The First Sunday of Advent

Open Your Bible

Luke 2:30-31

My grandmother had five siblings: three sisters and two brothers, plus a collection of brothers- and sisters-in-law to round out the crew to a full dozen. The holidays of my childhood were highlighted by memories of them cooking meals together, sharing stories, singing by the light of the moon, and laughter—always laughter. 

Our family lost the last of them this year, and my mom and I found ourselves immersed in my grandmother’s old photo albums. There in black and white stood the Sisters, as we call them, and a simple realization startled me. These wise, lovely, larger-than-life women from my earliest memories were not the otherworldly figures I always thought them to be. I couldn’t see it as a young girl, but now as a woman, not much younger than they were then, I can imagine the longings that must have lived underneath the laughter. Longings for painful relationships to be repaired, for ailing bodies to be healed, for deeply held hopes to become reality, for mounds of uncertainty to be overcome with surety. In my eyes the Sisters were strong and sure. But they were just like me, limping toward Christmas Day with an ache for restoration embedded in their hearts. 

I’ve been thinking of them as we prepare for another Advent, how each generation is united to those before and after by a bones-deep desire for everything to be made right. We see it throughout the Old Testament as God’s people waited for the Messiah. We hear its echo in the New Testament as the early Church waited for Christ’s return. And we feel it still today as we remember the birth of our Savior and look forward to His promised return. 

This is what the season of Advent is about: anticipating the birth of the One who meets every need. Jesus is the man from heaven who came to reconcile us to God. He is the bread of life who satisfies our deepest hunger. He is the King of the nations who brings the hope of heaven to the whole world. He is God with us, the only one worthy of our worship. 

This is our twelfth Advent as a She Reads Truth community, and I’m thrilled that you’re joining us! Together we will celebrate the season with food and song. We will decorate and anticipate. We will read the ancient prophecies of the Savior and rejoice in their fulfillment. And we will look with hope to the promised day when every nation and generation will know full and lasting peace in the presence of Jesus. 

O come, let us adore Him! For He alone is worthy—Christ the Lord.

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238 thoughts on "The First Sunday of Advent"

  1. Mariah Agnes Matakena says:


  2. Trishia Engle says:

    “Restoration” struck a chord in my heart. That will be my word for the new year, thank you for this!!! Amen! ❤️

  3. Shaz Naks says:


  4. Kendra Neely says:


  5. Stephanie Brown says:


  6. ryleigh pratz says:


  7. Leslie Tuakalau says:


  8. Gina Jones says:

    Just found this app, so I’m starting the advent reading. I’m excited

  9. Kishi Wuraola Fadeko says:

    Glory to God

  10. Karen Breaux says:

  11. Kerry B says:


  12. Kelsey Hasse says:

    FULL and LASTING PEACE in the presence of our Lord!

  13. Karen Horne says:

    Catching up. Love this!❤️

  14. Tate Fisher says:

    Thank you for creating such beauty devotionals ❤️

  15. Leslie Burkey says:

    Catching up!

  16. Elizabeth Dunkerson says:

    Advent is my favorite study of the year. I’m so far behind but I’m going to work to catch up.

  17. Karen Martin says:

    Late to the reading, but catching up on a trip in the morning. I’ve always wanted to do an advent study with my girls and these always seem perfect.

  18. Jennifer Filpo says:


  19. Becky DechCongdon says:

    Welcome back to the family!

  20. Emily Curtis says:


  21. Isabella Cox says:


  22. Lori Jordan says:


  23. Julia Falk says:


  24. Deena Knapp says:


  25. Abby Mann says:

    This is my first Advent after wandering from the Lord for ten years. I find myself overwhelmed with trying to discover God not just for myself but for my children. I am starting this late but excited to discover more about my God in this season.

  26. Renee Willis says:


  27. Donna Adams says:

    You meet every need…Jesus our generous provider…Jehovah Jireh…remind us You are more than enough this season! Give us eyes to see You in every uncertainty..we look to You this Advent Season!

  28. Erica Parker says:

    Oh what great anticipation we have for His retuen

  29. Julianne Jacob says:


  30. Jacqueline Banning says:


  31. Jemima Chana says:

    A blessing read this and reflect in anticipation of our first family Christmas with an additional generation present #auntyduty

  32. Arianna Kirk says:

    So excited to be here! This is my 2nd Advent.

  33. Jerusa Rose Smith says:

    Another first Advent here! Looks like the community is growing and becoming more spiritually mature! How exciting!

  34. Dawn Hall says:

    What a beautiful description of what Advent is!

  35. carrie legions says:

    This is also my first study for advent I m looking forward to it

  36. Natasha Bolling says:


  37. Amy Fulford says:


  38. Whitney Francis says:


  39. erica hudson says:


  40. Sherry Lawson says:


  41. Missy Haussler says:

    “ Limping towards Christmas day with an ache for restoration embedded in their hearts” ❤️

    1. Cubanita Prosper says:

      Isn’t that so beautiful!

  42. Jamie Lamb says:


  43. Khari Harrison says:


  44. Charla Baggs says:


  45. Tammy Stecker says:

    I loved that story of the sisters!

  46. Cynthia ChristopherWhite says:

    Losing the Christmas of our childhood makes the consistency of what the advent season has in store for us all the more meaningful.

  47. Hope Awojobi says:

    This struck a chord with me!

  48. Victoria Barela says:

    I am so grateful for the She Reads Truth Community plans. They never fail to encourage me and point me to Jesus. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to focus on our Lord this season and always.

  49. Charla Kaelin says:


  50. Susan Newsome says:

    I can relate to the “Sisters”. My mom had 4 sisters and one baby brother.
    She and Uncle Sonny are left to carry on the family traditions. I treasure all the memories of them and the faith they displayed! Looking forward to this Advent! I am sharing this study with my mom and her friends at an assisted living home in Athens, GA.

  51. Susan Bumpus says:

    Beautifully expressed, sweet Amanda.

  52. Maritza Pinero says:

    Love this…getting my heart ready❤️

  53. Hannah Elliott says:

    Hi friends, will there be no images to share this year?

  54. Wanda Woehlert says:

    This is my first Advent with She Reads Truth. I love reading the Christmas story of Jesus Christ’s birth!

  55. Keely Wood says:

    This is my first advent devotion. I have grown up in church and always celebrate with my family and church. I am excited to take my knowledge to a deeper level.

  56. Shanell Rose says:

    I hate to admit this BUT this is my second attempt at completing an Advent study… BUT this time something feels different! I’m excited to see how Gods words will comes alive and how I can apply it to my life!

  57. Emma Elliott says:

    My first advent with SRT!! So excited! I grew up a believer but my family never really did Advent things. But- as an adult now- I’m hoping to start new traditions of my own!

  58. Shannon Majzner says:

    Amen and this is my first advent. I can’t wait for more of them to come.

  59. Nahir Svadbik says:

    First advent here too. So excited to re-focus my attention on Christ, the reason for the season!

  60. Terri Baldwin says:

    I love Advent studies!!
    “The Word, The Light, The Life “

  61. Melinda Cable says:

    This is my first advent with She Reads Truth! I am looking forward to this study!!

  62. Dianne Araujo says:


  63. Donna Wolcott says:

    Dear Cherrie, you ARE seen, loved and lifted up by all your sisters here each day and those quietly in the background. Praying the Lord fills you with peace and hope.

  64. Jenny Pearson says:

    I have been a part of SRT for a while, but this is the first year my sister-in-law and I are doing it together. We live in different states, but we are excited to prepare our hearts for Jesus’s birth through this study together! O come let us adore Him, sisters in Christ!

  65. Meggan Haslett-Davidson says:

    This is my first advent as a believer and I am amazed at how much is already amazing ❤️

  66. kendall durham says:

    First Advent Experience!

  67. Karen Kubiak says:

    Soooo blessed to be doing this year’s Advent study with 4 generations of women in my family: my mom, me, my daughter & my granddaughter Sunday. (She’s only 10 months but attends every week.) My sister is with us too. What a gift to be part of this rich heritage. All of us came to faith on our own time; one of us is a new believer. And Sunday is a future believer. Good is so good, and to study with SRT gives such joy to my holiday season.

  68. Marissa Williamson says:

    So excited!

  69. Abbey Proctor says:

    So excited for this advent

  70. Sarah Strange says:


  71. Meredith Oesting says:

    Thank you for 12 years of advent devos! They’re the best.

  72. Jenifer Noyes says:

    First of many

  73. Hannah pak says:

    A longing for what only God can provide!

  74. Crystal Ring says:

    This is my first experience with Advent as well. I am thankful to be part of a group of like minded women all sharing the same study. Thank God for you and the creators of SRT.

  75. Cheyenne Campbell says:

    This is my first SRT advent. I am looking forward to intentionally slowing down to let Christ show me what He has this season!

  76. Heather Gonzalez says:


  77. Lydia Long says:

    Grateful for the nourishment of the Bread of Life this Advent season!

  78. Zaneta Kelsey says:

    Yes, He alone is worthy! Looking forward to this.

  79. Lucy LaMar says:

    Excited to refocus the advent season on what makes the season so important!

  80. Lindsey LaBouve says:

    This is my first SRT Advent. Can’t wait to experience this with y’all!

  81. Lori Young says:

    I love the nostalgia themed book ! My daughter and I are doing the study together . I feel so blessed to have this connection .

  82. CHARMAINE says:


  83. Kristy says:

    My absolute favorite is advent!! Excited for another study drawing each of our hearts to Him this Christmas season!!

  84. Ashton Morris says:

    This is my first Advent on my own— I’m so happy to have ya’ll to guide me through it. Merry Christmastime everyone! God is so so good.

  85. Kimberly Nettles says:

    Love Advent with SRT!

  86. Chardon Dean says:

    My first advent. God is SO good!!!

  87. April Adkins says:

    I love Advent. This is my second She Reads Truth Advent.

  88. Kaz Griffin says:

    This is my first she reads truth and time experiencing advent! So excited .

  89. Vicki Furnish says:

    Thankful to be doing this study with my three daughters and my closest friend and her daughters as well.

  90. Karli Teague says:

    This is my first advent with She Reads Truth. ❤️

  91. Denise Polk says:

    My first study about the Advent season and I’m excited to learn and apply how to prepare for Savior’s arrival and birth. what I receive through this study. Thank you to Lauren Akins sharing She Reads Truth and Advent study to us.

  92. Monica Bates says:

    So rich. So good

  93. Melissa Rivera says:


  94. CARI PETERSON says:

    I look forward to this study all year! This is my 7th.

  95. Tasha Ray says:


  96. Sarah Scheaf says:

    I’ve never done an advent study before, looking forward to this journey

  97. Aimee D-R says:

    Amen lest us adore Him. Our Lord!

  98. Linda says:

    Thank you for this advent study.❤️

  99. Rachel McKib says:


  100. Kim Harper says:


  101. Callie Rader says:

    My first time doing Advent! Looking forward to the fruitful word!

  102. Heather Carty says:

    I’ve tried other Advent studies in the past and nothing prepares my heart like the SRT advent study. Looking forward to this season of learning and growing and waiting. ♥️

  103. Megan Sanchez says:


  104. Cristina Starr says:

    I look forward to SRT Advent season every year! It’s my favorite study!

  105. Alayna P. says:

    This year, I’ve been feeling so nostalgic for Christmases past. Like Amanda, I have a big family. My Grandma was one of 6 sisters (there was also a brother). We called them the sisters as well. When I was a child in the 80s and 90s we had huge family Christmases. My Grandma, at 96, is one of two sisters still alive. My Great-Aunt lives in a home far away. They will never see each other again. Christmases have been growing smaller and smaller. I’ve been watching the home movies from the 50s and 60s when my mom was a child and looking through old photos of all the Christmases past. All the people who are now gone. Like Amanda, I’m imagining the longings they had, the hope and the uncertainties. I imagine them at the Christmas Eve services, filled with the same ache I have for Jesus. I feel connected to them through time. I’m so looking forward to this study and preparing my heart for this season. ❤️

  106. Sarah Cook says:

    “…limping towards Christmas Day with an ache for restoration embedded in their hearts.”
    This is me tonight, experiencing the hardest, darkest advent season of my life. And yet, I choose to believe that restoration will come in His time and His way!

  107. Mikaela Dragt says:

    After seasons of time away from the Word, I am hopeful that this Advent will help me draw nearer with the anticipation and joyful reminder of Jesus birth in the coming weeks.

  108. Tiannah Halcomb says:

    This is my first year doing advent and I am so excited to start!

  109. Jennifer Miller says:

    So excited for this study and this season!

  110. Kristy Morales says:


  111. Megan Harrell says:


  112. Lisa Schooley says:

    Here we go! Excited to slow down and soak this up.

  113. Liz Fowler says:


  114. Marcel Mendoza says:

    This devotional brought tears to my eyes. My mom had 3 sisters and we called them the sisters as well. There are only 2 of them left and I am of the age that looks back with love and longing. Even so come to our hearts this season, Lord Jesus.

  115. Haleigh Ford says:

    So thrilled to be a part of this community in time for advent! Love to all of you!

  116. Tania Vallejo says:


  117. Lauren DeVries says:

    We sang it this morning at church! “Oh come let us adore Him!”

  118. Abbie Merhoff says:

    so excited to be able to prepare my heart for this season!

  119. Cathie Rosemann says:

    What a great way to approach the holiday season …keeping our focus where it truly belongs.

  120. Angie Elliott says:

    This my first Advent study with SRT. I am so excited to be in His presence during this season.

  121. Kimmee Auxier says:

    Let’s go!!!! I love this study!!!

  122. Amy Smith says:

    This is my first Advent and Bible study with SRT. I am so excited to strengthen my relationship with God during this Advent season. I’m hopeful this study will help me during the stressful times of this season to remember He alone is worthy. How fantastic to be a part of a community of women who Love the Lord ❤️

  123. Kristin Watkins says:

    I am so excited about this advent study and praying to get even closer to my Father this Christmas season! ❤️

  124. Elizabeth Woodall says:


  125. Leigh Ellen Erickson says:

    I’m excited to be studying this Advent with 3 of my high school girlfriends. Amy, Susan and Stephanie i feel so blessed to have you all as lifelong friends ❤️❤️❤️

  126. Lynn Sokolowski says:

    So excited! ❤️

  127. Karen Devine says:


  128. Roxane Richardson says:

    So excited for this Advent season ♥️

  129. Michelle Patire says:

    Cherrie Brewer- we are responding to you ! Man, I wish I could help you see these posts we respond with… Your comments all the time say we don’t see you, but we respond saying we do see you! Maybe I will start leaving your name in all my posts so you see someone talking to you, lol ❤️❤️❤️
    We are here for you and praying for you! May God help you know He is with you always and I pray your local church community can be a support to you, as well. God bless you!!

  130. Cate McCollum says:


  131. Kristie Hall says:

    This will my first opportunity to join the Advent study. I am excited to study alongside you all and to seek our Lord Jesus throughout every page we read! Praise God! O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

  132. Adrienne says:

    Welcome to any newcomers! Let us all revel in Advent, sweet She’s!

  133. Meredith Lee says:

    Excited for this plan!

  134. Ashley James says:

    1st study with SRT and very ouch looking forward to it!

  135. Mary Addair says:

    This is my first study with SRT and I am excited about this one ❤️❤️

  136. Devin Mccray says:

    This is my first time ever celebrating Advent! I’m not sure what to expect but I hope to come to Jesus deeper and celebrate what Christmas is really all about.

  137. Sammi Elmore says:


  138. La'Lisa Pugh says:

    Excited to study and share with the Advent study community

  139. Andi Barber says:

    Yay! So excited to spend Advent with you all!

  140. CD says:

    @Cherrie Brewer

    Praying that you feel the hope and comfort of Jesus in this season. I pray you feel Him sitting with you, grieving with you, loving you. He sees you and loves you.

  141. Lucy Valadez says:

    This will be my first year doing a Advent, i just recently started diving into the Bible. So I am very excited to do this!

  142. Christina McGrath says:

    I’m doing this with my 3 daughters. Day one – we discussed the meaning of advent, and began a whole conversation about how they are all setting up their own Christmas celebrations. This is the first year they are all on their own. This devotional brings us all together every day! I am blessed!

  143. Pamela Woodbury says:

    Looking so forward to this Advent study!!

  144. Tina says:

    Love focusing on scripture throughout the Christmas season!

  145. Kyndall Dolan says:

    ❤️❤️ first time doing srt ! So excited

  146. Emilee Laughter says:

    Praying over all you lovely ladies. Merry Christmas!

  147. Haley Mosteller says:


  148. Shelby Arevalo-Daszkiewicz says:


  149. Lily Hunter says:


  150. susan says:

    Cherrie Brewer – I grieve with you for no family under your tree to celebrate with you, but please know that those of us here celebrate with you . . . if the whole world only knew what we know, the whole world would be celebrating also.
    It is hard to celebrate when you are missing loved ones no longer with you for reasons from death to different physical location to arguments or feuds, but the reason to celebrate is still there for each one of us – Jesus Christ came! He came to be a human because of love for us and died because of love for us and was raised from the dead to finish the victory over death for us so that we could live with Him forever.

  151. Lisa Renfrow says:

    This is my first advent study and I’m excited to get started! My 3 daughters and soon to be daughter-in-law are doing this as well as my best friend. It will make this even more special ❤️

  152. Joanna Garcia says:

    Good question!

  153. Jillian Pirro says:

    Love the joy and peace that settle in during the progress of an Advent study!

  154. Brooke P says:


  155. Heather Bruce says:


  156. CHERRIE BREWER says:

    My struggle Iis the ficus on family, traditions, memories. As an aging mother with adult children in crisis and scattered, working to sur I’ve in her golden years advent is always hard. There will be no family under my tree celebrating. Advent can be hard and I search and pray to celebrate. Not looking for any response to my post as there has never been one and that’s okay. Just putting this out there

    1. SEARCHING HERE says:

      CHERRIE BREWER – we do see you! Many have commented and many more are praying! Be sure to look through the posts for your name. I think we can reply right underneath posts if using the app, but not on the website. But I have seen many prayers for you when I scroll through.

    2. Teresa Donley says:

      CHERRIE BREWER – I’m sorry that your family is scattered and that you’ll be alone at Christmas. I’m praying that you will feel God’s Presence and love, and that He will give you peace and comfort through this season. I hope you’ve been able to see all the ladies responding to you, and that you know you are being lifted in prayer.

  157. Kilee Moore says:


  158. Kayse Simmons says:


  159. kim blenkhorn says:

    How do you share it?

  160. Laura Hadsell says:

    This is my third advent. I really got into last year and looked forward to it all year. Now that it’s here I’m anxious excited about it and looking forward to sharing it with others. Thank you SRT for opening my eyes to Advent. It has really been an eye opener

  161. Julia MacFarland says:


  162. Katie Nordgren says:


  163. Rhonda J. says:

    @ Phoebe- You do not need the book to do the study. The SRT website gives the daily scripture and devotional, and you can read the comments if you wish (wish really add to the enrichment!). The book is nice if you want the extras that come within it (such as recipes, and space to write, and pictures). I have never used one in the 9 plus years I have done the SRT studies. If you want more community connections you are in the right place! God Bless!

  164. Stephanie Cook says:

    First time doing a SRT advent study and I’m so excited!!

  165. Jessica BrownAlaniz says:


  166. Deanna Perkins says:

    This is my first Advent Study with She Reads Truth. Very excited to see what it unfolds for me this season.

  167. Kimberlyn Stergas says:


  168. Phoebe says:

    Do I need to book to do the study. It’s really not in my budget now. Curious because I’m looking forward to this Advent.

  169. Missy Csonka says:

    My 1st time actually celebrating and practicing The Advent season. We never did that when I became a Christian over 31 yrs ago. We celebrated Jesus all the time and Christmas was no different. I am looking at this study with open-mindedness. I really pray that God will continue the good work he has started in me and Help me to be His child that he is proud of. Praise God to whom all blessings flow! Ladies of SRT…we can do this together ❤️

    1. Isabella DeConti says:

      Love that so much! I started practising the spiritual discipline of celebration a couple of years ago, and it has been so fruitful in my spiritual life. Observing Christmas, Easter, black Friday, etc. has been such a wonderful experience and has increased my intimacy with God to a level, I never expected! Observing the holidays slowly and with meaning really makes the weight of them enter my heart on a deeper level. My prayer and hope is that you’ll have the same experience!

  170. Kazier Fianyo says:

    First advent study! Hope to grow my faith in the Lord

  171. Miranda Mack says:

    First advent study with she reads truth.

  172. Alana Okumu says:

    This is my 3rd advent with srt and I have been anticipating it for days. God is so good and we are so fortunate to have relationship with Him! So excited! He is so good to us!!

  173. Brittany Brown says:

    Hello everyone! Firstly, I pray that today is a wonderful day for you all! If you’re having any struggles or troubles, I pray that God helps you through them so you can enjoy this wonderful Christmas season! This is my first SRT and I’m so excited to get to know God deeper.

  174. Melanie Watson says:

    Hello everyone. This is my first SRT experience and I am looking forward to sharing this Advent Journey with you all.

  175. Leah Ann Peavey says:

    My first SRT study. Doing it with 3 friends. Praying the experience will open my eyes to new truths about Christ’s coming and ground this season in the real reason.

  176. Lara Liles says:

    So thankful I found this study. I am coming back to my faith and ordered a SRT Bible for journaling and study. Looking forward to getting back into the Word with y’all.

  177. Emma Westrum says:

    I always enjoy the Advent studies – excited to get started today! These studies always help to center my focus on Jesus and the real reason we celebrate this holiday season.

  178. Mercy says:

    I tried the Christmas tree icon but it did not come through. Dear SRT, if you see this, it would be so wonderful if the Xmas Tree emoji can be on the approved list for display in comments. Thank you SRT teams so much for your efforts and optimization.❤️

  179. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    I’m so excited for this plan, I’m hoping to really connect with God this Advent Season :)

  180. Mercy says:

    May our eyes see Your salvation o Lord. May our spiritual eyes be open to see, realize, and be humbled to the fact that we owe You Lord all things pertaining to life. The wisdom of God is hidden in the little helpless child born in humble places. We thank You Lord for the wisdom that may we have eyes to see. May all glory and honor be due to Your Name alone.✨❤️

  181. Megan Weyandt says:

    Really, really excited about this plan – helping to keep the real reason for the season front and center.

  182. Ruthann Formica says:

    His faithful love endures forever- in every season- advent is a great time to remind us of this and celebrate Jesus together as a community. My heart is weary with the brokenness of this world and my own sins- come quickly Lord Jesus.

  183. Lorene Huffman says:

    Longing for the wholeness He brings!

  184. Kristen Graham says:

    Thankful for this resource during the advent season and looking forward to all God will do in my heart!

  185. Amanda Ryan says:

    Looking forward to digging deeper during this advent season

  186. Suzonna McFarlain says:

    Advent is one of my favorite studies each year. ❤️

  187. AZ Walker says:

    I loved today’s devotion from Amanda Bible Williams. I have a very old photo of my grandmother with her 4 sisters, 3 brothers and my great parents in my living room. I love that photo and remember her and her sisters. Memorized Luke 2:30-31. Still grateful for Jennifer Loves Jesus’ tip to write down first letters and pray she is doing well! F M E H S Y S. Y H P I I T P O A P! Happy Advent season everyone.

  188. Ashley White says:


  189. Christy Moye says:

    Oh I’m so excited about this Advent season and study!! ♥️

  190. Tina says:

    A tad late to the table, as I thought we started the new study tomorrow! I should have known…. oooops!

    AMANDA BIBLE WILLIAMS, Friend, I feel like I haven’t said your name in a while. Hello!

    I loved your intro about your family, it is true, the generations that have gone ahead and on whose shoulders and prayers we stand on, on whose recipes for Christmas cake we rely on, and swear by, from whom we each carry a piece of them, be it our eyes, ears, body shape, fingers.. they, I guess, are not far from us.. forever in our hearts..

    GOD, our dear wonderful God..

    BUT GOD.. He has given us family , long before we were even a twinkle in His eyes.. He gave us Jesus! On His birth, we celebrate, because we know He came as promised to save us, and to bring us Hope, of a life Eternal.

    I Can’t wait to see what this study will teach me, but I do know I will grow in my knowledge faith, and the truth of who my God is..

    Happy Sunday people!❤️

  191. Nikki Parker says:

    I’m new to the SRT community, and this is my first Advent study! I felt God drawing me to Him and this study this year, so I’m excited to see what unfolds over the next few weeks!

  192. Katie Clark says:

    This reminds me of my family. I’m excited to read the Advent this Christmas season.

  193. Lindsey Dupree says:

    First Advent and first Bible study with SRT. Excited to get started.

  194. Cori Shaw says:

    My first SRT study! Can’t wait!

  195. Gold Amaechi says:


  196. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Advent *

  197. Jennifer Anapol says:

    So excited to be starting this adventure with all of you ladies! ❤️ I needed this devotional today. I feel convicted that I keep looking after the world to satisfy the deep belongings in my heart when I know that only Jesus can fill it. Feels like a daily struggle. I’m praying that this advent I would be reminded yet again of where my true source of salvation and restoration lies.

  198. Amee Wehner says:

    Looking forward to focusing on the true meaning of Christmas during a time that can be so distracting and busy and stressful. Been a while since I’ve done an advent study so excited to do this one!

  199. Paige Henry says:

    This is my first Advent Study with SRT. I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful community and wait anxiously for all the LORD has to teach and refine in me!!♥️

  200. Lindsay Trail says:

    New believer and first advent! Looking forward to learning more about God and the true meaning of Christmas.

    1. Sarah Ritchie says:

      Welcome Lindsay!!!

  201. Hannah Curl says:

    Looking forward to this! A lot of women in my small town are doing it!

  202. Danielle Driscoll says:

    Doing this study with my community group! Excited to slow down and enjoy this advent season

  203. Nicole Anne says:

    Happy First Day of Advent y’all. Praying all the blessings.

  204. Thias Griffin says:

    My first Advent study and I’m excited to see how goes and what God teaches me

  205. Cee Gee says:

    Thank you AMANDA BIBLE WILLIAMS for this lovely, insightful first devo!

    I just had to share more of the passage.
    Luke 2:
    25 There was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon. This man was righteous and devout,looking forward to Israel’s consolation, and the Holy Spirit was on him. 26 It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he saw the Lord’s Messiah.
    27 Guided by the Spirit, he entered the temple. When the parents brought in the child Jesus to perform for him what was customary under the law,
    28 Simeon took him up in his arms, praised God, and said,
    29 Now, Master, you can dismiss your servant in peace, as you promised.
    30 For my eyes have seen your salvation.
    31You have prepared it in the presence of all peoples—
    32 a light for revelation to the Gentiles
    and glory to your people Israel.

    Every time I read this passage I think of this old song by Michael Card:

    (Now That I’ve Held Him In My Arms):

    An old man in the temple waiting in the court
    Waiting for the answer to a promise
    And all at once he sees them in the morning sunshine
    A couple come in carrying a baby
    Now that I’ve held him in my arms
    My life can now come to an end
    Let Your servant now depart in peace
    ‘Cause I’ve seen Your salvation
    He’s the light of the gentiles
    And the glory of his people, Israel
    Mary and the baby come and in her hand five shekels
    The price to redeem her baby boy
    The baby softly cooing, nestled in her arms
    Simeon takes the boy and starts to sing
    Now that I’ve held him in my arms
    My life can now come to an end
    Let Your servant now depart in peace
    ‘Cause I’ve seen Your salvation
    He’s the Light of the gentiles
    And the glory of his people Israel, ooh-ooh-ooh
    And now’s the time to take him in your arms
    Your life will never come to an end
    He’s the only way that you’ll find peace
    He’ll give you salvation
    ‘Cause He’s the light of the gentiles
    And the glory of His people Israel, ooh-ooh-ooh

    So excited to begin this study with all of you precious sisters! Love and prayers to all!

  206. Rhonda J. says:

    Good morning/afternoon She’s! I too, was on the end of Thanksgiving rather than today’s advent!! But glad i checked back in! I was expecting lots more comments, we usually get so many on advent and Lent! But so glad we are all ready to go now and be started on this beautiful journey of anticipation and hope in Christ Jesus!! It really is such a special time when you are in the word all year, and that it ALL comes down to a Saviour being born FOR US!! Our redemption, our ashes to beauty, He was sent to save us sinners, that could never be enough on their own, without the SON. When we turn it all over, put the focus on that alone, we will have peace, hope, love and joy! And we can share that with others, the light given by him to give to others!

    We went as a group to the nursing home to sing carols yesterday, and then decorated cookies with them! We also went around to the rooms in smaller groups and had the pleasure to pray for most of them! What a blessing to see their faces light up after a bit. If you can do this in your town I urge you to!

    @FosterMomma- I know what you mean, I always question my prayers after the fact. I still don’t feel qualified, but still am pushing through my fear of inadequacy!

    @Mari V—We get to “meet” your daughter!!!?? How wonderful—We love your mother, please introduce yourself! We have prayed for you over the years and with your beautiful momma!!! She is such a joy as our sister She!! And welcome to your other friends Mari!

    @CeeGee- Thanks for the suggestion, I am looking into it! Our class is Wed…so we didn’t give ourselves much time, so hopefully we can get it together!! But I think focusing on Advent will be good for them in jail and to sing traditional Christmas songs!

  207. Chelsey Myers says:

    This is my first SRT study. I am really excited!

  208. Jackie Monks says:

    This is my first advent, too, with you all can’t wait to hear from God at this time

  209. Sara Moore says:

    I am looking forward to this Advent season and preparation to be in the word more consistently in 2024. I love that her aunts were called “the sisters”, my girls and nieces and nephews call me and my sisters “the sisters”.

  210. Venus Glass says:

    I look forward to this Advent season. I never knew the meaning of Advent and I hope to make it a family tradition.

  211. Kendra Costner says:

    I am very excited about advent this year. God has been drawing my attention to his promise to return and set things right. This is the first year I am viewing advent through that lens.

  212. Laura Trupiano says:

    This is my first advent reading program. I’m so excited to see what God has in store this Christmas.

  213. Tara B says:

    So excited!

  214. Lora Templin says:

    I am so excited excited to see what God has prepared to show my heart throughout this study and this season. I’m ready to slow down and reflect the true meaning of this season.

  215. Mari Gomez says:

    I’m so ready to focus on Jesus this Advent. Oh come let us adore Him!

  216. Sara G says:

    I am a newcomer this year. I am thankful for friends from church that invited me here, and am excited to anticipate Christ, remembering His chosen humanity to give us the gift of eternity!

  217. Rachel Geier says:

    I’ve been waiting with such eager anticipation for this plan! Praising God for such a beautiful season of remembrance and reflection, so full of beauty! Praying for every woman who reads this plan to fall more in love with their savior.

  218. Naomi says:

    Happy Advent! I am so excited to study alongside all of you and with a few friends joining me ❤️

  219. Mari V says:

    Good Morning and Happy Sunday from sunny and cold California this morning! I am SO excited to start this Advent study again (I don’t remember how many this marks). I’m most excited as a group of us mom’s with our daughters are doing this Advent Study “together.”

  220. Annie says:

    Happy Advent fellow Shes! This is my 8th Advent with SRT, been reading ever since Advent 2016. I hardly ever comment but I am so very grateful for each of you! SRT has changed my relationship with the Lord and His word for the better! Welcome to all newcomers and seasoned Shes alike. Praying for you all today and love each of you.

    Excited to celebrate the Lord and His faithfulness and the hope we have in Him!

  221. Tina says:

    I am so excited to go through this journey together. I’m looking forward to this advent study!

  222. HL says:

    Happy Advent and welcome to all the newcomers! This is always my favorite study of the year.

  223. Danielle B says:

    Advent is how I got started with She reads truth a few years back. This is the first year I ordered the book as well. I’m looking forward to being more intentional this Advent season.

  224. Cindy J says:

    I have been off into other studies this summer but keep up with the podcast. Looking forward to joining this army of women once again for Advent.

  225. Mikki says:

    Reconciling those broken relationships is no easy feat. However we can do all things in Christ who gives us strength. It’s doesn’t even matter who’s wrong/right. Its about restoration the same as God did for us by sending his son Jesus. I pray more of us with find grace and peace with our estranged family and friends this Christmas.

  226. Don Williams says:

    Hope, the anticipation of what might and can happen in the future. Praise God that we can look back and see how God worked with His people to give them Hope; gifted that Hope to the world in the form a baby borne in humbleness; and who lived a perfect life and sacrificed Himself for my sinfulness; but Who now has given the Holy Spirit as our “Helper” to continue His prescience with us.

  227. April says:

    Will this be on the app? I’ve been checking all morning and can’t seem to find it. Looking forward to this season of Advent ❤️

  228. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Welcome all newcomers and long-timeers to Advent.

    INDIANA CHRISTINA – congratulations!

    KATIE MCCUNE – how’s your husband after the car accident?

  229. Indiana Christina says:

    As a first-time, 41-year-old mother, who experienced the miraculous birth of her son in September, I’m looking forward to entering into this Advent season. It makes marveling at the other miraculous births of John the Baptist and Jesus even more special. Our God truly is a God who performs miracles and brings light and hope to the darkest and most depressing of places.

    1. Mandy Hernandez says:

      I just had my first in October and can’t help but think of Mary and Elizabeth during the unexpected pregnancies and their births! Truly such an incredible season to experience with a newborn!

  230. Tricia C says:

    I’m excited to see what the Lord shows me this year in our Advent reading. The book is beautiful. Thank you to all who put it together.
    Thank you Jesus, for being a gift for us. You are Worthy to receive all the Glory. Amen
    Blessings to all of you Sisters on this first Sunday of Advent.