Day 9

Ruth Waits for Redemption

from the Ruth reading plan

Ruth 3:14-18, Psalm 37:3-7, Psalm 37:16-29, Philippians 4:4-9

BY Abby Flynn

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all you could do was wait? I have––and it’s not my favorite. There are times we wait for news from the doctor. Many of us have waited to hear if we got the job, got into our college of choice, or even waited to hear if our babies were healthy.

It’s there in the in-between where the results are no longer up to us. All we can do is ask, pray…and wait.

It’s tough to fully comprehend the grief, loss, and discomfort that Ruth and Naomi must have walked through. Displaced and left with nothing, they had to completely rely on the generosity of others and trust that God would take care of the details.

In today’s reading, Ruth goes to Boaz and asks him to be their redeemer. He gives her shelter and a generous portion of food to take home to Naomi (Ruth 3:15). But when it came to the answer that would determine their future, she had to wait.

Can you imagine the sadness, anxiousness and fear of not knowing who would protect you, or how you would even survive? And yet when Ruth returns to Naomi, she too tells Ruth simply to wait.

My daughter, wait until you find out how things go, for he won’t rest unless he resolves this today. 
—Ruth 3:18

After Ruth stepped forward in faith, her responsibility was to wait. In the middle, when she didn’t know the details, God was working all along. I love that in this story, and throughout Scripture, we’re given guidance on how to wait for God’s wisdom and timing. I know I need these reminders more than I care to admit! We are called to “trust the LORD and do what is good” (Psalm 37:3), to not be frustrated when evil people succeed (v.7), and to rejoice always and not worry about the future (Philippians 4:4–6).

While we wait, we can remember that the Lord establishes our steps (Psalm 37:23), He is a God of justice, and He does “not abandon his faithful ones” (v.28).

So where and when in our lives have we been desperate like Ruth and Naomi? When has God been our only possible answer? That’s where we will come to know and trust Him even more.

If you are waiting today, you may feel anxious. You may feel vulnerable. But remember that vulnerability is often where God does His greatest work.

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  1. Keri LeeKnapp says:

    I have turned to prayer when my anxiety kicks in and it has been such a comfort.

  2. Heather Basham says:

    This is a devotional I can read to my young daughters ❤️ waiting can be so tough, but His hands are always working!

  3. Tammy Golden says:

    In this fast paced world so many have become impatient; waiting in lines, honking at red lights. Waiting is such a blessing. Love this teaching. Blessed are those who wait for our God will provide.

  4. Marlyne says:

    This devotional is truly a blessing and a great opportunity to see waiting in a totally different light. I found myself in bad positions because I just got to the point that I was tired of waiting and went out and did my own thing and everything single time I did that it blew up in my face. Something would always go wrong or I’d end up hurting emotionally. Now that I’ve finally matured a bit with the help of the holy spirit I’m learning to trust in the Lord more and lean not to my own understanding,and in all my ways acknowledge the Lord and God will direct my path. We don’t know what God is doing but we know that he’s always working things out in our favor. I’ve learned that even in the midst of a storm God is good. In those times where I was wounded God kept me, covered me, and comforted me. Boaz gave Ruth six measures of barely, and told her do not return to your mother- in -law empty handed. Reminds me how God will not leave us empty handed.So we must be encouraged in the wait.Roman’s 8:28. Great devotional a powerful reminder that whatever season of waiting you are in God will see you through. Be blessed

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