Ruth and Boaz, a Family Lost and a Family Redeemed

Open Your Bible

Ruth 1:1-18, Ruth 2:1-3, Ruth 2:19-23, Ruth 3:1-13, Ruth 4:1-16

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Ruth was a Moabite widow who remained loyal to her mother-in-law, Naomi, by following Naomi to Israel after their husbands’ deaths. Ruth was known for her faithfulness and hard work. Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s husband, married Ruth and provided a family for both women. 

Where do you see God present and active through Ruth’s and Boaz’s stories?

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53 thoughts on "Ruth and Boaz, a Family Lost and a Family Redeemed"

  1. Cindy Matute says:


  2. kylie richardson says:

    God kept leading them back to each other and pulling them into each other.

  3. kylie richardson says:

    God them to the field and everything happens for a reason.

  4. kylie richardson says:

    God them to the field and everything happens for a reason

  5. Jerrica Terry says:

    The redemptive power of Jesus is unmatched! ❤️

  6. Amy EB says:

    The story of Ruth has so many amazing parts to it but what stood out to me today was when she tells Naomi in verse 16 “For wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you live, I will live; your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” When she starts, she’s listing things that are a sacrifice – going wherever Naomi goes, giving up her familiar homeland and people. But then she says Naomi’s God will be her God and what an amazing gift that was for Ruth! I don’t know if it seemed like a sacrifice to her at the time or if she had already learned about Naomi’s God from her time with her and new that he would far surpass any other god she or anyone else could turn from. And then she becomes part of the genealogy of the savior that God eventually sends to redeem all mankind!

  7. Ashley Banks says:

    I’ve always loved this story. What seemed like quiet abandon from God was actually careful strategy to increase and fulfill her.

  8. Tasha Adams says:

    I see God active all over their story, He allowed so many wonderful things to happen in their story and guided both of them and Naomi throughout all of this because each right step and blessing brought them closer to the Savior.

  9. Nora Lowrey says:

    He is faithful always, we have but to trust. Amen.

  10. Kimberly Z says:

    The story of Ruth and Boaz is such a wonderful reminder of Gods faithfulness to us through obedience. This will always be a favorite of mine. @CEE CEE praying for you and those kids! What a great story you shared about them. You’re doing wonders with them. I’m getting on here at 11 pm. I have been running none stop lately both in and outside of work. I’m praying to feel rested but it seems like I have been going non stop lately which has effected just about every area of my life! Including on here. Praying I remember to cut out time! @MERCY for your

  11. Lehua K. says:

    KAREN SUMPTER: Happy anniversary to you too!!

  12. Cee Gee says:

    KATIE L – Thanks for the update!!! Hopefully she will send more texts in the future. They would certainly be admissible for evidence, wouldn’t they? How loving and brave of your mom to take on this responsibility. Definitely praying for her, your son, and your family.

  13. Katie L says:

    Good afternoon She’s! Your comments brought me to tears this morning, thank you so much for your prayers for our family!!!! Court is over for today but the case is not closed. I had no idea how long and drawn out this process would be. Nothing was decided today, we are moving forward by my ex-MIL having visitation for the next few months in the presence of my mother at my moms house. I feel peace about this knowing my son will be safe with my mom around! We will go back to court again in October. For right now I am resting in the fact that I do not and my ex husband does not have to communicate or meet with his mother but feeling guilty for my mom being brought into all of this mess. She says that she is happy to be able to help and I believe that but also wish she didn’t have to be subjected to all this. Within the hour my ex-brother in law sent us screenshots of messages his mom had sent to him after court ended bragging about how she “won” and how we are all “crybabies and b******.” Choosing to partner with peace and grateful that Jesus has spared me and my ex-husband from having to deal with this for another few months. Continued prayers for my mom and protection around my son during all this. I am so so grateful for you all!!!!!!

  14. Alayna P. says:

    God is at work in the day to day activities of average people. No person is too insignificant to be used for His glory.

  15. Cee Gee says:

    I accidentally posted this on yesterday’s page at 6:50 this morning:
    “Thank you all again for your prayers! VBS is going great!!! I have not slept well the last 2 nights, so please pray that I am on track today and don’t flub the lesson.

    I will have to come back later to do my reading here since I need to review my Josiah story for today.

    TAYLOR, prayers for your friend. I remember how hard that loss was for you, too. I am not far from you and we had that rough weather yesterday. It’s supposed to be bad all week unfortunately.

    MERCY – prayers for your little one’s oral issues. We dealt with some of that with our youngest. ( my original posts called out the wrong person testament to my lack of sleep!!!

    LEHUA K – Prayers for your health!

    KATIE L – Praying wisdom prevails today. May the judge exercise the wisdom of Solomom!

    Praying and praising with each of you.

    Thanks again for your prayers!!! ❤”

    I am back and I just have to say
    ladies, we serve an AWEsome and power-FULL God!!! I don’t know if anyone saw that post to pray for me as I mentioned, but our day could not have gone better!!! There is one little boy who needs a little extra monitoring. Yesterday, I had to call him out for something in the sanctuary. He got upset with me, but when I took time to tell him that I wasn’t mad at him and I loved him, that it is our job to guide him and help him to be the best person he can be when he grows up, he listened. I also told him I hoped he would come back today because it wouldn’t be the same without him. Not only did he come back, but he singled me out and placed his head against my shoulder during assembly! Sorry for this long post, but, y’all, he (John) and another little boy asked to go up in the balcony to see a picture of Jesus that they couldn’t see well from below. When John saw the painting, he said, “It looks like He hurts.” I told him it did hurt and that Jesus did that for us. Wow! I have tears in my eyes reliving that. All because God led me to go the extra mile yesterday.

    Thank you all again for your faithful prayers. God sees and knows and I feel them! Lifting your needs daily! I love this community so much and each of you!

  16. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I am keeping each one of you in prayer. I so appreciate this community.

    I have always loved the story of Ruth. She really was bold. I pray that I would be just as bold when it comes to sharing the gospel.

  17. Adrianne says:

    God had a plan. He made sure that the family line of Boaz was continued through Ruth. He also made a way for Naomi to be taken care of through Ruth.

  18. Mari V says:

    God is faithful, no matter our circumstances even when it all seems is loss, its not, as long as our trust is on Jesus. Happy Wednesday afternoon sweet She’s. I read the Scriptures of Ruth this morning, but did not have time to read the question or comments. But I came to work with joy in my heart reading Ruth. My heart is filled with joy, knowing how faithful our God is. So grateful for a gracious and loving God.

  19. Mercy says:

    Lifting our sisters in prayers. My comment again went to moderation twice today. I have reached out to SRT for solutions on this issue. Be blessed dear sisters.

  20. Mercy says:

    Happy Wednesday she’s. The question today, where do you see God present and active in Ruth’s stories? It wasn’t asked, where do you see God’s hand in Orpah’s (the other daughter in law). The Lord honors commitment and sacrifice. His hand shows up in those who REMAIN with Him. He remains close to those who first draws close to Him. Ruth is a great example for me in fearlessly taking on suffering (caring for an elder & bitter mother in law, working hard on the field to provide a living). What a pure example of love, strength and dedication, not just in words, but in deeds.

    Thank you so much ladies for praying for my baby’s teeth, I am having appointments with specialists and I pray that the right treatment can be given. We have had our fair share of misdiagnosis before.

    KATIE L: praying the Lord of hosts showed up in the court room with you today, awaiting your update and good news for His glory.
    LEHUA: praying for your healing, and a softened heart for your husband to be impacted by God and to soon receive salvation
    CEE GEE: praying for you to be able to sleep well, and more energy for VBS. And other she’s who have graciously volunteered for VBS to sow the seed of the gospel into young lives!
    SHARON JERSEY GIRL & KAREN SUMPTER: happy anniversary. I so admire couples that walk together for so long, enduring and building each other up. Marriage is hard and requires lots of dying to self. Congrats ladies. Continual prayers for Sharon’s sister.
    MICHELLE PATIRE: I like to check in every now and then to see where you’re at, like an accountability sister lol.
    TAYLOR: praying for your friend who is still grieving her mom. And may God help you to be a comforter to her, and to open up your schedule so you are able to get back to devotional daily. We miss you.
    SEARCHING: thank you for posting Dorothy’s encouragement. It blessed me. I miss her.
    RHONDA: thank you for sharing the story about ladies who have cared for their elders in law. That really touched me. Lots of times people run away from hard responsibilities, and inconveniences. I am guilty of that. But it is such an encouragement to hear examples of great women out there that took the hardship upon themselves (like Ruth).

    You all bless me so much with your thoughts and daily conversations. You guys are such BEAUTIFUL GEMS sent from Heavens.

    Be blessed dear sisters.

  21. Karen Sumpter says:

    @sharon,jerseygirl It’s my 37th anniversary today, too! Cheers to 6/21/86!

  22. Caroline Bridges says:

    We did a Study on the book of Ruth, I want to say last fall, but I can’t remember for sure.

  23. Lehua K. says:

    SHARON, JERSEY GIRL: Happy anniversary!! Praying for your sister, may God lead her to a solution.

    KATIE L: Praying for you on this court day.

    TAYLOR: Praying for you to have courage in sharing you faith more with your friends. I just watched God’s Not Dead last night with my husband (who is open but still not saved) and we really enjoyed it. I was moved by the main character’s faith and how the HS moved him to share with others ❤️ so powerful. May God bless you and lead you to step out in courage.

    MERCY: Praying for your child ❤️

    I didn’t realize that when I posted last night (Hawai’i time), it was actually timestamped for today. My appointment is this afternoon (lol). Thank you for the prayers ❤️ after watching the movie last night and doing some tapping/Bible meditation before going to sleep, God blessed my rest and I woke up early and refreshed. Hallelujah!

  24. Cheryl Blow says:

    God protected Ruth and Boaz was her redeemer. What a beautiful foretelling of Christ’s redemption for all people. Boaz was blessed with a family that carried to Christ. This whole story shows us kindness, faithfulness, and redeeming love from God and how we should give it to others.

  25. Rachel Stacy says:

    I am always amazed by the under storyline of Naomi. Being able to read about how through Ruth’s kindness and compassion Naomi was able to see God’s favor for her and redeem her. Naomi starts the book far from God and feel abandoned by him, then at the end you can really see her faith and strength in God.

  26. Rachel says:

    What stood out to me in reading Ruth’s story this time is the blessing on Boaz and Ruth from all the people at the city gate (Ruth 4:11 – 12) and the comparison to Tamar. There are a lot of similarities in Tamar and Ruth’s stories (Biblical authors do love a good theme/pattern): both were “foreigners/outsiders” and their husbands died leaving them in a vulnerable position at the hands of their in-laws, who told them to go back to their parent’s house; they both creatively got the attention of family leaders who could change their fate and held them accountable to God’s laws of protection; both their stories were redeemed and brought into the line of Judah and Jesus’ genealogy. And then the Israelites praised Tamar and Judah and blessed Ruth and Boaz. I wonder if knowing the stories of Rahab and Tamar were a comfort to Ruth as someone from Moab?
    One other thing that stood out to me was that God was not just working to save Ruth so she would be part of His greater familial line to Jesus, not just using her. He was saving her life and sanctifying her through Naomi and her household, to bless Ruth as herself.

  27. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    The book of Ruth – my favorite book of the Bible! How fitting that we would read the story about Ruth on this day…Today is my 37th wedding anniversary! We had a song sung at our wedding – the title was “Ruth’s Song”, and on the inside my husband’s wedding band, I had the scripture reference “Ruth 1:16” engraved. God is so awesome!

    I see God present and active all through Ruth’s story – beginning to end. God’s providence was at work, leading Naomi & Elimelech to Moab, the husband & son’s dying, Ruth insisting on staying and Naomi & Ruth being led back to Bethlehem. God’s providence continues by leading Ruth to the very field of the family’s kinsmen-redeemer. All of this fitting together to continue the line through Boaz, Obed, Jesse, David and then to Jesus…The story starts out as if looking at the back of a tapestry, all you see is different color threads going all over the place as it’s being worked on – it has no rhyme or reason. Then when you turn over the finished work, you see the whole beautiful picture! God needed all the hard, painful stuff to happen so that He could create the beautiful, God ordained ending!

    We may go through some very difficult, painful things in our lives – but that does not mean God doesn’t care or has forgotten us. He is simply working on the tapestry of our life to make everything beautiful – in His time.

    Thank you all who are for praying for my sister’s living situation. Please continue to pray as she only has about 1 1/2 weeks to find a place on her small income. @Marvi V. – no, it isn’t an option to continue living in the house. My niece wants everyone and everything out so she can fix it up and get ready for her own move in.

    @Mercy – praying that God will heal your little one’s teeth, and that God will give you peace about it. Wisdom for you and the dentists.
    @Taylor – praying for your friend who lost her mom, and also that you will be the light for your friends who are not walking with the Lord.
    @Lehua K – praying for your health – may God’s hand touch you and heal you, in a timely manner.
    @Katie – praying for you today!!

    Blessings my SRT sisters!

  28. Taylor says:

    Love everyone’s insights and wisdom to these passages! I like what someone mentioned that God’s character is reflected in the character of Ruth and Boaz. That our choices and our decision to be obedient matters – even when things don’t look so great. I want to be obedient to God’s leading in my life, whatever that may look like.

    Lifting up all the prayer requests! <3

  29. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I just love this story because God’s fingerprints are everywhere !! Even in the face of death and loss we see Him working and moving and restoration takes place! Just as Boaz’s mother was from Jericho, his wife was from Moab. They were Gentiles and just as God promised in Micah, Gentiles too were to be included in the salvation and promises of God! Hallelujah !!

  30. Shelly says:

    @Theresa-that’s one of the parts that stands out to me! Salmon and Rahab’s relationship with the LORD and each other definitely spread to their son. What a challenge and encouragement to parents to teach God’s word to our children, to love God’s word, to live God’s word…to cast the seeds not haphazardly, but with intentionality and faith-knowing God has a work He’s doing in the present and future and He won’t quit until His will is accomplished.
    And a challenge to children to receive the instruction of their parents-as to the LORD- for it greatly impacts their future.
    The relationships between Salmon and Rahab, Ruth and Naomi, Boaz and Ruth greatly reflect the character of God, His compassion, His faithfulness, His forgiveness, His steadfastness, His provision, His protection, His love, etc :)

  31. Michelle Patire says:

    @Theresa- such a good points about how Boaz might have felt bc his family were foreigners to Israel. Yet, look how the Lord prospered this family and how Boaz was a man of integrity. That is so beautiful.

    @Lehua- may God continue to give you guidance, protect you, and heal your body. May you steward what He has given you well and be rewarded.

    @Taylor- praying God give you courage to stand up for Him when you feel you need to. Praying He shields you and gives you wisdom on how to navigate friends who aren’t fully invested in God. May they see and desire the Jesus you have with you.

    @Katie L- God’s will be done for you, today. May you stay near to Him and keep honest and tender toward Him. May you know His love and blessing towards your family. He is with you, always.

    @Mercy- the Lord bless your baby and help find the right help and treatment. God bless their little body and give healing and peace to your hearts. <3

    God bless you, Shes!

  32. Rhonda J says:

    Ruth is a great story to reflect on and study. Our choices matter. Our obedience matters. We have to lay down our wants and wishes, and impatience, and be led by God. He knows what’s best for us, even when all seems lost. Naomi feels lost and alone, yet she releases her dil’s. But Ruth, is loving and feels a sense of responsibility…oh to have a Ruth as a DIL. Or to be a Ruth. I have known many women that ARE the ones that are the “dutiful ones,” that go and take care of their elderly in-laws rather than their own sons. They are stepping up to the plate, rather they “feel” like it or not. Life isn’t full of roses. I think we think it should be, but we are meant to grow and discover God’s will for us and develop his character, and this is a beautiful story of just that. I encourage you to read the SRT study of Ruth sometime if you want to know a little more of the customs and such of the time, it makes the story even more interesting!

    @Kate- Praying you will feel peace that God will work this out for you right before you go in!! I know he loves you and sees you! I can’t imagine your situation, so bazaar! And as a mom, we want, and should, be able to determine who our child is around! I just can’t imagine!! But in asking for prayer we are your army behind you, and God goes before you. I have a few single moms in my life, and they have such struggle with not being able to control their ex’s influence on their children, it’s heartbreaking. I was lucky to have a good relationship with my child’s father. I know your spouse isn’t your problem, strangely, the ex mil! :/

    @Searching- I was able to play the video! It went really well!
    @Lehuah – praying for your health/doctor’s apt!
    @Traci G – where have you been?
    @Taylor–praying for opportunities. I know how hard it seems to interject it somewhere/somehow these days. It can be awkward and downright weird, feeling as the “zealous christian.” Prayers for us all to have that something that others cling to!
    @Kimberly Z- heart you!
    @Theresa- Thank you for the prayers!

    When we feel under pressure…remember Jesus dwells INSIDE us! He will never leave or forsake us! God will use the pressure to build character and help us to persevere! The song that has been on repeat in my car is Elevation Worship “Trust in God.” Through it all…I will Trust in God to get me through. I don’t know how long it will take, but at this point in my life, God has brought me through every situation, and I know now, to keep my eyes on him through every trial. When we are weak, he is strong. Thank you Father God, for your love and mercy, the grace that you give us, the fortitude you give us! You are a good God, all the time, all the time you are good. Remove our obstacles Lord, but may we never forget your faithfulness.

  33. Makaeya says:

    The worst had happened, and Ruth committed to her mother-in-law over the possibly easy choice of going home. God directed her steps to be put in front of Boaz as she was working in the fields. Ruth was obedient to what Naomi asked of her. God protected the other redeemer from redeeming Ruth so that Boaz could redeem her! God restored a broken story, and a precious baby was born from it. Foreshadowing our great redeemer, Jesus! My reminder is to be obedient, trust in the Lord.

  34. Kristine Loughman says:

    Normally when I’ve read Ruth I focus on how Ruth was “saved” by Boaz. But this time, it struck me that Boaz talks about the kindness Ruth has showed him by not pursuing younger husbands. Was Boaz an older man? It must have been strange that he hadn’t been able to find a wife. Was he lonely? Was he praying for God to bring him his perfect match, year after year, watching those around him start their families while he keeps waiting? Yet he remained faithful and thus gets to play a part in one of the great stories of the Bible. Remain faithful, friends!

  35. Nancy S says:

    I love everything about Ruth & her story. Have any of you read a short book series by Francine Rivers on the women we’ve been studying: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba & Mary? She beautifully embellishes their stories without compromising the scriptural truth.

  36. Erin Lew says:

    @Lehua K. Praying for you today.

  37. Theresa says:

    Two generations in a row have prominent women grafted into Jesus’ family line! I wonder if growing up with Rahab for his mother made Boaz more sensitive to foreigners and if seeing the rewards of her faith openness his eyes to see the same traits in Ruth?

    KATIE L – praying for you today! How nerve-wracking to be going into the courtroom without an attorney. God will go before you! If you have a moment, read Jeremiah 1:6-9. God brought that passage to mind this morning as I was just praying for you. Believing he will give you his words to say! I set a reminder on my calendar for 1:30 Pacific and I’ll be praying for you then too as your hearing begins.

    LEHUA K – sending prayers for your healing and for wisdom as you meet with your doctor.

    TAYLOR – praying for your trip and that you would have opportunity to share more of your faith with your friends.

    RHONDA – continuing to pray for your chronic pain, your jail ministry and your new small group.

    MERCY – praying for your baby’s teeth

  38. Charlie says:

    I love this story so much. It’s so full of love, grace, and redemption. Also, frankly, every time I read it, I wish I had been a better daughter-in-law.

  39. Cathy says:

    I love this story too! Yes, God is working throughout! Ruth’s faithfulness in going with Naomi always impresses me. Gods faithfulness in guiding Ruth to glen in Boaz’s field also strikes me. The theme of obedience stands out here. God honors obedience.

  40. Lois East says:


  41. Maria Baer says:

    One thing stood out to me today that I didn’t notice before— that Boaz (and Naomi) were from Bethlehem. Never noticed this key detail because the story of Ruth is a continuation of God’s master plan to establish the lineage of Jesus, who will be born in Bethlehem, just as foretold by Micah. In Ruth we start seeing, in my opinion, the Messianic prophecy starting to take shape, as this is where— through the marriage of Ruth and Boaz— Obed would be born and eventually David. Fast forward to Joseph and pregnant Mary— because of this lineage established by Ruth and Boaz, and Joseph being part of the house and lineage of David, they have to return to Bethlehem due to a Roman edict. And this this Micah’s prophecy is fulfilled “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.” I just love all the little details I am rediscovering in stories I have read.

  42. Elaine Morgan says:

    ❤️ I love the story of Ruth and how God goes before her to make the way easy for her. ❤️

  43. Searching says:

    Ruth – Another favorite. Both daughters-in-law loved Naomi as both intended to follow her back, but only Ruth felt led (by God, no doubt) to follow through – her words of commitment to Naomi were essentially a covenant. Again, Ruth is obedient to the guidance from Naomi and we see the Lord’s hand is everywhere – leading her to the right field, sparking protection by Boaz, Naomi remembering/realizing that Boaz could step in as redeemer, Ruth again trusting and following Naomi’s instructions and the wisdom given to Boaz to secure witnesses, to lay out the issue of redeeming the land before mentioning Ruth.

    Thank you Lord for redemption!

    KATIE L – I set an alarm on my phone and will be praying 1:30 Pacific time, especially for the Lord’s protection for your son and for your ex-MIL to drop this.

    SHARON JERSEY GIRL – praying for your sister’s housing and car needs!

    RHONDA J – hope the pain group went well and the Internet connection performed as needed yesterday. What a great resource.

    WIDGEON & APPLES – glad you joined us

    LEHUA K – praying for your health

    TAYLOR – perfect verse in your room for your situation. Praying your friends see Christ in you, and for your friend as she remembers her mom

    MERCY – praying for your little one ❤️
    Your comment that WE magnify the enemy caught my attention. Let’s magnify our Lord God Almighty instead.

    DOROTHY – praying you are well, we miss you! I went back and read some of your encouraging words from another study “sisters, be blessed and know that with God, Christ and Holy Spirit at your side, you can handle anything” ❤️

    CEE GEE, KRISTIN and others – praying for more hearts to be touched at VBS

  44. Maria Baer says:

    One thing stood out to me today that I didn’t notice before— that Boaz (and Naomi) were from Bethlehem. Never noticed this key detail because the story of Ruth is a continuation of God’s master plan to establish the lineage of Jesus, who will be born in Bethlehem, just as foretold by Micah. In Ruth we start seeing, in my opinion, the Messianic prophecy starting to take shape, as this is where— through the marriage of Ruth and Boaz— Obed would be born and eventually David. I just love all the little details I am rediscovering in stories I have read.

  45. Maria Baer says:

    LEHUA K, praying that God covers you with his healing power and that you get the answers and treatment that you need, friend.

  46. Aimee D-R says:

    Ruth had faith! Even in the lack of truly knowing God’s word she saw Naomi’s faith and that was enough. In that faith came redemption.

  47. Maria Baer says:

    Where do I see God’s presence in this story? Everywhere. From showing Naomi’s grace through Ruth’s faithfulness, to rewarding Ruth’s faith with a kind and honorable husband and a place in the lineage of Jesus. I’ve always love this story because I get the sense that Boaz is a kind and righteous man in every facet of his character and it is something that I think Ruth and Naomi needed after so much death in their family. I also love the blessing from the women when Ruth gives birth, because woven in those words are the names of the women God has used to get to this moment, shedding light on the importance and value that God has for women.

  48. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Boaz, the son of a gentile, and Ruth both were described as being “noble” The Lord God of Israel had captured their hearts and their actions reflected the God they loved.

    DOROTHY- praying as you continue the grief process and that things are going smoothly with your sister’s estate

    ELLA – praying you are still with us and that God has led you to a good friend from church.

    KATIE L – may the Lord be with you today. May your Advocate bring you wisdom and the words to speak. May your MIL show her true colors so the judge can understand and judge rightly.

    SHARON, JERSEY GIRL – praying the Lord will make a way for your sister

    LEHUA K – praying the Lord will restore your health

  49. Mary Ann Graves says:


  50. Lehua K. says:

    One of my favorite Bible stories ❤️ I loved doing the latest SRT plan for the book of Ruth.

    I’m also enjoying the current study and the reflections, although I still need to read about half of last week. Missing you all ❤️ please pray for my health – I don’t want to be long winded on here but there’s been various challenges lately and I have a follow up appointment tomorrow afternoon. Thank you all. Praying for the requests shared and those that are not shared as well. Take care ladies and make it a blessed day. ❤️

  51. Arina says:

    God sent a Redeemer to make the God of Ruth our God as well. He spreads His wings over us, covers us with His garments. He provides and protects, just as He did for Naomi and Ruth.

  52. Widgeon says:

    When I saw the name of this study I thought it would be boring and I would skip it. So glad I didn’t. Not only has the study been very interesting, but the insight you ladies impart is extremely helpful. Thank you to all you beautiful ladies for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. Create a beautiful day sisters.

  53. Chelsea Wilson says:

    Ruth chose to leave the place of comfort, the place she knew well, and follow her mother in law to the land where God provides. She was faithful to care for Naomi and was obedient to her direction. God blessed her obedience. Ruth and Boaz were faithful to follow the law, Boaz could have taken Ruth as his wife, but knew there was a kin closer to redeem her and the land. He went through the proper channels, all while hoping that he would be able to marry Ruth. Our situations may look like there is no way God could get us from a place of darkness to a place of blessing, but God can do anything! We must be obedient and trust Him completely if we are to get to that place of great blessing!