The Divisions of the Levites

Open Your Bible

1 Chronicles 23:1-32, 1 Chronicles 24:1-31, 1 Chronicles 25:1-31, Romans 12:1

How do you worship God? I’ll be the first to admit that I often think about worship as just the songs we sing on Sundays. But today’s reading reminded me that true worship is about so much more than that. Our worship isn’t just about a church service. It’s something we’re created to do with our work, our calling, and our whole lives.

In 1 Chronicles 23, we see King David at the end of his life, passing down his rule to Solomon (1Chronicles 23:1). After years of being unsettled, David announces that the Lord has given His people rest. They would finally be able to settle and put down roots. (v.25). But with that news also came duty and responsibility.

And so David begins with the divisions of the Levites—assigning duties to every family, from working on the temple to being judges, gatekeepers, and musicians. For many of these, their entire lives became dedicated to the service of God and His temple—giving thanks every morning and evening (vv.26–30). Each of their assigned duties had come from the commands of the Lord (1Chronicles 24:19). They didn’t need to look outside of God’s divine instruction for direction on what they were to do.

After the lists of genealogies and assignments, David says of these men, “They are to carry out their responsibilities for the tent of meeting, for the holy place, and for their relatives, the descendants of Aaron, in the service of the LORD’s temple” (1Chronicles 23:32).

None of us today work in this temple. But these scriptures remind us that all our work can and should be dedicated to honoring God. Worship is something we do with our whole bodies. It’s about being fully submitted to God’s purposes and dedicating our lives as a sacrifice to Him (Roman 12:1). Whether we’re sitting in an office or changing endless diapers, all our daily assignments can be done for God’s glory.

Is my life dedicated to the worship of the God who gave me life? In all my pursuits, am I putting down roots in a way that will bring God the honor He deserves?

God, may we live with our lives dedicated to your glory today!

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56 thoughts on "The Divisions of the Levites"

  1. Carla Smith says:

    Many times I have felt that my work on the sewing machine keeps me from praying or worshipping God. Today I decided to praise God as I was sewing and to thank Him for loving me. I knew that even in my sewing I was worshiping The Lord! Thank you Jesus that we will worship you in Spirit and in truth!

  2. Deborah Jones says:

    That is a wonderful prayer that I know God will answer. Thank you for sharing!! I need to pray the same prayer

  3. Julianne Jacob says:

    Thank you Donna. I just downloaded Bible gate to hear the names pronounced. Praying for baby George

  4. Pam Stayer says:

    It changes my attitude to think that everything, EVERY THING, I do can be worship to God. How often do I see it that way? ❤️

  5. Ashlinn Garner says:


  6. Linda says:

    How well I remember doing countless laundries when my kids were little. I was exhausted and feeling a wee bit resentful. Suddenly it dawned on me (thanks Holy Spirit) that service is a form of worship. That realization transformed my attitude. Today they’re in their 30s (and I’m waaaaaay older) but it was a life lesson I harken to still today.

  7. Tami C says:

    Let ALL my work be done for the Lord. How often I forget this. Forgive me Father. Amen

  8. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love the devotional today! What a great reminder that all our work should be done for the Lord. I pray that taking care of my family would be done out of my love for Jesus. ❤️

  9. Margaret W says:

    I did the readings earlier today, but now I am sitting in my kayak enjoying God’s beautiful creation—something I need to do regularly for both my mental and spiritual health. It helps me understand why Jesus went away so often to pray. Right now I have a dear friend who is dying from a rare disease, but I know it is basically a result of domestic violence and doctors not understanding the disease nor taking her complaints seriously. I really don’t think she has long to live, and she is 10 years younger than I, with young adult children who just don’t get it, and a husband who is angry at her for not being able to work. (She can hardly walk at this point.) Please pray that God would give me wisdom in how to support her best. Her name is Angel.

  10. Donna Wolcott says:

    Sharon such wonderful news! If any of you have not tried using something like Biblegate to listen to the readings of Chronicles, it is a huge help. When you struggle to pronounce as you read, you lose the thoughts. Also, it is amazing to hear the names pronounced. Praying for requests.

  11. Rhonda J. says:

    @CindyJ- May I recommend the bible study by Priscilla Shiver “Elijah!” It is all about being in the “isolation” of a new, stark, valley. And how God is using us in that place to get us where he is taking us! The book is so good even reading on your own. We are only on the 3rd chapter and I am enthralled!

    And to all the homeschoolers, I too remember someone saying that my only gift MAY be to raise my child up in the Lord…(or grandchildren)! Oh how God can use ANY part of where you are …in “such as a time as this.” Kudos to you to put your beliefs and teachings into your children!

    (It’s times like this that I really wish we could “reply” to each individual so my name won’t show up over and over… :/ )

  12. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  13. Catherine McVey says:

    @Sharon Jones Praise God for her healing! God is so good!

  14. Dorothy says:

    So I wonder if God gave those mentioned in the following Scripture the talent needed to perform their task? 1 Chronicles 24:19 “Each group carried out its appointed duties in the house of the Lord according to the procedures established by their ancestor Aaron in obedience to the commands of the Lord, the God of Israel.”; 25:1 “David and the army commanders then appointed men from the families of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun to proclaim God’s messages to the accompaniment of lyres, harps, and cymbals.” Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to be one of those chosen to sing and not be able to sing or to play an instrument and be tone deaf? My maternal grandfather never joined us when we sang songs because he knew he couldn’t sing and was tone deaf but he loved to hear everyone sing.
    I failed to ask for prayer yesterday for my daughter-in-law, I found out Saturday at their baby shower that she is having problems with her blood pressure. Right now they have it regulated but if they continue to have problems the will have to take the baby early. Baby George is fully developed and just needs to grow now.
    Father God thank You for giving each of us our special and unique talents. Thank You for allowing us to worship You in the way we see is best for us. Watch over us as we go through our day and week. Amen
    Be blessed and worship the Lord in your own way.

  15. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    I used to think that worship was what took place on Sundays when we gathered together as a church body. But years ago, when I was preparing lessons for our vacation bible school – a light-bulb went on! That is when I realized that worship is something we are to be doing every day of our lives! In everything we do, it is to be an act of worship – do it with a right spirit, be mindful of God’s presence, be thankful for whatever our job is for that day-week-month-or year. Sing songs in your heart (or out loud!) recite scripture to yourself, pray the scriptures – live life for Jesus – freely talk Him to others. Thank you God for revealing to us how we can worship you in everything! Father God, may my body be a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to you…Just a thought – what an awesome orchestra it must have been to hear as you entered the temple!

    @Sharon J – praise God for the good report you got from the tests and the Dr. May God’s healing hand continue to be on your daughter.
    @Cindy – praying that you will settle into your new place and that God will connect you with christian ladies that will encourage you, pray for you and be a good friend.
    @Taylor – praying you are feeling much better soon, and that you will feel strong enough to work today.
    @Sarah D – Continuing to pray for you and your new relationship with this gentleman friend. May God’s will be done!

    Asking prayer for someone that used to be part of our church family. I just recently learned that in November he and his wife lost their oldest son in a horrific accident. He was 14. I can not imagine the grief they are experiencing. I can only think that to lose a child is the greatest heartache one can experience – I know there are sisters here that have lost a child, so I know you can understand their pain and sorrow. To all of my SRT sisters – please add them to your prayer lists, they will need continued prayer for the days, weeks, months and year ahead. The parents are Jim and Beth. Thank you in advance.

  16. Debbi A. says:

    Hi Michelle, great observation and question! It lead me to look into it more. No, it isn’t just the SRT bible (there is a footnotecreferencing the verse). My ESV states in the small type: Some manuscripts insert verse 21. In my brief exploration, I found that some translators believe verse 21 is not present in the earliest manuscripts, and not what Matthew wrote.

  17. Debbi A. says:

    Hi Michelle, great observation and question! It lead me to look into it more. No, it isn’t just the SRT bible. My ESV states in the small type: Some manuscripts insert verse 21: But this kind never comes out except by prayer and fasting.

  18. Kimberly Vohs says:

    We are just outside of Havre in Rocky Boy ☺️

  19. Kimberly Z says:

    Todays devotional is such a great reminder to put down roots in Gods honor. God’s faithfulness is relentless and I know that the more we point ourself towards his will the better our life will be.

  20. Kimberly Z says:

    @Kimberly Vohs what a small world! I have some friends who live up on the High Line as well towards Havre. I agree trying to find joy when it’s -25 outside can sometimes be challenging :)! @Taylor praying for your stomach bug! My friends little toddler has also come down with that stomach bug while we are here in Mexico.

  21. Olivia Thompson says:

    @Whitnee M – I happen to randomly read your post after seeing everyone’s comment to you. And I just FEEL the Lord’s hands all over this! Do not look at your past with regret. Collect everything you learned from it and thank God for all the lessons. Now that you have some time, maybe if you can, go travel for a week. Visit mom or dad. Help a neighbor. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. God has given you the best restart at a time HE knew you needed! Praying that he shows you your next steps and I pray that you feel His peace!!

    – From a friend in NYC

  22. Mari V says:

    @ Whitney Mills, So glad you’re here and so glad you posted. We will be praying for you For God’s leading in a new job. I’ve been at my job for almost 13 years And I to, am there because of job security but Also, love my job. Mainly the children is what keeps me there. Please know you are covered in prayer

  23. Rebecca W says:

    Help me Lord to listen, obey, praise and follow.
    @CindyJ- prayers lifted that you would find peace in your new home and that God would lead you to new involvement and begin to see new friendships blossom. He’s got you!
    @sharonJones- Thank you Jesus for healing! I once was blind, but now I see!
    @Whitnee-prayers for new direction with a new job, and full trust that you will be exactly where God wants you to be.

  24. Cee Gee says:

    I typed ” FLOREZ and didn’t notice spellchecker had changed it until after I hit post! Apologies to Alex!

  25. Cee Gee says:

    Great word from Alex Flores on HE READS TRUTH: “If you’re not a worship leader, I would encourage you to focus on the phrase “carry out their responsibilities.” I believe God has uniquely called and gifted each of us, and what we all share in common is a responsibility to carry out the work God has given us as an act of worship. However, each of us ought to contribute; as followers of Jesus, our highest calling is to praise God with everything we do. Whatever corner of the world we touch, we ourselves are to become living embodiments of worship.”

  26. Kimberly Vohs says:

    @Kimberly Z I saw your comment from yesterday…I live in Montana! Originally from Texas but my husband and I moved here over 4 years ago to pastor a church on a Reservation.

    The winters are brutal…this one is seeming particularly long and I’ve had to fight hard to choose joy. I’m an outdoor person but not a lover of the bitter winds we get on the high-line…being indoors so much can definitely start getting to me. I homeschool our three children as well and find myself having to push hard to stay motivated. Todays reminder, live it all out as worship to the Lord!

  27. Michelle Dobbs says:

    Question: Why is Matthew 17: 21 missing out of my She Reads Truth Bible? Is this on purpose? It sure is strange. That is a very important verse for deliverance from demonic forces. Is this missing from anyone else’s copy or is it just a typo in mine?

  28. Devon Stronach says:


  29. Jennifer H. says:

    @Erica Chiarelli– I too am home full time and homeschooling our kids. My husband sent me this quote he found, and I love to pull it out on these days when the mundane seems to take over. Not sure where it was from, but it said, “Your greatest contribution to God’s kingdom might not be something you do, but someone you raise”. I love that perspective of how every little thing we as moms do is planting a seed that someday God will use to accomplish His purposes through our kiddos.

  30. Connie Grueter says:

    That is awesome news. God is a good good Father!

  31. Danielle Lemasters says:

    I’m starting a new job and I’ve been so excited about how this job will benefit me. I ask you Lord please use me through this job to be a benefit to others! I pray you keep me humble and gracious as Jesus taught. Help me to love others and allow me to be a light that shines on your glory, your grace and your love that others may see you through me. In Jesus name, Amen.

  32. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Loved the way God inspired David to direct the Levites in the pivot of their duties from tabernacle to temple worship. The change could have left many doubting their role (and maybe even purpose). Yet with the change God always has a plan.

    SHANNON JONES – rejoicing with you in your daughter’s clear MRI and return of the full use of her eye.

  33. CindyJ says:

    “Putting down roots”. And Searching says, “bloom where your planted “. Four years ago my husband and I relocated because of employment from our home of 18+ years. The place where I raised and schooled our kids. My place of quiet and refuge. I had deep roots there; in our home and in the community and ministry. Those deep roots had to be pulled up and I am not taking root or blooming where I have been planted. In fact, I feel like I am withering away. Changes like this mid-life are so hard. I am further from family and our kids are scattered from west to east. There are lot of things I could as prayer for but I ask you pray they God does a miraculous change in my heart and give me a purpose.

  34. Susan says:

    Searching, thank you for continued prayers. I will be praying for the loss in your family also. After a six month wait and search, my daughter in law was able to get the kids in grief counseling. The first time went well. Praying for the other requests today. Our God is so faithful!

  35. Rhonda J. says:

    @CHRISTI TWOMEY- prayers for you as well! Thanks for sharing. :)

  36. Rhonda J. says:

    @Whitney Mills – So glad to have you post, and we will pray for direction for you in this new path! I often too, wish I wouldn’t have turned my palms up earlier in my life for God’s direction rather than my own! But God, He can use you mightily NOW, for I know that! In my last two years God has done magical things in my life for myself and others benefit!! Keep posting so we can see where God leads you! It will be a magical story for you too when you look to Him!!

  37. Christi Twomey says:

    I’m in the same boat. I’ve believed the lies and instead I need to be fully submitting to what God has called me to, giving thanks and praise as I do the work he has called me to for His glory.

  38. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s!

    Praying for all of us as we try to lead a life of honoring God in all we do and say, in the mundane and the big things. Heavenly Father teach us to listen and tune into your word, teach us to love the unlovable, reach the needy and unsaved, and wrap us up in your love and truth. We thank you for your Son Jesus. He helps us to see how GREAT THOU ART!! And He makes us a way to you, the Great Almighty.

    The old testament is not always “fun” to read, But it is important, and relevant to appreciate the life and way of the Israelites. The genealogies of the families (can you imagine if they were not there, and we couldn’t prove how Jesus came from the line of David, and how all of Jesus’ story is woven through generations and generations?!) I love that we can go through Chronicles and other books that have made it through all this time, that in itself is SO amazing and by God’s hand. No matter how people try to wipe out the Israelites and Jewish people, God has his hand on them, and they will be a great nation again! We know this to be true, and thank goodness, by God’s great love, that we gentiles are grafted in! Praise God. And by that, we SHOULD be eternal grateful by giving every second back to our Heavenly Father, showing worship in all we do. So thankful, Jesus, so thankful. We praise you. Let my life show that, even when I am contrary, which is today and last night. You know my need Lord. Please help us grow in you Lord.

    @Sharon Jones- wow, praise God for answering in total healing!!

    @Taylor-praying you feel better today as you go back to work! It is such a joy to see you youngins following God and seeking Him in your lives!

    @Arina(?) Praying for your dad to know Jesus in a deeper, personal way.

  39. Whitnee Mills says:

    I don’t post in here often, though I’ve been reading with the plans for years. This was such a timely message for me! I’ve recently been laid off. I got a two month’s notice and my last official day of employment is this coming Monday. I honestly don’t know where God is leading me next and it’s overwhelming to consider all the possibilities. I have things I’m interested in, but don’t know exactly where God’s plan for my life lies. I’ve been at my current company for nearly 16 years and I suppose I haven’t given these things a whole lot of thought in that time. It grieves my heart to think that God may have had more for me and yet I wasn’t listening for the sake of earthly security. I am asking for God’s plans to be evident so that my work may be for His glory. I kinda wish I had a “David” who could just assign me a job, but I would probably grumble about not having a choice. Lord Jesus, please show me.

  40. Jane K says:

    Praise God, Sharon for this amazing healing of your daughter’s eye!!! Thanks for sharing❤️

  41. Taylor says:

    Morning everyone! Great devotion today. Definitely being convicted in this season to fully submit my will to the Lord’s. Sunday afternoon/evening I came down with a horrible stomach bug and spent most of yesterday sleeping and trying to hydrate. Today I’m feeling better and will attempt to go back to work today. Prayers would be appreciated! <3

  42. Rachel S says:

    We don’t all work in a temple but with the hy spirit within us, we ourselves have become the temple! Worship is a daily pursuit and rhythm.
    Gatekeeping what should be kept away from us but greeting and welcoming in things that should.
    Sacrificing what we don’t need or doesn’t serve us well to honor and serve that which serves far better. Lifting up song and dance from within ourselves, worship with music and joy.
    Speaking what’s good and prosperous, steeped in truth yet full of grace. Remembering to use our voice with wisdom as we speak from our body temple.

  43. Erica Christian says:

    What a beautiful correlation between the scriptures today! Sometimes it is difficult to get through all of the names and jobs but they tied this together beautifully and opened up the passages. I pray everything I do each day is for Gods glory and honor!

  44. Africa Fleming says:


  45. Africa Fleming says:

    Lord, may I that I do, so that I say, be for Your glory! May it be a worship to your Mighty Name! May it be a light to Your path! In Jesus Name Amen

  46. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I’m a stay at home mom and I homeschool…some times it’s easy to think less of myself or just forget that even in the “mundane” God is there. He can use any moment and make it holy. Every moment can be worship to Him! As was written here, our lives should be about worship to our King everyday, every hour, every second…not just Sunday mornings!

  47. Sharon Jones says:

    Thank you for your prayers! Eye doctor said MRI was great her vision continues to improve she has when the tumor was at its largest lost most of her peripheral vision and 7/13 colors. It is all back. Last time she still had a slight loss in that left eye. It is all back. Her colors are all back. Her vision is 20/20! I honestly give all the praise to God. Thank you for your prayers!

  48. Samantha Thompson says:

    But through the voice of a dear friend, God said “Not YOUR way but MINE.” So today I’m digging in and every task set before me will be completed as an act of worship.

  49. Samantha Thompson says:

    Oh how I needed this message today. Frustrating things going on professionally, and yesterday I had a day full of “nothing is going my way.” But isn’t that just like God to show up and say, “not your way, but MINE. You’re not doing your job, but the calling I have put on your life.” As soon as those words came to me through the voice of a dear friend, my whole day shifted. So today may not look like I envisioned, I may run into roadblocks and frustrations, but my approach on today will be to look into the tasks set before me and worship God by doing them. ❤️❤️

  50. Samantha Thompson says:

    Oh how I needed this message today. Frustrating things going on professionally, and yesterday I had a day full. of “nothing is going my way”

  51. Andrea Martin says:

    This…all of this today as I have been reaching a frustration point with some things both personally and professionally. Amen! Amen!

  52. Aimee D-R says:

    Lord that I worship You in my words and actions. In Jesus name, Amen

  53. Searching says:

    Worship the Lord! In songs of praise and in our daily lives – for our employers, family, friends, strangers – our works and our words. I’m reminded of the phrase, Bloom where you are planted. Lord, help my focus to be on honoring, worshipping and thanking you as I go through life each day.

    SUSAN – praying for you and your family, especially your grands. Some of my relatives who have lost a parent are also need of prayer – bringing the needs of your family and mine to the Lord.

    BRIELLE HEBERT – praying

    DOROTHY – thank you for sharing, a good reminder!

    DONNA WOLCOTT – glad I’m not alone ❤️

    SARAH D – praying for guidance, and wisdom

    ARINA – praying for your dad, that the Lord would open your dad’s heart and mind to recognize the Truth, to accept the gift of salvation, that he would pray for the Lord to help his unbelief (Mark 9:24)

    KYLE – praying for MIL

    SHANNON JONES – praying for your daughter

  54. Amanda Hesterberg says:

    What a good reminder that even though we don’t work in a temple today, our purpose is still to honor and glorify God in all we do and say!

  55. Donna Simmons says:

    Thank you Lord for your word. Your reminder of the importance and value and power of daily worship in our lives

  56. TIna says:

    Lord, may I live my life dedicated to your glory!

    BUT GOD…

    ONLY GOD..


    Happy Tuesday you beauties wrapped in love, hugs and prayers from across the pond..❤