Day 23

The Dedication of the Temple

2 Chronicles 6:1-42, 2 Chronicles 7:1-22, John 1:14

BY Seana Scott

Sometimes my children ask me questions when my brain is in some other hemisphere—like deadlines, laundry piles, and remembering to order school lunches. “Can we go to the park later?” “Can we eat ice cream for dinner?” “Can we fly to the moon?” Okay, no moon-flying over here—but it doesn’t matter what they ask me; when I reply with a half-listening “Yes,” they expect whatever I promised. However, I often completely forget. 

But God never forgets His promises (2Chronicles 6:10,15–16). The writer of Chronicles reminded the returning-from-exile Judeans that even though they didn’t hold up their end of the covenant relationship with God, the Holy One of Israel never skipped town.

This account reveals the details of God’s continuation of the Davidic covenant by Solomon, David’s son, completing the building of the temple of the Lord. I imagine the people listening to this story could almost smell the twenty-two thousand cattle and a hundred thousand sheep and goats being offered to Yahweh (2Chronicles 7:5). They could almost hear the blowing trumpets and envision the glory of the Lord consuming the sacrifices with fire from heaven, and His glory filling the temple (v.1). 

I appreciate the details of this record of Israel’s history because they needed to remember their origin story as they started a new chapter back in the land. The returning, humbled people needed to recount who God was and who they were so they could move forward as God’s people. 

Sometimes we might need to re-enter the story of God too. We easily forget our faith origin in the gospel of Jesus Christ and start putting faith in other things. We put our faith in hustling for the promotion, curating a Pinterest-worthy home, or building our name as a brand on social media. But all these lesser faiths and stories start to lure us away from the one, big, eternal story of God—and of our Savior, who is full of grace and truth (John 1:14). 

Maybe this is one of the reasons the writer of Chronicles thought it necessary to include God’s promise to Solomon after the dedication: If Israel turns from God again (which they do), but then turns back to God, He would hear their prayer, forgive their sin, and bless the land (2Chronicles 7:14). 

This is the story I need to return to over and over again—especially when I mess up. This is the gospel of grace, right here in the pages of Chronicles. Is there something in your life distancing you from God? Are you feeling like you’re in a season of exile? If we turn from our sin, seek His face, and ask for forgiveness, we once again find our home in God’s story (1John 1:9)—because God keeps His promises.

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  1. Kimberly Z says:

    This devotional really strikes home for me. God never forgets his promises. I was listening to an Above Inspiration YouTube tv this morning while I was getting ready and they were talking about how if it’s on your heart God will see it through. I find that comforting for somebody who desperately wants to have kids and be married. @“

  2. Cee Gee says:

    ERIN KATE, your sentiment struck my heart. Such a lovely and loving thought!!!

    SEARCHING – Love you, sister, and agreeing with you on those ladies you ‘called out’ today.

    With all of the attention on Solomon and the dedication of the temple, my heart went out to David for all the prep he did to see the temple had the necessary tools/decor for honoring Yahweh. The spoils of war that were sanctified, the trumpets he commissioned, etc., were there because David followed God’s direction. May I be as diligent in doing my part for the glory of God in the generations to come.

  3. Cheryl Blow says:

    So thankful for God’s faithfulness to us!

  4. Allison Bentley says:

    I love the chronology Solomon gives of Gods promises/faithfulness- praying that we all sit in this today and trust in His faithfulness today!!!!

  5. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Solomon repeatedly states that God has kept and will continue to keep His promise. God always keeps His promises. He can not lie – what He says He will do, He does. There are so many promises found in God’s word that we can read, learn and look forward to. So thankful that God ALWAYS KEEPS His promises. Not a word He says will ever fail! (Luke 1:37 NLT)

    Also something that stood out to me: 2 Chronicles 6:8-9) Even though it was in David’s heart to build the temple, and it was a good thing – it was not God’s will. Sometimes our judgement gets clouded when making a decision because the thought is in our heart and it might be something really good. Even so, it doesn’t mean it’s God’s will. We must be discerning, seek God’s will and then the hard part – wait and listen.

    @Lehua K. – praying for your work situation, may God’s will be done!
    @Grammiesue – praying that the MRI shows NED and that God will give you grace and peace.
    @Taylor – continuing to pray for your work situation, glad to hear it’s going a little easier.
    @Michelle Patire – continuing to pray for your situation. I did reply yesterday, not sure if you so it. If you did, I hope it brought you some encouragement.

    Blessings to you all!

  6. Traci Gendron says:

    It so awesome that my friend picked a study for us to do on humility! It fits right in with Solomon. If anyone is interested it is from the YouVersion Holy Bible app and it is called Humility: It’s Not What You Think.

  7. GramsieSue says:

    I love that God dwells in us…we who are so undeserving.
    Makes me want to clean up my inner being…
    His willingness to dwell with us is wholly an act of grace.
    Also, Solomon especially emphasized one promise that God had repeated often:
    That the Lord would not leave His people or forsake them.
    Something I cling to many times.

    Praying for so many of you: Rhonda J, Lehua K, Lynne from AL, Tina, Tara B, Victoria E, Sarah D, Indiana Christina, Tara B, and many more of you.
    Prayers please for us. Steve has an MRI tomorrow (every 3 months now) and we hope there is No Evidence of Disease (NED). Trusting God in the storm.
    Hugs to all this morning ❤️

  8. Lehua K. says:

    Good morning ladies, God has called me back here… how I’ve missed you all ❤️

    I hesitate to start this comment with a prayer request, because I feel so unworthy and like my concern doesn’t matter. But part of me knows that those thoughts are lies from the enemy. I don’t want to be long-winded, but could you please pray for me – there’s a situation that has come up at work and I want to discuss my concerns with my bosses, but I’m hesitant and afraid it could backfire. It’s been difficult to sleep (I’ve been up since 2am). Thank you in advance for your prayers ❤️

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