The Fall of Tyre’s Ruler

Open Your Bible

Ezekiel 27:1-36, Ezekiel 28:1-26, Psalm 106:47, Revelation 21:23-27

Humanity continues trying to convince itself that it has evolved beyond the need for God and His instructions. But our world is marked by sin, with a way of life that seems to scream at God that we don’t need Him. Tyre, a renowned city during the time of ancient Israel, displayed that same attitude of pride (Ezekiel 27:3). And the prideful heart of the city and its king also led to prophetic judgment.

“You were blameless in your ways until wickedness was found in you.” —Ezekiel 28:15

God’s judgment in today’s readings reminds us that He is sovereign—not just among Judah—but over all created beings. And no one is exempt from the consequences of rejecting Him. A prideful heart leads to sinful actions—actions that communicate we don’t need God or want God in our lives. Instead, we want to do things our way. And like the king of Tyre, we’ll delude ourselves into thinking that we are responsible for our own beauty and splendor (Ezekiel 28:17) and that the future is in our own hands. But God reminds the king of Tyre, and us, of what happens when we actively forget Him. 

In Ezekiel 27 and 28, we are continually reminded of the danger of forgetting that God is the source of all that we have and do. When we begin to take credit for the things that He has blessed us with—skills, status, financial resources—we are on a slippery slope away from Him. Rather than allowing those things to puff us up with pride, they should prompt us to remember our great need for Him. 

The story of the king of Tyre’s downfall is reason for lament. The prideful attitude of the king’s heart has led him away from God. And it challenges us to think about the ways we are living out our days here on earth. In what ways are we living in reverence to God, and in what ways are we rejecting Him? God invites us to come to Him—to confess those habits and actions that don’t reflect His Word or His character.

Today’s readings present us with our dual reality—what is and what is to come. The way that life is being lived out in our world and among our leaders can be disappointing. But we have this hope, even during this season of Lent: one day, we will inhabit an eternal city, one characterized by righteousness and goodness. Everyone and everything will reflect that glory—from the city itself to its inhabitants. The Lamb Himself will light the city, and kings and leaders will serve the true and living King with dignity and honor instead of pride and arrogance. As we wait for this future reality, we commit to remaining faithful to God, rejoicing that our names are written in the Lamb’s book of life (Revelation 21:27). 

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76 thoughts on "The Fall of Tyre’s Ruler"

  1. Kristin VL says:

    Thank you for a good devotional, for reminding me that God is the only one worhty of praise, and the danger of what happens when I think I dont need God♥️

  2. Julianne Pictou says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking too. LA, NY? What would happen to these cities? Our hope is in God alone. Because he humbled Tyre REAL QUICK.

  3. Janelle says:

    Lashandra, these were my thoughts exactly! It reminds me so much of the biggest cities. Could you imagine if Los Angeles suddenly becamse a tiny town in rural America? It definitely made me think about the U.S. and how our prominence will be removed. I also noticed that creation persists, but the structures and everything we make crumbles. Praise the Lord for the Lord! <3

  4. LaShandra Fluno says:

    I am amazed at the wealth of Tyre and the utter destruction due to their disobedience and pride. What nation today can stand? My hope is in Christ alone.

  5. Sonja Cox says:

    Something must be wrong with the app. I was able to access the reading on their website! Again so good!! And amazing how over and over and over the Lord says,” That they will know that I am the LORD.” May we know the Lord in all His fullness and worship Him for who He is! ♥️

  6. Denise Ramirez says:

    I love how Scripture fits together. Just reading Ezekiel is difficult and discouraging. But paired with the promise in Revelation it seems to find its place, makes more sense to me. Thank you SRT for the devotionals that tie Scripture together for us and remind us of our hope!

  7. Kathy says:

    I was able to read this thru email and like Carol M said, it is truly amazing. All I could say when I finished was, “Wow” and then “Lord, forgive me for brushing off Your judgment. It is hard to read about but You have said that You will not leave the guilty unpunished. I want to walk with You as You present Yourself in Your Word. Thank you for your grace and mercy, but thank you also for your righteous judgment. One day all things will be made new and put right.

  8. Carol M says:

    I was able to access today’s devotional by email… It is truly amazing, and I understand why Satan would not want us to see it! We are given a picture of God as loving, yes… and also just… this picture is often “ air-brushed” to the point that we do not know how to embrace both attributes… This lesson is sorely needed by me, and our post Covid, politically unstable,war-torn world!!

  9. Julie Roberson says:

    I believe the LORD knew I needed to hear this again. Help me Lord not to take Your blessings for granted, to give You praise and glory and leave any smidgen of my pride at your feet in confession!
    take anything for granted

  10. Julie Roberson says:

    I believe the LORD knew I needed to hear this again. Help me Lord not to take anything for granted

  11. Heidi says:

    The correct Day 25 was in my inbox- but just not online. If you don’t already, you could subscribe for emails and I bet it would be sent to you-

  12. Kate says:

    Ezekiel 29 and 30 and Romans 5:6-11 if you’d like to get started on the reading part.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I did notice that the He Reads Truth study has updated for this morning if you’re looking for the scripture passages for today. :) Of course will come back later for the SRT devo portion.

  14. Janice Milley says:

    Yes, I’m waiting also! Hoping it will update soon. Blessings to you all!

  15. Ally M says:

    Romans 5 will never cease to awe and humble me. God is SO GOOD. He loves us so much, in a way that we just can’t totally understand. I love You, God.

  16. JL says:

    Thank you! I was confused! I’ll just look for it later today when hopefully it’s up!

  17. Maria Baer says:

    Thank you. Just wanted to make sure.

  18. Maria Baer says:

    Anybody else SRT app not showing Day 25? The latest one mine is showing is yesterday’s.

  19. Darlyne Wimberly says:

    I can’t get update either so it must be on their end.

  20. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Started a thread at HRT for day 25.

    KATHY – praying for Lisa and Wade as they navigate their son’s OD. May the Lord have mercy and help the doctors to revive him.

    REBECCA – praying you will be steadfast in your prayers for your son and the Lord will intervene in His time.

    CHURCHMOUSE – how’s the recovery coming along?

  21. Julie A says:

    Thanks everyone for praying last week for my decision whether or not to invite a Ukrainian refugee to live with me. It means a lot to know people are praying, and that horrible uneasiness of indecision has now passed. I think I have now decided against it for various reasons, but it has made me realise how precious our comfort is to us, and how God calls us to live differently and make sacrifices. I will try to support a friend who may be taking in a Ukrainian family and do what I can to share the burden.

    CRISTINA, praying that God would carry you through this situation and surround you with loving praying friends. Try not to think about the what ifs, take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up. You are enough, and God sees. May your marriage be restored and stronger than ever, if that is feasible. And may you find joy and hope in your newborn son that eclipses all pain.

  22. Carol Rimmer says:

    I can’t see day 25’s reading on SRT –
    I went over to HeReadsTruth and the passages there are: Ezekiel 29:1-21, Ezekiel 30:1-26, Romans 5:6-11

  23. Melina Corsiuk says:

    The last sections of todays reading struck me the most. “They(Sidon)will know I am the Lord when I execute judgement against her and demonstrate my holiness through her. 28:22b” and “They(Israel) will live securely when I execute judgements against their neighbors who treat them with contempt 28:26”. God’s judgement isn’t JUST that, it comes with demonstrations of his holiness and security for his people. Even in the midst of his people receiving their own judgement! Something I’ll be pondering tonight. Praying over all you requests in the comments tonight. ♥️

  24. Heidi says:

    KATHY- any updates??

  25. Sky Hilton says:

    Pride is the ultimate sin, I pray that we can all avoid a prideful heart!

  26. Terri Baldwin says:

    God’s wrath and judgement was deep, His wrath was severe but He is sovereign over all created beings. No one is exempt from the consequences of rejecting Him. As we wait for our future reality we commit to remain faithful to God, rejoicing that our names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life!! The Lamb Himself will light the city!

  27. Ashlee Hickson says:

    I need to work on not having a prideful heart at times

  28. Jennifer Anapol says:

    * sorry, Jessica Zantal ( silly spell check)

  29. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I definitely see our culture in today’s reading; especially the area I live. Most of the people who I live around are wealthy and it can be easy to think that you somehow created this life on your own. I think it’s a little easier for me to know that it’s God who has blessed me, since I’m a stay at home mom. I actually don’t make any money at this point, so I try not to take any of it for granted. ( I could get better at budgeting my money and remembering that no everyone lives this way). I know God isn’t just mentioning wealth here though. Everything we have is a gift from God: our health, talents, and good experiences. I pray I wouldn’t take any of it for granted.

  30. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Jessica Zantac, praying that God would be your true foundation as you enter this new season.

  31. Rhonda J. says:

    I’m sorry I said the wrong name, I was thinking of you of course REBECCA!!
    I was driving and hearing the song God Turn This Around and thought of your situation, and that God WILL and IS turning situations around, and prayed for your son! Here are some of the lyrics:
    Cause’ all of my hope
    Is in the name
    The name of Jesus
    Breakthrough will come
    Come in the name
    The name of Jesus

    God turn it around
    God turn it around
    God turn it around

    He is healing someone
    He is saving someone
    God is doing something
    Right now
    Right now

  32. Dorothy says:

    WOW!!!! What Tameshia wrote is soooo powerful and relatable. I was nodding my head and saying AMEN all along the way. GOD’S LOVE for us is soooo great that He went above and beyond to shows us that love — He sacrificed His One and Only Son. Not only did God sacrifice Jesus, His One and Only Son, He allowed it to be done in a painful and cruel way. Jesus, a sinless man died for me/us so that I/we could have eternal life. But God didn’t stop there, after Christ’s death and resurrection, God sent the Holy Spirit to live within all of us that believe. A sinless man dying for my sins, a Holy Spirit entering my soul and filling me glory and faith and last an always forgiving, always loving, always caring God, I’m BLESSED BEYOND WORDS.
    Just a little tidbit I thought some of you might like to know according to my study Bible parts of Ezekiel 28:12-19 refer to Satan.
    I found out last night that Finley will be in the hospital until the drainage from her back stops. Continued prays are needed for her, and her parents, Monica and Chad. I’m working part of the time with another little girl and will go and meet a little boy today that I’ll be able to work with. This way if Finley ends up in the hospital or they go on vacation I’ll other children I can work with.
    Be blessed and know that no matter what you have done, said or go God will forgive you, all you have to do is ask.

  33. Gayle Radavich says:

    Oh Rebecca, my ❤️ feels for you as my oldest son battled alcoholism for a decade almost to the point of death and is now sober for almost 3 years!! He too is not a believer but was covered in prayer for those 10 years… we didn’t even know the half of it for many years BUT GOD DID and protected him throughout… do not ever stop praying. There is always hope in Jesus!! I will be praying for you and your son!!!

  34. Rhonda J. says:

    SRT and this community of sisters is so amazing, love you SHE’S so much! ❤️
    @Lizzue, thankful the tornado missed you, prayers for your neighbors in their loss and and rebuilding. That is very devastating.

    I feel like this passage on Tyre really spoke to me and let me see my past so clearly! I was so caught up in using my looks and charm,(self-righteousness and narcissistic personality) to keep perpelling myself forward in a sinful, Godless environment to gain money and possessions. Yes, I still was a believer, yet none of my wordly ways we’re showing that, although I would profess differently! But here’s the deal, we cannot love our Savior yet deny Him in our livestlyes and deeds! No way will God stand for that! I love what @searching put, I believe, a Psalms verse regarding the attitudes before we fall. I look back and see all the horror and shocking offenses I blatantly did in my game to fame. To a life I thought was working for me. Was I soringly mistaken, and I found myself in a whirlwind of a cycle of hurts and sorrow, until I finally hit my knees and knew I needed a savior, that I couldn’t make it on my own. God transformed my life, it took a long, long time because I am stubborn. Not many people would know this testimony because I kept my dark secrets a secret, but God knew, and He cleansed me…fully. I learned if you want to truly live for God, you must except the cross, that His Son died on to take the sins from us. You can’t skip that step. And then you must recognize that the Holy Spirit then comes to us! To Us!! To live inside us! But you must respond to that gift! You must utilize it in every part of your life, constantly being cleansed and moving in the spirit of transformation. And mainly having a relationship with our Lord, Lord of Lords, King of the nations! It is mind-blowing!
    I now WANT to be in the Word, I want to be in church being refreshed each week and worshipping with my sister’s and brother’s in Christ! I Want to wear my armor every day against Satan, I want to live a prayerful life with my hands open and and my hands raised above me shouting my love for the Lord (just like you @Dorthy, I can feel your hunger and praise in your comments), I WANT to have a reverence to my Creater and wisdom(@Churchmouse). I want to pray without ceasing for my loved ones (@Heidi).I Want to call out to my She’s for intersession of prayers on my behalf (@ Victoria, Sheana, Traci, Taylor and others), I want to trust in You with all my heart (@Sharon, Tina, Kathy, JenniferLovesJesus, Lexi). I want to pray for anxiety and fear to leave my sisters ( Sara H, and many others!) (I want to tell my testimonials (@Tina!) to others to fill their hears with hope and Joy!

    I want to continue to meet all of you here daily to learn and grow in our amazing fellowship!!

    I am sorry for your report this morning @Theresa about your son. It’s just heartbreaking when our lives ones, our kids turn their backs! I have been experiencing this as well with neices and nephews. We will keep praying for him. Like I said above, we live foolishly in this world to our own accord, usually until we are knocked down so low, we have no choice but to look up! I believe with your loving obedience that God will help you and give you strength and your son will find God. My poor mom must have been a mess for me, but stayed diligently beside me, silently praying I’m sure, being a strong representative of what a Godly woman looks like. As a matter of fact, after she passed in 2014, I started reading my Bible daily because I knew and saw her do it! I have been reading with SRT for about 6years now! So don’t ever give up and little Satan bully you, God can turn it around, bring dry bones back to life! Love you sister!

    If anyone else wants to connection FB or IG send me a pm. I am Rhonda Johnson on FB, and fmbdreamer on IG. Would love to connect personally with more if you! And sorry I missed many many of your names I have learned over the years! So amazing to have this community! I love Rachel and Amanda as well, getting to know them through the informative podcasts! Have a great, blessed day! And prayers for the specific requests!

  35. Teresa Donley says:

    Kathy – I’m praying for Andrew, and for his doctors as they work to revive him. I’m praying for Lisa and Wade that they will know Gods presence, his incredible comfort and his peace that passes all understanding.

  36. Stacey Hamilton says:

    Praying for you & your son, Rebecca. The Lord is with you!

  37. Brooke P says:

    *syncretism* correction from my post just now ☺️

  38. Brooke P says:

    This reading also reminds me that the Lord is righteous, sovereign and is a jealous God. He will not take passive Christianity or synchronism LIGHTLY. He deserves our reverence, remembrance, thankfulness and praise constantly for everything. Thank you Lord and continue to prune cultural and worldly idols from our midst.

  39. Clarisse Martin says:

    Many prayers to you! I’m following a similar yet different path, and working hard to trust Gods plan Above All Else ❤️

  40. Brooke P says:

    Praying for all those who have requested prayers and for all those who are here ❤️ thank you all for your continued prayers for my pregnancy, We are SO incredibly thankful for your prayers. This study has been so RICH wow!! Incredibly convicting and what a WORD for today! Amen amen. Victoria E. I am praying for you morning and night❤️ thinking of you all who have asked for specific prayers daily and again praying for all who are reading along, I love you She’s!!

  41. Changed Life says:

    Lizzie — Praises that your family is safe and prayers for your neighbors and community as they begin the difficult process of assessing their loss.

    Heidi — Prayers for your niece and her friend in rehab. May they continue in the program until they conquer their addictions. God be with them.

    Prayers for all of the SRT community today. Many of you reference the HRT devotional, so I have added that to my daily study. Reading both has truly enriched my understanding of these scriptures. God bless you, beautiful sisters in Christ.

  42. Susan Richardson says:

    Praying now

  43. Mari V says:

    OUR names are written in the “Lambs Book of Life”. Oh what a day that will be!

  44. Jessica Zantal says:

    Sending my prayers to you and that God can positively influence your granddaughter.

  45. Rebecca says:

    After a short period of sobriety, my son drank last night. He is under the delusion that he doesn’t have a problem. He apologized, cried, and I held him close. I asked the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say. I finally told him that I can’t help him, but I know who can. That’s when he said he is an atheist. I told him that I will never stop praying for him, and that God will never stop pursuing him. I don’t know how much he will even remember this morning. Then when I read the devotional today all I could see was my son in the place of Tyre- turning his back on God and thinking, in his pride, that he doesn’t need God, or that God doesn’t exist. I love God with every fiber of my being and will continue to cry out to him on my son’s behalf. Please pray for him.
    Thank you to all who have prayed and I lift up you all in prayer as well. There is so much hurt and suffering in our lives, but so grateful to know Jesus uses it to draw us near and to refine. ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Rachel says:

    Thank you, KELLY (NEO) for sharing the HRT quote…so good!! Ezekiel is just not the light and fluffy read my flesh wants. I am not accustomed to hearing hard truths day in and day out and it’s not fun. I like fun. I like comfort. And apparently I like the illusion that sin (and the holiness of God) aren’t that big of a deal. Talk about a reality check! I am SO THANKFUL for the cross…that I can process these hard truths on the other side of Calvary with my eternity certain and sure. Sin still matters. The holiness of God for SURE still matters. It’s ok (good, even?) to be sober and, if appropriate, convicted about the way I have sinned/have seen sin. Satan would prefer that we read and process and then be in despair and overwhelmed and therefore fail to deal with these things. He does not in any way want us to experience the joy and freedom that comes from a right view of God and ourselves. Bully. BUT GOD!! Because of Him, I (we) get to rejoice that those sins were taken care of forever and always at the cross. Our Jesus gives us the courage and confidence to look these things square on, dealing with what needs to be dealt with, and not be afraid. Praying for the requests and for our hearts to be steadfast, even when it’s hard.

  47. Jessica Zantal says:

    I’m a convicted yet again after reading! I am in a season in my life where I have never relied on God so much for guidance, hope, and courage. With current circumstances, questioning my choices of making a career decision and feeling so isolated from friends and family after a move .
    It feels as if I had a house it burnt and the ashes are now turning into a foundation. I needed to get to this point to know what truly matters.

    Prayers would be appreciated for guidance and trusting Gods plan for me.

  48. Jessica Zantal says:

    I’m a convicted yet again after reading! I am in a season in my life where I have never relied on God so much for guidance, hope, and courage. With current circumstances, questioning my choices of making a career decision and feeling so isolated from friends and family after a move .
    It feels as if I had a house it burnt and the ashes are now turning into a foundation. I needed to get to this point to know what truly matters.

  49. Jessica Zantal says:

    I’m a convicted yet again after reading! I am in a season in my life where I have never relied on God so much for guidance, hope, and courage. With current circumstances, questioning my choices of making a career decision and feeling so isolated from friends and family after a move .

  50. Jessica Zantal says:

    I’m a convicted yet again after reading! I am in a season in my life where I have never relied on God so much for guidance, hope, and courage.

  51. Heidi says:

    KATHY- praying Gods comfort and peace with Wade and Lisa, His healing hands to reach through Andrew’s body and brain, and wisdom and discernment on the part of all healthcare workers involved. Praying a miracle of His hands over Andrew now and moving forward…

  52. Kathy says:

    SRT Sisters, I just got off the phone with my husband. One of our former youth has struggled for several years with drug addiction. He has OD again and it’s not looking good. The doctors are having a hard time reviving him. Please pray. His name is Andrew and his parents are Lisa and Wade. I will keep you posted.
    Thank you for your prayers

  53. Terany Garnett says:

    I found myself convicted every morning reading but I can’t stopped because I need to know these things because for so long I was deceived to think that I can love God and please the world at the same time but I can’t do that it’s impossible.

  54. Terany Garnett says:


  55. Morgan Latham says:

    The world puts importance on the wrong things. I don’t like it when I fall in line with the ways of the world. Put blinders on me and draw me away from the world. Help me put my attention toward You. Lord, I need You.

  56. Catherine Piecuch says:

    So glad you are safe and well. Must have been terrifying.

  57. Heidi says:

    Last post I promise (maybe..)
    Thank you to all of you!!! I read and reread comments yesterday … again and again. I had them pulled up and ready should the enemy have me waking up in the night- ready to read scripture and your prayers. Gratefully I slept (thank you God). The enemy is still trying to place fear in my heart and I’m trying to turn it over to God moment by moment. My day, praise God, was not spent riddled in fear – but in constant communication with the One who casts out fear.

    Thank you also for continuing to pray for my niece and her friend, both are still in rehab (praise God they haven’t given up the process!) “Friend” is definitely struggling feeling overwhelmed with sober life… “Niece” is having to process some really hard things because of her unbelievably selfish and hurtful mom… grateful she has her dad (my bro) in full support of her and there to listen whenever she needs. Praying for both girls to continue to trust the process and grow in their faith and trust of their Heavenly Father. Praying God sends His angels to protect and continue to fight in the spiritual realms, against all of the evil fighting to take these girls back into their custody… God is in control.

    I’m praying for the requests here as well- especially those hurting from anxiety. I loved what another commenter said yesterday- faith and fear both require belief in something unseen- so choose faith. :)

  58. Heidi says:

    I echo the hearts of so many others on here- God keep my eyes open to where I try to take credit for YOUR goodness. Wow- I mean, in the most basic sense, just how RUDE is it… How would most of us react in a meeting with the head of the company looking to see who was “on their game”, and an assistant WE’VE built up and groomed suddenly took full credit for our creative genius on a presentation. We’d lose our minds. Yet we completely do that to our Creator on the daily, in small ways that lead to bigger ways.
    God- help me, help all of us, to delight in humility… to take pure joy in getting to see your genius and share it with the world.
    Let your kingdom, your heart be the continued thing we seek after and let humility and love and joy be consequently added to us…

  59. Heidi says:

    LIZZIE T- first, so grateful for Gods protection around you and your family last night… Praying for your community this morning- Gods peace to be experienced, His comfort to be felt and received, His provision to be seen and recognized… Praying for you and your family to have wisdom in how you can bring the love of Christ into those devastated around you these coming weeks… ❤️

  60. Taylor says:

    I am convicted of my pride today – where I put my will above God’s. Lord as Ally M said please cleanse my heart of selfishness and deepen my dependence on You. Help me to remember that every good thing is from You.

  61. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Who needs a fairy tale when we have Ezekiel 28- a real life cosmic tale of the trouble that came to Paradise (Eden)?? This tragic tale of the prince of Tyre points to the ancient garden of Eden, and the divine garden cherub. Expelled to the underworld. Genesis 3 and Isaiah 14 color in the lines of this story. Divine arrogance doesn’t win. Humility, love and mercy win. The people of Yahweh have been scattered, but He will gather us and we will live securely, knowing our Lord, our God with us always. “Save us Lord, gather us…” (Psalm 106:47) The glory of God will illuminate… Thank you my Lamb, Who holds my name, written in the book of life. Hope reigns in my heart as I wait. Until… Maranatha.

  62. Tonia says:

    Praying in the name of Jesus for every prayer request. God knows and He sees the very needs of our hearts and He is ready to heal, restore, deliver, save and give us His blessings, Joy and Peace. May we feel His presence today in Jesus name. Amen

  63. Lizzie T says:

    Man is this a reality for me today. Last night our community was devastated by a tornado. My home was spared and we are safe. We saw through our windows how close we were to this massive beast of a storm and know God protected us. Everything we have is because of God. Thankful this morning.

  64. Ally M says:

    Humility has been something I have been praying for. Pride is my worst sin- the sin that led me away from God, the in that tempts and leads me astray daily; pride tried to convince me that I didn’t need God, and it tried to convince me that I sinned so much that God could never forgive me.
    But God…
    God is so much greater. God is so, so, SO much greater than me. God is greater than all my successes and all my failures and sins. Today’s reading and devotional bring me to my rightful place on my knees, bowing to my Lord and King, and praising Him for His glory forever.
    I ask for prayer requests to continue in my journey to combat pride and selfishness, and to give it all to God. He, not I, deserves all the praise.
    God, the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, forever and ever. Please help me to learn humility. Cleanse my heart of selfishness. Help me to praise You constantly, to thank You continually, and to recognize that You are the source of all the light in life. Thank You for all Your provisions and for showing me Your glory. Thank You for the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, the bread that I eat, and most of all, for my salvation. Thank You for life. I’m so excited for the day when we all get to live in Your kingdom in the presence of Your glory. Amen.

  65. Kenya Rafferty says:

    How true it is that God blesses us with so many good things. But how much truer is it that we can forget where these good things come from? Like in the perfection of Eden, we can put our eyes on the wrong things and lean away from the blessings God has given us – because I am always reminded they aren’t from myself or my doing. If I look back at the succession of events that lead me to blessings and good things in my life, sometimes it’s amazing how they line up. Praying to remember where the good things come from and (especially these days with the grace reminder of how quickly things can change) to never take it for granted but live in a heart of gratitude. I also think this means dismissing fear because fear quickly lulls me into ways of self righteousness and correction.

  66. Melanie says:

    Heidi-praying for you today

  67. Mara Plato says:

    Please pray for my friend — that God would bring permanent healing from past trauma and provide purpose and direction.

  68. Aimee D-R says:

    Lord I need You. Let that always be the cry of my heart in Jesus name, Amen

  69. Karen Roper says:

    Amen- I always see this passage of scripture as reflective of satans downfall from heaven. Sin is not to be messed with. I am so grateful for Jesus and one day of being with Him forever❤️❤️

  70. Angie says:

    Let go and let God.
    Success, prosperity, ease, popularity, even feeling proud; these things are not wrong in themselves. It is the attitude that can slip in because of them that is dangerous. It is when these things become THE focus and goal, that we get into trouble.
    Fatigue, fear, worry, anger, fist-clenching-longing for control, these are some of the side-effects in my life that help me realize when my focus and goal is starting to shift.
    This life is not about me. Yes, we live in the middle of these moments, in our humanness. But, we live on the point of the line…feeling like it is the line itself.
    God is eternal. He knows the infinity of the line’s moments. He knows every person-point on that line. He recognizes the limitedness for each person in that space and time, and even how we feel like our moment by moment happenings are the focus.
    He is our Creator. He wants what is best for us. We can not only trust Him but rest in Him and in His unlimitedness.
    I love God, my sisters in Christ love God.
    We also long to live good, happy, provided-for-easy lives. That is nice.
    What about when our God sees that the easy is drawing us away from Him. What about when He sees that we continue to trust self and try to do things on our own instead of in His power and for His glory? What about when He knows that the success, prosperity, ease, popularity are causing pride in ourselves and undue pressure on our own abilities. What about when we rob God of the glory due Him alone?
    Discipline from the Father for a life out-of-whack, is painful, humbling, and often heart-wrenching while saturated in the depth of His love and jealousy for the best lives for His children, eternally.
    Just a point, living on the line of life, in Jesus, and so thankful.

    HRT today ladies is amazing also. The whole thing pretty much. :)

  71. Stormi Messmer says:


  72. Rae-Ann L says:

    ADRIENNE- this is in response to your post yesterday. I am also vegan with a little vegetarian. If something is posted on Connect that is not food related and inappropriate that should be addressed as not of benefit for this particular group. The taglines that let you know someone’s religious (or not) affiliation are helpful to give you insight into where people are coming from. It’s also an opportunity to pray for those individuals. God has placed you in your position for such a time as this and equipped you with all that you need! You may be the only “bright spot” reflecting the love of Jesus in that persons life. You may also be a seed sower along the path of life for someone. Blessings on both your positions and your sphere of influence! May God give you the words to say! His peace goes before you.

  73. Shaena Elizabeth says:

    Help me to never forget my need for Jesus. Lord renew my heart, strip away my pride. I want to live a life that brings glory and honor to your name.
    CHRISTINA JOHNSTON-celebrating the birth of your son and praying for your marriage, I wish I could just hug you right now.
    KRISTI KANAS-Praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding as you walk through this season of anxiety while caring for your two little ones. God is with you in this season.
    GAYLE RADAVICH- Prayers for healing in your marriage
    SEARCHING AND TRICIA CAVANAUGH- thank you for your prayers for my family, I am forever in awe of this community of Godly women who help bear each other’s burdens
    ALLY M- Prayers for your requests of patients, obedience and surrender
    HEIDI-cpntinued prayers for your family(niece, brother, others who have turned away from God)
    ADREINNE-Prayers for Tucker and his family for healing and peace
    VICTORIA E- prayers for God’s guidance as you raise up sweet Elijah, you are doing a great job already :)
    DOROTHY- continued prayer for Finley’s health journey
    JEN G- I too am struggling with Ezekiel, I feel my faith under attack. I pray the Holy Spirit fills us and renews and strengthens our faith ❤️
    ANGIE-how is your husband doing post surgery?
    CHURCHMOUSE-Prayers for healing
    SANDI-Prayers for your husband’s health
    GRAMMISUE-rayers for you and your husband Steve on his health journey
    REBECCA-for your son and his mental illness and your marriage
    RHONDA J- for your family member’s to be filled with the Holy Spirit and turn back to Christ
    SISSY-for your marriage and faith
    BROOKE P-for your pregnancy
    SANDI STANLEY- Husband’s cancer treatment and mood
    TAYLOR- anxiety
    ANDREA HENRY- for Daphne’s cancer treatment and her family

  74. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Agree, SEARCHING!

    There is NO THING I have that GOD has not given me. From the breath in my lungs to the roof over my head, none of it is from my own strength.

    HRT by Collin Ross, “The humility that Christ calls for in His disciples is not thinking less of oneself; rather, it is thinking rightly of oneself. It is remembering that we are made in the image of God and not the other way around. It is ascribing to God the many blessings we know and trusting not in our own righteousness but in the righteousness given to us by the eternal Son.”

    Praying for you and your requests.❤

  75. Searching says:

    One truth that I’ve reminded myself and others of many times – we can never be thankful enough, not only for the blessings that are highly visible – for health, home, transportation & such – but especially for those that are technically invisible and we tend to overlook (at least at times) – our salvation, His love, grace, mercy, protection (many times from things we didn’t even realize were a threat), and many more that aren’t coming to mind right now. Thankfulness for blessings, rather than pride in thinking we did this or that without God’s help, wisdom, guidance.

    I read today’s devotion multiple times, letting it sink in as to the dangers of pride, something that can slip in and take over. Reading about the splendor, success and destruction of Tyre brought to life Proverbs 16:18 Pride comes before being destroyed and a proud spirit comes before a fall.(NLV)

    Praying through requests, HEIDI, DOROTHY, CHANGED LIFE, VICTORIA E, TRACI GENDRON (after the fact, hope appt went well yesterday), MARA PLATO, MUDROCK MAMA, MARIA BAER, TERANY and UKRAINE.