The Divisions of the Levites

Open Your Bible

1 Chronicles 23:1-32, 1 Chronicles 24:1-31, 1 Chronicles 25:1-31, Romans 12:1

How do you worship God? I’ll be the first to admit that I often think about worship as just the songs we sing on Sundays. But today’s reading reminded me that true worship is about so much more than that. Our worship isn’t just about a church service. It’s something we’re created to do with our work, our calling, and our whole lives.

In 1 Chronicles 23, we see King David at the end of his life, passing down his rule to Solomon (1Chronicles 23:1). After years of being unsettled, David announces that the Lord has given His people rest. They would finally be able to settle and put down roots. (v.25). But with that news also came duty and responsibility.

And so David begins with the divisions of the Levites—assigning duties to every family, from working on the temple to being judges, gatekeepers, and musicians. For many of these, their entire lives became dedicated to the service of God and His temple—giving thanks every morning and evening (vv.26–30). Each of their assigned duties had come from the commands of the Lord (1Chronicles 24:19). They didn’t need to look outside of God’s divine instruction for direction on what they were to do.

After the lists of genealogies and assignments, David says of these men, “They are to carry out their responsibilities for the tent of meeting, for the holy place, and for their relatives, the descendants of Aaron, in the service of the LORD’s temple” (1Chronicles 23:32).

None of us today work in this temple. But these scriptures remind us that all our work can and should be dedicated to honoring God. Worship is something we do with our whole bodies. It’s about being fully submitted to God’s purposes and dedicating our lives as a sacrifice to Him (Roman 12:1). Whether we’re sitting in an office or changing endless diapers, all our daily assignments can be done for God’s glory.

Is my life dedicated to the worship of the God who gave me life? In all my pursuits, am I putting down roots in a way that will bring God the honor He deserves?

God, may we live with our lives dedicated to your glory today!

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56 thoughts on "The Divisions of the Levites"

  1. Carla Smith says:

    Many times I have felt that my work on the sewing machine keeps me from praying or worshipping God. Today I decided to praise God as I was sewing and to thank Him for loving me. I knew that even in my sewing I was worshiping The Lord! Thank you Jesus that we will worship you in Spirit and in truth!

  2. Deborah Jones says:

    That is a wonderful prayer that I know God will answer. Thank you for sharing!! I need to pray the same prayer

  3. Julianne Jacob says:

    Thank you Donna. I just downloaded Bible gate to hear the names pronounced. Praying for baby George

  4. Pam Stayer says:

    It changes my attitude to think that everything, EVERY THING, I do can be worship to God. How often do I see it that way? ❤️

  5. Ashlinn Garner says:


  6. Linda says:

    How well I remember doing countless laundries when my kids were little. I was exhausted and feeling a wee bit resentful. Suddenly it dawned on me (thanks Holy Spirit) that service is a form of worship. That realization transformed my attitude. Today they’re in their 30s (and I’m waaaaaay older) but it was a life lesson I harken to still today.

  7. Tami C says:

    Let ALL my work be done for the Lord. How often I forget this. Forgive me Father. Amen

  8. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love the devotional today! What a great reminder that all our work should be done for the Lord. I pray that taking care of my family would be done out of my love for Jesus. ❤️