Resettlement in Jerusalem

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1 Chronicles 9:1-44, Galatians 3:28-29

There’s nothing quite like a fresh start. A new year, a new rhythm, a new city. A new job, a new challenge, a new community. But sometimes fresh starts come on the other side of the hardest moments and seasons of our lives—things we never asked for. The fresh starts that come on the other side of grief, loss, suffering, and sin often have a different weight to them, because we always carry the “before.” It may be a bit lighter, or start to sting less each day, but there is a history we bring with us into a new season. 

As we reach the final chapter of genealogies in 1 Chronicles (way to go!), we catch up to God’s people during a similar kind of fresh start. 

All of the genealogies up to this point have been leading us here. Chronicles has the whole of the Old Testament in view with these nine chapters of genealogies. The Chronicler has leveraged all of history to tell the story of God’s people from creation until the exiles’ return to the land God had given them. Just as God had been faithful from the beginning, the Chronicler would remind God’s people that He would also be faithful to another promise—to rebuild this faithful remnant. They weren’t lost forever. They weren’t without hope. 

Many inhabitants returned to the towns and provinces outside of Jerusalem, while some people stayed in the city to protect it from attack and serve in the temple. The people listed here in chapter 9 were those who began setting down roots; the people who would lay down the foundations of a new temple, rebuild the center of worship, and eventually rebuild the city walls. 

Each of these people who returned are testifiers to God’s faithfulness—their lives another chapter in the long legacy of God’s people. This is what the Chronicler has been holding up as a reminder of the past, and how this group is both physically and spiritually laying the foundations of a new future. 

Having looked back, we will now turn toward a more detailed account of Israel’s history, as the author of Chronicles draws them down through the years of King David’s promised kingship, Solomon’s faithful building of the temple, the dividing of God’s kingdom, and the myriad of kings and their varying degrees of faithfulness. 

With all the ups and downs, the people of God—both then and now—are called to remember the faithfulness of God at every turn and His unmatched ability to restore and renew the lost and broken places and seasons of our lives. 

So, I’m not sure what you are bringing into this season of Lent. I’m not sure what kind of fresh start you are praying for on the other side of Resurrection Sunday. But I do know this: If you belong to Christ, then you are an heir to all of His promises (Galatians 3:29). You have been woven into the very history of His people that we spent this week reading. You also have a hope and future because God is faithful to His promises. 

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  1. Keli Miles says:


  2. Kaity Fisher says:

    Ageeed 100%

  3. Sabrina Olson-Brand says:

    sorry i don’t know why it posted 4 times & i’m not sure how to delete them!

  4. Sabrina Olson-Brand says:

    But focus on the fact that Jesus did advocate for women – he came to this world to save us! He must love us so deeply! It’s also good to remember that a man is the head of the household so that’s why it was respectful to use his name as the family name.

  5. Sabrina Olson-Brand says:

    Hi Linsey! if this helps – During this time and for centuries it was very common to label the family name by the fathers name. they didn’t have last names during this time so if they were to address you they would say “Linsey, daughter of (your fathers name)”. It was disrespectful during this time to address someone by their mothers name. Mark 6:3 the people of Nazareth are actually mocking Jesus by calling him “ son of Mary”

    I think it’s important to keep in mind how much Jesus advocated for women in the bible! But also understand that not only society was different then and women had no rights – but also the man is the head of the household and so that is how they address the family

  6. Mikia Tarver says:

    Playing catch up, but just reminded of how important the genealogies are and how faithful our God is!

  7. Suzy Sanchez says:

    May my every “fresh start” begin with a return to worship.

  8. Samantha Nieto says:

    What a beautiful revelation from the text @Brooke Jade!! Reading your comment was very encouraging to me as well!

  9. Brooke Jade says:

    What stood out to me in todays passage was that God creates a role for each one of us, and it’s specific. In a world where I feel I’m expected to ‘do it all’ and excel at everything I felt a weight lift from me while reading that God had people who oversaw the minding of the gates, or the furniture, the mixing of spices. I just need to be diligent in what God has tasked me with,

  10. Leslee Doyle says:

    Hi Eryn, I think I’m going to have the same journey. A little bit of both! Thanks so much :)

  11. Leslee Doyle says:

    Hi Minnie – I think I’ll be doing the same! Thanks so much :)

  12. Leslee Doyle says:

    Thanks so much Brielle. Helps me understand, and I’ll probably do the same! :)

  13. Linsey Lewis says:

    @Amy Condrey — Not sure if you’ll see this, but I feel you. As I read the first several chapters, I was struck by how few women were named. And I said something about it here. It more importantly, I asked God about it. I know God values and treasures his daughters. So why did He name the sons but so few daughters in this exhaustive genealogy? I don’t know the “right” answer, but I do know this: God has called YOU by name. Your name is written in His book! I also know this: the bleakness of the Old Testament creates the desperation for Jesus in the New. And our Jesus approached women, healed women, spent time with women, named women. We matter! You matter! ❤️

  14. Eryn Tribble says:

    That’s really fascinating insight! Does the Talmud have a less bleak version that is more detailed? I’m not sure how to dive in there

  15. Eryn Tribble says:

    Same experience here. I just started a couple months ago and cancelled an issue because I felt I didnt need the paper copy if I got more data here. However, when I did the plan just with the app the next session I didn’t feel as immersed in the scripture. So- now I’m back to reading the paper copy, checking in here for the study portion and just now building into the community. I think everyone will have a different journey and am thankful there are so many ways to “catch” the experience!
    I also use the screens on my iPhone to help with memorization and prayer moments. Lovely!!!

  16. Minnie Batty says:

    Leslee- I am doing both! I also like the feel of an actual book in my hands, and the ability to write in it, or underline, etc. But I was feeling a little FOMO about the in-app devotionals, so I’m just doing both!

  17. Brielle Hebert says:

    Hi Leslee! Welcome! The app is meant to be supplemental to the book. The book has the reading for the day (which the app also does). The book too has extras that aren’t in the app. But then the app will have the devotional plus all the commentary from the SRT community. So I will read the reading in the book and then get on the app to read the corresponding devotional and commentary from the community. And then every Monday there is a new podcast (which are so good) discussing the readings for the upcoming week. It’s a lot of back and forth but oh so worth it! Hope this helps!

  18. Guada Chadderdon says:


  19. Mandi D says:

    Naomi, my pastor says that some things in the Bible are descriptive and not prescriptive- meaning they are describing how things were at the time and not teaching that’s what we should do. It’s hard reading about multiple wives and I’m so thankful that is not how it is today. I couldn’t imagine what is was like for women to live like that.

  20. Leslee Doyle says:

    Hi ladies! Is anyone using the printed Your People Forever devotional book, and then coming here for community? I noticed there are mini devotionals some days in the app that aren’t in the book? I am brand new to these, and I’m trying to figure out the best way!  I love a printed book, but feel like I may be missing some content if I only do the book! Anyone else trying to sort this out? :)

  21. Yonette Schneider says:

    Hi sisters! New to this all…. Have the book. What do you write in yours? Anyone willing to share a photo? I’m a bit confused. Also, very difficult to find the “Community” postings on the app. I guess you can only access it through each day of reading? It’s not it’s own separate tab? Sorry for the questions. I just want to maximize all I can. Blessings!

  22. Naomi Desbiens says:

    I think it’s important to remember that many (all?) things written in the Bible are a product of their particular time and culture. That they are recorded and included in the canon of Scripture does not necessarily mean they are right; it just means that that is how it was then. That is what happened at that time. We can choose to learn from the truth of God’s word, whether or not it’s palatable to our current mindset. I’m finding the devotionals that go along with this very helpful to understanding why the genealogies matter. The parts about multiple wives and concubines also made me cringe, but we need to look at the whole overarching story of the Bible. The Bible doesn’t teach that women are lesser than men or that polygamy is ok.

  23. Jennifer H. says:

    @Amy–I can see how you might feel like the women in Israel’s histories are being marginalized or left out, but in the chapters we’ve read this far in this study I have actually had the opposite thought multiple times: How cool is it that so many women ARE mentioned in these genealogies, despite the fact that they are from a time when women did not have the legal status of men? This in and of itself helps me to see that God valued (and still values today) all of His people, both men and women.

  24. Ellen Silva says:


  25. Rachel from Texas says:

    @michelle well put!! <3

  26. Rachel from Texas says:

    @amy I am not bothered by a society who records it’s history through a patriarchal line. I am bothered that you’d say the gospel is bleak because that’s the farthest thing from the truth we seek to read and share here. These people in the OT & us are ALL sinners broken and in need of a Savior – who has come, died in our place and is ALIVE today interceding on our behalf before the God of all. The WHOLE of scripture is telling this story – sometimes you have to read about the brokenness of Israel (which reflects our brokenness) to savor the goodness of Jesus who came and broke through every societal barrier (gender, race, religion, nation, disability, etc!). He is the way, the TRUTH & the life! Praise Him!

  27. Michelle Patire says:

    @Amy C- it’s ok to be upset at the lack of women here. I don’t know your story, but from the tone of your comment you sound hurt and angry at the Lord for not allowing His Word to read to the preference of women. Lord, I don’t know Amy, but I know you love her and hurt with her. Help her to know that You are merciful and compassioinate, yet Your ways are not our ways. You are more just than us. You are more wise than us. You know every detail and why the Bible is laid out like this. Open Amy’s eyes to understand more of go You are, so her heart can rest and be soft and secure in your perfect love and peace. Bless her to truly see Your kindness toward her and help her to know You understand her pain, truly, and want justice for women, too. <3 God bless you, Amy!!!!

  28. Melissa Mcronney says:


  29. Lulu Franke says:

    i love this devo so much!

  30. Cee Gee says:

    DOROTHY (re: Mephibosheth), this note was in the “explain verse” section below the passage in yesterday’s reading.
    “8:34 Merib-baal In 2 Sam 4:4, his name is given as “Mephibosheth.” The variations of his name reflect the substitution of bosheth for baal made by some biblical writers to avoid names containing a reference to the Canaanite god Baal.”

    Merib-baal, or Mephibosheth, was crippled (see 2 Sam 9:3 and note). He was the only surviving member of Saul’s household after David began his reign. David sought him out to show him kindness and fulfill the covenant he made with Jonathan (2 Sam 9:1; 1 Sam 10:12–17). Even though he was a descendant of David’s predecessor, Mephibosheth ate at David’s table (2 Sam 9:9–13).

  31. Alayna P. says:

    I feel like God just spoke to me. Earlier today I asked God “who am I?” I’ve been feeling very stuck and unmotivated and I don’t know how to get unstuck. Then I read today and the verse from Galatians really struck out. Because of Christ, I am a daughter of God. I belong to Jesus. And this line from the devotional: I have a hope and future because God is faithful to His promises. I just feel like God has reached out to me through these words and I am so grateful. He’s giving me the reminder that I needed. ❤️

  32. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that we all have a role to play in God’s kingdom. I pray that I would accomplish what God has called me to.

  33. Pam K says:

    Hi; The Question was raised about Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth not being in the genealogy of
    Saul. My Bible had a foot note that explained that Merib-Baal was also known as Mephibosheth. I had the same question and wanted to look into it.

  34. Annie says:

    @RAE-ANN L Promises by Maverick City is one of my favorite songs! God fulfills ALL His promises and He is faithful even when we are not. I am so grateful that God never stops pursuing me.

    Would also like to recommend Jireh by Elevation Worship & Maverick City. This is my all time favorite song and it points to God as our ultimate Provider for everything we ever need. Praying for us She’s and for those in our family/friend circles that don’t have a relationship with God. May the Holy Spirit work through us to show them Christ’s love.

  35. Dorothy says:

    Did anyone else notice in yesterday’s and today’s Scripture readings that there was a person missing in the genealogy of Saul and Jonathan, mainly Jonathan. If you notice Chronicles 9:40 says “Jonathan was the father of Merib-baal. Merib-baal was the father of Micah”. Also in Chronicles 8:34 it says pretty much the same thing. My question or wonderment is what about Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, he’s not mentioned in the genealogy of Saul?
    Lindsay’s last two paragraphs made an impression on me and will keep me thinking through the weekend.

  36. Kyle Hopkins says:

    As Lindsay Jacobi said in today’s reflection, “but sometimes a fresh start comes on the other side of the hardest moments and seasons of our lives.” Yes! Last year, at Easter time, I was diagnosed with breast cancer! I’ve heard Dr Charles Stanley and preacher Priscilla Shirer both say that you are either in the wilderness, just getting out of the wilderness, or your about to go into the wilderness. Remember, the Lord makes a way through the wilderness – and it is a fresh start on the other side! I’m cancer free and applying to Seminary!!

  37. Rosie Maldonado says:

    My Study Bible shows 9:35-44 The genealogy of Saul is duplicated here see (8:29-38) as a transition to the short account of his reign that begins the Chronicler’s narration (ch 10)

  38. Danielle Lemasters says:

    I just reread both and I don’t have an answer for you, but at least you aren’t alone in your confusion! Hahaha! I’ll try to find out by texting my pastor

  39. Caroline Harrington says:

    this is an AMAZING devo !!!!! loved it so much

  40. Michelle Patire says:

    @Mia Faith– many hugs to you, dear She. God bless you and comfort you and your family in this time. It is so good she is in the best place, but may your hearts also rest in comfort knowing God sees your grief, too. May His peace and love be visible to you and your family. Psalm 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints.”

    @LindaJ- May God continue to strengthen you and comfort you, too. You are strong in Christ and your faith admirable for staying near to Him in this time with your husband. I pray @Molly R sees your comment, too and knows she is not alone in the struggle with Parkinson’s. God bless you both <3

    @Lydia- my heart goes out to you. I have walked through something similar. 8.5 years is a long time, but I know God sees a different perspective of your life and timeline. I pray you trust Him in this process and grieve as you need to. It might take time to heal, but may His peace be evident as you are surrendering how His will. He will help you <3

    God bless all the Shes with unspoken prayer requests. He sees your needs, too. You are loved and welcome here <3 I know many of you often read instead of post. I have that habit, somedays. We see you, but how much more God? :) Be well, my friends.

  41. Kasper says:

    Just wanted to throw out another resource to everyone. Lisa Harper was the podcast guest this week. She has her own podcast called “Back porch theology”. Don’t be intimidated by the word theology in the title, she makes deep concepts accessible. She’s a fantastic sorry teller and a great Bible teacher. Someone may have already mentioned this resource earlier this week, but I thought some people may like to listen over the weekend.

    Mia-I’m sorry for your loss on this side of heaven, but I’m rejoicing with you that she’s with her savior.

  42. Mari V says:

    Happy Friday on this very windy, Rainy and being woken up at 4 AM by my daughter due to the very heavy wind. We are all OK it’s just extremely windy and rainy here in California. I too, Was excited to read that we are born into the very history of HIS People! We are HIS, and HE is ours!! Please pray for me, as I may have to at some point today, defend myself, but as a believer in Jesus Christ, and because I represent Him, I will do it gracefully.

  43. Mia Faith says:

    We laid my dear mother to rest yesterday. While I’m heartbroken to have lost her physical self, I’m thankful she is in the presence of our Savior. I got behind this week as you can imagine, but catching up and praying for all you wonderful “She’s!”

  44. Kimberly Z says:

    If you belong to Christ then you’re a heir to all his promises. What a great reminder. Happy Friday!

  45. GramsieSue says:

    Thankful for a merciful, loving God. One who gives us hope and a future.
    He is faithful to His promises.
    He removes our sins as far as the east is to the west.

    Prayers for Indiana Christina, Lynne from Alabama, Tara B, Kristen, Victoria E, Rhonda J, Annie, Alisa W, and so many others of you.
    Hugs and blessings to all my She sisters. ❤️

  46. Pam Stayer says:


  47. Jenn P says:

    Thank goodness that He is God of restoration and faithfulness. Another beautiful lesson this morning!

  48. Kristen Pulido says:

    WOOOOOW! “We are woven into the very history of His people that we spent this week reading” WOW. We are apart of the story that has yet to come. His work is not finished yet! That feels huge! Now standing one this side of this daunting mountain of names I can see the point of it. We all have a name and a story and God knows it all. And because of that we have a hope and a future because God is faithful to His promises. The Lord never ceases to amaze me. THANK YOU JESUS!

  49. Tami C says:

    I thank God for all the fresh starts He has given me. The biggest one being a fresh start from myself, my fears, my self-depreciating thoughts, my wrong thinking. He has renewed my mind and set my thoughts and heart on Him. I finally understand that the Word is living and active. It has and continues to renew me and transform me. Thank you Jesus for the blood applied, thank you Jesus you have saved my life.

  50. Jill Pirhalla says:

    I’m praying for you, Lydia. God has wonderful plans for you!

  51. Rhonda J. says:

    Thank you Lord for Fresh Starts! A new beginning. We make mistakes, this is a given and happens, but in walking with the Lord, we acknowledge that some mis-steps are in actuality sin. S.I.N. And we must bring this sin before the Lord and repent. Asking in earnest that we know it was wrong, and not the will of God, and we ask for forgiveness. It is then thrown away, wiped away! Don’t we wish it could be magically forgotten by those around us? Or even ourselves? Oh what a gift it is that it is thrown away. So even though I have repented of all my past mistakes…they still seem to creep into my mind often.

    I know God forgave me, but they are mistakes that lay heavy in my heart, deeply in my soul. But God has given me new starts. One of the best “new starts” is with my now husband. I felt so unworthy after my second divorce and a decade of failures and wayward paths. But God…He saw to bring me a new beginning. I will forever know it was only through the Lord that I got so lucky to be in his favor, and to try again. We honor Him by putting Him right there in the center of our marriage, like it was meant to be, ordained by him. Is it easy, and problem free, of course not…but it is a deeper, more fulfilling relationship than I could have ever imagined. And I know he loves me unconditionally, just like my Abba Father, and will be with me until the end! Praise God!

    Prayer for the specific requests and for you all! We are each daughters of the most high God, and I know He will put his favor on us for gathering here to be in his Word, sharing in our trials and questions, the struggles and praises. He is a faithful God, he loves each of his children. Same God yesterday, TODAY, and tomorrow!

  52. michele marbet says:

    We belong to God❤️Beautiful gift

  53. Lydia Avery says:

    It’s amazing how God speaks through studies! Yesterday marked the end of an 8.5 year relationship with one of my best friends. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the most Christ filled relationship I’ve had, so I know it was time to say goodbye, but it still hurts knowing that part of my life is behind me because it was also a huge part of my life for so long. Todays devo was just what I needed to hear this morning.

  54. C. says:

    The last couple of years have been rough ones. But I know that God has a plan. I know all of this stuff happened for a reason. And I know prayers are being answered on Gods time. Praying for a fresh start. I hope everyone has a blessed Friday ❤️

  55. Lydia Avery says:

    Its amazing how God speaks through studies!

  56. Elaine Morgan says:

    Thank you Father for fresh starts. For new life through your gift of salvation. For your mercies that are new each morning. Great is your faithfulness!!

  57. Nicole says:

    Did anyone notice that there’s the same paragraph in chapter 8 verses 29-40 and in chapter 9 verses 35-44. And it seems slightly different? I’m confused why it’s in there twice and with slight differences. What’s the significance?

  58. Elaine Morgan says:

    Praying for you right now Kristen. May God give you the courage to speak to your friends about the gospel and May He go before you and prepare their hearts. May He speak through you and open their ears to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

  59. Allison M says:

    Today’s reading really hit me! This next phase in my journey of healing, in our journey towards our remarriage in August is a new start. And ABBA Father has loved me every step, every day, and not forgotten me. I will be completely moved back home in the third week of March. But I’ve learned to walk each day with as much patience as possible. It will be here soon enough. I’m praying for you all. Please remember me in your prayers as well.

  60. Sandi Stanley says:

    You are woven into the history of His people that we have spent this week reading. I love that. Feels so personal.

  61. LindaJ says:

    In the past I’ve gone by Linda. Since we now have several Lindas, I will use LindaJ.
    There’s a book that has been very helpful to me in learning to walk the path of Parkinson’s dementia with my husband. It covers all types of dementia from a Christian perspective. “Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia” by Dr. John Dunlop. This is not an easy path God has placed before us no matter which family member has this devastating condition! My prayers are with each one of you walking this path and covet your prayers for me. It is difficult, exhausting and often frustrating! Only through Christ do I have the strength to walk each day. Have a lovely weekend! We are looking forward to a great weekend with family from out of town!

  62. Jaime Grace says:

    My husband and I are expecting baby number 3 this summer. Though I am excited about a new life, I am nervous about the change and transition. I know this will be a good change, but a change none the less. I know it will mean stepping down from some current ministries I’m involved with at church so I can better focus on my family. Our church is also going through a change as our current pastor is moving to away to a new church. I know that through all of these changes and transitions, God is faithful. Reading through this study has been so encouraging.

  63. Aimee D-R says:

    Thank You for Your faithfulness Lord Hod! Amen

  64. Melanie says:

    I have so many hopes and dreams for this season but I always catch myself saying what is it doesn’t happen? What if my child isn’t healed? What if there isn’t restoration? So trying to position my heart to believe what if it does!!

  65. Whitney Curtis says:

    Amen. This was a hard read! I’m hoping for a fresh start.

  66. Lucille Augenstein says:

    I want to be called out as being someone who specifically The Lord is with!!!

  67. Lucille Augenstein says:

    I just love that out of the whole chapter God chose one man to call out “20 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar was the chief officer over them in time past; the Lord was with him.”

  68. Rae-Ann L says:

    The song Promises by Maverick City echos what we’ve been reading. If you’re not familiar with it here’s part of the lyrics… (it’s even better with the music!)

    Faithful through the ages
    God of Abraham
    You’re the God of covenant
    And of faithful promises
    Time and time again
    You have proven
    You’ll do just what You said
    Though the storms may come and the winds may blow
    I’ll remain steadfast
    And let my heart learn, when You speak a word
    It will come to pass
    Great is Your faithfulness to me
    Great is Your faithfulness to me
    From the rising sun to the setting same
    I will praise Your name
    Great is Your faithfulness to me
    When the seasons change
    You remain the same
    God from age to age
    Though the earth may pass away
    Your word remains the same, yeah
    Your history can prove
    There’s nothing You can’t do
    You’re faithful and true

  69. Genie Heaton says:

    God is always on time, so thankful for that. No doubt this last year has been a difficult one, and I’m sure not just for me and my family. So thankful for fresh starts ♥️

  70. Searching says:

    KRISTIN – praying for the right words and receptive hearts and minds

  71. Searching says:

    As has been mentioned, God knows every single one of us by name! Me! You! When I read through these genealogies and see population numbers noted from time to time, it is such a reinforcement of the … I can’t come up with words for exactly what I want to say … I guess just the awesome, consuming, all knowing, everlasting, never failing, love of the Almighty God that we serve, that He cares for each of us now and all that have ever lived. Thank you, Lord.

    Praying for:
    DOROTHY – Finley, Kaylee and your neighbor
    MOLLY R – your dad, and your family overall
    ABI – the Lord’s comfort and strength in your grief, and that you will continue to let Him draw you close ❤️
    SARAH D – wisdom
    RHONDA J – continuing to pray for your grands, especially Brayden. And happy belated birthday! ❤️
    TARA B – for you, your husband, marriage and your children during this painful time. For your hearts and minds to know and feel the wisdom, guidance and love of God.

    ALLISON M – thank you for your testimony! Our God is indeed a miracle worker.

  72. Andrea P says:


  73. Jill Ford says:

    God has the ability to restore and renew broken pieces and seasons of our lives. Thank you Lord that you show me your faithfulness at every turn. God IS faithful to his promise.

  74. Kristen says:

    Thank You, Lord for Your unmatchable mercy and grace! Praise You that Your mercies are new every morning! How amazing that You allow us to repent and have forgiveness , fresh starts and freedom. May we never take Your forgiveness or faithfulness granted. Help us to see You rightly and ourselves rightly for You are Holy and should be revered as such. You are worthy of all praise! Please help us to walk-in all our ways so that our thoughts, words, and actions are pleasing to You. We need the power of the Holy Spirit, because we cat do this on our own! Amen!

    I would really appreciate prayer as I try to talk to my friends about salvation today. One of my friend’s dad was just hospitalized. He is in his eighties. She and my previous boss were joking about how her and her dad say they are going to hell. People actually don’t think how horrifying this would be. I listened to a message on YouTube by Dr. John MacAutnor called: The Furnace of fire. He tries to explain how terrible tbis is. So many think it will be a part with friends. Please pray that God helps me to lovingly share with them.May God, in His mercy, let all know Truth, repent , and be saved before it’s too late. May God help us to share His Truth and use us as He wills. Amen

  75. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Fresh start every day for God’s mercies are new every morning!

    Happy Friday Shes. Praying for your requests.

  76. Erica Christian says:

    I am praying for a fresh start!

  77. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  78. Sally B. says:

    Praise The Lord for His “unmatched ability to restore and renew the lost and broken places and seasons of our lives”!! May it be so!!

  79. Mary Ann Graves says:


  80. Tina says:

    Our past is as much part of our present, as it is our future, because.. there was, is and will always be..

    A faithful..

    A merciful..

    A promise fulfilling..

    Hope giving..

    BUT GOD…

    Ever present in the very beginning, through the genealogies of the past, the stories of our ancestors, the shoulders we have stood on, still stand on, will stand on in the future. And He will be ever present in our future generations because we have a hope and He, God is ever faithful in His promises!


    Happy Friday beautiful sisters here at SRT, one and all, wrapped so tightly in warming love this chilly morning.❤