Seek Contentment in God

Open Your Bible

1 Timothy 6:3-10, Ecclesiastes 5:10, Luke 12:13-34

It looked like Buddy was running for his life. Alone in his cage, our stout, honey-colored hamster raced on his wheel as fast as his stubby legs would take him. Poor guy! That flimsy wheel shook as Buddy wore himself out, running nowhere fast.

In today’s reading, Paul urged pastor Timothy to confront the false teachings that tempted his young church to run nowhere fast. Paul warned him specifically about those who “imagine that godliness is a way to material gain” (1Timothy 6:5). Timothy must reject the lie that promised financial blessing in exchange for faithfulness. Pursuing godliness—centering our lives on Jesus’s words and ways—should not be used to gain wealth. The Christian life is not about manipulating God for a stronger financial portfolio. 

Here’s what this lie still offers us today: a hamster wheel. It tells us to hop on and run for our lives. On the wheel, we’re motivated by greed and powered by desperation. We compare and we judge. We envy and we covet. We don’t just want what others have; we want more. If we attempt to be obedient, we harbor resentment and expect payback. We may not consciously say it, but in our hearts we insist, “I work hard and play by the rules. I go to church. Heck, I even tithe. God owes me.” 

But here’s the truth: God cannot be bought. Even if we do experience financial success, it will never be enough. “The one who loves silver is never satisfied with silver, and whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with income. This too is futile” (Ecclesiastes 5:10). Money never delivers the deep contentment we crave. We keep running, always on the chase for more, yet never truly satisfied.

Why do our hearts wrestle with money? Having money in the bank is not the problem. But letting money have its way in my heart is. Loving and worshiping our accumulation of stuff, status, and security reveals our desire to seize control, assert independence, and reject God’s supremacy by declaring our own. Back on the hamster wheel we go, striving to be god of a flimsy kingdom of our own making.

True gain is found when we reject these lies. Contentment grows as we humbly center our lives on Jesus Christ because He has already secured our eternal identity and status. He is enough. We can be motivated by gratitude instead of greed, powered by delight instead of desperation. Resisting that shaky wheel is so much easier said than done. Our pride and insecurity tell us to run for our lives, to accumulate all we can. Can we admit that we’ll be tempted to hop back on again? We will. And, when we do, let’s lovingly remind each other that we can jump right off because Christ always catches us. To rest in Him, friends, is our greatest gain (1Timothy 6:6).

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57 thoughts on "Seek Contentment in God"

  1. Maria Gomez says:

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  2. Sue Thomas says:

    Wow, Portia, thank you for sharing your struggles. I will be praying that God will help you navigate this frustration. I know that God has created us in His image to be able to work and enjoy it as an offering of praise to Him. Keeping our hearts secure in the identity of His love for us is the harder part of living in this world, not in the career or accolades of our job. I pray you can experience His presence today and His deep acceptance and delight in you as you trust Him with these questions.

  3. Alicia Colburn says:


  4. Sydney Story says:

    Being a college student, I often feel “safer” when I have a good amount stored away. Being prepared and having savings is not wrong by any means but I want to feel like God is taking care of me even in the months that are far more stretched. I have seen God meet every need when I take my concerns to him.

  5. Portia Strange says:

    Although I understand that especially if we’re able-bodied, right-minded adults, God is calling us to work. Living in this world, you must work in order to pay bills, taxes, etc. In order to meet your & your families needs & wants.
    I just completed my 7th year teaching & I really don’t like the ‘rat race’ of chasing the ‘American Dream.’ Overworking, burning ourselves out, trying to keep up w/ the Joneses (whoever they are). Just to replace family time w/ overtime. Pouring more energy, effort, & time into our careers than we do the Kingdom. I don’t want to live my life this way.
    Now, I must examine my heart to really identify WHY I want out of the rat race. Is it just to pour more of my energy, time, & effort into myself, what I want to do OR do I really desire to advance/build God’s Kingdom on this earth? Or is it both?

  6. Ali Adair says:

    My big motivation is to buy enough so that one day we can live on a passive income and I don’t have to work anymore. How sad. Independence is not a good goal to strive for.

  7. Kaitlyn Dean says:


  8. Joy Baba says:

    I have been on the edge because of financial freedom. The Lord help me get back to always trusting Him

  9. Elizabeth Carlock says:

    Retail therapy will not bring me contentment and I already have so much stuff that I am overwhelmed. Yet the temptation is still there. This is a good reminder to be content in The Lord.

  10. Katharine Jorgensen says:

    Dear Lord I pray for all these women thank you for this community and help bring us all contentment at this time. I love you. Amen.

  11. Traci Gendron says:

    Praying Kimberly

  12. Brooke Huley says:

    Kimberly Z., I am so sorry about the pain you’re enduring right now. I am covering you and your father in prayers.

  13. Brooke Huley says:

    Jessica T., I praying for you ♥️ I know how hard it can be to feel stuck in a painful marriage. My marriage was on the brink of utter disaster for 10 years, with my husband not believing in the Word. Things were very ugly, and I realize I was mad at God for not lifting me out of the turmoil. Looking back, I can see how he was training me to be more like Him. He waited patiently for my heart to be right, and then He began to change things around. My husband now grows closer to the Lord every day, and I couldn’t imagine this change just a few years ago. Keep praying, keep seeking God first, and don’t give up—He will heal you and your home.

  14. Cathy Krause says:

    Praying for strength for you and your family as you deal with this.

  15. hissparrow says:

    Praying much for Kimberly and Jessica.

  16. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    Praying for everyone’s requests. It is so easy to lose sight of what is most important, and look to material things. I pray that I would remember that God has all the details. I just need to give it all to him.

  17. Karen J says:

    Kimberly and Jessica, praying for you.

  18. Jo says:

    KIMBERLY ZEIHL Praying for you and your father right now, that God will equip the doctors with skill and wisdom, and that He would protect your father and all those involved from all shock and trauma from the accident.
    Lamentations 3:21-23. “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

  19. Arina says:

    Kimberley Ziehl – Praying for your dad, you and your family. May God bring healing and guide the hands of the doctors
    Jessica Timperio – Praying for you and your marriage. May God give you wisdom.
    Lehua K – thanking God your husband’s bites are gone, praying for your health
    Mari V – lifting up your financial situation to the God who provides
    Kaitlyn Patrick – praying for your friend

    Molly Rohrer – I’ve been raising funds for Compassion in Tanzania. Next week we will go there to visit projects and to run a half marathon. So indeed quite the adventure

  20. Kimberly Ziehl says:

    When I first started this reading I never would have imagined what I would be going through now. My dad was in a horrific accident last night causing him to lose most of the bottom half of his face. I beg you all for prayers. I have seen you over the last few months rally around one another. I am so thankful he is stable but this will change our lives forever. I pray the doctors have healing hands.

    1. Sarah Paxton says:


    2. Erica Chiarelli says:

      Praying ❤❤

  21. Jessica Timperio says:

    My husband is not religious and is constantly comparing our finances and what we’ve done with others. He risks our marriage for work. He constantly chases the money and has been watching a show “Gold Rush” for months now. He wants to go one day to try to find gold on his own. He was offered a promotion at work, and today he is testing it out to see if he likes it. The issue is, it’s so far away and I cannot trust him going there. He had an issue a while ago when he first got hired, (I was working there, and I got him the job in the first place) where he was speaking with another woman, but completely ignoring me day in and day our. He promised he’d change but I just can’t trust it. He promised he would look for another job but he recently told me that it was a lie and he isn’t going to. Now, he’s definitely not leaving. He even got his sister and her bf a job there too. He has always put work over my health. I’m not sure how much longer I can try to make it work. I’m definitely needing some prayers for guidance on what to do. I feel so stuck.

    1. Erica Chiarelli says:

      Praying ❤️ ❤️

  22. Long Island Lynn says:

    Godliness WITH contentment is GREAT GAIN….
    need to meditate on that!

  23. Long Island Lynn says:

    Godliness WITH contentment is GREAT GAIN….

  24. Traci Gendron says:

    God provided for my son and I when it was just the two of us. He was faithful! I was self employed with no benefits, and had a child with a terminal disease. I paid the medical bills on payment plans. I wanted Tanner in a christian school and managed to do that. We had a nice home. Was it scary at times, yes. But God always came through. Fast forward and He blessed me with the most generous successful husband. Who jumped on board and donated generously to further research for Tanner’s illness. He is a Godsend. I’ve trusted God to provide and He has. Was it always easy no…I also believe to hold onto things loosely. My parents house burned down and my father died in the fire. Things truly do not matter. Is it okay to have them, yes. Just remember they can disappear at any given moment.

  25. Mercy says:

    Such a good devotional today. The Lord always teaches us in depth about money. I heard a faithful man of God (someone in Colorado that opened a Bible college) and I looked up to him so much, he said Jesus taught his disciples on money more than faith. This shows what a big snare money can be to God’s children. Truly we can’t both serve God and Money. We must choose God over money and place our heart where our treasure/God is. A few years back when we got our first home, being newlyweds, with college loan, in a new city, still looking for jobs, and me soon pregnant with our first son, God was faithful to provide, to give us approval from lenders, and a sweet home on top of /above our humble budget range. Then He was faithful to help us pay mortgage with one income when we had the 2nd baby. He was faithful. He knew our fears. We did believe in the lie, what if God wouldn’t come through. Etc. BUT GOD was 100% faithful. And He provided a bigger home with an extra bedroom to accommodate our 3rd baby. He was faithful. Faithful. Through rejections of lender came, different complex requirements arose, Covid prolonged, isolation continued, but He made it happen against all odds. He said persist, and we moved in to a home beyond our expectations, with good school district nearby. Remember you are more important than the birds and the wild flowers out there for which God cared for. Do not worry. To anyone who struggles with finance, please do not worry. Pray to Him. It will be all right. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Fear not, it is your Father’s pleasure to give you His Kingdom, and every good and precious gift. May we let go of the earthly treasure to seek the ONE, and all the add-ons will come. He knows our needs. He wants our heart to desire the right thing. Be strengthened in the Lord sisters. He is enough. Hallelujah.❤️

  26. Lisa Hö says:

    Beautiful, thank you Dorothy!

  27. Dorothy says:

    WOW!!! WOOW!!! Patti just really “knocked it out of the park” with this devotional. I wrote down so much of it to remember. But there were three points that really stood out to me (I underlined them): “But here’s the truth: God cannot be bought.” “He is enough.” “To rest in Him, friends, is our greatest gain (1Timothy 6:6).” She and the Scripture really got me thinking about how much emphasis I put on money and status. The status part I’ not so concerned about but the money part I am. I know I need to keep trusting in God and Christ but that’s hard at times.

    Sisters, this is a prayer that was in my devotional Bible on the page with today’s reading in 1 Timothy, I thought many of you might appreciate it. “Dear God, Provide for Your daughter’s needs. Remind her of the many times You have been faithful to her in the past, and help her give You her worries . In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Be blessed and remember God has “your back”.

  28. Lehua K. says:

    This is a great reminder, thank you Patti Sauls.

    Sometimes I get caught up in the chase and the hamster wheel of life. Then I lose my footing and sometimes spin out of control, as I have seen some hamsters do too. I need to remember that in our family business, the focus is not on what we can have but the positive impact we can create for others and how we can lead them to Jesus through that. My heart yearns to help people but sometimes my eyes wander to the life that my husband and I could have if we move our business forward. If I can just remember JOY (Jesus, Others, You) and prioritize our business goals that way, then we will truly stay in peace and joyful as He guides us to others to help. Prayers for patience in God’s timing are truly appreciated.

    Thank you ladies for the prayers for my husband’s mystery “bites,” we did a deep clean of our bedroom and he’s back to sleeping in our bed, and has not had any bites since! Praise God! I am still getting hives outbreaks almost every day, and still need to get a better handle on my eating choices and avoiding potential allergy foods. Please continue to pray that I have more discipline as I navigate this mystery. Thank you in advance, and have a blessed Wednesday.

  29. Donna Wolcott says:

    Lifting all in prayer and giving thanks for each of you. An aside, have you received your new study books, they are beautiful! Have a peace filled day.

    ps. Churchmouse, I loved your Alice story yesterday.

  30. Mari V says:

    Hmm….. there’s a bank called “Chase”. As I read through this wonderful Devo, my heart my mind never want to get to that place. I may not have everything, but I have what I “need”. And with transparency and humbleness I’m asking to please pray as I’m really trying to pay off some debt. And it wasn’t because I was chasing.. One more thing… Almost every morning I thank God for my bed. My good friend G blessed me with that bed a few months back because I was sleeping on the couch. God is so good. He definitely provides.

  31. Cindy Hanna says:

    I find myself on the “hamster wheel” of life more often then I care to admit. Grateful for the devotional reminder Patti Sauls.

  32. CeeGee says:

    PATTI SAULS, you once again hit the nail on the head! Thank you for this powerful message. I am reminded of the Pac Man character in the OLD video game and the way he hurries around the maze gobbling up everything in his path … until he runs into ‘the bad guy’ and loses it all. Prayers for the requests mentioned and unspoken.

  33. Natasha Streets says:

    Yes, I needed this reminder.

  34. Rebecca says:

    I loved this devotional today ( saved to my files) as this is an area I have struggled with over the years after losing much of what I had (marriage, house, many material things)—what I thought kept me safe and secure. I was so misguided! God brought me close to Him through the struggle and restored my faith and trust in Him which is more valuable than the possessions I lost. I still can tend to want to hold too tightly to money so need to always keep in the word with scriptures like these to remind myself that my true treasure is in heaven with Jesus.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! Praying for your friend Kaitlyn, and thankful God met your needs Stephanie B. Prayers for all requests ❤️

  35. Heather Archer says:

    This was timely for me as well!Repenting with you! He hears and He forgives!

  36. Lori Lackey says:

    I have been so incredibly blessed. I see answered prayers all around me. I am an answered prayer. God has taken this single mom working three jobs and given me a career , an amazing husband who loves me and everything I’ve ever asked for. (Other than the husband , it was all just stuff). We are comfortable. We both work in “serving” professions. He is a nurse, I am a charter school superintendent (that is able to lease 2 buildings from our church, thereby blessing them also). I am praying now that God uses us to bless others. Not sure if that is having my mother in law come live with us, or finding a single mom needing help. Just praying.

  37. Churchmouse says:

    Matthew 6:19-21 always slays me. I have more years behind me than ahead of me. “Stuff” has certainly accumulated and now it is time to purge so that the stuff doesn’t overwhelm our daughters when we pass. I so desire to have more “stuff” stored in heaven than the amount of stuff I have here on this earth. As our daughters remind me as I’m sorting through things, “Priorities, woman! Priorities!”

  38. Carla Haselden says:

    It’s amazing the peace that we can feel when we put into practice being content with what God has blessed us with.

  39. Stephanie Berling says:

    I am never alone. God is always with me and sees my needs and meets them in the most unexpected ways. My husband works nights and so the busy evenings when all of the kids’ activities are scheduled he misses because he is on his way to work. Our schedule on Wednesday is complicated and it got to a point where I could get my son to youth group but not home from. I was sad that he wouldn’t be able to go anymore but I was at my limit. But God saw our need and introduced me to a neighbor who also attends our church, who also has a student in the middle school youth group, who was happy to bring my son home for us. I say God introduced us because I literally bumped into her at church. God is so good and kind. Than you for covering me in mercy. Please keep my feet on the path you have for me. Amen.

  40. Sharon Scheibenpflug says:

    “Imagining that godliness is a means of gain”. These words stuck out to me as I recently heard that a Christian speaker charges $18,000 to speak at an event (if only for one hour) which does not include her 1st class airfare, airfare for a friend or her hotel! When I hear things like this it not only makes me cringe but gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. This is so far beyond what God intended for the spreading of the gospel… and please don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying airfare & hotel along with a reasonable stipend is not needed, but within reason. How did we get here? How did money become our all in all? Lord God please remind me to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness & gentleness – and that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 1 Timothy 6:10-11.
    Im on a train right now on my way to D.C. with my hubby to celebrate his 60th birthday! ..a blessed day to you all! …praying for all your requests.

  41. Deirdre Twyman says:

    I am guilty of not being content. Wanting more. Father, forgive me. Thank you for this reminder!❤️

  42. Molly Rohrer says:

    Sydney Smith, I say at least once a day, “I don’t know how anyone parents without Jesus!” I had a honeymoon baby (almost 11 years ago, now) and I remember bursting into tears of fear and anxiety when I saw those 2 pink lines pop right up! Over a decade and 3 more kids later I still marvel at how He walks so patiently and graciously alongside me. What a unique and wonder filled time of your life in this first year of motherhood. Congratulations! I am praying you feel God’s presence strongly in such holy work.

  43. Molly Rohrer says:

    Arina, what is taking you to Tanzania? Sounds like quite the adventure!

  44. Taylor says:

    I love the song “Jireh” by Elevation Worship. It came out around the same time I very begrudgingly moved back to my hometown for my first job out of grad school a little over a year ago. “I will be content in every circumstance. Jireh, you are enough.” has been one of my biggest challenges over the last year. I am so blessed with a job I love, a good roommate, supportive parents and friends, and yet I still struggle with contentment. However, today’s devotion is a good reminder to seek Jesus first, my only source of true contentment. I am so blessed in so many ways yet get wrapped up in comparison. It truly is the thief of joy. May I fix my eyes on Jesus above all else today as He is the only one that can ever fully satisfy. Amen <3

  45. Sydney Smith says:

    My son will be six months old the end of this month, these months adjusting to becoming a mother have been some of the hardest of my life. I was never an anxious person until I was constantly worried about his sleep, or if he was eating enough, gaining weight, etc. I have learned through it all- God is with us, always. Heavenly Father thank you for being my partner in life, guiding me, helping me, providing for us. I pray over the other mommas who are leaning on you for support also, you have and will continue to provide for us- help us rest in that assurance father. Thank you for our children, may we raise them in your word and love.

  46. Kaitlyn Patrick says:

    I’m asking prayers for a close friend of mine. They are struggling hard with their mental burden. They were raised religious but stepped away after a traumatic event in their life.

  47. Stormi Messmer says:


  48. Aimee D-R says:

    Father I want to be content in You! AMEN

  49. AG says:

    This devotional was a good reminder in today’s world. I can get caught up in the pressure of social media and lives of others, but need to remember to trust in the Lord and he gives us what we need. My future is secure with him already.

  50. Gayle Radavich says:

    Seek first the Kingdom!! I’ve been singing that Elevation Worship song for weeks!

  51. Kelly (NEO) says:

    ARINA – praying for peace of mind as you prepare for the marathon! I was battling so much in my mind the week before I ran one in 2019.

    I was encouraged early in my walk with Jesus to always have open hands to receive His blessing, but do not cling to them with a strong grip, because more than likely the blessing was ment to be shared. Some seasons of life that has been easier than others but I have found it to be sound advice.

    CLAIRE B – did your brother get to see the heart sugeon?

    ASH H – how’s Milo?

  52. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Rest in Him. What an awesome thing it is.

  53. Arina says:

    I don’t worry whether I’ll have food to eat or clothes to wear. My closet and pantry are filled. Instead I worry: when I fly to Tanzania next week, what should I wear? Which clothes do I have to bring? What if I don’t like the food? How will I sleep? What if I get bored on the plane? And on and on. Before I know it, these are the only things I’m thinking about, forgetting to be thankful for all I have, not thinking about why I’m going there. Luke 12 says there are such better ways to prepare. God knows what I need. So let me seek Him and His kingdom, rather than worrying about my comfort.

  54. Tina says:

    Patti Sauls, This was beautiful, so good and absolutely worth hearing, especially in these times, where life and times are tough and the earthly tomorrow is changing too much each day to know what it holds..

    BUT GOD..

    And only God, can bring the contentment and peace of heart we all need..


    Blessings dear friends and sisters.. wrapped in love, hugs and prayers to know He is enough… always..❤