The Kingdom of God Comes Near

Open Your Bible

Mark 1:1-45, Nahum 1:15, Malachi 3:1

We all have that friend who is a skilled and elaborate storyteller. For them, context is everything and colorful details rule the day. Many of us also have that friend who’s known—and appreciated—for getting to the point. For them, the economy of words is more prized than a creative delivery. They’re direct because they value your time, yet somehow are just as engaging. What they have to say is always worth the listen.  

This is one of the things I appreciate about the book of Mark. He hits the ground running! This first chapter alone includes at least ten significant plot points of Jesus’s life, all connected with words like “immediately” and “right away.” There’s an efficiency to Mark’s message that tells me there’s no time to spare. The gospel is urgent, and there is so much he wants his readers to know about the Christ he loves and follows.

Still, amid the rapid-fire storyline of the first chapter of Mark, the moments of stillness have a way of standing out. Juxtaposing all the noisy action on the page, Jesus retreats to the wilderness (v.12), silences an unclean spirit (v.25), forbids the demons from speaking (v.34), goes away to a deserted place to pray (v.35), tells the healed man to keep quiet (vv.43–44), and ultimately begins preaching in deserted places (v.45). These many instances of quiet become too loud to ignore on a page with so much activity.

Mark doesn’t waste words. From the very first line, he gets straight to the point: Jesus Christ is “the Son of God” (v.1). Later, God Himself addresses Jesus as His “beloved Son” (v.11), and even the unclean spirit says to Jesus, “I know who you are—the Holy One of God!” (v.24). 

I’m a person who appreciates efficiency, so you can see why the book of Mark appeals to me. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t tender to my heart as well. “This is why I have come,” Jesus tells His disciples (v.38). Not to be flashy, not to draw big crowds, but to preach the gospel and bring the kingdom with a contagious holiness that could drive out demons and heal the sick. Yes, there is a lot of action, but the theme and thrust are clear, spoken from the lips of Christ Himself: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (v.15).

As we begin this journey through the Gospel of Mark, let’s pay attention to the inspired, intentional way this very unique book was written. But let’s not forget to also engage our hearts, remembering Christ’s simple call to “repent and believe” that the gospel is true. It is good news, and it is for all of us.

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135 thoughts on "The Kingdom of God Comes Near"

  1. June Pimpo says:

    I’m excited to study this book together. Jesus needed quiet time alone with His Father and so do I. He was led and empowered with the Holy Spirit as we long to be.

  2. Neeley Bounds says:

    The first chapter is very intense with the story of Jesus

  3. AJ says:

    I am touched by the word “immediately“. I must not wait when I am called. I must go immediately.

  4. Cee Gee says:

    “The kingdom Jesus preached was not just about a moral renewal. It was about trusting God, taking Him at His word, and living a relationship of dependence on Him.

    i. The ancient Greek word Jesus used for believe (pisteuo) means much more than knowledge or agreement in the mind. It speaks of a relationship of trust and dependence.”

    All through the Old Testament God wanted the trust of His people and now we see Jesus declaring the need to trust God and acknowledge dependence on Him. We are called to do the same.

  5. laura beyenhof says:

    Sooo looking forward to reading this study along with our church, Embrace (Sioux Falls, SD), beginning a sermon series on the book of Mark. Available to stream on YouTube! Pastor Adam Weber kicked off the series 10-23-2022.

  6. Dorcas Baxter says:

    41Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, “I will; be clean.”

  7. Susan Lincks says:

    So thankful that I am now taking time to read God’s word.

  8. Sirena Abalian says:

    What also stood out to me is that Jesus doesn’t ask for a story or reason to heal. He knows you are worthy and knows that once you experience the Gospel and Him you will serve because you want to, because you experienced His power and love.

  9. Emily Norwood says:


  10. Olivia Scherzer says:

    Yes! So excited for this study.

  11. Deana Steinke says:


  12. Elise Parisi says:


  13. Ellen Hopkins says:

    Praying for you!! I am also going through a spiritual battle, and it is exhausting and can feel like there is no end in sight. But the Lord tells us in Matthew 11: ““Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.””
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭11:28-30‬ ‭ESV‬‬
    I pray you feel the Lord meet you where you are, and not just sit with you and watch, but pull you up out of the struggle. He is so faithful to his children and he is there with you giving you his burden (which is the opposite of burdensome) and taking on your burden in return.

  14. Sara Hickey says:

    I love how there is silence in the midst of lots of activity. I’m reminded of how Jesus retreated to pray. The purpose of his ministry wasn’t to draw crowds, it was to draw people to the Father. I’m encouraged today to get alone with God in my quiet place, to retreat often to really press in to Him for no other reason but to get to know Him more.
    Love this plan already!

  15. Ranita Cox says:

    I have been trying to find a place to start. I was raised up in the church but once I joined the army I quickly began to do things on my own. With this journey of getting back on track it has made me realized he has been with me the whole time waiting patiently for his child to return back home. I’m back home and the word has never been so important to me and my family. I pray for a continuance of understanding and a new walk of life.

  16. Stacey Basa says:

    So good. ♥️♥️

  17. Ethan NLacyOurs says:

    Loved the reminder of how sweet and simple the gospel really is, thank you Lord for giving up your only son to die for our sins

  18. Mikayla HopeChildersAdams says:


  19. Emily Habib says:

    Such a beautiful song!

  20. Zoe Schneider says:

    Love it

  21. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord i thank you you are so good!

  22. Allie Crawford says:

    I am a little late in starting Mark but trying to catch up in time for Easter! Reading through chapter 1 and taking Paula’s advice in highlighting different themes- rest and urgency.

    My favorite phrase in chapter one is Jesus’s response to the man with leprosy where he says , “I am willing,” after the man begged him to heal him. Role reversal- I wonder what would happen if that was OUR immediate response to Jesus when he asked us to do something. “I am willing,” because we should be moved with compassion just as Jesus was in that moment.

    I love this comment section. I’ve been encouraged already just reading only a couple of posts. Thank y’all!

  23. Emma Arthur says:

    It’s wonderful just to see the contagiousness of Christ.. The disciples just knew there was something remarkable about who Jesus was, they left their careers and families immediately. Incredible sign of faith, going on to show some amazing healings and miracles plus Jesus desire to pray and be with the father. What a chapter!

  24. Paula Strong says:

    I started with the podcast and it got me so excited. I also got the book so I could underline and I underlined every time I saw the word immediately or other synonyms to these words of urgency. I counted 10! Then I used a different color for the parts where Jesus rested and/prayed. I was getting exhausted from the writing! I like a colorful story so the fast paced writing was a little hard so I had to slow down and dissect my reading a bit. I also noticed it said when evening came, after the sun had set they brought to him all those who were sick or demon possessed. Was this to help hide his identity fir the time being I wonder?

    1. Kenyatta S. says:

      What a wonderful idea to seek out a specific word as you go through the study. I have the book and have been hesitant to write in it.

  25. Rebecca Hopper says:

    I think sometimes we get caught up in the complexity of the Christian life that we forget about the simplicity of the gospel.

  26. Katherine says:

    That’s a beautiful song and the first time I heard it. Thank you.

  27. Marie Carpenter says:


  28. Emily Coggins says:

    I just needed this today! As so much has been put on my heart to hear this was exactly what God knew I was looking for!

  29. Rhonda Wood says:

    Thank you

  30. Erynn Moore says:

    Song is “Make Room” by Elyssa Smith

  31. Erynn Moore says:

    I always love how the disciples just up and left their careers, generations of wealth and provision, to follow Jesus. There’s a song I want to share that shows the heart of the disciples to do whatever Jesus was calling them to. That’s the power Jesus had, yet his power is never forced on them. It’s a power so loving and free we cannot help but be compelled to follow! and the grace and joy we receive when we do! ♥️

    Following Jesus isn’t a cost, it’s the most beautiful worthwhile precious calling we can receive as believers. Oh let us find joy in our surrender! Praise him!

  32. Dom Sch says:

    Thank you so much! Yes, I am loving these studies so far! I need to listen to the podcasts. I have not yet.

  33. Laney Coffman says:

    This is my first study with SRT. I’m loving the comments and views from other women. Always encouraging.

  34. Afua Tobigah says:

    “Jesus was moved with pity “ – He is merciful and shows that He understands.
    He touched a Leper – in those days , I bet that would be a huge no no
    He tells the healed man to go and show himself to the priest and do as the law of Moses commands . – He came to fulfil the law . Not destroy it . We live under grace , it doesn’t exclude us from the commandments . We operate in grace to fulfil the commandments .

  35. mia shelton says:

    I again, the way the book of Mark is written makes it easy to understand and read as compared to other books and I love it.

  36. Tracy Mattison Brandon says:

    I feel as though Mark is telling us in this first chapter, Don’t miss who Jesus is! Even the unclean spirit recognized that Jesus is the Holy One of God. Let us not miss what an unclean spirit recognized-who Jesus is.

  37. Lindsey White says:

    I feel like God is calling my heart to do some searching and repent. I’m excited to be guided by the book of

  38. Lindsey White says:

    I use the app!

  39. Victoria O says:

    Love your comments. So true and a great reminder ❤️

  40. Susan Greene says:

    Welcome both of you! I’ve been reading and studying with SRT for the last few months (since the Faith in Practice study). I do have a subscription bc the physical books are great to journal in and have interesting facts/maps/etc that aren’t on the reading plan on the app. But I love the convenience of the app so I switch back and forth. There is also a podcast every Monday with a different guest each week. This really enhances the study and allows us to go a little deeper with the scriptures for that week. What a great time to begin-if you decide to start with Mark, it’s carrying us through lent and into Holy Week which has been helpful to me to keep me intentional and present in preparation for Easter and celebrating and worshiping our Risen Saviour!

  41. Desiree R says:

    Subscriptions with the books delivered and we can read on the app!

  42. Dom Sch says:

    I haven’t finished Joshua yet, but I’m wanting to try and stay on track with the community here. Do most of you subscribe and get physical copies, or do you do the app instead?

  43. Megan Gerken says:

    Thank you ☺️

  44. Evelyn Horne says:

    Great point! Good food for thought.❤️

  45. Lorrie MilamFaber says:

    Wow! “Bring the kingdom with a contagious holiness”, I love this ❤

  46. Sarah de Leon says:

    Hi Megan, yes it does! Glad you’re here!

  47. Jennifer Lamb says:

    Welcome! Yes it does.

  48. Tiffany Crawford says:

    Looking forward to going deeper in the Book of Mark!!

  49. Sarah Moore says:

    Love this! Makes me think about the Urgency of The Gospel! There is no time to wait

  50. Shannon Cagle says:

    I am so excited to read Mark. I love his to the point writing style.

  51. Megan Gerken says:

    I’m starting the plan today. I’m new to reading along with the current plan. Does a new daily reading get posted each day?

  52. Karen Roper says:

    That first chapter of Mark gallops along. But it is really setting the scene. John baptises suddenly. Jesus appears suddenly being baptised and doing miracles. It’s as if Mark is trying to convey the suddenness and surprise of it all. People have been waiting for centuries then suddenly. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that suddenly Jesus will appear again.

  53. Lisa S says:

    Cannot wait to dive into Mark! Love the photos and the artistic details in the study book!

  54. Anna Cyr says:

    Jesus responded or acted “immediately” 9 times in this passage. I wonder if Mark saw his actions as “immediate” in real time or if he recognized that timing later?

  55. Norma Toledo says:


  56. Jennifer Wagner says:

    Excited to dive into this Gospel as we head into the Easter season! ❤️

  57. Alexis Smith says:


  58. Brookd Graham says:

    Excited for this journey through Mark!

  59. Hannah Turner says:

    Mark is one of my favorite books to read about

  60. Ashlan Ludden says:

  61. Adrienne * says:

    Yes, McKenzie!

  62. Julia Hagen says:


  63. Shelley Merkley says:

    Great comments below! I love the gospel of Mark. He doesn’t mess around and gets us right to the point of following our Savior!❤️

  64. Megan Dixon says:


  65. Ashley Huff says:

    So excited to be reading this and being close to Easter! ❤️

  66. Sangeetha says:

    I too caught the repetition of the word “immediately”, as someone who is quite risk averse and a bit of a procrastinator, the quick progression with with which both the disciples and Jesus responded to their calling, to a need, was particularly confronting. Are there things in my life right now that I am turning a deaf ear to because it’s just easier to ignore than address, respond to? In light of the urgency of Christ’s imminent return, am I quick to listen, respond and act as the Lord leads?

  67. Alyssa Rodriguez says:

    “Follow me.” If I was working and someone said “follow me,” I’d first be like “uhhh I gotta ask my boss if I can flex my schedule or use some vacation time to cover my time away from work”… but these men literally dropped everything and followed Jesus. So powerful

  68. Kelly says:

    I had never noticed the balance between immediately and Jesus taking the time to be silent, rest, and pray. He moved quickly and slowly where needed.

  69. Stephanie Willis says:

    I looked up the definition of the word herald: an official messenger bringing good news or a person who serves as a sign that something is about to happen. Both such good explanations of John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus! I was struck with the quote from Isaiah that said ” prepare the way for the Lord.” As we are at a year since COVID created the quarantine it wonder how this last year has prepared the way for the Lord? Who is ready this year to hear the gospel that had not been in the past?

  70. McKenzie Lenz says:

    I love how the disciples made the courageous choice to follow a complete stranger with little to no thought about it. They were very courageous in their choice. Jesus presence must have been truly good and holy for them to drop everything and follow. I also love the compassion Jesus has over the leper man. The word used pity is used in the verse, but Jesus reply “I will, be healed” is loaded with compassion. May we never look down on others who are less fortunate and instead be compassionate. ❤

  71. Suzanne says:

    I am so excited to dive into Mark’s gospel. The words repentance and immediately spoke loudly.

  72. Traci Gratopp says:

    totally agree! ❤️

  73. Mercy says:

    I never realize how Mark is fully packed of actions and details. Thank you for pointing that out, and surely there is a hidden urgency implied here like many said. Truly if I introduce Jesus to someone, now it may be the first chapter of Mark. It does sum up all of Jesus’ model examples in his ministry from baptizing, fellowship with disciples, preaching with authority, healing, casting out demons, early morning prayers in solitary place. At times I fall short thinking Lord what can I do? Since the Kingdom of God is not just talk, but demonstrating the mighty power, which is what Jesus did here. But then, I hold on to the hope, provision is given, Jesus says, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father”. Father, I pray that the same works You did, I also can do, and will do. All praise and glory be to your Name forever and forever. Amen.

  74. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love how in the midst of all the action of Jesus’ ministry, he still takes time to be alone with God and pray. He shows us the value of silence and solitude with God. I know that my time alone with God energizes me for the activity of my day. I’m also amazed that the disciples who were mentioned in the chapter immediately follow after him. May I immediately follow after what Christ is calling me to do in my life. I pray I wouldn’t waste time.

  75. L M says:

    I love how the disciples responded IMMEDIATELY when Jesus called them to follow Him. O my Saviour help me to respond IMMEDIATELY when you call me to action. Help me to say YES!!

  76. Angelica Ging says:

    I’m so excited to be going through this. My church is currently going through Mark on sunday mornings

  77. Ana Valenzuela says:

    WOW is all I can say! At the moment I am reading Matthew so it feels like I jumped straight into Mark VERY excited :) “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near. REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS!” ❤️

  78. Heather Walker says:

    I’m so excited to start this journey through Mark,, I have never dived into or read completely through mark and I’m so excited to gain knowledge and wisdom of our Lord and Savior. I have probably heard all of the stories in Mark but I’m excited to experience this entire book for myself

  79. Natasha Fish says:

    I am so thankful for this study. I have always loved Mark’s excitement; this gospel feels like a wonderful adventure every time! However, reading it in the physical book format invites me to slow down and savor every word. Instead of getting swept away in the adrenaline-packed pace and plowing through to the end, I feel encouraged to engage with every verse; each line has so much goodness packed into it and I don’t want to miss a moment. For one, noticing how often Jesus seeks solitude in the wilderness is so significant. Even though his message is urgent, he is never in a hurry. What a good, happy, rested, sovereign Christ we follow.

  80. Peggy Jenkins says:

    Mark says it all in so few words. My son is a man of few words but when he speaks I listen because he is wise. Mark is the same. One of my favorite things in today’s reading is the healing of the leper and that Jesus touches him before he heals him. The man was unclean and probably hadn’t been touched in a long time but Jesus touched him first. He knew that this man needed the touch of a human also.

  81. Natasha Fish says:

    I am so thankful for this study. The space provided balances the pacing of Mark so beautifully; I am able to engage with every sentence without being wh

  82. Dorothy says:

    About 15 years ago a good friend of mine and I went on a tour of the Holy Land and we both got baptized in the Jordan River. I had been baptized before but it was totally different to be baptized where Christ had been baptized.
    Raechel reminds us to engage our hearts. She also says that “remembering Christ’s simple call to “repent and believe” that the gospel is true.”
    Have a blessed day and week sisters.

  83. Kandyce Johnson says:

    Super excited to read this especially this close to Easter❤️

  84. Chelsie Micek says:

    Thrilled to be diving into this book and studying it more! I love falling more and more in love with the heart of God and what He has done for us.

  85. Cubanita Prosper says:

    Jesus got up early before the sun even got up and went to a place of solitude to talk to the Father…… if Jesus need that time, boy how much more do I!!

  86. Michelle Patire says:

    I’m excited to start reading more New Testament scripture. I’ve had my nose buried in the Old Testament for a good couple months, now. It’s always refreshing to study the gospels.

    As I read today, I notice how Jesus’s ministry was focused on these things (FOR PEOPLE): preaching, teaching, healing, & delivering from demons. The disciples are seen in this chapters as merely companions. Their ministry is just beginning- and their role, right now, is to spend time with Jesus and watch. Watch Jesus preach and teach. Watch Jesus heal. Watch Jesus deliver people from unclean spirits. These things Simon, Andrew, John, and James will all do, one day. I see God preparing their hearts, witnessing Him at work. It is really awesome. It reminds me that new believers need to be in close relationship with mature believers- watching them do ministry. This is so necessary to them, so that they can grow into their ministry. It took the disciples 3ish years to get to that point.

    I have been thinking about my own walk. I am so thankful my pastor’s wife took me under her wing and helped coach me in ministry, in my early years. Not too long ago. Thank you, Lord, for showing me the value of discipleship. May I pay it forward, in time.

  87. Nicole VazquezNorcross says:

    I love this study of Mark! He wasted no time.

  88. Schenelle Guebara says:


  89. Natalie McMahon says:

    I realized today that I Mark is probably the gospel I have read the fewest number of times, and it probably has something to do with how much he packs in at one time. However, today I had a nostalgic feeling taking this high speed tour of Jesus early ministry and remembering the awe and wonder I felt as a kid hearing each one of these stories. I want to capture that again during this study.

  90. Laurie says:

    This is my first SRT study! What a great way to start as I prepare for Easter. I love reading your comments and am looking forward to learning and growing alongside all of you! I love the contrast between activity and the need for rest and seclusion. This is so true of my own life, though I often forget the seclusion part. I am always better off if I take the time to rest, reflect on what Jesus has to say, and pray.

  91. Maura says:

    So much in this first chapter of Mark. It feels like a condensed version of so many things. All pointing to Jesus being the son of God. His miracles and what we are to do, believe and repent. All good news. Looking forward to these days of delving into Mark with all of you. His joy and peace to you all.

  92. Jessica Corbett says:

    I was trying to take notes and caught my self saying Mark slow down lol great read

  93. Jessica Rogers says:

    I feel like you could do a word study off of just immediately and right away in the gospels! Jesus did not hesitate to bring people to Him, to heal the sick. And the disciples didn’t hesitate when He said “come, follow me.” It makes me want to be more immediate and responsive to what God is calling me towards

  94. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    Mark hits the ground running! Action of Jesus from the word go! Thank you father for letting us know who your son is and what he did for us! Praying for all of us!

  95. Mari V says:

    I guess I never noticed Mark gets right down to it. There’s truth in that we learn something new every day. I’m looking forward to this journey with all of you as we do as Raechel encourages all of us to do this morning. “Repent and Believe”.

  96. Crysta says:

    Good morning SRT CLAN!!

    ““Don’t tell anyone about this. Instead, go to the priest and let him examine you. Take along the offering required in the law of Moses for those who have been healed of leprosy. This will be a public testimony that you have been cleansed.”” Mark‬ ‭1:44‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    This scripture, stood out to me the most. Jesus knew all things. Jesus commanded this man to be a public testimony Jesus way; yet the man healed from leprosy decided to be a public testimony his way. This was a sharpening to myself. What areas of my own life am I trying to be a testimony my way, instead of Jesus’ way? I need to go pray as Jesus did in Mark 1:35, because I want truth even if it’s tough to hear. It’s crucial to my deliverance, as Jesus healed so many people in this first chapter of Mark.

    Right now things don’t look in my life how I expected. Jesus knows all things. Jesus knew I’d be here today. Just like Jesus knew this healed man was going to do exact what he did. As a result a crowd surrounded Jesus. That also makes me wonder was it the right crowd? Despite my wonder, Jesus walked in love and obedience to our Heavenly Father. That’s so profound to me. That’s such a beautiful sharpening. I’m in awe. It means that it doesn’t matter if the crowd of people have the right intentions or not. Jesus stayed on course. Thank God for Jesus, because there was so much activity that happened after the healed man didn’t listen to Jesus. What a sharpening to not get distracted by activity. I’m guilty of that. I can easily get distracted by activity. Yet, Jesus went into seclusion.

    Seclusion is such a crucial part of our walk as Christians. I’m grateful for this timely reminder. Seclusion is where we can seek out our Heavenly Father. Seclusion is where we can become still, and pray. Seclusion is where only God can ease our many questions with His divine direction. Jesus is the greatest example of leadership for me. His human moments are a reassurance that seclusion is what is needed to refocus, and not get swept away with all the activity happening in our lives. They’ll always be activity. Thank God for seclusion.

    I also loved the tie in to Old Testament (OT) with (Nahum 1:15) prophesying about Jesus. And (Malachi 3:1) prophesying about both John the Baptist and Jesus. It’s reassuring for me that everything in the Bible is divinely purposeful.

    Have an amazing day SRT clan. ❤️

  97. Pamela Dowd says:

    “Therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” Hebrews‬ ‭2:17-18‬ ‭

    When I look at chapter 1 I see so many ways, as a man Jesus could experience temptations yet conquered them as the Beloved Son of God: exhaustion (too tired to rise early to pray), pride (he teaches better with so much more authority, even the demons listen to him), desire to have his ministry go own way (don’t tell anyone), I have followers; I’m an influencer (sigh) …

    When I read the gospels, I like to notice the ways He can relate to us, the many ways “he had to be made like us,” how he suffered when tempted…all to become our faithful high priest, One who prays for us! He is well able to provide our way of escape because He ran the gauntlet for us!

    He is our only way of escape from the temptations we face. “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:13‬ ‭

  98. Taylor says:

    So excited to dive into Mark as a community! I love the air of urgency in this Gospel paralleled with the need to rest and pray. How similar to our lives in American culture – needing to be reminded to rest. As my days of job searching are most likely winding down, I want to enjoy this season of free time and ample time for rest as the busy-ness of a new job (my first “big girl” job) kick in starting potentially in early April! Lord may your kingdom come, may YOUR will be done!

  99. Holly Robbins says:


  100. Amy Collett says:

    Good morning SRT Sisters!

    I too had studied Luke previously, but never Mark. I am looking forward to studying this with you all – so much happening in the first chapter already! Have a blessed week my friends. I’ll be praying for our community this week.

  101. Lisa S says:


  102. Gina says:

    I love how Jesus is given 3 names so quickly in this chapter. The Son of God. My beloved Son. The Holy One of God. From Mark. From His Father in heaven. And from an unclean spirit. I never realized that before! Thank you for this study and your insight into the beautiful Word of God.

  103. Whitney Boggioni says:

    My church has just started working through Mark a few weeks ago (we’re still in the first chapter), so this is perfect!

  104. Sherry Wold says:

    The Book of Mark is full of goodness. And Hope. Speaks of Jesus in his time here beautifully. This first chapter alone happy enough to turn any soul to the Lord. Forget the rest of the Bible this is the meat and potatoes this is where Jesus did signs and wonders and performed miracles. It’s also the starting point of so many other wonderful stories I realized the Bible starts with Genesis but if we’re looking to the gospel this is where it starts

  105. Deanna says:

    Even the demons know Jesus. (v. 34; James 2:19). I can read the Bible and gain knowledge and regurgitate scripture… but does it change my actions? Am I molding my life to the model Christ provided? So many days, that answer is no… but I have faith that He meets me where I am, every day. Lord, open my heart to You.

  106. Malorie Kahl says:


  107. Pam Seipp says:

    Thank you, I love the knowledge Jesus was efficient and eager, but he was also mindful to rest with the Father. What a lovely reminder for all of us. Praying for our community to learn and grow in God’s Word.

  108. Beth Dalton says:


  109. Heidi says:

    In our church’s online sermon yesterday (we’re in a series on Prayer) our pastor brought up (using the Lord’s Prayer as example) the purpose of prayer having little to do with making our requests, although, yes, that too is a God-intended USE of prayer. But rather, the PURPOSE is to usher in God’s kingdom. To call His kingdom into our hearts, our minds, and then naturally we carry it into the world around us. YOUR kingdom come. YOUR will be done. Even as we will see (spoiler alert!) our Savior say these exact words to his/our Father on his last night on earth. Praying this morning for me to recognize where I have set up MY kingdom and asking for the wisdom and insight to tear it down and allow my Lord’s kingdom to take up residence with me – and may it be furthered in those around me.

    1. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      Love this

  110. Rachiel says:

    What stood out to me the most was how the disciples just left their jobs and families to follow Jesus. They didn’t even give it a second thought. Am I as willing to follow where Jesus wants me to go, or am I more tethered to the comforts of Earth?

  111. Julie T says:


  112. Ann Harris says:


  113. Jenn Burris says:

    I have read Mark before and remember thinking wow there is SO MUCH happening in these chapters, how can I really digest it all? I never connected that to the theme of Mark’s message. The kingdom of God is NOW, so repent. Even in the way he writes this first chapter he writes with urgency so we the reader feel that urgency. Such a powerful day one!

  114. Jeannie Wilson says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever really “studied” Mark- definitely not as often as I have Luke. I am excited to start this study! I agree that Jesus teaches us a good lesson when He went out before day to pray. I find my morning Bible study and prayer time is the most important part of my day. Like others have said, if I don’t do it first, it won’t be done. I also think that time with God and His Word is the best way to start my day! Another point that stuck out to me today and something that always amazes me is how the demons respond to Jesus. Wow!

  115. Lucy Goodwin says:

    The urgency is so palpable!

  116. Tina says:

    Looking up. Looking forward. Looking to the word of God through Mark, to Renew. Regenerate. Restore me.

    Absolutely looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

    Happy Monday dear friends.. always in love..❤

  117. Amber Cable says:

    I love this too!

  118. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Praise God

  119. Susan Crocker says:

    Excited about this study!

  120. Churchmouse says:

    The speed in which Mark writes indicates the urgency of his message about who Jesus is. “Repent and believe the good news!” Mark means NOW, don’t delay. Just as John the Baptist was crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way, Mark is crying out that the time of preparation is over, the Messiah is here! Mark is in a hurry, the good news so good he can barely take a breath as he tells the story. Mark is action packed because it is time to take action. Proof of the Messiah abounds and Mark wants all to know and believe. Let us pray all the more diligently for those whom we desire to do the same.

  121. Julie says:

    I am so happy to be starting another bible study with SRT. This community has been of a great support to me through the years. I am so grateful to be back with you here. I haven’t been on the comment section in a while but I am beginning a new morning routine, getting up at 5:00 am to make an intentional start to my day with the Lord. I am appreciating the quiet time to do this.

    I too did not pay attention to the quiet moments the Lord was taking against all the activity because I was so focused on the quick succession of events. I am thankful to be reminded of how important our quiet time with the Lord is. No matter how busy life gets, I want to take time with the Jesus, to feel connected with Him.

    Blessings SRT sisters

  122. Magdalena Hauman says:

    I love how Mark pointed out that Jesus had to get up, while it was still dark to pray. I imagine this is because Jesus wanted to spend time with God BEFORE all the distractions of day started. I don’t know about you, but it’s true for me, if I don’t do it early before everyone else gets up, chances are that I won’t have time.

  123. LeAnn Schmitt says:

    Good morning all! Grateful to begin this study of Mark as Easter approaches. Look forward to digging into why Mark is written in such a unique way and what we’re to learn about Jesus.

  124. Sadie Roberts says:

    Mark is so much my favorite, I named my own little momma’s boy after him. John Mark. ♥️

  125. Kristen says:

    If you ever wondered why Jesus was babtized by John since He didn’t sin and didn’t have to repent, I found an explanation. Here is a link in case you want to read it.
    Jesus is and was so amazing! Thank You, Jesus for being obedient in all things and taking on our sins, the sins of the world so we can be with You and saved for eternity! Help me to be undone by the work on the Cross more and more. Please let people hear the The Gospel that is the best news and immediately repent and be saved and may we all be singing praises for eternity. Please draw each one so that none perish today without salvation in Jesus Name Amen.

  126. Kandi Hall says:

    Loved seeing this perspective. Looking forward to learning more about Jesus in this book.

  127. Makayla Bennett says:

    This rapid fire is new to me. I kind of love it where I’m at in life right now. It’s also so encouraging to see that Jesus valued and needed his alone and quiet time just as much as any of us. I’ve been loving getting to wake up early and get work done while my daughter sleeps but it was so good to open the Bible first this morning and start there before work.

  128. Rachel Romero says:

    I love the lesson of the quiet in the activity. I’ve only recently started the practice of a morning quiet time and it makes such a huge difference in my very busy days.

  129. Mo says:

    I’ve been planning to start a bible reading plan from April but seeing that the SRT community will be reading the book of Mark I decided to start right away. Going through the first chapter I felt like everything is rushed and so many things are happening at once until I read your commentary and the fact that there is a reason that Mark wrote the gospel this way makes me even more excited. Really looking forward to indulge in this study.

  130. Maiya K says:

    I’m really looking forward to taking some time in Mark. And today, what a great reminder/encouragement to take some time to just be quiet – for me.

  131. Monica Sprague says:

    I’m a very verbose person and have always preferred Luke to Mark. Looking forward to the rapid fire delivery of Mark and the SRT perspective. As today’s, I never caught the pauses in the activity or the silence in the bustle. Thank you for drawing my eyes into the calm and my ears into the stillness.

  132. Terany Garnett says:

    So good to read about Jesus. I think it’s so important that we find quiet time especially when so much is going on- it’s essential to speak to our Father in Heaven. No matter what happens we need to make time to communicate and meditate in God’s presence