Seth, a Son in Adam’s Image

Open Your Bible

Genesis 3:8-21, Genesis 4:1-16, Genesis 4:25-26, Genesis 5:1-5

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Through Adam and Eve, sin entered the world. Adam’s firstborn, Cain, killed his brother Abel and was left to wander the earth. God provided another son, Seth, to Adam and Eve.

Where do you see God active and present in Seth’s story? 

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72 thoughts on "Seth, a Son in Adam’s Image"

  1. Stephen Webb says:

    Neither Adam nor Eve are to blame for anything, and neither is the wise serpent – this was Gods plan right from the beginning. Allow me to explain. Before becoming confused by the knowledge of good and evil, neither Adam nor Eve knew that it was a sin, or bad to disobey God.

    They had no understanding of what Gods love even meant. In order to justify exaltation of humans above even the angels in heaven we’ve had to deal with pain, suffering, death, disease and loss – the path back leads us through hell. Hell, is not the kind of place most people think it is either. Even Paul gives a better description as a place where all of our impurities are burned away. Humans are like lumps of gold ore drawn up from the earth – full of dirt, grime and other impurities that are burned away by the hell fires. This also implies that Hell is not a permanent place, but a place where one stays until they are made pure enough to exist in the presence of God.

  2. Stephen Webb says:

    There are those of us that have a slightly different understanding concerning the creation of Seth. Also, Cain was not Adam’s son. This is mentioned in the OT as well – The Lord [not a reference to Adam] got Eve with child, in other words Ba’al [which means the ‘Lord’ in this case is also a name]. The whole euphemism of the enticing serpent in the garden, the forbidden fruit etc makes the picture more clear. Eve’s temporary lapse in judgement lead to the creation of Cain. Adam raised Cain thinking he was his own.

    It just so happens that this plays an important part in the whole Cain sacrificing Abel to God [it’s a Canaanite / Phoenician thing]. You know parts of the story, here’s something that puts a couple other mysteries to rest. The sacrifice was offered to God, and for it to be justified one would need to give to God that which is most dear to them. Cain was a farmer as you know, and Abel tended to animals. Cains offering wasn’t accepted but Abel’s was…one could conclude that there had been some jealousy, but that is the laziest and easiest answer, and it is also wrong – that is where it stops for most people but this does not describe why God would protect Cain after killing his innocent brother.

    After Cain had been rejected for the last time he thought about what it meant to give to God that which is most dear to you to prove you love God even more. He was supposedly shocked when he concluded that he truly did love his brother more than anything and even those simple creatures Abel tended.

    When the time to sacrifice had come again, Cain went with nothing in hand, Abel went and offered like normal. When Abel was done he wandered at why Cain would approach with nothing to offer. So he asked…Cain replied that he finally figured out what it meant to sacrifice that which is most dear to me in all the world…hit him over the head with a stone, and proceeded to sacrifice Abel the same way Abel would sacrifice his chosen lamb. Abel became the first sacrificial lamb, and he was the first born son of Adam [man]. This is where the reference ‘Son of Man’ comes from Abel was the First Born Son of Man – and the prototype of Christ found in Christianity.

    In the OT it indicates that Cain was cursed by God for killing his innocent brother, BUT because Cain DID give to God that which is most dear to him – God would not rebuke on his infallible proclamation to bless and protect those who offered a worthy sacrifice being that which is most dear.

    Adam and Eve were both confused and furious at what had been done to Abel. Abel was Adams to give, but not Cains – the first born son in the Phoenician / Canaanite religion is the one held most dear – so it was not unheard of for fathers to sacrifice their first born sons for the love of God [Abraham and Isaac for example even though after that God ‘changed’ his requirements and killing your son was not really part of it any longer]

    After all of this, Adam went to kill Cain, but God stopped this. Eve also made it known that Cain was not Adams so it wouldn’t do to sacrifice Cain. Now even more furious Adam seeks advice from darker sources of forbidden knowledges…and ultimately concluded that he could punish Cain by erasing him – taking his identity from him and creating a new one through a renaming ritual – names are important you see, there is power in naming things.

    So, Cain became Seth, and Adam had a son again – this I think, was supposed to separate Cain from his father – Cain is dead, Seth now lives yet they are one and the same.

    1. Alexis Dotson says:

      Very interesting interpretation, I’ve never heard of this view before. Fascinating read, what are your sources? I’d be interested in reading more.

  3. Susanna Rountree says:

    God was still providing for Adam and Eve AFTER they sinned. He even protected Cain after he had killed Abel and redeemed his lineage by having Enoch

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  5. Katie Isaac says:

    Though Cain sinned, God protected him in a fatherly way and allowed him to move forward.

  6. Cindy Matute says:


  7. Margaret W says:

    Actually, Eve did accept responsibility for her actions in v. 13 “…and I ate.” She was merely explaining that the serpent had deceived her. Adam was right there with her and didn’t try to set the record straight on what God had said. Many scholars believe that this is why Adam is “blamed” for Original Sin, although it clearly affects all of us..

  8. kylie richardson says:

    while reading, God wasn’t very present when his son, Seth, would do something good but when Seth did something not good, causing him to sin, he was active and with him during those times.

  9. Brandy Deruso says:

    God you will cover me in all lord I thank you!

  10. Abigail Berger says:


  11. Susan Magaw says:

    Love thia

  12. T Michelle Sherrill says:


  13. TheBestIsYetToCome says:

    I find it interesting and pretty amazing that God put his mark on Cain to protect him from anyone killing him. Even though Cain had really messed up. I also find it interesting that Seth becomes Adams “ firstborn” as he is mentioned as the 1st descendent of Adam. Not Cain or Abel first. That was unheard of in those days that a son that was born third would be considered the first.
    What these examples point out to me is that God can do whatever He pleases. He is Gos alone. We need to trust Him and give Him time to work in His own unique way. More on this from amazing book called The Red Sea Rules. Check it out!

  14. KimN says:

    What struck me today was actually from yesterday’s scripture. We read that God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the center of the garden as well as the tree of life. From what I read (and will need to dig some more on!), God says they can eat the fruit of any tree except the tree of knowledge.
    Meaning they could eat from the tree of life? But chose to listen to the serpent & disobeyed God instead?
    This is my choice as well. Will I pursue God and life abundant? Or try to become like God in my pursuit of self satisfaction which will end in death?
    (Now that’s got me thinking of a whole other rabbit trail of the cross also being a tree of life and Jesus as well being from the root of Jesse!)
    Have a wonderful day She’s and praying that the Lord would meet you in your need exactly where you are!

  15. Jamie Swope says:

    God’s kindness is bringing forth another son after a tragedy is a beautiful thing.

  16. Lois East says:

    God wanted to restore relationship with man. We see this when he killed an animal to cloth Adam and Even after they sinned. Seth was part of restoration. Through his continued line people began worshipping God.

  17. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I have read some of the comments stating the disappointment in no devotional write up, and I too find myself disappointed when there isn’t one. However, I do see us learn from one another more as a community when the write up isn’t there. For me I spend more time reflecting on the scriptures because I don’t have a write up for interpretation. I also enjoy reading what you all say!!! Some things that stuck out to me today in the reading: Eve was not named until after the fall of man… I wonder if the significance of this is that after she was created the fall happened so quickly that the naming wasn’t until after or maybe she had another name and after the fall Adam renamed her Eve??? I’ll have to look into this more. Second, I never noticed until today how Seth was to be a ‘replacement’ in the blood line after the murder of his brother… it points to Jesus! God wanted to be with His creation, but because of sin we needed Jesus to sacrifice himself for our sin problem! Then we could be ‘re-placed’ back in the family of God! Nothing is in the Bible by mistake and I everything in the Bible points to Jesus! Thank you Lord!

  18. Susan Richardson says:

    Several things stood out to me in this reading. First is that when God came to walk with Adam and Eve, He questioned Adam, who pointed to Eve. He questioned Eve, who pointed to the serpent. He didn’t question the serpent. He KNEW. So did the serpent. There is no accusation from the serpent recorded. Secondly, in the account of Cain and Able, God warned Able that if he didn’t do what was right that sin was crouching at the door. Doesn’t this remind you of 1 Peter 5:8? Peter gives us the same warning. Peter knew first hand of the enemy desiring to devour him, remember Jesus’ warning to Peter? Last thing that stood out was that it was in the time of Seth’s son, Enosh, that people began to call on the name of the Lord, yet scripture does not reveal the name of the Lord until much later. What name did they use? Elohim? Interesting to ponder.

  19. Kelsey Thomas says:

    Tracking the genealogy side by side in Genesis and Luke Chapter 3. This gives me so much more insight into how the Jewish people really valued where and who they came from. This rich history tracks the focus of the breath of life that was given to Adam down to Jesus. I am really inspired by this lesson so far.

  20. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy Thursday she’s! Love all your comments about Genealogies. Family is messy that’s for sure! @HEIDI so glad you made it! What a cool adventure your kids will never forget. Love the idea of writing in a journal starting with Genesis. @MOLLY R. Praying for the sale of your parents house to continue to move without hiccups. While this ordeal has not been easy for you! @MERCY praying for your migraines! I struggle too with them so I understand your frustrations. I am easily triggered to get headaches. @SARAH D. praying for you and your job situation today. I hope it’s all going well. Happy Thursday!!

  21. Victoria E says:

    Mercy- I am praying for your headaches. I pray you get treatment if needed and healing in Jesus name

  22. Victoria E says:

    Heidi very interesting comment thank you sharing and praises for your travel mercies! I love Paris it is my favorite city ever. Enjoy !

  23. Adrianne says:

    I feel like I see God being active in Seth’s story by Seth being born after such tragic and sinful behavior by his eldest brother murdering Abel. That God wasn’t going to let the line of Adam end in Cain’s sin, but would continue Adam’s line through Seth to bring our Savior Jesus to the world to save us and bring peace.

  24. Alayna P. says:

    After Abel’s murder, Seth was born to be his replacement as the appointed offspring that would eventually lead to the Messiah. Noah, David, and Jesus are all apart of Seth’s line. Because God is God, I believe He knew what Cain was going to do and Seth was in His plan all along.

  25. Mitzi White says:

    Well said. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Heidi says:

    Hey friends :) So genealogies.. used to hate them. Now, I appreciate them so much because they tell the story of the Bible in just a name :) I would encourage anyone who really wants to know how this is all connected to start in Genesis and just keep a journal of the names that appear and what they do/who they stand for. In every line of every geneology you see someone who carries the seed of the Serpent and someone who carries the seed of the Promise. Anyone connected to that person with the Promise ends up with God’s blessing despite their behavior one account of God’s promise with Abraham – not because of the person in question. Then you also see those keeping with the seed of the Serpent. From the beginning there has been a war – from BEFORE the beginning with the Garden even. And it continues down through today… Taking the time to see it and trace it makes it all SO MUCH MORE exciting and real… JUST a suggestion.. ;)

    I am writing this from a hotel room in Paris :) Yes- we made it! One whole day at the airport, missing the flight by an absolute smidge due to passport delays, but then rebooked FOR. FREE. on the next day’s flight! We had looked to rebook when we saw the passports would be an issue and it would have cost us $1000/per ticket (ummm.. we have FIVE.) to move to the next day and because we were at the airport trying to make it when it happened, they kindly rebooked. Had some new issues the next day that God totally provided for and bing-bang-boom, we had 5 seats together headed nonstop to Paris. I can’t even… how He did that… it’s just so much..!!

    Have spent the first day just acclimating (been hard for little 3 year old) but today was a little more “fun”. Hoping to get to the must-see sites over the next few days and excited to visit our first church on Sunday evening :) London and Ireland are on the “tour” but we are hoping maybe making it to Rome as well. To see where “The Way” first began – where all of the first Ekklesias were located… but we shall see :)

    Doing this with 3 little friends in-tow is a challenge at times (to decrease maintenance, we only packed carry ons and each has their own) but I really pray they take so much good from it. Pray for a town in the south of France where today a “random” stabbing occurred on a local playground to a few children and 2 adults. Last I read (and has been a few hours) was most were non-critical. We had planned for me to take the 3 to a nearby park this afternoon alone while Ryan got a little work done but I decided against it as I didn’t fully understand what/where it was happening…


  27. Ashley White says:

    Humanity started out on the wrong foot from the beginning!

  28. Mercy says:

    Hello she’s,
    Today’s reading has a murder scene of the first family. And isn’t family messy? On the first day a question was raised in the devotional, what is family to you? And today, a brother murders a brother. A question stood out, Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes you are. Yes we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. In our family and in the spiritual family. We ought to watch out for one another’s safety and wellbeing, and cover one another in prayers and in love. The story of the prodigal son (or may we call it the TWO prodigal sons), the elder son asked the father, am I my brother’s keeper? He sure was. And another interesting cultural prospect I learnt is that the eldest was supposed to come out and search after the lost younger brother, to search him out and to bring him home, but he didn’t. More responsibility for the elder brother, that’s why Jewish culture graces them with double portion in the family for such responsibility. I saw many questions raised as to why God would do this, and that, and these verses come to mind “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter” (Proverbs 25:2), “He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, without the possibility that mankind will find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end” (Ecclesiates 3:11). He conceals mysteries. But He said, “All I have is yours, and all you have is mine. And glory has come to me through them.” (John 17:10). God allows things for the test of us, do we respect boundaries, do we respect His instructions,… the word will come to try us like it has tried God’s people (Psalm 105:19).
    @RHONDA: praying for your successful leadership, thanks for the helpful side notes
    @MOLLY R: may all requirements be met, and the sale proceeds. May your stress/burden be lifted and cast to Him. Is anything too hard for God? Relax dear Molly. It will be okay.
    @ELLA: joining other she’s for continual prayers, may God heal your visual impairment and bring you out of isolation.
    @THERESA: praying for your husband’s passport and future trip.
    @TAYLOR: where are you sis? Praying God’s grace and protection over you, family, work, relationships, etc.

    Ladies, I am asking for prayers for the migraines I am fighting. It’s been strong enough to pin me down on bed rest. So strange and ridiculous. Thank you so much for your prayers. May every demonic illness be cast down in Jesus’ name.
    Be blessed dear sisters.

  29. Carrie Weldon says:

    @lisa chapek I love your insight into today’s scripture. Thanks so much! ♥️

  30. Ashley Harris says:

    I had to think about this plan A, only
    Plan stuff for a while. I was frustrated with this being possible. (How could God bring a soul into this world knowing it’s going to stray so far from him. Even into complete and utter exile. How is this even part of the plan? How is Cain’s life valuable to God if he just lets that happen? Maybe because this is OT God and he’s harder to understand?) Until I looked at my own daughter. I brought her into this world knowing she will face her own struggles and find ways to disobey me. She will grow apart from me as a teenager and that will break my heart. And I start to see God’s thinking a bit better. It’s still confusing, but brings me a bit closer, especially to that love he has for us. Each of us his babies that he wants to see us grow up and grow closer to him.

  31. Ashley Harris says:

    I had to think about this plan A, only

  32. Rhonda J. says:

    Hi She’s!

    I didn’t think I would “love” a genealogy study since we just seemed to have a Chronicles study, but once again I am gaining much more insight then I had thought I would! Like you all though, I also miss a devotional. When I bring up the bible readings, you have an option at the bottom “explain verse,” which is very helpful. Hope this helps-

    4:6 God’s rhetorical questions to Cain offer counsel, not rebuke. God understands Cain’s disappointment and encourages him to overcome his sinful heart.
    4:7 The Hebrew phrase used here literally reads, “lifting up?” Since the phrase “lift up the face” is very common in the ot as an idiom for “showing favor” or “accepting” someone, this may be the intended meaning (although the word “face” is not present). If this meaning is chosen, the phrase implies that Cain did not do well and that his offering is deficient in some manner (see vv. 4–5). Alternatively, the word translated “lifting up” can also be used idiomatically to describe forgiveness, but this would not seem to fit the present context.
    4:9 When God confronted Adam and Eve with their sin, they readily confessed (3:11–13). Here, Cain lies to God outright, denying any knowledge of his brother’s whereabouts.
    4:11 Because Cain spilled Abel’s blood on the ground, Yahweh makes Cain’s efforts as a farmer futile (compare v. 14).
    By the time of Abel’s murder, there were others living nearby. As with Cain’s wife (see Gen 4:17 and note), the narrator has no interest in providing a chronology and description of circumstances that would explain where the people living outside Eden came from. Statements of this nature imply that the Biblical genealogies are selective
    While the precise nature of this mark is unclear, it is visible and it is for Cain’s protection. Since the Hebrew preposition here, usually translated “on,” may be translated “for,” the phrase could be translated: “Yahweh put (or placed) a mark for Cain.” This would indicate that Yahweh marked something for Cain’s protection, not necessarily him
    4:16 This phrase refers to the fact that the conversation with God was over—it is not a denial of omnipresence.
    4:17 The narrative of ch. 4 does not give a literal chronology of all events that extend from (or are related to) Adam and Eve’s life outside Eden. Rather, the narrative shows how Adam and Eve survived, and it traces the beginning of their lineage. The narrative does not say where Cain’s wife came from, only that his lineage began through her.

    I start my new small group on Saturday, would really covet your prayers for me not to be nervous and anxious! I love to talk and meet people, but not necessarily stand in front and carry on a lesson plan!! (I am Moses! lol)

  33. Caitlin Holliday says:

    Noah, David, and Jesus all came through Seth

  34. Caitlin Holliday says:

    The first sacrifice was by God for humans. Just as the last sacrifice was a gift of God for all humanity. ❤️

  35. Catherine McVey says:

    @Farrah M I have always had the same question!

  36. lisa chapek says:

    Hi y’all! I’ve been following along quietly and praying through the Psalms, Amos and now this study. There’s something new in this story that I thought I was so familiar with that I can’t get away from. Cain wasn’t just sent away, he was sent away forever from Gods presence and, even in his sin, he knew this was the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. Jesus experienced what Cain experienced on the cross when the Father turned away from Him and it made Jesus cry out in agony. Knowing that, I can’t imagine the horror of being separated from God for adds new fervency to my prayers for those who don’t know Him. Also, when Cain was sent away from Gods presence, he lost his purpose as well. He was a “tiller of the ground” and the result of his sin was that the ground would no longer produce for him. Without the presence of God in his life, he lost the God-given purpose to subdue the earth and he became a wanderer. Oh how that speaks to the confusion and angst of our culture.

  37. Barbara Thompson says:

    In chapter 4:vs.13-16,Cain ask God about other people, finding him,Who are these other people?
    Where did they come from?

  38. Traci Gendron says:

    I find this format harder for me. I get so much from the devotionals. I guess I should look at this as pushing me out of my comfort. I believe Seth was in the plan all along.

  39. Foster Mama says:


    What makes a comment go to “moderation”?!

    While we wait (I asked y’all some reflection questions), I’ll just say…Yes, @ NAOMI D — I believe that is exactly correct!!

  40. Foster Mama says:

    Yes, @ SUSIE…same!! I love the devotional and deciding if / how it resonates with me then I take it from.there but yes…. I AM participating! So, LET’S DIG!!!

    But, first a giggle…I was thinking yesterday in my car about marriage and how men are so often described as poor communicators …Did Adam even remember to tell Eve about the tree more than just in passing, like really discuss it with her?! Or was the serpent the first to truly delve deep with her about it?! ;)

    OK, all joking aside… Let’s dig!! So many of our Shes here are great with their concordances and supplementary info.

    (1) What are people’s thoughts re: @ FARRAH M’s question?! If I’m not mistaken, it was because God wanted a relationship with man as free, as a son not as a (I can’t think of the right word) puppet limited from acting. (I didn’t word that optimally :/)

    (2a) What do you respond when people speak of the “incestuous” nature of those first few chapters?! Would Adam’s sons (and possibly Adam himself) not have had to have sex with Adam’s daughter to multiply?! [I never have a solid answer for people. Is it fair to say we frown upon it with Lot but not now because assume it was necessary at this time?]

    (2b) When Cain became a wanderer and went to build his life / lineage in the land of Nod, who did he find there?!

    I would love to get my Sisters’ insights!!

  41. Naomi D says:

    Farrah M – I think that tree being there is because it gave choice. God lovingly gave Adam and Eve the choice of whether or not to obey him; he did not force or manipulate the situation to make sure they had to love him. Forced love is not even really love; forced obedience is not true obedience. God wanted- still wants – relationship.

  42. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I am very grateful that God always has a plan. He knows that I am going to make mistakes and not follow him when I should. He knows. It’s been the plan from the beginning because he knows the decisions and choices I will make. I am so grateful. Have a blessed day, Sisters. 

  43. Jane K says:

    Good morning, Shes. Genesis 4:6-7 stood out to me today 7 “ If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.” – Genesis 4:7. Sin’s desire is for me, but I must rule over it! I thought of Tina and her words, “But God!” I’m thankful we have the Holy Spirit in us and He is our Counselor. My prayer is that my heart stays soft and not becomes hardened, and that I listen to the Holy Spirit as He helps me rule over sin!

  44. Lara Castillo says:

    Sunni Corley – I thought the same! I thought about how often I don’t bring God the “first fruits” so to speak, how I don’t always give hi

  45. Susie says:

    Foster Mama,

    It is harder in this format isn’t it? I am really enjoying the readings though but it’s hard to engage without a devotional writing I find.
    I have been digging deeper, and learning.

  46. Linda Waters says:

    I learned that God sacrificing animals to create covers for Adam and Eve was the first official blood sacrifice. He spares nothing to create a relationship with his people.

  47. Molly R says:

    From the very beginning, the very people who were the ONLY ones to walk in holy communion with God, they chose sin. In a way, that’s encouraging… even they couldn’t resist, so I don’t know need to wallow in shame at my failures to stay on track and pursuing God. It’s the heart of humility and the awareness of our need to be forgiven. We were always going to be in a position to be rescued, redeemed, restored. And there will always be people who appear to be the “expected one.” I’m sure Eve was full of hope at delivering Cain – he must’ve been the deliverer promised during the curse of Chapter 3! How wrong she was, and how discouraging and painful to watch the Cain and Abel saga unfold to a mother….BUT, there is always a way, and in this case it came in the form of yet another son, Seth.
    The cyclical nature of man – the consistent cyclical nature is probably a better way to put it. And God knew it all from the beginning. It’s a cycle of sin and repentance, a shunning of God for self and a laying aside of oneself to set our eyes on God, a despair and a hope. The enormity of the failures of man, the generations, the chances, the forgiveness, the many ways and means God give us all contrast to the utterly complete, simple, life of one perfect man, Jesus Christ, to come and once and forever redeem the endless cycle of mankind. There is an end! It won’t always be toiling and despair and depravity – even in the midst of it still being cultivated here on Earth we get glimpses of hope and redemption, a peace in the pain, and a hope in the hopelessness!

    Can I ask for some urgent prayer with the sale of my parents home?? We are almost there, BUT we found out that while the septic system is fine and appropriate for a 3 bedroom house (which is what we have it listed for), the drain field apparently is only rated for a 2 bedroom. It’s all such silly bureaucracy, but it could make this sale impossible and the buyers might walk away. We have to have a drain field designer assess it and make a plan/quote for what it would take to alter it to get it into compliance. All for a house that will be forced to hook up to an already planned sewer system within 5 years, making this all a moot scenario. I know the buying and selling of houses are often a yo-yo of offers and concessions between the buyer/seller, but we’re all SO ready to have this settled. The plan will be submitted today, and the buyers will let us know by the end of the day what they want to do. A little stressed today, if I’m being honest! Thank you, Shes!

  48. Farrah M says:

    I have read this scripture so many times in my life but a question I have is: “Why?” Why would God even put that tree in Eden to begin with? He knew what would happen. He knew she would eat from him and death and destruction would enter His perfect creation. I can’t fathom why and I’ve walked with God my entire life! We never hear why the tree was necessary to be there, we only hear the outcome. I’m so curious!

  49. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Not a lot has changed since the beginning of time – God’s children (Adam & Eve) sin, so what do they do – they run and hide. Once found out, neither takes responsibility for their sin but blames someone else. One thing I think we often don’t think of, or we forget – the consequences our sin doesn’t just effect us, it effects all those around us and it passes down to the next generation – clearly seen when Cain murders his brother.

    As always, God is gracious and merciful and gives Adam & Eve another son. Something apparently changed in their lives as after Seth’s birth, men began to call on the name of the LORD. All is not lost, all is not hopeless. There is always the opportunity to repent, start fresh, have a “do-over”. Just like in the days of Adam, Eve & Seth, after dark and seemingly hopeless days revival is possible, it can happen. That is my prayer for myself, my church, the Church and our nation & world. True Holy Spirit, God ordained revival! …Father God, we ask that Your Spirit be working in each and every one of us – to bring us closer to You. And may the words of this song, come to pass – “Come set Your rule and reign, In our hearts again, Increase in us we pray, Unveil why we’re made. Come set our hearts ablaze with hope, Like wildfire in our very souls, Holy Spirit come invade us now. We are Your Church, And we need Your power In us.” (Build Your Kingdom – Rend Collective)

    @Theresa – continuing to pray that all works out for your husband to get his passport.

  50. sarah oster says:

    I love the part about the skins. God covers their shame shedding blood just like Jesus would do for all of us.

  51. sunni corley says:

    I find it interesting that God did not say he was mad at Cain for his sacrifice he just knew his heart and offered for him to do what is right. He warned him that sin’s desire was for him but that he had the power to rule over it.

  52. Sharon says:

    I love how God provides second chances in His incredible grace. He provides a new path, a new way, a solution. He is such a good good God. <3

  53. Foster Mama says:

    I, like CLAIRE B, am not a big fan of this format but am reading along and trying to go through the comments.

    @ THERESA, thank you for your prayers! (already seeing some movement in Baby’s story, waiting to see). We will continue to pray for your husband! I have missed many of the comments in the previous reading plan but, if he is going to Africa to do God’s will, it is not a big surprise that there are obstacles…may you all feel God’s hand holding, guiding, reassuring and refreshing through this part of the journey.

  54. Hannah Turner says:

    I’ve always wondered how many children Adam and Eve bore. When Cain was cursed the wander the earth, he went to another city, so how many of those people were his siblings? And how did they age when living over 900 years? Same as us and mature at 18 or later on in life?

  55. Michelle Patire says:

    Imagine being a “fugitive and vagabond” the rest of your life? Honestly, I think the Lord used this consequence to create a dependence on Him. You would need the Lord daily to find shelter and food. God gave Cain an awareness of his need for God.

    Also, Genesis 4:26 is curious. The NKJV says, “Then men began to call on the name of the Lord.” I read one commentary that said people often reference this as the first “revival” in Scripture. What were men doing? So many mysteries in the beginning of humanity. Did God form other people out of dust? It must be so because how are there even other people to endanger and threaten Cain’s life? I guess we can’t fully know these things but I imagine God breathed life into more than just Adam and Eve. Cain’s wife came out of nowhere! Lol. It’s fun to imagine it all.

  56. Maria Baer says:

    The story Of Adam and Eve has always felt very punitive, after they eat from the tree. What I loved about the podcast this week was the guest speaker talking about a book she read that said that in reality God throwing Adam and Eve out of Eden was not a punishment but for their protection. Because had they stayed they would’ve continued to be tempted to eat from the tree and thus sinning without a way back to redemption.

  57. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  58. Jen Janssen says:

    Adam made in Gods image and Seth made in the image of Adam. It never ceases to amaze me that God is full of grace. Sin always has consequences but even in Gods judgment of Cain there was mercy when Cain was fearful for his life (ironic considering what he did to Able) but then God marked him to spare him a death like his brothers. So while there is still consequences, God is still always just and merciful. What a great God we serve.

  59. Allison Bentley says:

    I think it is beautiful to hear Adam had Seth at 130 years old and lived 800 years AFTER Seth was born. What a blessing to have that much time with your son and many other family members! We must cherish each day on earth- good bad tragic or joy filled because God is working through those days and using us to grow His family (that I am so grateful to be a part of)!

  60. Theresa says:

    KELLY (NEO)- I loved your point about Seth being God’s plan from the beginning. God doesn’t have a plan A and a plan B. He has his plan and it’s perfect. Even in our worst moments, we cannot stop what God is doing. I’m so thankful for that!

    What stands out to me this morning is God’s long suffering and commitment. He works through our families even when we fall short. He’s such a loving father that after Cain killed Abel he didn’t say “enough with humanity”. He could have wiped them out and started over. Instead he worked with them.

    ELLA- still praying for you this morning.

    KATIE L – praying for your family.

    SEARCHING – praying your friend’s health scare was a false alarm.

  61. Brielle Hebert says:

    Through Seth’s story, God is working to redeem mankind and continue to fulfill His promise to make them fruitful and multiply. Nothing or no one can thwart God’s plans. As we saw in the Amos study, God is in the business of redemption and this is yet another countless example of his mercy and love.

  62. Aimee D-R says:

    Adam was made in God’s image and then Seth in Adam’s. A show of His great Mercy and Grace. What a reminder to Adam and Eve.

  63. Danielle B says:

    Through Seth God grew the line of Adam and Eve. Cain was meant to wander and be away from them, so Seth was there with Adam and Eve. He was appointed by God to them. Also, Seth was created in Adam’s image and Adam was created in God’s image, so Seth was also in God’s image.

  64. Amy Adler says:

    What’s interesting is that further down Seth’s family line, the names become the same names as Cain’s family line. Though the Bible says Seth was the “father” to Enosh, the word used there could also translate to ancestor. what point did Seth stop being the father / grandfather / great-grandfather, and start being the ancestor of a different form? To which, Seth or Cain, did Noah belong? Or David? And eventually, Jesus?

  65. Kristine Loughman says:

    God will always provide a way. Able is gone, and Cain is cursed. All looks hopeless. Then there is Seth, and while our minds think Seth is the back up plan, in God’s master view Seth was the plan all along. To me, Seth represents hope.

  66. Searching says:

    What jumps out at me every time I read these verses in Genesis is that when Adam, Eve and Cain sin, not one of them admits responsibility for their choice in doing so. Adam & Eve walked and talked with God, the LORD God, so why are they listening to a random reptile? Then there’s Cain, his lie and his smart aleck answer. And history has repeated itself in all these years since then as we see the same patterns today. Much more I could comment but it comes down to this – listen to God! Read and study His word, seek His wisdom and guidance. Deep down, I feel conviction when I’m considering giving into temptation- the Holy Spirit’s warning. May I always heed those warnings. And be quick to repent if I don’t.

    Seth is another reminder that God’s plan will NOT be stopped. He will provide.

    CLAIRE B & KAREN JOHANSEN – this format has grown on me over the years. I’ll admit that I found another plan the first time the “new” plan was one like this, designed for study and pondering. After several years, I found that I enjoy mixing it up occasionally and always learn something from our sisters’ commentaries. ❤️

    THERESA – continuing to pray for wisdom and guidance through the passport and travel

    ELLA ❤️

    KARRIE – ❤️ praying for you as you wrestle with laying down the anger. Many times I realize as time passes that my “anger” is more hurt feelings than anything else (how could someone that I love do or say that to me, or treat me so unfairly) and that I have to keep going to God with that hurt to move forward, and pray that I don’t do or say things that hurt others the way I was hurt.

  67. Kim Green says:

    Adrienne, I think about what you said. I think you are right. Own up to your mistakes, son and stay safe in fellowship with God.

  68. Kelli Holty says:


  69. Lehua K. says:


  70. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Seth was not God’s plan b. He was part of God’s plan for the world before Abel died. In a perfect world, all three of Adam’s boys would have sought the Lord and loved Him well, but in one moment Satan’s influence took out the first two.

    SEARCHING-praying your friend’s news was indeed a false alarm.

  71. Melissa Wormuth says:

    Seth was given to replace Abel and Seth was blessed with a son to carry on the lineage of Jesus.