king was drunk and he wanted to show off his lovely wife to everyone immodestly. So she simply denied him.

  45. Sonia Onyenegecha says:

    The book of Esther is on of my favorites in the Bible. Esther actions illustrates strength and influence women tend to bring within the world.

    1. Jadia Hale says:

      Same! When I got the she reads truth Bible like two weeks ago I automatically gravitated towards the book of Esther because I just finally found a study method that works for me!

  46. Danielle Foster says:


  47. Genna Schutza says:

    Some commentaries ive read have said that it’s because they probably wanted her to present herself naked by the way the text reads

  48. Amy Gibson says:

    Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible and I’m so happy to be a part of this study ✨

  49. Abbie Errington says:

    First time reading the book of Esther and I’m so excited to be able to dive deeper into it !

  50. Wesley Kelly says:

    @megan hunter

  51. Wesley Kelly says:

    I was once told, by a pastor, that in that time when she was requested to parade in front of the men with her crown that it was tradition that she wear ONLY the crown. I have never fact checked if it was a custom/tradition in those times. I can understand that if that was the case why she would not want to promenade in just a crow in front of all the nobles and men.

  52. Amanda Hart says:

    I have never read the story of Ester before. I am excited to join this community of women and learn God’s word.

  53. Megan Hunter says:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day and it is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me the significance or even reason Queen Vashti wouldn’t present herself??

  54. Justina Ford says:


  55. Sandy Markle says:


  56. Betsi Clark says:

    Love it

  57. Angie McKay says:

    God is so evident that in Mordecai’s mind everyone would know God was orchestrating everything. It’s like “duh” god is the one doing this

  58. Cristina Ovalle says:

    I am enjoying this so far!!

  59. Dawn Custer says:

    God’s hand is evident in every step of the story of Esther. Remember He has told us, He is working all things for our good. Trust in the Lord.

  60. Sydney Sewell says:

    How wonderful that we have a God who knows us by name and works all things together for His glory.

  61. Karolyn Howard says:

    So reassuring to see how even Kings will be humbled by God, no one is too powerful or out of reach to be used for His glory. We are all apart of God’s plan.

  62. Zoie Ulmer says:

    This story helps me reflect on the purpose and intention of God. How he orchestrated all things for His perfect plan.

  63. Nicole Calvert says:

  64. Morgan Buxton says:


  65. Kendra Moore says:

    I do like The Bible Project… the themed videos really helped me understand some concepts as well.

  66. Bianca Hilton says:


  67. Emily Mendez says:

    This the first I’m reading the book of Esther and I can’t believe I haven’thad read this sooner. Just the first chapter gives so much insight on God has a hand in everything especially in this story.

  68. Andi Gandy says:

    Love this story – ready to dive in and see God move and save his people through ordinary believers.

  69. Mary Ramsey-Harger says:

    I started this late but intend to finish the study. Just on day 1 it’s packed with so many thought stirring truths.

  70. Ashley Cesare says:

    I’m very behind on this study but woah! One chapter in and I’m already intrigued with what is going to happen and what God wants me to learn from this study. Psalms 32 really spoke to me tonight. I’ve been struggling a bit with forgiving myself and feeling God’s forgiveness on my heart (which I know exists, I just need to be open to feeling it more and not trusting my own understanding.) Pray for me sisters!

  71. Abigail Powell says:

    Amen. Thank you for this prayer ❤️

  72. Hannah Vaughn says:

    So excited for the next two weeks.

    Praying that anyone reading this takes away everything God intended from this. That our lives be blessed from the lesson we take away from the book of Esther. Lord please help us stay on track and put your protection over our sacred time with you. Oh how we know the devil loves to try and destroy it with the littlest of things but you my Father have the upper hand I put all my faith in you. May every reader feel the love in this pray. All the praise honor and glory I give it to you Lord Amen

  73. Diann Tweeten says:


  74. DeAnn Woods says:

    I thank everyone for the comments! It is reassuring to read from others that answers to questions I had. It is really helping the Ester study!

  75. DeAnn Woods says:

    Just started! I have a lot to catch-up on!

  76. Mai says:

    So I have read an article that Esther wasn’t really a true Christian. I did pick up a few instances where her moral standing was not in accordance to the law and made me believe that yeah, maybe she’s not really a christian. I’ll be delving in this journey then so find out…

  77. Jessica Corbett says:

    So powerful

  78. Tomi Euler says:


  79. julia pickett says:

    Esther is the queen!

  80. Morgan Kokesch says:

    Lord, please help me seek and know your presence moving forward in my life. amen.

  81. Diana Mmboga says:

    Quite mind opening, excited to learn more

  82. Kelley Page says:

    Esther is one of my favorite stories.

  83. Connie Barron says:

    I cannot find the verse from Esther for the lock screen

  84. Novi Hartanti says:

    I am currently doing this with the ladies at my church but I’m redoing it here on my own under gods supervision ❤️

  85. Connie Beers says:

    This is my first day in happy God lead me to this bible study….Connie

  86. Chipo Samantha Chironga says:

    God is among us

  87. Danielle Zuniga says:

    Praying for you. I can relate to you story and have a very significant life event show me that my peace is with God and in me. Turn your burdens over to him and find rest & restoration in his word. He has not forsaken you, you are so loved and held by our mighty God.

  88. Carissa CantuMarquez says:

    This is my first day! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  89. Susannah McMullan says:

    Hopefully my hubs and I will be going to Israel later this year. I am VERY green on my biblical stories (I haven’t been to Sunday school since elementary,) but I believe God put this plan in my life for a reason. ❤️❤️

  90. Katie Elmore says:

    Great first day! This is my first time studying Esther (and it happens to be at a very pivotal season in my life). Praying for internalization for my heart as well as all of yours!

  91. Adrienne Fonda says:

    This is beautiful! God is always working even when we don’t see it. <3

  92. Iveth Luna says:

    Can’t wait to keep reading

  93. Kiara Montalván says:


  94. Elise Bozich says:

    You can read the chapters as we go through the study. Does that help?

  95. Jessica Fowler says:

    I love when we see the what ke Bible narrative. I ha e never really studied Esther before. I mostly know the account, but to start with I never knew that God was not mentioned. Really looking forward to this study!

  96. Beverly Watley says:

    Hello everyone, this is my first Bible study with SRT. Are we to read our book of Esther first or do we read online first? ❤️

  97. Beverly Watley says:


  98. Jamesie Morningstar says:

    This is a really deep reflection question. Often we think “what would I do or have done if a king/ruler requested my presence?” Honestly I’ve never considered taking this first chapter of Esther and asking “How do I respond when the Lords wants to see me?”

  99. Kenya Wynne says:

    I love reading the book of Esther it has taught me so much..first I really wanted to know more about Queen Vashti…I like the fact that she didn’t want to parade around for the king and his guests..however that lead to her demise and his counsel took note that wait a min our wives will do the same thing. I believe that Vashti knew her worth and she had to become a threat to those in counsel to the king! Now fast forward I love how Queen Esther came on the scene. I believe although God name is no where mentioned in this book physically he was evident spiritually. Esther was a confident woman I believe that was ready for whatever came her way, she stood on the fact that she was chosen although, she was from the Jews that didn’t phase her. I felt the presence of God on her life because she was willing to do what some can’t even do today and that is STAND no matter the cost. I choose everyday to show up and STAND for what is right and truth according to the word of God. ❤️❤️

  100. Kasey Summers says:

    Needed this reminder! Thank you!

  101. Lauren M says:

    Yes ❤️

  102. Betsaida Cohen says:

    The evidence of God is so clear. I love how he is so strategic in the demotion of Vashti, the selection and elevation of Esther and even having Mordecai continually walking past the palace to check on Esther. Such a great reminder that God is in everything working things out for our good even though we may not see him.

  103. Renata Corns says:

    I am reminded and comforted that God is in total control and can deliver his people using leaders in his own timing. I needed this right now!!

  104. Cathy Babao says:

    I love this : I don’t need all the details when God has the Divine plan. All we are to do is trust and obey.

  105. Lorna Davis says:


  106. Melody Bates says:

    I have done the Women of the Bible SRT study with a small group at church but this is my first study in this format. Super excited! The podcast was great.

  107. Julia Allison says:

    this is gonna be an awesome study!!!

  108. April Deason says:

    I am totally going to find this! Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Thank you for sharing!!

  109. Deanna Graham says:

    Ooooh I’ll have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

  110. Sarah Ashburn says:

    How do I respond when my King requests my presence? Am I faithful in responding to his request?

  111. Deborah Bassoff says:


  112. Audrey Brooks says:

    @B I just prayed for you.

    We are Children of God supporting and encouraging each other.

  113. Victoria Erhardt says:

    I love this book. Thank you for sharing!

  114. Angela TurneyScantland says:

    But he said, My grace is sufficient for you and My power is perfected in weakness. Therefore gladly boast all the more of weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest upon Me. 2 for. 12:9

  115. Angela TurneyScantland says:

    This is an excerpt from Every Moment Holy, a book of liturgies/prayers. I pray this brings you peace and hope.

    We must come repeatedly to the end of our own strength and avail ourselves again and again of His strength.

    …O Lord, to collapse here upon your strong shoulders and here to rest reminded again that I and all of your children are always utterly dependent upon you to bring to completion in and through us the good works which you have prepared beforehand for us to do. It is not my own work that is before me but yours!
    Take heart! The outcomes of your labors were never in your hands but in God’s. We have but one task:to be faithful. The success of our endeavors is not ours to judge. He works in ways that we cannot comprehend. And in His economy there will be no waste.

  116. Makayla White says:

    Praying that you will feel renewed in this time of exhaustion. God is working even when we don’t feel Him or see Him working. He is always preparing us for something greater. You can do this! ♥️

  117. Makayla White says:

    Good morning everyone! I just realized this was part of the study. Better late than never lol
    I am so excited to learn about Esther.

  118. Rachel says:

    The only hang up I have with the Bible Binge podcast’s breakdown of Esther is that it seems like are all on board with the school of thought that says this is a fictional story that was used for effect. I am excited to hear SRT dive deeper into Esther and revisit this real life queen.

  119. Erin King says:

    Loving this study already! For a deeper analysis (and some fun), “The Bible Binge” podcast did an entire season on Esther (and compared the beginning of the story to our modern-day “The Bachelor”). It’s educational and hilarious, and I will definitely be re-listening as we go through this study.

  120. Deanna Smith says:

    B, praying for you right now! Know that He has given us peace, hope and joy (Rom. 15:13; Is. 12:3; Jn. 15:11; 2 Thess. 3:16). I pray that you feel Him hugging and loving on you today! I pray that you tap into those promises He’s given you! Meditate on them and know that they’re yours!!

  121. Kathy Auman says:

    Please see my message to you

  122. Kathy Auman says:

    Just want you to know my sister that I’m praying for you❤️❤️❤️remember it isn’t if we feel like His child cause this old world can really beat us up where our feelings are concerned. You have accepted Jesus as your Savior- that and that alone makes You His beloved!!! I love this verse for when I’m discouraged in my Christian walk Philippians 1:6- please know you are being prayed for now❤️❤️

  123. Lauren DANIELS says:

    Love the fact that God always shows up in time. Thank goodness His timing is always perfect!

  124. Lauren says:

    Praying for you right now, B!

    This past year has been so hard but thank goodness our hope is in someone much more powerful then this Pandemic. His word tells us that as long as we believe in him, we are his children and he has a perfect place for us…. Covid, stress, and heartache free!

    I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have had a few tearful and anger filled prayers this past year. Despite this, God has still met me and I know he will meet you too! Hang in there!

  125. Jennifer Johnson says:

    All remarkable comments/feedback, thank you, thank you! ♥️

  126. B says:

    I could use some prayer, if all of you ladies don’t mind. Long story short, work is leaving me stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed, and I’m also struggling mightily with the effects that this pandemic has had on my life. I’m so weary, and it’s hard to even keep my head above water any longer. I could sure use some hope, joy, and peace again as well as assurance that I’m actually a child of God and that He’s somehow working behind the scenes even though I can’t see it. Thanks in advance.

  127. Lauren Yarberry says:

    The connected passage in the SRT bible mentions “we don’t get all the details about the stories we read and we don’t even get all the details about the stories we are in”. Most powerful thing I’ve read in such a long time. Hard to remember I don’t need all the details when God has the divine plan.

  128. Angelica Mercado says:

    Stay strong and grounded in his word and promises Alyssa! We can retreat into our brokenness because it’s easy and somewhat comfortable but the promises the Lord has for us are far greater than we could ever imagine. You are worthy, you are valuable, you are precious and you are loved! Stay strong friend!

  129. Lauren Beddingfield says:

    To answer your question about #2: To me, God knew His people were a minority in the giant Persian Empire. From India to Cush (Egypt) the Persians ruled. He knew that His people would need an advocate and He sent Esther, a Jew, to be that advocate where other rulers might not have been. Jesus was also an advocate speaking up for the poor and oppressed. He spoke for all and died for all ❤️

  130. Brittany De Hoyos says:

    Hi! The Esther study book is still available!

  131. Megan Lyczak says:

    Thank you. This will be my 3rd read through of Esther yet it already feels so new, and I’m seeing things I didn’t before. Love this story.

  132. Anna Talcott says:

    First bible study with SRT! A story the magnifies that God is always at work for us.

  133. Rhiannon Donovan says:

    I remembered that reading this too. I did notice it said she was not to be in his presence so it seemed as though she wasn’t executed which is comforting. It would be so awesome to know more though.

  134. Heidi M says:

    Your question made me raise my eyebrows. Wow! Great insight! I’m so glad you shared.

  135. Brittany K says:

    Very new here. Where do you get a workbook?

  136. Molly Pursel says:

    Are there study questions available through this app if I purchased the devotional?

  137. Natalie Rupp says:

    MM! That’s so good!

  138. Shayne Sanders says:

    Hello! This is my first bible study with SRT! I’m excited to be apart of it. Today’s reading made me see that I need to Let go and let God because he is in control and has a plan for me. I need to not worry because God is with me. ♥️

  139. Ashley says:

    Hey Jennifer!

    I love the verse “you surround me with joyful shouts and deliverance.” Reminding me that through every storm, God already had a plan of deliverance before the storm had even started. Our perspective in the storm is changes once we get through it and look at the rain clouds pass behind us. Vashti is entering a storm, but the story ends in complete deliverance and blessing because of her boldness and God’s faithfulness.

  140. MaryAnn Rouse says:

    This is my first study here! Excited to be here!

  141. Cindy Mirra says:

    Must put more faith in where I am right now- God put me here. He writes my story.

  142. Lisa Lewis says:

    The Bible Project has great videos of each book of the Bible.

  143. Ashley Jochmann says:

    Hello :) Curious to see what everyone thought about study question #2 in the workbook ?

  144. Kayla Cottrell says:

    This is my first study with the she reads truth community! It’s amazing that God is in work through everything even when we can’t see it or realize it!

  145. Eryn Murray says:

    When God begins preparing a big table for you! This first part is what I think about and this was a bigger picture that only Esther could imagine her purpose would serve! I just wanna say the King not only had the best parties but the best open bar too! Lol.

  146. Kristen Matthews says:

    First study—jumping in and joining the community!

  147. Hayley Thomas says:

    Definitely recommend the She Reqds Truth bible to use along with the study. It has some extra information about each book of the Bible in it and lots of room to take notes

  148. Tara L says:

    Hi. This is my first study as well- super excited.
    Proverbs 19:12 – Depending on where you stand with the King it could be like a roaring lion/bad- Vashti or it could be beneficial /good as dew is to the grass – Esther.

  149. Mich O says:

    Hi Jennifer!! I have been reading SRT studies for my staple devo…. anyway, I love Psalm 32 particularly in the New Living Translation. It is part of my story of returning back to God after living a prodigal daughter’s life. One of my favorite phrases is in verse 8 where the Lord leads us in the best pathway for our lives…. Anyway, did you have a specific question? ❤️

  150. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Hi Ladies!
    This is my first Book/Bible study (I started with Advent and then Faith In Practice) so while I wanted to continue reading Esther I did take pause when I came to the two scriptures ….and wanted to ask…Does anyone have thoughts on the 2 verses at the end of today’s reading Psalm 32:7-11 and/or Proverbs 19:12 ?!

    Thank you!!

  151. Rhonda Brander says:

    It struck me for the first time that If I were Esther and My king is requesting my presence .. how am I responding ?

  152. Jessica Hammett says:

    God has been very clearly stating to me that my life right now, albeit not exactly how I want it to be, is still under His pen. He is still writing it all, and I need to see it as that, not wasting time or breaths just going through the motions. But seeing Him in this season more so than any other.

  153. Jennifer Corkern says:

    Amanda and Kimberly – yes! Since we know Esther was in fear for her life to approach the king without being summoned it seems logical to assume the king (in his rage) could just as easily have had Vashti put to death for refusing to come to him when he summoned her. Perhaps this “normal procedure to confer with experts in law and justice” instead of acting immediately out of anger was a part of God’s “remembering (Vashti) in her plight”-Jami. Ultimately, of course God was allowing the removal of Vashti to get Esther into place to step up and play her role in the saving of the Jews. Maybe Vashti was alive to hear word of all the events that came to pass and perhaps through them she may even have herself come to know and fear God. We know that earlier Rahab feared God because of what she had heard of Him and how ultimately she was grafted in to the lineage of Jesus (she was the mother of Boaz, who was the great-grandfather of King David).

  154. Kimberly Torres says:

    Thanks for sharing this context, Amanda!

  155. Kimberly Torres says:

    The king’s actions in this first chapter show he is generous, fair, and seeks wise counsel. While his response to Vashti initially seems rash and out of character, I think that the symbolic weight of her actions and the potential ripple effects seem to trouble the king and his advisors more than any personal affront. It seems like he and his advisors worry how the Queen’s example will effect the relationships of every husband and wife in the kingdom. We aren’t given any explanation of Vashti’s reasoning for ignoring the king, but I wonder if she did it for what she thought was a good reason. Living as a royal demands so much, and I, for one, am grateful that my choices and actions aren’t so heavily scrutinized!

  156. Erin Batts says:


  157. Erin Batts says:

    That’s so interesting!

  158. Erin Batts says:

    What a great reminder that God is always at work in our lives, even when don’t always realize or recognize it!

  159. Amanda Kuykendall says:

    I was reading commentary in my bible and found this interesting- it was against Persian custom for a woman to appear before a public gathering of men. The conflict between this custom and the king’s command put Queen Vashti in a difficult situation. And ultimately she chose to refuse her husband’s command.

    But her refusal also placed Xerxes in a difficult situation. At the time they were preparing to invade Greece and the king had invited important officials from all over his land to see his power, wealth and authority. If it was perceived that the king had no authority over his own wife, his military credibility would be damaged- the greatest criterion of success for an ancient king.

  160. Heidi Anders says:

    I just got my She Reads Truth Study Bible in and I LOVE IT! It adds more depth to what the study is on this app! This is exactly what I have been looking for!
    Reading Ester with you lady’s has opened my eyes to a lot. I knew God was never really mentioned other than when Mordaci mentioned she would perish. But in the bible where the devo is that is different from online gives another perspective I never thought of. Perhaps the reason it was wrong in the eyes of the king for her to refuse because it was a norm for her to show herself to those around him that would fight with him to encourage them that he was powerful and magnificent enough to be the person to defeat the Greeks. The Queens refusal to come before the men wasn’t just embarrassing but was also disobedient. By her not showing up was showing the men that if he couldn’t control his wife then how could he take lead over a battle and win. At a women’s perspective it’s a “you go gurl!” But on the other hand it was very unwise of her. She didn’t go honor her husband. Instead she does what I have seen even non married women do and that’s not see the other persons perspective. Instead when we look at men like the king we see him as the enemy- arrogant, controlling. He wasn’t drunk. CSB says he was feeling good and the ESV says merry in heart from the wine so he still had his wits about him. If we struggle with the thought of us women submitting to our husbands if we’re married then this story is hard to take. That’s why it’s important to stop and really read to understand. I am a person who needs to understand what people are saying because I’ve been known to take things the wrong way so I have learned to ask is this what you mean and why do it that way. There is a time to question and a time to wait to ask the question.

  161. Alexandria Hipkins says:

    God is sovereign! And he’s working even when we don’t have the capacity to see him – how encouraging ☺️

  162. Laura Beckom says:

    Praise God He is always at work in our lives. What a great start to this plan. I thought the podcast was really good and recommend it to everyone.

  163. Heidi Anders says:

    I couldn’t agree more on wanting to read ahead! Lol!

  164. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    It’s exciting to see the beginning of God’s plan to rescue His people. Hard not to read ahead to see what happens next

  165. Christy Stanga says:

    Yes! We need to remember this story and have faith!

  166. Victoria CM says:

    So thankful to be part of this study. God has been directing each of our paths to be part of this study… I’m excited to hear Him through his word. Micah 6:8

  167. Laura Coey says:

    What an intense start to the story. I can’t wait to read more!

  168. Stephanie Beasley says:

    How timely for this study! I am clinging to faith that God is working behind the scenes in what seems to be hopeless. ❤️

  169. Dorothy says:

    I have read Esther several times and never realized until now that God was never directly mentioned in the book. The book of Esther, like the book of Ruth, is so inspiring. I love how God uses this women to change the course of two faiths. Esther can be an example to all women everywhere.
    Sisters have a blessed day and a blessed week.

  170. Anna Rautenstrauch says:

    I was wondering the same thing! Like obviously she didn’t want to be on “display”. Surely that’s not wrong if her

  171. Hayley AcMoody says:

    This comes at the best time in this season of life. A great reminder that God is always working even though we can’t immediately see it

  172. Eva Martinez says:

    Great start and confirmation that God is always working even when it looks like He’s not.

  173. Kalyn Davis says:

    I thought the same things while reading, I love the idea of God using this event to save his people through Ester but I can’t help but think about Vashti. She must have known what the consequences of her actions would be, I know there is more to her story and I sort of feel bad for her for being paraded around. Anyways thanks for commenting on this, it was nice to hear someone else with similar thoughts.

  174. Melissa Mcronney says:


  175. Edith Arroyo says:

    I remember reading Esther and never seeing God be mentioned but I knew He was always there. There was no lack of His hand in this story because he was all over it. He God the glory and in the process He also made a way for Jesus to come from a people group that was disliked.

  176. KJ Johnson says:

    God is working beyond the ugly circumstances of life. His ways are higher, we can trust and walk in faith each step part of his plan

  177. Jami says:

    I know this story is about Esther, the Jewish people, and ultimately, and more importantly about God. However, I can’t stop thinking about Vashti. She refused her husband, the king’s request, to be paraded and put on display in front of his intoxicated banquet party. He wanted to,“display her beauty,” because, “she was lovely to look at.” Perhaps her defiance was out of dignity? We don’t really know her thoughts, and we don’t really know what happens to her afterwards, except she was replaced.

    I know I’m looking at this through a modern lens, but I can’t help but feel for Vashti. I also had a similar reaction when we read about king David and Michal. What about Michal, who is also often cast as a villainess bc she she disapproved of his dancing in the street? Her problem was not the dancing. It was being used as a pawn by her father, and tossed aside by David who she once loved. I always wonder what happened to these women, and did God remember them in their plight?

  178. Emily McGrath says:


  179. Katarina Friedman says:

    So often I forget that God see the big picture and I see what is right in front of me. I don’t know about any of you guys but these last 10 months have been hard and at times seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What a wonderful reminder that God is telling every story and is writing mine for a reason and a purpose.

  180. Ramsi Hooper says:

    It is reassuring and also humbling to be reminded that God’s plans are always in motion in our lives. He never leaves us!!! Praise Jesus!

  181. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    God is always there even if the author did not give him credit, but you know he is directing and guiding things. I love this! ❤️

  182. Ana Valenzuela says:

    Justice evident but unseen. First time reading the book of Esther.

  183. Judy says:

    @AngelaWhite I wondered the same thing..

  184. Lauren Farley says:

    Praying, friend!! ❤️❤️

  185. Lauren Farley says:

    Praying, friend!! ❤️

  186. Cherie Allen says:

    Yes I love how you bring this back that God was clearly not at the forefront of their minds. The king was not honoring of his wife and she in turn was not honoring of her husband. This is how sin reminds us that we live in a fallen world.

  187. Carrie Hammons says:

    Yes – the book has some extras that aren’t on the website.

  188. Diane Richardson says:

    What a timely devotional and reminder that God sees the big picture and our view is finite. It is evident not just in this story, but in the SHE story. I know you didn’t decide to write this yesterday. It was probably a year ago. Thank you friends for being prayerful and obedient in planning so we could study Esther at just the right time. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast and continue the study.

  189. Angela White says:

    I’m glad you brought this up. I wonder the same thing. I love this story and how God use it for saving his people but I also can’t help but wonder about Vashti. I wonder how she might have felt and the women around her when she was asked to be put on show for her worldly king and his friends? I know times were different then but she was sort of standing up for herself to not be put on display for her body and looks alone. I wonder how God saw her heart and if he rewarded her not for “disobeying her king and husband” but for not being willing to conform to the world…?

  190. Churchmouse says:

    King Xerxes and his merry band of “wise advisers” are badly mistaken. It is impossible for husbands “to receive proper respect from their wives” by royal decree. Their wives may stand silent before them but that doesn’t mean they view them with respect. How different is the marriage of Xerxes and Vashti compared to Solomon and the Shulamite woman. Think too of Paul’s writings on the sacrificial love and the mutual submission which are to be hallmarks of a Godly marriage. Deal today with any pride or need for power or control. Respect comes from loving one another as Christ loves the Church. It’s a high bar but worth striving for.

  191. McKenzie Lawson says:

    Are the questions only included in the book?

  192. Amanda Brown says:

    Trying to immerse myself in EVERY sentence of this story! Today it just hit me how lavish everything was. I moved to LA from SC, and I have a feeling Esther felt the same way I did…like a small fish in a big pond haha, surrounded by things that at the and time feel too pretty/expensive and yet empty/evil. Excited to continue reading with you guys!

  193. Pamela Rush says:

    I am reminded that if God is orchestrating all of this and writing this story, then he is also writing my story and orchestrating his plans for my life. It is for me to listen and follow.

  194. Ashley Martin says:

    What an introduction! A huge feast, a disobedient wife, and decrees saying men can rule and say whatever they please. Clearly God was not at the forefront of these people’s minds, but God always had a plan. I cannot wait to learn more about Esther and how God uses her to rescue Israel. She was an ordinary Jewish girl chosen to do great things!

  195. Kristin Cole says:

    From the podcast: “God is planing our deliverance before the enemy starts to devise our destruction.” ❤️❤️

  196. Rachel Graumann says:

    Is anyone else doing this study with your husband? He Reads Truth is studying Esther this month as well.

  197. Michelle Parsley says:

    Always a good reminder that is working in and around us, for us even if we can’t see it.

  198. Maura says:

    “He is the one laying the plans, guiding the narrative, and guarding His people (Psalm 37:8–9). He is at the heart of this narrative, carefully choreographing the ultimate protection of His people.” Thank you Lord for guiding the narrative, bringing beauty from ashes, giving strength in our weakness, saving us from sin and death with grace and mercy. Praying for you Alyssa. Lean into His arms, He will hold you, He is able to take all you are carrying. Hugs Sisters. We are the church the bride of Christ, who gave His life for us. Such love such amazing incredible love for you and me. Healing, resurrecting love.

  199. Omorinsola Ajayi says:

    What a wonderful devotional. One question: How is the book of Esther so crucial to the course of history?

  200. Almira Wimberly says:

    ❤️❤️ eye opening message

  201. GramsieSue . says:

    As I begin this study, I am once again amazed at the timing of God.
    My husband and I are at a place we never expected to be. We are seeing God at work, knowing He is taking us to new places, feeling changes coming, apprehensive about those changes….
    But also knowing that God is good, and remembering all the ways He has worked in our lives through the years. Faithfully recalling ways He has turned “bad” and “ugly” into beautiful.

    All the feelings Esther must have felt….and knowing how the story ends.

    Blessings to my SRT sisters today. ❤️

  202. Taylor says:

    This will be the third time I’ve gone through the book of Esther in community within the last calendar year: okay Lord, I HEAR YOU ;) The first time was in April via a women’s Zoom group through my church when life was so uncertain at the start of the pandemic. The second time was with my old college field hockey teammates during the summer which was SUCH a blessing to reconnect with my old teammates in that way. And now a third time with SRT! Especially now as I’m in such a unknown season of life with taking my occupational therapy board exam next Monday, looking for jobs wherever God leads, I can hold fast to the truths revealed in Esther such as God is ALWAYS working, and His faithfulness and presence is so evident even in the chaos. Lord thank you for another chance to study this amazing part of Your Word!

    Also could you ladies please pray for my grandfather? He was just admitted to the hospital early this morning for dizziness and confusion – I don’t really know much else at this time. He’s also living in Texas which is very far from Delaware and I’ve tried 2 times in the past year to go see him (both opportunities ruined by COVID). He’s 89 and I really want to see him one more time before the Lord calls him home.

  203. Denise Stone says:

    Kelley Taylor, I agree so much and was initially so curious about Vashti. I was proud of her for standing up for what she believed. I know she is not a key player in the story, but her story and stance really stood out to me as well.

  204. Caitlin Ganjon says:

    It’s a shame that our comments can’t be put under who we are wishing to respond to. In response to Susies comment about Vashti not being put to death, I had the same thoughts, God’s hands were definitely upon her!

  205. Greta Vinston says:

    I’ve never really studied Esther. I’m interested in what I’m going to learn from this study!!!

  206. Mari V says:

    Happy Monday to you all. I echo Tina‘s words. I’m looking forward to the study as well. Have a blessed day my dear sisters.

  207. Caitlin Ganjon says:

    Agreed! ❤️

  208. Ashley Garcia says:

    The saving grace of the Father is beautifully and intricately woven through the Book and life of Esther from beginning to end. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the story of an unknown Jewish girl who was fully known by God.

  209. Selena Crathers says:

    Over and over the book of Esther has come up in my life. A few years back, a pastor told me I reminded her of Esther. I recently begin reading Esther and then saw the 14 day study on Esther yesterday. I am interested in what God is trying to tell me through Esther. Looking forward to diving deeper into this study.

  210. Kelley Taylor says:

    Vashti’s worth wasn’t determine by her lack of obedience to a worldly king. I wonder about the rest of her story. Was she glad to be rid of her husband? Were her days lived pining for him? Did she follow closely the Esther saga unfold?

  211. Tiffany C says:

    From childhood, I learned to make some origami. It started with some simple and common items like cranes, hearts, and turtles. In grade 9, my youth counselor taught me how to make something more intricate: a rose. Each one takes me around 15 minutes to make.
    10 years later, I’ve become a youth counselor and taught some girls how to make these roses too.
    Reflecting on the complex folding, 70% of the steps is setting up necessary folds that, by itself, don’t make anything that looks like a rose. Similarly, God’s plan is like that for us. Some beautiful stories only become beautiful right at the end.

    Esther is one of those stories. Before the redemption, there is so much conflict and anxiety. Rereading Esther, I tend to remember the beauty at the end and not the uncomfortable stuff in the beginning and middle. But like origami, those small steps are necessary to layout the beauty in the end.

    I’m looking forward to what God will highlight to us through this study!

  212. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

  213. J. Angela Nichole Fett says:

    I love the story of Esther. It is one near and dear to my heart. God is always working “in the background” so to speak on behalf of His people. His faithfulness is unmatched.

  214. Shannon Darrow says:

    That this book has continually jumped out at me through various people or situations. Looking forward to the story.

  215. Shannon Darrow says:

    Same for me!

  216. Heather Tam says:

    It seems to me that both the king and Vashti would have been very drunk, tired and fueled by the people surrounding them. It’s another reminder that those we spend time with can, and often do, have a large influence on the decisions we make. When I choose to spend real, quality time with God, my decisions are significantly better.

  217. Nicole VazquezNorcross says:


  218. Mary-Michal Linch says:

    Let me walk in the story you’re trying to tell of my life, in the ways to honor the Lord. Always. You are working amidst the uncertainty&chaos

  219. Megan Henderson says:

    Esther isn’t a story I’ve truly studied. I know the general idea (and Veggie Tales makes an entertaining episode on Esther), but I am eager to get down into the story and truly study it!

  220. Liz Haswell says:

    I see God’s hand not in turning the heart of the king, but in giving Vashti the courage to stand up to a sexist and humiliating request. Her small rebellion against the king sets off the expected patriarchal over-reaction, and the story begins!

  221. Dianna McFarland says:

    I love the line that “God is carefully choreographing this story” even though He doesn’t include His own name in the book. This story has much that makes me sad in it’s telling but I do love that God has a strong woman who leads following His will in the end to save the Jewish people. God shows He is always in control even when I don’t understand or I’m saddened and angry about events and people’s actions.

  222. Alisa Bard says:

    I love this!

  223. Allana Williams says:

    The books of Esther keeps coming up in my life over the last month or so. Really interested to see what God wants me to learn over the next 14 days.

  224. Ashley Taylor says:

    According to Enduring Word, a wonderful commentary, Vashti was summoned by the drunk Xerxes after an argument with his men who’s wife was the prettiest. He summoned her. She would be put on display wearing the crowd implying this would be in an immodest way. Tradition states too that she did not refuse out of modesty, having often appeared in parties nude or partially nude.

  225. Paola Hidalgo De Lara says:

    God is in control!!!! He sees the beginning and the end of our stories.

  226. Monique Wanner says:

    My “word” for 2021 is Divine Serendipity: to notice and be more aware of the ways God brings things about in my life to work for my good. I love how this study works right alongside that by allowing us to see how God was working in Esther’s life long before she came to the palace.

  227. ERB says:

    @Angie and @ LISA SHINN I loved both your perspectives on the party, Queen Vashti, and God’s deliverance!!! It has definitely made me stop and reflect. Thank you ladies for sharing!!!

    @Jasmine L. Holmes this paragraph: “The real storyteller here isn’t the author of Esther. The name of the Lord isn’t a detail he simply forgot to include. It is, rather, the Lord who is writing the story. He is the one laying the plans, guiding the narrative, and guarding His people (Psalm 37:8–9). He is at the heart of this narrative, carefully choreographing the ultimate protection of His people.”
    Really challenged me to see this book from a new perspective and I am looking forward to diving in deeper and exploring this!

    I also really loved (Proverbs 21:1) It reminded me of how a gentle but constant drip of water can mold and make something new out of ROCK!! It also reminded me of the POWER of water, and how it can change everything!!! At first I was thinking modern day hurricanes, rainstorms and floods, then God brought to mind the parting of the Red Sea, the stopping of the Jordan River, the Nile turning to blood, water to wine, water springing forth from a rock!!! ….there are so many examples of water that go hand-in-hand with the power and FAITHFULNESS of God!!!

    I can’t imagine how challenging it must’ve been for Esther… not knowing… but I also marvel at the extraordinary FAITHFULNESS of God that He exhibits to us ALL throughout history, and even now in “modern times” He is constantly showing us how FAITHFUL He is!! The challenge is to focus on HIS character, NOT on the “impossible mountain” before us!! If we change our focus, our circumstances change!!! When our eyes are fixed on GOD alone, there is NOTHING that can hinder!!!
    Lord help my eyesight and focus be only on You. Amen!!

  228. Saiward Brown says:

    I find it interesting that they would discuss matters of state while possibly drunk. One would think that matters of such importance would only be discussed with clear heads however after all that partying the king jumped right into handling the issue of the queens disobedience. Emotions were running high apparently for both the queen and the king. Her not doing as the king commanded also is something to note because in that culture this would not have been a normal reaction and he immediately sought legal advice from his counselors on the best way to handle it. Looking back at this now, we can see how God is moving however during that time the queens actions were quit radical and a huge show of disrespect to the king and his position.

  229. Kaitlin Childress says:


  230. Aisha Alexander says:

    When God has made a place for you in advance in a room you’ve never been in…. this shows nothing can prevent the advancement of God’s purpose for our lives. He made a way for Esther, and through her saved his people.

  231. Sharon Lee says:

    I think it’s a good reminder to be careful who we turn to for counsel. 

  232. Kirstyn Wright says:

    I was trying to respond to Jenny, about how Vashti probably refused because the king wanted her to dance with *only* the crown on…

  233. denise lombardozzi says:

    it was a different day and age, God was laying out a blueprint and it was clear then what had to be done….

  234. Kathy Bentz says:

    I had the same thought. I’ve read Esther before and never really considered Vashti until today. Why would she make a choice that clearly would upset him and, given the culture she lived in, put her in a precarious position?

  235. Jenny Pena says:

    I always wondered why Vashti refused to go to the king but then, maybe, the king wanted her to show herself with the crown -ONLY THE CROWN. It seems the king wanted to show off her beauty and somehow the crown only version makes sense to me

  236. Jamie says:

    I was thinking she refused because he just wanted to flaunt her around like a trophy for her beauty; like she wasn’t worth anything more.

  237. Angela Sutherland says:

    “Even when I don’t see it, You’re working…”
    I love the book of Esther and how clearly you can see the hand of God at work even though His name is never mentioned. In our own lives, however, up close to the action, it can be hard to see where God may be working, but He always is. The practice of remembrance is something in these moments that is important to be working on, so we don’t become disillusioned and think God has abandoned us. That’s not who He is or what He does. He is always moving.

  238. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I just love studying the book of Esther. Excited to unpack it with you ladies again!
    Blessings from a snow-covered Pennsylvania!❤️

  239. Aaliyah Rardin says:

    God is always at work. Even when we can’t see it, feel it or hear it. God is faithful and has a purpose for our lives.

  240. Caroline Melchert Prado says:

    Dear Alyssa,
    As I was (am) healing from trauma last year, God gave me this verse that was like a treasure handed to me from His own hands. I want to pass that verse on to you today, too. Make it your own! “„And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.“
    ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬
    Praying for you today.

  241. Sarah Weatherford says:

    This is another reminder for me lately that God uses chaos and uncertainty to bring order. Our world has been turned upside down over the past year. Ok, dear God – give me the courage to pursue your plan in this new normal.

  242. Steffi Montayre says:


  243. Beth Dalto says:

    Looking forward to this study

  244. Amaris Robinson says:

    I’ve been there, Alyssa. Saying a prayer for you today!

  245. Lisa Shinn says:

    I had never picked up on that line before that each man could do as they desired. All of the wine… imagine what was going on by this time. Being around a bunch of drunk people is not my idea of a fun time and then add to that “no restrictions.” No thanks. I would imagine while God was setting up Israel to be freed that He also freed Vashti in a sense. Interesting to think about!

  246. Sarah Nelson says:


  247. Amaris Robinson says:

    I have always loved the Book of Esther. I like to try to imagine what it felt like for Esther, to be uprooted from her family, thrust into a role she didn’t want, but trying to rely on and trust in God when everything – her life & her people’s life – was suddenly was at stake. It gives me an encouraging perspective on my responsibilities & troubles.

  248. Cammie Alexander says:

    I’m wondering why Queen Vashti refused to see the king. Was there a back story? Had they been at odds before?

  249. Dianne Pacewicz says:


  250. Laurie Martin says:

    God is always working…

  251. Natalie says:

    Karen – I read the study note in my Bible. It says that Xerxes is the kings greek name.

  252. Liz Keller says:

    I needed to hear this today ❤️

  253. Karen says:

    I had never noticed that different translations have different names for the king? Why? I had only read of king Xerxes.

  254. Karen Johansen says:

    Praying for you today, Alyssa.

  255. Angie says:

    Queen Vashti was in a difficult predicament when the king summoned her. The men were having a week long “garden party,” at the end of a 180 day party-party. Wine flowed freely. Scripture is specific about the affluence of the setting, length of the limitless partying, and lack of restrictions. (Queen Vashti at the same time was hosting the women of all these partying men.) It is my understanding that when he summoned her in her crown, that was all she was to be wearing. She chose (I believe by God’s prompting) not to go, the first step in God’s plan.

    The situation Esther was going into was certainly not what we would want for ourselves or our daughters. Because we know the whole story, we know that Esther will have many obstacles coming at her. Even without mention of His name, we know that God is the One guiding and instructing her. Later she will call for the people to fast and pray, which would lend us to believe it was a practice of her own. Later we will see that Esther built trust with the king with no ulterior motives. God worked through her, and certainly her spirit, showed His Spirit, to all.

    Tied to the scripture in Psalm, I am reminded that:
    Since the faithful, living-love of Jesus surrounds us, we have reason to be glad, rejoice, and shout for joy. We can rest in his instruction and counsel, protected, hidden, delivered. And, like Esther…live our days, (easy and hard ones) with no ulterior motives. Simply hiding our spirit, in His Spirit, surrounded in faithful love and trust of our Savior and Lord. May our spirit shine His Spirit, into the darkness.

    1. Annalyn Blakely says:


  256. Kimberly FowlerWillett says:

    God is always in control of what is happening even when we do not see it.

  257. Jos ByHisGrace says:

    This teaches me to depend on God, His plan and sovereignty instead of walking in my own plans,thinking that I know what’s best.

  258. Carrie Pauken says:

    7You are a hiding place for me;
    you preserve me from trouble;
    you surround me with shouts of deliverance.

  259. Kara Lerssen says:


  260. Holly BradleyDyer says:

    God is at work in my life always. I have to keep that at the forefront and not get caught up in the small things and let my feelings get hurt.

  261. Searching says:

    DANIELLE Z – praying for you today!

    ISABELLE – praying for you, your aunt’s family and your grandma.

  262. Alyssa Gomez says:

    “I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

    I need that promise as I heal from trauma and am knee deep in therapy. Sometimes it feels more exhausting to heal than to stay broken. It’s helpful to know this is Gods plan for me- healing and saving.

  263. Tina says:

    Looking forward to studying Esther with you all.
    Happy Monday covered in love!❤

  264. Caitie Webster says:

    “I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with my eye on you, I will give counsel.” Psalm 32:8
    Lord, may we all be open to your instruction as you show us the ways to go in our lives here on Earth. Let us seek your counsel throughout all of our days and await what’s next with eagerness to follow!

  265. Joanna Henderson says:

    I love the prayer in the study book for God to help us see His presence & provision in our past, before we came to faith in Him. What a sweet reminder to know that God’s been working out our salvation long before we could’ve known, and He sees the whole puzzle when we only see one or two pieces.

  266. Jess Kamm says:

    “But those who put their hope in the Lord will inherit the land” psalm 37:9 As Esther inherited the land, so will we!

  267. Sherry Wold says:

    The queen must be removed from her position. Makes me think of ‘positions’ in my life I have been removed from or removed myself from. At the time I was angry t my empowers or downing myself, but now I see how God was always at work.

  268. Marissa White says:


  269. Sarah Richardson says:

    God has a plan for each of us, are we turning our eyes upon him? Seeking his guidance?

  270. Tafadzwa Isabel Mundangepfupfu says:

    The God who can turn the king’s heart. When God’s hand is present it is evident