Day 15

Preparation for the Temple

1 Chronicles 21:1-30, 1 Chronicles 22:1-19, Deuteronomy 12:1-5

BY Bailey Gillespie

Growing up with a dad who is a skilled carpenter, you learn quite a bit about woodworking. During summer days when Dad worked on a project in the workshop, he always tied a red bandana around his neck, filled up a glass of sun-brewed iced tea, and disappeared behind a billow of sawdust. Just a few hours—or days—later, he’d emerge with a delicately designed garden workstation for my mom or a new piece of furniture for the house. He even let me sand and stain a pair of floating shelves last month, even though I have far less expertise (and patience) with all things wood.  

Today, we read about a much grander construction project: the temple. David was eager to build this temple himself, but because God wanted someone who did not have such a war-torn and bloody past building the place for His presence to dwell, God had him call on another member of the family who was younger and less experienced (1Chronicles 22:6).   

It must have been humbling for David to receive these words from God. The grandiose vision he carried for this passion project was delegated to his son instead—a son, whom he takes care to note, is “inexperienced” because of his youth (v.5). He probably felt a little foolish or disappointed now—I would. Even after handing over the project to Solomon, David remains involved by communicating details about the money he invested, the supplies needed, and the impressive team of workers available to help Solomon build it (vv.14–16). I can picture him backing away slowly but still calling out instructions to try and recover a little from the blow to his ego.    

Despite what David may have felt, he honored God’s request for Solomon to take over the temple. In the end, it wasn’t about an elaborate building that boasted the best cedar logs in all the land. It was about bringing God glory. Building this temple was a way to create a holy sanctuary for God’s presence and secure a resting place for the ark of the covenant. Based on God’s command to David, He didn’t just want a fancy house; He wanted His sanctuary to mark a new era of rest for His people. 

Retiring David from his position and raising up Solomon was a clean slate. Yet again, it was God’s choosing not to give up on His chosen people. His faithfulness remained constant, even after David willingly acted out. “He is the one who will build a house for my name,” says the Lord about Solomon. “He will be my son, and I will be his father. I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel forever” (v.10). 

God’s faithfulness remains constant with us, too. Let’s find rest in this truth today.

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  1. Keli Miles says:


  2. Terri Baldwin says:

    I can only imagine what it must of been like for David as he looked up and saw the angel of the Lord standing between heaven and earth with his drawn sword stretched out over Jerusalem. I wonder if I could be as brave and gracious as David and take my punishment to spare others……I’m so thankful for Jesus and His selflessness to save sinners like us. May we all love like Jesus!

  3. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    I caught that. I’m with you, um??

  4. Sarah Nelson says:

    @Dorothy, I love your story about your Dad, sons and the opportunity to guide them through that experience. I am fascinated by how symbolic our relationships can be to the one that we have with our Father. ❤️

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  6. Mckayla Reese says:

    Me too! I’m in northern idaho now and it’s even worse. Praying for sunshine soon!

  7. Mckayla Reese says:

    I’m also from Montana :) I’m in Northern Idaho now and somehow the seasonal depression is even worse! It’s always gray!! Praying for some sunshine soon

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